1. How to Disable Fast Startup on Windows 11? (Fix CPU Uptime)

    task manager uptime not resetting

  2. How to check device uptime on Windows 11

    task manager uptime not resetting

  3. How to Check Uptime on Windows 10 with Task Manager, PowerShell, or

    task manager uptime not resetting

  4. How to Check Windows Uptime on Windows 10/11? [Full Guide]

    task manager uptime not resetting

  5. How to Check Uptime on Windows 10 with Task Manager, PowerShell, or

    task manager uptime not resetting

  6. How to Check the uptime of a Windows PC: Know the time since the last

    task manager uptime not resetting


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  1. Why Uptime isn't Reset After Shutdown on Windows and How To Fix it

    Disabling Fast Startup. To disable it, press Win+R, type powercfg.cpl, and hit Enter to open Power Options control panel. Click Choose what the power buttons do. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable if you see it, then uncheck Turn on fast startup, and click Save changes.

  2. Win 11 : Shut down button is not restting uptime, Get-Uptime is showing

    Outcome : system uptime is not reset and after powering up, can see long days in record through PowerShell Get-Uptime . Step 2 : Shutdown using command Run/PowerShell i.e. > shutdown -s -t 1. Outcome : system uptime is reset and after powering up, can see mere seconds in record through PowerShell Get-Uptime

  3. Why is the system uptime too long despite shutdown?

    The Task Manager displays a system uptime of about 3 days and 1 hr. I have used the machine for just 10 hrs this week. The difference is normal. The Windows system uptime is the difference between the current time and the system boot time. It doesn't subtract any time the system has spend in a sleep or hibernate state.

  4. [SOLVED] PC Shutdown but CPU uptime still ticking, Desktop Evironment

    The same exact problem is happening, but I'm on an SSD now, so I can rule drive type out. I remembered my discovery about the problem worsening in relation to uptime. I open Task Manager, check the performance tab, and I've got 3 days uptime. This is simply not true, as I shut down my pc every night. It should never exceed ~16hrs uptime.

  5. Windows 10 "Up Time" in Task Manager show wrong time period

    And it's not just Task Manager, but any WMI, WMIC or PowerShell script, Microsoft own Uptime.exe utility, or anything that uses WMI's Win32_OperatingSystem class returns the SAME thing. Some of the several methods I tested: (Get-WmiObject Win32_OperatingSystem).LastBootUpTime. systeminfo | find /i "Boot Time".

  6. what does the uptime numbers on windows task manager mean?

    Option 1 - From Task Manager. Bring up the Task Manager by right-clicking the clock in the lower-right corner of the taskbar and selecting Task Manager. Alternately, you could press CTRL + ALT +Delete. Select the "Performance" tab. If you cannot see tabs, select the "More details" option.

  7. Windows 8 uptime not resetting after restart or shut down

    Go to power options (Type "power options" on the Start Screen). Click on "Choose what the power buttons do" on the left side of the window. Click on the blue link "Change settings that are currently unavailable". This allows you to change the settings. Uncheck "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" to disable Hybrid Boot.

  8. Solved: PC UP time

    Solved: Hi! I noticed in my laptop , shutting down and turning on laptop doesn't reset the up time counter in the task manager . To reset the counter - 7833057 ... I reviewed your post and I understand that the Windows uptime is not resetting when you shut down the computer. Don't worry, I assure you I will try my best to get this sorted. ...

  9. Incorrect Uptime Reported by Task Manager and WMI ...

    This is because Task Manager or WMI wouldn't deduct the duration of sleep/hibernation when calculating uptime. And, with Fast Startup introduced and enabled by default in Windows 8 and Windows 10, the uptime reported may not correlate with your actual last boot-up time. Fast startup is a hybrid of cold startup + hibernate.

  10. How to Check Reset System Uptime in Windows 11

    Check System Uptime Using Task Manager. Like the Settings app, you can check system uptime using Task Manager. To do so, open Task Manager by pressing the hotkey Ctrl + Shift + Esc, now click on the Performance Icon (performance option in Windows 10), then click on the CPU option showing, and you can see the duration that shows uptime for your PC.

  11. up time in the task manager is incorrect

    The issue is associated with the Fast Startup component. However, in order to fix the issue I would like you to perform few steps to fix the issue. Steps: a. Press Windows key + R. b. Type in control panel. c. In control panel click on power options.

  12. Up Time does not reset after shutting down

    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community. With the description, I understand that the up time in task manager under performance do not reset when you shut down the computer on your Windows 8.1 machine. I will certainly help you with the query. I would suggest you to refer to the below mentioned thread and check if that helps:

  13. Up Time not Resetting each Boot

    The Up Time in task manager, under performance, then CPU, is showing the collective time my computer has been on including past boots. Normally, Up Time resets after a computer turns off, so if my computer was on for 6 hours, it would reset to 0 when I restart my computer, but this is adding to the time. I turned it off last night and turned it ...

  14. 4 Ways to Check & Reset Windows 11 Uptime

    Use Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager. Navigate to the Performance tab. Locate the Up time value to see how long your system has been running. 3. Use Network Connections. Press the Windows key + S and enter network. Choose View network connections. Double-click your current network adapter.

  15. How to check device uptime on Windows 11

    To confirm the computer uptime with Command Prompt, use these steps: Open Start. Search for Command Prompt, right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option. Type the ...

  16. up time in windows 10 task manager

    Last updated August 3, 2023 Views 237 Applies to: Windows. /. Windows 10. /. Windows settings. /. PC. Hi in win 10 task manager after shutdown up time (performance tab) should be reset to zero. but up time don't be reset i have this problem with Ethernet status.

  17. windows

    Windows uses fast boot by default during shut down which task manager does not count as a proper shutdown. If you restart your PC, a proper shutdown and boot up will be performed. The up time will now be reset to 0 in task manager. ... Under Fast Startup a reboot completely shuts down the machine and performs a clean start and will reset the ...

  18. System uptime not resetting after shutdown, only reboot, and I ...

    I tend to restart my computer when it's feeling sluggish, though recently, simply turning it off for the night wasn't helping. I checked task manager for the system uptime, and it said three days and a couple hours. And a few days ago, it said seven days. A reboot seems to fix it, but shutting down and booting it again doesn't reset it.

  19. Up time in task manager do not reset

    Type "Power & Sleep Settings" in the search bar and open the app of the same name. Scroll down and select "Additional power settings" - then on the left pane select " Choose what the power buttons ...

  20. Why i have no "up time" in my task manager?

    I see that you attached a screenshot of the bottom right corner of the Disk tab in the Task Manager. Can you explain exactly what is wrong with this, as it looks normal to me? Is something missing? I cannot see all of the tab since you only posted the bottom right of that Disk tab.

  21. How to Find Your Computer's Uptime in Windows 11

    Here's how to check your Windows 11 computer's uptime using Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager. Alternatively, right-click the Start menu and select Task Manager . Open the Performance tab on the sidebar and select CPU. You'll find your computer's up time in the "Up time" section.

  22. Task Manager Uptime problems

    Task Manager Uptime problems. Okay, so this problem is getting irritating. I had just turned on my laptop and whenever I go to Task Manager's Performance tab, it says it has been turned on for 5 hours. I shut it down for about 8 long hours since I went to sleep because I saw the uptime with ) 01:08:30:ss which meant one day.

  23. Fast Startup doesn't break power cycle

    Enabling Fast Startup in the Control Panel (or, indeed, leaving it enabled as per default) caused my PC to not reset uptime on shutdowns, only on restarts. I checked with Task Manager, which is often reporting multiple days of uptime directly after the system boots.