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Electrical and electronic engineering articles within Scientific Reports

Article 30 September 2023 | Open Access

Research on obstacle avoidance path planning of UAV in complex environments based on improved Bézier curve

  • Zhihao Zhang
  • , Xiaodong Liu
  •  &  Boyu Feng

Real-time detection of road manhole covers with a deep learning model

  • Dangfeng Pang
  • , Zhiwei Guan
  •  &  Ruzhen Dou

Optimized DC–DC converter based on new interleaved switched inductor capacitor for verifying high voltage gain in renewable energy applications

  • Ammar Falah Algamluoli
  • , Xiaohua Wu
  •  &  Mustafa F. Mahmood

Article 27 September 2023 | Open Access

Sub-terahertz feedback interferometry and imaging with emitters in 130 nm BiCMOS technology

  • Dmytro B. But
  • , Kȩstutis Ikamas
  •  &  Alvydas Lisauskas

A quantum-inspired probabilistic prime factorization based on virtually connected Boltzmann machine and probabilistic annealing

  • Hyundo Jung
  • , Hyunjin Kim
  •  &  Chulwoo Kim

Sliding mode control with an adaptive switching power reaching law

  • Shijiao Wang
  • , Chengming Jiang
  •  &  Changlin Zhu

Improved YOLOv5-based for small traffic sign detection under complex weather

  • Shenming Qu
  • , Xinyu Yang
  •  &  Yuan Xie

Highly sensitive label-free biosensor: graphene/CaF 2 multilayer for gas, cancer, virus, and diabetes detection with enhanced quality factor and figure of merit

  • Behnam Jafari
  • , Elnaz Gholizadeh
  •  &  Saeed Golmohammadi

Article 26 September 2023 | Open Access

Time series forecasting methods in emergency contexts

  • P. Villoria Hernandez
  • , I. Mariñas-Collado
  •  &  M. C. Rodriguez Sánchez

Deterministic field-free voltage-induced magnetization switching with self-regulated precession for low-power memory

  • Stanislav Sin
  •  &  Saeroonter Oh

Semantic guidance network for video captioning

  • , Hong Zhao
  •  &  ZeYu Han

Article 25 September 2023 | Open Access

Influence of electric potential-induced by atmospheric pressure plasma on cell response

  • Takamasa Okumura
  • , Chia-Hsing Chang
  •  &  Takehiko Sato

Beam-steering of dielectric flat lens nanoantenna with elliptical patch based on antenna displacement for optical wireless applications

  • Fatma E. Helmy
  • , Ibrahim I. Ibrahim
  •  &  Amany M. Saleh

Obtaining and conductive properties of a vanadate-borate-phosphate glass

  • Mihai Eftimie
  • , Ana Violeta Filip
  •  &  Bogdan Alexandru Sava

Article 23 September 2023 | Open Access

Development and analysis of thick GaN drift layers on 200 mm CTE-matched substrate for vertical device processing

  • Walter Gonçalez Filho
  • , Matteo Borga
  •  &  Stefaan Decoutere

DRCNN: decomposing residual convolutional neural networks for time series forecasting

  • , Shaojie Luo
  •  &  Beiping Hou

Article 22 September 2023 | Open Access

Multi-mode joint modulation of array wireless power transfer

  • , Xusheng Wu
  •  &  Jianxin Gao

Ambient data-driven SSO online monitoring of type-3 wind turbine generator integrated power systems based on MMPF-KF method

  •  &  Ke Xu

Design of dual-band power amplifier using bandstop filter and dual-mode bias circuit for multistandard transceiver systems

  • Sepehr Zarghami
  •  &  Mohsen Hayati

Driving risk cognition of passengers in highly automated driving based on the prefrontal cortex activity via fNIRS

  • , Xiaofei Zhang
  •  &  Mohamed Atia

Frugal day-ahead forecasting of multiple local electricity loads by aggregating adaptive models

  • Guillaume Lambert
  • , Bachir Hamrouche
  •  &  Joseph de Vilmarest

Article 21 September 2023 | Open Access

Tapered high-gain Fabry–Perot cavity antenna with high sidelobe suppression for 5G industry

  • Muhammad Hussain
  • , Kyung-Geun Lee
  •  &  Dongho Kim

Sickle-shaped high gain and low profile based four port MIMO antenna for 5G and aeronautical mobile communication

  • Ammar Armghan
  • , Sunil Lavadiya
  •  &  Shobhit K. Patel

Article 20 September 2023 | Open Access

Design and characterization of mesoscopic dielectric cuboid antenna for operation in WR-3.4 waveguide bandwidth (220–330 GHz)

  • , Ayumu Yabuki
  •  &  Shintaro Hisatake

Multimode OAM beam generation through 1-bit programmable metasurface antenna

  • Morteza Nadi
  • , Seyed Hassan Sedighy
  •  &  Ahmad Cheldavi

Strategical selection of maintenance type under different conditions

  • Mohammad M. Hamasha
  • , Ala H. Bani-Irshid
  •  &  Adnan Al-Bashir

Article 18 September 2023 | Open Access

Renewable-based charging in green ride-sharing

  • Elisabetta Perotti
  • , Ana M. Ospina
  •  &  Emiliano Dall’Anese

Article 16 September 2023 | Open Access

Crosstalk tolerance analysis of coupled-line structures using least square-support vector machine technique

  • Mohammad G. H. Alijani
  •  &  Mohammad H. Neshati

Article 15 September 2023 | Open Access

Characteristic modes of a slot antenna design based on defected ground structure for 5G applications

  • Maie A. Gaber
  • , Mostafa El-Aasser
  •  &  Nasr Gad

Experimental demonstration of passive microwave pulse amplification via temporal Talbot effect

  • Vinicius M. Pepino
  • , Achiles F. da Mota
  •  &  Ben-Hur V. Borges

A feasibility study of 5G positioning with current cellular network deployment

  • Bernardo Camajori Tedeschini
  • , Mattia Brambilla
  •  &  Monica Nicoli

A multiline fitting method for measuring ethylene concentration based on WMS-2f/1f

  •  &  J. Li

A fast strapdown gyrocompassing algorithm based on INS differential errors

  • M. A. Amiri Atashgah
  • , Hamed Mohammadkarimi
  •  &  Mehrdad Ebrahimi

Article 13 September 2023 | Open Access

Research on wheel-legged robot based on LQR and ADRC

  • Xujiong Feng
  • , Shuaishuai Liu
  •  &  Daxu Zhao

A novel GBDT-BiLSTM hybrid model on improving day-ahead photovoltaic prediction

  • Senyao Wang
  •  &  Jin Ma

Article 12 September 2023 | Open Access

A semi-analytical method for characterization of fractal spoof surface plasmon polaritons with a transfer matrix and bloch theory

  • Vahid Najafy
  • , Bijan Abbasi-Arand
  •  &  Maryam Hesari-Shermeh

Simulation of GHz ultrasonic wave piezoelectric instrumentation for Fourier transform computation

  • Zaifeng Yang
  • , Xing Haw Marvin Tan
  •  &  Ching Eng Png

An improved VSG control strategy based on transient electromagnetic power compensation

  • Changwei Gao
  •  &  Weiqiang Zheng

Optimal design of transmitarray antennas via low-cost surrogate modelling

  • Mehmet A. Belen
  • , Alper Caliskan
  •  &  Peyman Mahouti

Article 11 September 2023 | Open Access

A novel reconstruction method combining multi-detector SPECT with an elliptical orbit and computer tomography for cardiac imaging

  • Jinhua Sheng
  •  &  Jialei Wang

Sugarcane nitrogen nutrition estimation with digital images and machine learning methods

  • , Muchen Zhou
  •  &  Cuimin Sun

Material to system-level benchmarking of CMOS-integrated RRAM with ultra-fast switching for low power on-chip learning

  • Minhaz Abedin
  • , Nanbo Gong
  •  &  Nathaniel Cady

Optimal energy management applying load elasticity integrating renewable resources

  • Mohamed Mustafa Ragab
  • , Rania A. Ibrahim
  •  &  Rania Swief

Article 09 September 2023 | Open Access

Intelligent planning of controllers for improved resilience in multi-area system involving nuclear power

  • Prince Kumar
  • , Kunal Kumar
  •  &  Eshet Lakew Tesfaye

Article 07 September 2023 | Open Access

Homogeneous microwave near-field power focusing using a cylindrical antenna array

  • Mohammad-Ali Damavandi
  •  &  Mohammad Khalaj-Amirhosseini

A system for bioelectronic delivery of treatment directed toward wound healing

  • Prabhat Baniya
  • , Maryam Tebyani
  •  &  Mircea Teodorescu

Article 06 September 2023 | Open Access

Reconfigurable integrated structures with functions of Fabry–Perot antenna and wideband liquid absorber for radar system stealth

  • , Xiangkun Kong
  •  &  Yongjiu Zhao

Article 05 September 2023 | Open Access

Design of a silicon Mach–Zehnder modulator via deep learning and evolutionary algorithms

  • Romulo Aparecido de Paula Jr.
  • , Ivan Aldaya
  •  &  Yesica R. R. Bustamante

Photothermal effects of terahertz-band and optical electromagnetic radiation on human tissues

  • Innem V. A. K Reddy
  • , Samar Elmaadawy
  •  &  Josep M. Jornet

Magnetic signature reproduction of ferromagnetic ships at arbitrary geographical position, direction and depth using a multi-dipole model

  • Miroslaw Woloszyn
  •  &  Jarosław Tarnawski


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