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Recruiting coordinator.

We are looking for a passionate recruitment coordinator, who knows, how to identify the resource need, source, screen, and acquire them to be part of our growth journey. Regardless of the result, you’ll leave an excellent and professional customer experience at all time.

Human Resources Industry

The human resources department is a critical component of any business. HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax laws.

What to expect from the role

  • Gain hands-on experience in talent acquisition and recruiting processes.
  • Conduct employee onboarding and training programs.
  • Ideate and collaborate with teams on HR projects.
  • Learn on the job about the various functions of the HR department.


  • Work with the hiring manager, panel members, and other internal team members to coordinate the recruitment and hiring the new employee.
  • Develops creative sourcing techniques in getting extraordinary talents.
  • Partners with the external vendors in building hiring talents funnel.
  • Identify recruitment priorities and develops a strategy to fill the openings.
  • Conduct screening, testing and preliminary interviewing of potential employees.
  • Lead the hiring flow and recruitment process viz. schedules interview, extend job offers and finally brings in talent onboard.
  • Arrange travel (if needed) and act as a liaison between the company and the applicant.
  • Represent the company in job fairs, recruiting events and open houses
  • Assist in crafting job postings and employment ads
  • Champion candidate experience


  • Bachelor degree in human resources or business administration or another relevant field.
  • Has at least 1+ years experience in the similar industry
  • Deep understanding of HR and Talent acquisition practices.
  • Has excellent communication skills
  • Has a high degree of business and relationship skills
  • A seasoned person in attracting, assessing and acquiring personnel.
  • Familiar with direct sourcing
  • You’ll be knowledgeable with an ATS system, MS Office and/or GSuite of products.
  • Proficient with the web/internet market space, including trade journals, academic institutions, alumni associations and other sources of great customers.

Hiring Challenges?

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Average Salary

On average $56,975 per annum.

hr recruiting coordinator

Sample Questions

Why did you choose a job in Human Resources?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What qualities do you possess that make you best suited for this job?

Human Resources

What was your work experience like in the previous company?

How comfortable are you working with employees from different departments?

Would you be willing to work on weekends?

How would you describe your interaction style with people?

What is the best way to handle a recruit that violated company policy during probation period?

Rank the best ways to recruit according to you and how would you make the most out of each source?

Technical skills and knowledge

How would you make onboarding fun and exciting for recruits?

In what ways does an ATS help the HR department?

What employee campaigns would you launch to gain referrals?

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Recruitment Coordinator

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Who is a Recruitment Coordinator?

A recruiting coordinator is a human resources specialist who acts as a mediator between businesses and potential employees. They are active in reviewing applications and resumes and through the interviewing and hiring process. They most likely conduct all interviews, then make hiring suggestions to the hiring team. Recruiting coordinators may also travel to job fairs to recruit employees for their company.

What does a Recruitment Coordinator do?

Recruiting coordinator responsibilities entail everything from posting open positions to job boards, coordinate candidate travel, scheduling interviews across departments, handling last-minute scheduling changes, creating offer letters, conducting background checks, and smoothing over any other speed bumps in the hiring process. 

The job of a coordinator starts when candidates respond to a job opening and ends when the organization fills the position in question. In other words, recruiting coordinators work closely with recruiters, talent sourcing representatives, and headhunters, to ensure the hiring process runs smoothly.

We are looking for a dedicated Recruitment Coordinator to work with our HR and departmental teams to attract and hire new employees for our company. The Recruitment Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the hiring process, from collaborating on writing job descriptions to submit reports on the recruitment process.

A successful Recruitment Coordinator should be well-versed in the recruitment process as well as relevant employment legislation. You should further be organized and have excellent communication and people skills.


  • Interacting with department heads to identify job openings and prepare job descriptions and requirements.
  • Posting job openings on media and social media outlets.
  • Finding and filtering appropriate job applicants and performing reference checks.
  • Scheduling and conducting interviews.
  • Occasionally arranging travel for candidates to interviews.
  • Extending job offers and arranging the relevant documents.
  • Compiling reports on recruitment for the HR Department.
  • Participating in recruitment events, such as career fairs, preparing information packets, and gathering information from suitable candidates.

Key Requirements

  • Working knowledge of social media
  • Understanding of human resources policies and practices
  • Ability to conduct various types of interviews (in person, online, phone)
  • Knowledge of HR databases and candidate management systems
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and with a team
  • Strong leadership skills

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