1. How to submit a Turnitin assignment

    turnitin video submission

  2. How to Submit a Turnitin Assignment

    turnitin video submission

  3. Submit on behalf of a student

    turnitin video submission

  4. Access Turnitin submissions

    turnitin video submission

  5. How to view your Turnitin submission status, Digital Receipt

    turnitin video submission

  6. Submission Tutorial

    turnitin video submission


  1. How to create Turnitin submission point on LZ

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  3. Downloading a Turnitin submission receipt

  4. Turnitin

  5. TurnitIn Submission Point

  6. Downloading a Turnitin submission receipt (Original)


  1. File requirements

    To submit successfully, Turnitin requires files to be: less than 100MB; has a minimum of 20 words (unless the assignment settings state otherwise) is less than 800 pages (.xls/.xlsx and .csv files must be less than 450 pages) If the file only contains text, it must be less than 2MB.

  2. File requirements

    It is possible to submit PowerPoint files through,, LTI integrations, Moodle Plagiarism Plugin, Moodle Direct V2, and D2L V2. Turnitin converts the PowerPoint slide deck into a static PDF, leaving all text and images in their original format but leaving out features such as presenter notes, embedded video, and ...

  3. Video Submission through Youtube & Turnitin

    This video shows students how to upload an mp4 file to Youtube, and submit a link for assessment via Turnitin.

  4. Viewing and Submitting Assignments in Turnitin

    This video will show you how a students submits his/her assignment to Turnitin and how you can submit assignment(s) on their behalf.

  5. Student FAQ

    From inside your account, enter the class you wish to submit your paper to. Click the submit icon next to the assignment you wish to submit. Open the "Submit a paper by:" pull down menu at the top of the submit window. Select the "cut & paste" option. Fill in the necessary information.

  6. Submitting a Turnitin paper

    Cut and paste submission. In some scenarios you may wish to use the Text Input option to submit to Turnitin. The steps are similar except you choose the text input option to submit instead of a file upload. Select the text input option. Add a submission title for the paper. Paste or enter the text.

  7. Turnitin

    Not sure how to submit your assignment at University? This video steps you through the platform 'Turnitin'.

  8. Assessment Submission via TurnItIn

    Submitting Your Work Anonymously via the VLE using TurnItIn at the University of York (2023/24). This video covers the key considerations you need to be awa...

  9. -- Submitting a Paper

    Professors may use, a tool that detects plagiarism in student papers. This video shows you how to submit a paper using and where to...

  10. Turnitin Draft Coach

    Videos Tutorials and training for every aspect of the education system. ... Turnitin Draft Coach™ helps students improve their academic writing and research skills by providing instant feedback where they write. Schedule a call. ... summarizing and other elements of authentic work prior to final submission. Improve citation skills.

  11. Submitting a Paper to a Turnitin Assignment

    Students can submit papers to Turnitin through either the file upload or cut and paste method.

  12. Understanding Turnitin

    To check your assignment for similarity before turning it in for grading, follow the instructions below if you have Waypoint in your course : 1. Click on the WayPoint submission link for the assignment you would like to check--just like you would do if you were turning in the assignment. 2. Upload your assignment by clicking on "Choose File." 3.

  13. How to create a direct submission link to allow students to ...

    If you require students to upload submissions directly to a folder, you can either create a new folder or edit an existing one and designate a direct submission link to it. This will assign the chosen folder with a unique URL link that you can share with your students to submit to. Each student can submit multiple times using the shared URL ...

  14. Instructor FAQ

    In order to submit a paper to Turnitin using cut and paste, please follow the steps below: Log in and enter the appropriate class by clicking on its title. Click the "submit" icon to the right of your assignment title. On the following page, use the pull-down menu labeled "submit a paper by" and select "cut & paste."

  15. Turnitin Student Submission Guide on Vimeo

    2 months ago. Richmond Butau. Upload, livestream, and create your own videos, all in HD. This is "Turnitin Student Submission Guide" by Richmond Butau on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

  16. FAQ: How do I submit a paper in through Turnitin?

    Turnitin is accessible through Brightspace however, it is not used in every course. If Turnitin is being used in a course, a student submits a paper and Turnitin checks it for plagiarism against content on the web, other student papers, and selected online library databases. If Turnitin is being used in your course there may be a number of ways ...

  17. Empower Students to Do Their Best, Original Work

    The Plagiarism Spectrum 2.0 identifies twelve types of unoriginal work — both traditional forms of plagiarism and emerging trends. Understanding these forms of plagiarism supports the development of original thinking skills and helps students do their best, original work. Read more. eBook.

  18. Nurturing integrity: How to support students under academic ...

    A preventative approach is better than a punitive one when it comes to mental health. We recommend the following steps to support and educate students and resolve misconduct resulting from academic pressure. 1. Support students experiencing academic pressure. Advocate for better mental health support for students.