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IELTS Writing Task 2: How To Answer Problem/ Cause & Solution Questions To Reach Band 9

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Problem/ Cause & Solution Writing Task 2

When answering an IELTS Writing Task 2 problem/ cause and solution question you need to think of one or more problems (often two is good), and then give one or two solutions. You can group the problems in one paragraph and the solutions in one paragraph, or you can combine them, with a problem and solution together in each paragraph. It works really well if you have a main general idea for each paragraph which you can divide into two sub-ideas. In my plans below I’ll describe the problems in one paragraph and the solutions in another.

To begin with, think about your main ideas for the essay. The main idea is the general idea, and the sub-ideas go into more detail. In this kind of essay, your main idea 1 is about the problem, while main idea 2 is about the solution.

Basic Problem/Cause & Solution Task Plan:

Main idea 1: problem/ cause:.

Sub-idea A: Problem/ Cause 1

Sub-idea B : Problem/ Cause 2

Main Idea 2: Solution:

Sub-idea A: Solution 1

Sub-idea B : Solution 2

Next, I’ll show you a detailed plan on how to structure the problem/ solution essay with links to articles which have more information.

Detailed Task Plan:


Paraphrase question

Summarise main ideas 1 & 2

For more information on writing introductions click here

Body Paragraph 1 (Problem):

Topic Sentence: Summarise main idea 1. You may want to use “owing to ”/ “as a result of”/ “due to ” to give the reason for the problem. (see Giving Reasons/ Causes vocabulary below).

Introduce Sub-idea A: Describe the problem in one or two sentences.

Expand Sub-idea A: Write one or two sentences that explain/ support sub-idea A - say why or how it happens and/ or give an example. (see Giving Examples vocabulary below)

Result Statement: Explain the results of the problem. (see Results vocabulary below)

Introduce Sub-idea B: Use “Furthermore”, “In addition”, or “Moreover” and then describe the problem.

Expand Sub-idea B (as above)

Result Statement (as above)

For more information on writing essay body paragraphs click here

Body Paragraph 2 (Solution):

Topic Sentence: Summarise main idea 2 clearly. Use phrases such as “One solution is”/ “In order to address this problem”, etc. (see Proposing Solutions vocabulary below)

Introduce Sub-idea A: Describe the solution in one or two sentences.

Expand Sub-idea A: Write one or two sentences that explain/ support sub-idea A - say why or how it solves the problem and/ or give an example.

Result Statement: Explain the expected results of the solution. You can use the 2nd conditional here e.g. “This would lead to” . For more information on 2nd conditionals click here

Introduce Sub-idea B: Use “Furthermore”, “In addition”, or “Moreover”, and then describe the solution.


Summarise main ideas 1 & 2: Begin with “In conclusion”/ “To conclude”/ “To summarise”/ “In summary”. Avoid repeating vocabulary. Use synonyms and parallel expressions.

Useful Vocabulary:

Below you’ll find the useful vocabulary that will help you when you write your problem/ cause and solution IELTS essay.

Giving Reasons/ Causes:

As a result of

…is a major cause of

....is a source of

...can contribute greatly to

…is the underlying cause of

The main cause of ………… is

….is due to

...are (important/ major) factors in

Giving Examples:

To give an example,

Suppose, for instance, that

As an example,

Good examples include

For instance,

For example,

This would lead to/ This leads to

This would mean that/ This means that

As a result


As a consequence

By doing this

This will provide

In this way

A consequence of this is

This will create a situation where

This makes it

Proposing Solutions:

One solution to this problem is

In order to address this problem

In order to do this

It would be a good idea if

…should be encouraged to

Steps should be taken to

...should take measures to

The problem can be fixed by

So what does this essay look like in full? Keep reading below:

Problem/ Cause and Solution Task Example:

It is generally agreed that family relationships are not as close as they were in the past.

Explain why you think this has happened and suggest how family relationships could be made closer.

Essay Plan:

Main Idea 1: Changes in society make it harder to maintain close relationships

Sub-idea A: People are more likely to move to another area or city

Sub-idea B: People have very busy lives so have less time for family

Main Idea 2: People should make more effort to foster family relationships

Sub-idea A: People should meet up with family members more often

Sub-idea B: We can take advantage of modern communication technology

Now we have the main and sub-ideas for the essay, we are ready to write it.

Paraphrase question:

It is commonly thought that families are not as close-knit as they were previously.

Summarise main ideas 1 & 2: In my opinion this could be the result of changes in society that have made it harder for people to spend quality time with family members. In order to address this problem, it’s important that people make more effort to stay in touch with family, and they can leverage modern communication devices and applications to do this.

Topic Sentence:

As a result of various changes in society it is much harder for people to maintain close ties with their families than previously.

Introduce Sub-idea A:

For one, in the past, people tended to live very near relatives during their whole lives, whereas in today’s world this is not the case.

Expand Sub-idea A:

These days, people are more mobile and regularly move to different cities or even countries in order to find a better job, take advantage of better education or for some other opportunity.

Result Statement:

This makes it more difficult to socialise with relatives and therefore more difficult to maintain close relationships.

Introduce Sub-idea B:

Furthermore, people’s lives are busier today than they were in the past.

Expand Sub-idea B:

We have a plethora of work and personal responsibilities, not to mention all of the recreational and personal development opportunities now available.

This means that it is even harder to find time for family. People are often only able to focus on providing for their nuclear family, at the expense of bonds with siblings, cousins and other family members.

One solution to the problems causing weakening family relationships is for people to prioritise their family members and make more effort to foster family relationships.

People should get together with relatives more frequently and spend more quality time together.

For example, they could organise a weekly meal together, or a regular family day out.

As a consequence of these activities, family members would become closer.

Moreover, even if a person lives far away from their relatives, in the modern world we have a myriad of technologies which enable us to stay in touch with them.

Be it on Skype, Messenger, or any similar application, people can message and speak to their siblings, parents or others quickly and cheaply.

By doing this, people who live far apart from their family members would still be able to remain close with them.

In conclusion, changes in society have made it harder for people to maintain strong family bonds. However, if we make a little more effort, and take advantage of the communication technologies now available, there’s no reason why we can’t maintain close relationships with our families.

Finally, if we put it all together, we get a model essay for a problem/ cause and solution IELTS writing task 2.

Model Answer:

It is commonly thought that families are not as close-knit as they were previously. In my opinion this could be the result of changes in society that have made it harder for people to spend quality time with family members. In order to address this problem, it’s important that people make more effort to stay in touch with family, and they can leverage modern communication devices and applications to do this.

As a result of various changes in society it is much harder for people to maintain close ties with their families than previously. For one, in the past, people tended to live very near relatives during their whole lives, whereas in today’s world this is not the case. These days, people are more mobile and regularly move to different cities or even countries in order to find a better job, take advantage of better education or for some other opportunity. This makes it more difficult to socialise with relatives and therefore more difficult to maintain close relationships. Furthermore, people’s lives are busier today than they were in the past. We have a plethora of work and personal responsibilities, not to mention all of the recreational and personal development opportunities now available. This means that it is even harder to find time for family. People are often only able to focus on providing for their nuclear family, at the expense of bonds with siblings, cousins and other family members.

One solution to the problems causing weakening family relationships is for people to prioritise their family members and make more effort to foster family relationships. People should get together with relatives more frequently and spend more quality time together. For example, they could organise a weekly meal together, or a regular family day out. As a consequence of these activities, family members would become closer. Moreover, even if a person lives far away from their relatives, in the modern world we have a myriad of technologies which enable us to stay in touch with them. Be it on Skype, Messenger, or any similar application, people can message and speak to their siblings, parents or others quickly and cheaply. By doing this, people who live far apart from their family members would still be able to remain close with them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found that helpful!

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IELTS Problem and Solution Writing Samples Band 9

Today many people frequently change their jobs. what problems does it create how to solve them, "children are facing more pressures nowadays from academic, social and commercial perspectives. what are the causes of these pressures and what measures should be taken to reduce these pressures, there is too much noise in many public places in cities. what are the causes of this problem what can be done to solve the problem, transport delays and long journey times are a widespread phenomenon in many cities today. what are the causes of this problem, and how could the situation be improved, nowadays many people complain that they have difficulties getting enough sleep. what problems can lack of sleep cause what can be done about lack of sleep, the increase in the production of consumer goods results in damage to the natural environment. what are the causes of this what can be done to solve this problem, nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. in what ways has technology affected the types of relationships that people make has this been a positive or negative development, today, many people do not know their neighbors in large cities. what problems does this cause what can be done about this, recent research suggested that the majority of criminals who are sent to prison commit crimes after they are released. what is this the case what can be done to solve this problem, in the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. what problems will this cause for individuals and society suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations., today, the quality of life in large cities are decreasing, what are the main causes and it's solutions, countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment but population and education as well. what problems will your country face in the next ten years how can these problems be overcome, an increasing number of children have become hooked on fast food and aerated drinks that do not provide much nutrition. this poor diet has led to a rise in obesity among children. what are the problems that are associated with obesity in children and what steps could be taken to prevent it, the world is experiencing a dramatic increase in population. this is causing problems not only for the poor in undeveloped countries but also for industrialized and developing nations. describe some of the problems that overpopulation causes, and suggest at least one possible solution., in some countries an increasing number of people are suffering from health problems as a result of eating too much fast food. it is therefore necessary for governments to improve a higher tax on this kind of food., more and more people are relying on the private car as their major means of transportation. describe some of the problems over-reliance on cars can cause, and suggest at least one possible solution., developed countries have created many environmental problems in the world, particularly in their contribution to global warming. why is global warming a problem what can be done to reduce the dangers of global warming, research shows that global warming is caused by human activity. what are the possible effects of climate change and what can governments and individuals do to reduce these, in recent years some countries have experienced very rapid economic development. this has resulted in much higher standards of living in urban areas but not in the countryside. this situation may bring some problems for the country as whole. what are these problems how might they be reduced.

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IELTS Task 2- Problem Solution Essay


This article explains and shows you how to reach a band 9 on your writing task 2 with a problem and solution essay. In my library of IELTS content, you will find articles on all of the task 2 essay types.

What is the problem solution essay?

The problem solution essay can be the hardest for many students. This can be due to how the question is worded. Generally you will be asked to discuss the problem and solution. But you may be asked to discuss the cause and solution and the solution only.

What's the difference between a problem, cause and solution?

Problem - I arrived at the wrong restaurant even though I had put the address into Google maps

Cause - I didn't check the postcode and discovered there was more than one 'Luigi's'

Solution - Next time I will be sure to check the correct post-code is entered to avoid arriving at the wrong destination

What is the essay structure?

As with any essay structure, you need an opening, the middle where you address the question in more depth, and the conclusion. But let's apply a more specific structure. You would have seen this in other essay posts I have written, so this should be somewhat familiar.


  • Paraphrase the question
  • State 1 key problem/cause and related solution

P aragraph 1 – Problem or Cause

  • Topic sentence – state the problem or cause
  • Explanation – explain the problem or cause

P aragraph 2 – Solution

  • Topic sentence – state the solution
  • Explanation – explain the solution
  • Summarise the key points

How many problems/cause should I write about?

This depends on how quickly you can write. If you can fit two in, which will result in a 350-400 word response then this is fine. Using one main problem/cause and developing your idea is also fine. With any of the essay types, it's always imperative to develop your ideas. So be sure to do this irrespective of the number of ideas.

Writing task 2 example

Let's use an example question to see how you can answer this question with a band 9 score. This question is a problem and solution essay.

The internet has transformed the way information is distributed and consumed, but it has also created problems that prior to this, did not exist.

What are the most serious problems associated with the internet and what solutions can you suggest?

We have our structure in mind but planning is always part of writing. The structure above is something you should memorise. Then use a table like below and structure your ideas down in five minutes.

You can put this into a table if it helps to remember or simply create the titles and jot down your ideas.

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Writing task 2 example, in full

Since the boom of the internet in the 1990's, it has since changed how we consume and share information. In particular, the last decade has seen significant changes in how we use the internet, and our relationship with it. Although serious problems have arisen and continue to do so, there are solutions.

One of the first problems with the internet and arguably, the most worrisome, is the ease with which children can access sites with dangerous and harmful content. For example, pornography sites are easily accessible to them because they can claim to be an adult and have free rein thereafter. The lack of security in this corner of the web means that children are being exposed to content that is far beyond their emotional and cognitive understanding. Undoubtedly, this would affect their thoughts and damage how they otherwise see the world, people and relationships. It could damage their ability of forming their own understanding of sexual relationships as they grow up and mature. Such behaviour could be imitated and potentially harmful to others, and therefore negatively impacting society.

Another serious problem is the growth of online fraud and hacking. With such a wealth of our personal data online and the sophistication of hackers, our data is subject to theft. Whilst there are protective measures online and this issue is often in news stories, this issue is on the rise and has become an incredibly rich industry with hackers that can surpass online security. Even government and state conglomerates have been attacked. Take for example the 2017 NHS cyber attack. Proving that even those deemed safe and ostensibly with great power, are still susceptible to online criminals. From what is reported in the news, it seems as though regardless of status, background, or employment, we can all fall victim to the online hands of criminals.

It is important that action is taken to directly combat these problems. Firstly, Governments should ensure that adequate legislation is in place that will prevent young people from accessing dangerous sites. Clearly the current measures are not enough to protect children online. As well as this, companies dedicated to online protection should be doing more to create stricter, appropriate entries to such sites. Protection can also come from home. Parents should monitor their children whilst online and restrict access to certain sites. Fortunately this is now easier than ever and parents can control what their children consume. Similarly, the government should create stricter legislation around cyber security. Individual companies must also improve their onsite IT security systems to make fraud and hacking much more difficult and virtually impossible. Companies could collaborate on this and those operating within the same field, such as finance, could come together to create more successful online barriers.

To conclude, the internet is an incredible technological tool that has changed people's lives and brought them opportunities, connections, and much happiness but it is not without negative and genuinely harmful impacts. With the right action, especially by governments and business, alongside individuals, it can be a safe place for everyone.

Identify where the structure has been applied

  • How many problems are discussed?
  • What are they?
  • What language is used to initiate discussion of the problems?
  • How are the problems explained further?
  • What solutions are discussed for each problem?

Read my example and highlight with a different colour 1-5 within the body of the text.

Practice tips

Time yourself:

You have 40 minutes in the exam to write your 250 word answer. When first starting, give yourself 50 minutes. Each time you practice, shave off five minutes and see how you can meet the word count in ideally 30 minutes. It's always good to have time left over to proofread your response.

The need to know language for the problem and cause question:

  • Problem – issues, resulting, situation, obstacle, drawback
  • Cause – reasons, why, source, root, basis, origin
  • Solution – deal with, addressed, tackled, remedied, improved, measures taken, solved, prevent

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IELTS Problem-Solution Essay: A Proven Band 9 Strategy

Alcohol abuse is becoming more and more common in many countries.

What are the reasons of the problems it causes? What are some of the possible solutions?           

A Complete Response

It is often argued that the over usage of alcohol has become increasingly common in different countries. Though various chronic diseases are arising from excessive drinking, people are unlikely to restrain from it because of the belief that alcohol releases stress. However, a proper rehabilitation can be the most effective measure to address this issue. The following paragraphs are going to elucidate the idea in detail.

Most of the people resort to alcohol to avail a sigh of relief from an emotional shock or distress. Usually, unmet expectation, exhaustive workplace environment, inter-personal and familial difficulties etc. might push them into this traumatic stage. In fact, the established notion that drinking alcohol can give a relaxation creates an unreal expectation in people’s mind, which lead them to keep drinking beyond the standard limit, resulting in deadly chronic diseases like high blood pressure, liver and colon cancer etc. In spite of all these serious potential threats, people tend to value their current pleasure and eventually immerse themselves into drinks, aiming to find a momentary release from the stress of daily life. This is how inevitable anxiety breeds and motivates people towards an excessive alcoholism

However, a proper rehabilitation could be an effective mechanism to address this issue. In other words, critically alcohol addict patients should be treated in specialized medical care centers where specially trained physicians would be all-time guide for them. The reason behind this suggestion is that such sickness cannot be cured by the person himself, a team of professionals is required to overcome it. To clarify, a study conducted by the Ministry of Health in Lebanon revealed that 70% of alcohol addicts succeeded to quit this negative habit with the help of dedicated physicians. Therefore, rehabilitation is the most effective measure for the alcoholics.

In conclusion, stress is the main reason behind alcohol abuses, and a continuous care under physicians would be the most suitable solution to be enforced and abided by to combat this challenge.

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IELTS Band 9 sample essay

Band 9 Sample answers are useful as study guides for IELTS preparation for the IELTS Writing Task 2 essay – especially for a band 9 IELTS essay. Having access to previously completed work that you can have confidence in will show you what you are missing!

Take a look at these sample task 2 essay questions to help you prepare for your exam.

Use the following IELTS sample essay and its explanations to see how close you are to a band 9 in your IELTS writing essay!

Evaluation Criteria

Get your IELTS essay evaluated online (free)

Examples of Band 9 Essays

IELTS Writing Task 2 Essay Sample Question and Answer(1)

Why is this IELTS Essay a Band 9?

5 Tips for a Band 9 IELTS Essay

Sample IELTS Writing Task 2 Question and Answer(2)

Sample IELTS Writing Task 2 Question and Answer (3)

Useful Definitions of Advanced Vocabulary Used

Video: Band 9 EX-IELTS Examiner Essay Review

Sample 19 IELTS Essays and 240 Task 2 Essay Questions Ebook

Video: Useful IELTS Essay Writing Tip

Audio Resources

Additional IELTS Resources

IELTS essay task 2: evaluation criteria

IELTS writing tests are evaluated across 4 areas when your band score is calculated:

  • Task achievement  – To what extent does the examinee address all parts of the task with a fully developed position, inclusive of fully extended and well supported ideas?
  • Coherence and cohesion  – Does the candidate logically organise the information and ideas? Is the entire essay cohesive with a logical progression of ideas?
  • Lexical resource  – To what extent does the examinee use a wide range of vocabulary with accuracy? Do they demonstrate sophistication regarding the use of lexical items?
  • Grammatical range and accuracy  – Does the examinee use a range of grammatical structures accurately? Examples of these can be the use of complex sentences with sophisticated clauses instead of simple sentences with a repetitive structure:

Example : Students cannot use phones. They affect development > students are not allowed to use mobile phones in class due to possible distractions.

The British Council (the administrator of the IELTS) outlines 9 different bands of performance for each of the above dimensions here. Your scores in each of these dimensions are averaged to determine your overall band for your essay.

Let's take a look at an example essay that scored as band 9 and then we'll dig into each of these four areas to see why it received that score. It's very important to understand what the IELTS examiner is looking for.

These four criteria are used in our new online essay checker that gives you an estimated band score (free).

IELTS essay sample question (1)

Doing an enjoyable activity with a child can develop better skills and more creativity than reading. To what extent do you agree? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.

IELTS sample essay answer (1)

Parents throughout the world place spend time reading with their offspring to prepare them for school where their literacy skills are further developed; however, recent research suggests that focusing on reading at an early age can be detrimental, and participating in fun activities would be far more beneficial. I am a strong advocate of this approach, and the benefits of it will be covered in this essay.

A fundamental reason for this is that there is no biological age for reading, and pushing infants to acquire this skill before they are ready could have repercussions. For example, in the UK, many boys are reluctant readers, possibly because of being forced to read, and this turned them off reading. By focusing on other activities and developing other skills such as creativity and imagination, when they are ready to read, they usually acquire this skill rapidly.

In addition, the importance of encouraging creativity and developing a child's imagination must be acknowledged. Through play, youngsters develop social and cognitive skills, for example, they are more likely to learn vocabulary through context rather than learning it from a book.

Furthermore, play allows youngsters to mature emotionally, and gain self-confidence. There is no scientific research which suggests reading at a young age is essential for a child's development, moreover, evidence suggests the reverse is true. In Finland, early years' education focuses on playing.

Reading is only encouraged if a child shows an interest in developing this skill. This self-directed approach certainly does not result in Finnish school leavers falling behind their foreign counterparts. In fact, Finland was ranked the sixth-best in the world in terms of reading.

Despite being a supporter of this non-reading approach, I strongly recommend incorporating bedtime stories into a child's daily routine. However, reading as a regular daytime activity should be swapped for something which allows the child to develop other skills.

Why is this essay a band 9?

Task achievement.

According to the IELTS Writing Band Descriptors, an essay is Band 9 for Task Achievement if it:

  • Fully addresses  all parts of the task
  • Presents a  fully developed  position in answer to the question with relevant, fully extended and well supported ideas.

In order to score well on Task Achievement, the most important thing is  to make sure you respond to what is being asked of you . Is the prompt asking for an opinion, a discussion of a problem, a solution to a problem, or some combination of these? If you provide an opinion and not a solution when you're being asked for a solution, you're not going to score well in this area. Read the question carefully!

The prompt for this essay asks:  “To what extent do you agree [with the previous statement]? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.”  It wants an opinion – with support!

This essay addresses all parts of this task. The opinion is included in the introduction to make the writer's position clear, and then the following paragraphs support the writer's position with examples and justifications. Overall, the response is full and relevant and each of the points is detailed and connected to the thesis.

Coherence and cohesion

Think of this as “How well does the essay flow? Is it easy to follow and does it all tie together?” The exact characteristics for a Band 9 C&C score are that an essay:

  • Uses cohesion in such a way that it attracts no attention
  • Skilfully manages paragraphing

Note the specific wording “it attracts no attention.” The goal here is for things to sound natural and not forced. How do you connect your ideas (ensure cohesion) without it sounding forced? I think there are 2 possible ways:

  • Explain your ideas in a logical order so that you don't need many linking words . This is probably what you do when writing in your own language.
  • Use easy linking words like and, but, also, firstly, secondly, finally, for example. These are so common that they attract almost no attention.

This IELTS Sample essay does a good job of this – you'll notice that each paragraph naturally (logically) follows the one prior, providing additional support for the original opinion, and some simple linking words –  in addition, furthermore  (both paragraph 2) and  moreover  (paragraph 3) – are used throughout. These are all good discourse markers that show what is coming next adds to the argument and are slightly more sophisticated than firstly, secondly, and thirdly but don't come across as being forced.

The other aspect to scoring high in C&C is ensuring an essay is well-structured. What do I mean by that? A well-structured essay has a good introduction, body paragraphs that are easy to follow and connect with one another, and a good conclusion. Each body paragraph should also have its own topic sentence and support and then smoothly transition to the next paragraph.

Our sample IELTS essay has a “simple but good” introduction in which it shows that the examinee has knowledge of the topic and clearly states the writer's position to set up the rest of the essay. The paragraphs all have topic sentences, which are then supported by examples, and are easy to follow. The main body and conclusion relate back to the thesis in the introduction.

A note on conclusions…  there are two schools of thought when it comes to how to conclude an IELTS essay. One is to conclude with one simple sentence so that you spend more time perfecting your main body paragraphs. The other is to wrap up with two sentences, once which includes a small prediction (ie, how you think things might turn out) as a way to show the examiner that you know how to correctly use another tense (which will help boost your GR&A score – more on that in a minute). Either is fine, just don't forget your conclusion!

Taking time to plan out and organise your response  before  you start writing is an extremely important step in scoring well in Coherence and Cohesion for your IELTS essay – make sure you do so to ensure your essay is well structured and reads cohesively when you're done!

Lexical resource

Scoring well in the  Lexical Resource  dimension is all about (correctly) showing off your vocabulary. The description for a Band 9 here is:

  • Uses a wide range of vocabulary with very natural and sophisticated control of lexical features, rare minor errors occur only as ‘slips'

Collocations,  topic-specific  vocabulary  and  phrasal  verbs  are the name of the game here. To score well, an examinee needs to show that they have a wide-ranging vocabulary and they know how to use it.

Our sample essay does a solid job of showing off a  range of vocabulary  – you'll notice that while the essay frequently refers to children, the writer employs different vocabulary ( infants, youngsters, offspring, counterparts ) to do so.

Note : it is highly likely that you will need to refer to people/children in your IELTS Writing task 2 , so make sure that you have lots of different words to use to refer to them.

IELTS examiners do not like to see the words  “people,” “children”  over and over again! The same goes for the word “ important ” – make sure you have plenty of alternative phrases ( essential  and  vital  are both used in our sample essay).

Other examples of a  wide-ranging vocabulary  in our essay include using  rapidly  in place of  quickly ,  mature  instead of develop,  repercussions  to indicate a negative result, and  acquire  in place of learn.

Our sample essay also does a good job of using  collocations  – some examples include  “fundamental reason,” “reluctant readers” “social and cognitive skills,” “learn vocabulary through context,”  and  “strongly recommend.”

The correct use of  phrasal  verbs  also demonstrates one's grasp of English – because of the semantics involved, they are sometimes one of the most difficult things for English language learners to master. Our essay writer correctly uses a few of these including “ turned them off”  and  “falling behind .”

One note here: students preparing for the IELTS  often ask if they should use  idioms  (like “you're barking up the wrong tree”) in their essays to further demonstrate their grasp of the language. In my opinion, no, you shouldn't. Idioms are informal by nature and not appropriate for a written essay of this type. Stick with demonstrating your range of vocabulary and your ability to use phrasal  verbs  correctly!

Grammatical range and accuracy

The final scoring dimension is related to grammar and grammatical structures – do you know them and can you correctly use them?

The Band 9 description for grammatical range and accuracy :

  • Uses a wide range of structures with full flexibility and accuracy; rare minor errors occur only as slips

Note that there is nothing in the scoring criteria about including specific tenses or sentence constructions. Your main objective should be to reduce the number of mistakes that you make. An essay that contains no mistakes is likely to get a 9 for grammar, regardless of the types of sentence that it may or may not contain.

If there is a nice mix of long and short sentences in your IELTS essays, you'll meet the grammar requirements. Remember, as soon as you write a “long” sentence you are naturally going to use connectives (linking words), which will make the sentence ‘compound' or ‘complex'. So, don't think too much about the grammar – just aim to reduce the number of mistakes that you make, and try to include a few longer sentences.

Some examples from the sample essay that illustrate the writer's grammatical range and help it easily score as a band 9 include:

  • appropriate uses of modal verbs in the passive voice:  “are further developed,” “will be covered,” “must be acknowledged,” “should be swapped.”
  • “ to focus on ” is correctly followed by an -ing form
  • However  is used correctly with a semicolon before it and a comma after
  • “ because of ,” “rather than,” and are correctly followed by -ing verbs

5 Tips for an IELTS writing task 2 band 9 essay

1. answer what is being asked.

Make sure you read the prompt carefully and answer the essay questions you’re being asked. I can’t emphasise this enough. In order to score well on Task Achievement, you need to appropriately and fully address the task.

2. Plan your work, work your plan.

Plan out your essay before you start writing. What are your main points? What order are you going to make them in? How do they link together? Having a well organised essay is key scoring high marks for Coherence and Cohesion. Many IELTS test-takers will spend up to 10 minutes planning out their essay before they start writing. A few points to keep in mind:

  • Your essay should have 4-5 paragraphs in total and at least 250 words
  • Plan your supporting points so that they don’t go off-topic

3. Write, review, re-write

Write your essay, review it and then “rewrite” it. Don’t focus on getting things perfect upfront – you don’t want to waste 15 minutes trying to come up with the perfect synonym for something and then not have enough time to finish your full essay! Write your essay first (an unwritten essay won’t score well at all!) and then go back through it to see how you can improve it. Some essay questions to ask yourself at this stage:

  • Are there places where you can swap out stronger words for weaker ones in order to improve your Lexical Resource score?
  • Are there places where you can phrase things differently in order to illustrate your Grammatical Range?

4. Where are you falling?

To pass with a Band 9 the reality is you need two sets of skills:

  • Exam skills
  • Language skills

What are exam skills?

Can you plan an effective essay? Quickly? Ideally between 3-5 minutes.

Can you think of enough ideas and examples to put in the essay plan?

Firstly you need to discover which of these skills you need. To do this you get feedback, either from an online IELTS essay checker or for more detailed feedback you can use our IELTS essay correction service .

The main goal is to find out which part of the essay writing process is costing you the most amount of time, points or stress.

Personally, the easiest and fastest way to get these skills is to do an online course specialised in training students with these skills. Here is a good course for that.

5. Better language skills?

A lot of students fail the  IELTS exam or end up with a band in their IELTS writing test that does not meet their requirements. Also, a significant number of students look to Google to search for “IELTS Writing tips” or “Task two tips”. These tips might be helpful but sometimes the real problem might just be in their general language or writing skills.

Writing error-free perfect sentences is probably much more challenging than students think, especially under exam conditions i.e in 40 minutes with immense pressure to pass. These can result in often mixed outcomes with both positive or negative development occurring at one and the same time.

One of the most important ways to improve language skills is to receive feedback. This can be by asking someone to review written work and will expose the positive or negative development mentioned earlier. This is very common and not something that is a negative issue overall.

Have a look at our essay correction service that will review your essays for you and help you improve and pass the IELTS test.

Here is a checklist of what is needed for reaching Band 9, it includes what the examiner wants to see, and what to do to write at a Band 9 level.

Sample IELTS writing task 2 question (2)

Today, the quality of life in large cities is decreasing. Discuss the causes and solutions.

IELTS writing task 2: essay sample answer (2)

The global phenomenon of urbanisation from the beginning of industrialisation to the present day has brought opportunity and prosperity, albeit at a cost in the quality of life. With an increasing city population, the complexity of the challenges also increases for the globe as well as the local community. Therefore, the causes and effects of these on the current generation, as well as possible solutions are outlined below.

The causes for the decrease in the quality of life are paradoxically the prosperity endowed on such metropolitan centres. Their growth is largely due to the increase of opportunities on offer, which in turn increases their attractiveness, essentially they are trapped in a positive self-reinforcing cycle. While such developments have a positive impact on immediate economic objectives, it perpetuates behaviours that can have a negative impact in the long term.

However, this eventually leads to a decrease in the quality of life as the city can experience overcrowding, exorbitant property prices, and increased vulnerability to terrorist attacks. For example, the density of London makes it a more efficient place to attack, when compared to a smaller city such as Bradford.

Therefore, due to continuous growth and prosperity, urban citizens, especially the less well off, often experience a lower standard of living. Even greater than this, are the relevant examples of natural disasters such as recent fires in Australia, which brought about unprecedented weather patterns resulting in the destruction of wild and rare animals. These effects are far from uniform, as they affect different countries in ways unseen by previous generations.

Considering the solutions, greater investment in public transport would ease traffic congestion, as would bike lanes. In theory, this would reduce air pollution, and possibly improve the well-being of the population if they did adopt a more active lifestyle and cycle to work. While these solutions are local, if adopted globally, would affect individuals and many countries alike. A collective effort is needed to use social networks and other media to highlight the negative effect of urbanisation as well as the negative sides of the wider ramifications on the population.

To conclude, while it could be argued that urbanisation advantages outweigh the disadvantages, a wealthy city attracts a large population inflow, which then causes pressure on existing infrastructure and security. Various solutions exist to mitigate such drawbacks, such as social networks being used to raise awareness of such negative impacts on many countries, nevertheless an indefinite solution has yet to be found.

Sample IELTS writing task 2 question (3)

Social media marketing can influence what consumers buy. Do you agree or disagree? To what extent do you agree?

IELTS writing task 2: essay sample answer (3)

Since the introduction of social media applications in the early 2000's the world has become a much smaller place. Social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become information sources for a majority of the global market.

As such, it could be argued that marketing, which happens to be a source of information accessible on these platforms can influence the consumers who use them. This notion is further aided by the rise in online retail stores that conduct the bulk of their transactions online. This makes it easier for the consumer to purchase from anywhere in the world.

As a consumer on social media, you are constantly bombarded with advertisements of various products that are specifically designed to catch your attention. This means that most of the adverts on your news feeds aren't random and will almost always feature something you have previously searched online or something currently popular or trending. Given the fact that most social media users are young consumers who are influenced by current trends and happenings, these adverts will almost always catch their eye.

The habit of sharing, retweeting and liking also ensure that these adverts get around, quite fast. As such, when an advert does reach your news feed you have already probably seen it on your friend's news feed. The truth is, adverts are a form of information and with the age of the internet, information spreads faster than a wildfire.

Therefore, it only makes sense that in the era and age of technology, globalization and the need to be trendy, social media marketing can influence what consumers buy.

Useful definitions of advanced vocabulary used

IELTS Writing Task 2: Useful definition


Equivalent sentences

“For example, it is said, the CCTV in London has foiled many potential attacks, and therefore greatly increased the security of its citizens.” Could also be said as:

“Statistics show that CCTV used in London has scuppered many a terrorist plot, massively contributing to the security of its citizens.”

More Equivalent sentences Various solutions exist to mitigate such drawbacks, nevertheless an indefinite solution has yet to be found.

Could also be said as:

A myriad of partial fixes exist for these issues, yet a permanent solution is still out of reach.

There are many methods employed to quell this flow of people, but still a reliable solution has not been discovered.

IELTS writing task 2: vocabulary booster

The highlighted sections in the following paragraph represent key phrases or words relating to this topic. Study this paragraph to expand your vocabulary knowledge on this topic:

The modern urban environment varies considerably depending on both the city that produces it and the individual who perceives it; Each experiencing a unique blend of at least some economic success, varying degrees of localised or wider deprivation and periods of growth and decline. Environmental factors permitting, a city will provide well for its citizens as long as it can properly manage the execution of social policy.

Globalisation presents many challenges for those responsible for the policy as large inflows of people are to be expected in a place of success and therefore opportunity; The ensuing mixing of cultures has far-reaching social consequences that can affect how the city is both presented and perceived.

Considerably Con·sid·er·a·ble (kən-sĭd′ər-ə-bəl) adj. 1. Large in amount, extent, or degree: a writer of considerable influence. 2. Worthy of consideration; significant: The economy was a considerable issue in the campaign.

Perceive Per·ceive (pər-sēv′) tr.v. per·ceived, per·ceiv·ing, per·ceives 1a. To become aware of (something) directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing: We could perceive three figures in the fog. 1b. To cause or allow the mind to become aware of (a stimulus): The ear perceives sounds. 2. To achieve understanding of; apprehend: Einstein perceived that energy and matter are equivalent . 3. To regard or consider; deem: an old technology that is still perceived as useful; a politician who is perceived to be untrustworthy.

Deprivation Dep·ri·va·tion (dĕp′rə-vā′shən) n. 1. The/an act or an instance of depriving; Loss . 2. The state of being deprived: social deprivation; a cycle of deprivation and violence.

“The town’s generally miserable appearance led her to perceive it as a place of considerable deprivation.”

IELTS writing task 2: further reading

There are many more writing samples for you to explore.

The BBC has great pages on discursive writing and general writing , also, this video is good for learning how to give examples.

You can even read a sample Harvard essay aimed at preparing students for academic writing.

Remember! Select a text that is appropriate for your level. Choosing the wrong text can result in a loss of confidence and feeling bad never helped anyone to learn anything quickly!

Video: Band 9 ex-IELTS examiner essay review

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Video: ielts writing task 2-extremely useful sentences.

Optimize Your Writing: Try Our Online IELTS Essay Checker

Writing a good essay for the IELTS is important. You want to get a high score, right? But sometimes, it's hard to know if your essay is good. That's why we made a special tool to help you. It's called the online IELTS essay checker .

How does it work? You put your essay into the tool, it then looks at your essay and tells you what you did right and where you can do better. This helps you learn quickly.

The good news is that our tool can help you save money. Some students pay a lot for classes or books to learn how to write better. But our tool is not expensive. And it gives you fast help.

So, after you read the sample essay on this page, try our online IELTS essay checker . It will show you how to write even better essays.

To sum it up, our online IELTS essay checker is here to help you. It's easy to use and not costly. We want you to do your best in the IELTS without spending too much money. Good luck with your writing!

Additional IELTS writing task 2 resources

  • The University of Manchester Academic Phrasebook provides guidelines and examples of how to introduce essay topics, discuss findings and write conclusions
  • The University of Birmingham Guide to Academic Writing provides tips on paraphrasing, in addition to how to plan, structure and write an essay
  • Use these useful sentences for IELTS Writing Task 2 .
  • This page is good for sample essay topics and answers, also for Task Two.

IELTS writing essay task 2 Sample Band 8 The writing part of your IELTS exam is a great place to score some extra points, especially if you are looking to score within band 8. Here is a task 2 writing sample to help you do just that.

Vocabulary for IELTS Vocabulary is probably the most important part of preparing successfully for IELTS. It is used for both the speaking and writing part of the exam. Click here to view some essential vocabulary.

General essay topics The IELTS exam has a number of general essay topics that span a number of disciplines ad subject matters. To have an idea of what to expect check out our list of general essay topics.

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IELTS Advantage

IELTS Advantage

IELTS Preparation Courses

IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay- Student Behaviour

Here is a sample band 9 task 2 essay on the topic of student behaviour.

In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour.

What do you think are the causes of this?

What solutions can you suggest?

In numerous nations, educational institutions face serious difficulties with their pupils’ conduct. This essay will suggest that poor parenting is the root cause of this phenomenon and submit that a public awareness campaign is the most viable solution, followed by a reasoned conclusion.

The principal cause of poor discipline in schools is poor discipline at home. Many mothers and fathers either do not have the time or skills to teach their youngsters the value of manners and respecting authority. This results in many young people not listening to their teachers, being rude and actively rebelling against rules and regulations. For example, a recent study by Cambridge University found that 1 in 3 teenagers would refuse to comply with a rule if they didn’t agree with it, compared to just 1 in 8 in a similar study in 1990.

The most practical solution to this problem is a government-sponsored awareness campaign. An effective advertising campaign could warn of the dangers of misbehaviour and, hopefully, raise awareness amongst the public.  For example, the United Kingdom recently lobbied their citizens to teach their children about the importance of respecting teachers, which resulted in a dramatic improvement.

In summary, widespread negative behaviour in the classroom has been caused by caregivers not instilling the values of deference and civility in their offspring; however, this can be tackled through a public education programme that promotes these values. It is also recommended that people should attend parenting classes before their child starts kindergarten.

I hope you found this post useful. I also have a complete lesson on IELTS problem solution essays that you might find useful.

' src=

About Christopher Pell

My name is Christopher Pell and I'm the Managing Director of IELTS Advantage.

I started IELTS Advantage as a simple blog to help 16 students in my class. Several years later, I am very humbled that my VIP Course has been able to help thousands of people around the world to score a Band 7+ in their IELTS tests.

If you need my help with your IELTS preparation, you can send me an email using the contact us page.

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  • Academic practice
  • General practice
  • Task 1 Academic
  • Task 1 General
  • Task 2 (essay)

IELTS Writing: problem and solution essay

In this lesson you’ll learn how to answer problems/solutions questions in IELTS Writing . This type of questions gives you an issue and asks you to describe some common problems associated with it and propose some possible solutions.

  • See problem-solution question sample
  • Learn how to generate ideas
  • Learn band 9 answering strategies
  • See full band 9 answer

Question sample

This is an example of problem-solution question in IELTS Writing:

Despite a large number of gyms, a sedentary lifestyle is gaining popularity in the contemporary world.

What problems are associated with this?

What solutions can you suggest?

How to answer the question?

Before starting to write your answer, you should think of 1-2 problems and 1-2 solutions, so you know what to write about. In our case:

Problems associated with sedentary lifestyle :

task 2 problem and solution band 9

  • problems with backbone (osteoporosis, scoliosis)

Solutions :

  • promote walking and cycling as safe and attractive alternatives to motorized transport
  • promote visiting gyms and doing exercises

Now, after we’ve generated some ideas for our essay, it’s time to use them in our writing .

Remember : it’s not enough to simply state these facts, you should also extend the ideas in your writing.

Band 9 answer structure

Although there are many possible ways to structure your essay, we’ll use this band 9 answer structure that has been approved by many IELTS examiners:

Band-9 essay structure:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph 1 - problems
  • Body paragraph 2 - effects

Let’s take a look at each of these sections in detail:

Introduction Write your introduction in two sentences:

  • Sentence 1 - paraphrase the statement (you can use ‘nowadays/today/these days’ to start):

These days a sedentary lifestyle is becoming more and more popular despite a big number of sport facilities.

  • Sentence 2 - say what you’ll write about in your essay:

This essay will discuss the main problems associated with this epidemic and propose some possible solutions to avoid them.

Body paragraph 1- problems

  • Sentence 1 - summarise the main problems of inactive lifestyle:

The main problems caused by inactive lifestyle are obesity and various spine disorders.

  • Sentences 2-3 - state and explain the first problem (you can also give an example). It’s very important to expand your opinion! Imagine that your examiner doesn’t know this subject at all and you have to explain everything in detail:

A growing number of body research shows that long periods of physical inactivity raise a risk of becoming overweight. This is because people burn fewer calories and easily gain weight.

  • Sentences 4-5 - describe the second problem (as usual, expand your opinion). You can give an example and use linking words ‘ moreover’ , ’ what’s more’ or ‘ also ’ to start:

What’s more, a lot of studies show that so-called ‘sitting disease’ often results in posture and backbone problems. Due to constant sitting, person loses muscle tissue and curves spine, developing numerous spinal diseases. For example, it has been proven that about 80% of people experience backache at least once a week.

Body paragraph 2 - solutions

  • Sentence 1 - briefly state the main solutions:

In my opinion, the best solution to this problem is promoting active lifestyle.

  • Sentences 2-3 - write the first solution and explain it:

Firstly, millions of people stay less active because they use cars instead of walking. Therefore, an effective way to make people more active is to advertise walking and cycling as safe and attractive alternatives to motorized transport.

Moreover, inactive lifestyle is gaining popularity because nowadays a lot of people prefer passive rest to workouts in the gym. And the best way to avoid the hazards of unhealthy living is to obtain a regular dose of physical activity. Thus, promoting gyms and regular exercising would increase the level of activity.

Write your conclusion in 2 sentences by summing up the problems and solutions you’ve written in your body paragraphs:

In conclusion, leading a sedentary lifestyle causes a lot of health problems, including obesity and spinal diseases. The most effective solution is to increase the level of fitness among the society by advertising physical activity.

Band 9 answer sample

These days a sedentary lifestyle is becoming more and more popular despite a big number of sport facilities. This essay will discuss the main problems associated with this epidemic and propose some possible solutions to avoid them.

The main problems caused by inactive lifestyle are obesity and various spine disorders. A growing number of body research shows that long periods of physical inactivity raise a risk of becoming overweight. This is because people burn fewer calories and easily gain weight. What’s more, a lot of studies show that so-called ‘sitting disease’ often results in posture and backbone problems. Due to constant sitting, person loses muscle tissue and curves spine, developing numerous spinal diseases. For example, it has been proven that about 80% of people experience backache at least once a week.

In my opinion, the best solution to these problems is promoting active lifestyle. Firstly, millions of people stay less active because they use cars instead of walking. Therefore, an effective way to make people more active is to advertise walking and cycling as safe and attractive alternatives to motorized transport. Moreover, inactive lifestyle is gaining popularity because nowadays a lot of people prefer passive rest to workouts in the gym. And the best way to avoid the hazards of unhealthy living is to obtain a regular dose of physical activity. Thus, promoting gyms and regular exercising would increase the level of activity.

(268 words)

task 2 problem and solution band 9

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IELTS Writing Topics 2019

1.  More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but city life can be extremely difficult. Explain some of the difficulties of living in a city. How can governments make urban life better for everyone?   

Sample Answer

Cities are often seen as places of opportunity, but there are also some major drawbacks of living in a large metropolis. In my opinion, governments could do much more to improve city life for the average inhabitant.

The main problem for anyone who hopes to migrate to a large city is that the cost of living is likely to be much higher than it is in a small town or village. Inhabitants of cities have to pay higher prices for housing, transport, and even food. Another issue is that urban areas tend to suffer from social problems such as high crime and poverty rates in comparison with rural areas. Furthermore, the air quality in cities is often poor, due to pollution from traffic, and the streets and public transport systems are usually overcrowded. As a result, city life can be unhealthy and stressful.

However, there are various steps that governments could take to tackle these problems. Firstly, they could invest money in the building of affordable or social housing to reduce the cost of living. Secondly, politicians have the power to ban vehicles from city centres and promote the use of cleaner public transport, which would help to reduce both air pollution and traffic congestion. In London, for example, the introduction of a congestion charge for drivers has helped to curb the traffic problem. A third option would be to develop provincial towns and rural areas, by moving industry and jobs to those regions, in order to reduce the pressure on major cities.

In conclusion, governments could certainly implement a range of measures to enhance the quality of life for all city residents.

 (273 words, band 9)

2.  In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?  

It is true that the behaviour of school pupils in some parts of the world has been getting worse in recent years. There are a variety of possible reasons for this, but steps can definitely be taken to tackle the problem.

In my opinion, three main factors are to blame for the way young people behave at school nowadays. Firstly, modern parents tend to be too lenient or permissive. Many children become accustomed to getting whatever they want, and they find it difficult to accept the demands of teachers or the limits imposed on them by school rules. Secondly, if teachers cannot control their students, there must be an issue with the quality of classroom management training or support within schools. Finally, children are influenced by the behaviour of celebrities, many of whom set the example that success can be achieved without finishing school.

Student behaviour can certainly be improved. I believe that the change must start with parents, who need to be persuaded that it is important to set firm rules for their children. When children misbehave or break the rules, parents should use reasonable punishments to demonstrate that actions have consequences. Also, schools could play an important role in training both teachers and parents to use effective disciplinary techniques, and in improving the communication between both groups. At the same time, famous people, such as musicians and football players, need to understand the responsibility that they have to act as role models to children.

In conclusion, schools will continue to face discipline problems unless parents, teachers and public figures set clear rules and demonstrate the right behaviour themselves.

 (270 words, band 9)

3.  In the developed world, average life expectancy is increasing. What problems will this cause for individuals and society? Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations.  

It is true that people in industrialised nations can expect to live longer than ever before. Although there will undoubtedly be some negative consequences of this trend, societies can take steps to mitigate these potential problems.

As people live longer and the populations of developed countries grow older, several related problems can be anticipated. The main issue is that there will obviously be more people of retirement age who will be eligible to receive a pension. The proportion of younger, working adults will be smaller, and governments will therefore receive less money in taxes in relation to the size of the population. In other words, an ageing population will mean a greater tax burden for working adults. Further pressures will include a rise in the demand for healthcare, and the fact young adults will increasingly have to look after their elderly relatives.

There are several actions that governments could take to solve the problems described above. Firstly, a simple solution would be to increase the retirement age for working adults, perhaps from 65 to 70. Nowadays, people of this age tend to be healthy enough to continue a productive working life. A second measure would be for governments to encourage immigration in order to increase the number of working adults who pay taxes. Finally, money from national budgets will need to be taken from other areas and spent on vital healthcare, accommodation and transport facilities for the rising numbers of older citizens.

In conclusion, various measures can be taken to tackle the problems that are certain to arise as the populations of countries grow older.

 (265 words, band 9)

4.  Explain some of the ways in which humans are damaging the environment. What can governments do to address these problems? What can individual people do?  

Humans are responsible for a variety of environmental problems, but we can  also take steps to reduce the damage that we are causing to the planet. This essay will  discuss environmental problems and the measures that governments and individuals  can take to address these problems.

Two of the biggest threats to the environment are air pollution and waste. Gas  emissions from factories and exhaust fumes from vehicles lead to global warming,  which may have a devastating effect on the planet in the future. As the human  population increases, we are also producing ever greater quantities of waste, which  contaminates the earth and pollutes rivers and oceans.

Governments could certainly make more effort to reduce air pollution. They  could introduce laws to limit emissions from factories or to force companies to use  renewable energy from solar, wind or water power. They could also impose ‘green  taxes’ on drivers and airline companies. In this way, people would be encouraged to  use public transport and to take fewer flights abroad, therefore reducing emissions.

Individuals should also take responsibility for the impact they have on the  environment. They can take public transport rather than driving, choose products with  less packaging, and recycle as much as possible. Most supermarkets now provide  reusable bags for shoppers as well as ‘banks’ for recycling glass, plastic and paper in  their car parks. By reusing and recycling, we can help to reduce waste.

In conclusion, both national governments and individuals must play their part  in looking after the environment.

 (250 words, band 9)

5.  More and more people are migrating to cities in search of a better life, but city life can be extremely difficult. Explain some of the difficulties of living in a city. How can governments make urban life better for everyone?

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task 2 problem and solution band 9

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How to Write Problem Solution Essay in IELTS

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problem solution ielts essay

IELTS problem-solution tasks are the easiest of the IELTS essay types as you are required to explain the given problem(s) and provide some relevant suggestions/solutions. In this IELTS Task 2 Writing guide, we will take a look at how to produce a well-written essay for an IELTS writing task 2 problem and solution task.

Table of Contents

1.1 understanding the question, 1.2 example problem/solution questions.

  • Essay Structure for Problem/Solution Essays
  • 3.1 Identify key words and phrases

3.2 Organise your ideas

3.3 identify vocabulary, 4.1 introduction, 4.2 main body paragraphs, 4.3 conclusion.

  • 5.1 Complete the sample problem/solution essay

5.2 Problem Solution Sample Essay

1. problem/solution overview.

A problem and solution essay is a common type of IELTS writing task 2 essay question .

Remember, there are five main types of writing task 2 questions:

  • Advantage/disadvantage
  • Double question
  • Problem/solution

You will have 40 minutes to write at least 250 words which you use to explain one or more of the following

  • A common problem/ problems in the world
  • A cause/causes of a problem
  • A possible solution/solutions

There are a few different ways that a problem/solution question may be worded and it is important to understand exactly what you are being asked to do.

Here are the three main types of problem/solution question aims:

  • Write about a problem and possible solutions to that problem
  • Write about a cause of a problem and possible solutions
  • Only write about the solutions

And here are some ways the question may be worded for each aim:

  • What problems arise from this and how can they be tackled?
  • What do you think the causes are? What are the solutions?
  • What solution can you suggest to deal with this problem?

Identifying common synonyms in the instruction words will also help you to identify the aim:

Problem : Situation; resulting in…; issue

Cause : Reason; why

The only solution : address; present; solve; improve; tackle; remedy; deal with

Take the time to read the question carefully! It is a common mistake to answer the wrong question.

Here are some example problem/solution questions. Try to work out what the aim is for each question:

The internet has transformed the way information is shared and consumed, but it has also created problems that did not exist before. What are the most serious problems associated with the internet and what solutions can you suggest?

Also, read the following IELTS Essay Writing Guides

  • IELTS Discussion Type Questions
  • Double Question IELTS Essay Topics
  • Opinion-based Task 2 IELTS Guide
  • IELTS Advantage Disadvantage Essay Type

Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify two serious ones and suggest ways that governments and individuals can tackle these problems.

One problem faced by almost every large city is traffic congestion What do you think the causes are? What solutions can you suggest?

More and more wild animals are on the verge of extinction and others are on the endangered list. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to solve the problem?

In many developing countries, there is a problem with declining quality of air and water from both industry and construction. What measures could be taken to prevent this?

IELTS writing correction

2. Essay Structure for Problem/Solution Essays

You will see more than one way to structure a problem/solution IELTS essay. We’ve given you two options to choose from that are nice and easy to follow and enable you to produce a clear and cohesive essay everytime:

Essay structure 1

Essay structure 2

Note that essay structure 2 suggests that it is an option to write about more than one problem and solution . In fact, the essay question will usually ask for problems and solutions in the plural.

However, it is acceptable to write about one problem and solution so that you fully develop your ideas rather than rushing through your essay and missing any important examples or explanations.

Why not time yourself writing an essay in test conditions and see what option works for you!

3. Planning your Problem/Solution Essay

Taking the time to plan your essay will really make a big difference. Read on for some useful tips to help your planning.

3.1 Identify keywords and phrases

It’s a good idea to start your planning by  confirming the topic of your essay by locating the topic words .

Here’s the question for our model 9 band writing task 2 answer at the end of this guide:

Some people think that children nowadays are spending an excessive amount of time watching TV or using a computer or mobile phone.

Describe some of the problems that too much screen time can have for children , and what can be done to tackle them .

The topic of this essay is about the amount of time children spend using screens (TV, computer, mobile phones).

By looking at the instruction words , we can see this question also asks for problems and solutions in the plural form (although remember it is ok to focus on a single problem and solution in the exam).

A list is a great way to organise your ideas before you start writing your IELTS essay about problem and solution. Your ideas do not have to be elaborate or in-depth, just put pen to paper and start to jot down some ideas for an IELTS essay. You could choose to only write down ideas you will use in your essay, or you might end up with more than you need (we suggest ticking off the ideas you use to avoid repetition)

We have used a simple bullet point list to note down ideas for our model essay:

  • Childhood obesity
  • Mental health issues
  • Targeted junk food adverts

Solutions :

  • Government incentives for active children
  • Limited screen time imposed by parents
  • Lessons to educate children on the dangers of too much screen time
  • Restrictions on adverts at certain times

Writing down any useful vocabulary for IELTS that comes to mind during the planning process could improve your score in Lexical resources . Ask yourself if you know any idioms, collocations or other unusual IELTS essay vocabulary linked to your essay topic.

4. Writing your Problem/Solution Essay

There are three key things to include in your problem/solution introduction:

  • Paraphrase the given IELTS statement and question
  • State the problem/cause/solution
  • State what your essay will do

To successfully paraphrase the statement, you can use synonyms, change the word order or change the word class (e.g from a noun to an adjective). The tricky part is making sure you keep the meaning of the statement the same. Look what we’ve done for our model answer:

You can also briefly state what your essay will do using an outline statement . Here’s an example sentence:

This essay will look at these problems in more detail and propose some solutions.

For each problem or cause you write about, you should create a topic sentence which introduces each main idea.

Here are some possible ways you could structure your topic sentences:

  • One major problem connected to _____ is…
  • Another issue is that…
  • A final problem is the…
  • One cause of ____ is …
  • One reason for ____ is …
  • A further way to explain ____ is …
  • One contributing factor to ____ is…

You could also use the structure that + a clause. Here are some examples:

One major problem connected to childrens’ health is lack of exercise .

Another issue is that there are a large amount of junk food advertisements on television aimed at children .

As well as language for problems, you will also need to introduce solutions to these problems. Even though the topic of your essay will be different, you can learn language chunks/sentence starters to do this. Take a look at these examples:

  • To deal with this problem, _____ could …
  • The way forward might be for _____ to …
  • The solution is for people to …
  • In order to solve this issue, _____ should …

When you provide a solution, it is a good idea to keep the actor of the sentence more general, for example:

  • The government

You can also learn lexical chunks related to solutions to common problems. Here are just a few suggestions for our model answer:

  • The government could bring in a law to ban junk food advertising.
  • The government could allocate more money to healthy eating campaigns.
  • Parents could set aside time in the day to do activities as a family away from screens.
  • Schools could employ more physical education teachers to improve students’ fitness levels.

We’ve used the tips above to create the following body paragraphs:

Your conclusion for any IELTS writing task 2 essay is very important as without it, you will not score above a band score 6.0 in Task achievement .

Always make your conclusion easy to identify for the examiner by starting with:

  • In conclusion,…
  • To conclude,…
  • To sum up,…
  • In summary,…

Now you will need to paraphrase (again) what you have written for your introduction in your own words. Compare out model answer introduction and conclusion:

You can also include the following points in your conclusion (it is not necessary to include all the points):

  • State the seriousness of the problem (we’ve used the phrase ‘ increasingly serious ’)
  • Suggest who you think should solve the problem (we’ve gone with a balance between the government and parents )
  • Make suggestions about what to do in the future (we’ve kept this general: ‘ reducing the amount of screen time ’)
  • State what might happen if nothing is done to solve the problem (again, we’ve kept this general to reduce the word count: ‘ these problems will only intensify ’)

5. Example Problem/Solution Essay and Exercise

Below you will find the complete problem/ solution essay that we have been using throughout this guide, except we have removed some of the keywords.

Your task is to select the missing words and complete the sample answer. Good luck!

5.1 Complete the Sample Problem/Solution Essay

Describe some of the problems that too much screen time can have for children, and what can be done to tackle them.

Nowadays, governments and health experts around the world have become increasingly concerned about the general health of children. They are particularly worried about problems caused by too much time spent in front of a TV, computer or mobile. This essay will look at these problems in more detail and propose some solutions.

One major problem connected to childrens’ health is lack of exercise: in recent years , the amount of time children spend being sedentary in front of a screen has increased drastically, and as a result, childrens’ fitness levels have plummeted. This is a significant problem in the USA, for example , where children spend an increasing amount of time watching a TV screen. To try and solve this problem, governments should implement incentives for children that spend more time being active, such as giving vouchers for sport equipment or free tickets to sporting events.

Another issue is that there are a large amount of junk food advertisements on television aimed at children. This means that children are being targeted to buy unhealthy junk food and processed meals which can lead to weight and other health problems due to the high amounts of fat and sugar in the food. The answer could be for the government to ban these adverts at certain times of the day. If they did this, children would not be subjected to these unhealthy marketing tactics.

To sum up, there is no doubt that the problem of too much screen time is becoming increasingly serious for the youth of today. Unless action is taken urgently, these problems will only intensify. My opinion is that responsibility for reducing the amount of time in front of a screen lies mainly with the government, but also with the parents.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Questions & Band 9 Answers

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If you’re looking for IELTS Writing Task 2 sample questions and answers to help improve your writing score, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find sample questions, band 9 sample answers and feedback videos showing you how to avoid the key mistakes that other students have made.

task 2 problem and solution band 9

  • How to Improve

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample #1

Ielts writing task 2 sample #2, ielts writing task 2 sample #3, ielts writing task 2 sample #4, ielts writing task 2 sample #5, ielts writing task 2 sample #6, ielts writing task 2 sample #7, ielts writing task 2 sample #8, ielts writing task 2 sample #9, ielts writing task 2 sample #10, ielts writing task 2 sample #11, ielts writing task 2 sample #12, ielts writing task 2 sample #13, ielts writing task 2 sample #14, ielts writing task 2 sample #15, ielts writing task 2 sample #16, ielts writing task 2 sample #17, ielts writing task 2 sample #18, ielts writing task 2 sample #19, ielts writing task 2 sample #20, ielts writing task 2 sample #21, ielts writing task 2 sample #22, ielts writing task 2 sample #23, how to improve with ielts writing task 2 sample questions and answers.

To benefit as much as possible from this page, do the following;

  • Look at one question and write an answer. Do not look at the video or sample answer yet.
  • Watch the video and/or read the sample answer. Find mistakes in your answer by comparing with the video and sample.
  • Take action your mistakes. Make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in your next answer.

Also, my IELTS Writing Task 2 lessons will help you understand what to include in your Task 2 answers.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #1

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #1

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #1 Feedback Video

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #1

Some are okay with the media publishing private details of celebrities’ lives, while other people feel that this shouldn’t be allowed. Those who think this can continue believe that celebrities have sought out this type of life, whereas the people who think it should be banned understand that it’s bad for these famous people’s mental health. I personally feel that it should stop as it distracts the average person from focusing on important news. Those who are okay with the media publishing celebrity news think that celebrities understood that their private lives would be exposed before they decided to pursue their careers. As they have willingly agreed that they are okay with this, there is no need to prevent the media publishing their stories. However, the group who would like this type of news to stop understand that it takes a tremendous toll on the mental health of these celebrities. Being constantly followed by paparazzi and having intimate details of one’s life leaked to the public causes massive amounts of stress and often results in mental illness. I also believe that news like this should be stopped as it results in a lot of people neglecting to read more important news. As many are drawn to learn more about celebrities, important news stories about war and politics are often overshadowed by celebrity scandals. In conclusion, some feel that it’s acceptable for the media to publish stories about celebrities’ private lives because the celebrities themselves understood that this would happen. In contrast, others feel it should be stopped to prevent celebrities from suffering poor mental health. I personally agree that it should be stopped as celebrity news often takes attention away from more important issues.

Sample Question #2

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #2

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #2 Feedback Video

Band Sample Answer #2

These days, a lot of young people like to copy the actions of the celebrities they admire most. This is because those famous people represent the most fashionable trends for the youth, and they appear to have glamorous lives. However, I think this is a negative circumstance as it causes these young people to undervalue their own importance. One of the causes of children and teenagers copying the behaviour of famous people is that these famous people are at the forefront of modern fashion trends. This is because they hire stylists to ensure that their style is always up to date, and when young people see how good these celebrities look, they are inspired to purchase and wear similar clothing. Another reason for copying the way celebrities act is because they appear to have elegant lifestyles. When young people see this, they wish that they were also surrounded by luxurious items so feel compelled to copy the actions of the celebrities in an attempt to get closer to their way of life. I believe that young people mimicking their favourite stars is a negative situation as these they often undervalue their own importance. Because these young people are aspiring to be rich and have a large number of online followers, they feel inadequate in comparison and don’t fully appreciate that they are just as important as anyone else. In conclusion, the way that many young people are copying the actions of their favourite celebrities has been brought on by the desire to be fashionable and live an elegant lifestyle. This, however, is a negative situation as it causes these young people not to fully appreciate their own importance in life.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #3

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #3

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #3 Feedback Video

Sample Answer #3

All over the world, many individuals use most of their spare time at home watching television programmes. The advantages of this situation are that they save money and don’t need to make plans, whereas the disadvantages are that they aren’t healthy and don’t feel a sense of accomplishment. The first benefit is that these people save more money than those who have other hobbies. Most hobbies involve membership or entrance fees that must be paid regularly, whereas watching television is comparatively cheaper and rarely requires any additional payments after the initial purchase of the TV set. Another key advantage is that those who primarily watch TV to pass the time don’t need to make plans. Many free time activities are done with other people, and it can often be difficult and tiresome to coordinate with others. On the other hand, poor health is a disadvantage for those who spend most of their leisure time at home watching television. Compared to people who have active hobbies, those who watch TV get little exercise and when this continues over a long period, their health deteriorates. Furthermore, there is the additional drawback of gaining no sense of accomplishment from watching TV. In comparison to the individuals who enjoy the experience of completing a craft project or spending time at the gym, the people at home watching television have little or no sense of achievement. In conclusion, anyone who watches televisions as their primary means of passing the time has the advantage of saving money and not being required to make plans in advance of their free time. However, they do have the disadvantages of not being healthy, and they tend not to have any sense of accomplishment from their hobby.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #4

Sample Question #4

Feedback Video #4

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #4

Some believe team sports build children up to be ready for their careers, but others disagree. According to those who think these sports are an advantage, cooperation is an integral part of working, whereas the other group disagrees since they understand that competition results in cheating. My opinion is that team sports are beneficial because they show the value of hard work. Some individuals believe that team sports teach children how to cooperate and this helps with future careers. The only teams that succeed are those whose members work together to avoid losing. In team sports, this skill is more apparent than in any other activity that children engage in, and, as a result, those who play on a team have an advantage when working on a team later in life. Those who feel that team sports are not an advantage understand that this type of competition often leads to cheating. Compared to playing other sports, children are more likely to be encouraged to cheat by their team members due to the desire to win at all costs. As this mentality is then brought to the workplace, it only allows for short term success and inevitably leads to shame and the loss of jobs. My opinion is that team sports help children in their future careers because they learn the value of working hard. Success doesn’t come easily, and children who play on a team understand that they must work hard to win. This realisation transfers directly into one’s career as they know that hard work will result in success. In conclusion, some believe that team sports will lead to children being better prepared for their future careers because they will learn the value of cooperation, while others disagree as they understand that competition can result in cheating. I, however, believe that these sports benefit children as they realise that hard work will lead to success.

Sample Question #5

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #5

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #5 Feedback Video

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #5

Some individuals think that technology from the modern era, like the internet and smartphones, is creating more issues than it is resolving. I completely agree with this statement because people’s mental health is suffering, and, also, people don’t enjoy their free time as much as they used to. First of all, modern technology is negatively affecting the mental health of many individuals. This is because an essential aspect of good mental health is processing what happens to us, particularly any negative experiences. However, with modern technology, many people don’t take any time to reflect on their lives and instead spend all of their available time on the internet or watching television. These days, for instance, most customers in supermarket queues look at something on their phones, whereas before this technology, they had no option but to think about whatever came to mind. Another drawback is the way that this technology has hindered how much people enjoy their leisure time. Passing the time with modern technology, such as phone apps or video games, requires minimal effort but are not as enjoyable or rewarding as hobbies such as playing a sport or gardening, which were more popular in the past. For example, in my family, most members had various outdoor pursuits that they did in the evenings, but now, it’s more common to see them sitting inside the house on their phones. In conclusion, I agree that the advent of modern technology has created more issues than it has solved because of the decline in mental health that it has brought about and the resulting lack of enjoyment that people experience in their free time.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #6

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #6

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #6 Feedback Video

Sample Answer #6

Some feel that schools should teach practical skills like bank account management or how to maintain a car in addition to conventional subjects. I completely disagree with this idea as students already have too much to learn, and it’s better to learn these skills when required. Nowadays, students have an incredible amount of study to do both during and after school hours, so it isn’t reasonable to add more subjects to the curriculum. While growing up, it’s important to spend time with friends and to have hobbies but we would be reducing the opportunities that students have to enjoy these experiences by introducing extra subjects that would undoubtedly come with additional homework. In Ireland, for instance, extra subjects related to civics were introduced during the 90s, resulting in students having less free time outside of school. Furthermore, it’s more beneficial to learn practical skills as and when they are needed. Any skill will disappear unless it is used regularly, which means that any practical skill learned at school will likely be forgotten by the time it’s required. This is why it’s best to wait until we need to do something before learning how to do it. For example, in Switzerland, anyone who hasn’t driven a car in over ten years must resit the driving test as it is acknowledged that the person will no longer be competent. In conclusion, I firmly disagree that students should be required to learn practical skills because they already spend too much time studying the existing subjects and any skills they learn will most likely have been forgotten by the time they need to use them.

Question #7

Sample Question #7

Feedback Video #7

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #7

Some students stay at their family home while attending university, but other students decide to move out. The advantages of moving away from home to attend university do not outweigh the drawbacks because the main disadvantages are the cost of living and the lack of focus on studies, whereas the only advantage is learning to be independent. The first disadvantage of living away from home is the increased cost of living. That is to say that there are extra costs such as accommodation that don’t need to be paid by those who stay with their families. As it usually takes four years to complete a university degree, these costs put considerable strain on an average family’s finances. Another downside is that students who move out of home tend to be less focused on their studies. Because they have nobody making sure they attend university every day, they are far more likely to skip lectures when they’re tired or not in the mood. When I was at college, for instance, it was very rare for someone who lived with their parents to miss a lecture, which was not the case for those in rented accommodation. However, there is the advantage of having more independence. Students who live away from family are responsible for all aspects of their lives and need to complete household chores that their family members would otherwise complete. From these responsibilities, they become more independent, and this independence generally translates into other situations as well. In conclusion, the advantages of moving away from home to study at university do not outweigh the disadvantages as this costs substantially more money, and these students are less focused on their studies. But, on the other hand, there is the advantage of becoming more independent.

Sample Question #8

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #8

Feedback Video #8

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #8

There are individuals who feel that living in a rural area is more beneficial, while others feel that the city is a better choice. The people who prefer the countryside enjoy the peaceful surroundings, whereas the others like urban life as they are closer to work. I personally prefer the country as I enjoy having a private outdoor space. On the one hand, some individuals like the countryside best as it’s more peaceful. With all the noise from traffic and construction in urban areas, it’s difficult to relax. Where I live, for example, trucks on the nearby highway blow their horns all through the night, and this regularly affects my sleep. On the other hand, other individuals like city life best because the short journey to and from work is a significant advantage. As people in the countryside often spend hours commuting between their house and workplace, they lose a lot of time compared to those in the city. This means that people who live in urban areas have additional free time and get to spend it doing things they enjoy. My opinion is that life in the countryside is better as the private outdoor space is an enjoyable feature. Houses in the country tend to have space outside that belongs to the owner, but this is rare for city houses. Having this land is a massive benefit as it can be used for barbeque parties with friends and family. In conclusion, some people prefer to live in the country as they are more relaxed by the peaceful environment. In contrast, others who prefer to live in a city enjoy the benefits of having a short commute to work. However, my own opinion is that countryside life is more enjoyable because of the private outdoor space.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #9

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #9

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #9 Feedback Video

Band 9 Sample Answer #9

These days, a lot of people see shopping as something to do for enjoyment instead of as a necessary task for purchased items they require. This can create the problems of people not using their time wisely or getting into debt, and one possible solution is to reduce shopping hours. Shopping as a form of entertainment is problematic as it wastes valuable time. Instead of doing something useful like learning a new skill, people who do this receive little or no benefit from their activities. For example, some younger members of my family regularly shop at our local mall but also insist that they don’t have enough time for their homework. Furthermore, viewing shopping in this way can result in debt. This is especially true when these people have credit cards and choose to ignore the dangers of overspending in favour of purchasing an item that they crave. In Ireland, for instance, the vast majority of credit card debt is related to purchases of non-essential items. One possible solution is for governments to reduce the times during which shops can open. As most shops are open for 12 or more hours every day, this allows people with the mindset that shopping is a leisure activity to indulge in this behaviour. However, if shops were accessible for fewer hours each day, they would find more beneficial activities instead. In conclusion, the main problems related to people shopping to pass the time are that they don’t use their time to benefit themselves, and many fall into debt. A potential solution is for governments to enforce shorter opening hours for shops to curb the number of hours during which these people can shop.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #10

Sample Question #10

Feedback Video #10

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #10

Nowadays, a lot of employees stay late at work rather than returning home to spend time with their families. This happens because these people need the extra income they can earn by working overtime, but it results in fatigue and misbehaviour in the children. Many people work extra hours because they need to earn additional money. They may have bills that they can’t cover or live above their means which puts them in a situation where their basic salaries aren’t enough. In my old job, for instance, the majority of my colleagues who worked late often complained that our pay wasn’t high enough for them. For people who work late, the result can be extreme tiredness. As they don’t have enough time to let their minds and bodies recover from the work they do each day, the outcome is that these people are exhausted beyond what is healthy. For example, studies in New Zealand showed that working fewer hours resulted in more productivity because employees had more energy and focus. Another effect of this phenomenon is that the children of those people working late start to misbehave. Because the children feel neglected and want more of their parents time, they act out in an attempt to get as much attention as possible before the parent is gone again. In conclusion, the main cause of people staying late at work is that they don’t have enough money to sustain their bills or lifestyle without the additional money. The effects this has on society are that these people are affected by fatigue, and their children’s behaviour suffers as a direct consequence.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #11

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #11

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #11

In many nations, rising numbers of young people are committing serious crimes. This is happening because many parents are too busy, and children have easy access to violent movies. To resolve this issue, governments should enforce a maximum number of hours that people can work, and websites with mature content should require their visitors to register. One of the primary reasons for more crimes being committed by young people is that parents must work longer hours. Because they don’t have the time to care for their children properly, some young people use the additional freedom to explore criminal activities. Furthermore, with the advent of the internet, young people can easily access inappropriate films, and some come to admire the violent characters portrayed so imitate the behaviour they observe. The first way this can be resolved is by setting a limit to the number of hours that anyone can work. If parents spend less time at work, they will have the opportunity to closely foster their children and guide them away from any unlawful behaviour. In addition to this, websites that provide access to movies unsuitable for children should require their visitors to create accounts that confirm their age. This will ensure that children are not exposed to inappropriate content and will not be negatively affected. In conclusion, more young people are breaking the law because their parents are too busy working, and violent content can readily be accessed on websites. To overcome this, governments should set a maximum number of working hours per person, and websites with violent movies must get visitors to register and confirm their age.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #12

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #12

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #12

Because of modern technology, more people are working from home rather than commuting to their employers’ offices. Doing this has more advantages because the main benefits are saving time and money, whereas the main disadvantage is solitude. First of all, working at home saves the employee a lot of time because they don’t need to travel to their office every day. Compared to those who spend several hours commuting to and from work each day, people working from home can use this time as they please. For instance, in Manilla, where commuters spend up to 6 hours a day in traffic, online jobs are in demand because of the additional free time that comes with them. In addition to this, working from home saves more money. As people who work online can prepare their meals at home, they don’t have to pay the high prices that restaurants charge. For example, in most office environments, lunchtime is seen as an opportunity to bond with colleagues, so there is an expectancy to eat out instead of bringing food from home. Despite the benefits mentioned above, the solitary existence of working from home is the one disadvantage. The social interaction that comes with working in an office and being surrounded by others doesn’t exist for those who work from home, and it can get lonely without having others to bond with. This was seen during coronavirus lockdowns, where people’s mental health suffered due to the isolation. In conclusion, there are more advantages to working from home because of the time and money saved by people who do this; however, the one drawback is that it can be a lonely lifestyle.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #13

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #13

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #13

Nowadays, a lot of children use more of their time to play computer games than to play sport. This is because parents are scared to let their children go out unattended, and I think it’s a positive development as the children are safer at home. Many children pass more of their time with video games than with sport because their parents are afraid to allow them out of the house by themselves. In the past, parents were not as informed about the dangers of the outside world, but now that this information is better communicated, parents understand that it’s safer for their children to be at home. As a result, children can only play sport when they are under the supervision of another adult, so they must spend a more significant amount of time at home where they play the most popular indoor pastime; video games. I believe that this circumstance is beneficial for children as no harm will come to them when they are at home. To clarify, when children play sport together, they need to go back and forth from one another’s houses and go to sports facilities, and during these times, they could come to harm at the hands of strangers. For example, in Ireland, since parents are more hesitant to let their children out alone to play sport with their friends, fewer young people visit hospitals as a result. In conclusion, as parents are concerned about the dangers their children can be exposed to when going out to play sport with their friends, the children are encouraged to stay at home to enjoy playing video games. I think this is a favourable situation as it means that children these days are safer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #14

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #14

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #14

Because, in general, people nowadays are older when they get married, there are some people who are concerned that this circumstance will have a negative effect on families. I completely agree with this because older people aren’t as good at taking care of children, and they are more selfish than their younger counterparts. When couples wait until they’re older before getting married, they are not as capable of looking after their children. This is because, as people get older, they have less stamina and don’t have the energy it takes to care for and entertain a young child properly. In Ireland, for example, it is common to see younger parents run around and play with their children at the playground, but the older ones tend to sit at the sides and just watch as they don’t have the energy to get involved. Furthermore, these people have grown to be more selfish during the extra years they have waited to get married. Because they have only needed to consider their own needs and desires for such a long time, they resent the concept of helping others and allowing others to make decisions for them. For instance, in America, it’s more common for couples to get divorced if they wait until they are older to get married, and this is often because they can’t learn to cooperate with one another. In conclusion, I firmly agree that families are experiencing a negative consequence because of the decision made by many to wait until they’re older to get married. This is because they are not as capable as young parents of taking care of children and the extended time alone often makes them selfish.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #15

task 2 problem and solution band 9

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Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #15

It is believed that parents should limit the amount of time their children spend in front of the television and encourage them to spend more time reading. I completely agree with this opinion because of the adverse effects watching television has on eyesight and the benefits that reading has on literacy. Parents shouldn’t allow their children to spend too much time watching television because it harms the eyes when children do this for too long. This is because the light from a screen damages the internal tissue of the eye, especially over prolonged periods. Furthermore, this damage is long-term and cannot be undone. For example, it’s more common for a child with glasses to have eye damage caused by extended periods of watching television than because of any other cause. Another reason parents should limit how much time their children can watch television in favour of reading books is that reading is fundamental to literacy development. Mastering the skill of reading requires a lot of practice, and children who don’t spend enough time doing this are unlikely to improve their ability later in life. In Korea, for example, it has been discovered that many children who are unable to read at the expected level for their age spend an excessive amount of time watching television. In conclusion, I agree that children’s exposure to television should be limited to encourage them to read more as it will reduce the harmful effects that too much television can have on a child’s eyes and the extra time spent reading will allow them to achieve higher levels of literacy.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #16

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #16

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #16

Some individuals choose to find accommodation in the country, although that results in longer commuting times to work every day. The advantages of this decision are that they can find cheaper housing and live in a quieter environment, whereas the drawbacks are the distance to a hospital and the time they lose while driving to and from work. One of the main benefits of living in the countryside is that the accommodation is cheaper. Compared to living in the city, renting or buying in the country is more reasonable and results in more disposable income. An additional advantage is that the environment in the countryside is quieter. Without the noise of traffic and music coming from business premises, those who live outside cities have a more peaceful existence, and this is known to have a positive impact on one’s mental health. On the other hand, there is the drawback of being far from a hospital if any medical emergency happens. Although it is not a common occurrence, when there is a medical emergency, those who live in a city will get medical assistance much sooner, and this can be the difference between life and death. Another less serious disadvantage is that people in the countryside lose more time commuting to and from work than those in the city. This can amount to several hours a week and, in many cases, means that those in the countryside must forgo their hobbies due to a lack of time. In conclusion, living in the countryside is beneficial as it allows for savings on accommodation and a more peaceful environment because of the lack of noise. However, there are also the disadvantages of being further from medical facilities if there is an emergency and people who live in the countryside lose a lot of time travelling back and forth to work.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #17

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #17

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #17

There are individuals who believe that antisocial behaviour is exacerbated by social media, whereas other people don’t agree. Those who feel social media is inciting this type of behaviour see how frequently offensive comments are found online, while the others think this behaviour has always existed. I hold that it does encourage unacceptable behaviour because of the anonymity people have online. Some individuals believe that social media makes people more comfortable to behave inappropriately because abusive comments are so widespread on these platforms. Even when a thread starts off positive, it usually becomes hostile soon thereafter. For example, YouTube celebrities are encouraged not to read comment sections because hurtful remarks are inevitable. However, others feel that society has always been this way, but online comments seem more predominant because of their longevity compared to the spoken word. Before social media, if someone did something antisocial, it only upset those in the immediate vicinity. On social media platforms, though, there is a permanent record of these actions, and as a result, it seems as though they’re more prevalent than ever. I personally hold that social media is to blame for an increase in antisocial behaviour because people can stay anonymous while carrying out these unacceptable acts. Without any direct repercussions, these people feel comfortable doing unethical things that they would never be brave enough to do in front of others. In conclusion, some people feel that the hurtful comments that dominate social media are evidence that these platforms are encouraging antisocial behaviour, while others think that this behaviour had existed since before this technology. I believe that social media is responsible for more antisocial behaviour because people who are generally afraid to behave inappropriately feel braver when they’re anonymous.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #18

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #18

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #18

These days, people all over the world can read many different periodicals on the internet. Some individuals feel that it won’t be long until newspapers and magazines which are printed on paper disappear entirely. I completely agree with this belief because the online versions are better for the environment and more profitable. The first reason printed newspapers and magazines will cease to exist in the near future is that they have a negative effect on the environment. There is the apparent need to cut down trees to produce paper, but there is also the additional effect of the carbon dioxide created when transporting the materials and finished products to the various locations before a customer can purchase them. This is why many people choose to read newspaper and magazine articles online, and this trend will continue to grow as individuals worldwide continue to become more concerned about the environment. Furthermore, the companies that run newspapers and magazines won’t profit from the printed versions of their publications for much longer. This is because the number of people purchasing them has already decreased substantially since the emergence of the online format. As this trend continues, it will only be a short amount of time before the readership is too low to attract advertisers, and once this happens, it will be financially unviable to continue printing them. For example, this has already happened to ‘The Dublin Times’, and it is only published online nowadays. In conclusion, printed newspapers and magazines won’t exist for much longer because they are bad for the environment, and they will stop being profitable for the companies that publish them.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #19

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #19

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #19

Because populations are growing, additional housing is required in many nations. My opinion is that it’s better to build these new houses in existing cities rather than creating new towns in the countryside because more children will have access to high-quality education and the countryside will be preserved for wildlife that lives there. The first reason building extra houses in cities is preferable to constructing them in the countryside is that the children who live in them will have a better education. It is well-known that the schools in cities are far superior to their rural counterparts and by building the extra houses in cities, more children will have access to the best possible education. For example, in Vietnam, many children leave their hometowns to live with their extended families in the cities because the schools there are of a higher standard. Another motivation to construct these new houses in urban areas is to conserve the habitats of local wildlife in rural areas. The animals in these places cannot adapt to life in urban or suburban landscapes and must relocate when their homes are overrun by humans. As the amount of land available for these animals shrinks, their numbers decline because of a lack of space to flourish. For instance, when I was growing up in rural Ireland, wild animals such as foxes and rabbits were a common sight, but due to the area being more built up, these animals are a rare sight nowadays. In conclusion, we should favour building additional housing in urban rather than rural areas as it’s better for children’s education and leaves the habitat of local wildlife intact.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #20

task 2 problem and solution band 9

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Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #20

All over the world, accidents on the road each day result in grave injuries. Consequently, some hold that more stringent laws are required to reduce the number of casualties. I completely disagree with this because people already ignore that reckless driving can result in fatalities, and previous efforts to reduce accidents with stricter laws have failed. First of all, increasing the severity of the rules governing road safety won’t result in fewer injuries because the people driving recklessly are already ignoring the more severe consequence that it could kill them. People who drive dangerously are more concerned with the thrill of speeding or getting to an appointment on time than with the real dangers of driving. Because the risk of death isn’t incentive enough for these people, a lesser punishment such as a fine will not have the desired effect. Furthermore, many countries have already failed to make their roads safer with stringent laws. The problem is that many dangerous drivers aren’t worried about penalties because they’re confident that the police won’t catch them. Because they have this mentality, the punishment has no significance as they already believe that they won’t face any consequences. For example, in America, a person driving under the influence are now sent to prison instead of losing their licence, as was the case in the past. However, this has not reduced the number of drink driving cases. In conclusion, I don’t believe that stricter laws will result in safer roads because dangerous drivers are already willing to ignore the more serious consequence of dying in a collision. In addition, previous attempts by countries to improve road safety with more severe punishments have failed.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #21

task 2 problem and solution band 9

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Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #21

Some individuals are of the view that raising children in the countryside is much better than raising them in the city. I completely agree with this opinion because there is less air pollution in the countryside and there is less noise. The first reason why it’s better for children to grow up in the countryside is that the air is cleaner and less polluted. This is because there are fewer factories, and therefore, less pollution is being emitted from such places. Furthermore, there is less traffic as compared to fast-paced cities, and this also results in less pollution being added to the air. This ensures that these children grow up breathing healthy air and develop fewer respiratory issues than the children who live in cities and have to breathe toxic, polluted air. Another reason why raising children in the countryside is a better option than cities is that there is less noise due to these places being less crowded and having fewer businesses. This lack of noise provides a calm environment for children to concentrate better on their studies. For Instance, most of the students living in cities must go to libraries to study because of the noisy surroundings, whereas children living in the countryside aren’t exposed to the same levels of noise, so can study at home. In conclusion, I firmly agree that it’s best for children to grow up in the countryside because they have the benefits of cleaner air and less noise pollution.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #22

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #22

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #22

Some individuals think the online libraries offer more benefits than conventional libraries. I completely agree with this idea because online libraries generally have a wider selection of books and using online libraries saves time. The first reason why I believe that online libraries are more beneficial is that they have a larger range of books. This is because it doesn’t cost any money for the materials to publish online books, whereas every paper book needs to be printed and distributed, and this extra cost means that normal libraries are limited by the amount of money that they have to spend on the books that they make available. As well as this, traditional libraries are limited by the amount of space that they have and must often throw away old books to make space for new ones, but this is never necessary for online libraries that can easily add more digital books to their online storage. Furthermore, using an online library saves time in comparison to using a bricks-and-mortar library. This is largely because people do not need to commute to and from the library whenever they want to do some research or borrow another book. This means that they time that they would have used for commuting can be used for other things when a person uses online libraries. People can also use the search function in an online library to find the information that they need almost instantly, whereas in a normal library, it can take hours to find the correct resources as it must be done manually. In conclusion, I firmly believe that online libraries are superior to offline ones because they offer a wider range of books and they save time for the users.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Question #23

task 2 problem and solution band 9

Feedback Video #23

Band 9 IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #23

In certain societies, it is customary for younger generations to leave their parents’ dwellings as soon as they can. The main advantages of this situation are the sense of independence and the personal development that these young adults experience, while the disadvantages are they miss their families and it is difficult for them to survive on their own. The first advantage of young adults leaving their family homes as soon as possible is that they feel a strong sense of independence. When an individual leaves their home, they can enjoy a life that is free from any kind of restrictions. That is because oftentimes parents make a lot of decisions for the family members. The other main advantage is that these young adults will experience a lot of personal development. By living on their own, they will need to fix the various problems that arise by either learning how to fix them or finding the right people to help them resolve their issues. Through this process, they will develop the types of skills that will be useful to them throughout the rest of their lives. However, there is also the significant disadvantage of missing their family members. As they have spent their entire lives in their family homes, this new experience can often be unnerving and without the support of their loved ones, they feel lonely and long for the support that their family had always provided them up until this point in their lives. Another significant issue is that they might find it difficult to survive without the support of their families. Trying to keep up with the necessary household chores as well as keep up with the requirements of their jobs or studies can be a massive challenge, and oftentimes, these young adults resort to unhealthy diets as they are unable to find the necessary time for shopping, cooking and cleaning. In conclusion, the main advantages of young adults moving out of their family homes is that they experience more independence and get to grow in a way that wouldn’t happen if they continued to live with their parents. However, they will experience the disadvantages of missing their families and potentially struggling to survive.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Environment Band 9 Essay: Samples & Tips

  • Updated On December 14, 2023
  • Published In IELTS Preparation 💻

Non-native speakers looking to work, migrate or study in an English-speaking country need to appear for IELTS to establish their English proficiency. This exam is accepted by more than 11,000 institutions worldwide. 

Table of Contents

One of the most common queries that aspirants have is- How to score a band 9 in IELTS writing task 2? Apart from this, several candidates are confused about its level of difficulty. The following sections will attempt to answer this question. It is a detailed overview of all sections of the environment essay IELTS band 9 and how to tackle it expertly. In addition, we have added a section on vocabulary for writing task 2. 

IELTS Writing Task 2 Environment Band 9

What is IELTS Writing Task 2? 

Most students find scoring in IELTS writing task 2 to be challenging due to the time constraint. In this task, students are expected to write an essay of 250 words in 40 minutes. They must present a clear response to a statement given and address all parts of the task. However, candidates must also present different points of view and justify their opinion.  They must summarise all the necessary details and identify solutions to the problem to attain a high band score. Moreover, students must prepare very well for this section as it accounts for 66% of one’s score.  Furthermore, they will be marked on four criteria: 

  • Lexical Resource – This assesses one’s ability to use a wide range of vocabulary and paraphrase the information. Here, the candidate is expected not to use repetitive words or phrases. 
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy – This assesses the range of grammar one uses. These include the usage of compound and simple sentences and punctuation. 
  • Coherence and Cohesion – This criterion tests the students’ ability to present their ideas logically. Transition, usage of cohesive devices, formation of paragraphs all are taken into consideration. 
  • Task Response – This assesses one’s ability to answer the question correctly. Here, candidates must present hisher opinions and substantiate them with examples. 

How to Approach Writing Task 2? 

Crack ielts exam in first attempt.

Attend Leap’s free masterclass to get tips, tricks and advance strategies to crack IELTS exam in first attempt

IELTS Writing Task 2 Environment Band 9 Essay: Samples & Tips

There are primarily five types of essay in IELTS writing task 2: 

  • Opinion 
  • Advantage and Disadvantage 
  • Problem, Cause and Solution 
  • Discussion 
  • Double Question 

The key to nailing IELTS writing task 2 band environment 9 is following a systematic process. First and foremost, students’ need to understand the type of question asked and if it is from the list mentioned above. After that, they need to identify the keywords in the question and follow the instructions diligently.  Secondly, students can write in bullet points and elaborate these in the answer sheet. This is a part of structuring the answer and can help in time management.  Thirdly, they must structure the essay into paragraphs. One must begin with an introduction that states the opinion, followed by a topic and supporting sentences in two or three paragraphs. Lastly, they must summarise the points stated in the body paragraphs.  Remember that the introduction and title must be linked as it shows the flow of ideas. This is a part of the task achievement criteria. Furthermore, students can also make use of linking devices to connect the introduction and title. For example, they can begin with ‘The main cause of this’ or ‘The main factor is’.  Last but not the least, one must utilise a wide range of clauses. Some of them are underlined below: 

IELTS Writing Task 2 Environment Band 9 Essay: Samples & Tips

  • In contrast 
  • Additional information 
  • Consequence 
  • Cause 
  • Effect 
  • Purpose 

Students must also keep questioning themselves like,

  • ‘What points should I include in the topic sentences?’
  • ‘What examples go with the fact that I already mentioned?’ 
  • ‘What do I mean by this statement?

Vocabulary for Writing Task 2 

Candidates must use a wide range of vocabulary as this accounts for 25% of the overall band score. Usage of cohesive devices is equally important. However, they must not be overused as that can hamper the overall band score.  One can begin by stating their point of view in the introduction to respond to the question in IELTS writing task 2 band environment 9. They can start by: 

  • It may seem that 
  • The essay will show that 
  • The essay will argue that 
  • To examine this problem, the essay will highlight both this and that 
  • First, this essay will state this and secondly, it will talk about that 
  • It appears that 

One can use these transition words while writing the topic sentence: 

  • For example 
  • For instance 
  • However 
  • Conversely 
  • In addition 

In the primary paragraph for IELTS writing task 2 environment vocabulary, candidates can use: 

  • I strongly opine that 
  • I strongly disagree with the given topic 
  • I think 
  • My opinion is 
  • In my view 

For the second paragraph in writing task 2 essay, one can focus on phrases such as: 

  • Some people think that 
  • According to many 
  • Some people believe that 
  • On that one hand 
  • Many are of the view that 

For the third and fourth paragraph, sticking to the below-mentioned phrases are beneficial: 

  • Moreover 
  • Furthermore 
  • Consequently 
  • Apart from that 
  • Most people believe that 
  • Last but not the least 
  • What’s more 

However, just using these phrases is not all. Candidates must also make use of collocations. These are generally two or three words that are placed in a sentence together. For example, ‘To make the bed’, ‘To catch a cold’, To do homework, ‘To come on time’ sounds natural.  However, one cannot write ‘To do the bed’ as this sounds grammatically incorrect.  One can pair: 

  • Adverb + Adjective 
  • Adjective + Noun 
  • Noun + Noun 
  • Noun + Verb 
  • Verb + Noun 

Moreover, to learn collocations, candidates can refer to ‘English Collocations in Use’.  It is instrumental and can help in widening the vocabulary.  Remember, redundancy must be avoided and hence can resort to using synonyms of the given words such as: 

  • Advantages- benefits
  • Disadvantages- drawbacks 
  • Many- plenty, numerous, a large number of 
  • Some people- several 
  • Some people think that- some people argue that hold the view of the opinion believe 
  • Children- Youngsters 
  • Teenagers- Adolescents 
  • Interesting- engaging entertaining 
  • Increased- dramatically, surge, rise 
  • Go to work- commute 

Sample Questions with Answers for Environment Topic 

The environment essay IELTS band 9 is one of the most common topics that come in IELTS . However, many students do not feel the need to prepare this as they find it as one of the most straightforward topics. Consequently, this approach results in losing marks. That is why we have underlined below samples and answers that students can refer to and practice before their exam. 

The best way to solve the world’s environmental problem is to increase the price of fuel.  To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words. 

Today, the Earth is facing a massive threat in the form of a climate crisis and it is believed by many that the most efficient way to tackle the world’s environmental issue is by augmenting fuel prices. Conservationists would deem this method to be effective and I agree with this notion; however, up to an extent, as it heavily impacts the livelihood of the poor people. On the one hand, it is a potent solution to increase the rate of crude commodities like oil since that would force people to try alternative methods of transportation and in turn reduce their carbon emissions. Fostering the habit of cycling and carpooling for instance could be the go-to method. The Netherlands is one such country to have adopted the systemic approach by inflating the fuel prices thereafter urging the nation to take up cycling and subsequently becoming a greener nation. Additionally, it would also discourage people from purchasing automobiles that run on petrol or diesel and encourage them to switch to electric vehicles.  On the other hand, the obvious reason why a hike in fuel rates would not be a better solution for humanity is that it could worsen poverty. People with meagre incomes and daily wage earners would have a hard time saving their salary for their basic needs if their travelling expenses increase. Besides, the fuel price determines the market prices of other essential commodities, and increasing the price can affect poor and middle class families. If this practice were to take place in India, for instance, there would be a spike in the number of families struggling to afford food and household essentials.  In conclusion, increasing the price of petrol can certainly help reduce environmental pollution to some degree ; however, I feel that educating people about the ill effects of the overuse of natural resources and encouraging them to use alternative methods would be a better solution in handling this issue as it will not further deteriorate the life of the poor.

Tips to Write Writing Task 2 

Discussed below are some tips to help improve your IELTS scores: 

Analyse the question carefully 

First and foremost, students must understand the question that is being asked. One must differentiate between the different types of essays. 

Practice brainstorming 

The examiner will be grading based on vocabulary and the ability to organise their ideas. To do this, one must brainstorm and develop ideas in a short time. Therefore, it is always best to write down the keywords associated with the concept and explain those with examples. 

Style the essay 

It is important to follow the academic word list and implement them in the essay. In addition, candidates must use linking devices as mentioned above. 

Prepare a study plan 

Students must strategise an effective study plan that caters to their requirements and needs. Following this plan will help them crack the IELTS exam.  


The key to success in IELTS is practice, practice and practice. Candidates can download sources from the internet and look at sample questions. This will polish their English language skills. 

IELTS Writing Task 2 Environment Band 9

The writing task is one of the most challenging areas of the IELTS exam. However, this comprehensive guide on IELTS writing task 2 band environment 9 will allow candidates to prepare for the said question easily and more efficiently. Students aspiring to pursue a foreign degree abroad can now finance their dreams with ease due to Leap Scholar. It provides financial assistance in the form of education loans with simple and flexible terms to help students fulfil their dream of studying abroad. 

1. Is 7.5 a good score in IELTS?

Ans: Yes, 7.5 is a desirable score in IELTS. It indicates that the candidate has a good command over the English language.

2. By when can I get my result? 

Ans: It depends on the type of IELTS taken. If it is computer-based, you will get the result in 3 to 5 days. If you have opted for pen and paper mode, the result will be available after 13 days from taking the exam. 

3. Who owns IELTS? 

Ans: The British Council, Cambridge Assessment English and IDP: IELTS  Australia  jointly own the test.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 9

The IELTS writing task 2 sample answer below has examiner comments and is band score 9. The topic of social media is common and this IELTS essay question was reported in the IELTS test. Check the model essay and then read the comments.

Many people believe that social networking sites (such as Facebook) have had a huge negative impact on both individuals and society. To what extent do you agree?

Social networking sites, for instance Facebook, are thought by some to have had a detrimental effect on individual people as well as society and local communities. However, while I believe that such sites are mainly beneficial to the individual, I agree that they have had a damaging effect on local communities.

With regards to individuals, the impact that online social media has had on each individual person has clear advantages. Firstly, people from different countries are brought together through such sites as Facebook whereas before the development of technology and social networking sites, people rarely had the chance to meet or communicate with anyone outside of their immediate circle or community. Secondly, Facebook also has social groups which offer individuals a chance to meet and participate in discussions with people who share common interests.

On the other hand, the effect that Facebook and other social networking sites have had on societies and local communities can only be seen as negative. Rather than individual people taking part in their local community, they are instead choosing to take more interest in people online. Consequently, the people within local communities are no longer forming close or supportive relationships. Furthermore, society as a whole is becoming increasingly disjointed and fragmented as people spend more time online with people they have never met face to face and who they are unlikely to ever meet in the future.

To conclude, although social networking sites have brought individuals closer together, they have not had the same effect on society or local communities. Local communities should do more to try and involve local people in local activities  in order to promote the future of community life.

Comments : This essay shows you the organisation of ideas into paragraphs and also how a clear answer is given in the thesis statement in the introduction and then supported and explained in full throughout the essay. You will also see paraphrasing for advantage / disadvantage language which can be useful for you in other essays. Furthermore, the word length of this essay is typical for anyone aiming for band score 6, 7 or above. Words 280

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Hi Liz, i hope you doing well. if i want to write the introduction as a balanced opinion, can i write it like the following?

“social networking sites, for instance Facebook, are thought by some people to have had a harmful effect on individual people as well as local community. However, while I believe that such cites are beneficial for individuals and Society, I agree that they have a rather damaging effect on them”

and then BP1 discuss the benefits of social media and BP2 discuss the negative effect of them.

' src=

My main question is why you are writing about “cities” in your thesis statement. This essay isn’t about cities, it’s about social media. Also, the word “society” does not have a capital letter. Both of these mistakes will negatively impact your score. About the approach, your essay is only 290 words long (that is the usual max), you don’t have time to write pros and cons of both social media on individuals and social media on society. Lastly, you have turned an Opinion Essay into an Adv/Disad essay or a Discussion Essay. Present a clear position on social media for individuals and social media on society than is clear position for each. For example, you think it is positive for both, you think it is negative for both or you think one if positive and one is negative – all three options are clear opinions for an IELTS Opinion Essay.

' src=

Hi Liz, please go through my writing and make corrections 🙏

It is believed by majority of people that social networking sites such as Facebook has a detrimental effect on individual as well as the society.However, while social media have a positive impact on individual, I personally agree that it is of more damaging especially to the society.

Firstly, regarding the positive impact it has on individuals, social networking provide a means of communication between people that are far away from each other especially does from different countries; it also provide a means for people to advertise their products and businesses to help them make income and become popular sometimes.

On the other hand, it brings a lot of damages to the community and society at large because of the way people are now occupied with social networking the tend to give a nonchalant attitude to something important especially when it comes to adolescence there is no more respect or positive contribution to the development of their community as all they are interested in is going online most of their times. People now give value to what they do online more than their real-life. furthermore, most individual become engaged in competition with their peer group and this result to them doing some unspeakable things, hurting people in order to make money and show off and increasing rate of fake life. As a result of this, community and society is fast becoming disjointed, people now prefer to make friends online with people they have never met before than the ones they see face to face.

To conclude, although social networking have bring a lot of people together it has done otherwise to the community and society at large. The society should find should find a solution to that by bringing people locally together and engaging them on activities that will bring them together. That way people meet and interact physically other than always going online.

I don’t offer a feedback service. However, I will say you need to go back to my model essays and learn the proper balance and length of paragraphs. Having a long conclusion is a waste of time and won’t help your score. Having body paragraphs that are not equal in length will lower your score. This is the main writing task 2 page on my website: https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/

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length also matters?…some expertise say that if examiner easily understand your thoughts then he or she will give you good band score even your essay length will be short or long

Ideas are only marked as to whether they are relevant and well explained. One idea is not a higher band score than other as long as it is relevant and well explained. So, any teacher telling you that one idea is a higher band score than another has not understood the marking criteria probably because they weren’t trained as an examiner.

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Recent research has shown that the usage percentage of social networking sites has been considerably increasing for a decade. Given that, the majority of the population believes such networking sites as Facebook have a catastrophic effect on not only individuals but also society. I, personally, find positive impacts on individuals; however, for the community, it is a total disaster. To begin with the impact on individuals, there are significant benefits that can not be avoided. The most useful point which is special just to the internet is the fact that there are no issues about the location for being able to communicate. You can talk to anybody, whenever and wherever you want no matter how many kilometers you have between your locations. This leads you to have the possibility for talking about numerous topics without any restrictions from your common interests to scientific researchs. As a result, for making new friends and thus for socializing, social networking sites are the best opportunities that should not be missed. Yet, the presence of some advantages individually does not eliminate side effects on society. If people start to socialize by only making use of social media like Facebook and Instagram, whole the society begins to crack due to people not seeing each other in real life. Society’s existence is thanks to the people taking part in group activities, working under collaborative circumstances, and spending a considerable amount of time together. But the more prevalent social networking usage becomes, the fewer people can stand seeing each other. In conclusion, social networking sites are advantageous places for mostly socializing individually, yet, there are more serious side effects exceeding the positive points. So, people should pay more attention to having relationships with the community so that, the term ‘society’ won’t disappear.

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Anyone (especially, Dear Liz), who is an expert might evaluate my essay with proper feedback.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. Write about the following topic. It is now possible for scientists and tourists to travel to remote natural environments, such as the South Pole. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

In recent years, Travelling to remote areas becoming more popular with scientists and tourists for convenient scientific developments. There are noticeable positive outcomes with drawbacks both in the natural environment and the living species.

First of all, In the last decades, scientific innovation and progress in different sectors resulted in more easily accessible transportation to rural areas which are far from the downtowns. For scientific analysis, a large number of researchers making crowd those areas for new scientific analysis for different parameters. For instance, exploring the fossils in those areas to get ideas about the ancestors of these specific regions. Secondly, While adventurous people always visit new ancient remote areas to satisfy their minds by knowing the unknown places more practically rather than watching TV programs. Finally, places always developing with tourists friendly facilities and increasing the revenue in national funds for these eco-friendly activities, particularly, excessive new-comer spending their money for various purposes including hotel room facilities, meals, and souvenirs. Which positively impacts the world economy and the living standards of local people providing them with more working opportunities.

Whereas, there are many negative aspects to these easily accessible traveling opportunities. Both scientific purpose and tourism activities directly impacting on the local environment and the existing species as well as the local community’s lifestyle. The regional species, particularly, those migrating to a quieter and more natural environment lead a normal life without the disturbance of human economy-boosting activities. Furthermore, many old species have been extinct and right now existing species are almost endangered to extinction from those remote areas. Another concern is almost rising at an alarming rate, certainly environmental pollution. People visiting those places, dumping their wastes here and there, and destroying the eco-system, including plastic materials, those regional environments resulted in different challenging problems for the natives.

In conclusion, the advancement of scientific research facile transportation to even remote areas, like the South Pole, for scientists and tourists with positive and negative impacts on the environment. Corresponding authorities should regulate these activities with proper concern without affecting nature and the species in a specific region.

Please read this page: https://ieltsliz.com/how-many-words-ielts-writing/ and then read all tips on this page: https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/ . If you need detailed tutorials about writing an essay specifically for IELTS for a high score, go to my online store: https://elizabethferguson.podia.com/ . You should be aiming for accuracy with grammar and vocabulary – don’t aim to impress and never take risks. Aim for error free sentences.

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Hi please let know how my writing has come along?

In today’s day and age, it has become far more accessible to reach remote areas for scientists and tourists. There are noticeably positive outcomes with drawbacks both in natural environment and the living species.

In ancient times, scientists or tourists would have difficulty in reaching such destinations such as the south pole. But today with scientific developments and studying the natural environment it has become a joy to travel. There are many advantages for scientists and tourists who want to travel for research purposes or adventure. Firstly, for instance, scientists can research fossils in those areas to get in-depth knowledge about the ancestorial landscape. Secondly, tourists, adventure enthusiasts especially travel to explore the wild life, natural beauty of the region, get a breath of fresh air, newness etc.

Whereas, there are many negative aspects as well. Both incoming of scientists and tourists to remote areas has an effect on the local livelihood. The reason for this is that due to the inhabitation of ancestorial species, they are used to a certain lifestyle, the peace and quiet. And when unknown people start coming in, it disrupts their day to day lifestyle. They lead a normal life without the disturbance of human economy-boosting activities. Hence, people visiting these places, dumping their wastes here and there, and destroying the eco-system results in different challenging problems for the natives.

In conclusion, with the advancements of scientific research and development for researches and tourists to travel to such remote areas will always have its positive and negative impact on the environment. Corresponding authorities should regulate these movements with proper concern and not affect the nature and species of this specific region.

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It is assumed by many people that social media is creating a detrimental effect on both individuals and society. However, a healthy percentage of people are getting benefitted by its proper usage and implementations in social life although a specific group of people might be using social sites, for instance Facebook in an adverse way which is creating a negative impact in our social community and locality.

To begin with, social media like Facebook has created a drastic change in people’s communication through internet all over the world. Website like this has brought people from all countries around the world in a single tent for communication. Though the communication is initially virtual but soon people are getting to know each other which is serving the purpose of meeting in real life with their loved ones or with their families. Aside of it, some of the other advantages that social media is impacting in our daily life such as; creating business opportunities, helping us to know about the current world information and news updated, creating awareness among people about social norms and duties. The main fruitful thing that can be described as is social media in letting us to know about other people’s culture, norms and activities etc.

On the other side, as we have discussed so many positive sides of social media it has some detrimental sides too that is enhancing some real-life problems in our society and local community. As the main purpose of social media was to connect people but now a days it is seen that this tool is being misused by some of the people for creating fake profiles and pretending to be someone else as a result people on the other side of the screen might be outplayed with a fake emotion. Also, among young generations the dependency and the usage of social media is way too time consuming which is creating a mental distortion gradually. Adding with that, the utmost negative impact that is creating real life problems is vague news and its spread. As a result, people gets more confused in their decision making whom to support and whom to deny. Beside of that, Scammers trading with money, Negative content are threat to our future generation and also for us.

In conclusion I want to agree with the fact that although social media is helping us in many ways in our social life but it has an immense effect in our cultural diversity to get provoked as long if we don’t use it properly. As long as some specific policies and regulations are maintained for its usage, I think that the damage is limited to rare and special cases.

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Please correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s believed by many people that social networking sites have led to serious detrimental effects on both individual people as well as society and local communities. However, there are numerous beneficial effects of using such sites for the individual and some of the adverse outcomes for the society and local communities.

With regard to the individual persons, the usage of social media sites has given the opportunity to identify the people with the common interests, who are miles away, which was not available before the development of such websites. Besides, It has been easier to establish a face to face connection within seconds with our loved ones, even when they are far away from us.

On the other hand, the continuous usage of social meadia might end up with a dependent behavior, which results in the separation of societal and family bonds. Other than that, believing the facts on online as it is might lead to serious family issues too.

In my conclusion, although the social networking sites keep the individuals closer together, it has a number of considerable negative impacts on society and local communities. Therefore, it is our responsibility to use those sites for he betterment of overselves.

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You write : use those sites for he betterment of Overselves

Mistakes: ourselves and you write he in place of the

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Hi Liz, Thank you so much for all your time, guidance and help. Really appreciate the content you keep on posting. Have been following your posts since 2019, got 9 in listening, 7.5 overall then. I am planning to write again for GT

here is my response: 274 words

A few individuals believe that cellphones are a bane for kids, whereas others don’t believe in the same. In my opinion, though cellphones are now an indispensable part of any urban human and has multiple benefits, their demerits do exist and those make it more harmful than helpful to children.

Though one can still be in quandary about the ill-effects of cellphones on adults, their impact has been far more detrimental for kids. These devices operate entirely on wireless radiations, and there has been an exponential rise in such radiation. As children’s brain is in development stage, and their skull is still fragile; damages from such radiations can be fatal. Additionally, prolonged exposure to phone’s display is quite detrimental for eyesight and sleep cycle. Moreover, new cellphones (smartphones) can host a lot of social-media applications. As children are growing, so do their hormonal changes, they are more inquisitive about such digital platforms. Though there are age-restriction on these sites, those are easily bypassed by them. Things get sinister when some spoilt peers introduce others to pornographic content which has been known to biologically alter hormonal and psychological patterns in kids.

Though, despite above, phones do offer some benefits such as means of instant communication, exchange of notes, access to free and global online resources, most of these benefits are also available on personal laptops or institute’s kiosks. In case of dire needs, students can access these resources on such kiosks, where students can be prohibited from accessing social or adult content. Hence, though cellphones are now an indispensable part of human life, owing to their detrimental impacts, children should refrain using those.

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While many believe that social networking sites impacting both the society and the individual in negative manner, I argue that its certainly impacting social life negatively however, it has positive impact on individuals. With innovation of technology and reach to smart phones by common people has increased the number of people using social networking sites significantly in recent years. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and many more became basic needs of people. This revolution in technology has brought many benefits to people. Now people to people interaction have increased and it has no boundaries. They can easily talk to other people who are located at different part of the globe. Distance, time zone, boarders doesn’t matter anymore. This interaction helps them to enhance their knowledge, grow their business and much more. People can create any type social cause over these social media platforms and get other people’s support from world-wide. While this improvement in technology has benefitted the individuals, it has some drawbacks on society. For example, now people spend more time on these types of platforms rather than spending time in society or social activities. Face to face interaction is minimized, which certainly brings gap in local social group. Many old, aged people are not able to cope with technology and find it very difficult to interact with other people. In conclusion, As with any other invention, technology also has some drawbacks, however if people make smart choices they can surely get rid of these drawbacks and get maximum benefit of this technology revolution in the form of social networking sites.

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Today, advancements in technology have brought forth tons of electronic devices that serve to increase the quality of one’s life. Accompanying this would be the surge in social networking sites for people to communicate using these devices. However, many believe social networking platforms have affected society and its people in a negative way. In my opinion, though the presence of social networks has invited several benefits into our lives, I agree that the adverse effects of social media are noticeable. Hence, one has to regulate his or her usage of social media in order to enjoy the advantages without the disadvantages. To begin, social networking sites has allowed many to communicate with their loved ones despite being separated by long distances. With the help of social media, we are able to converse with the ones we miss via text messages, audio messages or even video calls without the trouble of traveling hours to meet them. Besides that, the widening of our social circle has been made easier as a result of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, allowing us to acquaint ourselves with strangers which can be achieved with just a few taps on the screens of our smartphones. By utilizing the above advantages brought to us by social networking sites, a myriad of time can be conserved. However, social media is not without flaws. By allowing people to communicate without meeting up or seeing each other in real life, social media has transformed society into an introverted one, one that resists any sort of physical communication if it can be done online. When people are accustomed to chatting with one another online, it is without a doubt that their social skills will degrade significantly as they no longer have ’emojis’ to express their feelings. Ultimately, we are left with a society that is fragmented in real life and only operable in the virtual world. In conclusion, social networking sites has allowed us to connect with the people we love who are far away from us and thus save us plenty of time in the process. Despite the merits, our society is no longer filled with outgoing people, but those who are lacking in social skills and refuse physical communication, hence resulting in a broken society. Therefore, it is our own responsibility to not be overly reliant on social networking sites to obtain the results that were intended for us in the first place.

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It is undeniable fact that learning a foreign language is more popular now a days. Although some people might consider that it is batter for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school. On the other hand some people might believe that learning a foreign language at secondary school is beneficial , but I believe that learning a foreign language at primary school is extremely beneficial not only because child’s brain is analogous to be empty hard disk that can be uploaded more quickly at this age . Small kids memories the talent, and it is considered that learning a new accent required a strong memory.

This essay will explore who these factors make this development a positive one.

Their are multiple benefits of this development . Firstly one of the major advantage of this development is that they have more space in their mind because their minds are empty they have more ability too gain knowledge and learning a new accent is not too be much difficult for childrens. For example, my younger brother learning a foreign language in his primary school and he almost have done this. Thus,this benefit can almost handedly make this development positive.

Secondly, another major benefit linked with this development is that children have strong memory and it is considered that accent can be learn be a strong memory. All the talent is begin from childhood. For instance, my older sister have a talent of swing clothes and she learned from her childhood. Hence, this benefit can clearly over shadow any disadvantage.

To conclude, I believe that this development is an overall positive development interm of these advantages

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Social media ever since its inception has taken the world by storm. It is not uncommon to find a person with a social media account even in the remotest of the areas. Such has been its profound impact that most of the top brands these days use social media for its promotion. Some of us opine that these social networking sites are impacting the individual as well as the society at large. I agree that these networking sites are useful in crisis times but mostly feel that these sites are doing more harm than good for the following two reasons. First of all, decision making in this generation is severely impaired due to influence of social media sites. People these days are compelled to base their opinion on sources which can be hardly termed as fool proof due to its abundance. This information is butter fed into an individual mind in a implicit way, before the person recognising it. Take for instance, the way political campaigns are being run these days only with an aim to drive their own agenda, projecting their view which will be beneficial to them. True, a mature person can still see through these filters, but the same cannot be guaranteed for teen minds, who form the majority of the users for these applications. Their nascent minds will be damaged beyond repair, ultimately affecting the society’s future of which they are a part of. Second of all, fake ad campaigns claiming money for self-motives have increased manifold with advent of social media sites. The major issue concerning these campaigns is that even genuine contributions are going into wrong hands; what does it mean is that when the real person is in need of help, he hardly gets it. The above issue is becoming a huge predicament for those people in need. Generous people who come forward to help are forced to think twice. Non-availability of help for those who require it even with the abundance of donors is a bane for the society for which social media sites are one of the prime reasons. There are some good things arising out of these sites, like blood donors availability, communication for help during natural calamities etc. In the times of disaster, they play a very handy role in helping the deserved. But that said, they require internet connection to work, which might not always be the case, especially in the time of crisis. To conclude, these social media sites help us in some ways subjected to some limitations like network connectivity. Considering this and the negative impacts it brings to the table, like influencing young immature minds, providing platform for fake ad-campaigns I mostly opine that these are mostly harming the individual as well as a society.

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Social networking site (such as Facebook) is believed by many people to have negative effect for both individual and society. However, while I believe there is negative impacts, these effects are small compared to benefit the site offers. Firstly, some people that think about negative effect are just looking at small cases in their surroundings. For example, they see that the youth is addicted to social media such Facebook. They cannot stop checking and looking at site’s newsfeed. However, this is just because the people they observed are them who does not have ability to manage priority and time. Meanwhile, compared to those small amount of sample, it’s observed that in adult and working environment people are not addicted to the media. Hence, if an individual could manage their priority and time, the negative impacts should be nothing. Secondly, in this modern era, information is gold. That means whoever has the information will have more advantage in life than who does not. Social media is the major factor for information transfer. In a blink of eye, wherever and whenever we are, we could send and get information to other people. Not only that, the most critical value of social media is it can influence many people, society, and even a country, because everyone could present his opinion and argument and then persuade others.

In the end, although social media can ruin life of an individual, the positive impacts its offer are greater than negative effects. People who have a problem in time and priority management, should be taught how to manage it.

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It is thought by many people that some social media websites affect the individuals, and the society, in a negative impact. I agree that social networking websites such as Facebook and Youtube can distract some people while others can benefit from them.

People who use social media intensively will be distracted from doing their daily tasks. A lot of people spend most of their time on Facebook, Youtube and other applications watching videos, putting likes and posting comments, at the end of the day they discover that they lost most of their day doing nothing. For instance, I am addicted to the online pages on Facebook and I was always buying a lot of things from those pages. While I was preparing for the IELTS exam, I realized that I am wasting my time and I have to do something to stop this. I deleted the applications that distracted me and I became more focused on my studies. When each individual is affected like the way that I got, the society will face a distracted generation in the future. This is why such social networks have sometimes a negative impact on individuals and society.

On the other hand, social networking websites can help people in achieving their tasks. A lot of websites and applications provide an easy way to communicate and giving assistance. Since Facebook is a universal application, a lot of people use it, thus, it is easy to make connection with others and looking for a teacher or an information using it. For example, a student can find a lot of resources on the websites to look for an information. It is easier to the students to use social media websites rather than leaving their home and wasting time on looking for someone to help, nowadays, this can be done by just searching on the websites. This will save more time and each individual can achieve more in their day which leads to a productive society. That’s why social networks are important to individuals and in turn to the society.

To conclude, although networks distracted some individuals from achieving their tasks that happens due to the addiction that they got, other individuals can take the advantage of these websites and use them correctly. This will be reflected on the whole society.

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Hello Mrs Liz, please evaluate my essay. It has been considered by some individuals that harmfulness of social media such as Facebook have hit not only people but communities as well. In my standpoint, social media has negative and positive impacts, both. However, its positive impacts outweigh its negative effects on people and societies. first of all, at this age, technology has been evolving rapidly that even mankind have been able to invent internet and by using internet they have been capable of making social media platforms to connect people all over the world. social network such as Facebook is an application that made it possible for us to get connected with friends and families no matter where we live. Besides, this application has made us able to share our knowledge and our photos and many more to the characters all around the globe. Nevertheless, despite having countless advantages, social networks do have negative impacts as well. Frequently usages of social media can cause addiction. In addition, it will cause us fail in real life while we are busy watching others life styles. Instead of learning and gaining knowledge, most of our young generation tend to scroll on social media a lot and waste their crucial time. At the end they will be facing difficulties in real life. in conclusion, spending and allocating a limited time for using social media is not only good but beneficial. However, wasting most of our time on it will cause negative impacts.

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Many individuals think that social networking sites, for instance Facebook, have had damaging effect on individuals as well as local communities and societies. For this essay, I will discuss why disagree that social networking sites have damaging effect on individuals and agree that these sites have damaging effect on the societies. Social networking sites have less adverse effect on individuals. Firstly, it has been seen that a major way people meet new people and make new friends are from these platforms. An individual can be in Nigeria and meet a new person from Australia via Facebook. Having a close relationship by keeping close communication daily on this platform, these two can eventually become life partners. Secondly, it has been reported from a research done by Frank Idowu in 2019, that most people become aware and participate in seminars, workshops and meetings on social networking sites. This has helped reduce the stress of physical meetings. Social networking sites have detrimental effect on the local communities. In a world of technology, most people advertise their business majorly through social media platforms. Firstly, a survey carried out by Seyi Makinde, a student of University of Ibadan reported that most people in Ibadan buy most of the things they need from online stores. This in turn has affected the sales of physical stores in Ibadan. Secondly, I strongly agree that social networking sites are of detrimental effects to the societies because most people spend more time meeting new friends online than building relationships with those in their local communities. In conclusion, social networking sites are of great benefit for an individual to meet new friends and build a career network. However, they have detrimental effect on communal relationships.

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It is thought by many people that social networking sites and applications have a detrimental effect on people as well as society. While I agree that there could be some harmful effects of using these sites, I believe that the negative impact can occur only when there is an addiction to the usage of these apps. Otherwise, they are mainly beneficial to the individual. People tend to consider social networking sites as a negative development for many different reasons. Firstly, when people spend excessive time on these types of sites, meeting with new people, Without real interaction in the real world, they might find it hard to differentiate between reality and illusion. In other words, people usually try to show their perfect aspects on these sites; thus, it will be difficult to know a person’s real and moral behaviour through online chatting. Secondly, spending too much time could lead to a low academic performance for young students or low productivity for adults. Consequently, this will have a damaging effect on society. On the other hand, such networking sites have brought numerous advantages to humans, and these adverse effects can only be present when there is an addiction to these types of sites. One possible benefit of these sites is that they help people to communicate easily no matter what is the distance or barrier and without any restrictions. Owing to this, the world is considered a small village, and people can keep up with their friends and relatives all around the earth. Another positive aspect of these apps is that they help introverted people to socialize better, particularly when a person is shy to meet face to face. In conclusion, while social networking sites have negatively affected both individuals and the community, I believe that overall, these sites brought many advantages to humans and society, and the damage is only limited to rare and special cases.

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The introduction of social media has made life so much less complicated for mankind. However, a group of people believe that social networking sites does more harm then good to an individual and the community. I completely disagree with this notion and in this essay i will discuss why i disgree

To begin with, prior to the introduction of modern technology people used to communicate with there family, friends or loved one through letters and landline phone calls. This method of communication was not only expensive but also very time consuming, however with the luxury of social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram people can easily interact with there loved ones by making video calls, whereby they can see them even being miles away and simply sending them a message which they will receive instantly. It also has the feature whereby people can post pictures and update there closed one about there daily lifesFurthermore, social networking sites can also be very informative in many ways such as keeping us updated with the daily news around the world, the latest trend in clothes, life hacks and also about our health and wellbeings. This helps us to stay on par with the rest of the world.

On the contrary, the negative impacts of social media can be that many people have started to spend more time on these social media app rather than going out and meeting people in there community. Instead They choose to interact woth people online whom they have neber met befire or may probably never meet in the future. It has also reduced the amount of time people spend outdoors to indulge in physical activities as they are constantly stuck to there phone or computer browsing through social media. This as a result has taken a toll at people health with introduction of non communicable disease like heartattck and diabetes

To conclude, the benefits of social media outweighs the the drawbacks as it not only helps us to keep in touch with people who live far but also keeps us updated with whats trending around the globe

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Social media websites have suffered great criticism, as many people believe that such platforms shown to be have great negative effects, i totally agree with this notion since they’re perceived to be addictive and linked to high rates of depression among teenagers.

Despite the popularity of social media sites, famous platforms such as Facebook and Instagram been proved to cause addiction, designed in a way to keep users hooked, more and more people of all ages are spending long hours liking each other’s pictures, texting, and doing whatever, causing dopamine spikes in their minds, making it harder to find motivation to accomplish something through the day and as a result end up neglecting other aspects of life.

Another huge negative impact is the role such sites play in highlighting differences in lifestyle, causing envy among young people and creating the favorable conditions in which hate speech can be normalized, promoting bullying and as a result, rising depression rates among teenager. A clear example of the effect social media has on the youth is a case that made controversy in the USA, a story of a young teenager that took his friend to court, bullied by him on Facebook, the teenager’s friend tried to push him to suicide recommending it a solution for his mental problems causing him greater deal of pain and worsening his depression.

To conclude, the purpose of social media sites was to improve people’s lives bringing them closer, out of charge, offering a better alternative to paid cellular communication, However, ironically, the effect these platforms had was worser than we thought causing individuals and society more bad than good.

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Impressive 👍 essay keep it bro❤️

In order to minimize the pressure health care sector is ought to deal with due to rising numbers of health problems related to obesity, some people think that adding physical exercise sessions to school curriculums is the most efficient approach. In my view, making students physically active isn’t the key to solving this overweight pandemic, as I think, having good eating habits is more important.

On one hand, adding sport lessons to children can be of great help because it will improve their overall heath making them more fit as they grow by spreading a culture of body care that will insure a healthier future for the coming generations. Furthermore, pushing kids to practice different sports will optimize their mind to muscle connection making it easier for them to engage and excel in any type of physical activities in comparison with their none active peers, therefore, rising their chances of maintaining an active lifestyle.

On the other hand, doing sports and being active without a proper diet can have a reverse effect on one person’s health, making him vulnerable to injuries, increasing the risk of heart attacks and causing him sleeping disorders. In addition to that, the myth that physical exercise is the best way to lose weight has been debunked by recent studies proving that diet is the most scientifically effective way to lose extra fat by minimizing the caloric intake.

In conclusion, it is obvious that physical exercise is crucial to have and maintain a healthy body, however, when it comes to losing fat, it been proven to be less effective in contrast with a proper calories restricted diet.

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According to people, Using social media as facebook causing negative impact not only on individuals but community also. I agree that it has some drawback for society but i can see some of the advantage for individuals as well. In one hand, If i talk about a person using network site,So it’s not only giving opportunity to find friends globally but also giving idea of variety of culture uses by each state or nation . People are getting each other’s rituals and languages without even meeting them in person or visiting their hometown. That’s how social networking is an advantage for everyone to know everyone and their traditions online. In other hand, Community have one disadvantage that they may miss their son’s or daughter’s presence during meal time or while walking outside alone when they are busy in facebook in knowing someone or finding something interesting. These days youth specially try to search any mate outside home mostly in social media so that they can share their feeling or experience to them instead of sharing to any family member, so may be it’s our mistake that we are not that much friendly with our children that they are making friends outside to share it. We are loosing their faith hence it’s our responsibility to gain it again then only this problem can be solved. In each society and family, there should be freedom for their children as a result they will feel comfortable in home because of friendly atmosphere and will start spending time with parents as well. They will let their parents know about the friends and culture which they have known through facebook so that community get to know plus points of using it.

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Social media has tremendously impacted our daily life in several ways. Some argue that social media disadvantages outweigh its advantages and builds a lazy unproductive generation. In my opinion, social networking facilitate communication between people; however, cyber bullying is the most dangerous negative impact of social media.

Nowadays, almost everyone is on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Many use these platforms to communicate with their pairs, friends and family members on regular basis since it is cheap, convenient and has different options such as voice or video calls. Moreover, people can post and share content and news on the social media apps. Furthermore, many businesses use the platforms to reach out customers and advertise about their products and services.

On the other hand, social media can be a dangerous tool in the hands of bullies and aggressive persons. Sadly, some use social media platforms to blackmail others or bully them which has a negative impact on one’s mental health specially teenagers. Also, many models and social media influencers use beauty filters that shows a completely unrealistic skin and body image burdening young females with distorted body image and body shaming which I believe is a dangerous impact on their personality development and mental health.

In conclusion, social media can be used to bring people closer and share news and daily life events. However, it can be a dangerous environment where someone might get cyber bullied or body shammed. I believe that social media has both negative and positive impacts depending on the way we use it and the content we get exposed to.

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Thank you Liz for the excellent material you have on your website. I scored an overall 8.5 (L 9, R 9, W 7 and S 8) and I would like to attribute a part my score to your helpful tips, YouTube videos and sample tests on this site which allowed me to better understand how to answer. Even though one might feel very confident being a regular English speaker, there is a proper method to cracking IELTS.

Really appreciate the stuff you have generously shared, and for free. God bless!

It’s great to see your scores – very well done you!! You clearly nailed IELTS 🙂

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Majority believe that there are alarming disadvantages to the use of social networking sites. I am in complete agreeance to this statement as there have been numerous negative effects on individuals and society. The use of social media has led to the rise in depression. As people post their eventful memories in social media, a lot of people have been feeling discontentment in their own lives. Constant comparison is made and consequently, they start to question whether they’re living their best life. Another effect of using social media to individuals is the quality of face to face interactions. Most people choose to talk through social applications on their phones rather than meet with each other in person. Humans are social beings, thus the fall in the quality of personal interactions affect one’s well-being. In addition, society is also affected as many use social media to spread false news. Caution must now be practiced whenever a news article is presented as there is a probability that it is untrue. People are now wary and unbelieving. There is a growing distrust in the community due to countless attempts to fool society with lies. An example could be the false news spreading on social media during election time – this is critical as society might elect an official based on untrue words. Also, through social sites, online bullying has become more rampant. It takes little to no effort to target someone with disrespectful words and comments anonymously. This can be seen everyday as people post baseless hate comments. In conclusion, it cannot be denied that social networking sites has a lot of disadvantages in both society and individuals. People should practice using such platforms with caution and make sure that their mental health can handle it.

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Nowadays, with the rise of streaming services and high prevalence of gadgets people spends significant amount of time on social media. However, this eventually possesses some negative effects on individual as well as on society. Therefore, I strongly agree with this statement that these sites have strong damaging effects. Firstly, it becomes fashion everywhere of using mobile phones and spending much time on social networking sites. People prefer to chat with other person who lives far away or to whom they do not know. These acts drain some devastating effects on their social life. For example, people prefer to talk to people who lives at distances but ignores the immediate relationships that deserves to have their time most like parents and grandparents. This acts would eventually affects the society also. Secondly, their health may also compromise as they refrain themselves from physical activities and sitting on gadgets for long hours. For instance individual may suffer from diabetes due to less physical activity and may be through heart issues. On the other hand, social networking may be useful for societies like individuals may get connected with the love ones whom they cannot meet physically and it becomes the blessings to get connected with them through these sites. Furthermore, by getting connected with different people one can increase his knowledge about different cultures and their way of living. In this advanced technological era it is important to get in touch with worldly activities to enhance the standards of living. To conclude, although there are many pros of using social networking sites but their cons outweighed it. To my point of view if someone is being neglecting by his family members in spite of living under one shelter then its benefits of social interactions does not matters.

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Nowadays, technology becomes one of the most significant ways people can connect and interact with each other. However, the majority of people think that social networking, for instance, Facebook, has an enormous bad effect on both individuals and society. I strongly agree that social networking has a negative side at the same time, also it has a positive impact, whereas it influences personal and community on both sides.

First and foremost, 100,000,000 people use the internet on different sites. For example, Facebook has a huge number of followers like to utilize, and connect through it such as chatting, sending pictures, meeting new friends from different areas around the world, learning, and interacting with people who speak various languages and have different cultures. Furthermore, stealing private information via Facebook becomes nervous for a lot of people clearly, mention in BBC news that more than 500,000 people around the world had stolen their Bank account, with an intelligent method, even though Facebook is still at the top of apps that people prefer to share and connect.

On the other hand, the new generation especially spends more time on the internet and social networking. Indeed, it affects a family relationship, lack of connection and discussion between them, and no gain of information, less about knowledge, and skills and hobbies will disappear from our society. Because with this ability, and activity the community will grow and develop. Hence, the consequence will have a negative impact. Of course, Facebook has plenty of information, document, picture, and charts, that show how other countries improve. For that reason, Facebook can share information that lets people read and see images about the countries, culture, and society, so it will help to attract tourists to come, and the economy will rapidly increase.

To summarize, social networking has benefits and drawbacks on both sides, such as individual and community.

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Wonderful Really, I like it

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Most people feel that Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have had a very negative effect on both the people and society. I’m of the opinion this isn’t accurate, and the below essay will explain why.

Social media has rapidly become the most preferred option of communication. It has worked as an effective method to connect with people no matter how far they are from each other. Twitter has given this generation a power that was never available, the ability to spread a message to millions of people at the click of a button.

Social media has enhanced people-to-people connections between enemy nations as well. If you see the activities of someone else from a different geography, you realise that the people there are not so different. For instance, through social media, I realised that many people in Pakistan love the actor, Shah Rukh Khan as much as my family does. Furthermore, there are countless other stories of how these platforms have helped people find lost ones, get blood donors, and financial donors under challenging times.

Though admittedly, like most tools, social media can have a harmful use if in the wrong hands. Also, the echo chamber created by the algorithm of social media has led to the growth of fascist ideologies worldwide. Though I don’t believe the websites are to blame, the user is the culprit.

In conclusion, I believe social media, if regulated to an extent, is a boon to society. Its growth should not be discouraged.

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Social Media has grown immensely in the last 10 years and had become an integral part of our life. Owing to its popularity, a lot of people had made their midset that Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more had a detrimental effect on individuals as well as society. I concur, that it is affecting the lives of teenagers, kids, and even older people, along with also harmed our diverse society.

Primarily, Social media is affecting Society in broader aspects, people are spending long hours just strolling on these Social Networking Sites without taking any valuable aspect to improve themself. As a consequence, people are not able to gain the essential social behavior and proving nothing among their community. Instead, they are wasting their time, on these sites, blindly following an influencer which they would rarely meet in their whole life. For instance, there are many kids which are highly influenced in gaming, following the influencer on these sites. These kids have changed their way of living by spending most of their time playing computer or mobile games rather than involving in some physical sports, which is highly affecting their education, health as well as they lack most of the social skills, which indeed affecting the society, especially the one with local communities.

Moreover, the dramatic increase in the demand for Social media had created a way for fraudsters, to spread their curated news easily on the daily basis, following certain sophisticated tactics they tend to gain people’s beliefs and make it so much appealing that they tend to believe or form opinion related to whatever they have seen on this sites. As a result, false or misleading information presented as news is spreading more and more, which may affect individuals and also society. To illustrate, there was a celebrity Ranbir Kapoor, on which the fake allegation of dealing with drugs was put on, by the trend on Twitter, people had started creating their opinion, which had a huge impact on his professional and personal life. Later on, After investigation, it was cleared that the news which was spread was entirely false. As stated, these sites had highly affected our society and our beliefs.

In conclusion, Social media is growing at a high pace, and with technological advancement, it will continue to thrive in the future as well, but had a huge deteriorating impact on our society and our own life. To mitigate such an impact, it’s highly difficult and challenging. Fraud news on these sites is spreading almost daily, people are wasting a lot of time perpetually strolling on this platform, affecting their own life, causing them not involved in social activities in their society.

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Hi Liz , it’s Guri I have been following you for last 2 to 3 years,,,I always watch your videos on youtube even on your own website, ,,I want to ask why did you stop to post videos on youtube regarding IELTS,, since last 5 years ,,,, do you provide online IELTS course ,,,kindly let me know please ,, Sincerely Gurpreet Singh From India 🇮🇳

Hi Gurpreet, I stopped making videos because my health crashed in 2015 and I’ve been struggling since then. Each time I start recovering, I get sick again. It’s a long slow battle. But I hope next year will bring me better luck. This website contains all my free lessons and tips for each part of the test. But I also have some Advanced Writing Task 2 Lessons and two e-books relating to Writing Task 2: an ideas for topics e-book and a grammar e-book. You can find them in my store: https://elizabethferguson.podia.com/ . Once I’m better, I’ll start making more videos for my store and my Youtube channel 🙂

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Hi Liz, I started watching your videos a month ago for IELTS, and I learnt a lot from your clear and informative presentations. Then I purchased the writing task 2 pack about 10 days ago – my best decision forever! I will have the IELTS test (academic) tomorrow which I aim at 7 in each category for accreditation as a medical professional in Australia. Whether I got the score or not, I will keep doing the practice to improve my English. Get well soon! Kind regards, Charlie

Best of luck with your test !! 🙂

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Thanks for asking. My illness is long-term. It’ll take time before I can make videos – I’m still not well enough.

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It is considered by many that social media sites have had a bad impact on individual people as well as the society and community. Though such sites provide considerable benefits, I too believe that the negative impact outweighs them in various angles.

On one hand, Social media websites like Facebook,Youtube and Instagram bring people together and help them communicate by a few clicks on a website. Before the development of such sites, people rarely meet with anyone outside of their community or country. Additionally Facebook also has social groups where users can act promptly during any emergencies such as natural disasters or social awareness campaigns and contribute to such programs in various ways.

On the other hand , It is clear that based on online activities there are many individuals easily being targeted by online scammers for serious traps such as sensitive data fraud and love scams. Additionally youngsters spend most of their time being active on Facebook and they are unlikely to spend time with their family or community cycle they live in. This leads to a broken society around the individual and soon the individual can be distanced from community and easily be fallen into depression or may feel helpless incase of being victimised by a scammer. Furthermore individuals face serious health issues such as back pain,migraine and spinal injuries due to long hours on social sites which ultimately form an unhealthy community.

Finally, in my view, Spending time on social media should be limited and undercontrolled by individuals in order to maintain a good mental as well as physical health. Over use of such sites will definitely lead to unrecoverable impact not only on individuals but also on the community cycle around them. Individuals should be extra cautious on usage of such sites to continue forming a healthy environment.

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No. Sorry. I’m still sick. I won’t be starting a marking service until I’m better. Hopefully late next year.

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hi Liz, Please is this a good answer to give for this advertisement question?

Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives. Which viewpoint do you agree with?

Generally, people believe that publicity gives us the courage to purchase things we are not in need of, while others think that publicity gives a broader view about new products that may be of high signigicant to our lives. I strongly agree with both views as publicity gives us the courage to purchase items we dont need and also a information on items that are beneficial to us. This essay will give an in-sight to the points.

Advertisement gives us the courage to purchase things that are not essencial. For example, I saw a smart watch on aliexpress earlier this week which has almost all the features and applications an android phone has. This really got my attention and without further exitation, i purchased the smart watch online. Thinking about it few hours later, i honestly do not see the need for the smart watch. Furthermore, publicity of products are everywhere we can imagine like in the newspaper, social media, different websites, television and on the radio. A friend once said, we humans are mostly driven by what we hear which leads us to make that immediate decision occasionally. Although, some promotions of product and services totally discourages some people from purchasing it due to errors or wrong information released.

Publicity give an in-sight of new products that are beneficial to our lives. For instance, some products like the advanced portable blood pressure machine newly produced is not easily accesible in our physical stores. This is because it is still on high demand and its to be pre ordered for if needed urgently. This gives people the doubt of purchasing such product blindly as there is no complete assurance to the specifications with just words of mouth. But with the new advertisement released on the benefits of this product, there is a broader knowledge of the importance of the product.

In my opinion, i strongly agree that people are driven to purchase some irrelivant items and also an in-depth knowledge is given on the benefits of some products that are beneficial to our lives. This can mostly be achieved through publicity.

In conclusion, publicity does not only encourages us to purchase irrelevant items, it also gives a broader view of how important some products are to our lives.

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Based on social facts, many are into social networking which has been believed by most people, has enormous significant negative effect for both personal and in the society. I completely agree that social media has a big impact to individuals and in the community.

Many people are fond of using the internet especially the social networking like Facebook, Twitter and etc. They have spent most of their time handling their mobiles and computer just to have connection to other people and this one made sense to them. Primarily, the negative effect of over usage of the streaming and social networking is not being productive in a usual day. Apart from that, many individual has a feeling of envious towards other people which is not good in personal development.

Another point to consider is that many false-beliefs and intrigues are affecting the individual. Nowadays, many untruthful related issues are being brought up in the internet and it does not contribute to our interpersonal skills instead, hence it gives negative values. These controversial would not help us to become a better person. In other hand, our society is also affected by these social networking by increasing the rate of people who are no longer engaged in interpersonal relationship. They prefer to use Facebook or other media to communicate thus, personal interaction is no longer observed.

On the contrary, Social networking has benefit to us as an individual. It provides us a good communication line to other people by sharing common thoughts and interests and to keep each other close immediately.

To conclude, social networking has an imperative impact in totality to individual and society but negative impact is more evident with regards to individual personality and behavior as whereas what it brings to the community.

Can you please evaluate Ms. Liz Thank you

Based on social facts, many are into social networking which has been believed by most people, has enormous significant negative effect for both personal and in the society. I completely agree that social media has a big impact to individuals and in the community. Many people are fond of using the internet especially the social networking like Facebook, Twitter and etc. They have spent most of their time handling their mobiles and computer just to have connection to other people and this one made sense to them. Primarily, the negative effect of over usage of the streaming and social networking is not being productive in a usual day. Apart from that, many individual has a feeling of envious towards other people which is not good in personal development. Another point to consider is that many false-beliefs and intrigues are affecting the individual. Nowadays, many untruthful related issues are being brought up in the internet and it does not contribute to our interpersonal skills instead, hence it gives negative values. These controversial would not help us to become a better person. In other hand, our society is also affected by these social networking by increasing the rate of people who are no longer engaged in interpersonal relationship. They prefer to use Facebook or other media to communicate thus, personal interaction is no longer observed. On the contrary, Social networking has benefit to us as an individual. It provides us a good communication line to other people by sharing common thoughts and interests and to keep each other close immediately. To conclude, social networking has an imperative impact in totality to individual and society but negative impact is more evident with regards to individual personality and behavior as whereas what it brings to the community.

Can you please evaluate my writing skills and content. Thank you Ms. Liz

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Please check my introduction: Social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. are thought to have affected individuals and society and local communities alike. While I agree that social media has had some clear advantages for an individual person, there’s also a downside in that they’ve made a dent on solidarity among people of the society.

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Social networks is crucial in this modern age and everyone is getting adapted to this trend irrespective of the ages. More number of people have a understanding that using social network platform will definitely lead to some disadvantages on people and environment. However, I entirely believe that they contribute aspects that are helpful to the individuals and improves the society.

Majority of people have a flawed understanding over social networking sites, for instance, instagram, whatsapp, facebook are some applications where one can communicate to another only through internet which is not safe. People believe that it might lead to addiction which later cause health issues in terms of stress. According to a research from the Harvard university, there is a increasing number of people aged between 8-25 are facing serious health problems due tot he reason of using many networking sites constantly.

Conversely, there are some beneficials in using the networking applications in order to improve education. For example, owing tot he COVID situation, most of the teaching method are changed virtually, where one can learn easily by staying at home. Society on the other hand receive benefits. Recent in Tamil Nadu a protest named “Jallikattu” gone viral and reason behind was because of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many such social networking applications which payed a way to throw light on the States’s culture and tradition in order to conduct the jallikattu event.

To recapituate, social networkings can have both negative and positive effect. Meanwhile, it is in the hands of the individual to make it better and useful. In my opinion, I strongly agree that these network sites enable us to explore more and bring in true colours of Nations’s development.

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Hi Jeevitha. Your essay seems nice at a glance. But, beware of spelling errors. Found few. Ahead.

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if somebody can evaluate my essay that would be great help A few masses of people reckon that social sites are detrimental for society and human, while other masses believes they are beneficial in their own good ways. I personally agree that these sites are leaving various negative impact on surrounding. Talking about the benefits of social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Linkdin, first and foremost benefit is ; connection to people worldwide.in earlier times, people used to use postcards, letters and telegrams to send their messages to different countries but today with the help of these sites messages can be sent worldwide with the flick of a finger. Secondly, these sites are major platform for marketing and business as well. For example, we can display our ideas and products on such sites ; which will be helpful in raising money on individual levels. Finally, it helps the students to follow different pages on social media, where a pupil can find guidance to their career and can find solution to their daily base study problems. on the other hand, the major disadvantage of these sites is the cutting off of people from the society. People, nowadays, like to spent their time more on entertainment sites; as a result , people are getting detached from their near ones. They don’t have time for their partner and parents’ feelings. Because of this, society is facing major crisis in maintaining healthy relationships. other major drawback of these sites is its worst effect on health i.e. people are becoming more prone to diseases day by day. For example, obesity, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. Overall, it can be said that people should use sites only when needed and they should spent major time involved in physical activities . In this way their life will lead to happy and fruitful life i.e. free of diseases.

Jasdeep, please use punctuation marks cautiously. You must start every sentence with capital letter. Your points are all good, need to be arranged in a better manner though.

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Many people believe that the social networking platforms has drastically affected the individuals and as well as the whole society. However, others believe that these platforms have benefited us as well in many ways. This essay will enlighten both these aspects of social network platforms and I personally favours the former view i.e. it has overall put a negative impact on our personal and social life.

There is no doubt that such platforms has completely broken the distance barriers. it gives us the leverage to connect and communicate with people globally and share the cultural and social values with each other. We are just one click away from any person across the globe and can seamlessly communicate with anyone and anywhere either using text or voice call or video call facility. Also, such platforms especially Facebook are also being used for advertisements thus people are growing their businesses. Also, these platforms keeps us in regular touch of our friends by seeing their events and posts online and appreciate them.

Now, the reason why these platforms have a negative effect is the over indulgence by people into them. People of all walks of life are using them in so excess that they have dramatically affected and changed their life style completely. Today, most people prefers communicating online rather than in person because of the ease provided by technology. It may have removed the distance barriers but created a big social gap between people. Due to this, many people and even the children are suffering from mental health problems.

In conclusion, Social networking platforms are very good and have many benefits if used wisely. However, these platforms have created a void in our social life and created a emotional and social barrier barrier between people.

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Sorry, but Liz’s essay is a Band 9 while Vineet’s essay is full of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes so he can only qualify for a band 7 as a maximum score.

More importantly, Liz’s essays are stylish, impeccable and are worth your respect.

Kind regards Wei

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The world is now a global village..This has been made achievable by the introduction of social sites such as Facebook. Some people have seen this development as rather detrimental to individuals and the society as a whole. Most are of the opinion that, this is addictive and destroys community bonding. However, on the other hand, some people and me inclusive believe it has brought a lot more benefits such as bringing people from far closer and has provided opportunities for most communities.

Sites such as Facebook , when used over and over again, it builds up our cognitive function to always be logged in to it. Research has proven that individuals spend most of their day glued to their mobile phones while on these sites. With regards to this productive time is being lost which would have been used to do other meaningful activities. Furthermore, as more people indilge on online sites, interpersonal communication gradually becomes diminished.when looked upon from a community level, less and less persons get to be involved with one another further making division and weakening community bonding. Despite all these, others have embraced this positively. A strong reason for this is it has broken the distance between people living in different countries and continents.with Facebook you can place and video call and see an oversees relative or friend within seconds.This has overcome the traditional letter writing which took months to be delivered and tarried information. At a community level, projects such as clean water provision, electricity and schools have been successfully carried out by non governmental organisations when this were put up on Facebook as challenges within some communities. This has added to infrastructural development and reduction in diseases. To conclude, despite some drawbacks the Internet age has brought, I believe its advantages are enormous and surpasses it cons.

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It is been believed by a large section of society that social media sites have been negatively impacting both individuals and society. In my opinion, I agree that social networking sites have negative repercussions on the people and its society as it impacts individual and hence society overall development One of the reasons to consider the opinion of many people that social networking sites have a downside impact on individuals is that with the emerge of these sites, people have disconnected themselves from the real world, while have reduced focus on physical health, social bonds and emotional quotients. Physical and mental health is very important for one’s growth. The downfall of these important parameters not only affect the self-development of individuals but also influence society’s health and unity, which in turn reshapes the individual in a vicious circle.

Another point to consider is that spending more time on sites like FB, Google, etc leads to spending less time on constructive work such as research etc, which in turn, holds the overall productivity of society. In other words, the development of a nation depends on people’s effectiveness and efficiency. Spending time on such sites reduces the possibility to utilize more time on greater innovations and discoveries, thereafter, causing the defeat of society’s future advancement and evolution.

In conclusion, people spending time on social networking sites increases the risk of depleting their actual capability, aptitude and skills, and hence rusting their progressive thinking, impacting not only their self-evolution but also impacting the nation’s social and economic progression.

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To some people, social media networking sites such as Facebook are perceived to have negative impacts on both individuals and society. I agree that networking sites can be utilized for positive causes like information sharing and to reach people instantly. However, there are also some drawbacks derived from social media such as catfishing and fraud. Besides, social media addiction is becoming more prominent in recent years.

Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were made to help society to be more connected in a short time manner. It does help us to reach our relatives who live abroad faster. It can also be the platform to share our thought and our lifestyle. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we can share what we are doing currently and post it on our profile. Furthermore, networking sites can be a source of Informations, from seeking a place to stay on vacation to more academic-related information like the value of Pythagoras, from the information-sharing platform given in the networking sites. For the bigger picture, we see that networking sites have eased us to sell information that benefits businesses and corporations to execute strategy effectively, which further boosts the economy. We can see from the above discussion that Networking sites have multiple benefits.

However, with the rising of networking sites as our way of life when it comes to searching for information or simply just sharing, there are some disadvantages of networking sites. With the ability to chat virtually, there are lots of people who stole others’ identities for numerous reasons. This is called catfishing. This is maybe harmless but people who are fooled by them maybe feel betrayed and hurt. Furthermore, the ability to freely access information can be a backlash, with the acts of fraud such as phishing becoming more striking recently. Social media addiction is also a notable problem nowadays. Children prefer to stay on their roof browsing the internet instead of going outside with their friends, Forming the new generation to become mature faster than previous generations. We see evidence that children in the current generation, generation Z to develop emotions such as stress and depression before they even reach puberty.

In conclusion, networking sites benefit ourselves and society for the efficiency to be connected with others and to be exposed to abundant sources of information. Nevertheless, networking sites can cause several disadvantages and therefore there should be strict regulations to regulate the networking sites.

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Please reply with your suggestions. Thanks

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are believed to have a really bad impact on individuals by some people and they also think it has a worse effect on society. In my opinion, I agree with the problems that are associated with the use of social platforms to an individual and society.

As the growth of social platforms has increased among the individuals, they started to become less responsive in terms of interacting directly with others which causes a bad impact on their overall lifestyle. With this, everyone likes to check statuses of others on social media rather having a one-on-one conversation with the other person which results in lack of social and interpersonal skills in individuals.

Individuals deeply indulged in social-media platforms while using public transport are becoming a victim in various road accidents which is not only an unpleasant situation for them but for their family too. This describes, that these networking sites have a severe effect on families who are associated with a user of social media.

On the other hand, people who opt to use social platforms for more time than intended are unaware of the societal problems that are arising in their surrounding. They undoubtedly believe in every news which they see on social media and forgets about the implications it can have on their society. With this, no one cares much about society and what message it brings to all of us.

In conclusion, networking sites had a really ill effect on individuals who interact with these sites on a regular basis and this contributes to other problems that are related to society.

Thanks for sharing, but I don’t offer feedback on writing. Hopefully someone else will drop you a review.

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Social networking sites have changed the way our society communicates. While there have been many positive outcomes of it such as increased connectivity, sharing new ideas and understandings of different cultures, there have been some major drawbacks as well which have led many people to question their contribution to the society.

One of the main disadvantages of social media is that it affects the mental health of individuals. Youth in particular, are quite vulnerable to fall into the trap of believing the false reality on social media. They may also be susceptible to live their lives for the approval of others, which may result in them to have less overall life satisfaction. Many people often find themselves depressed by the constant competition on the social media and superficial connections that exist virtually, leaving them no time or energy to establish deep connections, which may prove very detrimental to their mental health.

In recent times, we have seen Social media sites having the power to change public opinion, which is very dangerous in some ways. Since the revenue model of these sites are advertisement driven, big powerful corporations can spend a lot of money on these sites to shift public opinion favourably towards them. It also limits competition in certain segments as small businesses are unable to capture user’s attention.

Like everything that exist, social media has advantages and disadvantages, In my opinion, to provide a fair balance, there needs to be education around its usage and some regulations which does not allow individual or corporations to abuse the platforms for their benefits.

' src=

In this Link – https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-agree-disagree-essay-sample-answer/ , you have mentioned that for opinion essays, we should be writing one opinion only through out the essay. But in this page , I could see that both sides of the arguments were discussed. I’m confused. Could you please clarify.

I think you are getting confused about one opinion and a one-sided opinion. These are not the same thing. When you have an Opinion Essay, you can choose your opinion. It will either be a one-sided opinion when you agree 100% with one side or it will be a specific opinion (balabced view), when you don’t agree fully with either side and you present your own specific view. Once you decide your opinion, you present it in the introduction. From that point on, you can’t change your opinion. Your essay must follow the opinion you have given in the introduction. So, you choose your opinion and stick to it. Please get my Advanced Lessons to get proper training: https://elizabethferguson.podia.com/

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May God bless you to get well soon Liz.

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a good many people believing that social media is affecting adversely on males and females in many communities. However, In my opinion, it also causes some serious health problems if we use it too much per day. Nowadays, social media took an essential role in our life and I admit that it takes most of the time for a good majority of people, despite that it can help u communicate with others worldwide it also made a huge gap between society relations, for example, if you are missing someone and want to see him, probably you would call him via video instead of seeing him in some place or in his or her house because we used to visit each other in the past, check if we need anything, he may be in the hospital and need someone to cheer him, support him to recover and tell him that we are here for them.

In addition, even family nights have now vanished, we just sit with each other without talking, just surfing the internet instead of playing some game or share any problem that we are struggling with, even the emotions now are electronics not honest one from deep of our hearts, so this would adversely affect our life and make it meaningless.

to sum up, social media is a need to handle our life, but too much of using it will back in a negative way that affect our health and habits.

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I just read the comments section and found out that you have been suffering from some disease for a long time. It is a shocking news for me. I have learnt a lot from you and consider you one of the most respected teachers of mine. What happened Liz??? How are you now?? I hope that you are getting better day by day and get fully recovered very soon 🙁

Thanks for your concern. I’m still sick and there are times when I struggle a lot. But I do have hope that I will get better. Hopefully next year will see some improvement. Meanwhile, I try to keep this website going and keep posting lessons and tips. Hope you are staying safe at this time.

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BEST Wishes!! Get well Soon!!

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Thanks. I’m so sorry I didn’t see this message before so I could have wished you luck. However, I do hope your test went well !!

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Thank you so much Liz for all your sessions and inputs. I scored 8887 LRSW in General test, had my speaking today and will be appearing tomorrow for the rest, this time academic. Take care get well soon. You have been a great support to me.

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Hey Liz, I have not known you personally but you are one of the teachers I have the highest regard for. I am appearing for my IELTS soon and I have checked out many IELTS videos on youtube but by far your 4-5 years old youtube videos are still the best. Everything is explained so well that I can’t thank you enough. I saw that your youtube channel videos were posted in 2014 and was confused why being such a nice teacher, you haven’t uploaded any video recently. So to see that and to learn more I landed up to your website and then on the comments. I am really sorry to hear that you are suffering from a health issue for a long time. I am sure you will get well pretty soon considering the 1.4 million + student community which you have built must be wishing you well.

Thanks for your message. Yes, I’m still sick. My recovery has been hit many times by bad luck. But I am still hopeful. Your positive message is encouraging 🙂

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get well soon..lots of blessings and best wishes from me ..

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Praying for your speedy recovery. I am sure you will be fit and fine soon.

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Common Liz.. Me and my wife not yet done our Ielts yet.

Thank you for your best wishes. My health is improving slowly but I still need to rest a lot. Hopefully I will have better news at the end of the year. Meanwhile, I work part time on this website and will keep it open and post free lessons regularly.

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Wish you a quick recovery and may you be fit than ever. Please stay safe our dear Liz.

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In Bangladesh, its spread that you has been suffering dangerous illness. Is it true or Fals?

I have been very sick for a long time and I am still not well. But I am able to run this website. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to make videos again.

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Hi Liz, I am confused, question asked, to what extent do you agree but you mentioned both positive and negative sides. Are we supposed to take only one side in such essays or both?

You can take a one sided approach or a balanced approach (partial agreement).

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Hi Liz, I do like your web: It s organized, concise, and helpful. Keep on producing valuable posts as you have done. Appreciate you from Indonesia

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Social networking sites such as Facebook considered having had a detrimental effect on both individuals as well as society. In my opinion, I disagree with the above-mentioned statement because the pros outweigh the cons by far. Social networking sites are not only used to communicate but also used as an effective mode of establishing or run businesses. Researchers said that the social networking sites in the 21st century are considered as “MONEY MAKING MACHINE”. Social networking sites are used as a tool for sole traders, entrepreneurs, businesses to sell and advertise their products and to target the specific segment of the society. They have had used these sites as a platform to launch their products and get instant feedback from end-users. For example facebook banner ad. Social networking sites connected people and friends despite the fact where they lived. In my opinion, it has had a positively impact on people’s lives because they are linked and known every activity for their beloved ones. Social networking makes the world a global village; you just click on one button and share your thoughts, emotions, and pictures with your friends and family. In the past, people had no connection except writing letters and waited almost 2 to 3 weeks for a response but now you just instantly made a video and audio call for free is it not amazing? To conclude, social networking sites have had a positive impact on individuals because they are connected and share their experience which is helpful for the young lads. Furthermore, it has had also used for creating job opportunities, advertise products, and know what are the needs of consumers.

Hi Liz, Can we give our opinion in the introduction and then in the conclusion too?

You introduce your opinion in the introduction and then conclude it in the conclusion.

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Hi Liz, What do you think about this?

Social media sites have become extensively popular around the world and majority of the population argue that such kind of sites to have ill effect on everyone. In my opinion, I disagree with this statement because I believe the pros outweigh the cons by far. It has had enormous amount of benefits such as creating job and wealth opportunity as well as has allowed many to connect with friends across the globe.

Research shows that social media is seen as the 21st century ‘money making machine’ whereby many sole traders, entrepreneurs and big business can use this kind of platforms to advertise and promote their products or services. Business are able to use it as a trading platform to sell. Because many people use such sites, it’s easier to reach target consumers for example through Facebook banner ad. In addition, it has also enabled startups to get instant feedback on their products.

On the other hand, it is used as a main platform for communication among many. Not only do social sites allow you to share pictures and videos but also enable you to make ordinary and video calls. Furthermore, you can share you day to day experience with friends and family in a form of short clips. For example, if there was no Snapchat, how would I have been able to share videos instantaneously?

To conclude, social sites have plenty of benefits and has positively contributed to the society and businesses over the years. I believe that it has empowered us to use it for a range of purposes and also has allowed businesses to trade.

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Thanks Liz for always helping. Kindly help with corrections.

It is argued that social networking sites like Facebook have had a harmful effect on individuals and local communities. This essay agrees that Facebook has advantages while it also has a dangerous impact on the public.

Thanks in advance

The instructions ask for your own opinion. I need to use “I” or “my” to express a personal opinion.

' src=

Liz, it is not wrong if I use I MUST SAY and IN MY OPINION in body paragraphs. Iam really confused what to do, while in opinion essay such as dou you agree or disagree case

It is actually vital to use those words if you are asked for your own opinion. I don’t put up model essays onto my site that are not safe to learn from.

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Hi Liz , could you please help me with the. structure of agree and disagree statement as well as opinion essay .I’m confused about it .as my tutor told that I have make 3 body paragraph 2 with whom I agree and one for another side ?

An “agree disagree essay” and an “opinion essay” are 100% the same thing. The instructions are a paraphrase and the essay type the same.

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Hi Liz, I have come across below discussion essay question; “Today’s teenagers have more stressful life than previous generations”. Discuss this view and give your opinion

Can I have an opinion such as ” Even though current generation is facing stressful life, it is lesser than the struggles faced by earlier generation”?

If I can have such an opinion, my essay body should explain about the stress life of current generation or earlier generation? Kindly advice. Thanks in advance.

Your thesis statement is fine, but make sure you use “I believe” or “in my opinion” to make your own personal view clear. Your essay would then explain your view: a) why you think the current generation is facing a stressful life b) why you think it is less than the struggles faced by earlier generations.

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Thanks to you Liz. Please hear me out.

Please with opinion essays, can you write a point from outside the given QUESTION?

For example; the question asks ” To what extent do you think laws will ensure people recycle more at their homes”

My opinion – (After paraphrasing my introduction)” Although education plays a key role in increasing recycling, I agree laws will enforce the need for recycling more in our homes”

the point i introduced here is EDUCATION. Is it okay to write that?

This is an opinion essay about solutions. This means you give your opinion about the solution offered and whether it will actually solve the problem. Your answer would be that you agree it is a useful solution, but there is a better solution for this problem. That is fine. However, your thesis statement is written incorrectly. The clauses are the wrong way around and therefore don’t match the question. You should have written: Although laws to enforce recycling would have an impact, a better measure would be to raise more awareness of the benefits of recycling through education”. It is essential that you grasp the order of the clauses.

Thanks again Liz, this means so much.

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Hi Liz, i have prepared writing task 2. Can you please evaluate my essay. Thank you in advance Many people think that every individual is responsible for their happiness, but some people believe there are other external factors that influence us. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Undoubtedly, pleasure is a state of mind for which every person itself is accountable whereas, some schools of thought hold the notion that other materialistic things are responsible to give happiness to the individual. My crumb of writing will shed the light on both views in the subsequent paragraphs. To commence with, firstly the individual itself is responsible to make himself satisfied in his day to day life in various ways. To substantiate, every person has control on his postive and negative emotions. Thus, to being postive bring a feeling of joy. However the way of getting satisfaction is vary from person to person . For instance some folks feel happy by spending some quality of time with their kiths and kins while other feel better by giving time to themselves as by doing yoga, meditation gives inner peace to them. On the flip side, others believe that the feeling of happiness comes due to the presence of external factors. Owing to this, having luxurious house, car and highly paid job give them good feeling. To elaborate, this is true that the materialistic things make life far more comfortable and easy. For illustration, the people who have good job earned more so they can afford better living facilities which leads happiness in them. Due to the wealth and other factors they are like pleased as punch.

To encapsulate, it can be concluded that both elements play an indispensable role to give pleasure in life. But I think inner peace is essential to keep our mind healthy and happy rather than focusing on external factors.

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Wow, this is a very good academic essay, though there are few grammatical errors.

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According to some people, social networking sites have had a detrimental impact on individuals and society as a role. I agree with this to a greater extent.

The first negative effect that overrides the rest is its addictiveness. This is very destructive both academically and mentally. A vast number of millennials cannot go on for long periods of time without checking their social media. This results in poor grades and when grades are poor, little to none can be done to achieve academic success. The other frustrating this about social media is how people zone out in the middle of conversations at functions because a notification just popped up on their smartphone. They have become so addicted that they cannot put away their phones for a few hours just so they can connect with others.

Another undesirable effect is how it puts pressure on individuals and society to live up to certain standards. Social media accommodates both genuine and fake people. The latter tends to post content of their supposed achievements. This can result in a follower feeling like they have failed at life. The result spans from mild to severe depression which can ultimately lead to suicide. Misdemeanours and hard core crime can also result as members of society try to gain possessions in order to live up to high standards.

In conclusion, social media really poses a great harm to people and the society as it is a causative agent of academic stagnation, various forms of crime and an early demise.

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Thank you for this essay. I’m a little bit confused!!! In this essay you agree that social networking sites have had a damaging effect on local community. In the first paragraph you talked about the benefit and in the second paragraph you talked about negative effect. My question is, why didn’t you write 2 supportative ideas instead of writing in the first paragraph about benefit and in the second paragraph about negative effect like you did in the essay of “the growing number of overweight people”. THANK YOU

Look more carefully at the thesis statement which explains the position taken in this essay: However, while I believe that such sites are mainly beneficial to the individual, I agree that they have had a damaging effect on local communities.

' src=

Which one you agreed isn’t clearly understood

I believe that such sites are mainly beneficial to the individual I agree that they have had a damaging effect on local communities In the question, there are two issues – one is individual and one is society. I have given my opinion of each.

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Dear Liz, I have prepared Writing Task-2 answer. Please go through given below details give feedback. Thanks in advance.

Writing Task-2 Topic: In some countries a few people earn extremely high salaries. Some people think that is good for a country, while others believe that the government should control salaries and limit the amount people can earn. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Few countries , one sector of people are earning huge wages. These type of scale of earnings is better for specific country development. On the other side argument government should reconsider to reduce wages and optimize earning in the form of money and income. As per my opinion, government should redefine policy about higher wages and develop who are earning low earning wages.

Firstly, While getting higher income people are adopt to luxury life, unnecessary expenses such as cars, building excessively. For those type of comfortable life , will some pros and cons for their health and lifestyle. If you forgot about diet and physical fitness automatically health problems will raise. Sometime those utilities will save time, speed, accuracy and security for their works. Modern life style competition, comparison, comfort factors are much influence to earning huge income.

On the other side of the people are completely deny and compliance about higher wages which are most practical issues rich going to be rich again, neglecting economical poor and below poverty line peoples, low earning money wagers, mostly staying in downtowns. As many Economist and financial analysts also suggesting government rethink about all sector people and redefine policy and adjust according to manage all sectors of the people.

Many countries are economically depends on agricultural, food and beverage sectors and daily wage people are best examples of low income getting sector. Need to provide low interest bank loans and subsidies for them will help to their respective field development. Very few sectors will get huge income such as Information Technology, Service sectors, Business, Tourism sectors are getting higher revenues.

To summarize, government provide some benefits and redefine policies who are getting low income sectors also focus on development and lowering taxes and develop agricultural , food production, consumer goods and equally mange higher revenue sectors focus on country economy should maintain sustainable.

Hi Liz, I have prepared Writing Task-2 answer. Please go through given below and give feedback. Thanks in advance.

Writing Task- 2 Task : Art is considered an essential part of all cultures throughout the world. However, these days fewer and fewer people appreciate art and turn their focus to science, technology and business. Why do you think that is? What could be done to encourage more people to take interest in the arts?

Art is an important factor which is more impact on specific traditionally and culturally connected any part of the world. On the other hand some people argues technology and scientific innovations , new businesses mostly prefer choosing as profession for their future. According to ancestors art is legacy and enormous relationship has been developing between countries and all over the world. In every tradition and communities expression about their cultural and life style express in the form of pictorial representation using different colours. Those are easy to understand anyone rather than any language. Everybody thinking one picture will explain thousand words. According to historical cultural and start their house constructions and their life style which can be represents and express their views in the form of arts and paintings. Each country need to maintain and protected their historical ways of lives, foods, jewellery and usage of things stored, which archaeology department found and stored in the form of arts and galleries along with in museums. Many people perception choose profession of artist is less scope of earning money, delay, less interest about arts. However, if seriously focus on best ways choose arts will give better opportunities not only in domestic possible in internationally. On the other side, human tendency need to growth faster along with technology evaluations, new innovative scientific research effectively utilize technology. Similarly , searching more opportunities finding in the business sectors to develop start-up economical growth and development their career prospective. If seriously thinking that all science and technology developed from legacy from ancestors. For example, many discoveries such as telephone, Telegram, and based on bird flying aeroplane , various new advanced scientific evidences discovered earlier. To summarize, government and electronic media should encourage arts as mandatory subject in academics encourage artists, provide awareness programs such as exhibitions and develop museums , historical events, handicrafts , communicate to the people.

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Liz don’t do proofreading for free.

I don’t offer any proof reading service – not even for money. My health prevents me offering more services.

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Hi This is my first time am practicing IELTS writing task 2. Please evaluate my essay. Some people prefer to raise children in the cities while others believe that children should be raised in the countryside. Ans: Children’s upbringing is an important issue for every parent as lifestyle changing this becomes a debatable issue in society. Some would like to take care of their children in a pollution-free and healthy environment in the village far from cities. While others are in favor of raising them in an environment with modern amenities and infrastructure. In this essay, both views will be discussed, although in my view it is optimal to raise a kid in the city. As a matter of fact, the city environment has plenty of advantages and opportunities for future generations. They have easy access to all the technology for their study with extra co-curricular activities. In other words, children can do much apart from their studies, they can participate in cultural events organized in various parts of cities to get in touch with their tradition. They can go to museums, libraries that are highly technology-driven which can help children in their studies. In addition, there is more choice for parents to find the best-suited institution for their children according to children’s passion and interests. Another key point, cities have numerous job opportunities for children once they complete their higher studies. They do not have to move further for job searches. In the same fashion, the village lifestyle for raising children has its own supremacy. In this case, it provides children a clearer and pollution-free environment in comparison to cities. By the same token, a clean environment is best for children’s health and keeps a better immunity system prone to other health issues associated with aging. The most compelling evidence for the village life is less traffic that leads parents to worry less for their children about being hit by vehicles. Apart from these advantages, village life has its own limitations such as the education system. In the village, there are a limited number of schools and higher studies opportunities for children. Ultimately, once they have completed their secondary education, the only option left to move to cities for better institutions. Their access to modern technology like the internet is limited. They have hardly any exposure to the outside world. In the end, certainly, the countryside lifestyle has benefits related to health for bringing children, but we are living in the 21st century for that we have to live accordingly and need to adapt to the city’s lifestyles.

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Hi, Liz I did a practice on writing part 2 and I want to know your thought about it.

Question: The qualities and skills that a person requires to become successful in today’s world cannot be learned at a university or other academic institutions. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the modern world, success is determined through wealth and social status of an individual. However, the qualities and skills can be achieved in various aspects of life, not just in university or other academic institutions. Although schools may provide the fundamental academic teachings, the best avenues for learning the most important qualities and skills in life to be successful are not limited to them.

Primarily, success is defined as attaining prosperity and fame in today’s world. In order to succeed, one must have certain abilities such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, leadership, and problem solving. In the schools today, they mainly focus on the systems that can enhance the capabilities of a student through various teaching materials according to their strength under those abilities. However, the presented idea is only limited to a portion that a person must possess so as to reach a successful life. In this regard, the knowledge that we acquire in an educational establishment does benefit an individual, though the setting must not be restricted to schools alone.

On the other hand, there are certain traits that we must own, apart from the academics. Towards the victory of success, knowing how to build up socialization, to negotiate, to manage money, and to have the proper behavioral skills which are trained outside the schools, occupy an essential part. This is well-demonstrated in South Korea where an actress named Mi-hee Oh, made one’s mark as a successful celebrity, even if she was not able to graduate a university. Therefore, certain qualities in achieving success come from different facets which are not found in a university and academic institutions.

In conclusion, the abilities that an individual requires to become successful in the present world cannot be completely accomplished at a university or other academic institutions. As a matter of fact, there are significant qualities reached from without the schools that we must possess, with the aim of gaining success. Hence, balancing of both the qualities may lead to the successful life in the world today.

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Waste management is a big concern today, especially when more than 7.5 billion people produce a massive amount of garbage each day. The cause behind rising pollution is lack of recycling efforts and our throwaway habits are responsible for an unmanageable amount of rubbish production. Government need to take strict actions to control this issue.

To begin with, the world population has crossed 7.5 billion and it’s only natural that an increasing population produces more rubbish than ever before. Moreover, these days every product is packaged before it is sold. It is so widespread a trend that common products like bananas and apples are packed individually just to make them look attractive to the consumers. Use of plastic, polythene and many other nondisposable materials make the situation worse as they are not biodegradable. Increasing use of plastic and polythene and its adverse effects on the environment is a global concern. As a consequence, we are producing more waste and threatening our environment. Sadly, our consumerism and throwaway habits are making the situation graver as we like to have all the latest products and discard old ones easily.

Government can reduce the growing amount of waste in several ways. First of all, government needs to introduce strict laws regarding the use of plastic and polythene. Large companies like coca cola and Pepsi needs to find alternative ways to sell their products. This single measure can reduce waste production to a certain extend. Moreover, government should run awareness campaigns to educate people about the negative consequences of plastic and its usages

To conclude, an ever increasing population and their consumerism habit primarily produce a huge amount of debris every day and it has already become a global concern. It is hope that government would take effective measures to control it to reduce environmental damage.

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Hi Liz, Greetings and I have watched all your videos and those are really helpful. Please I need your feedback on this. I have IELTS after 3 weeks and want to be sure whether I am not making same mistakes.

Social networking sites such as Facebook are said to have detrimental effect at the individual level as well as to our society. However, I believe that these social networking platforms have positive effect on the individuals but negative effect on the society. This essay will discuss both the opinions below.

To begin with, I believe that the social networking websites imparts good and positive impact on the individuals. Firstly, these websites can help to communicate easily through chat or direct messages with other people in any part of the world. Whereas, in earlier days it used to take days and weeks to send letters to other and hence, it was difficult to communicate. Secondly, these websites offer educational stuff like videos which students can benefit from. Moreover, housewives can also benefit by following their favorite chefs and can see and learn various recipes.

Nevertheless, these social networking sites have much long term and negative impact on the society. As people spend more and more time on these sites, they do less social interaction with other people like their families and friends. Consequently, if they spent less time with other people, then they feel isolated from the society and get mental stress. In addition to that, sometimes inappropriate contents are posted on these sites. Young people especially children get easily encouraged and indulged in doing crimes.

In conclusion, I agree that the social networking sites have good and positive impact on the individuals but negative impact on our society. Regulations should be put in place so that these websites are appropriately utilized for the benefit of both individuals and society as whole.

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Hello dear Liz Your wonderful smile on your beautiful face is the first attractive point in this blog! Anyway, thank you for your thorough explanations and tuturials, they are so useful for me so far. Now, is this combination is correct: ” rarely do the people have chance to…”

The use of “the” with the word “people” depends on various factors. Otherwise, the phrase is correct. However, try to avoid learning phrases for use in your IELTS essay. When you do that, they are often used unnaturally and do not impress the examiner.

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Hi Liz, I have watched your advanced tutorial for the opinion essay. And I am just kind of unsure about the disagree introduction. Should I mention all the reasons in my thesis statement why I disagree with this statement? Below is my introduction, could you please have a look and give me some advice? I would appreciate it.

Fees for analyzing and treating diseases are considered very expensive, so it is argued by some that prevention should be implemented rather than cure. From my perspective, not all diseases can be prevented, and therefore, I completely disagree with this statement, treatment is necessary in order to cure patients.

Is this the essay question: “Prevention is better than cure.” Out of a country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. To what extent do you agree?

' src=

Hi Liz, Please evaluate my essay and suggest where need improvement so that accordingly i can subscribe to your course.

Some people believe that that the government is wasting money on arts and that this money could be better spent somewhere else. To what extent do you agree? The notion of spending government’s budget on arts is not much appreciated because some people opine that this money can be well utilized on other public services. However, this essay disagrees with this statement because arts promotes cultural heritage and produce creative thinkers. To begin with, India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. India is well known recognized for its varied forms of arts and as a result of which, it has been attracting many visitors since prehistoric times and thus, helps in introducing Indian culture all across the globe. For example, a famous dance in Punjab called bhangra, festival of vibrant colors called holi, ancient sculptures and paintings in caves and temples all across the nation and many more are a spot of attraction for many tourists. Thus, funding in arts is quite important to maintain the existence of cultural heritage. Moving further, arts is considered as an incredible thing in developing creativity power of an individual. Imaginative qualities are being inculcated in human beings at a primary and secondary level of school and as a result of which, students becomes more creative in their teenage times and produce excellent ideas later in their professional life. For instance, now a days, fortune five hundred companies look for leaders who have extra ordinary creative and innovative skills along with main required skills, who can think out of the box and produce creative ideas to boost financial status of a company and these qualities are being developed at school level only via arts as subject in school’s curriculum. So, funding in arts is indispensable. To conclude, investing money on arts is equally important as investing money on other services because arts plays significant role in identifying nation’s ancient times and also helps produce creative minds.

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Hi Liz, I have been following your website, book and advanced lessons which are really useful for IELTS taker. The advanced writing lessons are stated clearly and explained in details, but I got little bit confusion in opinion essay. I feel one-sided opinion essay is easier than balance approach, but I found using balance approach and two main body paragraphs rather than applying one-side opinion and two body paragraphs in many essays of your website. Can you please tell me about the situations using both approaches and paragraphs ?

I explained in the video that the number of paragraphs is based on the number of ideas you have. Two ideas = two body paragraphs. Three ideas = three body paragraphs. No more than three and no less than two. The approach you choose is up to you. They are all worth the same. But some essay questions are easier with a one sided approach and some with a balanced view. It depends on the question and it depends on your opinion.

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In many places, new homes are needed,but only space available for them is in the countryside. Some people believe it is more important to protect the countryside and not to build new homes there. What is your opinion about this. I found this question in one of the Cambridge test. My doubt is in deciding ideas. For example can I disagree in my opinion with two reasons constructing new houses will affect the environment( para 1) and distrubs their people life ( para 2) Or should say why people do not want new building at countryside ( para 1) Para 2 – why I feel it should be allowed or not allowed. Am confused now. Could you please clear my doubt. Thanks you so much

You can’t ignore one issue. A one sided approach is you believe A and you do not believe B. Your whole essay would explain why A and not B. A partial agreement is written when it depends on specific factors: ie in developing countries or developed countries.

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Hey liz, I winder how I can get access to your grammar e-book, since I live in Iran, and according to the sanctions I cannot do online shopping from overseas sites. May you guide me in that. Thanks in advance 🙏🏻

The e-book will be ready in early May. Either May 5th or just after. My online store allows major cards from most countries. Check it out: https://elizabethferguson.podia.com/

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Hii mam, i have one doubt that is ,does using personal pronouns affect writing band score?

This is an aspect of grammar that I cover in my new Grammar E-book which is coming out on May 5th. Get that when it’s ready.

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Hi Liz, i am maya, i really have a hard time every time i am doing the opinion essay. I learnt form my tutor that we have to answer the question in the introduction. I think it will be easy to answer agree or disagree, disadvantage or advantage, in the introduction. However, i am so confused to put the answer of the opinion essay in the introduction paragraph. Do i really need to put the answer in the paragraph or i can answer it later in the next paragraphs? Thank you.

You would have to write an example essay question with an example introduction for me to understand more fully what you mean.

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Hiii Liz…..

I have one doubt as my trainer has advised me not to use ‘WH’ family like what, why, when etcetera in IELTS writing and according to her these words are not allowed to write in formal IELTS writing but still I am not convinced, so i need an expert feedback over this if you could help me.

This is 100% not true. It is completely fine to use “what / when / why / where” etc in an IELTS essay. It is generally recommended not to write questions in your essay because your aim is to present statements which answer questions, not raise questions. So, we wouldn’t use those words to write questions. However, we would use the “WH” words to write noun clauses or any other type of clauses: The reason why people should recycle is because … People should go on holiday when it is ….. These sentences are 100% acceptable for IELTS and in fact are considered complex grammar features because they are clauses or noun clauses. This means they would actually boost your score. My new Grammar E-book which will be released in early May will not only explain this, but also help you create noun clauses and other types of clauses. It’s a great e-book which will really help you develop your English level and IELTS score 🙂

Thank you Liz..eagerly waiting for your E-book…

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Dear Liz, My name is Elisa and I have been following and reading all your IELTS tips. Thanks so much, it is extremely useful! However, studying and writing a bit more, I have found myself a bit in doubt about an opinion verb essay question. “Nowadays some buildings such as offices and schools are open-space design instead of separate rooms. Why is it so? Do you think this is a positive or negative development?. Looking at all the opinion essay Online, I cannot find a similar one; this requires you not only to give your opinion (positive or negative), but also to state the reasons behind this new approach. Therefore, I don’t know how to write the intro. Is it better to start with “In my opinion, despite this/it might be seen as a smart way to reduce costs within a company or a school, an open-space environment represents a detrimental and under-productive solution”. OR “This essay will outline some possible reasons why open-plan offices are getting more and more popular in today’s world and it will explain why this approach has a detrimental and counter-productive effect on both workers and students”.

I hope it was clear enough. Thanks so much for your help, Elisa

This is usually called a “Direct Questions Essay”. Each teacher gives essays slightly different names and categorises essay differently. This requires you to give the causes and also say if it is positive or negative. As with all essays in IELTS, you start with a background statement. The thesis statement, which follows, will provide the direct answers to the questions without details. Details go in the body paragraphs.

' src=

Hi Liz, I noticed that “I believe that/I agree that” is written only in the introduction, is it okay? I thought it wasn’t enough for an opinion essay in which I am explicitly asked to give my personal opinion. Thank you in advance!

“I believe” makes it very clear it is your belief. In my opinion / I think / it is my opinion that = all fine.

' src=

Hi liz, My tutor taught you should not write “have had” . it might be caught by the examiner …. what is ur opinion?

Unfortunately, I don’t really understand your comment. Are you saying that your tutor told you there is a rule in IELTS that says you can’t use the “present perfect” tense = “have had”?? This is 100% not true at all.

' src=

If the question asks – “To what extent do you agree”, Can i Completely disagree with the statement?

You can take any stand you want as long as the position is clear.

' src=

Hey Liz; I wrote a test yesterday where I had to state the entent to which I agreed that the positives of an opinion is more than its negatives. I remember using words like “overshadow” and “override”to show my support for the positive opinion. Should I be worried I didn’t state if I completely or strongly believe?

Not at all. You do not need to state if it is a strong opinion or not. All you need to do is present an opinion (a position) and explain it.

' src=

I have a doubt about the length of writing Task 2. Can anyone write 350 or more words? Minimum should be 250 but for maximum what ould be the word limit?

See this page for tips about the length of an essay: https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/

' src=

Hi Liz! thanks for the helpful page! here is my question.

one of my students concluded each of the body paragraphs by restating his topic sentence. although this seemed to have wrapped up each paragraph, i thought that the repetition of the idea is not good for the essay.

what is your opinion on this?

This is very common. Some teachers train students to do this. It isn’t necessary at all and too much repetition is not a good thing. IELTS essays are not long and it is a waste of a sentence to repeat the main point in that way when the student could instead use that sentence to strength their point and develop the idea further which is what the examiner is actually looking for.

many thanks for your time, Liz!

' src=

Hi Liz mam, To what extent you agree?like this type of essays, is it mandatory to always write agreee side of the statement

The instructions are just asking for your opinion. This means the whole essay presents and explains your opinion on the issue or issues given. If you don’t agree with the statement, then you don’t agree and you explain why.

' src=

My task 2 today Disussing both view that Should young ones listen to advice from older ones or to criticize when they do wrong (Paraphrased)

is it okay to start with “children of today are the heritage of tomorrow’? thanks

You want to ask me if you should learn a phrase / memorise a phrase in order to impress the examiner? My answer – never do that. It doesn’t impress the examiner and doesn’t help your score.

' src=

Hi Liz! Thanks a lot for the work you are doing for all IELTS takers! I’ve taken your advanced lesson and am grateful for such incredible content!!! There’s one question I’d like to ask, do we need an outline sentence after our thesis statement? Because in your tutorials you never mention about an outline statement. Also, concerning examples, do ew have to put an example in every body paragraph? Looking forward to hearing from you!!! Thanks in advance!!!

No. This isn’t an academic essay for university. It is a simple straight forward essay for IELTS. You do not need to paraphrase instructions – the examiner knows what the task is. I’m glad my Advanced Lessons were useful 🙂

' src=

Dear Liz, You particularly mentioned “facebook” as an example as said in the question. Can we mention other sites such as YouTube & Instagram as an example and explain them as well or just stick to the example stated in the question??

I definitely would not ignore the example given in the question. However, it is fine to add more examples such as those you have stated.

' src=

I always assumed IELTS as a test that evaluates ability and expertise of any individual to communicate in english effectively rather than fancy vocabulary. However, after going through lots of videos and free advices online I ended up believing that I will need to upgrade my vocab if I want to score decent. All the tips and advices shared by you are very helpful, it presents the real picture of what is expected from any IELTS taker if they want a good score. I am more confident than earlier i was, thanks to you.

My IELTS test is scheduled for 17th August. Will definitely share my test taking experience and results over here as well.

Good luck 🙂

' src=

Same here for the 17th.Presently not doing so well with the essays.

' src=

Is it ok if I underline some words in my essay to highlight them to examiner?

You should not do that. The examiner does not need you to highlight words. IELTS examiners are trained professionals and are trained to assess language.

' src=

Undoubtedly,the vogue of studying abroad has reached on the top slot thesedays owing to acquire new knowledge and experiences.while the are some drawbacks of this trend,i personally reckon that its benefits are far higher.

Hello mam, could u check this introduction of task 2 (nowadays,mostly students like to study abroad. discuss advantages and disadvantages of this.)

The word “vogue” is not suitable for the topic of education. “Reach the top slot” is informal and not suitable for formal IELTS essays. Your aim should NEVER be to impress. Your aim is to be accurate and appropriate at all times to avoid errors. More errors = lower band score.

' src=

And I think that the word “reckon” is informal. Just use THINK

' src=

Can we use ‘the author of this essay’ instead of I?

No, you can’t. You need to use “I” or “my” for a personal opinion. When you are asked “Do you think men and women should be in the armed forces” in a formal interview, would you say “the speaker of these words believes…” = no, you wouldn’t. There are many false rules and ridiculous things being said about IELTS online. There are no tricks in IELTS. If you need to give your opinion, be clear and direct: I believe or In my opinion. It is not only fine to do that it is vital to do that.

' src=

Hi Liz, please I need a little clarification on d difference between these two types of essay questions ‘do you agree or disagree’ and ‘to what extent do you agree or disagree’. I’d really appreciate your response.

There is no difference. No difference at all. They are 100% the same.

Oh thank you very much

' src=

Hi Liz, could you tell me the difference between “to what extend you agree” and “to what extend you agree or disagree”

There’s no difference. They are the same.

' src=

Will we get more score if using advanced vocab while writing instead of simple words like ranacid instead of rotten .

It is not about using “advanced vocabulary”, it is about using appropriate vocabulary. If you use “advanced vocabulary” when it is unnecessary, the only thing you are showing the examiner is that you cannot choose words appropriately and that will lower your score. Aim for accuracy in English, do not aim to impress.

' src=

You are writing to much elaborate. Come straight to the point.

' src=

Hi Liz, In a question asking: buying household appliances ( TV , Cooker) have increased in many countries. Is this a positive or negative development? Does this outline sound good? Intr.: state general idea, rephrase the question, and say although it has negatives but I believe it is positive Body 1: talk about negatives: pollution of environment by manufacturing these appliances + decrease in cultural values (ie: not cooking big meals + not playing together) Body 2: talk about positives: cost effective entertainment + time saving (ie: personally prefer this so I get have more time with my family) Conclusion: summarize above and emphasize on the phenomenon being positive

What do you think? Thanks

If you believe it has positives, it also means you do not think there are negative points. This isn’t a discussion essay. If you want to mention both sides, put that as your opinion: “In my opinion, while these appliances may cause environmental problems, they are extremely beneficial for time saving or as entertainment.” – now you have quantified your view. Also don’t give examples about you or your family. Keep it all formal. Your experience is about your experience of the world – People like to spend time with their families. Hope those points help.

' src=

hi liz, I referred to ur advanced lessons they r very useful Please guide me for a silly thing repetively asked , but i em still unclear.

Doing an enjoyable activity with a child can develop better skills and more creativity than reading.To what extend do u agree or disagree.

My query is if i write i agree with the view should by paragraphs be like this: 1)BP1: Y i agree child learns better through enjoyable activity 2)BP2: Y reading is not good way of teaching

Em much confused in this X rather than Y type question approach regards, Bhavya

Exactly right 🙂 When you have two issues in the question, you must address both. If you agree with X, it also means you don’t agree with Y. Then your body paragraphs explains those two aspects of your opinion. A balanced opinion would be X is good for younger children who need to learn motor skills, social skills and develop creativity, whereas Y is essential for older children.

Liz, Love u a lot U made the day Thanks liz God bless u, get well soon

' src=

Thanks so much for helping us with the precise structure of the essay. However,I am little bit confused about the score band of this example as it doesn’t provide examples to your pints in paragraphs.Could you please elaborate on this?I have seen few videos on you tube and general structure of single opinion paragraph contains: point,explanation and example.

Many thansk

You will find that many teachers like to teach formulas. This means they choose a fixed content for paragraphs and teach it to their students. It is easy to teach and easy to learn. But it isn’t flexible. Those formula are not rules for IELTS – they are teaching methods created by teachers. I prefer to teach flexibility because the people who benefit from my lessons are high level candidates who need that flexibility.

' src=

Hi Liz, thank you for the great essay.

For this question, is it OK to have a balanced opinion, such as:

“Although I accept that social networks negatively affect individuals and society, I would argued that they bring more benefits to users and communities as a whole.”

Then body paragraph 1 I’ll write about the negative impacts on BOTH individuals and society. Body paragraph 2 will be about the benefits, again, on BOTH individuals and society?

Could you please adivse?

It is confusing and will also be very lengthy to write – so not really a good strategy. Remember success in IELTS is often down to the choices you make. Aim for simplicity in your approach at all times.

' src=

Will there be no marks deduction for not using any conditional or question sentences in your essay?

IELTS examiner does not deduct marks. The score for grammar is based on range and accuracy. You can’t force a type of grammar into your essay unnaturally. As long as you use a good range and you aim for accuracy, you will be fine.

' src=

Can you be more clear on general sections writing Task 2 how many paragraphs are expected?

Regards, Sancia

Please see this page: https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/ . You use the same lessons and tips for GT and Academic writing task 2.

' src=

thank you once again for your marvellous website!

Would you please comment if I got it right: As far as I see, the model essay above was written in response to “To what extent do you agree” question, but the structure rather is similar to “do adv-s outweigh disadv-s”. (First you speak about one side and then give more support for the ideas you agree to.)

An essay of this type asks for your opinion. You decide your own opinion. The opinion given above is a quantified, specific view point. “while I believe that such sites are mainly beneficial to the individual, I agree that they have had a damaging effect on local communities.” The body paragraphs explain the view point.

' src=

Mam, would you mind to let us know when will we get E-BOOK. for writing task-2. waiting for that

Update: MY Ideas for Topics E-book is now available. Click here: Liz’s Online Store

' src=

Thank you is literally a small word for all the things you are doing fo pr helping students in IELTS. Can you please share a link or any other source where we can find some band 9 writing samples.

Thank you, Sandeep

My main writing task 2 page contains model essays: https://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2/ . With other websites, it is your choice if you wish to rely on model essays that may not actually be safe to use.

' src=

Is it possible to get the book before 27 April? I have my exam on 27th April. You used a balanced approach in this please reply to me if I am right?

Update: My Ideas for Topics E-book is now available. Click here: Liz’s Online Store

' src=

Hello, Liz My name is Alice. I got band 7.5~8.5 for all the other subtests which are not bad but with my writing, I got 5.5 and I was really wondering why that would have happened. I avoided contractions and informal language and kept the word limit. Few grammar errors might happen in my essays but I don’t believe that is what’s causing me to have such a low score compared to the other scores I got. Could you suggest me what possibly would have caused the situation and tell me the dos and don’ts, please? I’m just..lost. I had no idea my writing score would betray me like that.

The IELTS writing score is not based only on English language. There are specific requirement that IELTS have set and you need to know what they are and how to do it all properly. Go to the RED BAR at the top of this website and visit the main pages for writing task 1 and writing task 2. On those pages, you will find a link to band score tips and requirements. You can also purchase Advanced Writing Task 2 lessons through the RED BAR.

' src=

I tried to pay for your writing tips and I was asked for my location. Does it mean I will be sent a hardcopy of your material? If yes, please how long will it take, because my exam is in less than 2weeks. Also, can I please get it sent to my mail rather than where I stay. Thank you.

The country will decide the currency. The videos are streamed online and the documents downloaded. An automatic email is sent once payment is complete with the access link to the video lesson. Make sure you enter the correct email address and spell it correctly.

Thank you Liz, Doing that now.

' src=

Hi liz, In the last sentence on the conclusion of your essay, you wrote “local communities should do more to try and involve local people in local activity…..”. Is it ok to give a solution at the end of the conclusion which is not discussed in body paragraphs ? Thanks a lot for your efforts to help us…

Having a final comment in the conclusion is optional. It is not a requirement. You certainly should not offer a new solution in any essay about solutions. Likewise, you would not add a final opinion in the conclusion of an opinion essay. You need to be careful about using final comments in a conclusion.

' src=

liz you look so cute while teaching in lecture.I fall in love with you while listen your lectures.

' src=

Hi ma,am, Thankyou for your informative preparation tips. I had a query ma’am. Is it okay to use it’s instead of it is?

There are no contractions in any formal IELTS writing.

' src=

Hi Liz, Thank you for this essay my opinion for this essay was that facebook is detrimental, so i have so many reasons for this, such as living in a virtual world, ostentatious life style, spread of wrong information, addiction to facebook. Can i put all this into my essay? would it be too much? what if i use two body paragraphs to explain these points and use a 3rd body paragraph to talk about the beneficial aspects? thank you.

If you think facebook is detrimental that counts as one main idea which you explain in one body paragraph. IELTS writing is not about having lots and lots of ideas that you enjoy writing about. It is about selecting only the key ideas, discarding other ideas and organising them logically. Keep control of your essay at all times. More ideas does not mean a higher score.

' src=

I wanted to know whether we can use ”contractions” in writing tests? I read in one of the resources that they must not be used. Need clarification on this!

Thanks in advance.

PS. The content is really effective. I would highly recommend this in my network.

' src=

Hello liz, I got my ielts result and my writing score is less.. I just have a doubt in the introduction part. Some parents buy their children a large number of toys to play with. What are the advantages and disadvantages for the child of having a large number of toys ? This is the introduction I wrote Nowadays most of the parents spend their money to get more number of toys to their children. Toys develop children brain activity and their skills. However it would lead to addiction of technology devices and don’t enjoy time spending with other energetic and enthusiastic outdoor games. Is my introduction correct for the question?? Or what I should change for getting band 7 ? Thanks in advance

Your technique is 100% fine. Your English language is the problem. There are so many errors in this that getting a band 7 would be very difficult. In fact, it would be almost impossible with this level of English and this many mistakes.

' src=

Hi Liz. Is it wise to write an interrogative sentence as an example to an idea or a supporting idea? For example, something like, “How often do we meet people who are such good communicators online but fail badly to express and communicate in person? “. Or does this violate the technique of being formal in essay writing?

Your aim is to present supporting points and main ideas, not to open up questions for discussion.

' src=

Hi, Liz I am taking your advanced lesson of Opinion Essay. For balanced approach, you mentioned that it does not mean sitting on the fence and discussion both sides. For a topic like “Some think xxx is more important than yyy. To want extend do you agree?” Can I write that I disagree, because I consider xxx is equally important as yyy. Then I have two balanced body paragraph discussing both sides. Is this an acceptable approach? Thank you in advance and looking forward your reply.

That is sitting on the fence. In which case is XXX important and in which case is YYY important. Be specific. Quantify you view.

Thanks for the quick response and useful information 🙂

' src=

Exceed to word limit . more than 350 words I think

' src=

Hello Thank you for all materials they are so useful and I love your webpage !!! Liz I can see that there are some essay questions which are asked as “what is your opinion” & some of them ” Do you agree”; I wonder if their written structure is the same or should it be a bit different ? Thank you for your answer in advance!

It’s exactly the same. IELTS like to paraphrase instructions. The meaning and aims are 100% the same.

' src=

After considering all the above points we can conclude that,…… is it a good way to conclude the essay ?

You are marked on your own personal use of English, not your memory. EAch sentence must be uniquely written by yourself in the exam room. That is a learned phrase and not your own English. Don’t try to cheat the test. Don’t memorise phrases or sentences. You can learn ideas, you can learn grammar and you can learn words, but not phrases or sentences.

' src=

that is quite confused . Sorry for asking but if i try to remember the linking words , structure things like (not only … but also…) or ( furthermore , if clause 1,2,3 , despite of , in spite ,.. ) , is that ok? what is the different between learning phrases and grammar ‘s structure ?

Memorised language in IELTS refers to people learning whole sentences word for word or even whole paragraphs. These are people who want to use other people’s English in their English language test. This is not accepted by IELTS. You need to learn expressions and grammar which you then use to create your own sentences in the test. However, be careful of learning too many phrases and only use them when they are appropriate to use. They should only form one part of the sentence you create. As for grammar, you learn linking words and clauses to help you create your own sentences in the test. This is not memorised word for word, it is a way to create unique sentences. I hope that helps you understand.

' src=

Hi liz is really awaresom with your videos. I PRAY FOR SOUND HEALTH AND QUICK RECOVERY

' src=

Hi Liz, I wish you the quickest recovery.

' src=

Thank you for your perfect site.

There is NO difference at all. They are paraphrased instructions for the same essay.

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