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Get Organized with a Free Calendar Planner

Staying organized and on top of your tasks can be difficult, especially when you have a busy lifestyle. Having a calendar planner is essential to help you keep track of your daily activities and stay on top of your goals. Fortunately, there are plenty of free calendar planners available online that can help you stay organized and productive. Here are some tips for getting the most out of a free calendar planner.

Set Up Your Calendar

The first step to using a free calendar planner is to set it up to fit your needs. Start by adding important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other events that you need to remember. Then add any recurring tasks or appointments that you have on a regular basis. You can also use the calendar to set reminders for yourself about upcoming deadlines or meetings. Once you’ve added all the necessary information, you’ll be ready to start using your calendar planner.

Organize Your Tasks

Once you’ve set up your calendar planner, the next step is to organize your tasks into manageable chunks. Break down large projects into smaller tasks and assign each task its own due date in the calendar. This will help keep you focused on one task at a time and ensure that everything gets done in a timely manner. You can also use the calendar planner to track your progress on each task so that you can see how far along you are in completing it.

Stay On Track

Finally, make sure that you use your free calendar planner regularly so that it can help keep you on track with all of your tasks and goals. Set aside time each day or week to review what needs to be done and plan out what needs to be accomplished in the coming days or weeks. This will help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that everything gets done in a timely manner.

Using a free calendar planner is an easy way to stay organized and get things done efficiently. With just a few simple steps, you can set up your own personalized calendar planner and start getting organized today.

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school planner goodnotes free


Free Goodnotes Templates for Students 2023/2024

In this blog post, you can download 2023/2024 free Goodnotes templates for students .

aesthetic student digital planners Anja Home free

As you navigate through your busy college life, staying organized and managing your time effectively makes all the difference.

Get Your Free Student Digital Stickers:

png study sticker goodnotes planning

Free Digital Sticker

Undoubtedly, time is precious, and it’s important to use it wisely.

Due to the number of tasks you need to complete, and the amount of knowledge you need to acquire, feeling overwhelmed is only a matter of time.

In other words, time management is a must-have skill you’ll be glad to know.

That’s where a student Goodnotes planner becomes an incredible tool.

Basically, you’re able to keep track of your academic schedule, class assignments, grades, exams, projects, and other daily college life stuff.

So say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficient planning with this aesthetic Goodnotes student planner.

Additionally, to help you make the most out of your new favorite Goodnotes planner, I’ve gathered the best tips and tricks.

Not only will these techniques boost your productivity, but they also will streamline your daily routine.

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It means that I may receive a small commission if you click a link and purchase a product that I have recommended. It won’t cost you any extra money.

Table of Contents

2023/2024 College Free Goodnotes Templates

free goodnotes templates for students

This free Goodnotes templates for students include the following pages:

  • July 2023 – June 2024 yearly overview
  • July 2023 – June 2024 monthly calendar
  • weekly planner
  • academic pages
  • productivity pages
  • self-care pages
  • lifestyle pages
  • notepaper templates
  • custom notebooks

2023/2024 Weekly Planner Free Goodnotes Templates

goodnotes templates free download 2023 2024

As a rule, students require a classic calendar for the school or academic year to jot down essential details like exam or quiz dates, as well as class-free days.

For this reason, this free Goodnotes planner for students starts with classic pages.

The academic planner begins in July 2023 and ends in June 2024.

Also, all monthly calendar and weekly planner pages are hyperlinked.

It allows you to navigate the entire pdf with ease.

When it comes to the 2023 2024 monthly calendar, it’s a simple design, with enough space for college monthly goals, tasks, and notes.

In order to better manage your daily tasks, I decided to use a specific weekly planner layout.

Basically, this free Goodnotes weekly planner template includes three boxes.

For example, I like to use these planner boxes to separate school, work, and life tasks.

2023/2024 Free Goodnotes Templates for Students

Next, the free Goodnotes templates you’ll receive are crucial tools to help you organize your student life successfully.

Because keeping track of our classes, lectures, and projects is really challenging.

For example, a class schedule template helps stay on top of your academic schedule.

Also, sometimes you need to take care of some things, regarding the specific course.

With this in mind, I added a course info template, where you include all basic information such as office hours or location.

Additionally, a semester overview layout allows you to write down course modules, things to buy, and exams along with all other important details.

As a result, you won’t have to search the internet for such information if needed.

Moreover, these aesthetic free student Goodnotes templates include layouts to record all your assignments, grades, exams, and projects.

Undoubtedly, this will help you manage your college life effectively, track your progress, and ensure you’re always ahead with papers.

Also, feel free to use this cute 2023 2024 academic planner as a solid base to set your college goals.

Last but not least, regularly review and reflect on your classes to assess your growth and identify areas for improvement.

In other words, take a few minutes at the end of each day or week to review what you accomplished, what you didn’t, and why.

Use this information to adjust your approach and refine your study strategy moving forward.

Speaking of studying, instead of relying solely on a to-do list, try using time blocks in your study planner.

Assign specific time slots for different tasks or activities, and stick to those time blocks as much as possible.

Time blocking helps you identify and eliminate time-wasting activities or distractions, as you’ll have a clear vision of how you’re spending your time throughout the day.

Semester Timetable

goodnotes template library academic planner semester timetable

Semester Overview

goodnotes templates pdf studying semester overview

Course Info

goodnotes templates planner aesthetic course info

Assignment Tracker Template

goodnotes homework template assignment tracker

Exam Planner Template

free goodnotes templates note taking exam timetable

Grade Tracker

templates for goodnotes free college grade tracker

Study Planner

goodnotes planner templates free 2024 study planner

Study Checklist

goodnotes planner templates free 2023 study checklist

Class Reflection

goodnotes 5 template class reflection

Project Planner

templates for goodnotes project planner

2023/2024 Free Goodnotes Templates for Productivity

Along with free Goodnotes student pages, productivity pages are a powerful tool for staying organized as well.

First and foremost, working on your time management skills is impossible without setting college goals and/or new habits.

As a rule, your academic goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART).

In other words, use images (vision board) and words (life vision) and make them attractive.

Definitely, it’ll increase your chances of actually achieving them.

After setting goals, create an action plan, going from a general idea to specific tasks. 

In other words, you create a roadmap for your journey.

Obviously, there’s some work you have to do to obtain your college goals.

However, use the priority matrix to determine the most important tasks.

Monitor your progress regularly by using a monthly habit tracker, daily routine checklist, and monthly review pages.

As a result, you’ll be able to make adjustments as needed to stay on track.

Last but not least, these free Goodnotes templates for college students come up with two (my favorite) tools to keep up with a study workflow.

The first one is a Pomodoro tracker.

Start by creating a clear list of tasks that need to be done soon.

Then set a timer for 25 minutes using an alarm clock, kitchen timer, or a special app, and then focus on your tasks, avoiding distractions. 

If you get a new idea or find yourself getting distracted, write it down and quickly return to work. 

When the timer goes off, finish your work and take a 5-minute break.

 After the break, you can begin another 25-minute focused work session.

Keep in mind, it’s important to take a longer break after completing four consecutive Pomodoros to avoid burnout and maintain productivity.

goodnotes goals template

Vision Board

College goals overview, goal planner.

iPad study planner template free 2023 2024 todo list

Goodnotes To Do List Template Free

Habit tracker.

goodnotes templates free pdf planner pages

Daily Routine Checklist

Pomodoro tracker, 10-minute planner, monthly review, 2023/2024 free goodnotes templates pdf self-care pages.

Apart from being a hardworking student, taking care of yourself is important in college as well.

Self-care means doing things that make you feel good when it comes to your body, mind, and soul.

Basically, it’s like giving yourself a little TLC. 

When you take care of yourself, you may notice benefits like feeling more confident, being less stressed, and being more productive in your college life.

So, remember to prioritize self-care as part of your overall well-being in college.

Self-care can take many different forms.

Here’re some of my favorite self-care routine examples for students:

  • no social media for one day
  • breathing exercise
  • cooking nourish dinner
  • evening skincare routine
  • journaling 

Undoubtedly, self-care is unique to each person and may look different for everyone.

 It’s all about tuning in to your needs.

Just listen to your body and mind and figure out what you need at the moment.

goodnotes templates planner free self care

Self-Care Plan

Self-care resources, not-to-do list.

goodnotes study planner template free journal

Free Journal Templates For Goodnotes

Therapy notes, symptom tracker.

goodnotes templates meal planner

30-Day Challenge

Free goodnotes templates workout planner, meal planner, 2023/2024 free aesthetic goodnotes planner lifestyle pages.

Finally, there’re a few lifestyle pages you as a student simply need.

Firstly, keep track of your expenses and manage your finances effectively with a budget tracker template.

This will help you stay within your budget and make wise financial decisions during your college years.

Also, using a wishlist is a great way to get rid of emotional shopping habits.

Moreover, you can record your reading list with a book library page.

It has a place for 52 books (one book per week).

Also, I linked all books with a book review page, where you can jot down all your thoughts about each of your reading log position.

goodnotes templates budget

Free Goodnotes Budget Planner Template

Order tracker.

goodnotes journal template free 2023 2024 reading tracker

Book Library with Book Review

Free goodnotes templates paper.

goodnotes notebook templates free pdf

Also, I added several paper templates you can use within the planner:

  • classic blank, grid, lined, dotted
  • blank, grid, lined, dotted with title
  • Cornell blank, grid, lined, dotted

iPad templates for notes

2023/2024 Free Godnotes Templates For Students

To sum up, a Goodnotes student free templates is a powerful tool for helping you stay organized, focused, and motivated to achieve your college goals.

By planning ahead, you’ll wake up with a clear roadmap for the next day, helping you hit the ground running and stay on track.

Knowing what tasks and commitments are coming up in advance will allow you to allocate your time and resources more effectively, preventing last-minute stress and helping you stay organized.

In fact, these Goodnotes templates help to outline the steps you need to take to complete a task or project and assign deadlines to each step.

Breaking tasks down into smaller steps will make them less daunting and more achievable, allowing you to make progress consistently without feeling overwhelmed.

As you complete each step, check it off in your planner, and celebrate your progress.

Last but not least, your planner should work for you, so don’t be afraid to customize it.

Whether it’s adding stickers, color-coding, or using different sections for different types of tasks, find a system that works best for you and makes your planner a pleasure to use.

Personalizing your planner can make it more enjoyable to use, which can increase your motivation to stay organized and productive.

Happy planning!

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Download Your 2023 2024 Academic Free Goodnotes Templates Here

Anja Home freebies

Free Godnotes Templates

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Free vector set of colourful planners

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Free vector minimalist daily planner template

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Free vector sketchy bullet journal planner template

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Free vector bullet journal planner template

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Free vector cute duotone plants monthly planner

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Free vector copy space bullet journal planner template

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Vector bullet journal planner template

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Free vector hand drawn bullet journal elements

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Free vector simple white to do list template

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Free vector office stationery notepad set

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Free vector gradient monthly planner calendar

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Free PSD minimal activities planner social media posts

  • event schedule

Free vector hand drawn 2023 monthly planner calendar template

  • recipe template
  • recipe book
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Vector planner. weekly and days organizers for schedule list with reminder, checklists, important date and notes. simple life planners daily routine organization time management vector minimalist templates

  • budget planner

Vector set of teacher and student school planner vector template on colorful gradient background

  • print design
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Free vector minimalist daily goals planner template

  • vision board

Vector cute planner templates weekly monthly and yearly planners to do list goal planner habit tracker

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Vector minimalist planner pages templates.

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Free vector colorful weekly planner template

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Free vector weekly planner todo list organizer template design

  • desktop organizer
  • hand drawn abstract

Free Digital Student Planner | College Study Planner

school planner goodnotes free

Stay super organized this school year with our FREE Digital College Student Planner! This planner is designed for both students having online class or face to face lectures!

**Please type 0 in the price or name a fair price and click "I want this!"

** Note- This planner is designed for you to use along with your usual yearly, monthly weekly, daily planner.

  • 3 colors (Beige, Pink, Gray)
  • Hyperlinked planner with content page for easy navigation in PDF format
  • Goal setting, Assignment and Exam organization, Revision planning and more!
  • 4 Section Dividers for customization- Simply duplicate a page or add any templates after the section divider to create your own notebook/ section!
  • This planner has been designed to be used on note-taking app such as GoodNotes or Notability on an iPad/Tablet with Apple Pencil/stylus. Import it to your note-taking apps and start planning!

I offer my digital and printable planners on my store. If you like to further your organization and have a comprehensive version of student planner to achieve your college goals, please check out my store below:

What’s in the Planner?

  • Sections x4

** Note- This planner is designed for you to use along with your usual yearly, monthly weekly, daily planner. If you like to further your organization and have a comprehensive version of student planner to achieve your college goals, please check out my store.

****These digital planners are for PERSONAL USE only . Please do not edit, or copy, or distribute, or upload on to other websites or forums, or redistribute them. You are not allowed to sell them .

We DO NOT accept refund for this product due to the digital nature of the product.

Free Instant Download

Hyperlinked pdf planner, easy to use.

  • Setups & Tech
  • iOS & Mac

12+ GoodNotes Student Templates (Planners, Note-Taking & More)

There are so many great apps out there for students – but one of the crowd favorites is GoodNotes. GoodNotes provides the best of both worlds between digital and physical for your academic life: the tangibility of writing by hand (thanks to Apple Pencil) – along with the convenience and safety net of doing it all digitally.

From planners, to assignment trackers, calendars, and more – here are some of the most popular GoodNotes student templates!

Want more GoodNotes tips, tricks, and templates? Join our mailing list below and check out our several other GoodNotes guides and round-ups !

  • First Name First

GoodNotes Student Digital Planner Templates

If you succeed at planning, you plan to succeed. With these GoodNotes planner templates specifically designed for students, get your daily, weekly, and monthly planning on lock, and never miss a deliverable or lecture again.

Looking for more templates like these? Check out our full round-up on GoodNotes planner templates .

Green Aesthetic Undated Student GoodNotes Planner

Template Available Here

Green Aesthetic Student GoodNotes Planner

Minimalist Boho Aesthetic Digital GoodNotes Planner for Students

Boho Aesthetic Digital GoodNotes Planner for Students

The Ultimate GoodNotes Student Digital Planner

The Ultimate GoodNotes Student Digital Planner

Pastel, Neutral, Pink & White Undated Student Digital Planner

Aesthetic GoodNotes Student Digital Planner

All-in-One GoodNotes Student Template –  Notebook & Assignment Tracker

GoodNotes Assignment Tracker

Cat & Dog Back to School Digital Planner Template

Cat & Dog Back to School Digital Planner Template

Neutral Aesthetic Student Planner for GoodNotes

Neutral Aesthetic Student Planner for GoodNotes

Academic Digital Planner with Exam & Project Prep

GoodNotes Academic Digital Planner with Exam & Project Prep

Soft Beige Digital Student Planner Template

Soft Beige Digital Student GoodNotes Planner Template

GoodNotes ADHD Planner for Students, Adults & More

GoodNotes ADHD Planner for Students

Pink Aesthetic Undated Academic Digital Planner

Pink Aesthetic GoodNotes Undated Academic Digital Planner

GoodNotes Note-Taking & Notebook Templates

From Cornell note-taking layouts, to blank graph and lined paper – there are a ton of GoodNotes note-taking and notebook templates out there specifically for students. Here are some of the best to start with! Don’t forget to add GoodNotes stickers and notebook covers to your shiny new digital notebook.

Cute & Kawaii Digital Notebook Bundle for GoodNotes

Cute & Kawaii GoodNotes Digital Notebook

Minimal Digital Student Notebook Template

Minimal GoodNotes Digital Student Notebook Template

The Ultimate Student Notepad – GoodNotes Digital Hyperlinked Notebook

Ultimate GoodNotes Student Notepad

Colorful Digital Note Paper Templates for GoodNotes

Colorful Digital Note Paper Templates for GoodNotes

GoodNotes Digital Cornell Notebook & Journal Templates

GoodNotes Digital Cornell Notebook & Journal Templates

Digital Notebook & Study Planner for College Students

GoodNotes Study Planner for College Students

Kawaii Digital Notepaper Templates for GoodNotes

Kawaii Digital Notepaper Templates for GoodNotes

Digital Cream Notebook for GoodNotes

Digital Cream Notebook for GoodNotes

Cute Beige Digital Notebook for GoodNotes

Cute Beige Digital Notebook for GoodNotes

Retro Pastel GoodNotes Digital Notebook Template

Retro Pastel GoodNotes Digital Notebook Template

Which GoodNotes student templates do you see yourself using for the school? Any ones we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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FlexOS - Level Up Your Remote Leadership Game

Stay Ahead in the Future of Work

Search flexos, best free 2024 digital planner (with goodnotes, etsy, ipad templates).

Start 2024 off right with the best FREE digital planners for Notion, Etsy, Goodnotes, iPad, or PDF. We've collected the best free templates + created ours.

Start 2024 off right with the best FREE digital planners for Notion, Etsy, Goodnotes, iPad, or PDF. We've collected the best free templates + created ours.

October 24, 2023

Best Free 2024 Digital Planner (with Goodnotes, Etsy, iPad Templates)

Free Digital Planner Template – Designed by Us 😊

Download our printable digital planner template to transform the chaos into clarity and make your time for what is truly important.

As a manager, your life is nonstop. Endless emails, meetings, projects, and people demanding your time and attention. Just thinking about your overflowing plate is exhausting.

But with the right digital planner, you can transform the chaos into clarity. A planner tailored for busy managers helps you effortlessly organize, prioritize, and schedule each day and week so you can make time for what is truly important.

The key is finding a planner that understands your role and needs. One with features that enable you to:

  • Visualize and maintain a big picture overview of goals and resolutions.
  • Prioritize your most critical tasks and projects so urgent issues don't crowd out important goals.
  • Keep you organized and effective by planning out to-dos and delegate them to the right people (including you) on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Check in and reflect regularly to keep yourself motivated and on track while balancing personal and professional commitments (or any burner that you're turning on at the time!)

With an optimized planner, you'll work smarter, not longer. Your time will align to your biggest priorities, both individual and team. You'll gain control of your calendar while empowering your team with clear direction.

In our guide, we will show you how to start your digital planner that way with free ready-to-do templates, plus many tips and tricks.

The Best Free Digital Planners

With so many options, how do you select the right digital planner as a busy manager?

After researching the top digital planners on the market, we've highlighted the best choices for managers looking to optimize their productivity and time. Whether you need a basic calendar, an all-in-one task manager, or a vision board planner, there is a (free) option that  meets your needs and keeps your life "on track."

Read on to find the best free digital planner for you and take control of your schedule in 2024:

2024 Notion Planner Template (Designed by Us 😊)

For those who are likely to think outside the box, Notion provides a digital planning canvas limited only by your imagination. It lets you build daily, weekly, and monthly schedule templates from scratch and customize them to the smallest details.

But in case you don't have time to design a whole new system, no worries! We have designed a free Notion digital planner template for organizing and tracking your goals.

Our 2024 Notion planner comes with:

  • A yearly planning page to map out your 2024 major goals and objectives for the whole year that you want to achieve.
  • Monthly templates with daily and weekly views to plan and manage each day with ease.
  • Monthly self-reflection and gratitude log at the end to reflect on accomplishments and progress. Keep growing!

Notion Planner Template 2024

Download our FREE 2024 Notion Template here

Todoist is more than just a basic to-do list app.

Even the free version of Todoist provides access to all the core planning and task management features needed for a digital planner.

With its combination of an easy-to-use interface, flexibility, and ready-made templates, Todoist can be considered a top choice for organizing your plan and tracking to-dos at no cost.

Todoist Free Digital Planner

For managers who want to get started quickly with a pre-made planner template, Todoist offers several free options to choose from. We suggest going with the 2024 Annual Review Template to set out your top priorities, then adding other pages for your habit trackers and project management.

We like this because of:

  • Various pre-made templates for different contexts include work, personal, education, creative projects, etc.
  • An easy way to add and manage detailed tasks with due dates and reminders.
  • The ability to access our planner anytime, anywhere via mobile apps, web apps, and integration with digital calendars like Google.

Todoist has a template gallery for digital planners

While best known as an all-in-one team project management tool, ClickUp can also double as a helpful digital planner for busy managers - and it can be completely free!

With its flexible custom views, ClickUp allows you to plan your days, weeks, or months in various visual formats like calendar, timeline, Kanban board, and list. You can create tasks, reminders, recurring events, and more to organize your personal and professional goals and schedules. Besides, you might find the bold color-code tags helpful to categorize activities into different domains.

ClickUp monthly planner

ClickUp offers templates like their free daily planner to help you get started quickly. With real-time sync across devices, ClickUp provides managers a free and fully-featured option to bring order to unwieldy schedules. The same tool you use to manage team projects can also help optimize your personal productivity.

  • A gallery of free templates for managing personal tasks and daily/weekly activities, but designed to fit different styles.
  • Customizable views.
  • The ability to access our planner on both desktop and mobile apps.

ClickUp free templates

Goodnotes 6

If you’ve been a digital planner user for a long time, you may have heard about Goodnotes. 

Goodnotes digital planner

As one of the best note-taking apps on the market, Goodnotes is a digital whiteboard for you to capture handwritten notes and compile detailed documents.

Originally created for Apple devices, it now expands to other platforms like Android, Windows or even the web.

Generally, the Goodnotes interface is quite cartoony! You can customize colors and icons with your folders. Whatever you can do with a white paper or planner book –write, draw, highlight, erase and decorate with stickers– you can do it easily with Goodnotes and even more.

Went over many versions, outstandingly, the recently released Goodnotes 6 has some nifty AI-powered features that make note-taking and digital planning quicker and smarter.  ‍

Why we like this digital planner: ‍

  • Many shortcuts and quick gestures make it convenient! You can circle text and move it around the page or scribble to delete instead of using an eraser button on the toolbar. 
  • You can make use of AI support to auto-complete sentences and correct words as you write. (Much like Grammarly!)
  • Audio recording is fully supported while taking notes.
  • Easy customization with your personal planner covers, paper preferences, or whatever of your styles. 

FlexOS Digital Planner Template on Goodnotes

How to import your digital planner to Goodnotes:

  • Download your PDF digital planner.
  • Tap the Share icone, then select the “Copy to GoodNotes” option.
  • In Goodnotes, import your digital planner to your slected folder.

Download our FREE 2024 Goodnotes Template here

2024 canva digital planner .

Want to design a planner that fits your style perfectly? Go to Canva . With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily personalize layouts by tweaking fonts, colors, and images to match your style. We recommend using Canva Docs for your digital planners, which makes inputting details like tasks, events, and notes simple.

There is also a wide choice of daily, weekly, and monthly planner templates that you can customize and make your 2024 planner as unique as you are in minutes.

Canva planner templates‍

Etsy Digital Planners

Etsy planner templates‍

Talking about digital planners and not mentioning Etsy is like having a cake with no frosting – something's definitely missing!

For planner enthusiasts who love colorful templates or prefer designing your own planner, Etsy is a treasure trove of digital planners with hundreds of templates tailored to your needs and aesthetics. It could be minimalist designs, fun themes, or professional planner templates.

Once purchased, you will receive the PDF files with editable text fields and design elements to import into note-taking platforms or print them out.

For example, the shop Happydownloads is a most-buy destination on Etsy that offers a huge bundle of planner templates for tracking productivity, wellness, fitness, finance, and more.

Etsy bestseller planner template

They also provide many stylish planner covers and thousands of decorative stickers to customize your planner. Check it out here !

Discover More Free printable PDF Planner Templates Below:

World of printables planner template .

Colorful Daily To-do List Templates

Kdigital Studio 2024 PDF Digital Planners

 Everything Planner - Cool, Warm, and Neutral color palette

Passion Planner PDF Templates  

Weekly and Monthly Planner Templates

DayDesigner Free 2024 Planner Printables

Free Planner Printables from DayDesigner

My Daily Planner PDF Template with Reminders

Lots of us enjoy the zen of handwriting but still want the benefits of going digital. If that sounds like you, MyDailyPlanners is a must-try resource. Though not free, their awesome digital planner PDF templates library allows you to schedule meetings and events in Google and Apple Calendar straight from handwritten notes.

These thoughtful templates have hyperlinks embedded in activity sections . Slowly craft your days, writing by hand on your device, then seamlessly integrate into your online calendars. With MyDailyPlanners, you can have the tranquility of classic planning combined with the convenience of digitization.

MydailyPlanners digital planner templates

Finding Digital Planning Nirvana

When adopting a digital planner, the most important step is choosing a platform that fits your personal planning style.

With the sea of options out there, it can be overwhelming to identify which works best for you. Generally, digital planners fall into three main camps: task management, reflection-oriented, or creativity-focused.

For those who want to maximize task organization , productivity apps like Todoist and ClickUp are ideal. Their specialized features for reminders, priorities, due dates, notifications, and calendars allow you to track all your to-do’s seamlessly. 

For goal-oriented users who value reflection , digital journals like GoodNotes or OneNote mirror classic paper planners with daily, weekly, and monthly spreads perfect for self-growth. Customize them with trackers and inspirational elements. 

Finally, for creative folks , flexible platforms like Notion and Airtable empower you to let your creativity run wild when designing layouts, color schemes, and visual components.

The key is not getting swayed by all the options, but honestly assessing your planning personality.

Are you driven by task completion and organization? Self-development through introspection? Artistic expression? Once your primary motivator is clear, find the digital planner suited to your needs. When your planner aligns with your instincts, you’ll reach a flow state of planning nirvana.

Customize Your 2024 Planner for Maximum Productivity

When adopting a new digital planner, would you rather have something generic, or something personalized?

Small customizations can make digital planner feel like your own. Simple tweaks tailored to your needs go a long way.

Here are shortcuts to customize templates for busy managers:

  • Change covers and themes to reflect your priorities and motivations.
  • Highlight key dates , milestones, and deadlines in bold colors.
  • Resize columns for tasks, notes and appointments to fit your activities.
  • Create templates for recurring meetings to auto-populate.
  • Set visual cues like icons or colors to flag priorities and statuses.
  • Add inspiring quotes or images to start your day motivated.
  • Organize projects and client work into separate sections.
  • Build your ideal daily and weekly layouts then duplicate.

Don't overthink design details. Focus customizations on what makes you most productive. Let your planner reflect your management style and priorities. With these simple adjustments, any template transforms into your ideal planning anchor.

Tips to Make Digital Planning a Habit

Planning consistently can help you live a more organized and purposeful life. Chaos can be replaced by confidence and employee productivity . Don't wait for the right moment to start. Begin today with a simple planning habit and use your digital planner to help you achieve your goals.

Here are some tips to develop a planning habit even if you’re lazy:

  • Set a designated planning time - Block off 15 minutes at the same time each week to review your planner. For instance, every Sunday night from 8 - 8:15 PM. This makes planning a routine habit.
  • Tie to a daily habit - Attach your planner review to an existing habit like drinking your morning coffee. While you sip, spend 5 minutes going over your day's schedule and priorities. Linking it to a consistent activity makes it easier to remember.
  • Schedule it - Put your planning time on your actual calendar! This "officializes" it so you commit. Also, schedule reminders 15 minutes before so you don't forget.
  • Start small - If planning out your life months ahead seems impossible, just focus on 1 week at a time. You can still capture key future dates, but only detail the current week. As the habit builds, you can gradually expand your planning horizon.

Bonus: Save your planning time with our free AI  Action Plan Generator to create your to-do action items for your goals: 

Free AI Action Plan Generator

  • Focus on priorities - For beginning planners, highlight just your very top 1-2 priorities for the week rather than overwhelming yourself by planning every detail. As it becomes a habit, you can increase what you plan out.
  • Batch plan - For weekly planning, set aside time to batch simpler tasks like setting up your template, writing in key dates, etc. Getting the structure in place first speeds up the process.
  • Reward yourself - After you finish planning, treat yourself to something small but enjoyable like a piece of chocolate, a relaxing bath, or watching your favorite show. This incentivizes sticking to it.

Bonus: Put your to-do list into Daily Quests and get a game plan for your day – including ChatGPT-suggested rewards for a job well done!

Turn your tasks into a fun adventure with AI-suggested rewards

  • Make it social - Coordinate planning time with an organized friend for mutual motivation and accountability. Do your own planning individually but connect afterward. Having someone else counting on you increases follow-through.

Wrapping it Up

With an abundance of amazing free digital planner templates available, there’s no need to delay - your ideal planning system is just a few clicks away.

Choose a template that speaks to you, personalize it to match your style, and start mapping out your days, months, and even years. 

Once you get into the habit of being organized and efficient, you'll see the difference it makes - being more focused, less stressed, and more accomplished each day. Don't put off your goals another day - create the life you want with a digital planner that turns chaos into clarity.

So what are you waiting for? ‍

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The 8 Best Digital Planners for 2024

school planner goodnotes free

Looking for the best digital planner to replace your paper notebook?

We’ve researched and rounded up some of the best digital planners for Goodnotes on the iPad. You’ll find all-in-one planners, time-scheduling planners, and simple planners too, with a variety of designs to choose from.

Here are Goodnotes’ picks for the best digital planners for 2024! 

1. Applike Digital Planner with Sticker Wizard by My Daily Planners

Price : $24.90 Where to Download : MyDailyPlanners website Available layouts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly 

school planner goodnotes free

The “Applike” Digital Planner is just that – works like an app. 

Don’t be fooled – it’s still a PDF-based planner, but with very cleverly designed links and shortcuts that give you features you might expect to find in an app. 

For example, this is the first digital planner we’ve seen that you can create your own stickers in. Check it out: 

Notable features: 

  • Sticker Wizard: create your own word, notes, and shapes stickers to use in the planner 
  • Schedule events from your digital planner straight to your Google or Apple calendar
  • Includes 2025 
  • Includes a variety of other planning templates for projects, including nutrition tables, fitness trackers, financial trackers, gratitude, travel and more. 

This is the best digital planner for: 

  • A digital planning expert who’s looking for something new and never before seen. 
  • Someone looking for a true all-in-one planner 

Bonus : You can find more digital planners from My Daily Planners right in the Goodnotes Marketplace. If you’re looking for a simpler 2024 planner by the same creator, take a look here . 

2. All-In-One Digital Planner for 2024 & 2025 by ForLittleLion 

Price : 13.95 USD Where to download : ForLittleLion website Available layouts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly 

school planner goodnotes free

If there’s one planner that does it all, it’s this one. 

This isn’t just a 2024 digital planner – it includes 2025 as well, and even an undated planner. There are templates and trackers for anything you’d want to track, including fitness, reading logs, projects and more.

  • Comes with 10,000+ digital stickers that you can use alongside your planner
  • Schedule events from your digital planner straight to Apple or Google Calendar
  • Several bonus templates including: finance trackers, goals and project trackers, fitness trackers, wellness, reading, and more  
  • Someone who wants to make just one purchase and get everything they’ll need

‍ Bonus : The undated Ultimate Student Planner, designed by ForLittleLion, is one of the most popular items in the Goodnotes Marketplace. See it in-app, here .

3. Aesthetic 2024 Goodnotes Planner by TemplateStack.io

Price : 9.99 USD Where to download: Goodnotes Marketplace Available layouts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

school planner goodnotes free

If you’re a beginner, or get easily overwhelmed by all the buttons/links in digital planners, this might be the one for you. 

With its intuitive design, you can easily find your place and seamlessly navigate to any page. This straightforward planner prioritizes functionality over extra templates, providing you with daily and weekly planning layouts to keep you organized. Experience the power of simplicity and clarity with this user-friendly digital planner, making your planning journey a breeze.

  • Simple navigation, with only 4 main buttons on each page 
  • Very user-friendly and suitable for beginners
  • “Someday” page, where you can log any daily to-dos that were left undone
  • Someone who needs a functional digital planner to plan their daily tasks

Bonus : The undated Hustle Planner, also designed by TemplateStack, is one of the most popular items in the Goodnotes Marketplace. See it in-app here . 

4. 2024 Landscape Digital Planner by Good Mondays Paper

Price : 19.99 USD Where to Download: Good Mondays Paper website Available layouts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly 

school planner goodnotes free

If you’re looking for a digital planner that can help you with guided goal setting and monthly reflection in addition to daily planning, this is the one for you. 

This digital planner gives you everything you need to plan every month well, without too many bonus templates to get lost in.

What’s more, the daily plan layout features a unique grid layout, which gives you increased space to plan more minute details.  

  • Schedule events straight into Apple or Google calendars
  • Multiple monthly calendar views, for those that want to separate school/work from personal items 
  • Grid layout for daily schedules, allowing you to input more
  • Someone who needs a planner that helps plan every detail of every day

5. 2024 Lifelog Diary

Price : 9.99 USD Where to download: Goodnotes Marketplace Available layouts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly 

school planner goodnotes free

Looking for a daily planner without too many extras? 

The Lifelog Diary is just that. 

Despite its minimalist approach, this planner offers comprehensive daily, weekly, and monthly layouts, ensuring all your planning needs are met. Say goodbye to unnecessary extras and enjoy a clean and efficient planner that focuses on the essentials, helping you stay organized and productive without any distractions or bonus templates.

  • Space for a photo diary every day
  • Water and step tracker for each day
  • Simple and easy-to-use layout
  • Someone who wants a simple planner to record daily tasks

6. Cyberry Planner by KDigitalStudio

Price : 34.99 USD ( free sample here ) Where to Download : KDigitalStudio website   Available layouts: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly 

school planner goodnotes free

Love a sleek design? 

The Cyberry Planner was designed to emulate the look and functionality of an app, with an intuitive design, and hyperlinks that work like buttons. 

Additionally, you can connect with fellow Cyberry planners through the separate user community app, which you get access to after you purchase. It’s an exclusive space to exchange tips and ideas with other people using the same planner. 

  • Add events or reminders directly to your calendar and reminders app from your planner
  • Become a member of the closed Cyberry digital planning community 
  • People who prefer to keep their school or work commitments separate from their personal life and want the flexibility to plan and manage each aspect apart

7. The Advanced Business Planner by Chattan Designs

Starting a side project? Looking for a planner to use alongside your work? 

If that’s you, the Advanced Business Planner could be the digital planner you need. 

This 2024 digital planner is created with business owners in mind. It allows you to plan your days, weeks, and months alongside your business goals, and includes business specific planning templates. 

school planner goodnotes free

  • Business specific trackers and planning pages, including business goals, meeting notes, customer feedback logs, competitor analysis pages, executive schedule, and more
  • 24 additional note paper templates, including lined paper, dotted, graph, columns 
  • 100+ digital stickers to aid your business planning, such as sticky notes, task lists, and labels
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, or self-employed individuals

8. 2024 Simple Drawing Planner by Somdoo

Price : 6.99 USD Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace Available layouts: Weekly, Monthly, Yearly 

school planner goodnotes free

If it’s your first time diving into the world of digital planning, this is a great beginner’s planner.

Introducing a charmingly simple digital planner with a delightful hand-drawn aesthetic. This planner is perfect for those seeking a simple and uncluttered planning experience, free from unnecessary embellishments, and purely want something to plan their weeks and months with. 

  • Unique hand-drawn illustrations on each page 
  • Easy navigation due to straightforward layout 
  • Someone who wants something simple and straightforward, without the bells and whistles 

Find more of the best digital planners for Goodnotes in the in-app Marketplace 

Looking for more 2024 digital planners? 

Discover and download hundreds of new stickers, templates, and digital planners right in Goodnotes. (GoodNotes 5 users can also explore most of the same content in the Goodnotes Shop too.)  

Visit the Marketplace today and unlock a universe of inspiration at your fingertips. Your digital planning journey awaits!

What is a digital planner and how do I use one? 

A digital planner is a virtual version of a traditional paper planner that you can use on tablets with a stylus, like an iPad with the Apple Pencil for example. 

It offers various features like customizable layouts, reminders, note-taking capabilities, and more. To use a digital planner, you typically import it into a note-taking app like Goodnotes. Then, you can use a stylus or your finger to write, type, and interact with the planner. It's a convenient way to stay organized and keep track of your schedules, tasks, and notes digitally.

What are the benefits of using a digital planner?

In general, digital planners have much more functionality than a traditional paper planner.

  • Easily add multimedia : Digital planners allow you to easily incorporate digital stickers, images, and links, making it easy to personalize 
  • Creative Freedom: Your one stylus puts a thousand pens, highlighters, and tools at your fingertips.
  • Editability: Edit your writing or ink, and make changes effortlessly.
  • More Content: Digital planners often offer more pages and extras compared to traditional paper planners due to restrictions in bulk
  • Reusability: If your digital planner is undated, you can reuse it year after year, saving money and reducing waste

You can also read this blog post on why Goodnotes is the best bullet journal app .

How do I import a digital planner in Goodnotes? 

If you download or purchase a digital planner outside of the in-app Marketplace, here are the steps to import a digital planner template into Goodnotes:

  • Find the planner template file you want to import. It needs to be a PDF, JPEG, or .goodnotes file
  • Open Goodnotes on your iPad.
  • Tap the "+" icon in the bottom right corner to create a new notebook.
  • Tap the three dots in the top right and select "Import" from the menu.
  • Select the file you want to import from your files app (e.g. Dropbox, Files, etc).

You can now start using your imported digital planner template within Goodnotes. Any edits or notes you add will be automatically saved.

How do I use digital stickers with my planner? 

Many digital planners will come with a sticker book at the end. Here are 3 ways to use them in Goodnotes:

  • Copy and paste
  • Open two Goodnotes windows side-by-side, with one side showing your planner page and the other the sticker book. You can then drag and drop stickers directly into your planner! 
  • Circle each sticker to save them as an Element. Then, when you want to use the sticker, simply open up the Elements picker and insert!

Check out 11 of our recommended digital sticker packs!

Do I need an iPad to use a digital planner? 

Not necessarily! At the basic level, all you need is a tablet, a stylus, and a note-taking app. 

That being said, the majority of digital planners on the market are designed to be used with Goodnotes on the iPad.

So to get the best of your digital planning experience, we’d recommend using an iPad + Apple Pencil + Goodnotes.

Where can I get more templates for Goodnotes? 

Here are some places you can get more templates for Goodnotes: 

  • Goodnotes Marketplace : Download new templates, stickers, and planners directly into your library. If you’re on the paid version of Goodnotes 6, you’re also eligible to download many freebies 
  • Etsy: There are thousands of creators that make templates and other digital stationery to be used in Goodnotes. 

You can also customize your own templates from Goodnotes’ existing default collection. 

school planner goodnotes free

💝FREE Digital Student Planner for College

Thank you for the support on my last time management tips post💖 This time I have created this FREE digital student planner for you to stay organized this school year. It is designed for both online and face to face class.

  • 3 soft colors- Pink, Beige, Gray
  • Hyperlinked planner with content page for easy navigation
  • Goal setting, Assignment and Exam organization, Revision planning and more!
  • 4 Section Dividers for customization- Simply duplicate a page or add any templates after the section divider to create your own notebook/ section!
  • This planner has been designed to be used on note-taking app such as GoodNotes or Notability on an iPad/Tablet with Apple Pencil/stylus. Import it to your note-taking apps and start planning!
  • This planner is designed for your to use along with your usual yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planner.

What’s in the planner?

  • Content, Timetable, Goals, Lecture, Readings, Assignment, Revision, Exam, Meals, Sections x4

🌷Support me

While this planner is free, I offer a lot more digital and printable planners on my Etsy store . The planners are practical and designed to meet Students’ needs. If you would like a comprehensive version of Digital Student Planner to organize your college life, please check out my College Student Planner on Etsy. Or if you are not a fan of digital planning, the College Student Planner PRINTABLE Pack on my store. I have included video guides for Goodnotes and Notability users to make sure everyone can use my planners easily.

Reblog this post so that more students can enjoy this planner. Don’t forget to follow me and tag me @studyinthebluemoon so that I can see it💕

*******These digital planners are for PERSONAL USE only . Please do not edit, or copy,  or distribute, or upload on to other websites or forums, or redistribute them. You are not allowed to sell them.********

Download HERE with the password: PlanningGently (Please type the password again when you open the files)

school planner goodnotes free

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