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AQA Psychology A Level Approaches Workbook

AQA Psychology A Level Approaches Workbook

Subject: Psychology

Age range: 16+

Resource type: Worksheet/Activity

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Last updated

14 February 2021

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docx, 1.31 MB

Written for the AQA Psychology A Level specification 7181/7182 taught from September 2017.

This is a free collection of worksheets I have collated from various sources. 32 pages covering all sections of the Approaches topic for both Year 1 and Year 2.

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Creative Commons "Sharealike"

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Mrs. Imborek's Class

Psychology worksheets.

Fellow Teachers: My content is free but I will always take a tip! POOR TEACHER HERE! 🙂

Venmo: @Natalie-Imborek

Listed by Unit:


Set the Record Straight

Unit 1- History, Approaches, Research, & Ethics Psych Approach Graphic Organizer Guided Practice contemporary approaches

Help Wanted Poster Careers in Psychology Worksheet Correlation and Research Methods correlations – analyzing scientific method practice independent-dependent practice Seseme Street Controls and Variables Top Ten Unethical Research Experiments Research Project Documents: Psychology Unit 1 Assessment 2014 Design your own rubric Design your own guidelines Research organizer

Unit 2- Developmental Psychology PiagetGraphic Organizer Schema Practice Playing the Piaget Way_2 EriksonGraphic Organizer Kohlberg Dilemma KohlbergGraphic Organizer The Bem Sex Role Inventory Breakfast Club WS Study Guide for Development Test

Unit 3- The Brain Brain Anatomy hemispheres worksheet parts of the brain

The BRAIN project (need the next three printouts):

  • Directions & Helmet
  • Regions Labels Rubric
  • Function Labels

Unit 4- Sensation and Perception Sensation & Perception WS Perceptual Illusions Worksheet Anatomy labeling

Unit 5- Motivation and Emotion theories of motivation graphic organizer biological-social motive continuum intrinsic-extrinsic motivation worksheet maslows hierarchy analysis

Unit 6- Learning classical conditioning practice schedules of reinforcement ws operant conditioning practice Classical vs operant conditioning WS social-learning-theory-worksheet

Unit 7- Personality personality theories – graphic organizer personality theories practice defense mechanism practice matching1 Cat in the Hat Analysis Birth Order My personality is…f Personality Assessment Activity spring 2013

Unit 8- Psychological Disorders

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTUEX5ZkzIU – Simulation (need headphones) axis chart – psychological disorders student good will hunting analysis\ list of movies with disorders psychological disorder video assignment

*Worksheets labeled as “practice” are not always collected- but covered in-class to ensure understanding (we often take side notes on these)

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I am unsure if you are still an active teacher, but I love your worksheet and activities. They have been a great resource for me. I am a first year teacher, so I wanted to let you know what your site has helped me accomplish. If there is anything else like the assessments you used that are not posted I would not mind seeing them. Thank you!

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I just learned this sight had comments. Hopefully you are still an active teacher! Sorry for the extreme delay.

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Mrs. Imborek, I am a new Psych teacher. While looking-up some worksheets your site came as a top hit. May I use your materials?

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Hi Mrs. Imborek, I am teaching Psychology 12 for the first time. Please may I use your resources ?

Thank you , Nish

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Thank you for sharing such lovely worksheets. Will really appreciate if you add some more work sheets for Organisational Psychology like, Job Satisfaction, Leadership Theories, Group Behaviour.

Feel free to use them.

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The attached document is a review sheet that I use with my students to check for an understanding of cognitive treatments for disorders. It should not matter which disorder you have studied - the critical thinking for each of the questions will be the same, just with slightly different examples. I give this to them as a take-home assignment in preparation for an in-class SAQ. I have included possible responses to the...

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