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Explore household tasks anew: dive into chore diversity.

Ever feel stuck in the monotony of the same old household tasks? The Random Chore Generator is here to shake things up! Whether you're trying to delegate tasks to family members, looking to change up your routine, or simply want a hint of unpredictability in your daily chores, this tool is designed to help.

How to Use the Random Chore Generator

  • Visit the Tool: Start by navigating to the dedicated page: Random Chore Generator .
  • Decide on the Number: Choose how many chores you'd like to generate and input that number.
  • Click 'Generate': Hit the 'Generate' button and get ready to unveil your chores!
  • View Your Chores: Instantly, the tool will list the specified number of chores for you.
  • Mix It Up: Want a different set of tasks? Adjust the number if needed and click 'Generate' once more for a refreshed list.

Our generator is designed to make everyday tasks a tad more exciting, featuring a wide variety of chores to ensure your household remains spotless and organized.

Use Cases of the Random Chore Generator

  • Household Task Allocation: Families can use the generator to fairly distribute chores among members, ensuring everyone has a part to play in maintaining the home.
  • Breaking Routine: If you feel trapped in the sameness of daily chores, let the generator provide a fresh set of tasks to keep things interesting.
  • Productivity Boost: For those who work better with a set list of tasks, the generator can outline your day's chores, ensuring you stay on track.
  • Game Nights & Challenges: Incorporate the Random Chore Generator in family game nights or challenges, adding a fun twist to household responsibilities.

How varied is the list of chores in the generator? Our Random Chore Generator covers a broad spectrum of tasks, from basic cleaning chores to more specialized household duties.

Is there a way to filter or categorize chores? Currently, the generator provides random chores from our comprehensive database. We're always working on updates, so stay tuned for more customizable features!

Can users suggest new chores to be added? Absolutely! If you think of a chore that we might have missed or have a suggestion to enhance the tool, feel free to provide feedback.

Is there a restriction on how many chores I can generate simultaneously? To maintain optimal user experience, we recommend generating up to 20 chores in a single instance.

Rediscover household tasks with a sprinkle of spontaneity. The Random Chore Generator not only helps maintain a tidy home but also adds an element of surprise.

Random Chore Generator

To create a list of random chores, all you have to do is select how many you want and hit the green generate button.

Clean counter tops

Put detergent in washing machine, make sandwiches, put away yard toys, wipe window sills, what is this tool.

With 2020 being a year dominated by self-isolation what better time to spruce up your home or just give it some much-needed attention? If you need some ideas to get you started or to make a plan you can use this random chose generator which contains hundreds of unique chore ideas ranging from simple things to more comprehensive tasks.

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Distribute Tasks

Spliddit's tasks calculator fairly divides household chores, work shifts at a hospital, or any other set of tasks. You begin by providing a list of tasks that you wish to assign (for example, morning shift, afternoon shift, night shift) and a list of participants. We then send the participants links where they specify how much they prefer each task relative to the others. Our algorithm uses these evaluations to propose a fair division of the tasks among the participants.

Live Demo Start »

Fairness Properties


A division of tasks is envy free if each participant believes that her workload is at most as much as that of every other participant, i.e., no participant envies any other participant. While our algorithm may often find an envy-free division, no algorithm can guarantee one.

Our algorithm guarantees a division that is envy free up to one task: A participant would never envy another participant if we removed a single task assigned to them.

Our algorithm assigns the tasks in such a way that it would be impossible to find another assignment that benefits one participant without making another worse off.

Algorithm Overview

We assume that the total (perceived) workload of a participant is the sum of their (perceived) workloads for their assigned tasks. Our algorithm is based on computing a Fisher market equilibrium to find a division of tasks. This division has been proven to be envy free up to one task and efficient when each participant views some tasks as (equally) difficult and others as (equally) easy, and conjectured to satisfy these guarantees for any preferences that the participants may provide.

Reference: "How to Fairly Allocate Easy and Difficult Chores" , by Soroush Ebadian, Dominik Peters, and Nisarg Shah.

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The Ultimate Household Chores List (and Free Printable Template!)

Created On: September 28   |   Updated: September 28   |   1 Comment

free printable list of household chores PDF

This household chores list can help you stay on top of your cleaning and better plan your days! Grab the free printable list of chores now and learn how to put it to good use!

If you ask any busy Momma out there, she’d probably say that the number one biggest contributor of stress in her life is keeping up with the cleaning.

When you single-handedly clean an entire house that four or more people live in (including two preteen daughters that drop their shoes literal inches in front of the shoe rack but not on the rack), it’s rough.

I get it. And I despise cleaning, too. Especially when I feel like the house is just going to be dirty again in two days. Definitely seems like a waste of time.

But one of the things that I find to be part of that time not-so-well spent is the hassle of figuring out what to clean first or what needs to be done in each room… but that’s where a Household Chores Checklist can help!

household chores checklist PDF

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click a link and make a purchase, I earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure for more info.

Why You Need a Household Chores List

You may be wondering how a list of household chores can help you? Like you need another list , right?!

But actually having a printed checklist of chores has a number of benefits like these:

  • A household chore list helps you plan your time. I find it easiest to plan my productive time when I have a complete list of all of the things that I need to get done (cleaning or otherwise). And I use that list to set my intentions for each day.
  • Use your list of chores to quickly assign tasks to your family. You can easily pick off a chore from the list and delegate to your kids when you need some help around the house.
  • Having a printed chore list means you have one less thing to remember. Much like a brain dump can help you get all of your to-do’s and important things to remember out of your head and on to paper, a chores list can help you not forget things that you need to get done around the house.

How to Use a Household Chores List

It’s one thing to have a cute and colorful list of household chores hanging on your fridge… But it’s another thing to actually put it to good use to help you stay on top of your home cleaning and upkeep.

Here are some ideas for how to use the printable list of chores that I’ve got for you at the end of this post:

list of household chores on a clipboard

Laminate the list of household chores to hang on your fridge.

This is my favorite way to use the printable chores list down below. Having my list of chores hanging front and center on the fridge is a great way to keep your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning jobs top of mind… every time you open the fridge you’ll be reminded to complete your chores for the day.

Just laminate the printable list of chores ( this is the laminator that I have and LOVE !) and use a dry erase marker to check things off the list as you complete them. Doesn’t get much easier than that!

Print one copy of the chores list for each week.

If you don’t have a laminator or if you prefer having a fresh chore list for each week, you can also print off multiple copies of the printable cleaning list. Then, you can hang the list on a clipboard in your family command center or on the fridge. Just use a pen to mark out the jobs that are done, and get a fresh household chores list at the beginning of the following week.

Add the printable household chores checklist to your planner.

If you like to organize your whole life with a paper planner, then why not include your chores list in there also? You can add specific chores to different days of the week in your weekly planner to help keep up with your cleaning list.

Or, just print out the giant list of chores at the end of this post and add it to your planner as is for when you have some extra time and feel like being productive.

Use the list of chores to get help around the house.

Sometimes I feel too busy to even think about delegating chores and other household tasks to my kids and husband… As a full-time working Mom, I know that I need the help keeping up with housework, but thinking of jobs for my kids to do or actually vocalizing what specific chores I need help with is just ONE. MORE. THING. on my to-do list.

Maybe you can relate?

But having a list of chores at the ready can take one thing off your plate… Even if it’s as simple as cleaning out the dishwasher.

When you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, simply tell your kids to each pick one chore from the chore list and get it done. This allows them to choose how they want to be helpful, and it also helps to alleviate your workload. Win win!

Daily Household Chores List

The key to keeping a clean home is to clean every day. I know that sounds worse than getting a root canal, but smaller daily household chores really can make a big difference in the overall cleanliness of your home. Here’s a list of daily household chores that you can add to your cleaning list:

  • Make all the beds
  • Put all dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Put away any clean clothes
  • Wipe down and  declutter the kitchen counters

clean kitchen counter

  • Load and unload the dishwasher
  • Wash dishes
  • Make sure there are no dishes left in the sink at night
  • Sort paper clutter – Organizing important mail, filing away kids’ school papers, trashing junk mail, etc.
  • Take out trash
  • Wipe down the dining table
  • Sweep under the dining table/eating areas
  • Sweep the kitchen
  • General tidying up

Weekly Household Chores List

These jobs can be done weekly to help you maintain a nice and tidy house:

  • Vacuum, sweep, or mop all floors – I really LOVE this steam mop for my hard surface floors!
  • Dust shelves, picture frames, tabletops, and other flat surfaces
  • Wash bed linens and bath towels
  • Sweep and mop under the dining table
  • Wipe down appliances in the kitchen
  • Wash all kitchen linens – kitchen towels, dish cloths, cloth napkins, etc.
  • Scrub the kitchen sink
  • Sweep/mop the kitchen floors
  • Change out kitchen towels and dish rags
  • Spot clean dining chairs (if needed)
  • Spot clean rug and couches (if needed)
  • Wipe down all mirrors
  • Clean the toilets
  • Clean bathroom counters and faucets
  • Sweep/mop bathroom floors
  • Vacuum bedroom floors
  • Dust all bedroom furniture
  • Clean off nightstands
  • Water the plants
  • Pay bills and sort paper clutter – I’ve got an awesome guide for creating an at home filing system for your family paper work here !

important documents organized in file folders

  • General decluttering
  • Organize and declutter mudroom and/or entryway
  • Dust mudroom or entryway furniture

Monthly Cleaning Jobs

Here are some ideas for monthly cleaning jobs to add to your household chores list:

  • Wipe down cabinet and drawer fronts
  • Dust all window blinds
  • Dust all light fixtures
  • Clean window sills
  • Shampoo rugs if needed
  • Clean out and organize the fridge and freezer – I’ve also got an awesome  free printable freezer inventory sheet  you can use to keep your freezer organized after you’re done!

Freezer inventory and freezer organization

  • Clean baseboards
  • Change air filters
  • Clean the garbage disposal – I’m a fan of these garbage disposal cleaning tabs .
  • Clean the insides and outsides of kitchen and bathroom trash cans
  • Organize and declutter bathroom countertops and drawers

List of Household Chores – Separated by Room

Instead of focusing on what chores need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly, you may find it easier to separate your list of chores by room instead. This is sometimes referred to as “ zone cleaning ” and it can help the gigantic task of keeping your entire house clean feel not so daunting, because it allows you to focus on only one room at a time.

If this Zone Cleaning system seems more your style, then here’s a household chores list separated by rooms or “zones” to help you get started:

Kitchen Chores List

For a giant list of kitchen chores that can be done daily, weekly, and monthly check out this post: Kitchen Cleaning Checklist for Daily, Weekly, and Deep Cleaning – And you can even grab this super cute free printable kitchen cleaning checklist:

free printable kitchen cleaning checklist

And here are some kitchen cleaning jobs to add to your list of household chores:

  • Do the dishes – I try to make sure every night before I go to sleep that the dishes are done and the sink is completely cleaned out.
  • Wipe down the countertops
  • Spot clean food splatters with a quick-clean mop if needed
  • Change the trash bag if needed
  • Put away any paperwork or mail from the day
  • Put away any other items that are out of place in the kitchen
  • Clean and disinfect the kitchen sink and garbage disposal
  • Clean and disinfect kitchen countertops
  • Clean and organize the refrigerator and freezer
  • Clean the inside and outside of the microwave
  • Clean the stovetop and outside of the oven, and run the self-cleaning cycle on the oven if needed
  • Wipe down outside and inside of trash can
  • Dust top of cabinets
  • Clean baseboards of cabinets
  • Clean backsplash
  • Wash dish towels and rags
  • Change water filters on coffee maker and fridge if needed

Living Room Chores List

  • Sweep/mop/vacuum living room
  • Spot clean rugs, curtains, and upholstered furniture
  • Dust living room furniture
  • Fold blankets and fluff pillows
  • Declutter and organize the living room storage areas (like bookshelves, hutches, etc)
  • Clear off coffee and end tables
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture
  • Dust fireplace mantel and clean off hearth (if applicable)

Bedroom Chores to Do

  • Wash all bed linens
  • Make the bed and straighten throw pillows and blankets
  • Sweep/mop/vacuum bedroom floors and rugs
  • Dust all bedroom furniture, picture frames, and decorative items
  • Clean and deodorize the mattress
  • Declutter nightstand and dresser tops
  • Remove all trash from the bedroom
  • Sort through and organize dresser and nightstand drawers
  • Declutter and organize the closet
  • General decluttering in the bedroom – And you can check out this post to help you with bedroom clutter and grab this free printable checklist: How to Declutter Your Messy Bedroom Today – Free Checklist!

free printable bedroom decluttering checklist

Dining Room Cleaning List

Our dining room is fairly easy to clean, probably because we don’t have a lot of “stuff” in there. Hopefully this is an easy room for you to clean as well:

  • Sweep/mop/vacuum dining room floors
  • Dust and polish dining room table and furniture
  • Spot clean dining room chairs and rug
  • Dust decorative items and wall art in the dining room
  • Organize and declutter any dining room storage areas (buffet, hutch, etc.)
  • Refill any dining supplies like napkins, plastic cutlery, etc.
  • Clean baseboards in the dining room
  • Dust light fixtures, curtain rods, etc.
  • Check bottoms of chair legs for felt sliders if needed (to prevent damage to your hard floors)

Bathroom Chores List

The bathrooms can be one of the most daunting places to clean in any house… for me personally, I would rather go to the dentist than have to clean the shower.

And since these rooms can be overwhelming to clean, I’ve devoted an entire blog post to daily, weekly, and deep cleaning jobs for the bathroom ! And be sure to grab these cute free printable cleaning checklists too:

bathroom deep cleaning checklist on a clipboard

Be sure to hop over to that bathroom cleaning post for more ideas, but here are some general cleaning jobs for the bathroom “zone”:

  • Wipe down bathroom counter and faucets
  • Rinse toothpaste and other debris from the sinks
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper
  • Put away out of place items
  • Empty and clean the trash can
  • Clean sinks and vanity top
  • Windex mirror
  • Clean toilet
  • Wash towels, washcloths, and bath rug if needed
  • Hang bath mat to dry
  • Check toilet paper and hand soap supply
  • Clean shower/tub
  • Spot clean splatters on cabinets
  • Wash/spot clean shower curtain or glass

Laundry Room Chores List

Good news… the laundry room is one of the smaller rooms in the house, so there’s not as many household chores to do in this area of the home (at least that’s how it is in my house). Here are some common chores for the laundry room:

  • Wipe down outside of washer and dryer
  • Sweep/mop/vacuum floors
  • Run a cleaning cycle on the washing machine
  • Check stock of supplies (detergent, dryer sheets, etc.)
  • Clean or dust baseboards, door, and trim
  • Dust or wipe down any countertops or shelves

Printable Chore Checklists

I LOVE creating printables to help around the house! Some people read books, do crafts, or watch Netflix in their free time… but I enjoy making PDF templates that help make Mom Life easier! Here are some of my awesome printable chore lists:

Free Printable Household Chores List – Just click the link below to grab a super cute printable list of common household chores! Then hang the list on your fridge or add it to your planner as a reminder of the cleaning jobs that you want to get done!

Click HERE for the Household Chores List!

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Templates – These cleaning list templates are actually fillable, which means you can type directly in to the PDF to customize your own Weekly Cleaning Schedule! Then, hang the checklist on the fridge or add it to your planner to stay on track of your household chores!

editable weekly cleaning schedule PDF on a clipboard

I hope these cleaning checklists and chore lists help you to be a little less overwhelmed with all of the house work!

How do you keep up with your cleaning schedule? Do you have a list of jobs that you use, or are you more of the “just wing it” type? Leave me a comment down below! I’d LOVE to hear from you!

And happy cleaning (if there is such a thing!).

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this really helped me find some chores to do for mothers day! thank you so much !

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Chore wheel

Trending Post : Would you rather questions for kids


Chore Wheel

This is a free printable and customizable DIY chore wheel. Type in the name of each person and your chore list before your print and assemble. Instant download!

Once assembled spin to rotate tasks. You can also rotate each week to ensure a fair distribution of all tasks. 

chore wheel

A chore wheel is a great way to divide up chores, particularly when nobody wants to do some tasks. You can then use it to rotate the chores. It also adds a bit of fun to a potentially stressful process.

The chore wheel can be used by a family with kids or by roommates who need a system to divide up the household chores. If you want to use it for couples, then select the template for four people and type each name twice.

Chore Wheel Template

Decide how many people will appear on your chore wheel template. We offer a few different options, but you can easily make changes:

  • 4 family members/roommates
  • 5 family members/roommates
  • 6 family members/roommates

Print the template and then follow the instructions below.

How to Make a Chore Wheel

This chore wheel can be used by roommates, couples, or families with children. You can use it to divide chores and then rotate them.

  • Cardstock or paper
  • A paper fastener or split pin
  • Chore wheel template (see above)


  • Download the relevant template according to the number of people participating.
  • If each person is going to do an equal number of chores, then you add one name per person. If you want the parents or one particular person to do more tasks than others, then add that name more than once.
  • Type in the names of each family member and the family name in the middle of the wheel. Download and print on cardstock. Cut out the wheel.
  • Click  here  to open the chore wheel maker.  Write each chore on the larger chore wheel . If you want to add more than one task per quadrant, then click on enter and type another chore below. Once you have completed all of the chores, download the chart and print it on cardstock. Cut out the wheel.
  • Use the back of a paper fastener or split pin to make a hole in the center of each circle.
  • Join the two circles with the paper fastener or split pin.

To add another person, click on the “A” icon (add text). Type in the name and move it to the correct place. To delete a person, click on the little x on the text box.

Thanks for this template, it’s great; but when I attempt to print them, they are both the same size. Am I doing something wrong? I’d like for the center circle to be smaller to fit on top of the large “chore” wheel…

Cindy, thanks for letting me know. It has been fixed.

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Roommate Chore Chart: How to Split Chores

Alcove team · 4/17/24.

Roommate Chore Chart: How to Split Chores

Sharing a living room with roommates might be rewarding. Nevertheless, it rarely goes without certain difficulties. The toughest part of sharing the household chores with the roommate is finding a unified solution to this problem. Cleaning is not fun, but it is one of the fundamental chores that guarantees a safe and fresh living space. That's where the roommate chore chart will serve you as a guide. 

Dividing Up Housework 

A division of household chores can be a fertile breeding ground for disputes between roommates if the accomplishment criteria don't need to be apparent. Add to favorites Here, as everyone may have different criteria applied to neatness and cleanliness, it becomes necessary to develop operating standards that work for everybody. A chore chart that will be drafted before the process will be an efficient means of limiting conflicts and ensuring that every roommate knows their responsibility for the upkeep of the house. 

Prioritize Communication 

This is why, before we go into the talk about chores to be assigned, we have to create a platform for each roommate to share ideas and thoughts freely. Set a date to meet and analyze each family member's cleaning expectations and preferences. Address questions such as: Which jobs should  be dealt with and how often? Is there anything around the house that needs any different kind of treatment? Establishing concrete rules, which you would write in a roommate agreement, would allow you to avoid the conflict that may further arise. 

Producing an Impeccable Chore Chart 

Start doing this task by accumulating a complete list of all the imperative work, both minor and major. This list of samples of chores will be central to the construction of the chore chart.  

Play to Strengths

Consider each partner's capabilities and tastes. Split tasks among people based on what they like doing or what they can do perfectly well, leaving no one with too much work. 

Rotation System

Implement a rotation schedule where different responsibilities are allocated every week, month, etc. By rotating these roles, no one feels carried away by the same weekly  tasks. 

Random Assignment

Add an element of adventure to your chore assignment and allocate tasks randomly using a lucky draw. This approach maintains diversity and provokes interest by fairly allocating tasks.

Have assignments clearly written on a chore chart. Place the chore chart in a visible area where everyone can see and refer to it. You could go the extra mile by providing some templates, which  you can easily find online. 

Expressing Gratitude 

Praising them for all the little things they do enhances harmony in the house. Life without them would be unimaginable. Thus, "thank you" can be a depth of gratitude for their contributions. Bear in mind that an environment where residents enjoy a spirit of belonging and are treated with kindness is the kind of living environment that will be pleasurable to everyone on board. 

Simplifying Chores with Common 

For busy people, considering the merits of Common's co-living could be the solution to get a  convenient living. The 100% furnished sets are stocked with either cleaned or supplied sets, so were are not required to do exhausting chores. Through Common, you are freed from dealing with tedious chores like organizing clean up. You can now concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the place. The ability to make roommate daily chores success stories depends on three main elements: good communication, task-oriented collaboration, and showing appreciation. All the aforementioned solutions can make your house a place where you could have peace of mind and the household chores shall be executed as a joint responsibility and not a source of conflict. 

Alcove: Easy Shared Housing by Facilitating a Smooth Journey 

Alcove is the name of our organization, and we stand for the principle that the residents of our community should be able to afford the living place they like. This is why we give you a full apartment set, from kitchen utensils to all the furniture you could need for a bed and living room, for only 1/3 of the price of a studio. Our unique per-room leases allow roommates to split the bills, eliminating the need for moving out of points, thus giving a better way of life. 

From a minimalistic lifestyle that conserves valuable resources to high-quality amenities designed to meet tenants' needs, our community promotes collaboration between neighbors, thus creating  something exceptional in shared living. Whether you're a resident or a building owner, Alcove offers a secure platform to enjoy fully coordinated shared housing. That's all about community and flexibility! 

Enzo Icon

Apartment Living Tips: How to Use a Roommate Chore Chart Generator

  • Copley Sutton
  • May 2, 2022
  • Daily Planner , To Do List

Roommate chore chart generator

Guess what! Your home life sharing space with roommates can be so much simpler than you think.

With a proper roommate chore chart generator—there’s an app for that!—you can enjoy less fuss, a cleaner living space and happy flat mates. Here’s all you need to know.

Who is the organizer between you and your roommates? Do any of you even enjoy managing the living environment, from getting bills paid to making sure the bathroom is clean? If you’re the owner, you have no choice—if you want to protect your asset. If you simply want to keep the peace and prevent fights about the kitchen that was left in chaos—again—that’s a 24/7 burden!

Surely there’s a better way to manage chores and responsibilities?

For many roomies a roommate chore chart generator is key to a peaceful existence! But, manage this correctly, or it will simply rob you of more time and energy.

Want to get roommate living right?

Read through our tips on a roommate chore chart generator and other helpful guidelines that will make more of a change than you think!

Why is it Important to Manage Roommate Chores Well?

Talk to business leaders and they’ll tell you the value of streamlining and automating processes. It saves time—even money —and as a whole the business gets more done.

Well, the same values apply to joint living situations, such as dividing up chores among everyone. After all, doing chores and maintenance protects your asset so you don’t have unnecessary repair expenses. And if you manage your roommate chore chart correctly, everyone will be more willing to do their share, so you’re creating a more welcoming living environment for everyone.

Ways to Generate a Roommate Chore Chart

So, here are a few old-school and brand-new ways to effectively manage chores around the house or apartment.

Use a Chore Wheel

Here’s one for those who enjoy a bit of arts and crafts—or simply print it out if you’re pressed for time:

  • Make a list of all chores
  • List the names of all roommates
  • Create a paper wheel—firm cardboard works best—with the same number of sections (think pieces of pie) then your number of chores
  • Write a chore in each section
  • Make a smaller wheel with sections that will contain roommates’ names. It must have the same number of sections as the chore wheel. Names get added multiple times until all sections are filled.
  • Attach the two wheels by making holes in the centers and secure it with a pin.
  • To generate a roommate chore chart, spin the name wheel and where it lands, each person is responsible for the tasks written in the sections that line up with their names.

You can keep the chore list this way, or adjust the wheel by one section each week or month.

Create a Spreadsheet

If you enjoy working on spreadsheets you may want to create one with columns representing roommates and rows for chores. Share it with all the roommates on the cloud so you can collaborate on the document.

Options to use this as a chore chart generator:

  • Ask everyone to pick a few chores and divide remaining ones among the team.
  • Randomly allocate names to chores and regularly—monthly or weekly—move chores one row down so everyone gets a chance at every chore

A spreadsheet is helpful because you can add helpful information such as due dates and exact expectations. Unfortunately, not all roommates will enjoy or remember checking the chart. You may have to keep reminding them to do their share.

Wall Calendar

A wall calendar is a popular choice for many households, because it’s a visual element. Put it up in the kitchen and everybody is bound to see it, serving as a reminder of what needs to be done.

Have fun making one from cardboard or simply print out a design from your PC. Options for using wall calendars include:

  • Show an entire month and write chores with the responsible person for each day or week, depending on how often the chore needs to be done.
  • Create a page for each roommate and stick chores—written on cardboard with some sticky tape at the back—on each page. You can easily rotate chores each month or week by moving them from page to page.
  • Have sections on the page for weekly and daily chores.
  • Use a grid on a white board and whiteboard markers to easily adjust schedules each month, so everyone gets a turn at each task.

You can draw chores from a hat for a start, or allow roommates to pick their chores for the first month. Then rotate them so in due time, everyone gets a chance at each task.

Unfortunately, over time your roommates will get so used to the wall calendar that they won’t even notice it. If you don’t remind them to check their responsibilities, they’re bound to forget.

Go Digital!

Tech innovations are popular for a reason! They make life so much simpler! And an app like Enzo gives you one of the best, simplest roommate chore chart generators you’ll ever come across.

A chore tracker app enables the following, saving you time and making sure chores aren’t only allocated but actually completed:

  • All tasks are displayed on an app which gives everyone easy access to their responsibilities. You don’t even have to be home to check the chart!
  • Advanced apps like Enzo can help manage recurring tasks, making it effortless to manage the allocation of tasks over coming weeks.
  • Each roommate gets reminders about their upcoming chores, so they can plan and set aside time for it. No one has an excuse for not getting it done and other roommates don’t have to play ‘policeman’ all the time.

Why not do apartment cleaning the 21 st century way? By making information accessible and automating the process of generating a chore chart, you avoid conflict and save time!

Tips for Creating Chore Charts that Keep Everyone Happy

No matter which chore chart generator process you pick, it’s important to be respectful and ensure clear communication between all parties. Here are guidelines that will get more buy in from all participants.

Discuss Cleaning Standards

Never assume that everyone knows what you mean when you say ‘clean the kitchen’. Even after vetting and finding compatible roommates , there will still be differences of opinion. Some will simply give the counters a quick wipe down, while you may expect deep cleaning with sanitizing solution AND checking for items in the fridge that are past their due date.

There should be an in depth discussion about what everyone expects from each other. For one thing, roommates may not be able to cater for all of a germophobe’s preferences, so some compromises will be need to be made by all parties.

List All Chores

Start off by asking everyone to add chores to the list. An apartment cleaning checklist will be a good start to ensure you don’t miss anything. Remember to list all types of tasks:

  • Weekly ones
  • Monthly tasks
  • Tasks like roof maintenance that occur every few months, and which everyone may work together on

Talk About Everyone’s Needs and Preferences

While there’s no question that roommates must help with the tasks, you may show some leniency in HOW they’re done. Some practical examples:

  • Roommates may prefer everyone use biodegradable products and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.
  • If a roommate’s schedule doesn’t allow any free time on specific days of the week, agree that they can do it when they have time, but by a certain date.

Divide Chores Fairly

Prevent any animosity by ensuring the roommate chore chart generator leads to a fair distribution of tasks. Consider the number of chores, but also how much time and effort goes into each one.

Talk About Accountability

Despite the best roommate chore chart generator—with reminders—some of your flatmates will still ‘forget’ to complete their tasks. During your chore discussion, ask everyone how you as a group will handle these situations.

For example, if the Enzo app shows someone has neglected a task too many times, should they pay a penalty fee? Agree on consequences, to avoid conflict down the line. You can even include it in the house rules, which can easily be updated and shared via the app.

Last Tip: Say Thank You

The word ‘chores’ can quickly draw a frown from most people, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to make chores fun—try a chore game or two—and some people simply want to be acknowledged and appreciated for doing their share. So, try finding different ways to thank your roommates for helping you keep the space clean and organized. Chances are, you’ll get even more buy in from them.

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    Chore Wheel Spin the wheel, A chore wheel is a tool that can be used to assign and track household tasks among family members or roommates. that you can use to pick a random item from the list: wash dishes, clean Uriel rooms, clean cabinets, clean bathroom, clean living room, mop, clean my room, put away laundry,living room deep clean, mop floors, sweep/mop mom and Scott's room, dishes, sweep and mop David n Zach's room, deep clean bathroom, guinea pig cage, wipe down counters and bar, sweep and mop kitchen, trash.

    It is typically a physical wheel or chart that can be rotated to randomly assign tasks to individuals.

    Here are the basic steps to create a chore wheel:

    -Make a list of the tasks that need to be done around the house, such as cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry, or taking out the trash.

    -Divide the list of tasks into categories, such as daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

    -Create a wheel with sections that correspond to the different categories of tasks.

    -Write the tasks onto small cards or labels and place them in the appropriate sections of the wheel.

    -Assign a specific day or week for each task to be completed.

    -Rotate the wheel to randomly assign tasks to individuals.

    -Keep track of the completed tasks and rotate the wheel again when it's time to assign new tasks.

    You can also create a chore wheel using an online tool or an app, with many of them available for free on the internet.

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