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Why Motilal Oswal is bullish on this specialty chemical stock


The brokerage has maintained a Buy rating on the stock with target price of ₹2,170 per share

Motilal Oswal has recently initiated coverage with a positive outlook on the Specialty Chemicals space

Domestic brokerage Motilal Oswal has recently initiated coverage with a positive outlook on the Specialty Chemicals space. In a note on Monday, the brokerage said that it maintained a Buy rating on the Vinati Organics stock, with target price of ₹ 2,170 per share.

Motilal Oswal said that Vinati Organic (VO)’s FY21 Annual Report highlights its ability to adapt to change, while delivering robust results during the year. Despite these trying times, the company was able to maintain its status as market leader in the ATBS and IBB segments. ''With the capacity expansion of ATBS, the addition of Butyl Phenols, and ongoing capex for other IB derivatives, the company is confident of delivering growth, along with stronger synergies. We maintain a BUY rating on the stock, with Target Price of INR2,170,'' it added.

Disruption in various industries has led to demand concerns in ATBS, with a slower-than-expected ramp-up post the lifting of COVID-related lockdowns/restrictions. ''We expect demand for ATBS to grow 80–85% YoY in FY22 (30–35% on FY20 levels) – in line with the management guidance,'' the note said.

''The gradual ramp-up of expanded capacity over the next three years would drive huge growth for VO, with further development on product molecules currently under R&D. With new products such as AOs and Butyl Phenol resulting in import substitution, we expect the export mix to moderate to ~70% over FY23–24E (from 76% in FY21),'' it added.

The brokerage expects the company's revenue to grow 2.6x by FY24E (v/s FY21), with around 56% YoY growth in FY22E (in line with the management guidance). The company is confident of being among the top five global players for Butyl Phenol and AOs over the next 4–5 years, it said.

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Best Specialty Chemicals Stocks To Buy Now: Motilal Oswal Research Report

speciality chemicals research report motilal oswal

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speciality chemicals research report motilal oswal

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speciality chemicals research report motilal oswal

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    The Indian Specialty Chemicals sector has not benefited from the China+1 strategy, with none of our coverage companies (DN, NOCIL, VO, GALSURF, NFIL, FINEORG, AACL, and ATLP) showing any significant rise in exports (as a percentage of revenue) in the past decade (Exhibit 1).

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    Swarnendu Bhushan - Research Analyst ([email protected]) Rohit Thorat - Research Analyst ([email protected]) Thematic | November 2022 Specialty Chemicals Largely high cost gas/naphtha/ coal based units 53% Net import of Natural Gas *23% *6% *18% *Of global gas production, 2021

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    Estimate changes TP change Rating change Financials & Valuations (INR b) Shareholding pattern (%) FII Includes depository receipts 12 February 2023 3QFY23 Results Update | Sector: Specialty Chemicals NOCIL CMP: INR212 TP: INR280 (+32% ) Buy Global recessionary trends continue to dent volumes

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  14. Specialty Chemicals

    From having an insignificant presence (4.5%) in this segment, India's share in specialty chemicals is expected to double over the next five years - at a ~12% compound annual growth rate to $64 billion by CY25. Various factors favor the specialty chemicals industry in India, including:

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    Model Portfolio, Motilal Oswal, Specialty Chemicals: Brokerage: Motilal Oswal: Date of report: August 23, 2021: Type of Report: Sector Report: Recommendation: Buy: Upside Potential: 100%: Summary: Indian Specialty Chemicals to benefit from China+1 strategy. Full Report: Click here to download the file in pdf format: Tags: Motilal Oswal ...

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    Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Ltd. is the only manufacturer of HMDS (hexamethyldisilazane) in India and third largest globally.It is also the largest player of CMIC (Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate) in India and second largest worldwide.Additionally, Chemcon Speciality is the only manufacturer of Zinc Bromide and the largest of Calcium Bromide in India.40% of the revenues come from export ...

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    interdisciplinary research center has a wide research scope- polymer science, material chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemical sciences, and process development. NCL's strength lies in its translation of science into practice. It partners with other industries and institutes to develop catalysis / chemical engineering processes.

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    Motilal Oswal has recently initiated coverage with a positive outlook on the Specialty Chemicals space. The brokerage has maintained a Buy rating on the stock with target price of ₹2,170 per share.

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    Specialty Chemicals: Genie is out! Full Report: Click here to download the file in pdf format: Tags: Motilal Oswal, Speciality Chemicals: Initiating coverage with a positive outlook on the space Globally, the Specialty Chemicals business accounts for ~20% of the USD4t Chemicals industry.

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    Research Reports GAIL India Q3 Results Review ... GAIL India Q3 Results Review - Coal-To-SNG Project Building Block Towards Coal-To-Chemicals: Motilal Oswal. Coal gasification is an established industry in China. Motilal Oswal Financial Services; 13 Feb 2024, 09:58 AM IST. 13 Feb 2024, 09:58 AM IST. 13 Feb 2024, 09:58 AM IST. WhatsApp; X (was ...

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