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Research articles

research paper in biotechnology

Killing tumor-associated bacteria with a liposomal antibiotic generates neoantigens that induce anti-tumor immune responses

Killing bacteria in tumors boosts survival in a mouse model of colon cancer.

  • Menglin Wang
  • Benoit Rousseau

research paper in biotechnology

Single-cell lineage capture across genomic modalities with CellTag-multi reveals fate-specific gene regulatory changes

Lineage tracing using both transcriptomics and chromatin accessibility provides mechanistic insights into cell fate.

  • Kunal Jindal
  • Mohd Tayyab Adil
  • Samantha A. Morris

research paper in biotechnology

Dissecting key regulators of transcriptome kinetics through scalable single-cell RNA profiling of pooled CRISPR screens

mRNA kinetics are described by combining single-cell combinatorial indexing with metabolic labeling and pooled CRISPR screens.

  • Andras Sziraki

research paper in biotechnology

Supervised discovery of interpretable gene programs from single-cell data

Spectra decomposes gene expression data into interpretable programs using prior knowledge.

  • Russell Z. Kunes
  • Thomas Walle

research paper in biotechnology

A DNA nanodevice for mapping sodium at single-organelle resolution

A probe reports absolute sodium levels in acidic organelles with single-organelle resolution.

  • Koushambi Mitra
  • Yamuna Krishnan

research paper in biotechnology

Identification of mobile genetic elements with geNomad

geNomad identifies mobile genetic elements in sequencing data.

  • Antonio Pedro Camargo
  • Nikos C. Kyrpides

research paper in biotechnology

Detection of transcriptome-wide microRNA–target interactions in single cells with agoTRIBE

Functional miRNA targets are identified transcriptome-wide in single cells.

  • Vaishnovi Sekar
  • Emilio Mármol-Sánchez
  • Marc R. Friedländer

research paper in biotechnology

Detecting organelle-specific activity of potassium channels with a DNA nanodevice

A potassium activity reporter detects organelle-specific channel function.

  • Palapuravan Anees
  • Anand Saminathan

research paper in biotechnology

Translocation of linearized full-length proteins through an engineered nanopore under opposing electrophoretic force

An engineered nanopore translocates untagged full-length proteins by electroosmotic force.

  • Adina Sauciuc
  • Blasco Morozzo della Rocca
  • Giovanni Maglia

research paper in biotechnology

Self-organizing models of human trunk organogenesis recapitulate spinal cord and spine co-morphogenesis

A patterned neural tube and somites in an embryonic context are generated in vitro.

  • Simona Gribaudo
  • Rémi Robert
  • Stéphane Nedelec

research paper in biotechnology

Targeted genome editing with a DNA-dependent DNA polymerase and exogenous DNA-containing templates

A DNA polymerase editing system offers advantages over prime editing.

  • Xiaolong Dong
  • Erik J. Sontheimer

research paper in biotechnology

BugSigDB captures patterns of differential abundance across a broad range of host-associated microbial signatures

A database of microbial signatures is used for systematic comparison of differential abundance patterns.

  • Ludwig Geistlinger
  • Chloe Mirzayi
  • Levi Waldron

research paper in biotechnology

Direct measurement of engineered cancer mutations and their transcriptional phenotypes in single cells

Engineered cancer mutations are linked with phenotypes in a multiplexed single-cell technology.

  • Heon Seok Kim
  • Susan M. Grimes
  • Hanlee P. Ji

research paper in biotechnology

Quartet RNA reference materials improve the quality of transcriptomic data through ratio-based profiling

A new RNA reference set improves detection of differential expression in clinical settings.

  • Yuanting Zheng

research paper in biotechnology

Protein remote homology detection and structural alignment using deep learning

Protein sequence and structural similarities in large databases are rapidly identified using machine learning.

  • Tymor Hamamsy
  • James T. Morton
  • Richard Bonneau

research paper in biotechnology

Genotoxic effects of base and prime editing in human hematopoietic stem cells

Base and prime editors induce double-strand breaks, deletions and translocations in hematopoietic cells.

  • Martina Fiumara
  • Samuele Ferrari
  • Luigi Naldini

research paper in biotechnology

Multi-omics data integration using ratio-based quantitative profiling with Quartet reference materials

Multi-omics data are readily integrated using quartet reference materials.

research paper in biotechnology

Integration of spatial and single-cell data across modalities with weakly linked features

MaxFuse enables data integration between modalities even when features are weakly correlated.

  • Shuxiao Chen
  • Zongming Ma

research paper in biotechnology

Spatial multimodal analysis of transcriptomes and metabolomes in tissues

Metabolites and RNA in a tissue section are profiled simultaneously.

  • Marco Vicari
  • Reza Mirzazadeh
  • Joakim Lundeberg

research paper in biotechnology

Imaging brain tissue architecture across millimeter to nanometer scales

Mapping fixed brain samples with extracellular labeling and optical microscopy reveals synaptic connections.

  • Julia M. Michalska
  • Julia Lyudchik
  • Johann G. Danzl

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research paper in biotechnology

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