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Get Free Study Schedule Templates In Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides

Smart College Schedule - Study Schedules

Smart College Schedule

Simple Study Schedule - Study Schedules

Simple Study Schedule

Delicate Purple Study Schedules

Black & White Weekly Study Schedule

Purple Study Schedules

Hourly Study Schedule

Simple Yellowish Study Schedule

Study Schedule

Do you already have many unfinished school assignments? To prevent this from happening, you need a clear plan and schedule that will help optimize your efforts as much as possible. Only 20% of efforts give 80% of the result - this rule works in any area of ​​life. A schedule will help you choose the right task, set your priorities, and achieve your goals by completing any assignments. You should not waste your time writing down all the plans on pieces of paper or calendars that are constantly lost. But creating a convenient digital layout from scratch is another complex task. Especially if you don't have the advanced skills and experience of our template designers. So< you can use the study schedule template from our company and you will understand how easy it is to achieve your desired goal!

Our company provides free access to more than three thousand unique custom templates created from scratch by professional developers. Every day our website is visited by thousands of people who want to get the most out of their daily work with documents, flyers, business card designs, and many other tasks. Join the list of people who have found a suitable template on our platform now.

Benefits of Templates Available to Everyone

Our platform was created specifically so that you can simplify your work on any documents and layouts. There is no need to spend time creating a design from scratch or hire a professional designer who will charge a big sum for work. You can select one of the suitable unique printable study schedule templates ready to use and fill in with your current tasks. Add a list of classes to deal with, homework and notes you need in a well-structured template! What's more, we offer our services for free!

Free Layouts for Every Need

You can use the editable studying schedule template without registering, buying a subscription, watching long and annoying ads, and other unwanted monetization schemes. We work cleanly and openly, offering the most honest and easy-to-use service. So, all you have to do is click on the red "Edit Template" button located on the template page, and you will immediately receive a copy.

What can you do with a copy of a blank? You can customize it, print it, make any changes and fill it out. So, you will get the maximum freedom to use the template. And for this, we do not require anything in return! But, we will be glad if you decide to subscribe to our social media and support our platform! Also, share the link to our service with your friends, for whom it can make life easier.

Ever Growing Choice of Options

We make sure that you only choose from unique and high-quality options. So, our template for study schedules for students of colleges, schools, universities, and other educational institutions corresponds to all modern trends. Namely, you will get a modern design, the necessary structuring blocks for making notes and schedules, complete freedom of customization in Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides, and many other benefits.

Moreover, we add more than ten new options to the website every day. And if you want to get a unique template now, use the "Requests" section of our website!

Develop Good Habits

27 Free Study Plan Templates to Edit, Download, and Print

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.

Looking for a study plan template to improve your academic performance?

Today’s post features a collection of downloadable study plan examples that you can edit and print for personal use. The best part is that they’re all free.

Time management is one of the most challenging aspects of student life. You have your classes to keep track of, and you likely also have extracurricular activities to balance out the academics. You might also have a part-time job. Plus, there’s always your social life to attend to.

A study plan schedule is essential to make sure that you can learn everything in time and master the course material. So if you're not sure HOW this process works, then check out this proven 11-step process to create a study plan that works .

Okay, let's start by talking about the benefits of having a study plan and then we'll dive into the study plan templates you can use.

Table of Contents

The Benefits of Having a Study Plan

Study plans are an effective tool that show you how you spend your time.

You want to make sure that you’re setting aside a sufficient amount of time to study for tests, do your assignments, and complete your projects.

With the rise of online learning, study plans are more important than ever. Using them fosters self-discipline and accountability . It prevents procrastination and helps you develop better study habits , which usually translate to better grades.

To get started, here are three action pads and planner journals that can help you study:

  • BestSelf's Weekly Action Pad
  • Miliko A4 One Semester Study Planner/Organizer
  • PAPERIAN Believe TIME Tracker

And in the following article, you'll find 27 free study plan templates. These work great for students in elementary and middle school, as well as high school and college students, homeschoolers, and those attending online classes.

1. Study Planner with Reading List Template

study plan template | study plan template excel | study plan template word

Download the PDF

Are you in for week of intensive academic reading? Our very own Study Planner with Reading List template can help you organize your notes and thoughts and prioritize your schedule so you can stay on top of it all.

Use this template for each one of your subjects to write down your goals and important notes and list down all the materials you need to read so you don’t forget anything. This template comes in A4 size.

2. Study Planner and Schedule Template

study planner template google docs | study plan templates | study plan template monthly

If you’re a student who likes to plan out your day in advance, our Study Planner and Schedule template may come in handy. We’ve dedicated spaces for all of your subjects, an hourly schedule, deadlines, study goals, and important notes so you can see your day’s priorities in a glance. This template comes in A4 size.

3. Unit Study Plan

unit study plan | korean study planner pdf | study plan example

via Sugar, Spice & Glitter

Given the global situation in recent years, homeschooling has become increasingly popular. In many households, parents have become teachers for children who are forced to stay home and shelter in place.

These parents need tools to organize and keep track of lessons. This template works well for homeschoolers as a tracker for unit studies.

This study plan has a Montessori framework , featuring subjects such as:

  • Practical life

You can easily modify the titles of the boxes if you’re homeschooling but not using the Montessori model.

4. Black and White Study Planner

black and white study planner | monthly study schedule template | study template

via Flipping Pages With Lex

If you’re looking for a black-and-white themed study planner, you might want to give this sample a try. It has five columns featuring Date, Topic, Before, Completed, and After.

This template can be especially helpful if you’re studying chapters or units. It is also applicable for tracking homework and school projects.

5. Let's Study

This template features a minimalist design with a peach background. It comes with checkboxes, making it easier to keep track of your schoolwork.

The template has spaces allocated for Monday to Friday, as well as for the weekend.

If you’re looking for a straightforward template, the uncluttered look of this one might appeal to you.

6. Study Time Table

This timetable shows your schedule for the entire week on one page. It is helpful in reminding you about appointments, exams, or other important academic events.

It features a seven-day calendar, with time slots from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

To further help keep track of your schedule, this timetable comes with icons to specify the categories of your activities. Some of these icons include:

There is also space allocated near the bottom of the page for study notes.

7. Harry Potter-Inspired Daily Productivity Planner

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this productivity planner might appeal to you.

It features spaces for writing down your tasks, and lets you state how much time you’re allocating for a particular task and what particular subject the schedule is for. There is also a progress tracker for each task so you know how far or near it is to completion.

There are also two boxes on the lower half of the page where you can write down reminders and comments.

What really makes this a Harry Potter-themed planner is the quote found on the lower right-hand side of the page. The words of Professor Severus Snape remind this planner’s user that:

“ The mind is not a book to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by an invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing. ”

8. Blue and Yellow Schedule Printable

This printable planner is designed to help older school-age kids keep track of their schoolwork and develop good study habits.

It has a section where the schedule for the day can be written down, with hourly intervals. This is a great way to introduce kids to time blocking, which is a very helpful tool for productivity and organization.

Space is also designated for writing down daily to-dos, such as homework and chores. There are also spaces for a list of specific goals and notes (e.g., reminders and other important information).

9. Printable Student Planner Pages

If you’re looking for a planner that fits into your binder, this template is worth your attention. It contains all the features you need in order to keep track of assignments, upcoming tests, homework and project deadlines, and school activities.

There is sufficient space to write things down without forcing yourself to use very tiny letters. The planner pages are also undated, giving you flexibility when it comes to organizing your study schedule.

10. Weekly Assignments Printable

Need something to help you prioritize and keep track of assignments from different classes? This printable template is the perfect solution.

To help organize your weekly class assignments, this printable is divided into three major sections.

The first section features sufficient space for listing all your assignments from different classes. This section lets you identify assignments for specific classes and their due dates. If you’re done with an assignment, you can put a mark in the checkbox next to each item.

The template’s second section features a reminder box. Finally, the third section is a mini-calendar with boxes assigned for each day of the week. Here, you can write down important dates so you don’t miss a single deadline.

11. Study Session Planner

Exams coming up? Need a system to help boost your grades this semester?

This planner can help you out with clear-cut guidelines for an effective study routine. It’s full of features that not only enhance your productivity, but also ensure you develop solid study habits that you can use beyond your academic life.

This planner starts off with a checklist of things you need to prepare prior to studying, such as clearing your desk, ensuring that you’ll have minimal distractions, preparing study snacks, and finding music to help you concentrate.

It has space allocated for a list of your tasks, a hydration tracker (because being dehydrated makes it difficult to concentrate), and time management tracking (a Pomodoro ratio and procrastination list). Spaces are also designated to note post-study treats, achievements, and reflections.

12. Today’s Study Session Planner

This template is perfect if you’re looking for a planner to help you focus on studying for a particular subject. It features sections for listing three priorities during the session, topics to study (with checkboxes you can tick once done), and your goals for the day. There are also spaces dedicated for writing notes and indicating the total time studied. Finally, a mini-chart lets you track the number of study breaks taken during a session.

13. Homework Planner Pack

Perhaps you’re getting overwhelmed with the amount of homework and assignments given at school. This homework planner can be used for any grade level to help students organize their schedules, develop good study habits, and meet homework deadlines.

It features ample space where you can list all the upcoming homework, projects, and tests you have for the week, as well as a section where you can indicate due dates and dates of completion. This template comes in three different designs.

14. Pink Study Planner

If you’re looking for a planner that helps monitor your study hours and progress, here’s one that you might want to try. It has a pink theme with spaces assigned for the following:

  • Study progress
  • Study hours (expected and actual)
  • Today’s subject

To get good results in your study goals, make sure to use your planner consistently to organize and remind you about your schoolwork.

15. Study Timetable

A study timetable like this one can be a major lifesaver for students. It helps set routines that save energy and prevent stress when it comes to taking care of schoolwork.

This timetable is in landscape format with a Monday start and has spaces for plotting out your study schedule and other activities from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

16. Student Planner Pack

This student planner pack has everything you need to hone your good study habits. The pack contains eight types of study planners that keep you motivated, organized, and productive, whether you’re in high school at university.

These planners can be printed out in A4, A5, or letter size.

Some of the templates you’ll get in the pack include:

  • Weekly timetable
  • Assignment tracker
  • Goal-setting
  • Reading list

17. Printable Study Pack

Here is another study plan pack with 10 different planners to help streamline your studies and other academic activities.

The planners are undated for continuous use and feature a simple and elegant design so as not to distract the user from focusing on their studies. The following are included in the pack:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly study planners
  • 10-minute planner
  • Study plan worksheet
  • Study session tracker
  • Subject and chapter summary worksheets
  • Priority breakdown worksheet

These planners and worksheets are in landscape format and are downloadable in A4 size.

18. College Student Study Planner Printables

College life can be overwhelming. This set of planner printables is designed to give your academic schedule structure that minimizes overwhelm and increases success.

Some of the templates that will help you succeed include:

  • Study planner
  • Study checklist
  • Project planner
  • Exam timetable
  • Semester overview
  • Weekly and monthly calendars

19. The Ultimate College Planner

This set of templates has everything you need to stay on top of your academic life. Designed for college students, this set offers colorful templates and organizers for the following purposes:

  • Setting goals
  • Organizing class and extracurricular schedules
  • Improving study habits
  • Keeping track of important dates

Signing up for the newsletter gives you access to this printable planner set.

20. Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Planner

Homeschooling usually has a less rigid schedule than conventional education. However, a homeschooling schedule still needs structure so that homeschoolers can maximize their learning.

This homeschooling planner follows the Charlotte Mason methodology and provides ample space for planning out and organizing an entire year of homeschool.

The planner contains calendars, schedule charts that are especially useful for plotting out a study schedule, weekly spreads, subject notes, and more.

21. Exam Revision Planner

Studying for an exam? Here’s a planner that will help you ace that test.

This planner ensures that you are well-prepared for the exam by letting you break down everything that you need to study into manageable bits.

The PDF template comes in A4 size, which is downloadable in pink, purple, blue, gray, and black & white.

22. Minimalist Unit Study Planner

This template set helps you gain a deeper understanding of a topic/lesson, whether you’re studying or teaching it. It can be used in both homeschooling and conventional education environments to help explore a subject matter from different angles.

23. Semester Study Planner Template

This eight-page planner set is ideal if you’re looking for templates to help you organize your schedule and track your academic progress. It also comes with templates for time management.

The set has a teal color scheme, with features such as:

  • Syllabus study planner
  • Pomodoro planner
  • Checklist for getting organized
  • Concept confidence tracker

24. Undated Hourly Five-Day Study Planner

Keep track of your time and manage it well with these planners. You can add in the categories of your choice for your schedule (e.g., work, class, study area, etc.).

A 10-minute planner is found on the bottom half of the page to give you an overview of how you utilize your time each day. The planners come in five different colors, as well as in black & white.

25. Productive Academic Life

This study planner allows you to plot out your schedule for the day and specify the date and the day of the week.

There are spaces for you to write down the following:

26. Editable Student Planning Binder

This planner binder is designed especially for young students. It allows them to have a central place for assignments and other essential documents in class.

Some of the templates included in the 49-page binder are:

  • Study goals
  • Notes for the week
  • Important reminders
  • Weekly study planner

27. Daily Study Planner

This daily study planner helps manage daily schedules to maximize your study hours. In addition to the date, you can write your study time goal in hours and minutes, as well as the actual duration of time you spent studying.

It also features space for listing down tasks, with a column alongside each task where you can specify the amount of time (in hours and minutes) you need to complete it.

A time table is also provided, as well as spaces for indicating the subject/chapter/topic/ being studied, study materials, and some notes.

Final Thoughts About Using a Study Plan Template

There you have it—a collection of study plan samples to help you this school year.

So pick one that will best match your needs.

Keep in mind that, in order to reach your academic goals, it’s not just about filling out a student planner. It also involves your commitment to better study habits and embracing a time-management strategy that works for you.

When you have all these, you’ll be set to survive the semester. You may even have a more stellar academic performance.

If you need further resources about study plans and other tools to help in your academic life, check out the following posts:

  • The Study Plan Schedule Strategy (That Actually Works!)
  • 11 Good Study Habits to Better Understand Your Lessons
  • 9 Best Study & Academic Planners for Students
  • 14 Best Books on Learning and Building Great Study Habits
  • 20 Self-Education Habits to Educate Yourself on Anything

Never stop learning!

Finally, if you want to level up your productivity and time management skills, then watch this free video about the 9 productivity habits you can build at work .

study plan example | study plan template for scholarship | study plan template excel

Free study planner and class schedule sheets

Capture and track your daily goals, priorities, and deadlines with these beautiful, totally free, and customizable class schedules, exam countdown sheets, and study planner templates!

Free study planner and class schedule sheets

Here at Brainscape, the conviction that daily habits are the stepping stones to even the loftiest of goals—like graduating from school or college, running a four-minute mile, or writing your first novel—is so deeply coded into our thinking, there isn’t a team member among us who doesn’t make use of some kind of daily planner or habit building app. Actually, come to think of it, Brainscape itself is the ultimate study habit app!

But for those of you who are looking for customizable study planners , class schedules and exam countdown templates to easily capture your daily learning goals, priorities, and deadlines, we’ve got some really pretty Google Sheet templates you can copy and use, absolutely free of charge. You’ll find them below. Simply click on the design you like the look of and it’ll open that design in Google Sheets.

How to make your very own study planner with our templates

In the section below, click on the study planner preview you like (or all of them) and you’ll be magically teleported to Google Sheets. These templates are read-only because we don’t want anyone accidentally making any edits to them duh. To create your own copy (which you can then customize):

  • Click “File” and then…
  • In the drop-down menu, “Make a copy” 

How to make an editable copy of a Google Sheets template

  • Name your unique copy, and 
  • Choose where you want to save it: 

How to make an editable copy of a Google Sheets template 2

Now you’ll see all the usual editing tools available to you in Google Sheets and you can start editing! If you’re still struggling, this two-minute YouTube video PERFECTLY explains how to make an editable copy of a read-only template. (Thanks Rick Bray!)

And with that said, here are our free study planner templates!

Daily / study planner template 1

Free editable study planner templates in google sheets

Laid out in the beguiling rainbow colors of Brainscape’s confidence-based rating system, this totally customizable study planner breaks every hour of the day into 15 minutes, perfect for laying out finer-grained details of your daily commitments, classes, and goals. 

The template starts at 05:00 AM and ends at 22:30 PM but you can easily customize the start and end times based upon your own chronotype ( What’s a chronotype? ). This study planner can also be used as a daily schedule and is perfect for people of all ages and stages of their education or career!

Daily / study planner template 2

Free editable study planner templates in google sheets

For those of you who love the sweet dopamine spike of checking off the items you’ve successfully completed, you’ll love this daily study planner, which has even more customizable features. Within the sheet itself, you’ll notice a few fillable fields at the top that allow you to specify the:

  • Start time of your planner to coincide with your wake-up time or perhaps the time you arrive at school, college, or work, etc. It’s up to you!
  • Time intervals , whether you prefer to break your day down into 15, 30, or 60-minute time slots. (Just remember to write the actual number in minutes and not hours.)
  • Week start date , which’ll detail the day and date at the top of every column, saving you from having to write it out each week.

Daily / study planner template 3 (exam countdowns) 

If you’ve got a big exam coming up, these exam countdown schedules will help you break down all the work you need to do between now and your deadline. We’ve got study planners with two-week countdowns , three-week countdowns , one-month countdowns , and three-month countdowns for major exams that require a lot of time to prepare for!

A few things to remember:

  • The more specific you are with your daily study goals, the better; so make sure you detail the exact topic(s) or chapters you aim to cover each day and the specific study-related tasks you wish to accomplish, such as making notes, working through flashcards, practicing the Feynman Technique , etc.

(You might want to read this article on how to set SMART goals first!)

  • These templates are YOURS to customize! If you need more rows per day or more days in general, simply “insert row” (or copy and paste a few rows). If you need fewer, hit that “delete” button! You want your exam countdown schedule to correspond with the exact number of days you have left.
  • Make sure you schedule a couple of rest days —or at least additional cushion days—for those major exams that require long-haul study, like the MCAT or MBE. You don’t want a sick day or two to derail your entire study planner.
  • Read ‘ The best 22 test-taking strategies used by top students ’ to really equip yourself with the best toolbox for performing well in exams. 

Two-week exam countdown planner

Got finals coming up? Or a pretty big college test? This two-week exam countdown planner will help you plot your path towards success, even if you've got a ton of other work on your plate.

Free editable study planner templates in google sheets

Three-week exam countdown planner

For major high school and college assessments (like finals), this three-week exam countdown planner provides the perfect study runway to send you into that exam confident and fully prepared! It's also particularly useful if you find yourself so busy, you can only really spare 30 minutes to an hour per day to study!

Free editable study planner templates in google sheets

One-month exam countdown planner

For those big exams that require a full month to prepare—or for students who like to give themselves a longer runway with a whole lot less cramming—this one-month exam countdown planner is your template to success! (Think: NCLEX study planner)

Free editable study planner templates in google sheets

Three-month exam countdown planner

You're not messing about here! We're talking the MCAT or even the MBE... if you've got the biggest exam of your life barrelling towards you like an Earth-bound asteroid, this three-month exam countdown planner is the emergency NASA mission that'll help you plot your path to victory!

Free editable study planner templates in google sheets

Your next steps…

Charting out a road map toward your academic or professional goals is a powerfully motivating way to actually crush them. It gives you that 30,000-foot view over where you’re headed, which is why the team here at Brainscape is such a huge fan of using study planners, daily schedules, and exam countdown templates like the ones we’ve made for you!

Now that you’ve taken that first, essential step towards getting organized, the next thing you can do is equip yourself with a study tool that empowers you to learn TWICE as fast as the traditional study methods you may have been using until this point.

Yeah, I’m talking about adaptive digital flashcards!

Download the Brainscape app (free), head on over to our extensive library, and get the right flashcards for the subjects you’re studying . Schedule just 20-30 minutes of daily flashcard practice into your study planner, and I can just about guarantee that you’ll do better than pass your subjects and exams… you’ll crush them!

Flashcards for serious learners .

Edit an exam planner template

Study Plan Templates to Edit Online

Create a custom study planner template online to print. organize your study time in a weekly or monthly study calendar. pass exams organizing time.

Edit a  study plan timetable template  with free designs. Save time and forget about boring Excel layouts that drain your energy. Design calendars that will help you study better and with which you will be able to pass.

Cute study planner template to edit online

Edit a study schedule template to customize online

In discipline is the secret of all achievements! You just need perseverance and organization to achieve anything. Create a perfect and clear study planner online. In this way, every day you will know what you have to do: what steps you have to take to reach the goal you have set for yourself. There really is no challenge that is too big for you. Trust in daily work to achieve your goals!

With you can create this educational tool in a moment, without the need to use Photoshop, in a multitude of formats, horizontal or vertical, and with personalized designs on your work area with different options.

Best online Study Planner templates to edit 

A calendar to organize exams is an ideal tool for you to organize your time efficiently according to your possibilities and needs realistically. In this way you will originate in your life the long-awaited "orderly routine". The first week will cost you a bit, but you will see that in a short time it will provide you with a lot of peace of mind and stability to comply with the steps that you have set for yourself, in the future, to be very happy. There's nothing like going to sleep at night knowing you've done everything you need to do! With duty fulfilled!

With a weekly study calendar, made online with editable templates and in less than a minute, at you will determine the time available to study the different subjects in the hours that make up the day. You can specify the subjects to study at all times, the objectives and the necessary breaks to rest your eyes and mind. These schedules will help you not to procrastinate.

Editable exam study planner printable

How to customize a study calendar template with

Look how easy it is!

  • Click on a calendar to plan studies or enter the editor to start one from scratch.
  • Select the design that you like the most.
  • Edit the study planner template with the texts and elements you want. You will not find limits when it comes to personalizing.
  • Save your work. That way, if you want to make updates or changes, you won't have to start the design from scratch.
  • Download the result in JPG, PNG or PDF to print in high resolution or download digitally.

At we help teachers and students around the world every day with the best collection of custom templates for schools: from preschool classes to universities. We have all your needs covered. Like a schoolboy in love we never stop thinking about you! For example, check out these templates to motivate students and teachers .

Daily study timetable for students template

Download a free study plan template for students

Creating a calendar to plan studies with and organizing exams and passing them is as easy as breathing.

You can create a study plan, which will appear to be made by an expert team of design professionals. However, you can do it yourself from your study room or the most comfortable sofa in your house, using any of your devices (phone, tablet, laptop...) since the entire process is online and intuitive.

You can even design a Korean study planner! Because you never know when you have to go to Korea to live :D

Without the need to download any design App and as easy as typing in a Word document, you can edit our pre-designs according to your tastes and needs. Try adding a photo of your loved ones to the calendar (or of a vacation spot you'll go to after exams. See how it motivates you! The process is so much fun... Check it out!

Enter now in the graphic editor of study planner and download in less than a minute the calendar that will help you achieve success in your studies!

See editable study timetable templates

Edit an exam planner template

Book & eBook Covers

Free printable table of contents template

Table of Contents

Customizable monthly planner designs

Monthly Planners

Diplomas and certificates

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Study Planner and Timetable Template

Online study planner.

A weekly study timetable is essential to be an organised university, college or high-school student, particularly when you are a busy online learner.

We suggest you use the study timetable template above (or similar) to help organise your week. Simple is best.

  • You can fill in the timetable in Microsoft Word (it's editable) or just with a pen or pencil.
  • Tip: It's best to start with fixed commitments.

But there's more to study planning than a timetable. A complete study plan also contains goals and strategies to make your study efforts work. The extra elements are essential for studying online.

What is an online study plan?

An online study plan is a structured schedule for students. It details study times and contains learning goals.

University, college and HSC students should create a schedule where certain days and times are allocated to study and nothing else. Developing a study plan not only helps you to be organised, but it also makes you accountable for learning outcomes.

As an online student, a study plan is vital. You need to have the  discipline and persistence  to do your studies. External students don't get energy from face-to-face interactions with teachers and peers.

How do I plan my studies?

The aim in study planning is to create a tool to help you navigate your course efficiently. The plan is personal to you and must reflect your study methods and lifestyle.

To create a study plan, a good starting point is to reflect on how your time is spent and prioritise what is important. Study time needs to fit into your schedule. But you should aim to study when you are well rested and mentally alert.

A habit that most outstanding students get into is to establish some sort of study goal before or at the beginning of each study session. Having a goal boosts motivation, makes you accountable and ensures you keep making progress.

Being realistic about what you can accomplish is also important. For example, allocating very large chunks of time to online study might end up having a demoralising effect. Study plans need balance. There should be rewards (e.g. free time) after you achieve study goals.

Steps to create a study plan

  • Assess your current schedule . A good starting point is to assess how you currently spend your time. This will help identify how much time is available for study. You might also find activities that waste time and can be cut.
  • Construct a timetable . To prepare a timetable, start by blocking out times where there are commitments. Then you can start allocating time for important things, including your course. To succeed at online study, you need to set aside a good number of hours for each course. Your timetable needs to leave room for extra study (in case you need it) and, of course, time for yourself.
  • Set study goals . You can do this formally or just spend some time thinking about it. Good students set long term and short term goals. A longer term goal (for a course) might be to complete all readings and exercises before entering the exam period. A short term goal might be to work solidly for the next hour before you take a break.
  • Establish good habits . A study plan works best if it is followed consistently. It helps to start well early on and build great habits. These help carry you through during any periods when you might be busy, tired or just down on motivation.

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Stacy Tyrone

Hello, my name is Stacy. This is my first time creating a study plan. I’m currently working on it because I work full-time, have football practice during the week, and games on Saturdays. I can see now that I definitely will be using this study plan. Thanks again.

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Kendra Cook

this will most definitely help with my day to day planning. I’m a single mom of three boys so planning will need to be a part of my everyday life.

' src=

This plan will come in handy, thank you for sharing.

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Necoll Davis

This is my first time doing this. Thank you for this study plan. This pkan is what i do 5 days a week. on the weekends i left blank because its no telling what my family or friends have plan for me.

' src=

Angela Huckel

I work really well with a solid plan when I have a lot of commitments to balance and having a visual plan is the most effective reminder.

' src=

Deborah Burbage

This is my first attempt at on line learning ,my computer skills are minimal.My job is caring for my elderly parents in there home.I believe a study schedule plan will help motivate me into achieving set goals in a certain time frame.

' src=

Esiteri Tulevu

thank you for this study plan idea, i Hope to get an example of a typical study plan to draw ideas from regarding creating my own study plan. Thank you in advance

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study timetable template doc

Study Timetable Template for Students

Do you want to balance your daily routine? Use this free study timetable template to manage your daily activities.

This timetable template is perfect for adults and kids. You can also create a to do list with this timetable template.

Also, Check: Fun Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids

Click the timetable below to download.

Best Study Timetable Template for Students - Weekly planner for kids - timetable template

Check out all of our timetable templates and daily planners here .

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Here’s the Best Study Routine (Day & Night with Sample Schedule)

Let’s face it: your search history is probably filled with queries like “best study techniques” or “how to focus better.” Most of what you find is either too generic or not tailored to your learning style. We’re here to offer something more substantial — a scientifically-backed guide to crafting the best study routine. Let’s dive in!

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  • First Name First

Table of Contents

How to Make a Study Routine

  • Sample Study Routines (Day & Night)

Best Techniques for Your Study Routine

Creating an effective study routine isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Here’s a breakdown to help you tailor a study routine to your unique schedule and academic needs.

  • Evaluate your schedule: Before building your study routine, closely examine your daily schedule and commitments. When do your classes start and end? Do you have any extracurricular activities? Do you have to work after class? By understanding your daily schedule, you can create a more personalized study routine.
  • Set realistic goals: Have you ever told yourself that you’d finish reading 10 chapters of your textbook in a single all-nighter? You’re not alone in falling into this lie countless times. That’s why breaking down larger academic goals into smaller, achievable tasks is a must. You need to be able to set specific and realistic goals for each study session.
  • Plan study blocks: After being honest with yourself about your goals, decide how many hours a day you would dedicate to studying. It could be as short or as long as you want — as long as you guarantee that you can maximize your study time. The quality of your learning is more important than the quantity or amount of hours you put into studying!
  • Create a distraction-free environment: Spending 10 hours studying is useless if it’s broken up scrolling through social media. Because of this, it is important to minimize distractions during your study sessions. You can do this by finding a quiet, clutter-free space where you can concentrate fully. Turn off your phone and use website blockers like Cold Turkey to maximize productivity.
  • Organize your study materials : A well-organized set of resources can save you time and stress. Check out our post on the best Notion templates for students for some inspiration.
  • Prioritize sleep and schedule: Studying is important, but so is your physical health! Your cognitive abilities are directly linked to your wellbeing. Make sure you get enough sleep and fit in some physical activity to keep your mind sharp.
  • Stay consistent: If you start committing to your planned study schedule as much as possible, it’ll eventually become second nature and make it quicker to dive into a state of deep focus every time.
  • Be flexible: Life happens, and things don’t always go as planned — and that’s okay! It just means that your routine might need adjustments from time to time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and learn to adapt to changes in your schedule. If you accidentally missed a study session, relax and just pick up where you left off.

Sample Study Routines to Follow

Morning & afternoon study routine.

If you’re an early riser who enjoys soaking up the morning sun, a daytime study routine is perfect for you. Studying in the morning has the added advantage of being in line with our natural body clock since alertness is at its peak in the morning and early afternoon.

Here’s a sample schedule that you can follow:

  • 5:30 AM – 6:15 AM: Rise and shine! Kick-start your day with a healthy breakfast. You can also try to engage in a short meditation or stretching session to feel more awake.
  • 6:15 AM – 6:30 AM: Grab a pen and paper or your digital notepad so that you can set your study goals for the day and specific tasks you need to accomplish.
  • 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM: Time to exercise! You can do any form of physical activity, from light cardio (like walking) to lifting weights in the gym.
  • 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM: First study block (or attend your classes). Start your timer: 25-minute study with a 5-minute break, repeat 4x, then a long break — or use a timer that automatically does it for you .
  • 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Take an extended break. Stretch, grab a snack, and breathe some fresh air. Look away from your screen to minimize eye strain.
  • 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Second study block (or attend your classes). Start your timer and finish another full Pomodoro session (25-minute study with a 5-minute break, repeat 4x, then a long break).
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Lunch break! This is the perfect time to refuel your body with nourishing food and prep for your afternoon study session.
  • 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM : Third study block (or attend your classes). Don’t forget to use techniques like active recall and mind mapping (more on that below) to reinforce the concepts you learned in the morning.
  • 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM: Time for another extended break. Why not walk to a nearby café for a change of scenery, or go to a virtual café ?
  • 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM: Final study block (or attend your classes). Use this final session to consolidate your learning and list areas requiring further attention.
  • 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM: Free time! Reward yourself by unwinding and relaxing after a productive day. Pursue your hobbies, spend time with friends and family, or watch a movie .
  • 9:30 PM – 5:30 AM: Get a good night’s rest to feel fully recharged the next day!

Nighttime Study Routine

Not everyone is made for a daytime study routine. You might just feel more productive at night, or maybe you’ve got daytime commitments like a job or other extracurricular activities. If you’re a night owl and not an early riser, give this sample nighttime study routine a whirl:

  • 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Boost your energy with a late-day workout. This will help set your mood for your upcoming study session.
  • 6:00 PM – 6:15 PM: Grab a pen and paper or your digital notepad to set your study goals for the night and specific tasks you need to accomplish.
  • 6:15 PM – 8:15 PM: First study block. Start your timer and finish a full Pomodoro session (25-minute study with a 5-minute break, repeat 4x, then a long break). Try starting with lighter subjects first to ease yourself into the night.
  • 8:15 PM – 9:00 PM: Dinner time! Have a nutritious meal to fuel yourself for the long night ahead.
  • 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM: Second study block. Start your timer and finish another full Pomodoro session.
  • 11:00 PM – 11:30 PM: Take an extended break. You can even take a power nap if you want to. Just make sure to set an alarm to avoid oversleeping!
  • 11:30 PM – 1:30 AM: Third study block. Start your timer and finish another full Pomodoro session. Try switching to a different subject to keep things interesting!
  • 1:30 AM – 2:00 AM: Relax and recharge for a while. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and have a light snack if you want to.
  • 2:00 AM – 4:00 AM: Final study block. Review the material you studied during the whole night. Why not try to use the Feynman technique to test your learning? (check it out below)
  • 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Go to bed and make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Make sure to turn off your devices and create a relaxing bedtime routine.
  • 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Time to wake up! Sustain your body’s needs by eating your first meal of the day.
  • 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Free time! Ideally, you should engage in activities to help unwind and clear your mind. You should also eat your second meal of the day during this period.

With a general framework in place and some sample routines to try, let’s explore some scientifically-backed techniques to enhance your study routine.

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a time-tested and community favorite strategy that breaks your study time into 25 minute intervals, followed by short breaks. It helps your brain stay focused and reduces fatigue.

Luckily, you can use dedicated free Pomodoro-focused tools like Flocus to automatically switch between study and break periods instead of winding up a manual timer for each interval.

Don’t know what to do during your study breaks? Here are some Pomodoro break ideas . Also, if you think that the Pomodoro technique isn’t for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best Pomodoro alternatives to try.

Active Recall

Active recall beats passive learning hands down. Instead of simply reading through material, this method challenges you to recall information from memory. In fact, passive learning is considered one of the least effective study methods. Active recall may be challenging to get used to at first, but the amount of retained information you’ll get will make the process worth it! When it comes to active recall, nothing beats the use of flashcards — whether handwritten or created using digital apps such as Anki .

Mind Mapping

If you are visual person, then this strategy is perfect for you. Mind mapping is a visual technique that helps you organize and understand complex information. Basically, it’s creating a map of your thoughts! Start with a central idea and then let it branch out by adding related subtopics and ideas. Feel free to add colors and images to make it even more memorable and effective. Just the process of creating the mind map itself already helps you solidify your understanding of the topic.

Feynman Technique

This technique, inspired by the learning approach of renowned physicist Richard Feynman, involves breaking down complex ideas into simpler terms — as if you’re teaching a concept to a total beginner. While doing this, you’ll probably identify gaps in your knowledge and better understand the topic. Generally, if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Ultimately, the best study routine is the one that fits your unique lifestyle. Experiment with different schedules and see what works best for you. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, consistency and dedication are the keys to academic success. Take time to craft your best study routine, and you’ll be acing your exams in no time!

What is the best study routine and schedule for you? Any other study techniques you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Free Google Sheets Scheduling Templates

By Kate Eby | January 25, 2021 (updated September 28, 2023)

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Google Sheets scheduling templates provide a structured framework that can save anyone time and effort. We’ve collected the most useful, fully editable templates with collaborative features that enable seamless sharing and real-time updates. Download one of these templates to streamline the scheduling process, improve organization, and enhance productivity.

Included on this page, you'll find many helpful Google Sheets scheduling templates, including a work schedule Google Sheets template , a student schedule Google Sheets template , a construction schedule Google Sheets template , an employee schedule Google Sheets template , and more. Plus, find tips on how to make a schedule in Google Sheets .

Basic Weekly Schedule Google Sheets Template

Weekly Schedule Template

Download a Basic Weekly Schedule Template for

Google Sheets | Smartsheet

Use this basic weekly schedule template to effectively manage your weekly schedule and ensure timely project completion. Enter date and time details for your activities, including the schedule start time, time interval (e.g., 30 minutes), and week start date. Share this editable template with team members and clients, and conveniently save it to your Google Drive account.

Work Schedule Google Sheets Template

Work Schedule Template

Download a Work Schedule Template for

This work schedule template is designed for managers, employees, and teams that need to proactively log and track individuals’ work schedules. Enter the beginning date of the week, company name, department, employee name, work assigned, and hours worked for each day. Employee hours will auto-tally in a totals column. You can include the sum in the total number of hours worked by all employees. This all-in-one, customizable work schedule template helps keep team members apprised of other employees’ schedules, and managers up to date on their employees’ schedules and hours worked. 

Daily Calendar Google Sheets Template

Daily Calendar Template

Download the Daily Calendar Google Sheets Template for Google Sheets

Optimize your daily planning with this daily calendar Google Sheets template. Effectively visualize your day, efficiently manage and organize your activities, and provide a shareable schedule that can be accessed from anywhere. Simply input your daily schedule, including appointments, tasks, and events, into the calendar. This template serves as an excellent solution for organizing and managing your daily activities, helping you stay on top of your schedule.

Monthly Schedule Google Sheets Template 

2023 Monthly Schedule Google Sheets Template

Download the 2023 Monthly Schedule Google Template for Google Sheets  Download the 2024 Monthly Schedule Google Template for Google Sheets

Enhance your month-by-month organization, time-management, and collaboration with this Google Sheets monthly schedule template. Enter your schedule details, such as tasks, appointments, and meetings, for the desired duration. Differentiate specific days, events, or date-ranges by color-coding them in your monthly schedule. This dynamic template is available in year-specific versions, offering flexibility and convenience in planning your monthly activities.

Project Schedule Google Sheets Template

Project Schedule Template

Download the Project Schedule Template for

Use this project schedule template to keep tabs on your project’s timelines, milestones, and deliverables. This template comes pre-built with columns for phase title, start date, end date, duration, and schedule details. Find ample space to add notes related to budget, resources, risks, and issues. Easily track all delivery dates with an auto-populated, color-coded Gantt chart based on individual timeline start and end dates. A project schedule template can help ensure that all stakeholders are kept apprised of progress. 

Construction Schedule Google Sheets Template

Construction Schedule Template

Download the Construction Schedule Template for

Keep your construction projects running on time and within budget with this streamlined construction schedule template. The template includes columns for recording project-specific work breakdown structure (WBS) numbers, task names, start and end dates, task durations, and percentages complete. Share the Google Sheets template with stakeholders, vendors, and clients to keep them in the loop. Use this template to ensure each construction-related task is scheduled accurately and moves you toward the larger construction goals.

Daily Schedule Google Sheets Template

study timetable template doc

Download the Daily Schedule Template for

Use this easy-to-fill daily schedule template to proactively schedule and complete tasks in a timely manner. This day-by-day schedule enables you to track the smallest of tasks during any given day. Use the weekly view to keep apprised of what you achieved in prior days and what you have scheduled for the remainder of the week. 

Employee Schedule Google Sheets Template

Employee Schedule Template

Download the Employee Schedule Template for

Track employee work hours and labor costs with this comprehensive employee schedule template. Enter employee ID, name, and hour-by-hour duties, resulting in an auto-tally of total hours worked. This streamlined employee schedule template is the perfect scheduling tool to keep team members apprised of any updates and to help you meet deadlines. 

Student Schedule Google Sheets Template

Student Schedule Template

Download the Student Schedule Template for

Plan your weekly school schedule with this easy-to-fill student schedule template. Track class times, extracurricular activities and any other details related to your busy schedule as a student. Merge cells across 15-minute increments of time for class durations and any other related scheduling information to ensure you keep apprised of required student-related activities and meet all deadlines. 

24-Hour Schedule Google Sheets Template

24-Hour Schedule Google Sheets Template

Download the 24-Hour Schedule Template for Google Sheets

Use this all-purpose 24-hour schedule to schedule any activity or task that falls within a 24-hour period. This schedule breaks each 24-hour day into 15-minute intervals and provides ample space for daily task details, as well as any relevant notes. Organize your work, home, and leisure tasks and goals with this comprehensive, versatile 24-hour schedule template.

Daily Planner With Task List Google Sheets Template

Daily Planner with Task List Template Google Sheets

Download the Daily Planner With Task List Template for Google Sheets

Improve your daily task organization, enhance time management, and boost productivity using this Google Sheets daily planner template. Simply enter your tasks for each day, prioritize your top items, and track your progress as you complete each task. The template also provides sections to note various items to do, people to connect with, places to visit, and things to leave for another day, enabling comprehensive task management and planning.

How to Make a Schedule in Google Sheets

To create a Google Sheets schedule, open an existing template in Google Sheets, edit the template with your specific schedule information, such as dates, tasks, and durations, and then save or share the modified schedule with your team or stakeholders.

Follow these steps to create an effective weekly schedule using the weekly schedule template for Google Sheets:

1. Download the Weekly Schedule Template for Google Sheets

  • Download the weekly schedule template for Google Sheets .
  • Duplicate the file ( File > Make a copy ), and save it to the appropriate folder on your Google Drive.

2. Define Goals and Assess Time 

  • Determine your weekly goals and priorities before filling out the schedule. 
  • Evaluate your available time, including work or school hours, personal commitments, and recurring activities.

3. Configure the Schedule

  • Locate the Schedule Start Time field in cell G4. Click on the arrow next to the cell to open the dropdown list.
  • From the dropdown list, select the desired start time for your schedule. Click on the appropriate time option.
  • Locate the Time Interval field in cell H4, and repeat the previous step by clicking on the arrow next to the cell to open the dropdown list.
  • From the dropdown list, select the desired time interval for your schedule. For example, choose 60 MIN to divide days into one-hour increments or 15 MIN for 15-minute increments. The template will automatically update to reflect this selection. 

google sheets schedule start time time interval

4. Organize Tasks in Your Schedule 

  • Compile a comprehensive list of your tasks, appointments, and activities.
  • Click on the cell corresponding to the desired time slot, and type in the activity or task name, such as “Dog Park Meet-Up” or “Daily Product Meeting.”


5. Regularly Review and Revise Your Schedule 

  • Review and update your schedule at regular intervals, making necessary modifications to ensure it remains effective and accurate.
  • Apply productivity techniques such as time blocking, prioritization, and task batching. Time blocking involves dedicating specific blocks of time to focused work on specific tasks or activities. Prioritization ensures that important tasks receive the proper attention they deserve.

Crafting an efficient Google Sheets schedule involves thoughtful planning and consideration of personal priorities. Design a well-balanced weekly schedule that guides your productivity without being overly restrictive. Stay flexible and adaptable, making necessary modifications to ensure a balanced and successful week.

Related Schedule Templates 

There are various schedule template types available, each catering to specific needs, such as weekly planning, equipment management, loan tracking, marketing planning, project scheduling, and more. Schedule templates can greatly assist in organizing tasks, enhancing productivity, and streamlining processes.

Check out these additional schedule templates to help you organize your time, tasks, and commitments and increase your productivity: 

  • Weekly Schedule Templates: Try one of these free Google Sheets weekly schedule templates to effectively plan and allocate your time, enhancing organization, prioritization, and productivity throughout the week.
  • Daily Schedule Templates: Explore this selection of free Google Sheets daily schedule templates designed to assist you in effectively planning and organizing your day, promoting productivity and efficient time management.
  • Google Calendar Templates: Optimize your schedule, appointments, and events with one of these free Google Calendar templates , which offer easy access, reminders, and seamless synchronization across devices.
  • Equipment Schedule Templates: See these free equipment schedule templates for efficient management and tracking of equipment usage, maintenance, and availability, ensuring optimal utilization, preventing scheduling conflicts, and minimizing downtime.
  • Amortization Schedule Templates: Check out one of these free amortization schedule templates to help you accurately track and plan your loan payments, leading to more informed financial decision-making.
  • Payment Templates: Use one of these free payment templates to maintain a comprehensive record of your payments, ensuring accurate tracking, organization, and easy reference for effective financial management.
  • Marketing Calendar Templates: Streamline your marketing activities, campaigns, and deadlines with one of these free Google Sheets marketing calendar templates , which enable structured planning, collaboration, and effective execution for individuals and businesses.
  • Project Calendar Templates: Plan, track, and manage various project tasks, milestones, and deadlines with one of these free project schedule templates , which help ensure better coordination, progress monitoring, and successful project completion.

Streamline, Customize, and Share Schedules with Smartsheet

Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. 

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.  Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Schedule, track, and visualize tasks within every phase of your project with Smartsheet.

  • Business Templates
  • Sample Timetables

FREE 9+ Sample Study Timetable Templates in PDF | MS Word

sample study timetable

Students need to follow a timetable or a sample schedule for studying. Following a timetable or schedule helps them to make use of the time in a better way. Teachers suggest following timetable to students during examinations. However, this process of studying can be followed throughout the year. To organize your studying sessions at home, you need to create a perfect timetable. To create a perfect timetable, you can consider downloading Daily Timetable Samples . Using samples for online study planner helps students to stay organized with their studies.

Study Timetable

Sample timetable - 8+ documents in pdf, excel, sample weekly timetable - 7+ documents in pdf, word, sample daily timetable - 7+ documents in pdf, study time table pdf.

study timetable template

  • Google Docs

Time Table Chart For Study

study timetable chart template

Study Timetable Template Free Download

weekly study timetable

Size: 40 KB Download

Studying timetable can be crafted in different formats. It can be hourly based or day based or even weekly based. This is a weekly based on study timetable format for you.

Timetable For Study For A student At Home

sample home study timetable

Size: 11 KB Download

Although we follow a fixed schedule templates or routine for studying at school, for studying at home, students often stay unorganized. Create your timetable for studying at home and make better use of time.

Exam Timetable Template PDF

sample exam study timetable

Size: 217 KB Download

Examination time is really crucial for every student. This is the time management when you need to organize your study schedules so that all the studied chapters can be revised well. Create an exam time timetable with this sample.

Study Timetable For Students

student study timetable sample

Size: 500 KB Download

Blank Study Timetable Template

sample blank study timetable

Size: 78 KB Download

Printable Study Timetable

preparing study timetable

Size: 46 KB Download

High School Study Timetable Template

school study timetable sample

Size: 235 KB Download

Best Study Time Table PDF

sample study timetable

Size: 30 KB Download

Uses and Purposes Creating of Study Timetable

The process of learning should be systematic, and this is why schools give stress on creating studying sessions or schedules for the students. Though we follow schedules or routines for studying at school, we often stay unorganized at home. We do not maintain any studying schedule at home, and as a result, we fail to miss important deadlines or assignment submission dates. Moreover, preparations during examination remain incomplete as we do not follow study timetables or schedules. This is why creating a timetable or schedule for studying at home is important for every student. It helps in learning better with efficient sample time management as well.

Who should use Study Timetable Samples?

We all understand the importance of having timetables for studying, but we tend to ignore creating a timetable for studying at home. One of the main reasons for failing to create a timetable at home is the lack of knowledge or expertise in creating a timetable. In fact, it is not at all easy to craft a timetable. Different kinds of timetables could be there, starting from Weekly Timetables and ending to hourly studying timetables. You need to understand your requirement first. Once you know the need for creating a timetable, you can follow some online samples to craft your own timetable. You can easily download these samples.

Benefits of using Studying Timetable Samples

Using timetable for studying is always beneficial as it helps you to follow a proper schedule for studying. Following the right schedule helps prepare better for the next examination. Moreover, due to better time management, you will get enough free time for your hobbies or other entertainment stuff. Creating a study timetable is a difficult job, and you have to be careful with its format. Formats of the Sample Timetables vary, as per needs and convenience of the students. The best way of creating a timetable is downloading online samples. Online samples or templates will save your time and make the final output useful as well as accurate.

If you are failing to manage or organize your studying sessions at home properly, then using revision timetable for studying is recommended to you. Timetable can be created before examinations for revising the important chapters of books. They can also be created to follow a strict and proper schedule so that more time on studying can be given.

What is the best time table to study?

The best study timetable varies by individual preferences and commitments, but typically involves consistent, well-spaced study sessions, with breaks and active recall techniques to enhance learning and retention.

Which schedule is best for study?

The best study schedule is one tailored to your personal preferences and peak productivity hours. It should include regular, focused study sessions, breaks, and a balance between subjects or topics.

How do I create a study timetable?

To create a study timetable, identify your goals, prioritize subjects or topics, allocate specific time slots for study, factor in breaks, and remain flexible to adjust as needed for effectiveness.

What makes a good study schedule?

A good study schedule is well-structured, balanced, realistic, and tailored to your goals and preferences. It should allow for regular, focused study sessions with breaks and adaptability.

Which time is not best for study?

Late at night or very early in the morning may not be the best times for study for most people due to reduced alertness and fatigue. It varies by individual.

In conclusion, this study timetable is a personalized roadmap for efficient and effective learning. By adhering to this schedule, you optimize time management, maintain focus, and promote a balanced approach to academics. Regularly revisiting and adjusting this timetable ensures sustained productivity and sets the foundation for academic success.

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How Do You Use a Weekly Schedule Planner?

Using a weekly agenda is one of the easiest methods for time and task management. It helps to stay organized and keep track of all projects and responsibilities.

A weekly calendar can have many different forms and applications:

  • Class schedule template for teachers and students to keep a record of homework assignments, daily class schedule, and class times.
  • A planner for those who want to improve productivity, keep track of task lists, and establish a daily routine.
  • The work schedule for employees, usually in the form of timesheets , for keeping track of employee shifts and create a coherent shift schedule.
  • Professional planner templates for creatives and agencies responsible for organizing events.
  • Agenda for conferences or meetings .
  • A simple template for household chores.
  • Traditional calendars with sections organized in a monthly order with a daily planner; or traditional digital calendar templates.
  • Appointment schedule for logging upcoming events, personal or whole family appointments.

The weekly schedule template is easy to use. It has a simple structure of a table divided into three or more columns — the name of a task, day of the week, and duration of the task with due dates.

You can use it to record the progress of work, track time , make notes of important events, plan and schedule meetings and add any information you need to organize time.

You simply enter all the information in the columns and adjust it to your preferences. You can personalize it in many ways. It may look like a calendar or more like an advanced table. It’s a flexible system that can have many configurations.

👉 Check also our  daily schedule templates

How Do You Make a Weekly Schedule Template?

Creating a printable weekly schedule is not difficult. You can either do it yourself in  graphic design software  or use the one-page free templates available online. A convenient planner template is a good way to save time and plan ahead.

The easiest way to create a free weekly schedule template is to use Word and Excel . You can do it by creating columns for different entries, depending on what you want to use your template for. It should include the date and name of the tasks. You can make it for a five day week or Sunday through Monday.

But you can also add such items as project , team members who work with you on a project , appointments and people you meet with, time spent on a task, personal information, and anything you need.

In other words, you can personalize your weekly calendar as you wish. It can be a simple weekly schedule or a complex, creative template.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend time creating a weekly planner, you can choose one of the templates prepared by other people. Such templates are fully compatible with Word and Microsoft Excel, and most other tools.

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What Are The Best Calendar Schedule Templates?

On the internet, you can find a broad array of free planner templates. To help you find the best weekly planner template, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list. Here, you can find free blank weekly schedules for everyone:

  • Professionals working in various industries.
  • Students and academics who need a class schedule template.
  • Employees who need a simple and transparent college schedule to plan work week.
  • Project managers and leaders who need to plan ahead the entire week for all team members.
  • Freelancers to have a work calendar for personal use.
  • Field workers.
  • People who want to improve productivity.
  • Those who need a simple weekly planner for personal use.

There are different options for a weekly planner suitable for everyone, even for the picky ones. Take a look at our list of the best free weekly planner templates and choose the one you like most!

1) TimeCamp – FREE automatic weekly schedule

Using a schedule template is an effective form of time management. But counting the time necessary to spend on particular tasks isn’t. Especially, if you bill your clients by hours. That’s where  automatic time tracking software comes in handy.

timesheet timecamp

With TimeCamp you can automate and optimize work. Thanks to precise time tracking you know exactly how much time you have to dedicate to every task and project.

It’s also a good employee schedule tool that helps to plan the work of the entire team. You can see how and when people work, you can manage attendance and make sure things are going the right way.

TimeCamp is an automated  time tracker  that offers many advanced features that are helpful in organizing time and work:

  • Automatic time tracking  (also records websites/apps usage and other activities for easier timesheet filling). The feature assigns time entries to specific tasks. Stop using a  time tracking spreadsheet  and save time on tracking.
  • Timesheets with approvals (and the ability to export timesheets to Excel and Google spreadsheet); you can also download and print your reports.
  • Built-in and customizable templates of performance reports.
  • Project tree structure with advanced time categorization (tags and notes).
  • Billable and non-billable  rates.
  • Budgeting and invoicing to help you collaborate with clients.
  • Monitoring productive and unproductive activities.
  • Integrations  with the most popular productivity apps, communication software. project management software,  CRM , and many, many more
  • GPS feature (suitable for field workers).
  • A free plan for unlimited users
  • Project, tasks, subtasks, and tags allow you to easily follow your to-do list for every week.
  • Available for desktop or mobile device so you can access it from any place in the world.

2) Calendarpedia

Calendarpedia weekly schedule template

Calendarpedia is a website with weekly calendars, planners, templates, schedule layouts and dates of all public holidays. It’s a fantastic resource of calendars of all types – yearly, monthly, weekly, weekly schedules, split year calendars, school and academic calendars, and many, many more .

Each weekly template is fully customizable. Every week is on an individual, separately printable page – one for every whole and partial week of a given year. You can use the templates for personal and business needs.

Also, you can find weekly schedule templates designed specifically for Australia, Canada, or the UK. They include all the dates of holidays, Christian and religion-related festivals, and other special days.

On Calendarpedia you will find every type of template you need to organize your work and time to better coordinate week.

Weekly schedule templates available for :

  • Microsoft Word format
  • Libre Office
  • Google Docs
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office mobile for iPad/iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile

3) Microsoft Schedule Templates

Microsoft weekly schedule template

If you’re looking for a weekly planner template straight from Microsoft , make sure to check their  depository of free templates . It’s a good solution for avid users of Microsoft.

These planners can be easily adjusted to your needs — you can change colors, the setup, and add as many entries to the week view as you want. It’s most suitable for simple weekly planning for homework of a college student, chores, and straightforward workload management.

Additionally, Microsoft offers thousands of various templates to print in categories such as  business cards, calendars, invoices, agendas, business plans, financial management, memos, and many more. 

Together with the printable weekly schedule templates, it can create a database of all the important information that will help you plan even the most complicated projects and manage them in a transparent way.

Microsoft Word offers simple solutions while Excel lets you create advanced formulas that are helpful for analytics and problem-solving.

Weekly templates available to print for :

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Compatible with Google Docs, OpenOffice, LibreOffice

4) Creative Templates from Canva

Canva weekly schedule template

If you’re more of  a creative person , especially a girl, a businesswoman or simply like original solutions, you will definitely find something interesting in Canva’s collection of over 1K templates.

Canva offers a selection of customizable, stylish weekly schedule planners to print that’ll get you motivated. You can choose from a variety of schedule layouts for different purposes – you can use them to plan a meal, meetings, business agenda, weekly work schedule and anything you like.

Canva’s templates perfectly fit in just one page and the daily agenda lets you see your plans and goals at a glance with transparent layouts.

To use weekly schedules, you need to sign up for Canva.

5) OnPlanners – Printable Weekly Planner Templates

OnPlanners weekly shcedule template

OnPlanners is a website with thousands of free planners. Every printable template has different planning pages and layouts. You can customize them as you want, download them, and print. What’s more, they have all the important elements a good  weekly schedule  template should have, such as  goals, reminders, events, priorities, and weekly to-do lists .

If you need more than a weekly timetable, you can look around the website to find something of interest. There are numerous weekly calendars, monthly planners, and many more. Check all agenda layouts and choose your favorite!

6) Pinterest – printable weekly planner

Pinterest weekly schedule template

You can find everything on Pinterest , beginning from funny memes to a weekly planner.

They are available in different layouts and you can choose from all the categories. You can find bullet journals, minimalist templates, hourly templates, a weekly planner in the form of a whiteboard, templates for work, family, and students, weekly schedule templates for employees, simple and complex planners, vertical work schedules, timesheets for Excel, black and white or colorful planners.

Everything you want in any type of format. There’s plenty to choose from!

7) Weekly Schedule Template for Google Docs

Google Docs weekly planner

Google Docs offers calendar templates for those who prefer to plan work and tasks online. It’s best if you get a template from an external website rather than directly from Google, since the options are limited. There are plenty of choices available on the internet. Just search for schedule layouts for Google Docs.

Also, in G Suite Marketplace you can find many useful  add-ons to tweak your template .

If you prefer, you can  create your own calendar in Google Docs . It’s an analog process to creating a template in Microsoft Word and Excel. You can later download your free weekly schedule template and use it in Word or Excel.

Google Docs templates are also compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Libre Office, and OpenOffice. You can easily print them.

8) Weekly Calendar Templates from Smartsheeet

Smartsheet weekly template

Smartsheet , a project management tool, created 15 free weekly templates to help you assign tasks to appropriate time periods. These are simple solutions that allow you to keep track of anything you want – tasks, projects, and appointments. You can also create a to-do list, and set and monitor goals.

They fit on one page so you get a transparent view of your weekly agenda or make a weekly summary of the work week.

Smartsheets templates are available for Excel, Word, and PDF format, for Google Docs, and directly in the Smartsheet app. You can easily pick a weekly planner for your company to print.

9) Findmyshift – employee schedule template

findmyshift weekly schedule template

If you need an employee schedule template, you may find Findmyshift solution suitable. It’s a simple weekly planner for teams that managers can customize and print.

You can see the schedule in employee view or facility view. This template also offers  smallish features to customize it  — add employees, invite guests, add a message to the notice board to communicate with employees and colleagues, add time off and requests, send messages, and even see reports for budget, hours, time off, shifts, and more.

You can also set more detailed options in settings. Additionally, you can upload your template, customize it, and print it for your team.

To Wrap It Up

A calendar or weekly time schedule is a great form of time management. It helps you stay perfectly organized during the entire week, from Monday to Sunday. You can also use it as a reporting system that’ll help you monitor work progress and run errands.

Or you can choose an  automatic schedule planner  to save time and money and prepare a perfect weekly time plan with notes with your personalized work calendar. We hope our guide helped you find your favorite way to create a weekly time management schedule.

Happy planning!

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