research paper on commercial banks in india


    research paper on commercial banks in india


    research paper on commercial banks in india

  4. Factors affecting the liquidity of commercial banks in India a l.pdf

    research paper on commercial banks in india

  5. (PDF) Impact of CRR on Return of Commercial Banks in India

    research paper on commercial banks in india


    research paper on commercial banks in india


  1. NPAs and profitability in Indian banks: an empirical analysis

    A study by Sensarma and Ghosh of Indian commercial banks, for the period from 1997-98 to 2000-01, reported that a rise in NPA adversely affects the interest margins for banks and hence reduces bank profitability. ... Both the authors have contributed in completing the research paper/study. The paper was conceptualised by SKD. The structure ...

  2. PDF Performance of Indian Commercial Banks: An Analytical Study

    Table no-1 reveals the number of commercial banks in India with their growth rate, which has been significantly increased during the study period. The number of commercial banks has increased from 86.49% to 100.64% through 2012-13 to 2016-17. Table -2: Performance indicator of commercial banks in India (Amount in Billions) Year Aggregate deposits

  3. Banks in India: A Balancing Act Between Profitability, Regulation and

    Balasubramaniam C. (2012). Non-performing assets and profitability of commercial banks in India: Assessment and emerging issues. National Monthly Refereed Journal of Research in Commerce & Management, 1(1 ... He is a prolific researcher and has more than 70 research papers published in the national and international journal of repute. Cite ...

  4. Factors Influencing the Performance of Commercial Banks: A Dynamic

    The article investigates the determinants of commercial banks' performance in India over the period from 2000 to 2017 with special reference to the macroeconomic factors. ... first class second in M.Com. examination and also obtained his ICWA degree from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India in 1994. He has 110 research papers, published ...


    The rising of NPAs has become foremost concerns for the banking sector in India. The current paper is an effort to undertake an inter-bank comparison of non-performing assets (NPA) of Punjab ...

  6. Performance Evaluation of Commercial Banks in the Indian Banking Industry

    Scientific Research Journal of Business, Management and Accounting ISSN: 2584-0592, Peer Reviewed Journal 10042 1 Performance Evaluation of Commercial Banks in the Indian Banking Industry Prajnyabodh Sinha Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur, India Abstract

  7. Comparative Performance Analysis of Selected Commercial Banks in India

    ANOVA was also employed to test the hypothesis. 51 commercial banks have been selected for research. Their empirical findings demonstrate a statistically significant difference between the CAMEL ratios of the chosen commercial banks in India, which rated banks based on their performance.[23]

  8. Full article: Commercial bank capital and risk in India: Does financial

    The lack of research on bank capital and risk relationship in the context of all type of commercial banks operating in India put forth many pertinent unanswered research questions. ... the capital ratio of commercial banks in the case of India and the results are varying across the ownership of the banks. This paper is organised as follows ...

  9. A Comparitive Performance Analysis of Selected Commercial Banks in

    The banking sector is the backbone of the Indian economy. In this paper, the NPAs of public and private sector banks in India has been compared over a period of ten years (2004 to 2013).

  10. Banks' Performance and Economic Growth in India: A Panel ...

    The structure of these studies was built on panel data of scheduled commercial banks from 2009 to 2019. The scheduled commercial banks were comprised of 28 banks in 2009, including the State Bank of India and its associate. However, it came down to only 20 banks in 2019, because of a few banks' mergers.

  11. (PDF) A Study of The Evolution of Indian Banking Industry and Its

    The private sector banks NPA stood at 64380 crore rupees in the year 2017-18 which increased to 67309 in the year 2018-19. The study main objective was to understand the evolution of Indian ...

  12. Reserve Bank of India

    publications. (3260 kb) Date : Dec 27, 2022. Operations and Performance of Commercial Banks. The Indian banking sector remained resilient in 2021-22 and 2022-23 so far, as banks witnessed healthy balance sheet growth on broad-based acceleration in credit.

  13. PDF Working Capital Management and Profitability of Commercial Banks in India

    45 | PARIPEX - INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH Research Paper Working Capital Management and Profitability of Commercial Banks in India Priya Srivastava Research Scholar, PG & Research Department of Commerce with CA Hin-dusthan College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore - 28 Dr. M.S Lognathan Research Guide, Professor& Head, PG & Research Department ...

  14. PDF Comparative Study of Commercial Banks Lending to Priority Sector in

    IJRTI2302058 International Journal for Research Trends and Innovation ( 360 A Comparative Study of Commercial Banks Lending to Priority Sector in India (2013-2022) 1 Dr. Provinder Kumar & 2 Dr. Dinesh Kumar 1.Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, RNT Govt. College Sarkaghat, District Mandi, HP- 175024. 2.

  15. Macroeconomic Factors Affecting the Profitability of Commercial Banks

    This paper examines the macroeconomic factors affecting the profitability of public sector commercial banks in India over the period 2000 to 2017. Using return on equity (ROE) and net interest margin (NIM) as the measure of profitability, we have taken a balanced panel for 20 public sector commercial banks in India.

  16. A Comparative Analysis of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of ...

    This paper analyses the position of NPAs in selected banks namely State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB) and Central Bank of India (CBI). It also highlights the policies pursued by the banks to tackle the NPAs and suggests a multi-pronged strategy for speedy recovery of NPAs in banking sector.

  17. PDF A Study on Financial Performance Analysis of Selected Public ...

    Sarkar & Rakshit, (2021) examines the elements that influence commercial banks' performance in India from 2000 to 2017, with a particular emphasis on macroeconomic concerns. We picked a panel of public and private sector commercial banks in our ... India, a developing nation. The research analysed a panel of data from twenty public sector banks ...

  18. Analysis of Financial Performance of Public Sector Banks in India

    Abata M. A. (2014). Asset quality and bank performance: A study of commercial banks in Nigeria. Research Journal of ... (2004). Asset-liability management among commercial banks in India—A canonical correlation analysis. ... An essay on banking and macroeconomics: Role of public sector banks in India. IIM Bangalore Research Paper, 530. http ...


    International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Vol.2 Issue 3, March 2012, ISSN 2231 5780 ... In this paper an attempt is ... of the Indian Commercial Banks and Foreign Banks operating in ...

  20. PDF Role of Commercial Banks in The Economic Development of India

    Commercial Bank in India comprises the State Bank of India (SBI) and its subsidiaries, nationalized ... backbone of economy of any country like India. Research is based upon the secondary data. Which provide the findings on commercial banks and how it helpful in economic development. The main objective of the study is to critically examine and

  21. Measuring Impact of CAMELS Model on Financial Performance of Indian

    The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of CAMELS components on the financial performance of Indian commercial banks. To fulfill the objectives of the study,secondary data were collectedfor the fiscal year 2016 to 2021 from four public sector and four private sector banks based on their market capitalization. To analyse the data two econometric models are constructed using return ...

  22. Exploring the Impact of Fintech on Commercial Banks' Profitability

    Based on the annual reports of 16 commercial banks in China from 2013-2019, this paper uses pycharm software to crawl the text of fintech-related information in the annual reports and constructs a fintech index using principal component analysis to deeply study the intrinsic relationship between fintech and bank profitability.

  23. A Study on Customer Perception Towards Digital Banking and Cyber

    The main objective of the study is to analyse about the cyber space and the customers' perception about cyber crime. In the era of globalization digital banking or online banking has revolutionized an integral activity of our modern twenty first century. The man developed various ways for communication to the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge which is of great importance to him as ...

  24. Analysis of Banks in India—A CAMEL Approach

    In this article, an attempt has been made to rank the various commercial banks operating in India. The banks in India have been categorized into Public sector, Private sector and Foreign banks. ... T.F. 1989. ' CAMEL Ratings and the CD Market ', Journal of Financial Services Research, Volume 3 ... Downloaded from: Working Paper 2000-021A ...

  25. US Instant Payments: A Catalyst for Growing Commercial Payments and Banking

    The focus in the commercial sector has been on account-to-account instant payments, and Javelin Strategy & Research views this as a key area for banks' ongoing revenue growth in payments. This research paper discusses the current state of instant payments, reviews commercial use cases, and details the benefits and challenges associated with ...

  26. Role of Indian Commercial Banks in Economy Development

    Saini Priyanka, Sindhu Jyoti,( 2014) "Role of Commercial Bank in the Economic Development of INDIA" International Journal of Engineering and Management Research,Volume-4, Issue-1, February-, ISSN ...

  27. Northern Lights Are Visible as Solar Storm Intensifies: What to Know

    Officials warned of potential blackouts or interference with navigation and communication systems this weekend, as well as auroras as far south as Southern California or Texas.

  28. Cultural Relativity and Acceptance of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    Voices in Bioethics is currently seeking submissions on philosophical and practical topics, both current and timeless. Papers addressing access to healthcare, the bioethical implications of recent Supreme Court rulings, environmental ethics, data privacy, cybersecurity, law and bioethics, economics and bioethics, reproductive ethics, research ethics, and pediatric bioethics are sought.

  29. Non-Performing Assets of Banks: A Literature Review PJAEE, 18 (10

    This study employs panel data from 21 currently functioning commercial banks from 2017/18 to 2021/22, which totals 105 years of observations, to examine the impact of non-performing assets (NPA ...