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120 Inch Long By 60 Inch Wide Table

study table 120x60

study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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  • Buying Guide - How To Choose The Right Study Table

Buying guide - how to choose the right study table

Buying guide for choosing the right study table for your home - Beautiful Homes

Jan 15, 2022

A study table is a great addition to ease out studying  or   working at home or at an office workspace. Here is a guide to help you make that choice for your space

The necessity for a study table for the bedroom ensures thorough privacy and ease for a  student/professional and helps keep the work organized.

Here are some essential guidelines that can help you make the final choice on how to choose the best quality study table.  From the best space-saving study table for   work from home  to the most productive simple study table for office work to a multi-purpose study table with cabinet and bedroom wall mounted study tables - let’s dig all of it.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Study Table  

1. evaluate the study table size:.

Size is one of the most crucial factors to contemplate while selecting a study table for academic/work purposes. Use a study table with the right size that is enough to accommodate your study material or laptop.  It is recommended that you have an estimate of the size necessities before you choose to buy one. The height, breadth and length should be in harmony with the space that is available in the room. If your room is not a spacious one, then you may opt for a linear table to save space and fit the aesthetic appeal. Bigger rooms can easily accommodate an L-shaped or U-shaped study table and  chair .

2. Consider the Storage Options of the Study Table:

Your study table should be professional enough to help you minimize the wastage of time and energy. A study table with storage facilities assures that you can easily access your everyday basic things without much effort. While most tables come with a fundamental drawer, opt for study tables with drawers open to keep your books and entrenched drawers to keep extra exercise books and other stationery items.

3. Remember the Room Décor and Aesthetic:

Why buy those monotonous and simple study table with wooden finish when you can opt for study tables with amazing designs? Well designed spaces encourage creativity, keep students focused & attentive and lead to peace. Modern study tables are designed to fit the present-day urban chic  interior décor . Pick a study table that has a suitable sort of design or pattern to correspond to your room interior. Few tables come with cabinets and cork boards for a contemporary look.

Study table design with storage space for your home - Beautiful Homes

4. Pick Good Quality Material for your Study Table:

The material of any furniture signifies the longevity of that piece.Similarly, the material of a study table should be of rich quality to guarantee long-term use. Think buying a tad bit expensive material as an investment to be utilised by generations to come. While wood is one of the most widely used materials, you can consider wrought iron and semi wooden tables as well.

5. Consider the Study Table Ergonomics:

It is basic to evaluate your requirements before buying the  study table, particularly if the user will be a kid. The most beneficial approach to getting a comfortable table is to make the user sit at the table and confirm the table height.

6. The Right Chair:

Once you are done with all the elements that your study table needs to help you enhance your focus, all you need is an excellent chair to match it. Find a chair that has the competent height to match your study table.

What are the Different Types of Study Tables?

A huge variety of study table designs are available that suit any room décor or serve any specific purpose. The study table design ideas range from contemporary to minimalist to utility-rich. After considering and analysing all the factors for which you need a study table, you can select one from the vast range of study table designs.

Corner study table design idea for your elegant home interiors - Beautiful Homes

1. A Corner Table

When you have space limitations for the installation of a study table, a corner study table is a suitable solution. In such a compact arrangement, a corner table satiates your need for a piece of  furniture . With minimal composition, it comes with drawers for additional storage space. Another advantage of a corner study table is that the walls provide added utility area.

2. A Writing Table

A writing table has a minimal design with little storage space. It serves flawlessly against a wall and suits better with a laptop than with a desktop. With its conventional and relaxed style, it works perfectly in any space, at home or work. The simple design of this study table reflects a refined vibe with a sleek look that highlights the décor of your room. Apart from its simplistic traditional study table design, writing tables are also available in stylish and trendy designs.

3. A Standing Table

A standing table is an answer to the health discussion that arises due to being set to one sitting position. It has a smart look with flexible utility. This study table design comes in three main varieties:

  • An accessory to mount on your regular table for you to work standing up.
  • A complete desk which can be modified as per your height necessity.
  • A stand-up desk at a raised position.

4. A Wall-Mounted Table

A wall-mounted table is one of the most refined and contemporary study table design concepts that serve a significant objective of décor without occupying any floor area. This free table can be mounted on the wall of any room. The shelves area provide the right amount of space you need in a small area.

Wall-mounted study table design for saving some space in your home - Beautiful Homes

5. An Executive Study Table

An executive desk has a sturdy design with numerous functionalities. Its immensity comes with a smart and utility-rich structure that reflects a rich look that stands strong and stable in your room. This one comes with loads of storage drawers, a massive footprint, and gracefully carved designs. On top of these characteristics, it has a spacious surface area that gives you plenty of options for utilisation. All in all, an executive table imparts a great sense of brilliance and a timeless charm.

Why a Good Work or Study Table is a Must-Have

Study tables or work tables are not a luxury. They are essential in the present situation where either we are forced to stay home due to the pandemic or the world is shifting to remote work as a new normal. Here’s why you must invest in a good study table:

Wooden antique study table design for your home - Beautiful Homes

  • A good study table or work desk can help enhance productivity
  • It assures a good posture and fewer back pains or other health problems
  • It permits you to work and study with efficiency
  • Provides a formal vibe and improves your work from home/online study experience

With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can find your perfect study table. Here’s how we can help you design/buy a perfect study table for your space:

  • With our vision and planning, you can design a budget-friendly small study table instead of big study table that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also successful for a small space.
  • Technique and precision are essential to us. We ensure that the design of the study table and chair is tailored to be practical and comprehensive for maximum utility.
  • Our tables come with ample customization opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose.
  • We have a huge range of options to fulfill your dreams. From a study table with drawers  to a luxurious big study table, we can do it all for you.
  • We do not compromise on quality and craft best pieces despite having the most competitive low-cost smart study tables in the market.
  • We do not finalize the design until we have your sign-off.

Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

Leave your information here and receive a consultation with our interior design experts.

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LINNMON / ADILS Table, white, 100x60 cm

LINNMON / ADILS Table, white, 100x60 cm (39 3/8x23 5/8 ")

  • Choose colour White

LINNMON / ADILS Desk, black-brown, 100x60 cm

How to get it

You need to enable JavaScript to add to your wish list on IKEA.com

Mix and match your choice of table top and legs – or choose this ready-made combination. Strong and light-weight, made with a technique that uses less raw materials, reducing the impact on the environment.

Product details

  • What's included


  • Reviews (582)

Pre-drilled holes for legs, for easy assembly.

Adjustable feet make the table stand steady also on uneven floors.

IKEA of Sweden

Screws for fixing the legs to the table top are included.

Possible to separate for recycling or energy recovery if available in your community.

Wipe clean with a cloth dampened in a mild cleaner.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

  • Assembly & documents Assembly instructions ADILS Leg 802.179.77

Length:  100 cm (39 3/8 ")

Width:  60 cm (23 5/8 ")

Height:  74 cm (29 1/8 ")

Width:  60 cm (23 ½ ")

Height:  3 cm (1 ¼ ")

Length:  100 cm (39 ¼ ")

Weight:  4.81 kg (10 lb 10 oz)

Package(s):  1

Width:  11 cm (4 ¼ ")

Height:  6 cm (2 ¼ ")

Length:  70 cm (27 ½ ")

Weight:  0.87 kg (1 lb 15 oz)

Package(s):  4

Img alt text

Seat yourself right

Marry maximum style with comfort for your home office.

Our take on wood

Wood is the material most commonly associated with IKEA furniture, and for good reasons. It’s renewable, recyclable, durable, ages beautifully and it is an important part of our Scandinavian design heritage. At IKEA we believe that sourced in responsible way, wood is a key change driver for climate mitigation. In 2012, we set a goal that by 2020 our wood would be from more sustainable sources. We are happy to announce that we have reached this goal and today, more than 98% of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled.

Forests are critical for life on earth

Forests contribute to maintaining balance in the atmosphere, purify the air that we breathe and are part of the water cycle. They nourish wildlife biodiversity and provide homes for indigenous communities who depend on forests for their livelihoods. 90% of plant and animal species living on the planet need forests to survive. They provide sources of food, fuel, timber and many other ecosystem services that we rely upon. Sourcing approximately 19 million m3 of roundwood per year from some 50 countries, IKEA has a significant impact on the world’s forests and the timber industry and a huge responsibility to positively influence how wood is sourced. Responsible wood sourcing and forest management ensure that the needs of people dependent on forests are met, that businesses can work sustainably, that forest ecosystems are protected and biodiversity is enhanced.

100% wood from more sustainable sources

At IKEA, we work with strict industry standards to promote responsible forestry. We don’t allow any wood in our supply chain from forest areas that are illegal or contain high conservation values or from forest areas with social conflict. Before starting to work with IKEA, suppliers must demonstrate that they meet IKEA critical requirements on wood sourcing. IKEA requires all suppliers to source wood from more sustainable sources (FSC-certified or recycled wood). All suppliers are audited regularly and non-compliant suppliers are required to implement immediate corrective actions. By working together with our suppliers, we are proud to announce that we have reached our more sustainable sources goal, which we set out to achieve by 2020. Today more than 98% of the wood used for IKEA products is either FSC-certified or recycled.

IKEA Forest Positive Agenda for 2030

As pressure on the world’s forests and the surrounding eco-systems increases due to unsustainable agriculture, the expansion of infrastructure and illegal logging, it is time to take an even more holistic approach to protect and support these important resources for generations to come. The IKEA Forest Positive Agenda for 2030 set out to improve forest management, enhance biodiversity, mitigate climate change and support the rights and needs of people who depend on forests across the whole supply chain and drive innovation to use wood in even smarter ways. The agenda focuses on three key areas: • Making responsible forest management the norm across the world. • Halting deforestation and reforesting degraded landscapes. • Driving innovation to use wood in smarter ways by designing all products from the very beginning to be reused, refurbished, remanufactured, and eventually recycled.

We accomplish more by working together

For many years, IKEA has partnered with businesses, governments, social groups and non-governmental organisations to fight forest degradation and deforestation and increase the volume and availability of wood from responsibly managed forests both for our own supply chain and beyond. We are on a journey to improve global forest management and make responsible wood sourcing the industry standard, contributing to building resilient forest landscapes and improve biodiversity.

What is constructed board?

We use constructed boards when manufacturing many of our pieces of furniture, such as tables and wardrobes. They are light yet still stable and strong. Each board has a frame made of chipboard, fibreboard or solid wood, while the inside is a honeycomb filling structure made of mostly recycled paper, which is extra durable thanks to its special construction. The board is then covered with a protective paint, foil or veneer depending on the style wanted.

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Study Tables

If there is anything that has the potential to bring out the best in your work, it is the right study table that fits snugly with your needs and enhances the corners of your room. Study tables are an essential addition for working professionals as it allows for more organization without taking away from the style of your space. While a study table design can vary, it is important to keep in mind the requirements of your storage, the material used in its construction, the functionality of the desk, and also the ease of its maintenance, long-term. A wooden study table offers this and so much more. From options that range from light to heavy storage, and classic to modern styles, Urban Ladder’s wooden study tables have one common factor of being strong, super durable, and among the easiest to maintain, especially for those who are working from home. Browse through our collection of study tables and pick the one closest to your needs.

  • Price Clear 2303 197520
  • ₹2,303-₹6,999 ₹7,000-₹8,999 ₹9,000-₹12,999 ₹13,000-₹197,520
  • By Woodbuzz
  • By Furniturstation
  • By Urban Ladder
  • By SMS Furniture
  • By Alex Daisy
  • By The Home Dekor
  • By Bantia Furnitures
  • By Wood You
  • By Delta Children, USA
  • By Gudsmith
  • By Vishwakarma Antique
  • By Green Soul
  • By Woodenmood
  • By Nilkamal
  • By A Globia Creations
  • By Aakriti Art Creations
  • By ExclusiveLane
  • By SimplyWud
  • By Decorative
  • By Greensoul
  • By Orange Tree
  • By Saffron Art
  • By Blacksmith Street
  • By Boingg! - A Happy Start
  • By Geometry
  • By Gypsy Trunk
  • By Vintej Home
  • Open And Closed
  • Non Storage
  • Open And Drawer
  • Engineered Wood
  • Recommended
  • Price: Low to High
  • Price: High to Low
  • New Arrivals

Bestsellers Design Truman Solid Wood Study Table in Teak Finish

Interested In Our Study Tables?

Urban Ladder Furniture Website

Study Tables Price List

Buy a study table online at an affordable price.

Wondering how to keep your child focused during study time and not have them wander about the house? You need a study table! No matter how many times you try to ward off the idea, this piece of furniture is essential to help children learn. A study table for students comes in various designs and patterns. Some have multiple functional features, while others are portable and handy. If you have trouble picking out the right one for your home, Urban Ladder has got you covered.

We at Urban Ladder have the best study table collection online to save you from the hassle of traveling around town. With the latest designs, a modern approach and affordable prices, we bring you the best study tables in India.

Explore The Types Of Study Table At Best Price On Urban Ladder

Study tables are essential furniture pieces that provide a dedicated space for focused work, learning, and studying. Budget-friendly options are widely available, ensuring that you can find a suitable study table price without breaking the bank. These cost-effective study tables are designed to offer functionality and quality at reasonable prices, making them an excellent choice for students, young professionals, or anyone looking for a practical yet affordable workspace solution. Whether you require a space-saving solution or extra storage, an adjustable desk for ergonomic support, or a portable option for flexibility, Urban Ladder's selection meets the full range of requirements. You can get your study table best price with us too!

Wall mounted Study Table

Study table with storage, adjustable height desk, ergonomic study tables, foldable study table, portable study table, different materials of study table as per your budget.

When selecting a material for your tableaux of focus, consider factors such as your personal style preferences, study table price, and the overall aesthetic of your workspace. Whether you choose the warmth of wood, the sleekness of metal, or the elegance of marble, a well-chosen study table material can enhance the ambiance and functionality of your study space. Our stunning range will gift you the perfect low cost study table, at great functional value and aesthetic. Let us have a look:

Engineered Wood Study Table

Solid wood study table, metal study table, marble study table, what are the benefits of buying study table online.

  • Wide Selection : Online platforms provide a vast array of study table options, catering to different budgets and styles. You can explore a variety of designs, materials, and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect study table low price for your convenience.
  • Convenience : Shopping for a study table online eliminates the need to visit multiple physical stores, saving you time and effort. You can browse through various options from the comfort of your home and make a purchase at any time that suits you.
  • Customer Reviews : Online platforms provide customer reviews and ratings for study tables, giving you valuable insights into the product's quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. This information can help you make an informed decision and choose a study table that offers the best value for your budget.
  • Easy Comparison : Online shopping allows you to compare prices, features, and specifications of different study tables with just a few clicks. This enables you to make a well-informed decision and select a study table that meets your requirements without burning any wallet holes.
  • Discounts and Deals : Online retailers often offer special discounts, promotions, and exclusive deals, allowing you to save money on your study table purchase. By keeping an eye out for sales events or subscribing to newsletters, you can take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities and find a budget-friendly study table that suits your needs.

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Study Table

Key features of a study table, pick the right study table size, invest in comfortable study tables, importance of the study table material, pick a suitable design for your study table, top features in a study table that are essential.

A study table is a crucial piece of furniture for many reasons, which is why it's essential to consider certain features that can enhance its functionality and meet your specific requirements. Let's explore some of the top features to look for in a study table:

Surface Area

Storage options, portability, adjustable height, drawers and compartments, why buy a study table for your home & office from urban ladder.

Now that we have established the importance of a study table, we can almost hear your thoughts on traveling all the way in traffic to buy this furniture. With Urban Ladder, your favorite table is just a click away. Buy study table online on Urban Ladder and get products that match your home decor right from the comfort of your couch.

The Urban ladder website not only offers you multiple options under each category of the table but also ensures the study table price will suit your budget.

Other Study Table-Related Furniture Available On Urban Ladder

Q. is a study table important for students.

A study table helps students focus their energy on just their books and props them up in the right position keeping them alert. Another aspect of studying involves writing, and tables help students develop healthy writing habits. Sitting up keeps the body alert and the muscles are engaged during this activity.

Q. How Do I Decorate My Study Table?

Whether you are a student or an officer-goer, a study table is a personal piece of furniture that helps you keep your belongings organized. Decorate your table with things that keep you motivated to study or work. If that means putting up motivational quotes or a flower vase, so be it.

Q. What Are The Advantages Of A Study Table?

Besides being a personal piece of furniture, children and students always attach many memories to their study table. It also helps channel their energies towards studying in an organized manner. Many students and college-goers also use their tables to learn new hobbies such as arts and crafts which they develop into a lucrative career later in life.

study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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study table 120x60

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Mahmayi Modern MP1 120x60 Writing Study Table, With Drawers Attached and 51-1H Round Desktop Power Module, 1xUSB Slot & 1x Ethernet Utility Port, For Office Desk, Oak Brown | MP1-120-D-PM51-OAK


Description for Mahmayi Modern MP1 120x60 Writing Study Table, With Drawers Attached and 51-1H Round Desktop Power Module, 1xUSB Slot & 1x Ethernet Utility Port, For Office Desk, Oak Brown | MP1-120-D-PM51-OAK

study table 120x60

Brand Mahmayi Shape Rectangular Product dimensions 60D x 120W x 75H centimeters Colour Brown Style Modern Finish type Laminated Room type Office, Home Number of drawers 2 Mounting type Floor Mount Item weight 21 Kilograms

Specifications for Mahmayi Modern MP1 120x60 Writing Study Table, With Drawers Attached and 51-1H Round Desktop Power Module, 1xUSB Slot & 1x Ethernet Utility Port, For Office Desk, Oak Brown | MP1-120-D-PM51-OAK

  • 09 September, 2023
  • 120.00 cm x 60.00 cm x 75.00 cm

Reviews for Mahmayi Modern MP1 120x60 Writing Study Table, With Drawers Attached and 51-1H Round Desktop Power Module, 1xUSB Slot & 1x Ethernet Utility Port, For Office Desk, Oak Brown | MP1-120-D-PM51-OAK

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    study table 120x60

  4. IKEA LINNMON / ADILS Table Effect White Desk 120x60 Cm for sale online

    study table 120x60

  5. DOH Modern Home Office Table 120x60/70CM Workstation Office Desk

    study table 120x60

  6. Modern Home Office Table 120x60/70cm Workstation Office Desk Writing

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  1. Study Table

    Adnel 47" Writing Desk with 2 Drawers, Modern White Study Desk Laptop Table for Home Office. by Hokku Designs. $146.99 $169.99. ( 3) Free shipping. Sale.

  2. 120 Inch Long by 60 Inch Wide Table

    $5859 FREE shipping 120 x 60 (in.) Customize Table Legs & Size Havana $6179 FREE shipping 120 x 60 (in.) Customize Table Legs & Size Garland $6689 FREE shipping 120 x 60 (in.) Customize Table Legs & Size Hudson $7389 FREE shipping 120 x 60 (in.) Customize Table Legs & Size Florence $5149 FREE shipping 120 x 60 (in.) Customize Table Legs & Size

  3. Table & desk Systems

    LAGKAPTEN Table top, 120x60 cm £ 25 (171) More options available LINNMON / ADILS Table, 100x60 cm £ 35 (582) More options available LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, 140x60 cm £ 120 (88) More options available LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, 140x60 cm £ 190 (249) More options available LAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, 200x60 cm £ 65 (45) More options available

  4. LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, white, 120x60 cm

    LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, white, 120x60 cm Limited space doesn't mean you have to say no to studying or working from home. This desk takes up little floor space yet still has a drawer unit where you can store papers and other important things.

  5. Study Table 120x60

    Category All Results For "study table 120x60"

  6. Computer and study table

    Browse the IKEA range of computer and study tables for desks that make work and study more comfortable and productive. Skip to main content. Menu. End of search dropdown. Track order; Shopping list; Shopping cart; Offers & promotions; Even lower price ... More options LAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk 120x60 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8 ")

  7. Buy Tables Online

    Rs. 17,990 (117) More options LAGKAPTEN / ADILS Desk, 120x60 cm (47 1/4x23 5/8 ") Rs. 3,990 (131) More options +9 Top seller KNARREVIK Bedside table, 37x28 cm (14 5/8x11 ") Rs. 899 (726)

  8. Buy Tables & Desks Online

    $ 39. 90 More options LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, 120x60 cm $ 188 More options +6

  9. Amazon.com: Study Table

    Amazon.com: Study Table 1-48 of over 4,000 results for "study table" Results Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Overall Pick

  10. Buying Guide

    Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Study Table. 1. Evaluate the Study Table Size: Size is one of the most crucial factors to contemplate while selecting a study table for academic/work purposes. Use a study table with the right size that is enough to accommodate your study material or laptop. It is recommended that you have an estimate of ...

  11. LINNMON / ADILS Table, white, 100x60 cm (393/8x235/8")

    Add to bag. Mix and match your choice of table top and legs - or choose this ready-made combination. Strong and light-weight, made with a technique that uses less raw materials, reducing the impact on the environment. Delivery and assembly prices not included. Article number 092.464.08. Product details.

  12. Amazon.co.uk: table 120x60

    Select Your Cookie Preferences. We use cookies and similar tools that are necessary to enable you to make purchases, to enhance your shopping experiences and to ...

  13. IKEA Study Table 120x60

    Buy IKEA Study Table 120x60 in Singapore,Singapore. 1 x Table top 120x60cm 2 x legs - Like new, used for <1year - Selling to downsize the desk - You can buy another 2 legs for $10 at IKEA or connect the table top Chat to Buy

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    Many students and college-goers also use their tables to learn new hobbies such as arts and crafts which they develop into a lucrative career later in life. Upto 60% off on Study Tables. Shop from the range of Study Table designs online at low prices.0% EMI,Free Delivery,64 Stores Across India.

  15. Gustowe Large Writing Table in White Finish,

    > Study Tables > Writing Tables > Contemporary Writing Tables. Best Seller. View Similar Items . Roll over image to zoom in. Gustowe Large Writing Table in White Finish, Share. By bluewud . 5 (391 Sold) 109 People are Viewing this Product Right Now. MRP ₹5,449 . Offer price ₹3,649 [Retail Discount ₹1,800]

  16. 500+ Latest Study Table Designs for Students Online

    Study Tables Upto 55% OFF - Best collection of Solid wood study table designs for childrens & adults. Available in both with storage & without storage. Customization + Free shipping + Low-cost EMI. Find a Store - Enter Pincode. Pincode Apply Change. Express Delivery +91-9314444747 Track Order Help Center ...

  17. Mahmayi Modern MP1 120x60 Writing Study Table, With Drawers Attached

    Description for Mahmayi Modern MP1 120x60 Writing Study Table, With Drawers Attached and 51-1H Round Desktop Power Module, 1xUSB Slot & 1x Ethernet Utility Port, For Office Desk, Oak Brown | MP1-120-D-PM51-OAK Brand Mahmayi Shape Rectangular Product dimensions 60D x 120W x 75H centimeters ...

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    Free Study Table Photos. Photos 89.1K Videos 24K Users 1.6K. Filters. All Orientations. All Sizes. Previous123456Next. Download and use 80,000+ Study Table stock photos for free. Thousands of new images every day Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexels.

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    Tons of awesome study table wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite study table wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images

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