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51 Best Homework Excuses (Serious, Funny, Strict Teachers)

Homework. No one wants to do it. But no one wants to get in trouble either. So, here are some of the best homework excuses that are serious, funny, and might even work for strict teachers!

As a teacher myself, I’ve heard most of these excuses. I laughed at a few and rolled my eyes at most.

At the end of the day, you’re only going to get away with not doing homework if you’ve got a solid excuse and a bunch of evidence to back it up. Good luck!

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Cliché Homework Excuses

These are terrible homework excuses that, really, students should avoid. They might be fun to use, but most of them have been over-used. Your teacher won’t believe you unless you’ve brought some evidence along with you.

1. My Dog ate my Homework. Look, no one’s ever going to believe this one. Maybe avoid it unless you want to spend lunch time inside catching up.

2. My Computer Broke. This one’s more believable but it’s been over-used. Thanks to all the liars out there, this homework excuse is well and truly ruined.

3. My Mom Forgot It. Nothing like blaming your mother for your own failures. Most teachers would probably tell you to take a little personal responsibility and send you on your way.

4. The Internet was Out. As believable as any excuse, your teacher might tell you that you’d better buy yourself an old hardback encyclopedia.

5. My Grandma Died. Again. The oldest excuse in the book, I always ask for evidence of this. Some people seem to have 15 grandmas.

6. The Older Kids Took it off me and Tore it Up. Chances are, your teacher’s going to be very concerned by this. They might even escalate this to a disciplinary issue!

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Funny Homework Excuses

These ones might get a laugh out of your teacher and your classmates. But, you’re not likely to get out of trouble in the long run.

7. My Mother wanted to Display it on the Fridge. You might get a few laughs from your friends out of this one. But, your teacher is going to tell you to go home, take it off the fridge, and bring it to class!

8. The Police Confiscated it as Evidence. This one might make your teacher pause and wonder. Why is it confiscated? Is it so poorly written that the police consider it an outrage? Maybe your joke will deflect them from punishing you, though.

9. I was Abducted by Aliens and They took It. If your teacher believes this one, let me know. I’ve got some air guitars to sell them.

10. I sent it to you in the Post. In this day and age, you might have to tell your teacher they should wait a few months to it arrive. The postal service isn’t what it used to be.

11. My Dad mistook it for a Letter and Posted it to China. Funny, but clearly not true. Your teacher is going to ask one simple question: why is your dad sending letters to China?

12. I had to burn it in the Fireplace to keep myself Warm. Like Pablo Escobar burning cash, you’ve thrown caution to the wind and thrown your homework book into the fire because, well, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have survived the freezing cold night.

13. It flew out the Window of the Car. Just picture it. You’re frantically doing your homework on the drive to school. Your dad winds down the window and – woosh – the homework’s gone for good. And class is in just 15 minutes!

14. I thought I’d do it Tomorrow because I’ll be Older and Wiser Then. A clever joke, but you’re probably going to be known as the class clown from that moment onwa rd!

15. I did my Work. It’s all Up Here in my Head. Be prepared for your teacher to give you a snap quiz on the spot if you’re bold enough to say you’ve got it all in your head! But, if you pull it off, maybe you’ll get away without too much trouble.

16. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to add to your Workload. Sure, it sounds nice, but your teacher will see right through this cheeky response. But hey, when you’ve got nothing to lose it’s worth a try.

17. My Hand fell Asleep and I didn’t want to Wake It. Imagine you were trying so hard to do your homework and write down those answers. But, your hand just wouldn’t obey your command!

18. My Cat ate it knowing that I’d Blame the Dog. This one’s a funny twist on “my dog ate my homework” that might just get a laugh out of your teacher (and a little bit of leniency).

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Excuses For Strict Teachers

Okay, here’s where things get serious. If you’ve got a teacher who you know is going to be mad, you need to come into this with a plan. Usually, that means providing evidence to support your excuse.

19. I was Sick. And I have a Sick Note. Being sick (genuinely!) is one of the few reasons for not doing your homework that might actually work. You’re going to want to be able to present a note from your parent and maybe even a doctor.

20. My Mother or Father went to Hospital. And here’s the Sick Note. If your mom or dad is in hospital, chances are you’re going to get a free pass. Bring evidence, even if it’s a photo of dad in the hospital bed with tubes coming out of his nose!

21. My Computer Screen Broke. And here’s a Picture. I’ve actually gotten this one from students a few times and it really took me back. I thought: “is this legit, or is this image from 3 years ago?” A receipt from the computer repair store with a date on it is usually a better piece of evidence. But then again, why didn’t you go to the library?

22. The computer broke, but here are my hand-written notes. I’m usually pretty impressed by this excuse. Your computer broke, but you still made the effort to give the homework a go anyway. Great resilience!

23. The wi-fi didn’t work, but here are my hand-written notes. This excuse is very similar to the previous one. If you turn up with nothing and say the wi-fi broke, the teacher probably won’t accept that excuse. But if you actually tried to write some notes anyway, well done!

24. I wasn’t here when the work was assigned. This is an excellent homework excuse for strict teachers. It’s really quite legitimate. How were you supposed to know you had homework!?

25. I tried, but I didn’t understand the Instructions. This puts the onus back on the teacher. Why didn’t they provide clearer instructions? It’s usually a good idea to show some evidence that you at least gave it a go, though.

26. I volunteer at the soup kitchen on Monday Nights. Everyone loves a good Samaritan. If it gets you out of homework, well, that’s just the universe giving you good karma.

27. I’m so sorry. I thought it was right here in my Bag! This one helps show that it at least is a genuine mistake.

28. I had way too much Homework for my other Class. Follow this one up with “You should talk to that teacher about how their overbearing homework requirements are impacting your students!”

29. The Library was Closed and I don’t have Internet at Home. This one might get you a little more sympathy. The fact you don’t have internet at home means you’re not as privileged as many other kids, so your teacher might let you off lightly.

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Truthful Homework Excuses

30. I was too busy doing something more important. Your teacher is instantly going to say “what was more important than your education?” Don’t respond with “video games.”

31. My parents kept me really busy on the weekend. But I promise I’ll do it tonight. One thing I would say about this excuse is that you’re saying “Hey, take it up with my parents. I wanted to do some homework!” But, you’re also saying you’ve got a plan to get it done asap.

32. I was at football practice all night. Many teachers will still say “learning comes before sports” (which, as a teacher, I agree with). But, you’ve got a leg to stand on here. You don’t want to let your team down, which is fair.

33. I did my homework, but I left it at home. This excuse does show that you at least put the effort in. But, you failed at the finish line! Come to class tomorrow with the homework and you’ll win back some respect from your teacher.

34. I forgot I even had homework. Hey, it’s truthful. But you’re not going to get any sympathy for this one.

35. The computer didn’t break. It was the Printer this time! An excuse that’s almost as bad as “my computer broke”, the printer issues excuse at least needs some photographic evidence to back it up. And, why didn’t you email the homework to your teacher?

36. I had a Headache. Headaches are the worst. As a teacher myself, I’d probably have a little sympathy for this excuse if it’s a one-off. But, I’d expect my student to bring a note from the parent to corroborate the story.

37. The homework was far too Easy. This isn’t a good reason not to do homework. Your teacher is going to expect you to absolutely ace your next test.

38. My tutor accidentally took it home with them. Nothing like blaming your tutor for your own problems. As a teacher, I’d probably roll my eyes and tell you that you need to keep better track of your things.

39. I accidentally squished it in the bottom of my bag and now it’s got rotten apple juice all over it. This one’s funny to me because, well, as a kid this always used to happen to me. Rotten bananas were usually the culprit.

40. I spilled cereal all over it because I was doing it over breakfast. This sounds believable. I would tell my student the should at least show me the ruined homework as evidence. And, I’d also tell them that breakfast isn’t the best time to do your homework.

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Blame the Parents

41. My parents don’t believe in homework and won’t let me do it. There are some parents like this. If a student said this to me, I’d be on the phone to the parents. So, if you don’t want your teacher to call your parents, don’t use this excuse.

42. My mother said band practice was more important. It’s really hard for teachers to argue with parents via the student. But in my experience the teacher usually responds with: “you need to have better organization skills to get all of these things done in your own time!”

43. I help my father at work on a Tuesday afternoon. I just can’t get it done on Tuesdays. Once again, the teacher is likely going to tell you to have more organization skills. But, you might occasionally get an extension out of this. Especially if you let the teacher know in advance.

44. My father looked at it, said it was outrageous government indoctrination, and told me not to do it. While I think this is hilarious, it’s also something that happens a lot these days. Why is this world so divided? Science isn’t controversial, people!

45. My mother was looking over my homework and forgot to give it back to me. Okay, time for me to put my teacher voice on: “She didn’t forget to give it back to you. You forgot to ask for it back.”

46. My mother threw it in the trash. This must have been frustrating to you! A teacher with a quick wit will respond: “it shouldn’t have looked like trash then. You must have done a bad job!” Or, a more serious teacher might just tell you that you need to be more organized net time.

Blame the Teachers

47. You give too much Homework. There are plenty of people out there in this world who think teachers do give too much homework. They believe it’s not fair and it’s preventing children from leading a balanced and healthy life.

48. Your instructions are impossible to understand. This one really puts the pressure back on the teacher because you’re basically telling them that they’re bad at their job.

49. This was way too hard for me. You need to give me more guidance. Sometimes, it’s true, teachers do assign homework that’s way too hard. You do need to be resourceful and find ways to learn yourself. But at the same time, the teacher really should know better.

50. The homework is too easy. It’s a complete waste of my time. Assigning homework is like playing Goldilocks. It can’t be too hard, can’t be too easy.

51. Between you and all my other teachers, you’re assigning hours of homework every night. You all need to get together and resolve this. This one’s surely going to set a cat amongst the pigeons. The teachers are going to talk about this at their next staff meeting. But, they might coordinate and come back at you as a united front!

FAQ: How to Get Out of Doing Homework?

The best ways to get out of doing homework are to:

  • Let the teacher know in advance that you won’t be able to do it. Teachers respond better when you give them an excuse before time, not after.
  • Bring evidence of why you didn’t do it. If you want your teacher to truly believe your excuse, you need evidence. This can be notes, photos, receipts, or anything else proving your story is true.

Really, the best way to avoid any issues is to just do the homework in the first place. But if you’re reading this article, chances are the horses have left the stable. You’re at a stage where you’ve got to come up with an excuse because in 10 minutes your teacher is going to be asking you why you haven’t done anything!

Well, good luck with that! I hope you don’t get into too much trouble, but I also hope you learn that next time the best solution is to just get that homework done in advance.


Chris Drew (PhD)

Dr. Chris Drew is the founder of the Helpful Professor. He holds a PhD in education and has published over 20 articles in scholarly journals. He is the former editor of the Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education.

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  • Chris Drew (PhD) 30 Delegation Examples
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The Ten Best Excuses for Late Homework from a Teacher Who's Heard Hundreds of Them

The Ten Best Excuses for Late Homework from a Teacher Who's Heard Hundreds of Them

Best Excuses for Late Homework

Top ten excuses for late homework

1. Know how gullible your teacher is. Some teachers will believe anything, especially new teachers. More experienced teachers are much more difficult to fool and more likely to be bitter and jaded. Experienced teachers have also heard most of the lame excuses you have planned. 2. Know how strict your teacher is . I’ll let you in on a teaching secret: most teachers want you to succeed. They want to believe you stayed up all night nursing your sick hamster. Use this to your advantage. 3. Find out if your teacher likes you. I’ll let you in on another secret: teachers play favorites. Are you a favorite? If you are, use any excuse you like. 4. Find out your teacher’s interests . Here’s another secret: teachers love being the center of attention. Why else would they subject themselves to the torment that comes with instructing teenagers? They love talking about themselves. Listen when they do.

  • The 10 Best Homework Excuses

1. I got my backpack stolen: use rampant crime among high school students to your advantage. No teacher in his right mind would expect you to turn in that big assignment if it got stolen the very day it was due. Although most teachers won’t follow through, filing a missing backpack report might not be a bad idea. 2. My mom and dad got in a huge fight last night and the cops came and I couldn’t concentrate on the assignment: Domestic violence isn’t something to lie about…unless it’s done to save your grade. This excuse works on so many levels: (1) Your teacher will never bring this up to your parents; and (2) you will garner sympathy for the rest of the year. The only way this could go wrong is if your teacher reports this to your guidance counselor and your counselor contacts your parents. That’s probably not going to happen. 3. I stayed at my dad’s this weekend and left it there and my mom refuses to let me go back and get it: Teachers are suckers for dysfunctional family stories. This is an all time classic. 4. I left my binder in my mom’s car and she’s at work across town: This is a twist on the easy to see through “I left it at home” excuse. A teacher can reasonably expect someone from home to bring your homework, but not even the meanest teacher would expect your mom to leave work. 5. I was really sick yesterday and unable to do anything. The only reason I came is because I didn’t want to miss any more work: Teachers will admire your perseverance and give you the extra day. 6. It’s that “time of the month”: If you’re a boy, don’t try this. This only works for females on male teachers. 7. Grandma died: Even if the teacher doubts the veracity of your grandma’s death, he’s not gonna call you out on it just in case it’s true. There are obvious problems with this excuse, including the guilt you’ll feel if your grandma does die that week. 8. My dog died and I was too upset to do my homework: This is rarely used, but effective, especially if your teacher has a dog. Only a heartless task master would not cut you a break over losing your best friend. 9. I had to take care of my baby sister who was up last night throwing up: Another underused classic. Be careful your teacher isn’t an e-mailer or he just might e-mail your parents for an update on your baby sister who doesn’t exist. 10. Tell the truth: This is a revolutionary excuse. Often if you just go to your teacher in the morning and tell him or her the truth, you’ll get some additional time. What’s your favorite homework excuse? Image by  Jan Vašek  from  Pixabay

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top ten best homework excuses

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homework excuses

Top 10 homework excuses from students ranked

We’ve all gone through the schooling stage. We were all once kids and teenagers, and we all thought at some point that there has to be more to life than getting stuck with a big homework assignment over the weekend.

The average person isn’t a fan of homework but we all had to do it growing up. It didn’t come without hesitation and a few creative excuses, however. Counting down from 10 all the way to one, these are the top homework excuses teachers and parents from around the United States  hear each and every day.

10. I didn’t want to do it

This will teach you a lot about your student and/or child. If they don’t hesitate to say they just didn’t want to do the assignment then you know they’re being serious. And brutally honest. You might get away with it from the teacher but prepare for at least a week without your cell phone if your parents hear you say this.

9. Family pet ate it

Obviously this is a horrible and overused excuse but sometimes it’s legit. Whether it was a dog, cat, bunny or guinea pig, the family pet doesn’t know nor does it care what you’re doing or how important it may be. Just make sure you keep an eye on what you’re working on at all times or put it in your notebook or binder . The best part about this excuse is it could get you off the hook with your parents. Your teacher, however, is another story.

8. Left it at school over the weekend

Tough. Leaving your homework at school over the weekend isn’t a good excuse. Organization can be tough to learn especially throughout the teen stages but learning young can result in better results in the later stages of life.

7. I don’t know where it is

Again. Tough luck. It’s the students responsibility to know where their homework is and that it’s done by the due date. Keeping everything organized in binders or folders is an easy task to complete.

6. I was gone when it was assigned

99.9% of the time teachers get homework assignments to those that are gone. Either they make arrangements prior or they put their trust in another student (a friend) to deliver the assignment to them. Now with technology students will have those assignments sent directly to them regardless of the reason they’re not in school.

5. I’m sick

The oldest excuse in the book. Or second oldest. If nobody falls for the “my dog ate it” excuse then this is always next on the list. And very rarely will it work especially with the teachers.

4. Blame the siblings

Because why not?

3. Don’t understand the assignment

Everyone learns differently. Some are quick learners and just need to hear directions once. Some not so quick, ultimately requiring another lesson or two to get a good grasp on the subject. But sometimes you need to take a shot in the dark and learn from the mistakes.

2. Night filled with extra-curriculars

From sports practice to an after-school job to attending school-related events, nights are often packed tight. Sometimes from the minute school gets out until it’s time to crawl into bed and start all over again. Nobody wants to do homework at 10pm but sometimes that’s the only option. Otherwise the basketball game that went into overtime can be your excuse.

1. The WiFi wasn’t working

With the evolution of technology and the convenience of the Internet eventually comes the issues. Schools have the option to provide their students with their own laptops or tablets for school use and thus require assignments on the devices out of school. Technology problems, such as a device or WiFi issue, is a real excuse for missing a due date.

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top ten best homework excuses

Put a stop to deadline pressure, and have your homework done by an expert.

Homework Excuses: Top Guide To Help You Not Do Homework

homework excuses

Homework excuses are common among students at all educational levels. It’s no secret that many learners dislike homework and must find ways to convince educators they are not at fault. Although academic life is exciting, it comes with burdens. Life hardships make some learners unable to complete homework within the deadlines that educators stipulate.

Whether in college, high school, or university, you will need excuses for not doing your homework. This article lists some of the best reasons learners give for not completing their homework. It’s helpful because not every learner is sufficiently creative to convince the teacher or professor to pardon them for not completing assignments.

What Are Homework Excuses?

A homework excuse is a story, explanation, or alibi that a student gives the teacher or professor for not completing their homework.

A learner may require an excuse for various reasons. For instance, they may need it to cover up for something else or lack a good reason to justify their inability to submit the assignment. Regardless of the case, students can use different excuses to convince educators not to punish or penalize them.

Excuses for not doing homework are essential for several reasons. For instance, a learner could be having a bad day. Or they may not feel like doing the assignment. Some educators bombard learners with many tasks with strict deadlines. In that case, students may lack time to do all the coursework and score their desired grades. Therefore, they can give excuses to get extra time to complete the homework.

What Is The Purpose Of HW Excuses?

Every student has been there- you have homework, but certain things prevent you from doing it.

The primary purpose of excuses is to temporarily help you get out of trouble for not doing the task. They can also allow you to focus on what prevents you from doing it.

Homework excuses give students a way to explain why they didn’t do their assignments. While learners have different reasons for using an excuse, the bottom line is avoiding the consequences of not completing the work or punishment. Nevertheless, students should keep a few things in mind whenever they use an excuse to justify their inability to submit homework on time.

First, learners should ensure their excuses are believable. A student shouldn’t try to use a fake reason, like saying your dog ate your homework. Second, they should prepare to back up their story if necessary. If the teacher asks for more information about the excuse, the learner should be ready to give it. Finally, students shouldn’t overuse excuses. If they constantly make excuses for not doing their homework, the teacher will catch on eventually.

Good Homework Excuses For Different Situations

An excuse for not completing homework can come in handy in different situations. Here are seven examples of reasons for not doing homework.

If you didn’t do your homework because you forgot about it, you could say that you were sick or that something came up that prevented you from doing it. Maybe you didn’t do your homework because you didn’t understand it. In that case, you can say that the instructions were confusing or that you couldn’t find the needed information. If you didn’t do your homework because you didn’t have enough time, you could say that you had extracurricular activities or that you had to work. Perhaps, you didn’t do your homework because you were procrastinating. In that case, you can say that you started it but ran out of time. If you didn’t do your homework because you were distracted, you can say that something came up or that you couldn’t focus. Maybe you didn’t do your homework because you were sick. If so, you can say that you had a doctor’s appointment or weren’t feeling well. If your reason for not doing homework was a busy schedule, you could say that you had a family emergency or that you had no option but to work.

Always remember that your excuse must be believable to serve its purpose. Therefore, choose a reason that best suits your situation.

Good Excuses To Miss Practice Or Class

Perhaps, you have other commitments that prevent you from attending practice or class. And this might prevent you from submitting your homework on time. In that case, you can give the following believable excuses:

  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. I have a doctor’s appointment.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. I have to work to avoid losing my job.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. My car broke down.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. My train has a delay.
  • I’m sorry I will miss practice/class. There is heavy traffic.

Note that you can also use these excuses for not completing your homework. Nevertheless, ensure you’re convincing the educator to believe you.

Advice On How To Give Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Not every learner can give an excuse and get away with it. That’s because educators were once students, meaning they knew all the tricks in the book. So, suppose you have difficulties giving your teacher a believable excuse for not completing and submitting homework. In that case, the following are tips for providing good excuses for not doing homework should help you get away with it.

Be confident: Unless you sell the excuse, chances are that your teacher won’t buy it. So, act as if you believe in what you’re saying, and chances are, your educator will find it too. Keep it short and sweet: The longer the story, the more likely it is to seem fabricated. So, make sure to keep your excuse short and to the point. Make it believable: As we said before, educators were once students. That means they know all of the excuses in the book. So, if you want to make your excuse believable, make sure it’s something that could happen. Be prepared to back it up: If your teacher asks for more information about your excuse, be ready to give it. And this will help make your story more believable. Don’t overuse excuses: If you’re constantly making excuses for not doing your homework, your teacher will catch on eventually. So, use them sparingly and only when necessary.

If you ever want to give excuses for homework, these tips should help you do so without getting caught. But if your teacher is on to your tricks, making up believable excuses might seem daunting. But don’t worry. There are still ways to make your reasons more plausible. For instance, try to use excuses that don’t involve technology. If you say your computer crashed and lost all your work, your teacher will likely ask for a hard copy or proof that you did the task.

Second, try to use excuses that are specific to the assignment. For example, if you’re trying to get out of doing a science project, saying you don’t have the materials is more believable than saying you don’t have the time. And finally, try to use excuses that are relevant to your life outside the school. If you’ve been sick recently or have a family emergency, your teacher is likelier to believe that you didn’t do your homework.

Nevertheless, the best way to avoid giving an excuse in the first place is to do your homework. That way, you won’t have to worry about coming up with a good reason for not doing it.

Tips On How To Avoid Making Excuses For Late Homework

Maybe you’ve given many excuses for not completing homework on time and think your teacher has begun suspecting you. Perhaps, you can no longer come up with the best excuses for not doing homework. In that case, the following tips will help you avoid giving excuses for missing class or not submitting homework on time.

  • Set a schedule: In addition to being organized, setting a schedule can help you avoid making excuses for failing to submit homework. That’s because scheduling will help you plan your time and ensure you’re working on your assignments when you’re supposed to be.
  • Be organized: If you want to avoid struggling to find the best excuses for missing school or not doing homework, try being organized. Organization means having a planner or another way to track your assignments and due dates.
  • Get rid of distractions: Another way to avoid excuses for failing to do homework is to get rid of distractions. And this could mean turning off your phone, getting off social media, and anything else that might prevent you from working on your assignments.
  • Start early: Another way to avoid excuses for missing homework is to start early. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to work on your assignments and won’t have to rush to finish them.
  • Ask for help: If you’re having trouble with your assignments, don’t hesitate to ask for help. For instance, you can turn to your parent, tutor, or even your teacher. Also, you can seek homework help online or pay for assignment . Nevertheless, choose a reputable service to ensure quality work and your information’s safety. Getting help will ensure that you complete your assignments and avoid making excuses for why they’re late.

These tips should help you avoid excuses because you will always complete your homework on time. Nevertheless, excuses are a necessary evil for students who want to get out of doing their homework. But with creativity, you can make even the most far-fetched excuse sound plausible. So next time you’re stuck trying to come up with an excuse, remember these tips, and you’ll be sure to get out of doing your homework in no time.

Get The Best Homework Help

Perhaps, you’re tired of struggling to find good excuses for missing homework. Maybe you want to ensure you always complete and submit your assignments on time. Perhaps you are out here thinking “who can do my assignment UK ?” In that case, we can help.

We offer high-quality homework assistance online to learners across educational levels. Whether in high school, pursuing our diploma, undergraduate, or post-graduate studies, we can help you. Our service is custom, cheap, and secure. We’re fast and reliable, with the best homework experts in all academic disciplines. Once you contact us saying, “Please do my homework,” we pick the most competent experts to start working on it immediately.

And this, combined with our expertise, enables us to deliver all assignments from our customers before their deadlines elapse. That means you will never struggle to find the best homework excuses with our service. So, use our service if you always want to be on good terms with your teacher or professor. Contact us now!

Get on top of your homework.

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50 Best Excuses for Missing your Homework

We all have drained our brains thinking for the perfect lie that could save us from our teachers. While school days are said to be one of the most memorable days of our lives, homework is one thing that we all used to run away from and would do anything to be away from it. Nervousness tickles up the spine when the teacher starts calling out names, asking for homework, slowly coming up to your name.

And you did not do it!

top ten best homework excuses

That is a moment when your brain is thinking hard for a solution, eyes staring blankly at your friends to get help, mouth mindlessly chewing nails and legs just wishing they could let you run out of the room. Alas, none of the things usually work out and it is left up to you to save yourself. And by the time you could make up the perfect justification, your teacher asks, “What about your homework? Have you done it dear?”

“No, ma’am. I mean yes, but actually…”

Well, there is always hope. It can be a good help if you try out these excuses for not doing your homework. There are always some cards that play the perfect role to help you out.

1. “I was ill for days!”

The king of all the excuses, illness can help you out surely. Now, it is important to keep in mind that your illness should sound practical as if it really happened to you. Do not tell of an ill situation that is hard to believe. I have heard that students sometimes even say that they caught rabies, and get blasted later. Viral infection, swelling, digestion issues and fever can work well.

2. “My cat scratched the papers and tore it off!”

Well, let’s not always blame the dogs for killing away your homework. This time, let your cat save you!

3. “I was busy volunteering for a social event”

Or even a community club, pets help, orphanage etc can be used to make up a perfect excuse. Teaming up with a social cause shows you as a responsible person towards your surroundings, and your teacher may like it and give you a day to cover up your work.

4. “Did not the homework was to be submitted today”

Well, this sounds as quite a common excuse, but definitely worth a try.

5. “Parents’ anniversary yesterday”

Yes, and that’s why you were busy all day round decorating up the house, fetching orders, planning the surprises which did not leave you any time for homework.

6. “Fall sick when asked about homework”

When your teacher is coming to you for homework, just bring out the actor inside you and pretend to be really sick, all of a sudden. You can act as if you have a really bad stomach, dizziness or feeling like throwing up as they happen suddenly. Rush to the medical room and you can be saved from a scolding.

7. “Lost it while house cleaning”

Let’s say the papers just got here and there while your room was being cleaned, and you could never find it again. It will be hard to believe one for your teacher though, but surely a fun thing to say as well.

8. “Vacuum cleaner ate it up”

Let the vacuum cleaner suck up your homework! And if the teacher asks that you could have still pulled it out, cleaned the paper and presented it to her, plainly say that it had too much chunk which was immediately cleaned.

9. “Mom gave a punishment for fighting”

And then think of a punishment which will keep you away from your room. Anything which is exhausting and time taking after which you were very tired and straight went off to sleep. For example, say you were asked to mow the lawn, clean the car, check and fix all the electric sockets etc. Surely this excuse can save you well because your teacher to knows that no one can cheat mom!

10. “Slipped out of my bag while I was crossing the bridge”

And below the bridge, there is the river, where it got dumped. But beware; do not think of saying the lie if there is no river in your way. You won’t be able to slip out of your teacher’s hands later!

11. “I did all of the work, but my computer crashed”

This excuse usually works well, because you did your homework but the system crashed. Play it well and you teacher will believe you.

12. “Baby sister pooped on it”

Eww, but it can definitely help you! And no one is going to think further about the assignment once they listen to this perfect lie.

13. “Got a lift while coming and forgot assignment in it”

Now you don’t know where the sweet guy who helped you went, neither you have any number to contact him.

14. “Dog peed on it”

Yes, finally the dog comes in to save you! And a further number of excuses that you can make up that involve your dog. Just like the lie where your younger sibling pooped on your precious homework, your teacher won’t think of it further.

15. “Had an alien visiting our block last night”

Anything bizarre can be cooked up once you say the word ‘Aliens’. You can say they sucked up all the ink of the entire block for their UFO’s fuel, or even that a tornado hit up when they were taking off the land. Aliens are always fun to talk about.

16. “Ran out of toilet paper”

Homework is important of course, but hygiene comes first!

17. “Someone pulled it out of my bag”

Pretend to be really worried, because you clearly remember keeping it in your backpack right this morning. But when you opened the bag in the class, poof! It has vanished. Your teacher will find it hard to believe because it is a lame excuse, but if you play it well, it can work as it points out that someone from class might have stolen it.

18. “Dad took it to work accidentally”

And while you were having breakfast, your dad was packing his bag for the office, searching for his files and papers and by mistake took off your homework with him too. But make sure your teacher does not end up calling your father to send in the homework.

19. “I was hypnotized”

Sounds fake. Totally. But it is possible anyway. Say your cousins were at your place last night and they tried up hypnotizing each other. Initially, it wasn’t happening, but when they tried the trick on you, it happened! And they made you clean all the chores of the house, bla bla bla. Make sure to tell that you were hypnotized all the time and got into senses right before school time.

20. “Butler tossed it into the bin”

Your butler cleaned up the room while you were getting ready. He thought it was some waste papers and threw them off. Plainly say that you were so furious that you asked dad to fire him right away.

21. “Gone into paper shredder”

Your cousin got a new paper shredder and wanted to test it. Before you could act in the situation, he picked up the assignment sheets lying near him and put into the machine. And you were crying your heart out when homework got chopped off finely.

22. “I felt my room was haunted”

And bring in all the conjuring effects that can trickle down a shiver of fear down the spine. Like the aliens, anything can be cooked up if you talk about paranormal activities. Lights got dimmed, bulbs burst off later, cold wind blew in through the wind, creepy sounds etc can all be a part of your story which made you really scared. So scared that you hid under the sheets and just slept off.

23. “Grandmother posted it away”

Say that your grandmom lost her glasses and had a very urgent letter to be delivered. By mistake, she picked up your homework and put it in the envelope. And all the while this happened, you were sleeping thus could not do anything.

24. “Burnt it to make some light”

Due to the heavy rain, there was low voltage and the fuse blew off. There was no light to see the fuse and fix it, thus you had to burn all the papers you could get your hands on, including your assignment. What a sacrifice it sounds! And when the power came back finally, there was not enough paper left in the house to start again.

25. “I forgot to bring my notebook”

The most common excuse, after all. Teachers have heard it a zillion times and find it lame. But it does happen that students forget their work due to a rush. But make sure that you do not use the lie each time you skip your homework because it does not make any sense that you forgot your homework every time.

26. “I was helping mom to host the guests last night”

This trick can definitely play well to save you from a punishment. After all, playing a good and responsible kid is never a bad idea!

27. “There was a power cut at our house the entire night”

And thus you could not see anything around you. A little silly it sounds, but if you play this excuse well, it can help you out for sure.

28. “I gave it for copying but did not get it back!”

Willing to play with your teacher’s mind? Then do try out this excuse. But be prepared for the fact that you may be scolded a little for letting others copy your work. But I’m sure it will be better than being blasted for not doing it at all!

29. “My maid packed food in it for a homeless guy”

Make sure to state right in the beginning that your maid can’t read. ‘Sharing is caring’ can indeed help you out and be a good excuse for skipping homework.

30. “Pen got no ink in the middle of work”

This excuse will be more sensible if you have done your homework, but not completed it. Add on some extra lines that the nearby stationery was closed too or anything else. Though a little hard to believe, it might work out too.

31. “I got robbed on the way to school!”

Why not add some drama to your lie! Make up a good story of how happy you were when you started from home as all your answers were correct but you got robbed in the way, and the bad guys took out everything from your bag and vanished. If possible, shed off a tear too, and the teacher will surely believe you and give you another chance to work on it. But hey, this excuse may not work every time as it is easy to catch out such fictitious excuses.

32. “My little brother made a boat and sailed it!”

Little kids can be a great saviour when it comes to making excuses. Plainly tell your teacher that your baby brother made a boat out of your assignment and sailed it in the bathtub.

33. “Tore it off because all my answers were wrong”

Play out a frustrated kid while telling this excuse, and say how dedicated you were to your work all night. But when you cross-checked the answers, you got angry with yourself so much that you just blew off the paper. Quite an unbelievable excuse though, but if you play it smartly, your teacher will surely believe in it.

34. “Kept it near the window and it blew away!”

Keep it simple, practical and real. Who can stop nature anyway?

35. “I just showed it to you!”

Sounds fun and adventurous, but do not dare to try if your teacher is sheer smart.

36. “Sister scribbled on it, so I had to erase it which took the entire night”

Again, let your family be your saviour!

37. “Did not know about submitting it today”

Though it is another common lie that goes around a lot, it can give you an extra day.

38. “Shifting house, thus misplaced it”

Tell your teacher that you are shifting your house to a new place, thus everyone was busy packing up the whole stuff. And now you have no idea where your stationery is packed!

39. “Drunk friend puked on my homework!”

And you could not do anything but to help him get to the washroom. And it was a stinking gross sight by the time you returned, thus you had to throw away your homework. This excuse can work well if you play it smartly.

40. “Could not understand the concept”

This shows that you tried doing your homework, but came across problems while doing it. You can make it even better by asking some doubts from your teacher to make it clear to your teacher that you indeed tried doing the homework.

41. “I was absent on that day homework was given”

And you don’t know anything about it. In fact, this is the most common lie that every student has given quite a times in their school times. And the teachers have got bored of hearing this lie. But you can still try it out.

42. “Forgot to save my work”

You were staying up all night, working hard on your assignment and then straight away went to sleep. And you went crazy in the morning when you realized that you had turned off your computer without saving your work!

43. “Neighbors were disturbing, thus I could not focus”

Well, it won’t be wrong to blame your neighbours little for not doing homework. Say the music was too loud or they were drunk and kept disturbing us at our home or anything else.

44. “Was busy doing other subject’s homework”

Teachers go a little crazy hearing this one, and they start lecturing the kids. But it happens often that students are already burying their heads in one subject so much that they can’t complete other subjects’ work.

45. “Was busy in a police investigation in the vicinity”

Let’s say that a crime scene popped out in your neighbourhood and you were called upon for a general investigation. The tiring questions made you really exhausted and you jumped into bed after it.

46. “Work got stuck due to printing error”

You were about to print your work, but let the printer take all your pains. Say it ran out of ink, bolts were loose or anything else. After all, technical errors can ooze up anytime.

47. “Had a fight with brother and he tore off my hard work!”

Oh, poor you! You did a good job at solving all the problems, sitting up all night. But he quarrelled with you right when you woke up in the morning and tore off your homework to bits just to annoy you. And every person knows that fights between siblings are a messy thing to tackle, so such things happen often!

48. “Had a bad toothache”

A toothache is a thing which can shiver a person even in his sleep. Your teacher may have gone through the sour experience as well, so such an excuse can keep you safe easily.

49. “Was grounded to my bedroom and homework was kept in the study”

An annoying lie which the teacher may not believe, but it can explain to him clearly that you need more time to complete your work.

50. “I confess…”

Sometimes, telling the truth is the best excuse to explain why you did not do your work. If no other way seems to work out, speak out the truth, blaming yourself a little that you felt lazy and did such an irresponsible thing. Tell your teacher that you would not repeat such a mistake and require some extra time to finish your work. Sometimes, truth wins overall.

Well, keep a thing in mind that the more bring such excuses into use, the lesser teachers will believe in you. do not make a regular habit of skipping homework. Make use of the above suggested fun excuses when it is actually required.

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What to Say When You Didn't Do Your Homework

23 March 2023

12 minutes to read

A person sits in a booth with their open laptop in front of them, holding their head in their hand and looking dejected.

  • 01. The Dog Ate It
  • 02. I Don’t Remember Getting any Homework
  • 03. I Thought it Was in My Bag
  • 04. I Didn’t Understand the Homework
  • 05. My Computer Crashed
  • 06. Too Much Homework from Another Class
  • 07. I was Absent When the Homework was Assigned
  • 08. Busy with Extra-curricular Activities and Volunteering
  • 09. I Was So Sick!
  • 10. Tell the Truth
  • 11. Bonus Excuses
  • 12. Excuses for Not Going to Work

Have you ever stumbled to class, filled with dread and wondering how you're going to explain why you don't have any work to turn in? Surely most - if not all students have handed in a homework assignment late, at least a few times (or more!). Equally likely: just about every learner had no assignments ready to turn it, late or otherwise. When that happens, so as not to get into trouble, pupils cook up excuses why they couldn’t complete their homework when scheduled or at all.

If these assertions leave you feeling like we're speaking directly to you... we are. Your parents, professors, teachers and, yes, even your Superprofs were once pupils, too. We know how school life is and how, sometimes, learners have no desire to do homework. Or, in some cases, how any of that work should be done.

A Superprof homework help tutor would render all of those points moot. With such a mentor, you would have no trouble understanding  your study materials or what is expected of you. You would not need any excuses because your work would get done on time, every time. But if you did need a good excuse, this article delivers:

  • time-tested untruths with a proven track record
  • updated stories to keep up with the times
  • a few completely novel tales you can tailor to your needs

Maybe you don't have a Superprof tutor (yet). Maybe, for you, excuses remain the order of the day. Here again, your Superprof rides to the rescue by providing you with a list of excuses. And be sure to read to the end, where you'll find some handy excuses to get out of work - because it's not just students who sometimes aren't prepared for the day's challenges.

The number one excuse for not doing your homework is "my computer crashed" or similar, tech-related issues. A teacher may still be annoyed with you, but we all know that technology can be unreliable and most of us have fallen foul to this at some point. You may get a sympathetic teacher.

If not, the following methods may work:


The Dog Ate It

Dogs don't usually eat homework

The go-to excuse for not doing homework has to be the one about the dog laying waste to students' carefully penned essays. Or carefully calculated equations. Even those whose school days are far behind them likely remember invoking this mythical beast, on occasion.

Who hasn't heard about that homework-hating dog that must eat every assignment? Or maybe it's a homework-loving dog who craves the taste of graphite and ink. Did you know this excuse is grounded in fact? The original dog who ate homework was allegedly Saint Ciarán of Clonmacnoise's pet fox.

The legend, written by Forrest Wickman, recounts that, back in the 6th Century, the saint's tame fox was tasked with taking Ciarán's writings to the monastery Master. These papers were bound in a leather strap. One day, the fox chewed through the strap, allowing the papers to fly away with the wind.

Over the centuries, dogs have been accused of eating everything. Including, in one story published in 1808, a playing card that would have lost its master the high-stakes game he was playing.

Bringing the narrative full-circle is the tale of an Anglican priest whose sermons tended to go on and on. Reportedly, he had to cut his preaching short one Sunday because a dog had gotten into his study and had eaten several pages of the sermon. As the story goes, the worshippers were delighted at spending less time in the pews.

The bottom line: despite its lengthy history, perhaps this is not the most subtle or workable of excuses. However, should you, in all actuality, have a dog… If all else fails, you could bring a few chewed-on pages as proof.

I Don’t Remember Getting any Homework

Oh, no! You forgot to write your assignment into your work planner and now, you have nothing to turn in! Forgetting to write down your assignments doesn't ranks among the best excuses but you can still make it work if you have decent acting chops.

top ten best homework excuses

The trouble with you supposedly having a Swiss cheese memory about homework assignments is today's technology. Upon any claim of faulty memory on your part, your teacher will certainly ask if you checked with your mates. Even direr for you: what if your homework was assigned online , through your school's online learning portal? And you logged in, clearly indicating you knew there was work to be done?

On the other hand, if your teacher uses no web-based learning platforms ... You probably DO remember getting your homework, but s/he can't be sure of that, right? This particular excuse would work best if the whole class - or, at least a majority of your classmates proclaimed the same. Just don't use this excuse while waiting for exam results because your teacher will know that you're fibbing.

I Thought it Was in My Bag

If your bookbag is full and has lots of pockets, this excuse will work well

Leaving your assignment on your desk at home is one of the more believable excuses for not having any work to turn in. Or maybe you had to change bags at the last minute because the other satchel's strap broke. How unfortunate that you didn't check all of the compartments!

This particular excuse works for just about anything, from the money you owe a friend to the book you promised to return. And, of course, for not doing homework. It is particularly effective if you first dig into your backpack as you normally would. Nothing to see here, Teacher, just a diligent pupil, whipping out last night's work...

And then, more frantically, your fingers scrabble and scour every pocket, even as you cast panicked glances around the room. If you could work up an embarrassed flush, that would be the icing on the cake. This one is a great excuse, it’s worked for students everywhere, especially those who can work up a sweat or a few tears on demand.

I Didn’t Understand the Homework

Confusion is always a good excuse for not doing homework. Even the best students need clarification on particularly tough assignments sometimes. So saying you didn't do your homework because you didn't understand it is perfectly reasonable.

top ten best homework excuses

Admittedly, this excuse works better for science, maths or questions-based homework rather than essays. That doesn't mean it won't fly if the assignment called for you to write at length, though. You might simply explain how you didn't quite get the idea of what you were supposed to write about.

This excuse hits two birds with one stone when you combine it with 'could you explain it to me?' . You'll get help with your homework and a deadline extension. That would be particularly helpful if you genuinely didn’t understand the homework assignment.

Beware of this pitfall: Teacher might ask if you talked with any of your classmates to see if they could explain what you were supposed to do. You might say that you asked your parents or an older sibling for help. But avoid mentioning any mate your teacher might know, just in case s/he tries to verify your story.

My Computer Crashed

top ten best homework excuses

If you were looking for excuses for not doing homework, you could hardly do better than a computer crash. Since COVID, more schools have continued the trend of using web-based platforms to assign and turn in homework.

Thus, a whole new spectrum of excuses has opened up to the desperate, homework-lacking learner. Besides computer crashes, you might invoke pets and/or younger siblings breaking your laptop. Hackers, power failures and even that your printer ran out of ink could also serve you well.

Of course, that last will be the least effective excuse, especially if you are a serial homework offender . Your teacher may contend that you could have loaded your work onto a USB drive and taken it to a print shop. Beware too that, if no other student suffered a power outage , invoking that reason may force to veer into the 'parents didn't pay the bill' territory. That would be the only other reason that only you had no electricity to power your devices.

Too Much Homework from Another Class

Doing homework assigned in every class can be an hours-long proposition. So it's understandable that you might cut corners, particularly in assignments for classes you don't like. This lays the groundwork for one of the best homework excuses.

top ten best homework excuses

This excuse would work best for college and university students. Primary and secondary school teachers usually have an idea of how much homework their colleagues assign. And, if they didn't, it would be a snap for them to check. They may start by asking your classmates; those worthies' responses might prove embarrassing for you.

Even if you lay out everything you did for that supposed other class, this story puts you and your teacher in a difficult position. On one hand, they might think: "Poor you, clearly you’ve been given far too much homework!". On the other hand, they may well contend that other teachers' assignments aren't their concern. They might not even care if you're preparing for your exams .

They might clap back by saying that you're a college/university student so you should manage your schedule and workload more efficiently. Still, this excuse might work if your professor is too inexperienced to know better or a bit on the negligent side. Best to not underestimate them, though. Keep this one in reserve for when you truly have nothing else to offer.

I was Absent When the Homework was Assigned

top ten best homework excuses

Classroom overcrowding is a huge problem in the UK. But it lays the groundwork for one of the best excuses for not doing homework. Does your teacher waste precious class time calling the roll? If so, how do they know it's really you who answered?

Despite your attendance tick in the register, this story could still fly if you could convince your teacher you were in the loo when the assignment was announced. It would work particularly well if you are, indeed, a frequent visitor to the loo during class. And if you don't routinely excuse yourself from class, you may try to convince your teacher that s/he marked you present by mistake on that day.

Here again, your classmates would have to vouch for you. Failing that, you might rope your parents into providing a note explaining that, of course, you were absent on that day. You had to do something far more important than attending class.

Busy with Extra-curricular Activities and Volunteering

If you want to polish your civic image , saying you couldn't do any homework because you were helping others would be a sure bet. Especially in these post-COVID times! If you're too busy helping out in your local clinic to solve equations, you will be a star in your teacher's eyes.

Volunteering is a handy homework excuse and does good for your community

You might even use this excuse if you're late to school but you might find less favour if you claim team sports or group activities as your extracurricular activity. Even rowing, playing chess and singing in the church choir would be suspect. Choose the reason you're too busy for homework wisely. If volunteering is your excuse, it would be best to actually volunteer because if you get found out, your fall from grace would be twice as far.

I Was So Sick!

top ten best homework excuses

Not so long ago, in the halcyon, pre-COVID days, being sick was a classic excuse for not doing homework . One could claim a 24-hour bug, food poisoning or come to class looking convincingly wan and plead a fever the night before.

 Not only would you be excused from turning in your assignments but you might have garnered a bit of sympathy. To say nothing of a handy extension on your deadline for turning work in. These days, if you claim you've been bedridden, feverish and unable to distinguish your cat from your sheet of homework... You're likely to land yourself in quarantine, missing out on classes and leisure activities alike.

If pleading illness is your go-to move to excuse yourself from turning in assignments on time, you would do best to stick with food poisoning. And even that claim is no guarantee you won't be sent home posthaste, driven by the worry that you're suffering from something far graver than a revisit of the pizza you had last night.

Tell the Truth

If you typically dole out excuses for not doing your homework, perhaps it’s time to pull out your ace in the hole – the truth. Honesty is still the best policy. Your teacher will appreciate the refreshing change from the usual bombardment of excuses.

top ten best homework excuses

Use truth-telling when you’re feeling especially sincere (and desperate). Or, the best yet: tell the truth all the time. Of course, you wouldn't have to worry about recycling excuses if you knocked your homework out like the champ you are. And you wouldn't have to worry about failing exams , either.

Bonus Excuses

In case the all-time best excuses listed above don't suit you or you've used them all at least once this school year, here are a few extra excuses to try that might save you from the wrath of Teacher :

  • I left it at home
  • I dropped it in the sewer on the way to school
  • I left it in my other satchel/bookbag/binder/notebook
  • I was looking it over and left it on the bus
  • I let (insert name of classmate) borrow it and s/he didn't give it back  you may even claim that the treacherous friend turned your work in as theirs
  • My little brother/sister drew all over it (or used it to make a paper aeroplane, a boat, a nest for their guinea pig...)
  • My mother/father accidentally shredded it, along with other important documents
  • My parents were looking it over and forgot to give it back
  • My tutor accidentally packed it away with his papers
  • I spilled (insert name of a document-ruining food or beverage) all over it

Admittedly, for all that they are plausible, these are funny excuses for not doing homework. Your teacher may give you props for your inventiveness and, if the assignment wasn't critical, might give you a pass... this time. But if chronic homework neglect is your study style, be careful not to use the same excuse too many times. Otherwise, your teacher may not be sympathetic towards you should there ever be a legitimate reason for not doing your homework.

We hope these excuses for no homework have been helpful - or, at least, entertaining. Just remember that the more you use them, the more unbelievable they’ll become to your teacher. In fact, it may just be more advantageous (and easier) for you to do your homework and hand it in on time. But before you go, you might also need a few good excuses to get out of doing PE .

Excuses for Not Going to Work

top ten best homework excuses

Finally, we get to the best excuses to miss work. As our excuses for no homework show, everyone needs a day off sometimes, even students. But then, students may also have jobs so they need believable excuses for missing work, too.

Whether that's the spot you're in or your school days are long past, it's always a good idea to have few good excuses to miss work at the ready. Obviously, being sick is the best excuse to miss work. COVID changed everyone's mind about flu-like symptoms so if you call in to tell your boss that's how you'll feel, you'll likely not catch any flack. Everyone wants you to stay away if, indeed, you are incubating that pesky virus.

You might also cite a family emergency as your excuse not to go to work. Here, too, pandemic echoes make the excuse believable. But if you worry about jinxing your family, say you have a home emergency, instead. Warm weather will make a burst waterpipe less believable but you could squeak by with a broken window or door that you can't leave unattended.

Does your workplace offer mental health days? If so, needing a mental health break is the best excuse for not going to work, provided you don't take half the week off. If your job doesn't offer that perk, citing your mental health could be just the thing for your boss to make mental health days a thing.

Transportation troubles is a good excuse for missing work but not if you live in an area with public transportation or if you live close enough to bike or walk to work. However, if you say you had some sort of accident on the way to work... Not that anyone got injured, thank goodness, but you have to take your ride in for an estimate. And if you do bike to work, you could say your bike was stolen.

If these perfectly reasonable excuses for not going to work are out of step with your character, you might need a few outrageous reasons for not going to work. Did a goose or duck bite you? Did pigeons use you for target practice on the way to work? Or you might have been in a hurry to start your shift but your uniform was still wet so you put it in the microwave and it caught on fire.

It's easier to understand needing an excuse for not going to work than one for not doing homework for school. Still, as you can see, the range of excuses is limited only by your imagination and, of course, how willing your teacher or boss is to believe them. So use your stock of excuses wisely so they'll have maximum effect.

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top ten best homework excuses

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Thanks! My teacher totally got pranked! ⛔ 📝🤩

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I tried the “tell the truth” excuse and my teacher caned me! In future I will be informing her of the death of my late hamster. Rip Hammy. I will also try my own excuse, my pen decided to be transgender and for that reason I couldn’t touch it in case of sexual assault claims. Thank you Penina

😂😂that pen one is brilliant

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most of them will probably still get me a detention in my school, but i think the shredder and the bus one is good

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yea so um i have tis HUGE assignment due tm but its lik 11 pm i need to go to sleep on top of that i have an exem tomorrow and lost my locker keys so im just gonna say “i did it but i left it at home i will bring it tomorow” but the problem is that i have to do it tomarow

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There’s one if you have a sibling I thought up if you don’t do your hw and it’s bin two days, my (brother/sister) accidentally put it in (his/her) rucksack. The next day you can say, when you get to school tell your teacher my (brother/sister) binned it. If it was printed say your printer broke.

Frequently asked questions

How do i get out of doing homework.

Tell your parents you’ll study at your mate’s house. Take your bookbag with you!

But then, you can go anywhere you want. If you do go to your mates’, you can play games or anything other than doing homework.

Is not doing homework illegal?

There is no law that says you have to do homework. However, you could get into trouble if you never do any because the school might decide to lower your marks for lack of participation.


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    Excuses For Strict Teachers. 19. I was Sick. And I have a Sick Note. Being sick (genuinely!) is one of the few reasons for not doing your homework that might actually work. You’re ... 20. My Mother or Father went to Hospital. And here’s the Sick Note. If your mom or dad is in hospital, chances are ...

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    I’ve rounded up ten of the most convincing. These are the ones that work on me, a high school teacher. Below are my top ten excuses for missing homework Before using them, however, you should consider the following: 1. Know how gullible your teacher is. Some teachers will believe anything, especially new teachers.

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    Ever wandered into school, then went into a panic attack when you realised that you'd forgotten your homework? Well, here's a list of explanations to give to your teacher, so stay calm. The Top Ten. 1 My dog ate it. This one is a classic that I'm sure many students and teachers have heard before.

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    1. The WiFi wasn’t working. 2. Night filled with extra-curriculars. 3. Don’t understand the assignment. 4. Blame the siblings. 5. I’m sick.

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    1. “I was ill for days!” The king of all the excuses, illness can help you out surely. Now, it is important to keep in mind that your illness should sound practical as if it really happened to you. Do not tell of an ill situation that is hard to believe. I have heard that students sometimes even say that they caught rabies, and get blasted later.

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    Bonus Excuses. In case the all-time best excuses listed above don't suit you or you've used them all at least once this school year, here are a few extra excuses to try that might save you from the wrath of Teacher: I left it at home; I dropped it in the sewer on the way to school; I left it in my other satchel/bookbag/binder/notebook