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Standard Terms

Fall 2023- winter 2024, table of contents, 1. definitions, 2. eligibility, 3. applications and inquiries, 4. deposits, 5. residence contract, 6. term of contract, 7. preferences, 8. residence or room assignment.

9.  Changes in Assignment

10. Meal Plans

11. check-in, 12. room inventory and damages/loss, 13. safety and security, 14. payment of fees and charges, 15. fees and charges, 16. termination, 17. vacating residence, 18. refunds.

19. Correspondence

20. General

21. Important Dates

1.     Academic Bases:  has the meaning found in section 16; 2.     Applicant(s):  means an individual who meets the eligibility requirements in Section 2. An Applicant is not a Resident until they have been assigned a room by RCHS; 3.     Application:  means the on-line application for Residence available at:  https://uoguelph.starrezhousing.com/StarRezPortalRidgetown/ 4.     Charges:  means costs charged for additional services including but not limited to cleaning services or penalties arising from breaches of the Contract such as fines, damage repairs, improper check-out or room assignment changes, lost Keys, etc. Appeals of any such Charges must be made, in writing, to the Manger of Student Experience.  5.     Check-in:  means the procedure by which the Resident is formally registered at the Residence and is provided with access to his or her assigned room; 6.     Check-out Procedure: means the procedures which must be followed by Residents vacating the Residence and includes but is not limited to Key return, check-out form signed, room inspection completed and personal property removed; 7.     Check-out Time:  means the time by which the Resident must vacate the Residence. For Fall/Winter Contracts, Check-out Time is within 24 hours of their Resident’s last exam or by noon on the day after the conclusion of the exam period or 24 hours after early termination of the Contract in accordance with section 16.1, whichever comes first. Check-out Time may be extended only with written consent of RCHS but in any event no later than Residence Closing Day. Check-out Time for Summer Contracts is noon on the day after the last Summer semester final examination or 24 hours after early termination of the Contract in accordance with section 16.1, whichever comes first. 8.     Clusters:  means academic learning communities; 9.     Contract:  has the meaning found in Section 5; 10.     Early Arrival/Late Check-out Fee:  means an additional fee applied if a Resident wishes to arrive prior to Residence Opening Day or remain after their Check-out Time. Early arrival or late check-out must be pre-approved and is at the sole discretion of RCHS; 11.     Fall/Winter Contract:  means a Contract for the Fall semester and the following Winter semester; 12.     Fees:  means the cost for a room and excludes Charges, Residence Council Fee, and costs for Residence meal plans; 13.     Governmental Response:  has the meaning found in section 20. 14.     Hospitality Services:  means the department at the University which is responsible for food and beverage related services including Residence meal plans; 15.     Key:  means either keys or fobs used to access Residences or Residence rooms; 16.     LLC:  means Living Learning Centres and are communities with programs and practices emphasizing a certain theme; 17.     New Applicants:  means individuals who have received an offer of academic admission from the University as a full-time student and are entering the first semester of their undergraduate academic degree program at the University; 18.     New Applicant Deadline:  means the date by which RCHS must receive the completed Application and the Deposit for New Applicants wanting to be considered for space in Residence for Fall semester. See Section 21 for Important Dates; 19.     Residence:  means any of the following: Steckley Hall 20.     Residence Closing Date:  means the date beyond which no Residents are permitted in Residence; 21.     Residence Learning Communities:  refers generally to Clusters, LLC, and TLC; 22.     Residence Opening Date:  means the date in each semester on which the Residence is available for move-in by the Resident. See Section 21 for Important Dates; 23.     Resident:  means an Applicant who has been assigned a room in Residence; 24.     Returning Resident:  Applicant means a current Resident who is applying for Residence in the subsequent academic year; 25.     Returning Resident Application Deadline:  means the date by which a Returning Resident Applicant must submit the Application in order to be included in the lottery process for available Residence rooms. See Section 21 for Important Dates; 26.     Returning Resident Deposit Deadline:  means the date by which a Returning Resident Applicant must submit the Deposit in order to confirm the Residence assignment. See Section 21 for Important Dates; 27.     RCHS:  means Ridgetown Campus Housing Services. RCHS is responsible for administration of and services under the Contract; 28.    Summer Contract:  means a Contract only for the Summer Semester as defined by the University’s academic calendar. A Summer Contract is available in the sole discretion of RCHS; 29.     Telecommunication Services:  can include those services provided by the University for Residents' use, such as internet services.  30.     TLC:  means Themed Learning Communities and are communities with programs and practices emphasizing a certain theme. 31.     University:  means the University of Guelph-Ridgetown Campus; 32.     University I.D.:  means the photo identification card issued to registered students of the University 33.     Virus:  has the meaning found in Section 20.

1.    Applications for Residence can be submitted by anyone who is either currently registered or has received an offer of admission to the University (“Applicants”). Priority for admission to residence will be given to New Applicants and Returning Resident Applicants who are full-time students. However, part-time students are encouraged to apply. Returning Resident Applicants are not eligible to apply if they have outstanding unpaid charges or are subject to an order barring them from Residence. 2.    Residents who cease to be registered students at the University are not eligible for Residence.

1.    New Applicants should submit their applications as soon as they receive an offer of academic admission from the University as a full-time student. Returning Resident Applicants should submit their applications no later than the Returning Resident Application Deadline. Applicants should answer ALL questions on the Application.  By submitting the Application, the Applicants are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this Contract applicable to Applicants.  If there are difficulties accessing the Application, contact [email protected] 2.    Unless otherwise agreed with RCHS, Applicants must submit Applications electronically. Any inquiries concerning the application process may be directed to RCHS at the following contact information:

Email:   [email protected]

Mailing address: Residence Department Steckley Hall, University of Guelph- Ridgetown Campus 120 Main St E,  Ridgetown, ON  N0P 2C0

Telephone:  519 674-1500, Ext. 63536

Correspondence must include the University seven-digit student ID number.

1.     Following submission of the Application, a Residence Deposit is required for Fall/Winter and Summer Contracts in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00 CDN) (“Deposit”) . RCHS must receive the Deposit from New Applicants no later than 11:59 pm EDT on the New Applicant Deadline. Applications and Deposits received after the New Applicant Deadline will be assigned Residence rooms as available or placed on a waiting list. For Returning Resident Applicants, RCHS must receive their Deposit no later than 4:30 pm EDT on the Returning Resident Deposit Deadline.

Deposits may be sent by one of the following methods:

  • You can verify if your banking institution is setup for auto-deposit by referring to the Interac e-Transfer® Autodeposit institution listing page: https://www.interac.ca/en/consumers/products/interac-e-transfer/enhanced-features/#fi-list-autodeposit
  • Once you have verified that your banking institution supports auto-deposit, send your e-transfer to: [email protected]. In the comments section, please reference your 7-digit University of Guelph Student ID number (found on your Offer of Admission Letter).
  • Money Order, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque ("Bank Note") : Applicants may courier the Deposit by way of a currently dated Bank Note payable to the "University of Guelph-Ridgetown Campus" to:
Residence Department Steckley Hall, University of Guelph-Ridgetown Campus 120 Main St E,  Ridgetown, ON  N0P 2C0 The Bank Note must have the Applicant's name and University ID number on the front. If sending by courier, it is recommended that Purolator or Federal Express couriers be used. Materials sent by Canada Post or Priority Courier usually take longer to arrive. Within Ontario, please allow at least three working days for Purolator or Federal Express delivery, and at least seven working days if using Canada Post. Allow additional delivery time from outside of Ontario.

2.  No Deposit is required for a Summer Contract.

1.    In order to be accepted into Residence, Applicants must enter into a Residence Contract (“Contract”). The Contract is comprised of three parts:

  • the Application;
  • these Standard Terms; and
  • the Residence Community Living Standards (RCLS) at  https://bdc-dev.ridgetownc.com/current/housing/residence-community-living-standards/

These three documents collectively make up the terms and conditions of the Contract. Those provisions of the Contract which apply to the Application process apply to all Applicants. Once Applicants become Residents, they are also subject to the terms and conditions of the Contract applicable to Residents. Applicants who do not become Residents will receive a refund of the Deposit in accordance with this Contract. The University reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Contract including but not limited to Fees, Deposits and Refunds, upon reasonable notice.

2.    Certain provisions of this Contract may specifically apply to either Fall/Winter Contracts or Summer Contracts.

Subject to early termination as provided in these Standard Terms, the term of the Contract (“Term”) commences on the date that RCHS receives the Application and terminates at the Residence Closing Date. The period of occupancy for each Resident commences at Check-in Date and terminates at the Check-out Time.

1.    Applicants will have an opportunity to express their preferences regarding choice of LLC or room arrangements. Efforts will be made to match Applicants according to their expressed preferences, but there is no guarantee that Applicants will receive their preferences. 2.     Roommates : If two Applicants wish to share there is an opportunity to select a roommate preference(s) once the Application is submitted. After the deadline date has passed, the Applicant may enter the surname and University of Guelph ID number of his or her preferred roommate(s) through the Housing Portal account. Roommates must have the same Residence preferences. 3.     Special Accommodation Requests : Applicants who wish to have their Residence or room preference considered in light of special circumstances including medical, religious, or other grounds must submit the Accommodation Form, which can be found on the Student Housing Portal together with all applicable supporting documentation. The Form should be submitted by the New Applicant Deadline or Returning Resident Application Deadline, as applicable.

1.    Priority for Residence or room assignments is determined through a random lottery process. Assignments are not provided on a "first-come, first-serve" basis, and are made at the sole discretion of RCHS based on a number of factors, including but not limited to, number of Applicants, expressed Residence preferences and availability of room types. 2.    In some circumstances, Residents may initially be given a temporary Residence or room assignment pending final assignment (“Temporary Space”). Whenever possible, the Resident will be advised of this in advance. A Resident assigned to Temporary Space will be required to move to the final assignment identified by RCHS after Check-in. A Temporary Space rate will be charged on a pro-rated basis only for the days the Resident was assigned to the temporary location. Standard Residence Rates will apply once the Resident has been re-assigned. Relocations from Temporary Space to final Residence or room assignments are made as quickly as possible. 3.    Unless a Resident advises RCHS to the contrary in writing, Residents who are assigned a roommate will have their name and “@uoguelph.ca” email shared with their assigned roommates prior to their arrival at the beginning of term. 4.    Residence does close between the Fall and Winter semester during the Holiday Break and over the February Break period. Residents who need accommodation may request it by emailing  [email protected] . RCHS reserves the ability to decide in its sole discretion whether Residents can be accommodated during these periods.

9.  Changes in Assignment

1.    Changes by RCHS:

  • RCHS may in its sole discretion, change a Residence or room assignment to better configure available space. Adjustments in fees will be made to reflect the new Residence or room assignment, as applicable.
  • RCHS may, at its sole discretion, change the Residence or room assignment of a Resident who is subject to disciplinary action or whose behaviour is deemed by RCHS to threaten the health and safety of other Residents.

2.    Changes by Resident:

  • Once assigned, a Resident is not permitted to change his/her Residence or room assignment without prior written permission from RCHS. If a Resident is dissatisfied with his/her Residence or room assignment, he or she may submit a Transfer Request Form  requesting an alternative assignment or contact RCHS at [email protected] from his or her "@uoguelph.ca" email account, and ask to be placed on a waiting list for his or her preferred space.
  • If a new Residence or room assignment is approved, fees may be adjusted to reflect the new Residence or room assignment.
  • Residents are not permitted to sublet their room.

1.    Residents with Fall/Winter Contracts are required to purchase a Residence meal plan for each of the Fall and Winter semesters from Hospitality Services. 2.    Residents with Summer contracts are required to purchase a Breakfast only meal plan. 3.    For full information on the costs and rules applying to meal plans, please consult the Residence Contract

Residents may complete Check-in on the applicable Residence Opening Date and no later than noon of the first day of classes, as identified in the University’s academic calendar. Failure to complete Check-in by the dates indicated will be deemed to be a breach of the Contract and may be grounds for Termination of this Contract under Section 16.

1.    Residents are provided with a room inventory form at Check-in (“Room Inventory Form”). Residents must complete the Room Inventory Form carefully and return it to the assigned Residence Desk. The Room Inventory Form is used by RCHS to check against loss or damage to Residence rooms or their contents. 2.    If a Resident fails to submit a Room Inventory Form, it shall be deemed an acknowledgment by the Resident that the Residence room and its contents were in satisfactory condition and repair on the date possession was given. 3.    Residents are responsible for any damage or losses to their Residence rooms and its contents. Residents who change their Residence or room assignment are responsible for loss or damage which apply to their dates of occupancy. 4.    In some circumstances, all Residents in a Residence or section of a Residence may be accountable for damage through Community Billing (see the Residence Community Living Standards).

1.    In order to assist with safety and security, Residents are required to have a current University I.D. card and to produce such I.D. and their Key when requested by any member of RCHS or the Police 2.    For the protection of their personal possessions, Residents are advised to lock their doors when leaving their room. Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Residence Desk. If a key is misplaced or lost, a temporary key will be issued for up to seven (7) days to give the Resident time to find the original. However, if after seven (7) days, the original key cannot be located, a permanent key will be provided or the lock changed and the expense charged to the Resident. 3.   While Residents have a reasonable right to privacy in their Residence rooms, RCHS reserves the right to enter rooms and to take any and all steps necessary for the safety, security, and well-being of others. 4.    In order to support the health and safety of Residents as a result of the Virus, RCHS may develop and require Residents to abide by certain requirements including but not limited to the wearing of face masks, physical distancing etc. (“Virus Precautions”). Failure to abide by these Virus Precautions will be deemed to be a material breach and may result in Termination of this Contract under section 16.

5.  The University maintains an Asbestos Management Program in accordance with Ontario Regulation 278/02 – Designated Substance – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations. Some University Residence buildings do contain or are presumed to contain asbestos. An up-to-date summary of asbestos containing materials in University Residence buildings can be found at  Campus Buildings with Asbestors  website. The University maintains all asbestos containing materials in a safe condition during normal building operations. In the event of any maintenance, repair or renovation work, the University adheres to procedures in compliance with applicable regulations and legislation. The University shall not, in any event whatsoever, be liable or responsible in any way for any personal injury or death that may be suffered or sustained by a Resident or guests as a result of any asbestos.

1.    Fees must be paid prior to the beginning of the applicable semester. Fees are normally set no later than the end of June each year and information on current Fees are available on the Ridgetown Campus website. Failure to pay Fees prior to the appropriate semester may be grounds for termination of the Residence Contract. 2.    Deposits paid for a Fall/Winter Contract will be applied against the Fees for the winter semester. 3.    All Fees (excluding the Deposit) are paid through Student Financial Services. at:  https://start.ridgetownc.com/money-matters/paying-your-student-account/ 4.    Charges (as defined) are due at the end of the semester in which they are incurred and are paid through Student Financial Services. Failure to pay Charges may result in academic sanction in accordance with University policy. 5.    This section will survive termination of the Contract.

1.    Fall/Winter Contract Fees for FALL 2022 / WINTER 2023

Fees are established in the spring of each year through the Board of Governors for the following academic year cycle.

2.    Summer Contract Fees for Summer 2023

3. Meal Plan Fees

Students living on-campus are required to purchase a meal plan. The cost of the meal plan is currently being reviewed nad futher details will be shared at a later date.

4.  Fall/Winter Contract - Additional Fees and Charges

In addition to the Fees, Residents are also required to pay Early Arrival/Late Check-out Fees and Charges, as applicable.

1.    Termination by RCHS:

  • RCHS reserves the right to terminate the Contract without notice where there has been a material breach of the Contract by the Resident, in RCHS's sole discretion.
  • RCHS reserves the right to terminate the Contract without notice and in RCHS's sole discretion where due to circumstances related to a Communicable Disease, RCHS determines it is not appropriate to continue to offer residence accommodation.

2.    Termination by Resident: Fall/Winter Contract

  • Residents with a Fall/Winter Contract who terminate the Contract early are subject to the Refund policy in section 18.
  • will fulfill the requirements for graduation during the Fall semester, and have applied for Winter convocation;
  • are registered for the Winter semester in a University operated study-abroad programs; or
  • are participating in a Winter semester co-op work term.

3.    Termination by Resident: Summer Contract

Residents with a Summer Contract who terminate the Contract early are subject to the Refund policy in section 18.

1.    Written notice of termination by Resident

Written notice of termination must be delivered by email from the Resident's UofG email account to  [email protected]

1.    Residents are required to vacate Residence by the Check-out Time. 2.    Residents vacating Residence must complete the Check-out Procedure and leave their Residence room in a reasonable state of cleanliness. Failure to leave Residence rooms in a reasonable state of cleanliness may result in Charges for additional cleaning.

1.    Any refunds are applied to the Resident's University student account. 2.     Deposit  – Fall/Winter Contract – termination by Applicant or Resident

  • If a Contract is terminated prior to July 16th for any reason, $400 of the Deposit will be refunded. If a Contract is terminated after July 16th but prior to August 16th, $250 of the Deposit will be refunded. August 16th or after, there will be no refund of the Deposit. Requests for exemption from the forfeiture regulations based on medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds may be submitted with supporting documentation to the [email protected] within 30 days of the date of termination.
  • If a Contract is terminated early on Academic Bases and with written notice prior to November 1st, a full refund of the Deposit will be provided. If notice of termination is provided on or after November 1st, there will be no refund of the Deposit.

3.     Deposit – Fall/Winter Contract – termination by RCHS

  • If a Contract is terminated by RCHS due to a material breach by the Resident, there will be no refund of the Deposit.
  • If a Contract is terminated by RCHS due to the coronavirus (section 16.1.2), Residents may elect to receive a full refund of the Deposit or apply the Deposit towards payment of the Winter semester term, if applicable.

4.     Fees – Fall/Winter Contract – termination by Resident

  • If the Contract is terminated prior to  November 1 (for Fall semester) or March 1 (for Winter semester) , Fees will be refunded from the Check-out Time to the last day of classes as defined in the University’s academic calendar, on a pro-rata basis.

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I'm looking for a room to rent. I'm okay with animals, I love to cook and watch hockey. I am a very quiet down to earth person. Mostly in my room working on the computer. Can pay in advance if necessary.

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Hi potential roomie! 🌟 I'm an eco-sense dedicated Uber Eats delivery guy, so far with a passion for bicycles I ride an e-bike early mornings weather permitting towards my treats in life. I’m a passionate independent researcher diving into online content like video games and other media. Attempting...

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Hi, I'm Ali, I live in Toronto and work here. I'm 25 and a science student. I'm respectful and responsible and would be very happy to meet new people

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I’m clean, polite, keep to my self, respectful and have a good sense of humour. Open minded , hard working.

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My name is jayden. i’m 19 and i’m super fun! i am respectful and kind and funny. my favorite color is pink!

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I am renting a new townhouse and have 2 rooms available as of Feb 1, 2024. In addition, I have another room opening up on Mar 1. 166 Deerpath Drive, just west of Hanlon Pkwy, between Paisley and Hwy7. This 4-bedroom townhouse comes fully furnished, including a new bed and desk in the room...

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Hi! I'm a friendly creative type looking for a long-term LGBTQ+ and COVID-safe home. I'm happy to talk details with compatible people, but in short, this means housemates would agree to wear N95 masks in public at all times, distance when possible, and not hang out unmasked with people who take covi...

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I've had some discussions with a few of the property managers at some of the nicer apartments in Cambridge. Let me know if you're interested! I'm a fairly low-key person, I have a golden retriever who is a nice, friendly boy. I work from home but spend a lot of time going out and walking with my...

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I am single, quiet and organized. I don't smoke or drink. I dont have any of my own, so I enjoy playing with other roomies pets 😁. I have my own bedroom furniture. I am currently renting a room in Cambridge but both my jobs are located in Guelph so looking for a long term rental in my price range.

29 years · Male · Chemical Engineer

I am Julian. I am 29. I will be moving from Toronto to Guelph in January. I am an easygoing person, responsible, respectful and kind. Sociable as well…. I am a professional who is going to work for Johnson & Johnson, located in Guelph. Thank You!

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Student Housing Services Maritime Hall, 50 Stone Road East, Guelph, ON, N1G 2W1 Phone:  519-824-4120 ext. 58701 Family Housing: ext. 52551 Fax:  519-767-1670 General Inquiries: [email protected]

room assignment guelph


room assignment guelph


  1. Room Assignments

    room assignment guelph

  2. How to Read Your Room Assignment

    room assignment guelph

  3. College Dorm Room Tour

    room assignment guelph

  4. University of Guelph Dorm Room Tour 2019!

    room assignment guelph

  5. Residence Room Tours U of Guelph

    room assignment guelph

  6. Solstice 1, Room Available, 1291 Gordon Street, Guelph

    room assignment guelph


  1. Room Assignments

    The application you fill out includes information about: The type of room you prefer The building or living-learning community you prefer How you like to live and study Whether you value the room type or building choice more These are the factors that are used to determine your room assignment.

  2. Room...

    Room assignments have now been completed! Check your @uoguelph.ca email and visit http://www.housing.uoguelph.ca/myHousing to obtain your room assignment information!

  3. Residence Contract

    If a new Residence or room assignment is approved, fees may be adjusted to reflect the new Residence or room assignment. Residents are not permitted to sublet their room. 10. Meal Plans. 1. Residents with Fall/Winter Contracts are required to purchase a Residence meal plan for each of the Fall and Winter semesters from Hospitality Services. 2.

  4. Space Availability

    Friday, February 16, 2024 - Sunday, February 18, 2024

  5. Living in a Landlord's Home

    4 bedrooms available in 4-bedroom home for rent for $600/month. Close to Stone Road Mall and one bus to the University of Guelph, grocery stores and more. One bedroom located in the basement and three bedrooms on upper floor. One kitchen which includes a fridge, stove, microwave and dishwasher. Utilities are included in rent, not including ...

  6. What is going on with the room assignments : r/uoguelph

    What is going on with the room assignments How the hell are people getting singles when they ONLY requested for doubles/triples but people who have only singles in their preferences are getting doubles/triples. Guelph really needs to fix their lottery system. 14 15 comments Best Add a Comment MINTINENT • 1 yr. ago

  7. room assignments : r/uoguelph

    I am also hoping that is was a huge glitch because mine said single room and I emphasized triple rooms. Let's hope things work out for everyone and they post them soon. CeleryGood7189 • 1 yr. ago. You and Temporary_Skin_8281 should request a room switch since your choices and assignments are exactly complimentary LOL.

  8. Moving In

    Available once room assignments are released, this map includes directions to your residence, move-in timeslot, and booking information to make check-in quick and convenient. Follow your Move-In Map directions to ensure you arrive in the right area of campus for check-in. With high traffic volume, you can anticipate that campus will be busy!

  9. Roommate Assignment : r/uoguelph

    A subreddit for everything University of Guelph related ... My daughter had a single in South last year and got the names of all of those in her alcove when she got her room assignment (or very shortly after, I can't remember exactly). So I'm guessing it would be the same for roommates. Room assignments were put later than they were supposed to ...

  10. Guelph, ON Roommates & rooms

    55 years · Female · Therapist. Updated. $998. I am a mature female professional who is looking for space to work from home. I am Looking for myself and my teenage high school daughter. Roommate looking in: Guelph, Wellington County, ON & Mississauga, Peel County, ON . View Emily's room.

  11. Roommates

    / Roommates I have a roommate ... now what? Living with one or more roommates can be one of the best experiences you have while at the University of Guelph. It's a chance to develop friendships and share the experience of University. If you are moving into residence, this could be the first time that you are meeting your roommate (s).

  12. just got my room assignment in gryphmail : r/uoguelph

    Don't know your situation, but in first year having a double was the best thing for my mental health. My anxiety would have been so much worse especially during the transition to uni if I had been alone. Hope you get the assignment that works better for you ️

  13. Apartments for daily rent in Moscow

    Looking for where in Moscow to rent an apartment for a day? Apartments of all categories in the heart of Moscow, online booking, full package of documents, without intermediaries and without agents.

  14. Moscow: Reservations

    You can use one of the following methods to reserve a hotel in Moscow: Fill in and transmit a reservation form on our website. To do so, use the "Reservations" link on the chosen hotel's page. Send a reservation request by email: [email protected]. Send a reservation request by fax: +7 (495) 649-8328 (for St. Petersburg: + 7 (812) 233-8283 )

  15. The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

    Hotel details:The decadence of 19th-century Russia, tinted with modern glamour, awaits hotel guests at The Ritz-Carlton, Moscow. Near Red Square and the Krem...

  16. room assignments : r/uoguelph

    A subreddit for everything University of Guelph related Members Online. Stop talking during lectures upvotes ... ROOM ASSIGNMENT SWITCH comment. r/McMaster. r/McMaster. A subreddit for students, staff, alumni, and anyone else at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. Not officially affiliated with the university.

  17. 360 Room Tours

    Room Assignments; Residence Tours; Information for Parents; Current Residents. Residence Fees; Moving In; Moving Out; Cancellation and Refunds; Winter Residence; ... Guelph, ON, N1G 2W1 Phone: 519-824-4120 ext. 58701 Family Housing: ext. 52551 Fax: 519-767-1670 General Inquiries: [email protected]

  18. Design Hotel Roomley in Moscow City

    Roomley is located in a unique part of the city - in the Moscow City district, a 5-minute walk from the Expocenter and three metro stations. More about location. Breakfast. Add a two-course breakfast and a drink to your reservation. Choose the breakfast format that you like more - delivery to your room or a la carte breakfast on the ground ...

  19. Room assignment : r/uoguelph

    Welcome to Reddit's own amateur (ham) radio club. If you are wondering what Amateur Radio is about, it's basically a two way radio service where licensed operators throughout the world experiment and communicate with each other on frequencies reserved for license holders.