1. (PDF) Technology for Jet Engines: A Case Study in Science and

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  2. Jet engine seminar report

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  3. An Experimental Investigation on Compressed Air Engine by International

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  4. History of the Jet Engine Essay Example

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  5. Seminar report on jet engine

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  6. Cutaway of mSO-1 turbojet engine

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  1. (PDF) Technology for Jet Engines: A Case Study in Science and

    Large jet engine research and development in the United States from the 1960s through the establishment of the Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology Program in the late...

  2. jet engine Latest Research Papers

    jet engine Latest Research Papers | ScienceGate jet engine Recently Published Documents TOTAL DOCUMENTS 1731 (FIVE YEARS 253) H-INDEX 37 (FIVE YEARS 5) Latest Documents Most Cited Documents Contributed Authors Related Sources Related Keywords

  3. Aerospace

    Interests: CFD of flows in industrial and energy systems: optimal design methods; performance analysis in design and off-design conditions; full-annulus uRANS methods; aerothermodynamics of propulsion machines; CFD of supersonic and hypersonic flows Special Issues, Collections and Topics in MDPI journals Special Issue Information Dear colleagues,


    The use of jet engines as propulsion systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV's represents a actual challenge. For a large class of UAV's, providing more advantages with respect to the...

  5. PDF Aircraft Turbine Engine Control Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

    in the United States. This paper will focus on the turbine engine control research done at the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC). 1 Simply stated, an engine control system determines the amount of fuel needed for the engine to produce a desired power (or thrust), based on pilot's power request through a throttle (or a power lever); it

  6. International Journal of Turbo & Jet-Engines

    The International Journal of Turbo & Jet Engines is devoted to cutting edge research in theory and design of propagation of jet aircraft.

  7. On the design and structural analysis of jet engine fan blade

    The jet engine propulsion process begins with fan blades spinning at over 2000 rotations per minute at take-off speed. Typically, an engine is composed of between 16 and 34 fan blades, depending on their aspect ratio, among other factors, drawing in air at a rate of about 2500 pounds per second.

  8. (PDF) Design and Analysis of an Air Intake System of Ramjet Engine

    This paper presents the design methodology for a mixed compression intake type using CFD investigations. The engine was structured at Mach 3 and three ramp angles at high altitude and utilized...

  9. Optimization of gas turbines for sustainable turbojet propulsion

    4. Optimization. When considering the design of a turbojet, the basic thermodynamic variables at the disposal of the designer are the TIT and r p, which are used to get the optimum performance of a turbojet.Performance optimization is intended to find the maximum F s and minimum SFC of the engine [20].. The method of optimization utilized here searches for the optimum compressor pressure ratio ...

  10. A Mathematical Model for the Analysis of Jet Engine Fuel Consumption

    In this paper we propose a mathematical model for the fuel consumption analysis during aircraft cruise. A closed-form formula that expresses the aircraft's weight variation over time, and hence, the fuel flow rate, is obtained as a result. Furthermore, a closed-form expression of the aircraft's main performance parameters is also obtained. We compare the values of such parameters computed ...

  11. Design, manufacturing and operation of a small turbojet-engine for

    The jet engine features a single-stage centrifugal compressor developing 2.66:1 compression ratio at 60,000 rpm, a direct-flow annular combustion chamber and a single-stage axial turbine with 950 K turbine-inlet temperature (TIT).

  12. Aircraft Hybrid-Electric Propulsion: Development Trends, Challenges and

    Some of the main advantages of HEP compared with the traditional propulsion are: (a) increasing the global aircraft efficiency; (b) increasing aircraft reliability, power distribution/quality, and flight range; (c) emissions and noise reduction; (d) capacity of extending the market to smaller airports (Sliwinski et al. 2017 ).

  13. (Pdf) Design and Realization of A Valveless Pulsejet Engine to

    Richardson JS, Artt D.W., Blair G.P., Observations on the operation and design of pulsejet engines as derived from an experimental and theoretical investigation, SAE Technical Paper Series, Volume ...

  14. (PDF) Design and Analysis of Turbo Jet Engine

    The objective of this paper is to to analyze the stress on the turbine blade of turbocharger which is used in automotive diesel engine (118 kW). The turbocharger is failure due to high rotational speed, temperature and pressure. The volume flow rate of this turbine is 0.1m 3 /s and the speed is 9500 rpm.

  15. Jet Engines Research Papers

    7 Aircraft Design , Aircraft engines , General Electric , TURBOFAN ENGINE HNS Details of technology behind a modern automobile. Download by Al Emran 7 Regeneration , GAS TURBINE , Rankine cycles , After-Burner in Jet Engines, Combustion Instability Modeling of an efficient airblast atomizer for liquid jet into a supersonic crossflow

  16. Electric aviation: A review of concepts and enabling technologies

    This review paper surveys scholarly and industrial literature to identify the main technological areas of electric aviation, including battery technology, electric machine technology, airframe, and propulsion technologies; where the technology currently stands, their future projections, and their challenges.

  17. Engines

    56k 256k NEW! "How a Jet Engine Works" video. We take for granted how easily a plane weighing over half a million pounds lifts off the ground with such ease. How does it happen? The answer is simple. It's engines. Let Theresa Benyo of NASA Glenn Research Center explain more... As featured on NASA's Destination Tomorrow.

  18. PDF Advancements in Jet Engines

    Tamil Nadu, India [email protected] Jet engines are the one of the engines used in aeroplane or aircrafts. In starting jet engines were of high weights and that produces low thrust.Nowdays there are various types of jet engines are available.

  19. PDF Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Pulse Jet Engine

    Lenoir engine j and thus the Lenoir cycle can be applied to the basic pulsejet tube. The Lenoir engine is a two-stroke piston engine without pre compression .This engine takes in a stoichiometric fuel/ air mixture during the first half of the downward piston stroke; halfway through the stroke the intake valve is closed and ignition occurs.

  20. Early Jet Engines

    The Jet Propulsion Static Laboratory (JPSL) was hurriedly built in 1943 to secretly test early U.S. jet engines and afterburners during World War II. On this page: Introduction Birth of the AERL Emergence of the Jet Engine The Supercharger Building I-16 for the Ryan Fireball Fuels for Jet Engines Introduction

  21. Sustainable hydrogen energy in aviation

    Number of research papers published from 2008 to till now in Web of Science, hydrogen as fuel. ... Heinkel Jet Engine: Early in 1939, the engine was completed and flown under one of the remaining Heinkel He 118 dive bomber prototypes. The flight tests were conducted in complete secrecy, with propeller-powered takeoffs and landings and only ...

  22. (PDF) A Review on Ram Jet Engine

    Abstract and Figures. Power augmented ram (PAR) engine is a popular equipment to reduce the requirement of power for takeoff and improve aerodynamic performance. To provide detailed insight into ...

  23. Nuclear fusion: new record brings dream of clean energy closer

    The Euratom successor to JET is a facility called ITER that will be based in France. Originally planned to be open in 2016 and cost around 5bn euros, its price has since roughly quadrupled and its ...

  24. Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google? It Has for Me

    The year-old search engine, whose founders previously worked in A.I. research at OpenAI and Meta, has quickly become one of the most buzzed-about products in the tech world.

  25. Jet Engine

    Jet engine mechanical configuration and detailed design have developed to address the many requirements imposed by differing applications. For large, long-range transport aircraft, engines are required to maintain low fuel consumption over many years of operation. This has led to designs of the engine structure that maintain the roundness of the engine and match the thermal expansions.

  26. OpenAI's Sora video-generating model can render video games, too

    The paper, titled "Video generation models as world simulators," co-authored by a host of […] OpenAI's new — and first! — video-generating model, Sora, can pull off some genuinely ...