Deltarune Chapter 2: What Happens if You Answer Tasque Manager's Painting Questions Correctly?

Deltarune Chapter 2 fans get a chance to organize some paintings with Tasque Manager, and here is what happens if they do it properly.

Tasque Manager is an enemy in Deltarune Chapter 2 that players will encounter as they make their way through Queen’s Mansion. Eventually, fans will find this foe in the Mansion’s portrait room, and she will ask for assistance arranging the paintings. Tasque Manager does have a very particular plan for the placement of these pictures, though, and this guide details what happens when Deltarune players match her ideas perfectly.

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Updated September 19, 2022, by Kirkland Fortner: Previously, we mentioned that successfully answering Tasque Manager's questions is not an all-or-nothing proposition . There is indeed a way to receive partial credit for this "Tasque". However, it depends on the player answering in an exact manner. We are now including the process required to receive this partial credit. Additionally, we are including the extra dialogue that the player will see upon partial completion and the reason why Tasque Manager's reaction is so clever.

Deltarune Chapter 2: Tasque Manager Painting Questions Consequences

To get right to it, players will find themselves in battle with Tasque Manager regardless of how they answer her painting-related questions. However, fans who provide the correct responses will start the fight with her Mercy gauge at 100%. This will allow players to spare this Deltarune enemy in the very first round of combat, which is sure to be of interest to those that prefer pacifism.

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To note, Deltarune players will get credit for answering some, but not all, of Tasque Manager’s painting questions correctly. Indeed, the foe’s Mercy gauge will be set to a certain percentage at the start of the fight based on the number of right answers, with more of them leading to a higher percentage. Players can then increase Tasque Manager’s Mercy level further in order to access the Spare option , and there are several ways to do that.

For example, indie video game fans can gain 35% Mercy with Tasque Manager by Sparing either of the two Tasques that she brings into battle with her . The “SoftVoice,” “Order,” and “OrderX” commands can also be used to fill her Mercy gauge, as can the S-Action and R-Action. The availability of these options means that players need not be too concerned if they did not get every painting question right, as they will still be able to Spare her fairly quickly.

Getting Partial Credit

The player will receive partial credit for getting most of the answers correct, only if the questions are answered as the combination of "Left, Bottom, Right" . This will start her with 50% mercy. This combination also has some unique text with Tasque Manager pointing out exactly what number the "Right" painting is. At this point, she is essentially making fun of the player's inability to notice that it's clearly on the screen (just above Ralsei's head in the picture above) when she asks. So, it is obviously not the correct answer.

Once the battle begins after receiving this partial credit, using just one of Ralsei's “SoftVoice” ACTs will max out both of the accompanying Tasques' mercy. The player can then have Susie "Spare" one in that same turn, bringing Tasque Manager to 90% mercy . At that point, 3 Spares from the entire party in the following turn will bring her up to 100% mercy and end the battle in the quickest and most efficient manner.

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One final thing to say is that Tasque Manager will have one piece of unique dialogue if all of her questions are answered correctly . More specifically, she will say “I’m so happy I could whip something!” While this line has no real effect on anything about Deltarune 's story , it is being mentioned here for the sake of fully addressing the question at hand.

Deltarune Chapter 2: Tasque Manager Painting Answers

For those players that are simply curious about what the correct answers to Tasque Manager’s inquiries are, here is a full breakdown :

  • Q: Which painting's name is first alphabetically? | A: Left
  • Q: Which painting's name is third alphabetically? | A: Bottom
  • Q: Which painting is fourth? | A: Left

Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2 are available on PC, PS4, and Switch.

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This part of the Deltarune  walkthrough  covers events after the gang arrives at the Queen's Mansion.

The Queen traps Kris and their friends inside personalized rooms within her Mansion. They talk to Susie with the room's communication device, who then suggests looking through their items for something that can help them escape.

Lancer in my pocket.jpeg

  • Escape using Lancer , who should still be in your pocket.

You should see the first save point on the left outside the door to your room.

How to Solve Light Puzzles

The Queen set up some puzzles composed of multicolor lights at the beginning of her Mansion. Line up the differently shaped lights to fit inside the outline on the floor. Berdly insists on being the only one smart enough to do them, but you'll be there forever waiting for him to solve them.

Here are the solutions to each light puzzle.

The first puzzle forms an image of the Queen's face. This should be fairly easy to put together, considering how distinct the pieces are.

Light puzzle 1.jpeg

The second puzzle consists of four polygons that form a triangle. Some of the pieces look like they can fit multiple ways inside the outline. Don't be afraid to experiment. Below is at least one solution to the puzzle.

Light puzzle 2.jpeg

Susie outright gives Kris the answer to the third puzzle, which completely disregards the past puzzles' rules about not overlapping lights.

Position each light so that the corners perfectly fit against the sides of the box. You just need to fill all the space in the square, so don't bother fitting the irregular sides together. Use the wispy blue shape to patch any uncovered spots.

Light puzzle 3.jpeg

Continue forward until Ralsei rejoins the group. Berdly leaves the trio to do his own thing, leaving them to explore the Mansion without him. Unfortunately, this mission to seal the Fountain also becomes a mission to save Lancer .

Queen's Mansion - Entrance

After reuniting with Ralsei , the crew enters a blue-hued room with tall lady legs and a save point . The Queen's Mansion Entrance includes a Cafe, portal, bookshelves, and the exit to the rest of the Mansion up the stairs to the right.

One of the Queen's butlers runs the cafe. It seems like the proceeds go straight to the Queen, but don't let that stop you from stocking up on healing items and upgrading armor.

Here's a list of the shop's wares and some points to consider before you buy.

  • ButJuice , short for ButlerJuice, heals 100HP for a single character. It's one of the highest-healing items readily available at this point in the game, but it might not be necessary for players who prefer Ralsei 's heals.
  • SpaghettiCode works the same as a ClubSandwich but heals less. You might need it for especially tough boss fights to heal many characters at once.
  • Buy B.ShotBowtie if you care about crafting it later in Castle Town . It's one of the main ingredients for a TensionBow, which offers 10% more tension from grazing bullets.
  • RoyalPins are the sturdiest, most luxurious armor you can get at this point in the game. Give each character one if you can. If not, the B.ShotBowtie is a decent, more affordable upgrade.

Walk up the stairs to the right in the entrance hall to continue exploring the first floor of the Queen's Mansion.

Respect the Pottery Challenge

The Queen acknowledges the escapees with a brief broadcast and a set of rules, including " respect the pottery ." Breaking any of the vases in the room causes the butlers to attack.

  • It's relatively straightforward how to avoid the vases in the next room. Just walk around them and make sure not to move Susie or Ralsei into them, either.
  • However, if you make it far enough, the game feels compelled to drop a vase on Kris ' head and challenge them to keep it balanced all the way until the finish line at the end of the room.
  • The vase on your head needs protection. Move toward the direction it's falling in order to rebalance it.
  • If you make it to the finish line without breaking the vase, then Susie ruins it for you and the butlers make a beeline for you.

Tasque Manager Quiz

One room has four Tasque portraits hanging on the walls and a Tasque Manager blocking the way to the next corridor.

Tasque Manager asks the player a series of questions about the four paintings. These questions mostly have to do with the order of the paintings and their names. The names should be the following based on the numerical labels:

  • 1 (One) - Task
  • 2 (Two) - Timberly
  • 3 (Three) - Tasq
  • 4 (Four) - Tasc

With that in mind, here are the answers to the Tasque Manager's questions.

Painting names.jpeg

  • Which painting's name is first alphabetically? - Left (Tasc)
  • Which painting's name is third alphabetically? - Bottom (Tasq)
  • Which painting is fourth? - Left (Tasc aka 4)

Tasque Manager attacks no matter what answers you give. However, if you answer all the questions correctly, then they start the fight at 100% Mercy . The fight ends if you Mercy them right away, even though they fight alongside two Tasque.

Players can continue up to the second floor of the Mansion in the following room.

Optional: Secret Room

To the right of the stairs to the second floor is a stoplight puzzle that leads to the Secret Room. You don't need to find the Secret Room to complete the chapter. However, it's necessary to fight the Chapter 2 Secret Boss.

Stoplight Puzzle

Managing these spotlights takes patience and speed. Pause the cars when there's plenty of space separating them so that it's faster to move between them. Don't be afraid to repeatedly tap the stop button until the cars are favorably positioned.

Your respawn point changes at the hallway in the middle of the room (up to the right after the third stoplight). Thankfully, that means you don't need to worry about cars resetting your progress to the very beginning of the puzzle.

Continue to the right, pausing the lights as fast as possible, to eventually reach the hallway to the Secret Room.

Secret Room

The room after the stoplight puzzle isn't the secret room itself, but it's the room with the Secret Room. It houses many statues of the Queen along with the hacker from Cyber Field .

There's one chest in the room. Open it to find ChainMail , an armor item.

For more on how to find the Secret Room, see the How to Find the Chapter 2 Secret Boss guide .

The second floor of the Mansion welcomes the crew with fire-breathing paintings. Interact with the red paintings around the area to claim items and open hallways.

You can find one ReviveMint beside a red painting.

Revivemint in painting.jpeg

To the innermost left and right of the room are two red paintings that the player can use to open up blocked hallways.

Open hall with painting.jpeg

One of these red paintings (on the left) opens the hall to the kitchen, which players need before opening the Dining Room.

Unlock the Dining Room

Save the three butlers in the kitchen from the aggressive mice in the corner of the room. These mice form a "Mauswheel," which needs more trapping than usual to Mercy but works the same way as with regular mice.

Aggressive mauswheel.jpeg

After the mice are gone, the butlers open up the Dining Room.

In the Dining Room

The Queen challenges Kris and gang to find the key to the exit in an ever-shifting room of silver platters.

Ralsei and Susie drop hints to try something other than aimlessly opening the platters. If you explore the room, you should find a platter with little white legs.

Tray with legs.jpeg

Interact with this legged platter to plow through the room and the next hall.

After reaching a certain point on the second floor, Berdly will come out from a hole in the wall and temporarily snatch Susie away from your team.

Kris and Ralsei Adventure

Kris and Ralsei depart on a short solo adventure across a battery acid river after Susie leaves the party. When they first enter the room, Ralsei wonders if there's a way to safely cross the river. Interact with the lever beside the river to hail a swan boat.

The Queen starts talking to the duo as they cross the river. A hovering banana appears over the acid.

  • Nothing significantly different happens if you get the banana or not. If you don't, then the Queen says it was part of her plan to leave you "potassium deficient." If you do, Ralsei accepts it without much of a fuss.

Eventually, a giant stone hand in the middle of the river halts Kris and Ralsei's ride. They then need to find the switch to remove it.

Red and Blue Houses


The houses in the next part of the map act as switches for the tiles they're connected to with the red and blue lines. Interacting with the house switches it from red to blue or vice versa. If you change the house to red, it opens up red-tiled paths. The same goes for blue.

Interact with the houses to activate the tiles you need to move around the map.


In the room to the right of the original map, there's a butler stuck on one of the islands. Change the house in the lower right corner to set them free.

In exchange, the island they were on has another house that opens up an island with a chest.

Boss Fight: Rouxls Kaard

Rouxls kaard boss fight.jpeg

Kris and Ralsei fight Pirate Rouxls Kaard in a tile-turning game with houses. Whoever can turn the most houses their color wins. Players can only connect consecutive houses, so you're out of moves once you run out of spaces to move to.

However, the game doesn't exactly work how one might think. Once either party runs out of tiles, the game ends. Whoever has the most houses at that point wins. You might be able to cut off Rouxls Kaard by cutting off half the map with a row of houses, but it doesn't help if he still claims more houses than you by the time he runs out of spaces.

Either way, it seems like a battle the player can't lose. Kris and Ralsei move on, and then the game switches to whatever's happening with Noelle and Susie.

Picture with Ralsei

Ralsei hug.jpeg

At the end of the river, Kris and Ralsei take a picture together. Kris reacts based on the player's choice. Whatever choice doesn't seem to affect the story, but some options offer more entertaining reactions than others.

Boss Fight: Queen and Berdly

Queen acid glass.jpeg

Just when Kris and the gang think it's time to escape, the Queen shows up with Berdly as her wired captive. Players alternate with loosening Berdly's wires with Act, and toasting to the Queen to get her to lower her defenses by drinking too much Battery Acid.

The fight ends once the player loosens Berdly enough for him to escape.

Boss Fight: Giga Queen

Queen boss fight.jpeg

After Berdly escapes, the Queen ascends into her final form. Giga Queen battles against the gang and their Thrash machine form.

Some tips to surviving Giga Queen:

  • Think back to the arcade game you played against her. Try your best to sidestep her attacks when you sense they're coming and then counter.
  • The Queen later separates into patterns, like rows of clones doing pirouettes and the like. Dodge left or right, duck, or even attack similar to how you moved in the arcade game.
  • If you have any leftover teas from the tea salesman, most of them heal 100 HP for Thrash machine.

Sit back for the revelations after the boss fight. It isn't long until you go back to Hometown.

Up Next: Hometown (Chapter 2)

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Guide and Walkthrough (PC) by Crystalis

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Game Guide, Walkthough & News

Deltarune- Tasque Manager Cameos

By Angelz in Nintendo Switch PC PS4 21/09/2021

In Deltarune, Tasque Manager is an enemy that you will encounter in Chapter 2 where the portraits would be arranged. She will ask you a question whether you answer her correctly or wrong (in my case I was wrong) and the battle began. As we are running Pacifist, she was spared, and later you will find her at many events which we have mentioned in this guide.

Tasque Manager In Deltarune

The ringleader who whips us for being naughty, the Tasque Manager can be defeated in order to see her cameo at various locations. One of these locations would be the Kitchen where for the first time you must have unlocked the shortcut to the Queen’s Hall Entrance . After entering the Kitchen, there would be three Swatchlings scared of the mouse or maus. These mice are different from others because they are grouped together and formed a Mauswheel. Defeat or Trap them to unlock the passage.

The next cameo of Tasque Manager would be when you have completed Chapter 2 and return to the “Castle Town” . Enter the Dojo where a Challenge will be registered in the name of Tasque Manager. The task is pretty straightforward and simple which will earn you easy bucks.

All the characters which you have recruited or the NPC’s after their defeat would be found in Castle Town. For more guides on Deltarune, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

  • Chapter 2 Secret Boss Fight Or Spare Result
  • Light Puzzle Solution For Chapter 2
  • Spamton Neo Secret Boss Location
  • Berdley Chapter 2 Guide And Character Story So Far
  • Secret Interactive Dialogues With Noelle, Susie, And Ralsei When Given Snow Ring

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Deltarune Wiki

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  • 1.1 Appearance
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  • 3.1 Appears With
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  • 3.3 Strategy
  • 3.5 Flavor Text

Profile [ ]

Appearance [ ].

Tasque's appearance resembles a cat. Their body parts are square-shaped, except for their tail. They are entirely white with a few cyan spots, including their ears, eyes and the tip of their tail. They also possess a mouth with fangs, but it is not visible unless they are meowing.

Personality [ ]

Tasque acts like a cat and makes sounds that resemble meowing. Its name is a reference to computer tasks, an abstraction referring to the units of work performed by computers, and as such can be managed by Tasque Manager . Tasques are either unable or unwilling to speak, unlike nearly every other NPC in the Cyber World.

Main Story [ ]

Chapter 2 [ ].

Tasques first appear in the Cyber Field, popping out of hologram-like windows. One Tasque gets stuck in it while trying to ambush the party.

They are later met in Queen's Mansion, with Tasque Manager acting as their boss. Mirroring their ambush tactics in the Cyber Field, they appear in paintings within the mansion. When encountering Maice , it is possible to make them run away by calling a Tasque, but then the Tasque has to be defeated.

In Battle [ ]

Appears with [ ].

  • Virovirokun
  • Tasque Manager
  • Maus (When Upgrade is used on them)
  • Poppup (unused)

Attacks [ ]

  • Tasque throws balls of yarn in an arc that fall into the bullet board.
  • Tasque shoots long streams of sound waves aimed directly at the SOUL.

Strategy [ ]

  • Petting increases mercy by 100% for one Tasque.
  • Soft Voice increases mercy by 100% for all Tasques.
  • PettingX increases mercy by 100% for all enemies.
  • S-Action, R-Action, and N-Action increase mercy by 50% for one Tasque.
  • Sparing (when its name is not yellow) increases mercy by 20% for one Tasque.
  • Using TakeCareX on Virovirokun while Tasque is also present increases mercy by 50% for all Tasques.
  • Using TrapAll on a Maus and successfully catching a Tasque makes said Tasque spareable.
  • Sparing Tasque Manager automatically spares all Tasques as well.
  • Susie's Roar ACT makes all Tasques tired.
  • meowowme owowmeow [Neutral]
  • meowowme meowmeow [Neutral]
  • meowowme owowowow [Neutral]
  • meowowow meowowow [Neutral]
  • [Ralsei] It's just a cat...
  • [Susie] Isn't that just how he normally talks?
  • [Noelle] Th-there, there... (It's not too different from Catti...) [PettingX #1]
  • owowowmememeowme owmemeowowmemeow owmeowmemeowmeow [Petting]

Flavor Text [ ]

  • This stray cat is in need of some management. [Check]
  • Tasque cleans with a sawtooth tongue. [Neutral]
  • Tasque wags its tail in a sine wave. [Neutral]
  • Tasque is meowing to be minimized/maximized. [Neutral]
  • Tasque is batting a ball of low-poly yarn. [Neutral]
  • Smells like plastic cartridge. [Neutral]
  • You pet Tasque! [Shortened]
  • Susie roared!! The enemies became TIRED. [Roar]
  • Ralsei talked in a soft voice to the enemies! [SoftVoice]
  • Susie roared like a lion! [Shortened]
  • Ralsei blinks at Tasque! [Shortened]
  • Tasque is beeping dangerously. [Low HP]
  • Tasque is emitting an 8-bit purr. [Spare conditions met]
  • Tasques crossed your path! [Encounter with another Tasque]
  • Smorgasbord 2. [Encounter with Werewire and Virovirokun]
  • Tasque crossed your path! [Encounter]
  • Tasque and Co. drew near! [Encounter with other Virovirokun's]
  • Tasque Manager blocks the way! [Encounter with another Tasque and Tasque Manager]
  • Tasques zoomed towards you! [Encounter with other Tasque; unused]
  • Animal house. [Encounter with Poppup; unused]
  • You and Noelle pet the enemies! [PettingX]
  • Noelle got rubbed on by Tasque! [ N-Action #1]
  • Tasque showed its belly to Noelle! [ N-Action #2+]
  • Round Three! [Encounter with another Tasque and Maus]
  • Tasque's ears resemble tabs used in modern web browsers, with the X symbols being the "Close Tab" buttons.
  • A Tasque can be summoned to take a Maus 's place in battle by using Upgrade on a Maus.
  • Its four neutral quotes make "m," "e," "o," and "w" (meow).
  • Its quote when pet is a heart emoji (♥).
  • This may be a reference to Becquerel from Homestuck , who was synthesized from a similarly-patterned " meow code ."
  • The flavor text about Tasque meowing to be minimized or maximized may be a reference to a common behavior among house cats of being indecisive over wanting to be indoors or outdoors, constantly asking to be let in or out of the house.


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    These questions mostly have to do with the order of the paintings and their names. The names should be the following based on the numerical labels: 1 (One) - Task; 2 (Two) - Timberly; 3 (Three) - Tasq

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    Walk through the "A", step on and off the "G", step through the "R", and step on. and off the "E" two times, walk through the "2", step on and off the "A", then. finally on and off the "L" two times. Doing so will open the blocked path where the Virovirokun was, so head over. there.

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    One is soulful guy I can relate to, he wishes to accomplish big things, and it seems it's fun to talk with him about philosophical stuff. And then there is robot cat girl dominatrix that reminds me about unconscious need to feel the warmth of a woman, beauty, love, attachment and lower pleasures in life. Tasque manager is a catgirl. Change my mind.

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    In Deltarune, Tasque Manager is an enemy that you will encounter in Chapter 2 where the portraits would be arranged. She will ask you a question whether you answer her correctly or wrong (in my case I was wrong) and the battle began. As we are running Pacifist, she was spared, and later you will find her at many events which we have mentioned in this guide.

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    Tasque (pronounced "task") is a Darkner enemy in the Cyber World, that is encountered in Cyber Field and Queen's Mansion. Tasque's appearance resembles a cat. Their body parts are square-shaped, except for their tail. They are entirely white with a few cyan spots, including their ears, eyes and the tip of their tail. They also possess a mouth with fangs, but it is not visible unless they are ...

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