How Vodafone can help your business.

At Vodafone we are passionate about helping your business. Indeed, we’ve been rated 2 years in a row by Canstar Blue as providing great customer service. No matter the size of your business or what industry you’re in, we will help you to stay connected with your team and engage customers more effectively. Our solutions are designed to keep you competitive and connected in the fast-changing world of business.

We’ve developed products and services to help your business. Sign up to a Vodafone Infinite Plan and get a huge amount of included data, and if you use it all, you can keep using data at slower speeds. For more information, check out our speed guide . Our nbn ® plans all come with unlimited data.

We believe your business deserves one-on-one attention - so you’ll get your own Australian-based Personal Account Manager for 10 or more connections. That means we can help you find the best solution for your unique business needs, instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our dedicated customer care business team are open extended hours to make it easier for you to chat with us.

Our 4G network is our best ever, and now covers over 23 million Australians. Our 4G coverage is available in all major metropolitan locations and selected regional areas across Australia. You can use our coverage checker to see the coverage in your area. While we continue to support you on our best ever 4G network, since mid-2020 Vodafone’s 5G network is progressively being rolled out to selected areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. To find out more about 5G and how to get 5G ready, check out our support page .

We’re so confident in our network coverage, we guarantee it. If you’re a new customer signing up to a plan and not satisfied with our network coverage within the first 30 days, you can leave us. We’ll even refund any monthly access fees and monthly handset instalments you’ve paid. Just return your device in its original packaging within 10 days of your claim, and you will only have to pay for excess usage charges, or charges for services that aren’t included in your plan, incurred up to the date the cancellation is finalised. Only up to 9 connections. T&C apply.

With $5 Roaming , you can use your plan in over 100 countries for $5 extra a day. These countries may vary, so check our current countries before you travel. If you're on a Vodafone Infinite or Plus Plan, you can only use your included data with $5 Roaming, along with your call and text inclusions. Data capped at speeds up to 1.5, 2, 10 or 25Mbps is not accessible while $5 Roaming. It’s a fantastic way to control costs when you and your team are working overseas.

Vodafone Infinite Plans Vodafone Infinite Plans are only available if you simultaneously purchase a phone from Vodafone under a Mobile Payment Plan (‘MPP’) of 12, 24 or 36 months duration (“Commitment Period”). For personal use by approved customers only. Inclusions expire after 1 month unless otherwise stated. Plan excludes Premium Services, 1223, & 1225 directory services, 123 Ask-Us-Anything, International Roaming, content purchases, call screen and charges for additional data and additional standard international calls.

Minimum monthly spend is $45, $55 or $65 respectively. Must connect for minimum one month. Total minimum cost is one month of your plan fees plus 100% of the MPP instalments of your chosen device. If you choose to cancel your Vodafone Infinite Month to Month Plan, your MPP will auto cancel and 100% of the remaining handset instalments will be applied to your next bill. Recurring monthly plan fee charged until the end of the month in which you cancel.

Vodafone nbn ® Plans For personal use by approved customers only. Subject to service qualification check. Vodafone nbn ® is a data-only service and is not compatible with your home phone line service meaning you may no longer be able to use your landline (or existing phone number) for calls after you sign-up. Vodafone nbn ® service may also impact or interfere with existing technology, devices or services at your premises including medical devices, alarms, eftpos machines, lift emergency phones and some email or fax services. You cannot share the data between your Vodafone nbn ® plan and your Vodafone postpaid mobile plan and vice versa. You can find out which plans support sharing or you can opt-out of sharing altogether at any time by calling 1555. Additional fees may apply for nbn ® installation or appointments.

Minimum monthly spend is $80, $85, $100, $135 or $155 (or $65, $70, $85, $120 or $140 respectively, if you are an existing postpaid mobile phone plan customer). The total maximum cost of the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 2.0 modem or the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 3.0 modem (‘Modem’) is $180. There is no option to purchase the Modem outright or on a monthly payment plan. The Modem cost equates to $7.50 per month (‘Undiscounted Price’) over 24 months or $0 per month (‘Discounted Price’) if you stay connected for 24 months (‘Device Period’). The Discounted Price will appear as a credit on your monthly bill. If you choose to cancel your plan before the end of the Device Period you will need to pay the full Undiscounted Price x months remaining on Device Period. For example, if you leave at month 18 you would pay $7.50 x 6 (number of remaining months), at a total of $45. This remaining Modem cost will be applied as a lump sum on your final bill. You must connect for a minimum of one month. Recurring monthly plan fees are charged until the end of the month in which you notify that you wish to cancel. You will be charged for using your plan from the point of nbn ® activation at your premises.

Total minimum cost excludes any additional costs for call outs when there is a missed appointment or where no fault is found or the $300 New Development Charge that is triggered when you live in a new development.

For Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™ 2.0: Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 2.0 supports up to 64 compatible Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously on Wi-Fi 5. If you’re using the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 1.0 and change your plan to nbn ® Home Superfast or nbn ® Home Ultrafast you will need to connect via the device’s 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection. The Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 1.0 only supports up to 100Mbps speeds via ethernet.

For Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™ 3.0: Utilises Wi-Fi 6 technology and in comparison to Wi-Fi 5 is capable of supporting up to four times as many Wi-Fi enabled devices. Wi-Fi 6 is the next generation of Wi-Fi. If you’re using the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 1.0 and change your plan to nbn ® Home Superfast or nbn ® Home Ultrafast you will need to connect via the device’s 5Ghz Wi-Fi connection. The Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 1.0 only supports up to 100Mbps speeds via ethernet.

This represents the theoretical maximum possible speed available during off-peak periods. Speed will vary on a number of factors. For more information on speed tiers and to further understand and compare plans please see our  Speed Guide .

Internet speeds on this plan are variable and you will typically experience much slower speeds than the maximum connection speed available on your plan. The nbn ® Home Superfast and nbn ® Home Ultrafast plans are only available in nbn ® FTTP areas and selected nbn ® HFC areas. For FTTB/FTTN/FTTC customers, if after connection your plan is not supported by the maximum attainable speed available then we will contact you with more information and provide other options. Typical Busy Speed: This is the typical busy period download speed that the average consumer can expect to receive between 7pm and 11pm. It is not a guaranteed minimum speed and you may experience lower speeds during this period. The actual speeds you experience will vary on a number of factors such as the nbn ® technology used to deliver your service, plan choice, location, internet traffic demand, our network, line condition, the number of devices connected to your network, modem type and positioning, Wi-Fi performance, in-building wiring, and the content you access.

Services subject to number of devices connected, network coverage and your location. Our  Fair Use Policy  applies.

Only applies to changes to another nbn ® Plan. Excludes changes to nbn ® BYO Plans. Your new plan speed will begin immediately. You will be refunded for the plan fee for the remainder of the month on a pro-rata basis and you be will charged your new plan fee calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the month.

Excludes Mobile Broadband customers. Postpaid voice customers only. You don’t have to bundle this service. However, in order to receive the Existing Postpaid Mobile Customer Price for this plan, you will need to have an existing Postpaid Mobile service on the same account and remain connected to both services, otherwise you will be charged the Standalone Price. To receive the Existing Postpaid Mobile Customer Price your Postpaid Mobile plan and this nbn ® plan must have the same billing name and billing address. If you cancel your Postpaid Mobile plan or this nbn ® plan the discount will be forfeited and you will pay the Stand-alone Price.

Broadband service You can use Vodafone 4G in our 4G areas. 4G in selected areas in Australia. You get broadband speeds in our 3G areas. Check your device is compatible to the coverage areas you will use. Actual speeds vary due to things like device capability, location & network congestion. See our  coverage checker .

4G You can use Vodafone 4G in our 4G areas. 4G in selected areas in Australia. You get broadband speeds in our 3G areas. Check your device is compatible to the coverage areas you will use. Actual speeds vary due to things like device capability, location & network congestion. See our  coverage checker .

$5 Roaming Countries subject to change, see current list and full details . Available to eligible customers, see terms for details specific to your plan. $5 Daily Charge is in addition to minimum monthly spend and allows you to use your plan’s inclusions in Eligible Countries for $5 per day. For all plans with an included data allowance, only included data allowance can be accessed while $5 Roaming. Data capped at speeds up to 1.5, 2, 10 or 25Mbps is not accessible while $5 Roaming. Once your included data is exhausted, additional data will be automatically added at a charge of $5/GB ($0.005/MB) (“Additional Roaming Data”). Additional Roaming Data expires at the end of your next billing period, is shareable (excludes plans with unlimited data which do not share data) and can only be used while in $5 Roaming countries. Max 90 days of use in any calendar year. Opt-out at any time, visit My Vodafone or call 1555. All roaming services subject to network availability.

Customer Care Customer care available 8am-8pm Mon–Fri and 9am-5:30pm at other times. Personal Account Managers are available from 8am to 5.30pm Mon to Fri Only.

5G Vodafone’s 5G Network is progressively being rolled out to selected parts of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. 5G approved device required, with an eligible Vodafone plan, in a Vodafone 5G Coverage area to access the 5G Network. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4G networks. Actual speeds vary due to location & network congestion. Check coverage and for updates when 5G is coming to your area on our 5G network support page .

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Vodafone Business customers offered 3 months free on 24-month NBN plan


Vodafone Business customers offered 3 months free on 24-month NBN plan

Vodafone has emailed its business customers, notifying them its fixed NBN broadband service is coming “later this year”, inviting them to register “so you could be eligible for three months free”.

The launch of Vodafone’s fixed NBN broadband offering, with its Wi-Fi Hub technology offering built-in 4G SIM card for instant connectivity, is coming soon, and with but three and half months left until 2017 is over, that launch is presumably coming sooner rather than later.

The telco is extending its offer until the 31 December or until the first 10,000 customers sign up, and naturally, you must be located in a Vodafone NBN area to quality, along with a valid ABN.

So, what is Vodafone’s pitch for businesses to use its upcoming NBN service?

The company is offering:

  • The company says all of its “Vodafone NBN plans come with unlimited data so you can focus on growing your business without worry. Vodafone Fair Use Policy at time of purchase applies".
  • Vodafone promises you can “be connected to the Internet from day one. Vodafone's Wi-Fi Hub hybrid technology gives you access to our mobile network while you wait to get connected to Vodafone NBN".
  • Vodafone says that “in the rare instances that the NBN network carries out repairs or upgrades, you can call us to activate your modem on the Vodafone's mobile network to ensure connectivity for your business".

The caveats are that “Instant Connect and 4G back-up are subject to mobile coverage availability”, with “mobile speeds limited to a max of 12Mbps (down) and 1Mbps (up). Speeds are variable and individual performance may differ”, but hey, 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up is a lot faster than 0Mbps in either direction.

So, three months free “eligibility” is the hook thus far beyond the 4G back-up and instant connectivity for businesses to choose Vodafone’s service, if you register here , that is. 

Because I don’t know where Vodafone’s NBN terms and conditions are for this promotion on its site as yet, I’m reprinting them here for anyone curious to read them:

Things you need to know:

"For approved Business customers only with an ABN/ACN. Vodafone nbn is only available in selected areas and premises. Subject to service qualification check."

1: “For use only by approved customers with a valid ABN. Subject to service qualification check. Vodafone nbn is a data-only service and is not compatible with your home phone line service meaning you may no longer be able to use your landline (or existing phone number) for calls after you sign-up, depending on your technology type. Other services that rely on your landline will not continue to operate, such as some security services, medical alarms or devices, lift emergency phones and some email or fax services. Vodafone Fair Use Policy at time of purchase applies. Promotion runs from 09:00am (AEST) on 18 October 2017 until the earlier of 11:59pm (AEST) on 31 December 2017; or the point at which the first 10,000 valid entries are received. Entry is open to Australian residents, 18 years and over, located in Vodafone's designated nbn program regions, within NSW, ACT and Victoria.

“Prospective entrants must complete and submit a Vodafone nbn expression of interest form (EOI Form). The first 10,000 Eligible entrants who have submitted an EOI Form and sign up for a 24 month Vodafone nbn eligible plan will receive 3 months monthly plan access on their Eligible Plan for free. The maximum early exit fee payable for these plans is $350 (including device costs). Total minimum cost excludes $300 New Development Fee that is triggered when you live in a new development and any additional costs for call outs that may be applied when there is a missed appointment or where no fault is found. You will be charged for using your plan from the point of nbn activation at your premises. Please view full terms and conditions here. Permit numbers: NSW Permit No. LTPS/17/17265, ACT Permit No TP 17/01705. Promoter is Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd ABN 76 096 304 620 of 177 Pacific Highway, North Sydney NSW 2060”.”

2: “Unlimited data is subject to our Fair Use Policy at time of purchase applies. Inclusions expire after 1 month. Services subject to number of devices connected, network coverage and your location.”

3: “Vodafone Instant Connect is a complimentary service that provides an interim internet connection using either the Vodafone 3G or 4G network in Vodafone Coverage Areas only. It is only available using the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™ with a Vodafone SIM on our network. Instant Connect is available from when you receive your Wi-Fi Hub until your nbn service is fully activated or for a period of 30 consecutive days (whichever occurs first). Speeds are throttled at a theoretical maximum of 12Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads. Service performance varies depending on network coverage and your location with speeds likely less than the maximum. Our Fair Use Policy at time of purchase applies.”

4: “Vodafone 4G Backup is a complimentary service that provides an interim internet connection using either the Vodafone 3G or 4G network in Vodafone Coverage Areas only. It is only available using the Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™ with a Vodafone SIM on our network. If you are experiencing issues with your nbn service you must call Vodafone on 1300 650 410 or 1555 from your Vodafone Mobile. We will determine if you are experiencing a localised fault that requires resolution by an nbn technician and activate Backup. You will be able to use the Backup service until the fault is resolved or for a period of 30 consecutive days (whichever occurs first). Speeds are throttled at a theoretical maximum of 12Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads. Service performance varies depending on network coverage and your location with speeds likely less than the maximum. Our Fair Use Policy at time of purchase applies.”

vodafone nbn business plans

Please join our community here and become a VIP.

vodafone nbn business plans





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Are Vodafone’s NBN Plans Actually Any Good?

Gizmodo Australia Avatar

But before we take a look at how Vodafone stacks up to the competition, here are Vodafone’s NBN plans:

Vodafone NBN plans have a few unique perks that help them stand out from the crowd. The most significant is 4G backup, a feature that Vodafone introduced to the Australia market. If your NBN craps out, you’ll fallback on to the Vodafone 4G network and stay connected with unlimited data. Speeds are limited to 12Mbps down and 1Mbps up, however. If it’s your first time connecting to the NBN, you’re able to use Vodafone’s 4G backup for as many as 30 consecutive days.

4G backup is powered by the WiFi Hub, an optional modem you can get when signing up to a Vodafone NBN plan. The plans are contract-free, but if you take up the modem, you’ll pay out a pro-rated fee if you leave within your first 36 months. This is equivalent to $5 multiplied by the number of months left in your term.

If you’re a Vodafone mobile customer, you’re able to save on your NBN plan by sticking it on the same account. Vodafone will knock 5% off your total monthly bill for every service you have on your account after the first, up to a maximum of 20% if you have five services.

So are Vodafone’s plans actually a good deal? Here’s how they compare.

Vodafone Unlimited NBN 50 plans

At $75 per month for unlimited data, Vodafone’s NBN 50 plan isn’t the cheapest option around, but it’s also far from the priciest. Once you exclude promotional discounts, $75 is pretty standard for an NBN 50 plan.

For comparison, Tangerine is one of your cheapest options right now, coming in at $59.90 per month for your first six months, and $69.90 per month thereafter. Tangerine reports typical evening speeds of 42Mbps, which is identical to Vodafone.

If you want a plan that’s a bit zippier, TPG reports some of the fastest NBN 50 speeds available: 45.6Mbps. You’ll pay $69.99 per month for this plan. If you’re interested in TPG, you can either sign an 18-month contract, or pay $129.95 in upfront fees for a contract-free option.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”How Optus’ New NBN Plans Stack Up Against The Competition” excerpt=”Optus recently refreshed its entire range of NBN plans with some significant changes. Lock-in contracts have been axed, you get a modem with 4G backup, and the plans are a little bit pricier. But are they actually worth it? Let’s take a closer look.”]

Kogan Internet is also a little bit cheaper than Vodafone, priced at $71.90 per month. Kogan Internet, however, is simply Vodafone by another name. While the service may bare Kogan branding, Vodafone is responsible for delivering the connection. Going with Kogan instead of Vodafone proper will save you around $3 per month, but you’ll miss out on Vodafone perks like bundling discounts and 4G backup.

Optus’ new NBN plan is priced identically to Vodafone’s but a little bit faster, with evening speeds of 44Mbps. Much like Vodafone, Optus offers a modem with 4G backup. If you leave Optus with your first three years, you’ll need to pay out the remaining value of your modem, which is equivalent to $7 per month for each month left in your 36-month term. That’s $2 per month pricier than the $5 per month you’d pay on Vodafone. Optus also charges a $99 setup fee.

Vodafone Unlimited NBN 100 plans

Thanks to a promotional discount, Vodafone is currently one of your cheapest options for an NBN 100 plan. You’ll pay $75 per month for your first six months, which is the same price as Vodafone’s NBN 50 plan. However, you’ll be up for $95 per month after your discount runs out, putting it on pricier side when it comes to NBN 100 plans. Since Vodafone’s NBN plans are contract-free, you could always drop down to its NBN 50 plan when your first six months are up. Vodafone reports fairly average typical evening speeds of 82Mbps.

For comparison, MATE charges $79 per month for an NBN 100 plan with typical evening speeds of 83Mbps. Better yet, this plan isn’t subject to promotional discounts, which makes it one of the cheapest options for NBN 100 full stop.

Superloop reports typical evening speeds of 90Mbps and Aussie Broadband 86Mbps, and both plans are available for just under $90 per month. That’s cheaper and faster than Vodafone’s NBN 100 plan, at least when the discount runs out.

Of course, none of these providers offer 4G backup on NBN 100 plans. If you’re keen for 4G fallback, Vodafone is your cheapest option. Otherwise you’re looking at $104.95 per month on Tangerine (plus a $199.90 upfront modem fee), $105 per month on Optus, or $110 per month on Telstra.

And it is worth remembering that even bundling a single Vodafone mobile plan with a Vodafone NBN 100 plan brings down the monthly price to just a hair over $90 per month, making it a little more in line with what other providers charge.

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

It’s the most popular NBN speed in Australia for a reason. Here are the cheapest plans available.

Alert: There are a number of financial scams circulating Learn more

Canstar Blue

  • Internet Brands

Vodafone NBN Plans Review

Out of all the big name telcos, Vodafone was late to the party when it came to fixed line internet plans, having only launched plans in late 2017. Vodafone now competes alongside its mobile carrier competitors Telstra and Optus . Since the launch of its fixed-line internet plans, Vodafone also worked towards a merger with Australia’s second largest NBN provider, TPG, which became a reality in 2020 . Now Vodafone is well and truly a name in the world of NBN plans. Read below for a rundown of what Vodafone NBN has to offer and what it will cost you.

What does Vodafone NBN offer?

Vodafone nbn network & coverage.

Vodafone previously only offered NBN plans in a select few locations – Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong and some of the NSW coast. Now its reach is much more extended.

  • Vodafone NBN is available in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Geelong, Newcastle, Tasmania, Adelaide and Wollongong, with constant rollout across the rest of the country.

Vodafone has an NBN address checker on its website to see if it’s available in your area. The coverage in these capital cities and major regional hubs means that much of the Australian population is already covered, but it pays to check availability.

Vodafone NBN Features & Bonuses

Vodafone is a little different to the usual NBN providers, with a unique approach to contracts, modems and setup fees, as well as entertainment and call packs.

  • There are no contracts, but the modem is reduced to $0 over 24 months. This is through a rebate on your bill every month that you stay connected. Cancel your plan before 24 months is up, and you’ll need to pay out the modem cost.
  • The Vodafone modem also boasts 4G backup and instant connectivity, meaning you can get connected straight away or use Vodafone’s mobile data coverage if the NBN drops out.
  • There are no call packs but Vodafone mobile customers can use a  ‘mobile landline’ system.

Vodafone also backs its plans with a ’30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee’ , meaning if you don’t ‘love’ the network within the first 30 days of signing up, or within 30 days of NBN activation, you can cancel and not attract any extra fees. You do have to return the modem to a Vodafone store within 10 days, however.

You’re also able to change your plan once per bill cycle and you will be refunded any outstanding fees on a pro-rata basis, with the new monthly fee applied immediately. Vodafone is really upping the ante in terms of tying in both mobile and NBN plans, and makes it enticing for new customers to have both their services taken care of by Vodafone.

Customers can also save per month on plan fees when they bundle their Vodafone NBN service with an eligible mobile phone plan. To qualify, you’ll need to have both a Vodafone NBN plan and a Vodafone mobile plan under a single account and bill.

Vodafone NBN Plans

Vodafone deals exclusively in NBN plans, shying away from ADSL completely. All of its NBN plans come with unlimited data , and five speed tiers are available, as listed below.

Vodafone 5G Home Internet

In addition to NBN, Vodafone also offers mobile broadband and – where available – 5G home wireless broadband. Customers can select from two plans, one with a maximum speed of 5oMbps, and a more expensive option with maximum of 100Mbps speeds.

Each plan includes unlimited data and no contracts, and existing Vodafone customers will be eligible for a discount. 5G plans also feature an included modem, which is free when you stay connected for 36 months.

Vodafone 5G Home Internet Plans

The following table shows a selection of published Vodafone 5G home broadband plans on Canstar Blue’s database, listed in order of cost, from the lowest to highest and then by data allowance, largest to smallest.

Compare Vodafone Phone Plans

How does Vodafone NBN compare to other providers?

Vodafone, as one of the three major mobile carriers in Australia – next to Optus and Telstra – competes reasonably well in the NBN space, but is faced with a tough challenge with a whole range of providers all offering cut-price plans and no-frills options. Though, with a recent rejig, Vodafone has shaped up to be one of the more competitive providers, with a whole lot more on offer than just a cheap price. Similar providers include:

  • Mate Communicate
  • Barefoot Telecom

Overall there’s over 100 different NBN providers out there, and it’d be virtually impossible to compare them all. What’s important to compare is the price, data included, the speeds on offer, contract length, the cost of the modem and any other bits and bobs – such as entertainment or call packs – you desire in an NBN plan.

Is a Vodafone NBN plan worth the money?

Vodafone is the last of the ‘Big 3’ telcos to come to the NBN plan world, with Telstra and Optus offering plans for quite a while. As far as price goes, Vodafone is often cheaper than these two, with some of the cheapest plans in the market in general.

The fact that Vodafone offers unlimited data across all of its plans is notable, as is its month-to-month contracts with the monthly rebates for the modem. Perhaps Vodafone’s biggest selling point is the 4G mobile backup in case the NBN goes awry, alongside the option to save monthly on your NBN plan if you add an eligible Vodafone phone service.

Vodafone has done well to stay ahead of market trends – i.e. prices lowering. For a big telco to offer such competitive plans is admirable. Offering 4G backup and other perks is a good start and may entice a few customers over, but at the end of the day, Vodafone’s prices may more than speak for themselves.

About the author of this page

This page was written and is regularly updated by Canstar Blue’s Telco Editor, Tara Donnelly. Having spent over seven years writing for and editing telco comparison websites, she’s an expert in all things phone & internet, including NBN plans, wireless technology, the latest mobile devices and how to find the best deal for your family. She loves to highlight the next best deals, while also flagging the things you need to be aware of.

Compare NBN Providers

What do customers think about Vodafone NBN plans?

In 2020, Australians gave Vodafone 4 out of 5 stars for Overall Customer Satisfaction in NBN plans.

Vodafone Facts

You probably know Vodafone well in the mobile communications space, but with the launch of its NBN products, this retailer has also emerged in the internet service (NBN) market. We’ve broken down what you might like to know about Vodafone’s internet history:

About Vodafone

The Vodafone brand has been around a while, launching initially in the UK in 1982. After a merger between Hutchinson Telecommunications Australia and Vodafone, Vodafone Australia was founded in 2009. The telco has its headquarters in North Sydney, and is owned by both CK Hutchinson Holdings and Vodafone. In 2017, Vodafone launched a range of internet plans through the NBN.

Vodafone services

Although Vodafone is best known for its mobile offerings, it has a whole range of services, including:

  • Phone plans
  • Prepaid phone plans
  • Mobile broadband
  • Phone and internet bundles
  • Business products

More Vodafone Services

Vodafone: recent key dates.

2009 | 3/Hutchinson group merge with Vodafone, offering products as Vodafone.

2017 | Vodafone rolls our a range of broadband plans and bundles through the NBN.

2018 | Netflix and Vodafone partner to bring Vodafone NBN customers a 12-month subscription to the service.

2019 | The ACCC blocks a proposal for a merger between Vodafone Hutchinson Australia and telco giant TPG.

SIM card sizes and types explained

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Vodafone unveils NBN plans


Vodafone Australia has announced its National Broadband Network (NBN) plans and inclusions ahead of an internal trial across 300 premises and an initial launch later this year.

"We're in the final stages of testing our network now; we've built it all, so we're in the process of making sure it's all hunky dory and we'll be shortly starting an internal trial and a friendly customer trial of around 300 customers," Vodafone general manager of Fixed Broadband Matthew Lobb told ZDNet.

"If things go well -- and that's very much to get feedback making sure that we've got everything sorted, which we're confident we are -- then we'll quickly move to rolling out and launching initially in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle, and Wollongong."

Vodafone's three plans -- "essential" NBN 25, "essential plus" NBN 50, and "premium" NBN 100 on NBN's three main speed tiers -- include unlimited data in addition to bonus mobile data for post-paid customers and its 30-day network satisfaction guarantee .

NBN is also offering what it calls the "basic" service of 12/1Mbps, although Lobb said the company "won't be actively selling it".

Under Vodafone's home broadband pricing, it will cost consumers AU$70 per month for 12Mbps download speeds; AU$80 for 25Mbps; AU$95 for 50Mbps; and AU$110 for 100Mbps, with all options available in 24-month and month-to-month options.

Business plans will cost AU$80 for 25Mbps; AU$95 for 50Mbps; and AU$110 for 100Mbps.

The network will be launched across NBN's fixed-line networks "really soon", with fixed-wireless rolling out in the new year, Lobb told ZDNet.

"We're predominantly a metropolitan business and a major regional centre telco, so that will be our focus," he explained.

"As we grow and our capability increases, we will be rolling out [further]."

According to Lobb, Vodafone has seen a good response to its request for expressions of interest from both existing and new customers, with a "significant increase" in EOIs after Vodafone announced the Wi-Fi Hub -- which will provide backup 4G internet access in the event of an outage or delay in migration -- last month.

Three months of free NBN access will be offered to those who submit expressions of interest in return for providing Vodafone with feedback on its service.

As outlined in the ACCC's guidelines yesterday , telcos "haven't adequately worked out" how to move consumers onto plans that meet their promises, Lobb added, so Vodafone will also be conducting speed checks within 15 days of a connection to ensure that customers are getting the speeds they're paying for.

Consumers are also being shifted by incumbents onto plans that do not suit their needs, so Vodafone will be recommending plans suited to what each customer uses the internet for, based, for instance, on how many devices households have and whether they use their broadband for streaming.

Vodafone's NBN customers will be permitted to make a speed tier switch each month free of charge in order to try out different tiers.

"[NBN's] key innovation is that customers for the first time can choose the speed tier, and this is something that the market isn't selling particularly well, and we do want to give customers a clear understanding of what the choices are," he told ZDNet.

"We think offering the chance to try it out, and if they don't think they need it, to move back down -- we think that reassurance that they can try it is something the customers want."

Once again referring to connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) pricing as a "speed tax", Lobb said as usage goes up, the industry's margins are getting squeezed, resulting in a disincentive to offer higher-speed plans to consumers.

"We understand also that the NBN needs to pay for its costs and they need to get a rate of return, so we think the solution is what we call a rebalance between the AVC [access virtual circuit] and CVC so that AVC prices will go up a bit, but CVC prices will come down, and that will mean that there will be less risk in offering the higher-speed plans and that will create a dynamic where the market will move to be selling the faster-speed services."

NBN CEO Bill Morrow last week told ZDNet that Vodafone is not asking for a price reduction in accessing the wholesale broadband network.

"Vodafone, they understand this. Vodafone are not asking for a price reduction. Vodafone have their ideas around maybe a higher AVC and a lower CVC, and we've asked their opinion for that -- that's no problem," Morrow told ZDNet.

"There's a lot of retailers that are reselling NBN products ... and some of them have come in knowing what the prices are but are now asking for the prices to be reduced. It's not Vodafone that's doing that; I'm referring to others."

Vodafone announced in October last year that it would be entering the NBN market as a retail service provider before the end of 2017, with CEO Inaki Berroeta saying the telco intends to be "the cornerstone of competition" in fixed-line broadband.

Despite its newly unveiled offerings including the lower speed tiers, Vodafone had previously argued that 12Mbps and 25Mbps should not even be offered on the NBN.

"Given taxpayers have funded a network which has been dimensioned to deliver speeds significantly faster than DSL, it is not clear that these low-speed tiers should even be on offer," Vodafone argued in its submission to the Joint Standing Committee on the NBN.

"Since the majority of the costs of a fixed-line network are 'fixed costs' (ie, do not vary according to capacity or usage), once the NBN network is rolled out, there are only relatively modest additional costs to the NBN to offer higher speeds."

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Vodafone’s NBN plans launch today with three free months


We talk to Vodafone's Broadband Services manager about why NBN customers don't care about technology, but do care about communications.

It feels like it's been a long time coming, given that Vodafone first announced it would launch NBN services back in late 2016 before announcing pricing mid-year and the fact that it would use its own 4G network as the effective fallback while customers waited for connections to be finalised.

Vodafone has today announced that its long-awaited NBN plans are now available to order for customers in the Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle and Wollongong areas only.

Talking to, Matthew Lobb, General Manager of Broadband Services at Vodafone Australia stated "Customers don't care about the technology that connects them. They just want to be connected. We're launching with this footprint today, but we will expand out to other parts of capital cities and regional centres."

Vodafone isn't offering fixed wireless or satellite NBN connections just yet, but if you're in a fixed-line NBN-ready premises in those locations, you can opt for a Vodafone plan from today across any already live fixed line technology.

That includes HFC NBN but only if it's already active, given NBN Co's move last week to halt further expansion of the HFC NBN rollout .

The company did have pilot customers on HFC, and Lobb admits it was a challenging job getting them connected. "When we did our pilot we did find HFC a more challenging connection," he said. "We welcome NBN's decision to halt the rollout. It's better to delay because the customer experience should come first."

One factor that Vodafone changed as a result of its NBN trials was how it handled its 4G fallback service. Initially, the 4G service would only kick in once a fault was identified. "Initially we thought we should do some troubleshooting before putting it on," said Lobb. "But now it'll auto fallback and connect to the 4G; then we'll do the troubleshooting and look to fix the NBN after that."

Vodafone's supplied Wi-Fi Hub offers 30 days of 4G connectivity if NBN services drop out, but Lobb is keen to point out that this is an emergency fallback only, not intended as a replacement service. "4G is a backup; a short-term solution. Usually, fixed line is going to offer a customers faster speeds," he said.

While the wording of Vodafone's plans suggest that 4G can be used for a maximum of 30 days in case of a line fault, Lobb stresses this is all about getting NBN services back on track.

"It's very much about making it a short-term arrangement. If there was a case where a customer was offline for more than 30 days we would discuss with the customer to make sure they're happy. During the trial we have had some connections that have taken longer than that and in those circumstances we continue the 4G service."

As it does with its mobile plans, there's a strong focus on customers being able to gracefully exit without major penalties, including a 30-day network satisfaction guarantee. Lobb stated that Vodafone's research and experience in its NBN trials led it to realise that many NBN customers were concerned about signing up for a service that might not meet their requirements. "We didn't want customers to feel constrained by an agreement," said Lobb.

Lobb also stated that Vodafone will be working to implement the ACCC's guidelines around realistic NBN speed advertising , but that this would only come after more data was available to Vodafone so it could realistically portray its speed capabilities.

"We're working to align with ACCC guidelines," he said. "We intend to be a high quality provider. Network dimensioning and quality is important to us. We'll be undertaking testing, including individual lines, and make determinations about our typical speed capabilities. That's a work in progress."

Lobb states that it's been quite a solid learning curve for Vodafone, a company that hasn't offered fixed line broadband in Australia previously. "Fixed broadband is very different to mobile," he stated.

"There are a number of areas you need to get right. There are a large number of permutations. Customers want to stay connected and they want to understand the timing, and when and how that'll happen."

"Telcos tend to talk technologies and problems and don't talk about solutions. We spent a lot of time in the pilot speaking the customer's language about what was actually happening."

Vodafone actually announced its plan pricing back on 22 August, with just four simple plans at each speed tier. They're also available as business plans, but you'll need an ABN in that case and the basic 12/1 plan is not offered as a business product. As an introductory offer, and for any customer who signs up before 31 January 2018, the first three months of any 24-month contract are free of charge.

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Latest headlines

  • NBN plan prices are increasing: Here’s the full list of changes
  • Dodo’s most popular NBN plan is more expensive now: here’s how to save


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Vodafone NBN review

Get up to speed on Vodafone’s home internet plans.

5 out of 5 stars

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Its NBN plans are typically a little pricier than most (without discounts), but there are still a lot of reasons to pay Vodafone's premium, including high speeds, an Ultrafast plan for eligible customers, and the bundled Vodafone WiFi Hub with 4G fallback, which offers a seamless solution in the event of an outage.

Vodafone NBN plans

Vodafone nbn: value for money.

  • $15 per month discount if you already have a mobile plan with Vodafone
  • 30-day network satisfaction guarantee
  • Standalone pricing is a little expensive

On the surface, Vodafone’s NBN plans might seem pricier than most other providers.

The standard pricing for its Standard (NBN 25), Standard Plus (NBN 50), and Premium (NBN 100) plans aren’t as competitive as most. But there’s a lot of peace-of-mind factors that come with Vodafone’s suite of broadband plans, such as 4G backup for seamless internet in the event of an outage, and a 30-day network satisfaction guarantee.

Add to that Vodafone’s regular discounts on its NBN plans that cut the price for the first six months of use, and an additional loyalty discount ($15 off for Vodafone mobile customers), and it shakes out at a decent deal.

Vodafone NBN speeds

Vodafone NBN offers five speed tiers: Essential (NBN 25), Essential Plus (NBN 50), Premium (NBN 100), Superfast (NBN 250) and Ultrafast (NBN1000).

Vodafone self-reports typical evening speeds on its NBN plans, but the ACCC also began tracking Vodafone’s performance in 2020.

Here are the typical evening speeds advertised by Vodafone.

  • Standard NBN 25: 25 Mbps
  • Standard Plus NBN 50: 50 Mbps
  • Premium NBN 100: 90 Mbps
  • Superfast NBN 250: 210 Mbps
  • Ultrafast NBN 1000: 450 Mbps

*Average percentage of maximum plan speed reached in busy evening hours

**Daily outages per user that lasted longer than 30 seconds

Vodafone’s speeds will be good enough for most. Still, if you want the fastest Internet available, Aussie Broadband and Superloop offer some ludicrously speedy NBN plans to select FTTP and HFC connections.

Does Vodafone offer NBN bundles?

Unfortunately, Vodafone's NBN plans are no longer eligible for its Bundle and Save discount. However, there is still a very decent $15 per month discount on any NBN plan if you're already a Vodafone mobile customer, which makes its pricing much more competitive.

If you’re not a Vodafone mobile customer already, you’ve got two options: a) sign up for a Vodafone mobile plan to take advantage of the loyalty discount, or b) go with a cheaper NBN provider.

Option 1: Sign up for a Vodafone Mobile plan

Below is a shortlist of Vodafone’s most popular mobile plans. If these plans appeal to you, switching to Voda could save you a decent chunk of change.

Option 2: Find a cheaper NBN deal

Here is a small selection of the cheapest NBN 50 plans available in Australia, sorted by price.

Illustration of Laptop and Modem

Want to know which NBN providers scored top marks in our analysis? Follow the link below to find the best providers for value, speed and support in Australia. 

Vodafone NBN: Perks and features

  • Vodafone WiFi Hub with 4G backup with Instant Connect
  • No entertainment bundles

As one of Australia’s most well-entrenched telcos, Vodafone has most of the infrastructure and bonuses you get with one of the more significant providers. Apart from its well-resourced customer service options (more on that further down), Vodafone also has some sweet perks, like its signature $5 per day roaming on mobile plans, and Instant Connect. This feature lets you connect as soon as you receive your Vodafone WiFi Hub with 4G backup.

That alone is an attractive feature. 4G backup gives you peace of mind in the event of an outage, switching your broadband connection from the NBN to the mobile network when there’s an issue with the fixed-line connection.

Unfortunately, Vodafone is one provider where 4G fallback might come in handy a little too often, as it often rates as one of the worst providers for daily outages according to the ACCC’s broadband testing program.

According to the same report, the providers with the fewest daily outages are Dodo, Exetel, Superloop and Telstra. Here’s a glance at the most popular NBN 50 plans offered by those providers.

Outside of Vodafone’s loyalty discount, there aren’t the same perks you get from Telstra and Optus. There are no cheap movie tickets , entertainment bundles, or discounts on other experiences, like concerts and restaurants.

Is the Vodafone WiFi Hub any good?

One of the best things about Vodafone’s NBN offering is the Vodafone WiFi Hub that comes included. It supports up to 32 connected devices and is compatible with all NBN technologies.

It’s most attractive feature is its unlimited 4G back-up. The WiFi modem is shipped with an unlimited 4G backup SIM card. So you can stay connected if there’s an outage and access the internet as soon as you receive the modem (as opposed to waiting to be connected to the NBN).

Vodafone WiFi modem

Vodafone NBN alternatives

In addition to traditional internet plans, Vodafone also offers a number of NBN alternatives.

At the time of writing, the provider currently sells two different 5G Home Internet plans. These are differentiated by speed, with the cheaper of the two plans capped at 50Mbps and the latter letting you rev up to 100Mbps.

If you've got a mobile plan through the provider, Vodafone will knock $5 off the monthly cost of its 5G internet plans. Check out the widget below for the full rundown.

Vodafone also offers a single 4G Home Internet plan , which starts at $60 per month.

Vodafone NBN: Support and satisfaction

  • Brick-and-mortar stores for in-store help
  • Live chat, phone support, and app for service management

Customer support options is another benefit of going with one of the bigger telcos. It’s part of the reason Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone typically charge a little more than most, despite offering you what’s mostly the same internet service.

You can get in touch with Vodafone’s NBN team on 1300 801 122 between 8 am and 10 pm AEST, Monday through to Sunday.

In our provider analysis, Vodafone had a flawless rap sheet when it comes to customer support channels. You can get in touch over the phone, via live chat on the website, through email, even over the telco’s responsive Twitter and Facebook pages.

There’s also the My Vodafone app for iOS and Android. It’s a one-stop-shop for checking your bills, viewing your data usage, and managing your add-ons. It’s not as fully featured as the Optus@Home app, which lets you speed test your connection remotely, and there’s no in-app customer support option, but it’s still a handy tool for those looking to self-serve.

Lastly, there are Vodafone’s brick-and-mortar locations across Australia. There are very few providers with a face-to-face point of contact, and while most of your technical issues won’t be resolved in-store, it’s handy to have someone to talk to if you’re not getting anywhere over the phone.

On the downside, Vodafone's customer satisfaction score is kinda terrible. According to user-generated reviews sites ProductReviews and TrustPilot, Vodafone scores just 1.6 out of 5 stars. Despite that low number, it's important to note that it's about on par with Telstra and Optus' customer satisfaction scores - it seems customer service is something the Big Three all struggle with.

We recommend checking out Aussie Broadband and Mate Communicate if you’re after a provider with an outstanding reputation with its customers. Customer service and transparency are the bread and butter for these two telcos, and their plans and speeds are just as satisfactory.

How we review NBN providers

We scour the NBN plans in our system to compare to find the best. We take into consideration things like cost, connection, customer service, features and benefits and internet speeds. For a full rundown of our approach, click here .

Vodafone NBN FAQs

Vodafone Australia is part of the TPG Telecom Group, which is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

These days, chances are that if you've got an NBN connection running to your home, Vodafone will probably be able to sell an internet service to you. If you're unsure, you can always plug your address into the Vodafone website to make sure you're covered when it comes to fixed-line connections.

That said, Vodafone does not offer fixed wireless or Satellite NBN connections. If you're located in an area where either or those are the technology type you're most likely to be reliant upon, you're going to have to look elsewhere or consider investigating alternatives like Starlink or 5G .

Although Vodafone has rarely topped the list when it comes to providers when it comes to speeds or quality of customer service, it remains one of Australia's biggest broadband provider for a reason.

Depending on the internet plan you're comparing it against, it's possible that Vodafone's 5G Home Internet plan might be able to offer you better speeds than the NBN.

However, 5G home internet isn't as readily available the NBN is. While the NBN rollout is most of the way there at this point, Vodafone's 5G network remains a work in progress.

Not sold on Vodafone’s crack at NBN?

We’ve reviewed loads of Australian Internet Service Providers and rated the best NBN providers . If you’re looking more specific information on cheap unlimited plans , fast NBN 100 plans or the best NBN alternatives , we’ve got guides to those too.

If you’re considering signing up to a mobile plan with Vodafone to take advantage of the loyalty discount, see what we had to say about the coverage underdog’s mobile service .

Otherwise, have a gander at the table below for the most popular broadband plans this week.

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The best cell phone plans in 2023

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At their core, the best cell phone plans offer enough data for your needs. Beyond that, a plan can also include perks and features that are relevant to you, whether it's a discount for a streaming service, a discounted separate plan for a connected device, or international features. But remember, an ideal plan becomes useless if the carrier that offers it doesn't cover your area well. 

After carefully researching and considering the best cell phone plans from major carriers and budget providers, we've concluded that Verizon's Unlimited Plus plan is the best overall, as it offers the most data and comprehensive coverage at an unmatched value. The best budget option among major carriers is T-Mobile's Essentials plan , which provides a generous amount of premium data for a lower monthly bill that will mean big savings in the long term. 

Our top picks for the best cell phone plans

Best overall plan: Verizon Unlimited Plus - See at Verizon

Best budget plan: T-Mobile Essentials - See at T-Mobile

Best true budget plan: Mint Mobile plans - See at Mint Mobile

Best international plan: Verizon Unlimited Ultimate - See at Verizon

Best overall plan

vodafone nbn business plans

Verizon’s Unlimited Plus plan offers unlimited “premium data,” so you don’t have to worry about data caps or slower speeds when the network is congested. Other carriers also offer this in some of their plans, but Verizon has the best overall coverage, includes excellent perks, and it’s not even the most expensive option.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Best mix of rural and city coverage
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Truly unlimited “premium data"
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Strong international features
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Excellent perks and discount options
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Pricey for one or two lines

Verizon's Unlimited Plus plan offers the best balance of data and coverage for the vast majority of people. It costs $80/month for a single line, but the monthly cost per line is less with every additional line, up to five lines.

With the Unlimited Plus plan from Verizon, you get unlimited premium data, so your data speeds won't slow down after you've used a certain amount of data, or when the network is congested. It also includes Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband network, which runs on the super fast mmWave and C-band spectrums. Verizon also offers a 50% discount for a single connected device plan, whether it's a connected smartwatch or tablet.

On top of core wireless services, Verizon's Unlimited Plus plan includes discounts on various other services. Among them, you can save $9/month on the Disney streaming bundle, which includes Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus, or save $7/month on Netflix and Max. Check out Verizon's website for other perks to pick from. 

As for international use, the Unlimited Plus plan gets you unlimited talk and text, and 2GB of daily high-speed data (before it's slowed to 3G speeds) in Mexico and Canada. It also allows unlimited talk and text from the US to Mexico and Canada, and unlimited text to over 200 countries. 

Verizon says video streaming quality on the Unlimited Ultimate plan is limited to 720p, but their fine print says 4K quality is available in 5G Ultra Wideband areas when you activate the 4K streaming option through the My Verizon app or with Verizon's customer service. It also says 1080p resolution can be activated in standard 5G and 4G areas. 

No other carrier offers as much for the price, and importantly, Verizon generally has the best mixed coverage between rural and urban areas.

Verizon Fios internet users who also use Verizon Wireless will also get a discount on their internet service, so it's an especially good choice for Verizon Fios customers.

Best budget plan

vodafone nbn business plans

T-Mobile’s Essentials plan is the most affordable premium plan out of the major carriers, and it’s a downright bargain with four or five lines on a single plan. It includes a generous 50GB of premium data before T-Mobile slows down your data speeds. Just note that Essentials customers experience slower speeds in general than customers on Go5G Next and Go5G Plus plans.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Most affordable premium plan
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Incredible value with more lines
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. 50GB premium data is sufficient for many
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Decent international features
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Less coverage in rural areas
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Data speeds are slower than pricier plans
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. 3G mobile hotspot speeds are limiting

When it comes to more affordable plans, you forfeit unlimited premium data, and your data speeds will be considerably affected after reaching a certain limit. 

Among the three major carriers, T-Mobile's Essentials plan easily offers the best deal in the budget category thanks to its generous 50GB of premium data. That means T-Mobile won't slow down your data speeds until you've used 50GB of data, even when the network is busy. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon don't offer any premium data in their equivalent budget plans.

T-Mobile's Essentials plan starts at $60/month for a single line, with the price per line reducing with every line, up to four lines. If you can manage four or five lines in a plan, $25/month for T-Mobile's Essentials plan is an absolute steal.

T-Mobile's Essentials plan includes access to the carrier's full and extensive 5G network, including its Ultra Capacity 5G network (mmWave and C-band) and its Extended Range 5G (Sub-6). Despite the inclusion, it's worth noting that data speeds for Essentials customers may be slower overall than other customers on more premium plans, even before the 50GB data limit. Still, data speeds should be fast enough for pretty much anything you do on your phone, including video streaming and calling. 

T-Mobile offers unlimited mobile hotspot functionality on its Essentials plan, but only at 3G speeds. It limits you to basic tasks, like emailing, that don't involve video streaming or even loading photos. If you're looking for at least some flexibility to use your phone as a mobile hotspot, AT&T's Unlimited Starter plan  will be the better option with 3GB of mobile hotspot at faster speeds, which can better serve you for light use or in an emergency. 

Finally, T-Mobile offers some international perks with its Essentials plan. You get unlimited texting, $0.25/minute calls in 215+ countries, and unlimited international texting from home. In Canada and Mexico, Essentials offers unlimited talk and text, but up to 128Kbps data speeds, which is so slow you may even struggle with an email. T-Mobile Travel is also included.

We hesitate to use the word "budget" here, as this plan could also apply to people who simply don't use their phones away from a WiFi connection very often, and don't need to spend much on a plan that offers more data. As detailed below, you'll have to stray from major carriers to find the best cheap cell phone plans .   

Best true budget plan

vodafone nbn business plans

Score three free months of Mint Mobile, our favorite MVNO, when you purchase any three-month prepaid plan. Just click the link below and select how much monthly data you want: 5GB, 15GB, 20GB, or unlimited. The deal applies to all four options, which start at a discounted rate of $15 for 5GB/month.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Incredibly good value
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. User-friendly experience
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Free calls to Mexico and Canada
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Mobile hotspot included
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No option for premium data that isn't affected by network congestion
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. No discounts for additional lines

In the current market, a "true budget" cell phone plan typically comes from a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). MVNOs deliver data and connectivity to your phone by piggybacking off a major carrier's network. Plans from these providers offer data at significantly lower monthly costs than major carrier offerings. 

Overall, Mint Mobile has the best "true budget" options, with prepaid plans starting at $15/month for a range of monthly data, from 5GB to "unlimited" data (40GB). Mint Mobile's plans are an incredible value, especially if you know how much data you typically use per month and can pick a plan with limited data. We recommend starting with Mint Mobile's new customer promotion , which gives you three additional free months of coverage when you buy any of its discounted three-month plans. 

As we detail in our Mint Mobile review , one of the best things about Mint is its user-friendly app and web-based platform, where you can manage your plan and check how much data you've used for a given month. The overall experience is simpler than major carriers, as it's not as congested with extensive fine print, conditions, features, or perks that you may not want. 

Mint is an MVNO that runs off of T-Mobile's network. As such, Mint has the same coverage as T-Mobile, which is excellent in cities, many suburbs, and along many highways, but can become limited the further away from populated areas you go. Check Mint Mobile's coverage map to ensure the MVNO covers your area.

It's also worth noting that Mint Mobile doesn't include premium data on any of its plans, which means data speeds can be reduced when T-Mobile's network is congested.

For other alternatives that offer excellent value relative to the big three major carriers, check out our guide to the best cheap cell phone plans .

Best international plan

vodafone nbn business plans

Verizon’s Unlimited Ultimate plan has the most comprehensive international features without the need to purchase a separate international plan. It’s ideal if you frequently communicate internationally, whether from the US or abroad.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. No need for a separate international add-on plan
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. 10GB monthly data allowance abroad
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. 300 minutes/month of calling from the US to one country included
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Truly unlimited premium data in the US
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. 2GB daily data allowance in Mexico or Canada can be limiting
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Pricey for those with occasional or rare international communication needs

Without adding a separate international add-on plan, Verizon's Unlimited Ultimate plan offers the most overall for those who often travel abroad, make calls abroad from the US, or both. It just edges above T-Mobile's Go5G Next and Plus plans. AT&T requires additional $10/day plans for some of the same international features included in Verizon's and T-Mobile's plans. 

Most major carriers, except AT&T, support unlimited talk, text, and a set amount of data while traveling in 210-plus countries in their plans. Verizon's Unlimited Ultimate plan offers more monthly data (10GB) than T-Mobile (5GB). AT&T only supports 19 Latin American countries if you don't add a supplemental international plan. 

Verizon's Unlimited Ultimate plans also include 300 minutes/month of calling time from the US to a country of your choice from a list of 140 countries. Verizon charges a country-specific rate for all other countries. AT&T and T-Mobile charge a country-specific rate when calling any country from the US, and don't have the free 300-minute calling option on Verizon's plan.

All major carriers support unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada from the US. If you're in Mexico or Canada, AT&T's plans actually offer the most with unlimited talk, text, and the same amount of data as your domestic US plan. Verizon and T-Mobile also offer unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada, but Verizon has a 2GB/day data limit, and T-Mobile has a 15GB/month data limit.

If you rarely or only occasionally travel or communicate internationally and don't need pricey plans that include international features, you could simply add an international add-on plan to a more affordable plan. These usually range from $5 to $10 per day, which seems pricey in the short term, but they're likely cheaper in the long run, at least for those who don't need international features as often.

What to look for in a cell phone plan

vodafone nbn business plans

The primary, core plan feature to look for is a worry-free experience when doing anything on your phone that uses data, especially when scrolling through data-heavy social media apps, video streaming, or video calling. 

We like plans that offer you the most "premium data'' with no data limits before a carrier slows down your speeds. We also like plans where your data isn't affected when a carrier's network is congested. That way, you can do whatever you want on your phone with less worry. 

After that, it's a question of your monthly budget. Pricier plans offer unlimited premium data, but if your budget doesn't allow it, you may have to settle for a plan with a limited amount of premium data. One way to reduce your monthly bill is to join a plan with friends and family, as the monthly cost per line gets lower as more people are on a plan.  

The following plan features are more subjective.

If you're often working on your laptop away from a familiar or secure WiFi connection and use your phone as a mobile hotspot, you'll want a plan that offers as much mobile hotspot data as you need. If it's an incredibly important feature for you, it could dictate which plan you get.

If you're often traveling or communicating with friends and family abroad, you'll want to consider a plan's international features. Alternatively, carriers offer international add-on plans at an extra cost on top of your usual monthly bill. You can apply these as you need. 

Perks are nice add-ons that could tip you toward a specific carrier, as long as that carrier has good coverage in your area. Things like discounts on streaming service bundles, your home internet service, or discounts on separate plans for data-connected smartwatches or tablets could make the difference.

At the end of the day, the perfect plan doesn't make sense if the carrier has poor coverage in your area. You can narrow down your options by figuring out which carrier has good coverage wherever you frequent and use your phone the most.

You can purchase logo and accolade licensing to this story here . Disclosure: Written and researched by the Insider Reviews team. We highlight products and services you might find interesting. If you buy them, we may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our partners. We may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product is featured or recommended. We operate independently from our advertising team. We welcome your feedback. Email us at [email protected] .

vodafone nbn business plans

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Vodafone in Talks With Several Parties Over Options for Italian Business

Updated Dec. 18, 2023 6:06 am ET

vodafone nbn business plans

Vodafone Group said it is exploring merger or disposal options for its Italian business with several parties as it focuses on right-sizing the company’s portfolio for growth.

The FTSE 100-listed telecom company was responding to the statement earlier Monday by Iliad Group to merge their Italian businesses in a deal that values Vodafone Italia at 10.45 billion euros ($11.38 billion).

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Reliance Jio Happy New Year Plan 2024: How it compares to Airtel, Vodafone-Idea prepaid recharge plans

Instead of giving a validity of 365 days for the happy new year 2024 plan, jio is offering 389 days validity.

Priya Singh

  • Updated Dec 28, 2023, 4:01 PM IST

Quick comparison between Jio, Vi, Airtel annual plans

  • With the Jio plan, you will get access to Jio apps including JioTV, JioCinema, and JioCloud
  • Airtel annual plan offers one year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan that is worth Rs 500
  • Vi subscribers will get access to Binge All Night (unlimited data from 12 AM to 6 AM)

Reliance Jio has announced a new Happy New Year 2024 prepaid plan for users in India. This annual mobile recharge plan competes with plans offered by rivals Airtel and Vodafone-Idea in India. Notably, instead of giving a validity of 365 days for the new year plan, Jio is offering 389 days validity that gives it an upper hand over its competition.

Here’s how this Jio Happy New Year 2024 plan compares to annual plans of Airtel and Vodafone-Idea.

Jio Happy New Year 2024 Plan

Price: Rs 2,999 

The newly launched annual New Year prepaid plan offers 2.5 GB data per day. Once the data is exhausted, users will get unlimited data at 64 Kbps. They will also get unlimited 5G data which is currently limited to certain regions in India. In addition to this, buyers will also get unlimited voice calls, 100 free SMS per day and access to Jio apps including JioTV, JioCinema, and JioCloud.

In terms of validity, this plan comes with 365 days of validity, but subscribers will get a 24-day validity voucher that will extend the validity to 389 days.

Airtel annual recharge plan 

Price: Rs 3,350

This Airtel prepaid plan offers 2.5 GB data per day with a validity of 365 days. It also offers unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Subscribers will also get unlimited 5G data if 5G network is available in their area. In addition to this, buyers will get access to one year subscription to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan that is worth Rs 500, 24/7 Circle for 3 months, Free Hellotunes and Wynk Music subscription.

Vi annual recharge plan 

Price: Rs 3,099 

This Vodafone-Idea annual recharge plan offers 365 days validity and 2 GB data per day. Just like other annual plans, this prepaid plan will also offer unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. In addition to this, subscribers will get access to Binge All Night (unlimited data from 12 AM to 6 AM), Weekend data rollover, Vi Movies and TV, 2GB data backup per month.

Overall, Jio offers the cheapest annual prepaid plan that too with 389 days validity. However, the users can go for Airtel plan if they want to get access to Disney+ Hotstar Mobile plan. You can also opt for the Vi plan in case you need more data.

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‘Definitely pursue engineering degree’: Reliance Jio’s Akash Ambani on what he would've done differently in college

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  2. Business Mobile Phone Plans

    $5 Roaming Use your included data, calls and text in over 100 countries for $5 extra a day. Excludes speed capped data. Countries may vary. T&C apply. Our 5G network Use your 5G approved device on Vodafone's 5G network which is now rolling out in selected areas of major cities. T&C apply. Find out more about 5G.

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    Vodafone Business offers 5 plans in Australia You're nearly there. Choose from one of the great plans below. There are 5 plans from Vodafone Business available in Australia and prices range from $80/mth up to $125/mth. You can connect to the Internet with Vodafone Business via nbn® Fixed Line in Australia. More about Vodafone Business

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    Business NBN vs. residential NBN: Speeds and tiers On the all-important speed front, business NBN plans forego the bare-bolts NBN 12 plans and start off with NBN 25 speeds, which should be considered the minimum for most small businesses.

  14. Vodafone Business customers offered 3 months free on 24-month NBN plan

    Vodafone has emailed its business customers, notifying them its fixed NBN broadband service is coming "later this year", inviting them to register "so you could be eligible for three months ...

  15. Are Vodafone's NBN Plans Actually Any Good?

    Since Vodafone's NBN plans are contract-free, you could always drop down to its NBN 50 plan when your first six months are up. Vodafone reports fairly average typical evening speeds of 82Mbps ...

  16. Vodafone Business

    No matter the size of your business, we work together with you to find the best solution that fits your company. Reduce complexity and deliver a consistently positive experience to your customers with our innovative solutions, from the latest IoT technology to secure, reliable connectivity. Choose a solution for your sector, discover the ...

  17. Vodafone NBN Plans

    Vodafone Standard Plus NBN. A big step up in terms of max speeds, but potentially not so much in price, this plan is priced at $85 per month for speeds of up to 50Mbps ($70 for Vodafone phone customers). Vodafone states this tier is better for streaming movies in 4K, online gaming and general browsing.

  18. What to Expect with Vodafone NBN Phone Plans

    What to Expect With the Speed of Vodafone NBN Business Plans. As mentioned above, NBN business plans offer the benefit of high-speed Internet. However, it should be noted that there are factors that could affect its speed, such as your plan choice and internet traffic demand to name a few. There will be instances wherein you will have a slower ...

  19. Vodafone unveils NBN plans

    Vodafone's initial launch will provide 12Mbps, 25Mbps, 50Mbps, and 100Mbps plans across NBN's fixed-line technologies in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Wollongong, Geelong, and Newcastle.

  20. Vodafone Business

    Registered Office: Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 2FN. Registered in England No 1471587. Vodafone's digital communications solutions for business cover IoT, cloud, hosting, mobile communications, fixed communications, unified communications as well as carrier wholesale. We are the world's largest IoT service provider ...

  21. Vodafone's NBN plans launch today with three free months

    Vodafone NBN plan. Monthly charge. Speed. Total 24-month cost (including 3 free months) Bonus mobile data. $70 Basic nbn. $70. 12/1. $1,470.

  22. Vodafone NBN Review: 4G Backup is a Lifesaver

    Vodafone NBN plans Here are Vodafone's current NBN plans. Vodafone NBN: Value for money Loyalty discounts make for budget broadband $15 per month discount if you already have a mobile plan with Vodafone 30-day network satisfaction guarantee Standalone pricing is a little expensive

  23. The Best Cell Phone Plans in 2023

    Our top picks for the best cell phone plans. Best overall plan: Verizon Unlimited Plus - See at Verizon. Best budget plan: T-Mobile Essentials - See at T-Mobile. Best true budget plan: Mint Mobile ...

  24. Vodafone in Talks With Several Parties Over Options for Italian Business

    The FTSE 100-listed telecom company was responding to the statement earlier Monday by Iliad Group to merge their Italian businesses in a deal that values Vodafone Italia at 10.45 billion euros ...

  25. Swisscom to Plan Vodafone Italy Bid Early Next Year

    Swisscom AG is weighing an offer for Vodafone Group Plc's Italian business early next year, potentially countering a rival bid from Iliad SA for the unit, people familiar with the matter said.

  26. Reliance Jio Happy New Year Plan 2024: How it compares to Airtel

    Here's how this Jio Happy New Year 2024 plan compares to annual plans of Airtel and Vodafone-Idea. Jio Happy New Year 2024 Plan. Price: Rs 2,999 The newly launched annual New Year prepaid plan ...

  27. Vodafone Business Home Ultrafast nbn® Business Plan

    Plan : Vodafone Business Home Ultrafast nbn® Business Plan - $135.00 Modem : Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub™ Modem: $0 upfront - - Deal : Discount offer: Get a $10/mth discount on plan fees for first 12 months when you sign up to this plan. T&Cs apply. - 12 x -$10.00