1. Spelling in Year 3 (age 7–8) - Oxford Owl for Home

    How to help at home. There are lots of ways you can help your Year 3 child with spelling. Here are our top ideas. 1. Help with spelling homework. If your child is struggling with a spelling list they have been asked to learn, here are a few ideas to help: Remind your child to regularly check through their writing for spelling errors.

  2. 40 Spelling Homework Ideas - Spelling Words Well

    Printable list of spelling homework ideas. 21. Write a brand-new tall tale that uses 10 of your spelling words. 22. Write a poem using at least 3 of your spelling words. 23. Sort your spelling words using their parts of speech. 24. Type 5 of your words into a word processing program.

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    10-minute challenge. Choose 10 words from your Year 3 spelling word list. The game is simple, you simply say the word aloud and ask students to spend a minute illustrating that word. First, they must spell it on a piece of paper, or in their notebook, then they can draw the word, write it again in different colours – the choice is theirs.

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    Year 3 Spelling Sheets. Download all Year 3 spelling sheets. 360 words especially selected for kids in Year 3, KS2. Blank spelling sheet. Fill in your own words that you get wrong regularly with our blank spelling sheet. Spelling Test book note pad. Print off the sheets to make the notepads for the Spelling Test book.

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    Years 3 and 4 Spelling Activities. Reading is key to writing, so to help your spelling, read as often as possible and read as many different types of writing as you can, for example letters, poems, news, stories. Practising writing is also important. Try keeping a diary, writing a letter to a friend or creating your own comic.

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    year 3 year 3 spellings year 3 spellings autumn 2. Dive into a goldmine of Year 3 spelling printables, specially crafted for the lively minds of 7 to 8-year-olds by the creative wizards at Twinkl Parents. Explore a mix of activities designed to sprinkle spelling magic on your child's learning journey. From mastering tricky words to boosting ...