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8 best desks to spruce up your working-from-home office in a study or bedroom

These practical yet stylish workstation desks offer functionality and storage for working from your home office or bedroom, article bookmarked.

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Finding the right desk, whether you’re setting it up in the bedroom, corner of the living room, or dedicated study space, can be a tall order

Barker and Stonehouse.jpg

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Regardless of whether you’re fully back in the office or have continued to work from home at least some of the week post-pandemic, many of us spend half our lives sitting at a desk. With that in mind, it’s vital we choose the right workstation for us, and for our available space.

For those lucky enough to have a dedicated study or home office to work from, a desk can take centre stage and can be as sprawling as your floorplan will allow. If you’re setting up in the living room , or a corner of the bedroom however, you’ll need to be a little more creative with a desk that both satisfies your nine-to-five needs and complements your existing décor – preferably without taking up too much room.

There’s so much choice when it comes to buying a new desk, from mid-century modern and industrial styles, to classic vs contemporary. And then there’s the materials, size, shape and storage to consider too.

If you’re known to keep a messy desk, think about a home desk with open shelving, drawers, or even integrated cupboards to encourage you to keep your workstation clutter-free. While for those working with multiple monitors or architects’ drawing boards, an L-shaped, or double desk can be a godsend.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal workstation, think about supportive, adjustable, and ergonomic seating in the shape of an office chair that will give you correct posture throughout your workday. Because above all else, comfort is key.

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How we tested.

We put a range of desks to the test with differing price points, styles and materials, looking for great design and craftsmanship, and ease of self-assembly where appropriate. We tried out the desks in different room set-ups and considered various office seats to go with them, thinking about comfort. We weighed up affordability with space-saving properties and we considered simple functionality, given their daily, heavy use.

The best desks in 2023 are:

  • Best desk overall – Barker and Stonehouse Modi reclaimed wood desk: £299,
  • Best foldable desk – Dunelm Evelyn oak effect folding desk: £49,
  • Best cheap desk – Ikea Lagkapten/Adils desk: £65,
  • Best small desk – Habitat loft living corner office desk: £130,
  • Best desk for storage – Oak Furnitureland Highgate rustic solid oak and painted desk: £549.99,

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Barker and Stonehouse modi reclaimed wood desk

  • Best : Overall
  • Dimensions : H 73cm x W 140cm x D 67cm
  • Materials : Reclaimed wood

It may be simple in design, but the Modi desk proves that sometimes all you need is a sturdy surface to work from. Satisfyingly chunky, the tabletop boasts a 6cm thickness and is crafted from reclaimed wood, which is full of character and rustic charm. The dark stained timber top is contrasted with mid-century inspired tapered black legs complete with brass capped ends – just to give the piece an added touch of luxe.

What this one lacks in storage it more than makes up for in generous dimensions. Centre your screen and there’s still plenty of space for books, files and home office accessories on either side. Thanks to the angle of the legs, there’s also space to move around on a wheely office chair or to tuck in a comfy seat with armrests.

Dunelm Evelyn oak effect folding desk

  • Best : Foldable desk
  • Dimensions : H 84.5cm x W 83cm x D 53cm
  • Materials : MDF and wood veneers

We don’t all have the luxury of a dedicated home office, which is why this affordable and foldable desk from Dunelm proves a godsend. It boasts an oak effect top, which is made from a mix of MDF and wood veneers, together with a black metal painted frame for a pleasing, Scandi-inspired contrast. Its party piece, of course, is that it folds completely flat and can be easily stacked, or better still, hung up on the wall to save on floor space when not in use. Ideal for occasional home office workers, this lightweight desk will happily hold a laptop and a few extra workstation essentials. Its X-shaped frame, despite its slimline silhouette, proves perfectly sturdy too.

La Redoute interieurs hiba metal desk

  • Best : Metal desk
  • Dimensions : H 75cm x W 120cm x D 50cm
  • Materials : Powder-coated steel

Offering a chic, industrial take on the home office desk is this entirely metal number from La Redoute. It comes in a choice of two colourways, a blend-into-the-background black, or a standout sage green. And we loved the latter for the nature-inspired colour pop it brought to our workspace. The desk is crafted from a powder-coated steel and boasts a slim silhouette with a minimal footprint. Cleverly designed to give you plenty of storage space, this one’s all about the open shelving with generous compartments to the left as well as an open undershelf that runs the full length of the desktop. This one can be easily fixed to the wall too, if you’re after extra security. Stylish, lightweight, minimal and fuss-free.

Ikea Lagkapten/Adils desk

  • Best : Cheap desk
  • Dimensions : H 73cm x W 200cm x D 60cm
  • Materials : Fibreboard, plastic, steel

Another desk that gives you a simple surface, Ikea’s offering is as reliably affordable as it is satisfyingly wide. The tabletop is fashioned from a mix of fibreboard and particleboard with a recycled honeycomb structure paper filling, making it both lightweight and sustainable, while its black, pole-like legs are made from a powder-coated steel.

This one’s designed to save on space and sit against a wall, and it proves ideal in a home office set-up where you have multiple monitors, or you’re working alongside someone for the day. Thoughtfully designed, the feet are adjustable to account for uneven floors and it boasts a fifth leg in the centre to prevent sagging, and to keep it nice and steady.

John Lewis + Swoon Franklin desk

  • Best : Home office desk
  • Dimensions : H 78cm x W 131.7cm x D 45cm
  • Materials : Acacia wood, MDF, wood veneers and metal

This is a seriously stylish desk that more than earns its place in a domestic set-up. A world away from the clinical office-like computer desk, the Franklin boasts attractive marquetry and metallic accents, bringing style and sophistication to any room. Designed by Swoon and made by John Lewis, it is fashioned from a mix of acacia wood, MDF, wood veneers and metal.

Storage space comes in the form of two generous side drawers, complete with beautifully textured fronts and brass hardware. Its spindle style legs offer mid-century chic and prove surprisingly steady, while the surface is satisfyingly wide, bragging a beautiful natural wood grain. We loved the lipped tabletop design with its brass inlay, which kept our paperwork neatly in place.

Blue Elephant reversible L-shaped computer desk

  • Best : Double desk
  • Dimensions : H 76cm x W 152.4cm x D 139.45cm (L-shaped); H 76cm x W 241.8cm x D 139.45cm
  • Materials : Particle board, chipboard

We do love a furniture piece that grows with us. Whether we’re moving house, or simply moving rooms, this versatile double desk boasts two configurations: choose elongated or L-shaped. The expansive workspace comes with nifty added storage by way of open shelving, an integrated cupboard, and handy end hooks to hang up your laptop bag, leads, or headphones, keeping them close at hand while you work.

The double desk is crafted from a mix of manufactured wood and metal and comes in a choice of finishes. What we loved most about this desk was that it offers oodles of surface and storage, yet it has a light and airy feel with a minimal footprint, thanks to its slim, contemporary frame. For a two-person desk, it is also pleasingly affordable.

Habitat loft living corner office desk

  • Best : Small desk
  • Dimensions : H 77.5cm x W 80cm x D 80cm
  • Materials : Powder coated steel, oak-effect wood

For many of us still working from home post-pandemic, the name of the game is space-saving. Without a separate study, you want a nifty desk that’ll not only blend with your existing décor, but one that won’t intrude on your already limited floorplan. For that reason, Habitat’s offering is awarded best small desk from us, thanks to its clever corner design, and its light and airy feel.

Unmistakably industrial in style and part of the brand’s wider “loft living” collection, the desk is fashioned from a powder-coated steel frame with a contrasting warm oak effect wooden top that successfully mimics the real thing. With its enveloping frame, you’ll need to choose your office chair wisely – one that will comfortably slide in.

Oak Furnitureland highgate rustic solid oak and painted desk

  • Best : Desk for storage
  • Dimensions : H 82cm x W 145cm x D 60cm
  • Materials : 100% solid hardwood

A permanent home office set up deserves a really solid, timeless desk that will last a lifetime. If you’re after a classic look, Oak Furnitureland’s Highgate will appeal. As with all the brand’s furniture offering, the desk is crafted from 100 per cent solid hardwood, with dovetail joints and no flimsy MDF drawer backs in sight. The handmade desk boasts chic architectural stylings with its plinth-like columns and its substantial footed base. With an impressive seven storage compartments comprising six drawers and a right sided integrated cupboard, the inky blue painted desk will accommodate all your paperwork and more, leaving the attractive oak stained top pleasingly clutter free.

The verdict: Desks

We loved Barker and Stonehouse’s modi reclaimed wood desk for its simplicity and its eco credentials. The reclaimed wood top is wonderfully rustic and chunky, while the tapered, angled legs hint at both industrial stylings and mid-century modern. We also loved La Redoute’s hiba metal desk , especially in the green colourway, for its contemporary-industrial look and its slimline and space-saving makeup. And we were impressed with Dunelm’s affordable fold-up desk , the Evelyn, for its nifty design.

Take your working from home set-up to the next level with our selection of the best standing desks

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study desk ikea uk

Children's desks

Our children's desks are designed to create a dedicated learning space to draw and study. Have fun exploring our range of functional and fun desks with an array of sizes, shapes, materials and colours. Complete your child's study area with the perfect children's desk chair .

Sort and Filter

18 products in result.

PÅHL Desk with shelf unit, white, 96x58 cm

PÅHL Desk with shelf unit, 96x58 cm

SMÅSTAD Desk, white grey/with 2 drawers, 90x79x100 cm

SMÅSTAD Desk, 90x79x100 cm

More options småstad desk 90x79x100 cm.

SMÅSTAD Desk, white birch/with 2 drawers, 90x79x100 cm

PÅHL Desk, 96x58 cm

SMÅGÖRA Desk, white, 93x51 cm

SMÅGÖRA Desk, 93x51 cm

FLISAT Children's desk, adjustable

FLISAT Children's desk

LÄRANDE Desk with pull-out storage unit, white, 120x58 cm

LÄRANDE Desk with pull-out storage unit, 120x58 cm

PÅHL Desk with shelf unit, white/turquoise, 96x58 cm

PÅHL Desk top shelf, 64x60 cm

SMYGA Desk, light grey, 122x60 cm

SMYGA Desk, 122x60 cm

ÖVNING Trolley, white/grey-green, 54x33 cm

ÖVNING Trolley, 54x33 cm

BLÅSKATA Gaming mouse pad, black/grey patterned, 40x80 cm

BLÅSKATA Gaming mouse pad, 40x80 cm

SMÅSTAD Desk, white white/with 2 drawers, 90x79x100 cm

When kids reach a certain age, they will start needing a dedicated space for creativity and focus. That’s where children’s desks come in. It’s the optimal piece of furniture, creating a private area for both fun and focus. It acts as a safe haven for play, and then shifts to a place of concentration for serious schoolwork.

In other words, a desk that fits the needs of your child is essential. That’s why we have a large selection of different desk solutions, so you can make sure to encourage all of your kid’s interests and passions. And there are lots of styles and materials to choose from too.

Children’s desks for focus and studies

Getting your kid to do their homework might feel like trying to move a mountain. A helpful step in the right direction can be to create a study-friendly area. Here you can encourage your child and help lay the foundation for good studying habits.

For optimal focus and minimal distraction, here are a few tips. Organize your child's desk with items that are only needed daily. If the essentials are within arm's reach, your child won't have to interrupt studying to go and get something. Stash pens, scissors, rulers, and erasers in a pen stand, so no rummaging through messy drawers are required.

Limit decorations to a maximum of three. Otherwise there's a risk that fantasy and daydreaming will outwit focus. Consider a left-to-right workflow, as that is the most usual one. Or experiment with arrangements until you find the perfect one for your child.

And don’t forget the importance of a proper children’s desk chair . If your kid is going to spend hours poring over books, the seating needs to be comfortable and kind on the body.

Kids desks where fun and fantasy are at the centre

Just as we adults need to do things, we love to refill our energy, so do our children. Make sure to help meet that need by arranging a place to relax and have fun. With a desk as the foundation, the only limit is imagination.

Invest in tools, colours and comfort to help your child express creativity. It can be children’s books, colourful crayons to paint, and a place above the desk to put up their drawings. Or it might be a computer or touch pad for playing games, which can stimulate learning, improve problem-solving skills and increase the ability to process information.

If you’d like to use the desk for both work and play here’s a tip: create an arts and crafts box! Using clever children’s storage or a fun toy box for paints and crafting materials, you can easily bring it out when inspiration strikes. And once another masterpiece is done, you can stow the box away to keep the desk looking neat.

All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Smart desks for a stylish home office

By Ruth Sleightholme , Charlotte McCaughan-Hawes and Arabella Bowes

If you're going to work from home , you're going to need a good desk to see you through the days. It will, after all, become your constant companion between 9am and 5pm. It looks as if WFH, at least in some form, is here to stay for the foreseeable, so if you haven't invested in a high quality writing desk or computer desk, what's stopping you?

We've rounded up our favourites, whether you're after a small desk, a classic wooden desk, or a generous option with plenty of storage, so you can find the perfect office desk for you.

What is the best desk?

To answer this question, you must first consider what you need from your desk, as the right office desk depends on how you like to work and where you like to work. If you need to move around a lot to stay focused, a standing desk will make a great choice as it feels less static than a seated one. Perhaps you have 101 pieces of paper and files? If that's the case, a space-saving storage desk with built in shelves, drawers or cupboards will provide what you need. If you really spread out when you're working, make sure the piece of furniture you opt for features a work surface with enough space to accommodate that.

If you want the ability to customise your desk to the correct height, a height adjustable desk might be good for you. The latter is helpful as your elbows and wrists should be level when typing, so, if you don't have an ergonomic desk chair (take a look at our guide to the best office chairs here), you can set your workspace up properly.

If you haven't got a dedicated office and are using a small space in your living room or bedroom , having a desk you are able to hide wires behind, or slide things out of view on a keyboard tray, will be particularly effective. This will help keep the tabletop clear and let all those pretty desk accessories , like pen pots and letter trays, shine. Should you be squeezing your desk into an awkward nook, check out our guide to the best  corner desks , as one of these might do the trick.

As we turn to a more flexible pattern of work, both office and home working, it's worth investing in the right furniture and while you're at it, you may as well make it super stylish.

After more home office content? We've rounded up the best desk chairs , best laptop stands and corner desks , to make your spaces as comfortable as possible. To add some flair and visual interest to the space, we've picked out the ultimate desk accessories to decorate with, alongside the best paperweights . Though of course, you'll need the best desk lamps to really make the space sing.

The best home office desks 2022

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Electronics and Computer

Soren Desk , £699 from John Lewis.

A midcentury inspired piece, this John Lewis desk is the answer to your work from home problems. The faux leather table top provides an anti-slip surface which is more durable than a typical wooden top. For flexible storage, the drawer placement can be moved from left to right by unhooking and moving the drawers.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table and Dining Table

Gregory Rattan Desk , river blue, £4,900 from Soane Britain.

For an endlessly stylish option, Soane's rattan desk is the way to go. It would be just as good as a practical desk as it would a stylish dressing table, so it needn't be put to work to shine. Those after storage will be pleased with the two roomy drawers.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table and Sideboard

Jenson Desk , dark stain oak, £650 from Made.

A document hoarder's delight, this oak stained desk has four roomy drawers to put a wealth of things in. Inspired by a ‘Scandinavian-refectory’, this desk would be a sturdy and stylish work companion.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Tabletop and Dining Table

Chinon Antique Oak Desk , £1,550 from OKA.

The best desk for small spaces, this OKA piece has drawers and pull out shelves in abundance, allowing you to expand and contract your workspace easily. Style it with a few desk lamps on top, or some desk accessories .

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table and Sideboard

Writing Console , lacquered wood and brass, olive green and pink, £4,500 from The Lacquer Company.

This high shine, gloss lacquer desk comes with brass hardware that makes for a very smart finish. There are two colour ways available, a green with pink drawer lining, or green with olive green drawer lining.

Image may contain Furniture Table Dining Table Chair Wood and Tabletop

Menton Desk , black American walnut with leather top, £8,245 from Pinch.

An elegant and eye catching piece, this desk looks timeless whilst being fully adapted to life as a contemporary work station. A cable tray at the back of the desk makes for neat wire storage and allows plug access through three grommets on the desktop.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Tabletop and Drawer

House by John Lewis Bow Desk , oak and white, £399 from John Lewis.

This is a great desk for creatives working from home, or anyone undertaking document heavy tasks. With several cubby holes big enough for papers and two sleek hidden drawers, you won't be short of storage.

Image may contain Furniture Table Coffee Table Desk Tabletop Dining Table and Wood

Mausam Desk , ash and marble, by Kam Ce Kam, £1,450 from The Design Buzz.

Available in a reeded timber with white marble top or a sleek black all over, this desk would make a stylish addition to any home office. A hidden drawer provides more storage than you might think upon first glance.

12 stylish cocktail chairs to buy

By Elena Smintina

Mary Berry’s childhood home in Bath hits the market – see inside

By Christabel Chubb

Design ideas for bathroom paint

Series 62 Desk , American walnut, by Greta Grossman, €3,305 from Gubi.

Designed in 1952, this desk looks like a marvel of engineering with its lopsided nature. Made from American walnut, a black gloss top contrasts the natural materials, making for an eye catching finish.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Dining Table and Tabletop

Roscoe Desk , oak, £340 from Habitat.

For under £350, we think this desk is a really affordable choice. It's made from oak and oak veneer, offering a neutral and natural finish. The top is a little narrower than normal, making it perfect for working on your laptop, or in a small space.

Image may contain Furniture Tabletop Patio Table Restaurant Porch and Cafeteria

Sage Sit and Stand Desk , sycamore and stained ash, £4,915 from Benchmark.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Electronics and Computer

Swoon Hargreaves Desk , natural, £250 from John Lewis.

Image may contain Furniture Table and Coffee Table

Bucknell Oak Desk , £3,800 from Jamb.

Image may contain Furniture Drawer and Chair

S285/1 Desk , lacquered or stained wood and tubular steel, by Marcel Brauer for Thonet, starting at £4,478 from Aram Store.

Image may contain Furniture Desk and Table

Cannelle Desk , £349 from Barker and Stonehouse.

Image may contain Furniture Desk and Table

Bruton Double Drawer Desk , ink, £495 from The Dormy House.

Image may contain Furniture Desk and Table

Mid-century Writing Desk , teak, pigeon, £1,699 from Chelsea Textiles.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Tabletop and Wood

Compass Direction Desk , black, by Jean Prouvé, £2,260 from Heal’s.

Image may contain Furniture Table Desk and Rug

Portland Desk , £705 from The Dormy House.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table and Dining Table

Pavia Compact Desk , natural rattan and oak effect, £255 from Made.

Image may contain Furniture Table Desk Electronics and Computer

Pigeon Hole Writing Desk , £5,050 from Stride & Co.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Electronics and Computer

Leonie Wide Desk , dark stain oak, £425 from Made.

Image may contain Furniture Table Desk Tabletop and Dining Table

Brockwell Desk , by Matthew Hilton, starting at £585 from Case Furniture.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table and Tabletop

Anyday Lift Storage Desk , blue, £199 from John Lewis.

Image may contain Furniture Table Coffee Table Desk Tabletop Dining Table and Wood

Solo Desk , by Neri & Hu for de La Espada, £4,720 from Monologue.

Image may contain Furniture Table Wood Desk Tabletop and Coffee Table

Tambour Desk , hand-cut chamfered oak, starting at £5,998 from Knowles & Christou.

Image may contain Furniture Desk Table Nature Building Shelter Countryside Outdoors Rural Wood and Plywood

Eames Desk Unit EDU , by Charles and Ray Eames for Vitra, £1,270 from Nest.

Image may contain Furniture Table and Desk

Empire Writing Table , mango wood unpainted, £239 from Scumble Goosie.

Image may contain Furniture Table and Desk

Dulcie Desk , oak with leather top, £3,950 from Susie Atkinson.

Image may contain Furniture Shelf Kitchen Island Indoors Bookcase and Interior Design

Derry Solid Pine Desk with Teak Stain , £275 from La Redoute.

Image may contain Furniture Table and Desk

Pavia Wide Desk , natural rattan and oak effect, £365 from Made.

37 charming kids bedroom ideas for children's rooms of any size

By Charlotte McCaughan-Hawes

Our editors' pick of the best bedside tables to buy now

By Arabella Bowes

A handsome Grade II-listed Regency house on the Norfolk coast reimagined by Veere Grenney

By David Nicholls

30 reasons why wall panelling is the easiest way to add character to a room

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Best Ikea Desks: Corner Desks, Standing Desks, & Small Desks

The best ikea desks to upgrade your wfh setup.

study desk ikea uk

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you'll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Whether you're in search of the perfect small desk to squeeze into your bedroom or a functional, spacious desk with storage for your new home office , the sheer amount of options is easily overwhelming. What's important to consider before buying a new desk is to ask yourself how you plan to use it most — the answer to which will guide the desk features that are non-negotiable for you. Fortunately, some of the best desks from Ikea run the entire gamut of workstations, from tiny, space-saving desks to standing desks for a flexible work-from-home setup.

If you're an avid gamer who spends long nights streaming, you'll want a desk like Ikea's Fredde Gaming Desk, which boasts numerous features for storage, display, and comfort. If you're someone who occasionally works from home and wants a desk that's functional but feels like decor, the Ikea Vittsjö Laptop Table is a no-brainer. And of course, the many variations of Ikea's Micke Desk fit myriad uses in between.

Ultimately, the best desk for you is one that's conducive to your lifestyle. Ahead, sift through the best Ikea desks we've selected to find the perfect fit.

Best Desks From West Elm

Best Ikea Desk Overall: Micke Desk

Best Ikea Desk Overall: Micke Desk

Ikea's Micke Desk ($100) is like that friend who just gets along with anyone and everyone. A universal crowd-pleaser at 56 inches long, the Micke desk is minimal enough to fit with any design aesthetic or workspace, features two spaces drawers for storage, and offers a spacious tabletop for your computer and anything else you might need within reach.

What we love

  • Micke's design is modern and minimal, allowing you to decorate how much or how little you want.
  • Tucked under the desk is a small nook to keep a power strip, so you can easily plug in your cords and chargers.

Who is it best for

  • Micke works wonderfully for someone looking for an affordable yet spacious desk to add to their workspace, office, bedroom, etc.
  • It's a versatile pick for both someone who exclusively works from home or someone who needs the occasional work station.

Who should avoid it

  • Micke may not be the best Ikea desk for those working within a compact space or who need ample desk storage.

The Details: Width: 55.9" | Height: 29.5" | Depth: 19.6" | Colour Options: 2

Best Ikea Minimalist Desk: Påhl Desk

Best Ikea Minimalist Desk: Påhl Desk

For a true minimalist vibe, Ikea's Påhl Desk ($70) is as no-frills as they come, working especially well in slightly smaller spaces. Perhaps the best feature of this desk, however, is its adjustable height.

  • The Påhl Desk's legs feature adjustable slots, so you can raise or lower the desk to a height you can sit at comfortably.
  • This option, too, features a handy shelf between its legs that can hold a power strip to organise your cords.
  • This desk is excellent for someone in need of an easy, simple tabletop to work from.
  • Given its adjustable height, this is desk can easily grow with a younger child over the years.
  • The Påhl Desk doesn't feature any built-in storage options, so if you prefer a workspace with drawers or shelving, this isn't the best option.

The Details: Width: 37.75 | Height: 28.3" | Depth: 22.9" | Colour Options: 1

Best Ikea Small Desk: Micke Desk

Best Ikea Small Desk: Micke Desk

When I moved to my first shoebox NYC apartment with zero room and not much money, Ikea's 29-inch Micke Desk ($60) was my saviour. It squeezed into spaces I never thought it could, gave me enough space to work comfortably, and the drawer fits more than you think.

  • This particular Micke Desk may be small in size, but the included drawer doesn't skimp on space.
  • The desk can even squeeze into closets or other alternative office spaces.
  • This is best for anyone in search of a compact desk that won't take up a ton of space.
  • It's particularly useful for anyone in search of a desk to comfortably fit in their bedroom.
  • This desk isn't well-suited for anyone who works from home regularly and needs space for more than just a laptop.

The Details: Width: 28.75" | Height: 29.5" | Depth: 19.6" | Colour Options: 2

Best Ikea Standing Desk: Idåsen Sit/Stand Desk

Best Ikea Standing Desk: Idåsen Sit/Stand Desk

Especially if you're working from home frequently, sitting for eight hours a day or more isn't always easy on your butt. The Idåsen Sit/Stand Desk ($650) offers an automatic, adjustable tabletop, allowing you to easily transform your workspace into a standing desk.

  • Rather than a manual crank or lever, the Idåsen Desk moves with the press of a button.
  • You can also link this desk to an app and control its movement from your phone.
  • This desk is best for the long-term work-from-home employee who prefers to stand as they work.
  • All in all, it's also a solid option for anyone who doesn't require a ton of storage.
  • As high-tech as Idåsen is, the price tag reflects it. Knowing this, if you're in search of a supremely affordable desk, this isn't the best pick.

The Details: Width: 47.25" | Height: 24.75"-50" | Depth: 27.5" | Colour Options: 2

Idåsen Sit/Stand Desk

Best Ikea Desk With Storage: Lagkapten / Alex Desk

Best Ikea Desk With Storage: Lagkapten / Alex Desk

Although it's technically two Ikea items, the Lagkapten / Alex Desk ($215) is a no-brainer when it comes to ample storage. Combining the Lagkapten tabletop with two Alex drawer units, this desk setup is easily customizable and will keep all your supplies organised and within reach.

  • The colour combination of your desk setup is completely customizable with this Ikea combo.
  • A total of 10 drawers between the two Alex units leaves an extremely helpful amount of storage that many other desks don't offer.
  • This is a versatile pick for anyone, best especially those who run a small business from home and need to keep track of numerous supplies.
  • If your desk space is super compact, this large option isn't the ideal desk.

The Details: Width: 55.1" | Height: 28.75" | Depth: 23.6" | Colour Options: 11

Best Ikea L-Shaped Desk and Dual-Monitor Desk: Malm Desk With Pull-Out Panel

Best Ikea L-Shaped Desk and Dual-Monitor Desk: Malm Desk With Pull-Out Panel

There's a lot to love about the Ikea Malm Desk With Pull-Out Panel ($160). It's sleek, can easily fit two large computer monitors, and it features a hidden pull-out panel, turning it into an L-shaped desk or simply offering an occasional additional tabletop for more room to work.

  • This desk's pull-out panel is on wheels, easily pulling out to give you room to work and hiding away when it's not in use.
  • Much like other Ikea desks, there's a shelf under the desk to hold cords and power strips — especially useful if you're housing a lot of tech.
  • This desk is best for people who work in tech, design, or other industries where a dual-monitor setup is necessary or helpful.
  • This is also best for anyone generally in search of a desk with ample surface area.
  • This desk isn't best for extremely compact spaces, although the pull-out panel is a space-saver.

The Details: Width: 59.5" | Height: 28.75" | Depth: 25.6" | Depth with Pull-Out Panel: 33.1"-53.1" | Colour Options: 2

Best Ikea Corner Desk: Micke Corner Workstation

Best Ikea Corner Desk: Micke Corner Workstation

With its included hutch, the Micke Corner Workstation ($170) strikes a perfect balance between a compact desk and one that still offers a decent amount of storage.

  • The Micke Corner Desk's hutch utilises vertical space to offer storage and shelving in a way that doesn't compromise surface area.
  • It can house more supplies and workspace items than the average small-space desk.
  • This desk is suitable for any room in a living space, but it's especially perfect to tuck in the corner of a bedroom for mixed sleeping and work space.
  • Given its design, this desk is ideal for anyone looking for a small-space option that makes use of vertical storage space.
  • This desk may not be the best fit for anyone who prefers a larger work station to spread out or an open desk that doesn't feel crowded.

The Details: Width: 39.3" | Height: 55.5" | Depth: 39.3" | Colour Options: 2

Best Ikea Glass Desk: Vittsjö Laptop Table

Best Ikea Glass Desk: Vittsjö Laptop Table

Not every desk needs to be all work and no play. The Ikea Vittsjö Laptop Table ($50) is the perfect example of a multipurpose desk that's as useful as it is aesthetic. Open your laptop to get all your stuff done, and when work is done, use it as a gorgeous dressing table.

  • This desk is a small, space-saving piece that can serve multiple purposes, depending on your specific setup.
  • At just $50, this option is particularly affordable, but still looks luxe.
  • The Vittsjö Laptop Table is best if you're in search of a minimalist table that doesn't disrupt your space's aesthetic.
  • It's also perfect for the shopper who prefers a dressing table that can be used as a workspace when necessary.
  • Given this table's small size and design, it's great for laptop users, but it might not be the best option for those who need a multi-monitor setup.

The Details: Width: 39.3" | Height: 29.1" | Depth: 14.1" | Colour Options: 2

Best Ikea Gaming Desk: Fredde Gaming Desk

Best Ikea Gaming Desk: Fredde Gaming Desk

Complete with vertical shelving and under-table storage, the Ikea Fredde Gaming Desk ($300) is a sturdy, functional pick for long nights spent gaming or streaming with friends or working on intense projects. The desk is also packed with other features that allow you to turn it into a workspace you'll never want to leave.

  • In addition to the upper and lower shelving, the Fredde Gaming Desk also features two upper platforms for speakers.
  • The tabletop of the desk also features multiple cupholders, keeping your drinks secured and your desk free of watery condensation.
  • This desk is best for gamers, streamers, or anyone else who spends a great deal of time at their workstation.
  • Even for non-gamers, the Fredde Gaming Desk is excellent for those who love ample storage and display options.
  • Given the amount of shelving and platforms, this desk could feel crowded quickly, so it may not be best for a minimalist vibe.

The Details: Width: 55.1"-72.9" | Height: 57.5" | Depth: 29.1" | Colour Options: 2

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study desk ikea uk

23 IKEA Desk Hacks for Customizing Your Workspace

study desk ikea uk

Jessica Welling

Many homeowners and renters turn to IKEA when shopping for office furniture , but the next time you're visiting this big box store or exploring its website, take a moment to get a bit creative! While IKEA offers some fabulous desk options, there are so many ways that you can take things to the next level and create a customized workspace without spending too much dough. The 23 desk setups below are proof that IKEA hacks (whether super simple or more advanced) never fail to jazz up a space. We can guarantee that some of the desks below will majorly impress you!

Table for Two

This sharable desk is perfect for a two—there's enough space between each computer area to allow both members of a team or household to work independently, and there's plenty of storage for each individual, too. This piece contains a few different IKEA parts—base cabinets and countertops—that work together seamlessly to function as an entirely new piece.

Storage Galore

This desk is also a smart setup for multiple people working together. Here, IKEA drawer units provide ample storage for files and supplies of all kinds, while a long piece of wood serves as the desktop.

Roll With It

Charlene Haugsven

Who says a metal rolling cabinet can't look ultra on-trend and sleek? We sure think the IKEA piece looks stunning in this home office .

All About ALEX

We spy a few pieces from the ALEX line here! This desk features ALEX drawers, and above it, an ALEX shelf provides extra storage and room for decorations to shine. The way this desk was adhered to the wall practically makes it look like an original built in piece.

Pattern Play

Medina Grillo

This desk hack also features the ALEX drawers, but with a bit of a twist. If you're craving some pattern, go ahead and spice up your storage a bit with some paint, duct tape, you name it—it will make all the difference in your workspace.

Major Makeover

Diane Henkler

Why not think majorly outside the box when it comes to designing your desk ? This piece began its life as an IKEA dresser but was altered to become a super cute, classic secretary. Talk about a majorly innovative transformation!

Dresser to Desk

Vineta Jackson

Here, a dresser also takes on a new role as part of a desk. The desk also features the popular KALLAX piece , which provides handy storage galore.

Standing Room Only

Kelly Anderson

Many workers enjoy using standing desks to feel less sedentary during the day, and the good news is that you can DIY one of those, too. This dresser got a mini makeover to start a new life as a desk.

Midcentury Mix

Sarah Daugherty

Love midcentury modern furniture ? Make your own MCM inspired desk with some hairpin legs—it's a super easy project that will help make your workspace feel more you in an instant.

Family Friendly Station

Erin Devine

A few KALLAX units also shine in this workspace, which provides room for the whole family to gather 'round and get their projects done. Baskets make it easy to keep supplies out of sight even when desk drawers aren't present.

Boho Design Beauty

Brittni Melhoff

For a boho-style look, consider leaving your unfinished wooden desk bare; the all-natural finish is quite beautiful. This standing desk is an excellent mix of both form and function.

Gorgeous Gold

Catherine Carton

This desk is a combination of a few IKEA pieces and a bit of shiny gold spray paint. It's an easy way to fake the vintage brass look without breaking the bank.

Deep Wood Tones

Tasha Agruso

Who says you can't turn a kitchen counter into a desk top? These handy wooden pieces from IKEA, meant for food prep, look stunning in the office, too, and are excellent for those craving a traditional space filled with wood tones.

An alcove nook is a super cozy area to set up a workspace, and if you're customizing a desk of your own, you can ensure that it'll fit into your desired spot perfectly. Here, IKEA dressers serve as the perfect drawers.

Cane Creation

Carly Hardin

Who doesn't love a little touch of rattan? These cane drawers spice up this boho-style office space while taking a basic IKEA piece to the next level. It's a win-win!

Lovely L-Shape

Leah Remillet

Maybe the layout of your at-home workspace is more conducive to an L-shaped desk. Don't worry, there's an IKEA hack for that, too! All you need are some tabletops, legs, and drawers, but you can totally customize the exact arrangement.

Budget Friendly Bliss

Pretty Providence

On a major budget and not sure how to create your dream desk? That's where IKEA is your best friend; this desk came to life for under $60 total and still looks fabulous.

A Little Pizzazz

Alicia Chew

A white and gold desk is always a glam combo and works well in a small space where you're looking for a little zing without opting for anything too visually distracting. This is a standard IKEA desk that simply received a dose of spray paint in order to fully stand out.

Organized Only

Kaitlin Biziorek

A long table and some LACK shelves took this workspace to the next level ASAP! This area is now a well-organized crafter's dream.

Minimalism Strikes

Karisa Grimstad

IKEA is known for its minimalist-friendly pieces, so if you're craving something sleek and subtle, you know where to go. This desk is easy to take apart as needed and is made from two kinds of IKEA products.

Neat and Narrow

Lauren Koster

Is your proposed workspace ultra narrow ? There's an IKEA solution for you, too! This desk fits within a slim space while still providing all of the necessary functions you're used to when working.

Double Duty

The Sorry Girls

It's a vanity and a desk! This corner space serves double duty and is super sophisticated and sleek to boot—look, no legs!

Hidden Potential

Elizabeth Joan Designs

Ok, you really won't believe us when we tell you that this desk was created using two RASK dressers. But indeed, it's true. IKEA pieces have so much hidden potential.

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The best office chairs at IKEA

Our pick of the best office chairs at IKEA for a range of budgets.

One of the best office chairs at IKEA, Markus, in front of a desk with a Mac screen

The best office chairs at IKEA offer something for every budget. IKEA has a huge fan base thanks to its marrying of Scandinavian style with (largely) affordable prices. Office chairs are no exception and the Swedish furniture giant has a range of chairs that could make for a good home office set up.

Ikea office chairs offer a good balance between price and comfort, and they offer a range of different styles from formal, high-back office chairs to more casual options, conference chairs and gaming chairs. They have all been tested for durability and they almost always come with a ten-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

No, IKEA office chairs are not all the most ergonomic of chairs. For that, we recommend browsing our guide to the best office chairs for back pain and the best standing desks , which can also be good for your posture. And if you're prepared to make a real investment, also take a look at our guide to the best Herman Miller chairs . However, the best office chairs at IKEA do offer a good trade-off in terms of value. You might also want to see our guide to the  best office chairs  overall, which does feature a chair from IKEA (number one in the list below).

Why you can trust Creative Bloq Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

01. IKEA Markus swivel chair

Specifications, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

IKEA's popular Markus swivel chair is the brand's most classic office chair. It's hardly the most thrilling chair design-wise, but it's a solid if utilitarian office chair that does its job well. It has features that make it a fairly ergonomic option for the price, with casters and swivel to help you avoid straining to reach things, in-built lumbar support for your back and adjustable height and back tilt. The breathable mesh back keeps you cool and is easy to clean. 

Unfortunately, the armrests aren't adjustable, although they can be removed completely. The automatic brakes on the wheels are a neat addition and like all IKEA products, it's been tested for durability. For a more adjustable, slightly more modern update on the classic Markus, take a look at the Järvfjället below, but the Markus offers very good value for money.

02. IKEA Järvfjället

Ikea's Järvfjället may not roll off the tongue quite like the popular Markus swivel chair (see above), but this revamped version of the best office chair at IKEA makes several improvements that might be worth the higher price for some. Most of them are questions of adjustability, with the Järvfjället adding in an adjustable seat pan and adjustable lumbar support for improved ergonomics 

The former can be easily adjusted using the bottom lever, then you just slide the seat pan back to create the right amount of space behind your legs (the edge of your seat should never push into the backs of your knees). For lumbar support, there's a movable pad to support your lumbar back. The headrest is also adjustable, and you can order it with or without armrests.

It costs about $30 / £20 more than the Markus, but the additions do make the chair more adjustable to your own comfort and shape. The chair's design is also a little more exciting than the Markus with a more modern look. The mesh back is high, with a slim frame and slightly rounded shape. The chair also features adjustable recline.

03. IKEA Hattefjall

The Hattefjall office chair is very different to numbers one and two on our list of the best office chairs at IKEA. It has a much softer, rounded shape. It has a solid build, with a stylishly upholstered high-density foam seat and back. There's built-in lumbar support, adjustable back height and seat depth, an automatic tilt mechanism, and the armrests can be adjusted upwards/downwards and forwards/backwards. 

Another nice touch is that the casters have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up and automatically releases when you sit down. The seat lips make for a nice looking design, but people who like to move about a lot in their sea may find they get in the way. Just check your measurements to make sure the chair will go high enough for your desk.

04. IKEA Flintan

If the IKEA office chairs above are beyond your budget, the IKEA Flintan is a very reasonably priced chair that still offers back support for comfortable sessions at your desk. The height and tilt are adjustable – the tilt can locked and unlocked, and overall the chair feels like a quality solid build, especially for this price. It has the downside of fixed armrests (an optional extra) like the Markus above, but as long as you don't mind that, it's hard to pick a better IKEA office chair at this price point. 

05. IKEA Långfjäll

Most IKEA office chairs don't offer much variety of colour options, but the Långfjäll conference chair is a bit of an exception coming in four shades (including a pink and blue). The foam seat is simple but does offer built-in lumbar support and a tilt tension mechanism. The seat height is adjustable but the back isn't, nor is the seat depth of the arms if you choose to add them. This one might not be a chair for sitting in all day, but it will do the job very well for brief periods such as meetings, with the cold-foam seat fairly comfortable for a while.

06. IKEA Matchspel

The Matchspel is billed as a gaming chair rather than an office chair ('spel' means 'play' in Swedish), but it could be used as an office chair. In fact, the design is very reminiscent of the Markus and the Järvfjället at numbers one and two of our list of the best office chairs at IKEA. The nod to gamers is fairly discreet, taking the form of narrow racing stripes in red or blue, so this wouldn't look too out of place as an office chair. It's not a bad value, but the Markus and Järvfjället or sturdier chairs, so this is really only worth going for to save some money or because you like the touch of colour.

07. IKEA Fjällberget

This is another IKEA chair billed as a conference chair. It's simple and compact but boasts quite a unique design that will look good in the right setting. The natural white-stained oak veneer or black-stained ash veneer back has built-in curved arms that offer surprising comfortable support, although perhaps not for long periods. The fabric seat cushion is stuffed with high-resilience cold foam and the seat height is adjustable. Note that unlike the other chairs in this list, this one doesn't have casters, so you're fixed in one place.

  • The best under desk treadmills and treadmill desks
  • What makes an office chair ergonomic  
  • Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron

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Joseph Foley

Joe is a regular freelance journalist and editor at Creative Bloq. He writes news and features, updates buying guides and keeps track of the best equipment for creatives, from monitors to accessories and office supplies. A writer and translator, he also works as a project manager at London and Buenos Aires-based design, production and branding agency Hermana Creatives, where he manages a team of designers, photographers and video editors who specialise in producing photography, video content, graphic design and collaterals for the hospitality sector. He enjoys photography, particularly nature photography, wellness and he dances Argentine tango.

Related articles

Ikea home office ideas – 11 practical and stylish schemes

Create the perfect workspace with these flexible and affordable Ikea home office ideas, from clever storage systems to stylish desks

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Ikea home office ideas

With more people working from home than ever before, Ikea home office ideas are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for functional, stylish, and affordable furniture solutions for 21st-century living.

Whether you have a dedicated room for working in or are looking to integrate a workstation into a multi-functional living space, Ikea has an array of flexible home office solutions from self-assembly modular shelving and cabinet systems that can be configured in endless layouts, to portable freestanding pieces.

Here we've rounded up a host of home office ideas featuring Ikea products and clever Ikea furniture hacks to help get you inspired, plus Ikea designers offer their tips and share their favorite Ikea room ideas .

Ikea home office ideas

There are many ways to integrate Ikea home office ideas into your office layout from ergonomic desks and chairs to office lighting.

When designing a new workroom home office storage is one of the most important things to consider. From open bookcases and closed cabinet systems to storage desks, filing cabinets, and desktop organizers, Ikea has storage solutions for every possible scenario. 'Well-organized storage can make permanent workspaces feel calm and ordered,' says Karen Haas, Ikea US business leader for Workspaces. 'Store things that are used often like papers and pens within arm’s reach. Things used less often can be stored further away.' 

However, many people do not have the luxury of a separate home office, and often workspaces are integrated into living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms, which calls for some clever thinking on maintaining a work-life balance. 

'What is needed are workspace solutions that complement a broad range of furnishings and interiors, and ones that can conceal a work area when not in use,' says Karen Haas. 'For example, utilize closed storage for on/off solutions to allow work items to be hidden away when not needed. Also, use mobile furniture pieces that feature storage to support individual, partner or family shared workspaces.'

1. Choose the right desk

Having an ergonomic office desk and an adjustable chair is essential when it comes to home offices and Ikea has a wide range available, from traditional style desks with side drawers to sleek and contemporary Scandi style designs. 

Sitting for long periods can impact health, so consider an adjustable sit or stand desk says as the TROTTEN design says Karen Haas, Ikea US business leader for Workspaces. 'Changing positions throughout the day is a game-changer. Alternating between sitting and standing increases circulation and reduces potentially harmful effects from sitting too long.'

'Position your screens at eye-level for healthy posture habits. The monitor should be tilted at 20-30 degrees, which is the optimal angle for the eyes as well as the neck and shoulders,' adds Karen Haas.

To help achieve this optimum working posture you could try adding Ikea’s ELLOVEN monitor which 'helps place your monitor at the right height to relieve strain on your back and shoulders,' says Grant Robinson, interior design leader at IKEA UK and Ireland. 'It also has a handy drawer and space to store your keyboard to keep your workspace neat and tidy.'

2. Introduce built-in storage

Built-in furniture fitted floor-to-ceiling is a wonderful way to maximize storage space in a home office while keeping it feeling neat and tidy. However, bespoke solutions can be costly. As part of its modular systems, Ikea offers a wide range of standard-sized units that can be arranged in infinite ways to fit around your architecture and create your perfect layout. 

Here Instagrammer Kate Whyte of @reno_by_the_beach opted for a mix of open shelves and closed cabinets which gave ample storage for printers and files to be hidden while providing space for more visually pleasing items. 

'When designing our office we wanted a functional workspace with decor that was aesthetically pleasing and which tied in with the neutral theme in our home. To keep within a modest budget we attempted to replicate a more expensive built-in look by using Ikea furniture. To achieve this we used Metod base cabinet frames, METOD base cabinet pull-outs, LAGKAPTEN table tops, and BILLY bookcases,' explains Kate. 

'We completed the look with skirting boards and coving before priming with Zinsser bin and painting with Rustoleum steamed milk.'

3. Make the most of unused spaces

With the ability to be configured in all sorts of layouts, Ikea's modular cabinetry is great for creating practical workspaces in awkward spaces such as under stairs . Here its METOD cabinets with green doors and drawer fronts teamed with a simple wooden shelf have been used to integrate a compact workspace into the living space.

Whether you're after a traditional or modern look, Ikea offers an array of door styles to suit, alternatively, there are many companies that offer designer doors for Ikea cabinets for a unique look – try Reform or Semihandmade. 

4. Create a cozy farmhouse look

With many companies offering bespoke doors for Ikea cabinet systems you really can create any look you like, whether you're after farmhouse decor ideas or a contemporary minimalist look. Sarah Weirich @simplifythechaos achieved a cozy farmhouse office with DIY shaker doors from Semihandmade fitted to Ikea Sektion cabinets, finished in sage green. Layered rugs, burnished light fittings, and rejuvenation hardware all contribute to the warmth of the space.

5. Create a workspace in the bedroom

For those that don't have a separate room for a home office, the bedroom often doubles as an office space. It can also be handy to integrate a desk into a teenager's room to provide a quiet place to study. 

For a modern, crisp clean bedroom office idea , try integrating a desk into Ikea's multi-functional BOAXEL wall organization system. Unlike built-in storage systems, this open wall shelving can easily be changed if the function of the space should evolve, plus, it can also be used as a wardrobe system, too. 

6. Opt for freestanding pieces

As well as fitted storage systems, Ikea offers a wide range of freestanding pieces which are particularly useful if your home office is used as a multi-functional space.

Opting for stand-alone office furniture such as a slim lightweight desk or storage units on casters such as the IDÅSEN file unit or the RÅSHULT trolley means they can easily be moved to free-up floor space for other functions – for example, you may want to make space for a fold-out guest bed or create floor space to do an online exercise class. Plus, they can easily be moved from room to room and from house to house. 

7. Zone an office space

With open-plan living rooms the norm for many, it can be tricky to find space to integrate a quiet workstation where you can stay focused and free from distractions. Similarly, when creating a workspace in a living area it's important to have some kind of separation to prevent work from impending on family life. A freestanding shelving unit or Ikea room dividers such as the TROTTEN shelving unit or this IDÅSEN unit can be a quick and easy way to zone the workspace. 

8. Customise Ikea office furniture

As well as being functional, it's important that home offices are stylish and inspiring places to be in order to help us stay motivated. To instant bring personality, why not elevate a simple storage unit with designer touches to create a statement piece? Here Ikea's Bestå sideboard has been fitted with Superfront's Geometric doors in Ashton Grey, brass Twine handles and slender high legs to create a high-end look at a fraction of the price. 

9. Create a simple, relaxing space with just a few pieces

The great thing about Ikea home office ideas is that with some creative thinking just a few pieces are enough to can transform a space, as demonstrated in this Ikea hack by Instagrammer and content creator @Jyll_Mackie . 

'I used Ikea ALEX drawers but added 1/4 inch MDF trim to the drawer faces to give them a shaker look and finished them in Benjamin Moore 's Oil Cloth shade. I built everything in and added a chunky desktop made from inexpensive plywood,' she explains.

10. Don't forget lighting

It's essential to get office lighting right in a home office as it can really impact your eyesight, well-being and productivity. Karen Haas, IKEA US Business Leader for Workspaces advises layering different lighting throughout a home office.

'Task lighting is key. Use a focused task light to keep your work surface lit, but so is having plenty of general lighting throughout the room. Make work easier on your eyes by placing a diffused light behind your computer screen to reduce eyestrain. Mood lighting softens the contrast between general light and task lighting.' 

She also suggests to, 'position your workspace so daylight enters from the side or front, rather than behind, to prevent glare on your computer screen.'

Adding in window blind ideas and curtain ideas is a good way to control the light levels and privacy in your home office and will help to block-out harsh midday sun. 

11. Balance function with style

When thinking about desks for a living room consider discrete stylish designs that will fit seamlessly with your decor so that the space remains relaxing and pleasant space to be. 'The LILLÅSEN desk is a neat desk made of durable bamboo. It looks good from all angles so you can place it in the middle of the room if it suits you best, and it has three A4-sized drawers for storing papers and other smaller items,' says Grant Robinson, interior design leader at IKEA UK.

How do I setup a home office for a small living room?

To set up a home office in a small living room you need to limit furniture to essential pieces such as a desk, chair and a small storage unit. Try a lightweight easy-to-move desk with a portable filing cabinet or storage unit beneath where paperwork can easily be stowed away out of site at the end of the day. 

Alternatively, try a desk with built-in drawers or make the most of living room alcoves by fitting it with a floating shelf desk to create an office nook. You could also try a slide-away hidden desk idea that slides away into a cabinet and is out of sight at the end of the day. 

'Small office supplies can be stored in a desktop organizer or in a cart on wheels that is easy to bring to wherever you are working at the moment. This will provide more flexibility and make the clean-up quicker when turning “off” work,' says Karen Haas, IKEA US business leader for Workspace.

When floor space is at a premium it's important to make the most of wall space for storage. Fitting built-in cabinets with closed doors will provide concealed storage for printers, desk fans and larger office items, keeping the living space feeling calm and ordered. Open shelves are useful for keeping things or books you use regularly close at hand, but take care they don't leave your living space feeling cluttered – try adding in a series of small storage boxes to stow away small items. 

Where should a desk be placed in a living room?

To achieve a good work-life balance be sure to position the desk facing away from the relaxation area and think about clever ways to separate it from the living space.

'Consider curtains to close off the work zone when it’s time to rest,' says Karen Haas, IKEA US business leader for Workspaces. She also advises to, 'hide or put away work equipment during non-working hours to create a visual separation between work life and personal time. Consider curtains to close off the work zone when it’s time to rest.'

Placing a desk in front of a window means you can make the most of the natural daylight plus having a pleasing view to look out on can help 'boost your creativity and emotional well-being,' adds Karen Haas.

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Create stylish and functional spaces on a budget with these Ikea room ideas

By Pippa Blenkinsop Published 13 October 22

These Ikea room divider ideas are quick, easy and affordable ways to make the most of your space

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Create a stylish and functional sleep space on a budget with these clever ikea bedroom ideas

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15 folding desks that work great in small spaces

These space-saving foldable desks are ideal for those without a dedicated study.

the best folding desks for 2023

And there are other benefits: a folding desk will help to separate work from downtime, as it can be simply packed away at the end of the working day. Some folding desks have built-in shelves for storage, while other available options include wall-mounted folding desks too. Whatever you need, there is plenty on offer to suit every home — and job.

Folding desks are currently flying off the shelves, so you'll have to be quick if you want one for your home. Here we round up some practical folding desks you can buy right now...

Coavas Folding Computer Desk No-Assembly Simple Study Desk

Folding Computer Desk No-Assembly Simple Study Desk

Easy to install, this practical folding desk can be opened when needed and then packed away again at the end of the day. From the living room to the bedroom , simply place it anywhere around the home.

Harbour Housewares Wooden Folding Desk - By Harbour Housewares

Wooden Folding Desk - By Harbour Housewares

In a wooden style, this compact table folds flat so you can hide it away at the end of the day. A great one to consider if you need a more suitable working-from-home set-up.

Premier Housewares Folding Snack Table

Premier Housewares Folding Snack Table

The perfect addition to your living room, bedroom , or study, this affordable folding table will make remote working a breeze. Lightweight and foldable, simply tidy it away when you've finished for the day.

autumndeer Foldable Laptop Bed Table Lap Desk Stand

Foldable Laptop Bed Table Lap Desk Stand

Ideal for those without a home office, this desk stand can be used comfortably from a sofa or bed. With no assembly required, you can simply prop up and get to work.

Habitat Compact Folding Office Desk - White

Compact Folding Office Desk - White

Simple yet oh-so practical, Habitat's white compact folding desk offers a spacious surface area for studying, working or crafting. In a white design, it's perfect for complementing every interior scheme.

Habitat Drew Folding Bamboo 2 Seater Table - White

Drew Folding Bamboo 2 Seater Table - White

This plain white folding table is incredibly versatile. Perfect to use both as a desk and dinner table.

Tyonna Desk

Tyonna Desk

Compact, sleek and modern, this classic wooden desk is perfect for smaller spaces. It has a simple metal frame and a desk top made from laminated manufactured wood. Simply fold up and pack away again at the end of the day.

Wooden Folding Desk - By Harbour Housewares

This black slimline foldable desk is perfect for smaller spaces, thanks to its flexibility and function. Easily set up in your desired spot and pack away at the end of the day.

Dunelm Evelyn Oak Effect Wide Folding Desk

Evelyn Oak Effect Wide Folding Desk

Give your home a grown-up feel with this oak-effect folding desk. Its foldable design allows the desk to be conveniently folded flat for easy storage, while the black steel frame adds an industrial feel.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This tall standing desk is perfect for those who enjoy working on their feet. Each desk comes with two shelves to provide you with the maximum configurations, while it also has different heights to achieve the perfect position to work effectively.

Evelyn Marble Effect Folding Desk

Evelyn Marble Effect Folding Desk

We love this marble-effect folding desk from Dunelm, which is excellent for anyone looking for an on-trend option.

Habitat Compact Folding Office Desk - Black & Oak

Habitat Compact Folding Office Desk - Black & Oak

We love this classic black and oak folding office desk from Habitat, which offers spacious surface area for studying, working or crafting.

LPD Furniture Arlo Folding Desk

Arlo Folding Desk

Perfect for the whole family, this wall-mounted folding desk (complete with a chalk board!) provides a simple solution for those without a study. Simply fold up the white shelf when you don't need it.

Fulton Ladder Desk

Fulton Ladder Desk

We love this oak ladder desk, which will complement every interior scheme. Pop plants, books and accessories on the surrounding shelves, while using the larger shelf to work effectively during the day. It's the ideal size for a laptop.

Griffin and Sinclair Drop Down, Fold Away Desk

Drop Down, Fold Away Desk

On the hunt for something more unique? This practical drop down 'floating' desk is ideal for smaller spaces. While it needs attaching to the wall, you simply fold it back up after use. Great to consider if you don't have enough floor space at home.

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The best kids' desks 2024: top children's desks for study and play

Find the best kids' desks right here

One of the best kids' desks against a purple TechRadar background

  • Best back to school deals (US)
  • Our US picks
  • Best back to school deals (UK)
  • Our UK picks

The best kids' desk should help keep the kids productive and motivated. After a long day at school, most kids aren't so keen to do homework, which is certainly valid. However, it has to be done, and they might be encouraged to do so if they've got their own comfortable space to do it in that's distraction-free.

Desks aren't exactly the cheapest "school supply item" on the list, but back to school sales have started to pop up in anticipation of the next school year. So, it's the perfect time to invest, especially if now that it's back to school 2023 and you're also planning on purchasing a new student laptop for your matriculating mini-mes.

Don't let this higher cost of living issue prevent you from investing in your kids. They deserve more than a place at the dining room table or the couch in the TV room to do their homework in and study for a quiz. They deserve a space that's not only free from interruptions, but has everything they need – pens, notebooks, and all the other accessories – within reach.

We've tested more than our share of desks, including standing desks and kids' desks. So, we know a thing or two about what makes the best ones for your maximum productivity and comfort. To help you in your hunt, below are the best kids' desks we've found so far, whether you want a desk-and-chair set, something with drawers, or a more minimalist option.

The best back to school kids' desk sales in the US

  • Amazon: 40% off kids' desk and chair sets
  • Walmart: up to 50% off on desks for kids and teens
  • Target: save big on kids' desks

Vecelo Writing Desk in teal: $69.99 now $54.99 plus a 10% coupon on Amazon

Vecelo Writing Desk in teal: was $69.99 now $54.99 plus a 10% coupon on Amazon Our pick of the best budget kids' desk is even cheaper than ever. Right now, it's discounted 21%, dropping its price down to $55. That's minus the available coupon to give you another 10% off - just be sure to tick the box before you add it to cart. This deal is only available to the teal color, however.

The best kids' desks in the US

1. unicoo bamboo height adjustable kids desk and chair set, specifications, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

This table and desk chair is made of natural bamboo, and while that might not be for everyone, especially those who prefer hardwood, it does mean that this is more durable, lighter, and more eco-friendly. While it is affordable, you're not just getting a set here but also your money's worth thanks to its shelves - it has six compartments total, enough to keep the kids organized and maintain a clean study space.

In addition, both the desk and the chair are height adjustable, although you do need to do so manually, meaning that you have to unscrew some parts to adjust. But that makes it perfect for fast growing kids. The only thing is that the seat itself is a tad small, which means you might have to replace the chair when your kid can't fit in the seat anymore. Although it does say that it fits kids up to 10 years of age.

This enjoys a 4.7 out of 5 rating, with some verified Amazon customers calling it the "best desk ever." So, while we haven't tested it ourselves, we are comfortable to recommend it as the best kids' desk overall on this list.

2. Vecelo Writing Desk

Coming in several shades, including this adorable mint green one pictured above, the Vecelo Writing Desk is a great affordable option for parents looking to save. While it's compact to fit small spaces, it still offers enough desktop space and comes with two shelves for storing things like school supplies, books, and other devices. You also have the option to remove the top shelf to accommodate a desktop PC so you're getting a versatile, if minimalist, option here.

While we haven't tested this desk ourselves, it does enjoy a 4.6 out of 5 option on Amazon, with many reviewers praising it for its easy, fuss-free assembly, compact design, and nice aesthetic. And the company's customer service is very responsive.

The only problem, it seems, is that it isn't packed well, and some customers received a unit damaged during shipping. But, if you like this enough to risk it, this is a great affordable option.

3. Guidecraft Children’s Media Desk and Chair Set

With six colors to choose from, your kids can match their desk and chair set from Guidecraft with their bedroom's decor or simply pick their favorite shade. It's spacious, durable and easy to assemble, according to multiple customers on Amazon. But it does come with a few extras as well.

The most important of those features is its collection of cubbies, which is excellent for storage and organization - we know how messy kids can be, especially elementary and middle school aged ones. Worth mentioning though are the corkboard panel to post their artwork, calendar, and notes, and the handy cutout for cable management.

It's a little on the pricey side, but it is made of solid, engineered wood, which means it will last your child for years. It's great for the price and a good value for your money.

4. Ikea Filsat Children's Desk

This adjustable Filsat table from Ikea is the best kids' desk if you have kids who like to get creative while in their bedrooms, whether it's sketching, painting, writing, sculpture or anything else – it's like giving them their own personal easel to work with, and the desk can grow higher as your youngsters do.

While you can't draw or paint directly on the work surface here, it is easy to clean, and there's a removable roller at the top of the desk that you can attach a roll of paper too. When your kids want some more canvas, they just need to pull down to get another sheet of fresh paper, and away they go again.

The desk can be used for whatever you want of course, but it's definitely geared towards arts and crafts, and the adjustable legs mean you can tilt it too, if required. There is a chair that goes with the desk if you need one, but it's sold separately.

5. Ikea Micke Desk

At first glance this looks like the most ordinary of children's desks, but look a little bit closer and there's a lot to like about the Micke from Ikea – like the hole at the back of the workspace for hiding away cables, or the spacious drawer that slides out underneath (perfect for pens and calculators).

One benefit of the unfussy aesthetics of the Micke desk is that it can fit just about anywhere, into any sort of bedroom setup, and you can get it in three different colours as well: black-brown, oak and white. If you like the look of the unit, then one of those should suit your needs.

This being Ikea, there's plenty more furniture from the same series that you can get to accompany this, including a chair if you need one. Due to the size and the style of the unit, this is more for older children and teenagers rather than the youngest kids.

The best kids' desk sales in the UK: quick links

  • Amazon: 30% off children's desk and chair sets
  • John Lewis: up to 70% off on kids' desks
  • Argos: save big on kids' tables and chairs

Habitat Kids Pagnell 3 Drawers Desk: 20% off with code at ArgosSave 20%:

Habitat Kids Pagnell 3 Drawers Desk: 20% off with code at Argos Save 20%: This desk from Habitat is not only compact, but it’s spacious, too. That’s not an oxymoron. Its three drawers allow for quite a bit of storage so that your child can spread out while doing their work and not worry about finding a place to keep paper, pencils, and just about anything else.

The best kids' desks in the UK

1. nubi 1 drawer pedestal desk.

Perfect for older kids who've moved beyond a need for bright colours and shiny extras, the Nubi 1 Drawer Pedestal Desk is stylish and subtle in a very grown-up way (which might get your youngsters in the mood for getting down to some serious work). You get four shelves (two behind a door), a deep drawer, and a wide top space.

We think the aesthetics of this Nubi desk are going to go with most kids' bedrooms, and it's been designed to look like some of the heavy duty industrial furniture that's proving popular right now. With a clean, open workspace on top, it's up to you (or your child) how you arrange a laptop, books, lamps, and so on.

The flexibility and the form of this unit appeals, with a lot of space underneath the desk as well as on top and it's an easy pick for one of the best kids' desks of 2022. It's a two-person assembly job though, and check the dimensions carefully – it's maybe a bit bigger and more bulky than it appears in the picture.

2. Habitat Kids Pagnell 3 Drawers Desk

School-age kids will appreciate all the organizational compartments the Habitat Kids Pagnell 3 offers; as will, of course, their parents who have to deal with whatever mess they leave behind. Three drawers with smooth metal runners, the bottom being a deeper one, offers plenty of space for their pens, markers, crayons, and papers, leaving its desk top clutter-free.

It's also more spacious than it looks, so whether you've got a school-age kid or one that's a little older, they've got more than enough space to work in. Chair isn't included, unlike some of the desk-and-chair sets on this list. However, if you're looking to save money – and you've already got a chair on hand – this is a great budget kids' desk. 

3. Argos Home Scandinavia Pine Desk and Chair

With the Scandinavia Pine Desk and Chair from the Home department of Argos, your kid is going to feel that school vibe, even at home. One for the younger children out there, this is a desk that has a definite classroom feel to it, and the lid also opens up for easy storage of textbooks, pencils, apples and so on.

While the dimensions of this desk aren't going to suit everyone and every situation, the furniture can be placed just about anywhere and even moved around – have it up by the window one day and over in the corner the next day. You've got plenty of options to play around with in terms of location.

As well as the pine version shown in the picture above, you can also get this with a white finish, if that's a better fit for your interior decor. Built from solid wood and with an easy-to-follow assembly process, this is a kids' desk that we think is going to prove very popular during the back to school season.

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How to use an ultrawide monitor as two monitors

Here's what the machine that will build your next laptop CPU looks like — customers including Intel paid $350 million and waited up to six years to get their hands on it

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ikea hackers logo

Need a study table for kids? Here are 10 of the brightest ideas

ikea study table for kids

The school term begins yet again and soon, there will be piles of homework and books, strewn all over the house. Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated study table for the kids to do their thing?

“If only I have space”, you say!

A study table for kids doesn’t need to take up a lot of space.

It can fit into their rooms. Or even a corner of the living room or kitchen .

To spark some bright ideas for your space we made a list of 10 best IKEA study tables for kids. Let’s get right to it.

#1 Long study table and computer station for 2 – 3 kids

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Tim made this kids desk and computer station for his three kids. It includes desks for them to read, write, draw and lots of storage. It also has a place to accommodate a computer (or kid number 4). His IKEA product of choice is the TROFAST frames and JULES chairs. See how he made the IKEA TROFAST kids desk here .

#2 Kids study tables with storage

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

In Janine’s L-shaped living room, they wanted their kids to read and play in the corner. She wanted to include little desks for them to draw and little cabinets on wheels to put their daily stuff to put into. She made a structure out of the BESTÅ system above for out of kids’ reach storage and made desks beneath them. See the BESTÅ study and play centre here .

#3 Loft bed upgraded to include study table for kids

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Their son was starting school and Anca decided to make room for a study table under the IKEA KURA bed, which they already had. They added timber structures to elevate the bed and construct a desk and storage areas. See the KURA bed with study desk .

#4 Girl’s study desk with storage

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Peter IKEA hacked a desk for his daughter to do her homework and art, as well as a place to store her books, stuff and art supplies. He combined 2 pink KALLAX units and fastened a gloss red LINNMON table top to the smaller KALLAX. Can’t be easier to construct a study table for kids. See tutorial here .

#5 DIY kids study table

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Jane took a different route. She used MDF for the table top and attached it to IKEA KRILLE legs. On the side of the table, she added 3 SUNNERSTA containers to function as a desk tidy , to keep pens and pencils organized. See more of the desk tidy IKEA hack and  DIY study desk .

#6 Make it a classy desk

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Sometimes a little tweak is all you need to make the IKEA desk fit your kid’s room decor. If the MICKE desk is too plain, glam it up with a custom top and drawer pulls. See more here .

Themed study tables for kids

#7 the force is strong with this one.

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

The RAST chest is perfect desk height. Pair it with the LINNMON table top and ADILS leg and you’ll get a very affordable study table. And the best thing is, you can Mod Podge the drawer fronts with your kid’s favorite elements. In this case, Star Wars . See the Star Wars kids desk tutorial .

#8 #Studygoals

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Mike’s son was in need of a study desk, and since he loves soccer and already has IKEA birch effect furniture in his bedroom, he decided to build a goal post study desk .

#9 Racing themed desk

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

How to IKEA hack a lift up cabin bed + desk

Sasse wanted a racing car themed desk for her son’s bedroom but didn’t find didn’t any that please the eye. So she made one. See the F1 themed desk .

#10 Kids table with map

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Claire had an old IKEA kids table and decided to make it over with a map. Would be fun to cover it up with a world map and teach kids the name of cities and countries. See the kids table with map .

One last one before we go.

If your kids won’t share the same table space, here’s the hack for you. Theresa’s kids would complain that they had no privacy, and were always fighting over whose stuff was on whose side of the desk. So, she decided to put a stop to all the problems once and for all.

The solution?

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

The Great Divide .

Genius, right?

Which is your preferred study table for kids? Let us know in the comments below.


Ikea Hack home office / study : How to create a home office on a budget.

Our mission: dining room to ikea hack home office / study in a week and on a budget.

After completing a four month single story extension project last summer, we had the chance to turn our old dining room into the study/den we’d always wanted. However, there was one small problem. After the expense of an extension, we had a tight budget. That’s why we decided to save money by creating an Ikea Hack home office / study  instead.

The cost of a new extension, kitchen/dining/living area and all of the furnishings meant that we needed to keep the costs down for our new study without compromising on the design or the quality of finish.  As we only had a fitted bookcase in the room as a starting point, we set ourselves a budget of £1,000 for absolutely everything else: furniture, paint, soft furnishings, lighting and accessories. We also wanted to turn the project around quickly. Simples!

So did we manage to do it? Yes we did! On time and under budget…Just! Richard finally has a den (‘man cave’) so he can escape from me and the girls and do bloke stuff like playing his guitar and listening to his music. Until now, we joked (although he didn’t seem to laugh as much as me) that he only had the garage and the drawer in his bedside cabinet to call his own. In fact, his spangly new shed only lasted a few weeks before two guinea pigs hijacked it. Yes, and even though we are both delighted with the finished room, I have to confess that the ‘man cave/den’ inexplicably deviated from Richard’s original specifications, (Ahem, another swivel chair may have sneaked in, *guilty face*).

Before: Dining room

Dining Room

We brought this large table and 6 chairs from our previous house. It was always a bit too big for this smaller space. Plus, our tastes have changed!

Prior to redecorating, the dining room was bursting at the seams with the large dining table and six chairs we brought from our previous house. It was far too big for this smaller room; especially once we added a substantial solid oak sideboard and fitted oak bookcase for additional storage. So, the first stage of our ‘dining room to den’ project involved moving the sideboard into the hallway. It fits perfectly and we can use it to store hats, scarves and gloves and I can sweep the various bits of tat that get thrown on top of it into the drawers (What? Everyone has a ‘messy’ drawer!). We also sold the giant dining table and chairs. This left us with our much-loved fitted bookcase and solid oak flooring as the starting point for our dream study.

Home office / study wishlist

Ever since we moved into this house ten years ago, Richard and I wanted a study/den.  In fact, we already had a wish list:

  • Large desk area.
  • More bookshelves.
  • Filing cabinet.
  • Plenty of drawers and storage.
  • Small sofa.
  • Funky swivel chair/standard chair, (the final choice would need to be comfortable and ‘fit’ with our design).
  • Space to display Richard’s guitars.
  • Blank white wall for my photography.
  • Angle-poised lamp.
  • Trendy stationery, accessories and even the odd tasteful ornament (I caved!).

Colour scheme.

Whilst considering colour schemes, Richard suggested making a statement with a dark grey feature wall, painting the rest of the walls in brilliant white emulsion (which we had left over from our extension project). A few tester pots later,  Dulux Travels In Colour Monument Grey Flat Matt Emulsion Paint   from B&Q emerged as the clear winner. We complimented this with the Ikea Tupplur black-out roller blind in grey, (a bargain at only £14).

Dulux Travels in Colour Monument Grey Matt Emulsion

Dulux Travels in Colour Monument Grey Matt Emulsion

Ikea Tupplur Blind Block out Grey

Ikea Tupplur block-out blind in Grey, £14

Empty Room with Monument Grey Wall

Our empty room with Dulux Travels in Colour Monument Grey feature wall (apologies for poor quality photograph. I forgot to take a ‘before’ shot with my posh camera so this is a smartphone snapshot!)

Potential candidates.

With our wishlist in mind, we trawled our favourite shops and websites for ideas. We loved some of the freestanding furniture at John Lewis such as the Abacus office range .  We initially wanted to mix this range with some gorgeous House by John Lewis Oxford Modular Storage Units but we eventually ruled them out on the basis of cost and because we realised that a ‘fitted’ rather than freestanding option would help us to maximise the space.

House by John Lewis Oxford modular units

The coloured doors and oak frame of the House by John Lewis Oxford modular unit is so effective but outside of our budget. Source:

House by John Lewis Oxford modular units

We love the House by John Lewis Oxford modular unit range. Source:

John Lewis Abacus Office Range

This free standing Abacus furniture by John Lewis is good value but decided we preferred something fitted. Source:

Our choice: The Ikea Hack.

After deciding we wanted to have ‘fitted’ furniture on a budget, it didn’t take us long to realise that Ikea could give us the look we wanted at a price we could afford. Plus, if we were willing to do a bit of  ‘Ikea Hacking’ and customise the furniture, we could achieve a ‘Taylor made’ look (see what I did there?!) that used all of the available space.

After considering what Ikea had to offer in terms of furniture and materials, we came up with the idea of using an Ikea Bergstena kitchen worktop for the desk area, (chosen because it offered a white or grey side and had an attractive wood veneer edge). We cut the two worktops to size so they would fit across the entire width of the far wall. Then we mounted them on top of cupboards and drawer units from Ikea’s  Alex range : two Alex drawer units with drop file storage and an Alex storage unit to house our PC base unit and support the two worktops where they joined. Finally, we mounted an inexpensive Besta white frame on the worktop, against the window wall. This gave us the extra shelves we needed, without taking up too much space.

The tailored ‘Ikea Hack’ design had another important advantage, (for me, at least)…We were able to create enough space for two desk areas: ‘His’ and ‘Hers’!

After: Our Ikea Hack Home Office / Study.

We are delighted with how our DIY Ikea Hack home office / study turned out, especially as we were able to maximise the space and create two spacious desk areas (Richard’s is the right-hand desk with extra space for his rugby thighs!).

His and hers Ikea Hack Home Office / Study with desk and chairs

We love our DIY Ikea fitted home office/study furniture

To complete our ‘Ikea hack’, Richard added a front and side vent to the Alex Storage Unit For less than £7 so our PC base unit would have plenty of ventilation.

Our DIY Ikea Hack Home Ofiice / Study Ikea Hack Alex Cupboard with added ventilation.

Our ‘Ikea Hack’ Alex storage unit with added ventilation.

Sofa and chairs.

Once we built the main desk area we needed to choose the perfect sofa and chairs for our lovely new study.  We wanted to put a sofa in front of the window so Richard had somewhere to sit when he wanted to play his guitar. The biggest problem was finding a two-seater sofa that would fit comfortably into the space. After checking out various high street and online retailers for potential candidates, we eventually spotted the perfect two-seater sofa at . The Wrafton 2 seater sofa  by Home & Haus is available in a variety of colours, including our eventual choice, dark grey. This is no longer available, but Wayfair’s Turin 2 seater Sofa by Home Essence looks very similar (if not identical to the Wrafton). After applying the 20% discount code offered to new customers we bought our sofa for the bargain price of £138, including delivery.

Wrafton 2 Seater Sofa

Wrafton 2 Seater sofa from Wayfair is small but perfectly formed at 74cm H x 140cm W x 74cm D. This sofa is no longer available but the Turin 2 Seater sofa is similar/the same.

When considering chairs for our study we weren’t sure whether to opt for swivel chairs or a couple of standard upholstered chairs to make it feel a bit more ‘stylish’, rather than ‘officey’.  In the end, we chose the Staples Crusader Black Ergonomic Office Chair in Mesh/Fabric , because despite being a swivel chair, it was adjustable, comfortable and had funky styling. At £119, the Crusader chair was a little pricey for our ‘study on a budget’, especially as we needed two of them. However, we were so impressed by its looks and build quality that we decided it was worth the investment. Plus, when we popped down to our local Staples store to buy the chairs we haggled with the manager and he gave us a 20% discount. The chairs are super-comfy and we love the curved chrome castor legs.

Staples Crusader Ergonomic Mesh/Fabric office chair

Staples Crusader ergonomic mesh/fabric office chair – We love the curvaceous chrome castor feet.

Let there be light.

Lighting was another important consideration for our study design. We already had dimmable downlighters in the study but we wanted a couple of angle-poised lamps for the desk areas. Checking around we soon discovered that they varied significantly in price ( from £15 to £150+). The finish and quality of the lamps also varied enormously.  That’s where Ikea came to the rescue again: their nickel-plated Forså Work lamps were an absolute bargain at only £15 each. We love their quirky shape and the outstanding build quality for the price, (They have a heavy metal base, metal body and fittings that ooze quality).

Forså Work Lamp, Nickel Plated, £15

The Ikea Forså work lamp is nickel-plated is superb quality at the bargain price of £15.

Our Ikea Hack home office / study is finished!

Finally, we added the finishing touches and accessories to complete the look (accessories are the subject of Part 2 of ‘From Dining Room to Den’). This included some cushions I made using the Retro tape theme in the Jeremy Harnell Mix Tape Framed print we bought to hang above Richard’s desk space.

We are delighted with our new den. It’s such a great space for both of us to work and play in.

DIY Ikea Hack Home Office / Study Den Full Image

The oak flooring and fitted oak bookcases work well with the modern white Ikea furniture.

Corner of the DIY Ikea Hack Home Office / Study showing orange tape cushions

We love how well the grey and orange works together…Orange is the new black!

Did we stay within budget?

We set ourselves a budget of £1,000 for furniture, lighting, wall art, soft furnishings, blinds, accessories and office supplies.

Furniture costs : Ikea Alex storage unit (for PC base unit), £50; Alex Drawer unit on castors, £95; Alex drop file drawer unit (2 @ £60 each), £120; Ikea Besta Frame, White, £25; Ikea Erik 2 drawer filing cabinet, white, £50; Ikea Bergstena Kitchen worktops (2 @ £50) £100; Staples Crusader office chairs (2 @ £100 each), £200; Wrafton 2 seater sofa, £138; Ikea Forsa Work Lamp (2 @ £15 each), £30 = £808 total .

Decorating costs: Dulux Travels in Colour Monument Grey Matt Paint, £22; Ikea Tupplur Block-out Blind in Grey, £14 = £36 total.

Additional accessory costs:  Balloon Dog Money box, £8.99; Benson Clock, £14.99;  Ikea Tjena Storage, various, £24; Jeremy Harnell Retro Tape Print in Ikea Ribba Frame, £65; Homemade Taylor Family Favourite Places Framed Print in Ikea Ribba Frame, £30; Vents for PC cupboard, £7 = £149.98 total.

Overall cost of the complete study makeover = £993.98 ! Unbelievably, just inside our £1,000 budget (I promise I didn’t cheat!)

Could we have achieved the look for less?

We could have saved even more money if we had used our existing wall art and storage boxes but we decided to use the rest of our budget to buy accessories to complete the look and, in our opinion, it was worth it. If we had been prepared to bide our time we could have bought used Ikea items and a used sofa instead, which regularly appear on eBay and Gumtree.  Also, although it wasn’t factored into our calculations, we did sell our old dining table and chairs for £150 and I made my own funky Retro Tape cushions using supplies I already had in my fabric box.

The finishing touches.

In Part 2 of my ‘Dining room to den’ makeover I’ll be giving you details of the accessories we bought (and made) to complete the look. I’ll also be giving you a chance to enter a competition to win one of Richard’s favourite additions…A Balloon Dog Money Box.  If you can’t wait until my next post (!) and want to get a sneak peak at all of these items and where to buy them then check out my ‘ Dining Room to Den’ Pinterest board now!

Let me know what you think of our Ikea Hack Home Office / Study makeover or share your own Ikea Hack and study makeover experiences, I would love to hear about them.

Pin to one of your boards for later:

'Dining room to den' DIY Ikea Hack Home Office / Study makeover: I turned our old dining room into a home study office for less than £1,000 with a DIY 'Ikea hack', a lovely Wayfair sofa, some art from King & McGaw, funky accessories & some creations of my own (Retro tape cushions & a framed personalised map of our families favourite places). We used an Ikea Bergstena Kitchen Worktop fitted onto white Ikea Alex drawer units & added vents to the Alex cupboard for our PC. Click through for a step-by-step guide.

Follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram using the social media buttons on the top of this page for updates between posts.

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It looks gorgeous! So functional and very ‘now’. Nice one!

' src=

Great job! Just shows what you can do with a bit of sensible planning.

' src=

This is such transformation! I have been trying to work out what to do with the second living room/den/playroom of old that no one plays in for ages! I like the idea of somewhere we can all hang out and do work/play games together. This is so inspiring. Love the colours you chose!

' src=

Thanks, Penny 🙂

' src=

Hello! I am very keen in doing your Ikea Hack in my study room. Your idea is really brilliant!

I was wondering, how did you mount the worktops and drawers together? Or you do have any step by step guides?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Vanessa I have sent you a detailed email explaining how we mounted everything, together with close up photos. To answer briefly in order to help other readers, we didn’t screw the worktops onto the units beneath. They simply rest on top, and the little rubber spacers supplied with the units mean that the worktops don’t move or slip. The weight of the worktops and the fact they span the entire back wall, left to right and rest on a unit either end means they didnt need to be screwed down. The PC base unit is situated underneath the joint where the two worktops meet. We used the two longer worktops so we could decide where to cut them so we could have the joint in the right place to create the His (bigger) and Hers (smaller) desk areas.

' src=

I have a question about those countertops: The other side is white coloured, is this side also usable as the “top”, or is it rough and meant to be on the bottom? I ask as I am looking for a white coloured desktop, and I’ve only found the Linnmon desk top series.

Hi The worktop is designed to be white or grey side up and the white side is of the same finish and quality as the grey side. We tried both but felt that the grey looked better with the grey wall. The worktop has a very tough and durable finish and we are very pleased with it! Hope this helps.

Awesome, thanks for the reply. I guess with a countertop like that I should have more stable legs than the normal desk legs…

No problem. Yes, you will definitely need sturdy legs. In Ikea they have a few desks on display where they have a cupboard supporting one side and legs for the other side. Perhaps that would work for you?

' src=

did you get the oak bookshelves from ikea as well? or were they purchased earlier?

Hi Danny We already had the oak bookcases. They are real oak veneer and were made to measure by a local joiner (OMC Joinery, Nottingham). John Lewis did an oak office range called Agatha, that had the open shelf at the end and was similar. They have discontinued it, but the link is here just in case you want to look on eBay. Hope this helps.

' src=

Hi Jane, I love what you have done. We are thinking of converting one of our carports into a home office/study and think we could replicate what you have done – if you don’t mind? Can you tell what your room dimensions are please so I can establish if we have enough room.

Many thanks Annabelle

Thank you for your lovely comment, Annabelle. Of course I don’t mind if you do it. I hoped it would give folks some inspiration so I’m flattered you want to do it. The wall that the worktop spans is 3.36 metres (the other dimension of the room is 3.5 metres). But if you have a shorter wall you could always have a narrower wheeled filing cabinet from Ikea like the ERIK drawer units on castors (which you can roll under the worktop). Or simply have the wheeled unit in another part of the study to allow for enough space beneath desks for two desk areas.

Hope this helps. I’d love to know how you get on.

' src=

Hi, we have the Alex drop file unit, but I have found that standard letter size hanging files don’t fit the drawer. Can you tell me what size files you use in your Alex drawers?

Hi Aubrey, We have the full size foolscap hanging files that hang from the front to the back rail. The A4 size are not long enough. The ones we use are the type that fit in proper office style filing cabinets. We got ours from staples. Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by.

' src=

Hi Jane – I am so glad I have found this! This is absolutely amazing and I would love to replicate some of this!

Some of the items you have used are no longer available (eg. the Alex range), but I am wondering how high the base units are from the floor? I have a max height of approx. 70cm and with cabinets at 88cm in height, I fear this may not work.

Would love your help and advice please.

Hi Nish, thanks for your lovely comment. There are still Alex Cupboards and Drawers on Ikea…I can’t see the narrow one with suspended filers, though. They are 70cm high ie. From floor to top of unit. Hope this helps!

' src=

I’m just about to copy your idea (its the greatest form of flattery apparently). Can I ask where did you get the vents from for the pc base unit please? I cant really find any as nice looking as your ones.

Hi Paul. The vent on the side is from Screwfix: MANROSE FIXED LOUVRE VENT WHITE 160 X 160MM (20389) £3.19 (you need to cut a circular hole for the back of the vent to fit into) The vent on the outside of the front that’s closest to what I have is From Screwfix : Map Vent Gas Louvre Vent White 152 x 229mm (9833D) £1.19 The vent on the inside of the front that’s closest to what I have is from Screwfix (aluminium open and close – not needed but it covered over the hole we cut into cupboard) Map Vent Adjustable Vent Silver 152 x 229mm (67350) £2.99

I think the front vents were from B&Q and have slightly different dimensions but the screwfix ones would be better as they are the same dimenstions front and back, which my B&Q one’s werent.

If you need photos, let me know and I’ll email them.

Hope this helps – and good luck with the project!

Thanks so much for your reply 😉

You are welcome!

' src=

SO impressed by this! All the details are so well thought out and it’s such a functional and gorgeous space now!

Thanks so much, Meera! I’m so glad I discovered your blog and hacks today too!

' src=

Hello Jane! It’s absolutely faboulous and the desk would be exactly what I need. Would it be possible to send me a more detailed explication how you mounted everything.

Hi Yvi Thanks for your comment. The kitchen worktop simply rests on top of the Alex cupboards. I stopped it slipping about and moving by using little rubber self-adhesive dots (like the type they use inside kitchen cupboards to cushion them and stop them slamming shut). The weight of the worktop stops it from moving, too. So, I didn’t screw it onto the Alex cupboards and I made sure I placed the middle Alex cupboard that houses our PC under the join where the two worktops meet, so they are supported by it.

The Besta frame on the left hand side which I use as my bookcase also simply rests on top of the worktop. It isn’t screwed into it. However, I fixed it to the wall at the top using the fixing bracket that was supplied with it to stop it toppling over.

I hope this helps.

' src=

is that alex storage unit only available in .eu? i can’t seem to find it on the ikea us website or on amazon… only the drawers. i really want a cabinet + drawer instead of two drawers for my future desk!

I can’t find it on the Ikea US website either! That’s a shame.

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These videos are more than just a trend. With study streams, students that learn from home feel connected, stay focused, and subsequently get better grades.

What are “study with me” videos?

“Study with me” videos show people studying, taking notes, or working on their laptops at home, in a café, in a library, or in other quiet spaces.

The streams range anywhere between 30 minutes to 12 hours.

Often, “study with me” videos feature lo-fi music playing in the background or capture the ambient sounds from where they’re recorded.

A big part of the appeal of “study with me” videos is seeing how the creators set up their home offices.

A lot of them have neat, cosy desk setups with gorgeous views. Some showcase clean, minimalist desks with sophisticated accessories. Others exhibit funky and colourful rooms personalised with posters, stickers and stationery.

By watching “study with me” videos, you get not only a study buddy but also something interesting to look at while you’re cramming.

Are “study with me” videos effective?

“Study with me” videos have a lot of benefits.

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It’s like studying with a friend.

When most classes are done online, these videos reduce the loneliness of studying alone.

Also, “study with me” videos inspire. Observing someone who pokes through textbooks and takes notes at a clean desk, without interruptions, motivates you to do the same.

Playing a “study with me” video in the background also helps you stay focused and reminds you to get back to work when you’re distracted.

“Study with me” bloggers share their streams to motivate others and help them improve their study habits.

For long study sessions, creators use techniques like the Pomodoro method to manage their time.

Study influencers also share proven tips and hand-crafted techniques that they personally find helpful.

Research on “study with me” videos

Online “study with me” communities are a relatively new thing. They’re like study groups but in the digital age.

According to research on “using ‘study with me’ videos to create effective learning environments”, these videos work as a simple way to remove distractions.

Students who usually get easily distracted while working on a laptop found out that watching “study with me” videos keeps them focused.

Many of those who relied on libraries and cafes for a distraction-free study environment were left out after the pandemic hit.

Such students turned to these streams as a way to control the ambience in their study spaces and offset the effects of being confined to their homes.

Researchers found that watching the content creators study helped students on more than one level, both in terms of mental wellbeing and concentration.

The popularity of these streams is rising as students can play a “study with me” video at any time of day (or night).

“Study with me” videos have led to the rise of studying communities on YouTube, Twitch, Discord, and Instagram. They’re friendly and welcoming to students.

These communities offer recommendations for productivity apps, as well as tips on staying focused and organising your perfect study setup .

Best “Study with Me” Desk Setups

When “study with me” bloggers seem so focused on their work, it’s bound to restore your motivation.

Then the mindset of “If they can do it, so can I” follows suit.

Whenever you lose focus, just glance at your virtual study buddy.

The “study with me” content creators also provide you with all sorts of ideas on how to set up your study corner.

Check out 16 of the most inspirational study influencers and their desk setups.

Merve’s Moody Study Corner in Glasgow, Scotland, UK

YouTube: Merve

Instagram: @merveenroute

One of the most popular “study with me” channels on YouTube. Merve’s videos stand out from others with their captivating aesthetics.

Merve’s “study with me” videos frequently showcase the picturesque views all around her.

These scenic views, whether at home or at the University of Glasgow’s library, create a calming atmosphere that invites watchers to get into the zone.

Merve’s study setup tour on Maker Stations

Sofya Milkstudy_’s Neutral Study Corner

Instagram: @mlkstudy_

A study setup by Sofya from mlkstudy_ is an example of the maximalist approach to sophisticated desk design.

Within her workspace, she mixes neutral colours such as taupe, beige, white, and tawny with splashes of greenery.

study desk ikea uk

Decorative accents like stacked books, candles, and abstract art give Sofya’s room a cohesive look.

Sofya’s desk setup shows that sometimes you don’t need a lot of equipment to create a comfortable study space. She managed to achieve it with only an iPad and a wireless keyboard .

Kharma Medic’s Productive Study Setup in London, UK

YouTube: Kharma Medic

Instagram: @KharmaMedic

Kharma Medic is run by Nasir, a medical student at King's College, London. His videos are meant to inspire other medical students and paint a realistic picture of what it’s like to be one.

Kharma Medic’s desk setup is the highlight of his videos. It’s designed to make him more productive.

A large white height-adjustable standing desk is the main feature here.

The desk is set up with a curved ultra-wide monitor on a fully-adjustable monitor arm

A white desk lamp and the speakers keep with the monochrome desk aesthetics . A headphone stand, small plant pot, and laptop stand made from walnut bring depth to the setup.

Along with the green of the desk plants, these accessories lend a natural look to the desk.

study desk ikea uk

A customisable pixel-style clock and colourful keycaps brighten up Nasir’s desk setup. The stickers on some of the devices also add a fun touch.

Abao’s Compact Study Space in Tokyo, Japan

YouTube: Abao in Tokyo

Instagram: @abaointokyo

Abao’s main setup features two monitors on white stands. They give a tidy look to the desk while also providing storage space below.

White speakers, an adjustable table lamp , and a small white clock complete his simple setup. Small plastic plants keep Abao’s desk looking cosy but don’t require any maintenance.

Abao often works from other spaces. He continues the minimalist approach, choosing to highlight the views around him instead.

Along with his laptop and iPad , Abao sets up these spaces with portable desk accessories like a cute cat lamp and a small desk plant.

These little things create a pleasing atmosphere to study in.

study desk ikea uk

Academic Eve’s Minimal Study in Amsterdam, Netherlands

YouTube: academiceve

Instagram: @academic.eve

Academic Eve proves you can have a gorgeous desk setup even in the smallest of spaces.

She made her desk herself and put it in the corner of her bedroom. Now she has a dedicated study area at home.

study desk ikea uk

Her MacBook Pro rests on an adjustable laptop stand, while the Magic keyboard and mouse keep her desk wireless.

A wooden iPad stand adds warmth to Eve’s setup, along with scented candles and cut flowers.

Minimal black notebooks and bullet journals often replace the keyboard on her desk.

Academic Eve’s study setup tour on Maker Stations

Shekinah Glory’s Cost-Efficient Study Setup in Wellington, New Zealand

YouTube: Shekinah Glory

Instagram: @_glorystudies

Shekinah Glory has a cute pastel style to her desk setup. Her study nook consists of a preloved white desk, chair, and a light wooden table filled with accessories.

Shekinah’s monitor sits on a wooden shelf on the table, while her laptop rests on a stand — it functions as a second screen.

A small wooden desk organiser stores her books, with a wood and bronze finish lamp doubling as a resting spot for her headphones.

Small round pots hold stationery and plants near a wireless charger and a small wooden radio.

A typewriter-inspired white keyboard adds to the cosiness of the space, as do floral prints on the wall, dried flowers, and diffusers on the desk.

Shekinah’s choice of soft pink, brown, white, and soft yellow make her desk setup feel soothing. Especially when paired with lovely views out her window.

Shekinah Glory’s study setup tour on Maker Stations

The Study Collection’s Cosy Studygram Space in Passau, Germany

YouTube: The Study Collection

Instagram: @thestudycollecion

Residing in Passau, Germany, Lisa from The Study Collection is a teacher-in-training with a passion for travel.

Her study setup consists of a large desk decorated with just the right number of items to keep it organised and tidy.

study desk ikea uk

A sleek wooden stand holds Lisa’s monitor, while her MacBook sits on a laptop stand or a pile of books.

A black retro keyboard and mouse, a vintage clock and an iPad are the only other permanent fixtures on her desk.

Lisa’s desk is often adorned with holiday decorations, scented candles, dried and fresh flowers, and small plants.

Lisa keeps her plants on the windowsill as the desk faces a large window. That way, they get plenty of light, and she can switch her gaze to the horizon whenever her eyes get tired.

The Study Collection’s setup tour on Maker Stations

Study to Success’ Colourful Study Setup in the US

Youtube: Study to Success

Instagram: @studytosuccess

Estella from Study to Success is not one for minimal study setups. Her desk is a kaleidoscope of colours, filled with cute accessories and stationery of every kind.

Estella uses an IKEA Alex drawer unit to store all her stationery, along with an IKEA table with some extra storage. Plants and fairy lights decorate the top of the dresser.

On Estella’s desk, you’ll find her laptop, a colourful mechanical keyboard , an iPad , notebooks, and stationery holders full of pens and highlighters.

Small pastel details like an alarm clock and cute bird & cat lamps decorate the table. The accessories and stationery change often, making for an interesting desk display every time.

Estudiar Derecho’s Beautiful Study Setup in Córdoba, Argentina

Youtube: Estudiar Derecho

Instagram: @estudiar.derecho

It isn’t uncommon to study in the early morning or late at night. And they also offer the best views, as is made clear by Nati from Estudiar Derecho .

study desk ikea uk

At the centre of her desk is a pink cutting mat. It serves as a mousepad and a surface to keep notes and books.

When Nati’s not using her MacBook , her keyboard and mouse are neatly stowed away under the desk.

Clear makeup organisers are repurposed as desk storage, holding stationery and small items.

The top of the organisers is in turn used to keep plants, books, a timer, and even a tiny buddha figurine.

Cute animal lamps sit alongside a slim white desk lamp and a digital desktop alarm clock. They turn the desk into a charming and functional space — perfect for studying!

Mar Fortuno’s Simple Study Corner in Manila, Philippines

YouTube: mar fortuno

Instagram: @marfortuno_

Mar fortuno is run by Marie, a pre-med student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Her YouTube channel consists of “study with me” videos and vlogs showing college life.

An adjustable laptop stand allows her to keep the keyboard underneath the laptop when it’s not being used, making space for other items.

On one side of the desk, a clear organiser stores her stationery and displays the clock on top.

A white lamp provides light for the desk and the desk plant, working as an efficient solution.

Marie has decorated the wall in front of her with pics of her favourite celebrities and anime artwork to keep her motivated.

Wall-mounted shelves above the desk make storage space for books and other items. This keeps her desk clutter-free.

Andotherlawstories’s Dark and Rustic Study Desk Setup in Nordfriesland, Germany

YouTube: andotherlawstories

Instagram: @andotherlawstories

Olja from And Other Law Stories is different from most studygrammers and influencers.

Instead of focusing on how to be super productive and study round the clock, Olja talks about the reality of being a student, with all its ups and downs.

She recommends finding what works best for each person and taking frequent breaks.

Andotherlawstories’s Dark and Rustic Study Desk Setup in Nordfriesland, Germany

Olja’s home office style is simple and traditional rustic, with influences of dark academia.

This look was achieved with a dark wooden desk, a green banker’s lamp , and a set of books on her table.

Olja’s MacBook and notebooks take up the study area. Candles, a glass Chemex pour-over coffeemaker or a beautiful black teapot also go on the desk.

A large bookshelf in the room makes space for storing books and files.

The dark wood aesthetic of the room is balanced out with a deep green couch & study chair and warm lighting.

Andotherlawstories’ study setup tour on Maker Stations

Eva Rose’s Scandinavian Style Study in the Netherlands

YouTube: Eva Rose

Instagram: @eva.rose

Eva Rose is a student from the Netherlands. She regularly posts “study with me”, lifestyle, and travel videos.

She has converted a part of her attic bedroom into her study area. Then she placed her desk directly under the window to benefit from maximum sunlight.

Eva’s long white desk offers plenty of space for studying, and a desk shelf with drawers makes extra space for storage.

Eva likes to keep things simple. She uses just her MacBook and notebooks while working.

With all her study materials neatly stowed away, Eva utilises the rest of her desk space for candles, plants, and a salt lamp . These items make the study and bedroom area feel cheerful and pleasant.

Gutsy Studygirl’s Minimal Study Setup in Singapore

YouTube: gutsy studygirl

Instagram: @gutsystudygirl

Singapore-based gutsy studygirl uploads study with me videos from her home and library. She shares studying tips in many of her vlogs.

study desk ikea uk

Sitting in front of her window, a gutsy studygirl uses just her laptop and notepad to study.

The table is minimal and practical — it’s decorated with just desk plants. That keeps her desk space clear for working and studying along with the occasional cup of tea.

Notes are attached to the wall near the window. They stay within the line of sight and keep the table from cluttering up.

The result is a simple, low-budget and efficient study design that can be incorporated into any home.

Study MD’s Spacious Study Design in Alberta, Canada

YouTube: StudyMD

Jimmy from StudyMD is a medical student in Canada. He spends long hours studying and makes videos to share his tips for productivity.

StudyMD has a swoon-worthy study setup, complete with tech and décor.

An IKEA dining table functions as a large desk that makes space for everything he needs.

A flexible Dell monitor and a MacBook on a laptop stand form the core of his study setup. Accessories like a Magic keyboard , Magic trackpad , and a Bluetooth mouse keep the desk free of wires.

An adjustable table lamp and an RGB light bulb allow Jimmy to change the look of his room at will.

Two stylish scent diffusers make Jimmy’s study area a pleasant one while also helping him focus and relax.

study desk ikea uk

Indoor plants in a range of sizes fill up the sides of the table, while a large bookcase functions as storage.

Love, Nika’s Cute Study Setup in the UK

Youtube: love, nika

Instagram: @03love.nika

Love, nika is a channel run by British student Nicole.

It’s a charming space, thanks to the artwork and wooden accessories that decorate Nicole’s study.

study desk ikea uk

An L-shaped height adjustable desk makes maximum use of the corner space. It allows her to switch between standing and sitting while studying.

For storage, Nicole uses a wooden drawer unit next to the table, as well as a bamboo shoe rack under the desk. Along with storage organisers and woven baskets, this turns into a clever storage solution in the study.

A small wooden shelf on the desk and plastic organisers store stationery neatly, while art and anime posters deck up the wall.

The desk space is divided between her devices, diffusers and accessories like dried flowers — all keeping with the light brown aesthetic.

Two table lamps light up the space and complete the look of this lovely and functional study corner.

Annasdesk’s Small Studygram Setup in Auckland, New Zealand

Instagram: @annasdesk

New Zealand-based studygrammer Anna’s desk is colourful and bright, perfectly accenting the lush green views outside her window.

Anna’s desk, with a big colourful bulletin board next to it, is tucked away in a corner, so she can study overlooking the garden.

Anna has taken a maximalist approach to her space. She dressed up her desk setup with an assortment of decorative accents — from plants in patterned pots neatly arranged on her windowsill to botanically-inspired desk pad, candles, and stationary tools.

study desk ikea uk

Markers, pens, and bright post-its fill up areas of her desk, all organised by colour.

Small diffusers and dried flowers sit by the window, with notebooks stored upright on one side.

Anna proves that you can have a lot of stuff on your desk and still be productive.

Anna’s study walls are decorated with patterned cards and a memo board for important notes.

The vibrant design of this study area makes it feel like an extension of the garden.

It creates a wonderful space to study and spend time in.

study desk ikea uk

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