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The 9 Best Workbenches of 2024

The Husky Height-Adjustable Wood-Top Workbench is our top pick

work on tables

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work on tables

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Whether you use your workbench on rare occasions to repair household items, you spend your weekends happily puttering on it with your newest power tool, or it's an integral part of your regular hobbies or profession, no workshop is complete without one. The right workbench is big enough to hold your tools and the materials you're working on, solid enough to avoid any rocking or wiggles, and built with the features you most need, whether that be extra storage or a work light.

Deane Biermeier, a carpenter and former contractor, as well as a member of The Spruce's Home Improvement Review Board, says, "A common myth is that a versatile workbench can be built from scratch for less money than buying a pre-fabricated one. While that might be true if all you need is a board perched atop a couple of sawhorses, for anything beyond that, including tables with drawers, wheels, lights, or pegboards, competition between brands for your business means that you can likely purchase a workbench that’s far more versatile than the one you can build for the same cost. You’ll save a day or two of labor as well."

Read on for all of the best workbenches for your garage or workshop.

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Best Overall

Husky height-adjustable wood-top workbench.

The Home Depot

Very sturdy and stable

Height adjustment is wide enough for use while sitting or standing

Two drawers

Crossbar can be installed in the middle or towards the back

No drawer liners

No locks on drawers

Total weight capacity is somewhat low

The Husky Height-Adjustable Workbench is our top choice, thanks to its sturdy build, useful features, and versatility. This powder-coated steel table is topped with a 1.2-inch thick solid wood top that has a clear protective coating to help it resist stains and scratches. The workbench measures 52 inches in length and 24 inches in depth, and adjusts in height from 26 to 42 inches. That means you could use this table while sitting down if desired, or raise it up to whatever comfortable height you need. The table comes with 3-inch tall, 1-inch thick casters, so you can maneuver it easily into position, and then lock the wheels to keep it in place. You can remove the casters if desired, and install the leveling feet instead if you want a workbench that is completely stationary.

There are two drawers mounted under the table top, each with a 35-pound weight capacity and measuring 40 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 2.25 inches high. While the drawers do not come with liners, you could easily add your own, as liners help keep tools from rolling around when the drawers are opened or closed. The drawers pull out smoothly and easily but do not lock. The crossbar at the base of the table can be installed in the center or towards the back, which gives you flexibility in terms of open space for standing or sitting while working.

The weight capacity of the workbench is 300 pounds. The bench itself weighs just over 120 pounds, and while not difficult to assemble, it's best to have an assistant due to the weight. If you prefer a different size, Husky also offers this same workbench in 46-inch, 62-inch, or 72-inch lengths. It's also available with black paint instead of white.

Dimensions: 52 x 24 x 26-42 inches | Material: Steel with wooden top | Shelves: None | Drawers: 2 | Total Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Portable

Worx pegasus multi-function work table.

Doubles as worktable or sawhorse

Includes clamps and clamp dogs

Very stable and sturdy

Included clamps are not heavy-duty

Not easy to attach clamps from other brands to the table

The extremely versatile Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table from WORX will be your favorite assistant when taking on projects that require you to get up and go. This handy little workbench incorporates quite a few features that you'll love: Use it as a worktable that can support up to 300 pounds, or fold it into a sawhorse that can support up to 1,000 pounds. Either way, you can lock the legs, so there's no need to worry about wobble or sway while you work. The Pegasus is made of very strong ABS plastic reinforced with steel, so this is no flimsy workbench that will tip over when the work gets tough. Nonslip feet also help keep it in position.

The table comes with two integrated quick clamps so you can easily keep materials in place while you work, or clamp pieces together while glue dries. The table also includes four clamp dogs to assist with positioning materials or holding objects in place on the table. There's a small shelf beneath the table to hold your extra tools and supplies, as well. The Pegasus weighs a mere 25 pounds and measures 32 inches high, 25 inches wide and 31 inches deep. When folded, it's only 5 inches deep. If that's not big enough for your project, you can easily link three or more of these tables together.

Dimensions: 25 x 31 x 32 inches | Material: Plastic and steel | Shelves: 1 | Drawers: None | Total Weight Capacity: 300 pounds, 1,000 as sawhorse

Best Budget

Benchpro height adjustable bench.

Reasonable price

Good weight capacity

Adjustable height

No drawers or shelves

Assembly instructions not the best, but very easy to assemble

Workbenches can be expensive, but they don't have to be. This offering from BenchPro is very reasonably priced and sturdy enough to play a starring role in your workshop. It measures 48 inches in length and 24 inches in depth. You can adjust the height between 30 and 36 inches, making it easy to get the bench just right for comfortable use. The frame of the table is powder-coated steel and it's topped with a 1-inch-thick slab of particle board, which provides a very stable surface for your projects. The weight capacity of the table is 1,000 pounds. The weight of the table itself is 78 pounds.

While admittedly nothing fancy, this reasonably priced workbench is more than adequate to hold your tools and materials while you repair, hammer, saw, cut, grind, drill, or carry out any other common workshop task. The top is strong enough to attach a vise clamp or other type of clamp, making it suitable for woodworking projects, as well. This workbench does require very simple assembly.

Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 30-36 inches | Material: Steel with wooden top | Shelves: None | Drawers: None | Total Weight Capacity: 1,000 pounds

Best with Cabinets

Husky steel garage cabinet set.

Wheeled cabinets store underneath the workbench

Adjustable shelves inside both cabinets

Pegboard inside one cabinet's doors for hanging tools

Assembly somewhat difficult

Few complaints it was tough to get cabinet drawers straight

It's a common problem: You want to use your garage as a workshop , but you don't have a lot of room for a workbench and tool storage. The solution is the Husky Garage Storage System, a set of three pieces that includes a workbench and two wheeled cabinets that fit snuggly underneath, or roll out for easy access when needed. All are made from powder-coated steel with wooden worktops. The workbench is 72 inches long, 24 inches deep, and 42 inches high. Both of the wheeled cabinets have double doors that open to reveal an interior with one adjustable shelf. One cabinet also has a small drawer. The other has pegboard installed on the inside of the doors. The doors and the drawer have magnetic latch closures to keep them from swinging open. Both cabinets lock, as well.

The sturdy workbench has a weight capacity of 3,000 pounds. The adjustable shelves inside the two cabinets each have a weight capacity of 100 pounds. The total weight capacity of the cabinet with drawer is 350 pounds, and the total weight capacity of the other cabinet is 322 pounds. The entire garage storage system weighs 279 pounds. The casters for the cabinets are 5 inches tall and have locks so the cabinets won't roll away from you. This system is a great way to maximize the storage space in your garage workshop while providing a very sturdy table for your various projects. Be aware that you'll need to assemble the set, which is not overly difficult but is best done with an assistant due to the weight of the included components.

Dimensions: 72 x 24 x 42 inches | Material: Steel with wooden tops | Shelves: 2 | Drawers: 1 | Total Weight Capacity: 3,000 pounds for workbench

Best With Light

Wen 48-inch workbench.

Very reasonable price

Built-in light and power strip

Large pegboard for extra storage

Bottom shelf for larger tools

Somewhat difficult to assemble

No included pegs for pegboard

No lock on drawers

Turn even a dark garage into the ideal workshop with this 48-inch workbench from WEN that comes with a 22-inch fluorescent bulb (although you can replace it with an LED bulb) to cast plenty of light over your work area. But that's not the only great feature of this steel workbench. There's also a large pegboard so you can hang tools right at hand (pegs not included), two drawers for stashing other tools, a bottom shelf to hold your larger or heavier items, and a built-in power strip with three 120-volt outlets for charging your power tools. (You'll need to plug the table's 6.7-foot power cord into an outlet in your garage or workshop.)

The bench itself measures 47.5 inches in length, 25 inches in depth, and 35 inches in height. Including the pegboard, the full height is 61.75 inches. The benchtop can hold up to 220 pounds of weight, and the shelf can support an additional 200 pounds. The two drawers measure 20 inches long by 17 3/4 inches deep by 2 1/2 inches high. Each drawer can hold up to 25 pounds. Keep in mind that you will need to assemble the workbench, which weighs 88.5 pounds.

Dimensions: 47.38 x 25 x 61.75 inches | Material: Steel | Shelves: 1 | Drawers: 2 | Total Weight Capacity: 220 pounds

Husky 3-Foot Wood-Top Workbench

Compact and sturdy

Shelf with lip to keep items contained

Locking casters for portability and storage

Relatively expensive

Not everyone has the space or the need for a large workbench. If you only tackle projects that involve small materials or occasional repairs on small appliances, then you might not want a workbench that's five or six feet in length, as many are. But the Husky 3-Foot Wood-Top Workbench will fit in just about any workshop, and it even has locking casters so you can push it out of the way or into a storage spot if desired. This small but sturdy workbench is made of steel with a solid wood top that can support up to 600 pounds of tools and materials.

The workbench has a handy bottom shelf that's surrounded by a lip to keep things from sliding off when the bench is being moved. The shelf has an 80-pound weight capacity, so you can store fairly heavy tools there to keep them out of the way. The table's full measurements are 37 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 34 inches high. It weighs 64 pounds and requires simple assembly.

Dimensions: 36.6 x 24 x 34 inches | Material: Steel with wooden top | Shelves: 1 | Drawers: None | Total Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

Gladiator 8-Foot Adjustable Height Workbench

Very sturdy construction

Wide range for adjustable height

Very high weight capacity

Not easy to adjust the height once workbench is assembled and standing upright

If you need an extra-large workbench and have room for it, then our recommendation is the 8-foot model from Gladiator. This heavy-duty, welded-steel worktable is topped with an attractive and strong slab of 1-3/4-inch thick hardwood that's been treated with a UV-cured protective coating to ward off damage from chemicals, moisture, or scratches. The full measurements of this workbench are 96 inches long and 25 inches deep. The height adjusts in 1.25-inch increments from 27.5 inches to 40.8 inches, so you could use this table while seated or standing.

The weight capacity of the workbench is a whopping 3,000 pounds, so no need to worry about overloading it with any typical DIY project or hobby. While it does not have casters, it does have leveler feet that let you fine-tune placement on floors that aren't quite even. The workbench requires simple assembly. As it weighs 179 pounds, you'll want an assistant or two on assembly day.

Dimensions: 96 x 25 x 27.5-40.8 inches | Material: Steel with wooden top | Shelves: None | Drawers: None | Total Weight Capacity: 3,000 pounds

Best with Drawers

Yukon 9-drawer rolling workbench.

Harbor Freight

Includes drawer liners

Sturdy drawers

Side handle

Some complaints that the drawer lock isn't sturdy

Somewhat shallow depth

If storage space—or its lack—is an issue in your garage workshop, then our recommendation is the Yukon Rolling Workbench, which has a total of nine drawers, each with smooth-gliding ball-bearing slides. The two larger drawers at the bottom can each support up to 200 pounds, while the seven smaller drawers each have a weight capacity of 100 pounds. The total weight capacity of the entire workbench is 1,200 pounds, so you'll be able to stash plenty of tools and supplies while still having a 46 inch long by 18-1/4-inch deep worktop for your projects. The height of this workbench is 37 1/8 inches.

This workbench is made of steel with a solid wood top. Four 5-inch by 2-inch casters let you maneuver it where you need it and then lock it in place. A large side handle makes it easier to move the workbench, as well. Unlike many other workbenches with drawers, this one includes drawer liners, which help keep your tools from sliding or rolling around and reduce the chance of damage. The workbench requires minimal assembly and weighs 186.5 pounds, so you'll definitely need an assistant.

Dimensions: 46 x 18.25 x 37.13 inches | Material: Steel with wooden top | Shelves: None | Drawers: 9 | Total Weight Capacity: 1,200 pounds

Best Wall-Mounted

Sparrow peak the quick bench.

Great solution for workshops with little floor space

High weight capacity

Springs make it easy to fold the bench upright

Some complaints that included hardware for installation isn't sturdy enough

Installation requires care and attention to achieve a level bench

If you only need a workbench occasionally and don't want to take up floor space in the garage , then the solution is the Quick Bench from Sparrow Peak. This wall-mounted bench is a 1.18-inch-thick butcher-block board that measures 48 inches in length and 20 inches deep and is finished with a coating of polyurethane for protection. The Quick Bench includes two steel brackets that support up to 500 pounds if properly installed by screwing them into wall studs.

The brackets have heavy-duty springs that help you fold the workbench into its upright position. Once upright, the bench is held securely in place so it won't accidentally drop down. When you want to use the workbench, just depress the easy-to-push finger triggers to release the lock, and it gently lowers into position. While this isn't the right workbench for heavy-duty hammering and other vibration-intense tasks, it's more than adequate for simple DIY jobs like sanding, cutting, or drilling various materials. The shelf weighs 36 pounds, and you'll need a stud finder, level, and drill to install it, as well as an assistant.

Dimensions: 48 x 20 x varies inches | Material: Wood | Shelves: None | Drawers: None | Total Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

If you want a feature-filled, very sturdy workbench with adjustable height, two drawers, a crossbar that can be installed in the center or towards the rear, depending on your needs, and a weight capacity of 300 pounds, our top recommendation is the Husky 52-Inch Height-Adjustable Wood-Top Workbench , However, if budget is a major concern, and you don’t need a workbench with a lot of frills, then we recommend the BenchPro Height Adjustable Bench , which is a 48-inch workbench with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds.

What to Look for In a Workbench

Most workbenches have a steel frame, which provides the strength and stability required to support the weight of heavy tools and materials. A good steel frame should be welded together, not just bolted, for extra security. There are workbenches with wooden frames, as well. While these can also be very strong, they aren't as tough as steel-framed workbenches for the most part.

The top of the workbench is usually either steel or wood. Along with strength, the benefits of a steel worktop, like the one on the WEN WB4723T 48-Inch Workbench , include resistance to spills of chemicals or oils, as well as immunity to scrapes and gouges. Downsides of a steel top include a slipperier surface, no drilled holes for placing wood "bench dog" clamps, more difficulty in installing a vise on the side of the tabletop, and more transmission of vibrations.

Many workbenches, including our top choice the Husky 52-Inch Height-Adjustable Workbench , have solid wood tops, often maple or oak. Typically, these workbenches are treated with protective coatings to help ward off damage from solvents and other chemicals. While a wooden tabletop might splinter or crack under severe use, generally, the wood is thick enough to resist all but the heaviest abuse. Benefits of a wood top include muffling of vibrations, the ability to drill holes for clamps and bench dogs, and usually easy installation of a vise.

There are also plastic workbenches, usually with some steel or aluminum in the frame for reinforcement. These are usually small, portable benches designed for toting to a worksite. The benefit of a plastic workbench is its lighter weight, which makes it much easier to transport. But if you need a large table to hold heavy tools and materials, plastic isn't the best choice.

To a great extent, the ideal size of your workbench depends on the amount of space you can devote to it. There's no point in purchasing a 6-foot workbench if you only have five available feet of floor space. So before making any decisions, measure the area where you'll keep the workbench. Remember to include not just the length of the spot, but also the depth.

As a general rule, workbenches designed for standing are between 32 and 36 inches tall, which is comfortable for an average-height person. Most have a fixed height. However, there are workbenches that allow you to adjust the height within a range of several inches up or down, such as the BenchPro 48-Inch Bench . While adjustable tables are excellent options for anyone who is shorter or taller than average or for a person who wants or needs to sit, rather than stand, while working, keep in mind that workbenches are generally very heavy, and it's typically not easy on most to adjust the height without turning the table onto its side first.

When it comes to table length and depth, there are workbenches as small as two feet long, and there are workbenches stretching out eight feet or more, such as the Gladiator 8-Foot Adjustable Height Workbench . The most common lengths, though, are between four and six feet. Most people will find that a workbench within that average range will serve their purposes well. In terms of workbench depth, most are between 20 and 25 inches, although there are workbenches more shallow and deeper as well. Generally, it's best not to skimp on table depth unless your space only permits a shallow table.


Most workbenches are very strong and heavy and are designed to be kept in one spot within a garage or workshop. Some have casters that let you move the table a bit within that space, but these aren't designed for moving the table much distance. Workbenches with casters typically have weight capacities considerably lower than the weight capacities of workbenches that are stationary, due to the stress on the casters.

If you need a portable workbench to tote to various worksites, look for a model that unfolds and folds up easily and has a secure mechanism to lock the legs in place when stationary, such as the WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table . Keep in mind that a multi-functional portable workbench has more moving parts than a stationary table, which can affect the stability of the structure. And while lightweight workbenches might be easier on your back when carrying them, most cannot support as much weight as larger, heavier tables, so keep a watchful eye on weight limits. Of course, portable workbenches tend to be much smaller than the average stationary workbench as well.

Storage Options

The simplest workbenches are basically tables with strong legs and a sturdy top. But if you need more storage space in your garage or workshop—and who doesn't?—then you'll appreciate the versatility of a workbench that offers built-in storage. Many of these tables have a shelf running along the bottom of the legs, which is a good spot to stash power tools or heavy materials. Others have one or more drawers, generally positioned right below the tabletop. Usually, these drawers are fairly shallow, but they are a good spot to store small hand tools.

There are also workbenches that have a tabletop perched above a cabinet with doors that open to reveal interior shelves, or workbenches that sit over a cabinet with multiple drawers, like the Yukon 46-Inch 9-Drawer Rolling Workbench . These offer much more storage, but they are also generally more expensive than a simpler workbench. Plus, their solid design means that you cannot stand as close to the workbench as you could with a table-shaped bench.

Workbench heights range between approximately 28 and 42 inches, with most landing somewhere around 34 inches. The correct height for your workbench depends on a number of factors, including the tools you are using, the nature of the work you are doing, and your own height. It’s important to get these measurements right to prevent neck and back strain, so consider all of these factors before choosing a table. Of course, there are workbenches with adjustable heights, which allow you to move the table a few inches up or down, depending on your needs that day.

Not every DIY project calls for a workbench. Some projects, such as assembling furniture, are best carried out at the spot where the furniture will be used. Other tasks are so small and simple that they are easily handled at your kitchen table. But when you are taking on a project that requires the use of large power tools, including table saws, circular saws, or bench grinders ; using solvents or strong chemicals; handling large materials; or doing something that creates a mess, such as sanding, sawing, or grinding, then a workbench in the garage or designated workshop is the right option.

There are a few different types of workbench to choose from.

  • Basic workbenches have a four-leg frame made of steel or wood and a flat top that also can be either steel or wood. These workbenches might have a shelf at the base or one or two drawers near the top, although many have no storage options.
  • Workbench cabinets are wood or steel tabletops that sit on a steel cabinet base. These workbenches provide you with storage. Most have drawers, but some have doors that open to reveal interior shelves.
  • Portable workbenches are generally made of plastic and fold so you can easily tote them to a worksite. These are small benches designed for temporary use.
  • Pegboard workbenches have a large pegboard attached above the tabletop. These are very useful for holding small hand tools.
  • Wall-mounted workbenches are generally shelves that pull down flat for use and then folds up flat against the wall when not needed. These are very useful if you don't have floor space for a regular table or if you only occasionally need a workbench.

Why Trust The Spruce?

Michelle Ullman is the home improvement/tool expert for The Spruce. She has extensive experience not only in writing about all things related to the home, but also in carrying out various DIY projects, including landscaping, painting, flooring, wallpapering, furniture makeovers, and simple repairs around the house and yard.

For this roundup, she considered dozens of workbenches, evaluating each for construction strength, weight capacity, size, ease of assembly, and overall value. She also considered feedback from customers, both positive and negative. Deane Biermeier , a carpenter and former contractor, as well as a member of The Spruce’s Home Review Board, provided further input.

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Best business tablets of 2024

Work where you want with the best business tablets on Apple, Android, and Windows

  • 1. Best overall
  • 2. Best for Windows
  • 3. Best Android
  • 4. Best portable
  • How to choose
  • How we test

1. Best overall 2. Best for Windows 3. Best Android 4. Best portable FAQs How to choose How we test

The best business tablets are essential for staying productive at home, in the office, and on the go. 

Whether you need the best tablet for accounting, finance, and checking your emails, or one tailor-made to graphic design and content creation, there are lots of models on the market from the likes of Apple , Samsung , and Microsoft . With so many different models on the market, what makes a good business tablet and which ones are the best? 

Having tested all the best business laptops and best business computers , our team of experts turned their attention to work devices offering maximum portability. Thin, lightweight, and feature-filled, we benchmarked the speed and performance of the best business tablets you can get right now. As part of our review process, we compared the specs, build quality, weight and dimensions, and overall design of a range of Apple and Android business tablets. 

Best business tablet in 2024

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

Below you'll find full write-ups for each candidate for the best business tablet. We've tested each one extensively, so you can be sure that our recommendations can be trusted. 

Best business tablet overall

1. apple ipad pro 12.9.

Our expert review:


Reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

The iPad Pro 12.9" is the best iPad available today. This iPad Pro saw an update in 2022 to bump it to an Apple M2 chipset, giving this piece of glass even more power under the display. Additionally, the larger storage sizes allow for an increase in RAM, topping out at 16GB.

The large screen size is perfect for content editing or creation and multitasking. Much like the iPad Air, this iPad has a few keyboard options, giving way to another level of productivity. 

The impressive cameras on the back, with LiDar, included, can pave the way for immersive AR functionality at a job site or in an office. Powerful speakers can project important content to a mass of people, and the Center Stage front camera can keep the focus on whoever is involved in a virtual meeting.

There is also an 11-inch model with the same great chip, with a slightly smaller screen and, in some cases, a little less RAM. If you are looking for the best of the best but don't need the largest screen, this might be a great solution.

Read our full Apple iPad Pro (M2, 12.9) review

Best business tablet for Windows

2. microsoft surface pro 9 5g.

The best business tablet isn't necessarily the newest, which is why the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G doesn't top this list, but it's still a decent device that could be useful for you, depending on what you need from your slate.

We didn't find the Surface Pro 9 a huge upgrade on the impressive and dependable Surface Pro 6. The fact that the older slate is more affordable now is why we don't believe the newer tablet will topple its predecessor. The Surface Pro 9 5G takes a continued step in the progression of Microsoft's tablet lineup.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G features a quality array of cameras on the front and back, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a surface connector port. Another element that makes this stand out among competitors is including Windows 11 as the operating system .

Read our full Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G review

Best Android tablet for business

3. samsung galaxy tab s8.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is the best option for business use and beyond if you're looking for a tablet outside of the Apple Ecosystem. The included S Pen unlocks so much for designers and those who prefer to handwrite meeting notes, sign many documents, add some red pen to a written document or draw diagrams.

These tablets can expand their storage thanks to a microSD card slot. Alternatively, if you want to expand your screen size, you can opt for the Ultra, adding 1.4 inches of diagonal display. We use our Tab S8 as our daily driver, finding it impressively fast, with a sharp, bright screen ready-made for watching Netflix. Armed with the stylus, we've found the tablet more than capable of photo editing and digital art - although it does sometimes struggle with very large canvases. For handwritten notes, though, it's a delight. 

This tablet packs a good amount of power while also having an impressive battery life. You shouldn't be disappointed if you choose this tablet for your professional endeavors.

Read our full Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 review

Best business tablet for portability

4. ipad air, m1.

We'd recommend this iPad Air to people interested in the best iPad Pro but perhaps don't need all its bells and whistles. The tablet has the same Apple M1 chipset as the iPad Pro 11 (2021), so it's very powerful - plus, it has a similar design, battery life, and accessory compatibility.

The key differences are that it doesn't have as much storage space, and its screen is smaller (and technically uses different technology, though we're not sure most people will notice). When we tested the devices, we didn't mind these differences most of the time, and unless you're a power user, you might find the Air a better device.

That's especially the case for students. Since the iPad Air feels the same as the iPad Pro but costs less, people who want to save some money will find it perfect. 

Read our full Apple iPad Air (2022) review

Best business tablets: FAQs

What are business tablets.

Business tablets are mobile devices that allow professionals to get important work done on-the-go, whether it be during a long commute or during a flight for an important work event.

While these generally won't have the same functionality as business laptops, it trades some functionality for better connectivity, battery life, and portability while still offering professionals access to all of their important work apps and accounts.

Which tablet is best for working professionals?

Generally, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch is the best business tablet if you're talking about features and performance, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus are also great alternatives.

How to choose the best business tablets for you

Go pro with these accessories and peripherals - tested, reviewed, and rated by us

> Best iPad accessories and cases > Best iPad Pro cases > Best office keyboards > Best iPad Pro accessories

When deciding how to choose the best business tablet, remember that these days, for a tablet to prove itself genuinely useful, it needs to boast performance that is almost on a par with the top laptops. 

These kinds of tablets need to have enough processing power to manage demanding tasks, long battery lives to power you through long work sessions and lightweight builds.

Thankfully, the tablets featured on our list are incredibly versatile devices, and thanks to the combination of power and form factor, they are excellent devices for business use. The best 2-in-1 laptops , however, offer even more versatility if you're looking for a true tablet-laptop hybrid. 

The best business tablets you'll find on this page can be used for various professional tasks, whether that's reading documents on the go, being creative in a range of ways, or managing different systems and channels at the same time. You'll therefore need to consider what tasks you plan to use your tablet for, whether you prefer working with iOS or Android, and also what budget you have to play with.

How we test the best business tablets

Our team of reviewers have expertly tested a massive range of the best iPads and best Android tablets for work, school, and play.

There are no shortage of contenders out there when it comes to selecting the best business tablets on the market. Since Apple changed the game with the launch of the iPad in 2010, the market has been swamped with the biggest names in tech looking to claim a chunk of the pie.

So we've been ruthless in whittling down our list, and among the areas we've sought to analyse include key factors one might expect, like graphics, processing speed, storage space and screen size. But we’ve also taken into account some considerations that can often be forgotten about. 

Given the smaller size of tablets compared to desktop PCs and laptops, connectivity options aren’t always in high supply, which is why we’ve noted where tablets have managed to cram in an impressive variety of connectivity options and ports. 

We’ve also tested what were previously deemed luxury features but now should be considered as standard, such as cameras, docking stations, and styluses. Finally, given the importance that Apple placed in design when launching the iPad, we’ve also made sure to consider the look and feel of each tablet.

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Julian Chokkattu

The Best Tablets for Work and Play

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ipad mini with apple pencil

Best for Most People Apple iPad (2021, 9th Gen) Read more

ipad 10th generation blue front and back

A More Modern iPad Apple iPad (2022, 10th Gen) Read more

OnePlus Pad tablets with keyboards attached

Best Android Tablet OnePlus Pad Read more

2023 Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

Best Tablet Under $200 Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) Read more

The best tablet can be a portable TV screen around the house and a way to get some light work done away from your desk. They're not essential but are nice to have around. With a wealth of apps for drawing, painting, and making music, they’re also a great outlet for creative impulses.

The iPad’s ease of use and best-in-breed software make it the obvious choice for most people, but if you don’t want an iPad, other options exist. Android tablets are making a comeback recently as Google refocused its efforts on improving the tablet experience. Amazon’s Fire tablets are also an affordable way to watch movies and browse the web, as long as you don’t mind their limitations. There are even great E Ink slates for jotting down notes or sketching. These are our favorites of the many we have tested.

Be sure to check out our other buying guides , including the Best iPads , Best Digital Notebooks and Pens , Best Drawing Apps , Best iPad Accessories , and Best Amazon Fire Tablets .

Updated November 2023: We’ve added the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE series, ReMarkable 2, TCL NxtPaper 11, and Wacom One 13 Touch.

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Best for Most People

It's surprisingly hard to find another tablet that performs as smoothly as Apple's iPad. The ninth-generation model ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) uses the same A13 Bionic chip that powers the iPhone 11 , which outclasses similarly priced slates. Sure, it looks like an iPad from six years ago, with thick borders around the screen and a classic home button (with Touch ID), but maybe that's what you want. It's the only iPad with this design anymore, and the only one that comes with an audio jack.

The best addition to the 2021 model is the 12-megapixel selfie camera with support for Center Stage. The camera will ensure you're always visible in the frame, handy if you're cooking and FaceTiming with Mom. You also get Apple's class-leading ecosystem of tablet-optimized apps, which truly make this a slate capable of entertainment and work. The latter is especially true if you hook up Apple's Smart Keyboard (or a third-party alternative ). It supports the first-gen Apple Pencil too, but this is the only iPad with a larger air gap between the glass and screen. There's a discernible space between your fingertip and the actual pixels, which makes using the iPad for sketching a little less natural than its siblings.

A More Modern iPad

Apple finally introduced a nicer entry-level iPad in 2022. The 10th-gen iPad ( 7/10, WIRED Recommends ) mimics the rest of Apple's slates with a uniform, slim bezel around the slightly larger 10.9-inch LCD screen. There's also no home button—instead, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor is embedded into the power button at the top—and no headphone jack. It does have a USB-C port, which means you can use the same cable as your MacBook to recharge it. There's also 5G support on the cellular model. The 12-MP selfie camera now sits at the center when you hold the tablet horizontally—no need to awkwardly look to the side during video calls.

Unfortunately, the price has jumped up, which is why Apple continues to sell the 9th-gen model. There's also only first-gen Apple Pencil support , and the air gap between the screen and glass remains, so it's not the best iPad for sketching. It supports the Magic Keyboard Folio and the Smart Folio case , but we recommend you go with a third-party keyboard to save some cash.

Best Android Tablet

If you're eyeing a tablet that can replace your laptop every now and then—one that still works great as an entertainment slate, and is not an iPad—take a look at the OnePlus Pad ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ). It's the first-ever tablet from the phone maker and it runs Android 13 out of the box, so there are a lot of improvements in making the Android experience on a tablet really great. Multitasking is notably efficient here, aided by the company's accessories: a Magnetic Keyboard case and a stylus. It was the first time I felt comfortable working for long stretches of time on an Android tablet. (OnePlus occasionally has a sale bundle that includes the keyboard or stylus with your tablet purchase for free on its own storefront.)

The 11.61-inch LCD 144-Hz display is sharp, fluid, and colorful, the battery has excellent standby time and can get through close to a full workday, and performance is pretty smooth. It'll get three years of OS updates and four years of security updates. It's a shame there's no microSD slot, headphone jack, or biometric authentication.

Best Tablet Under $200

Amazon's Fire tablets aren't for everyone. They really push Amazon Prime services and apps, but they're great for leisurely tasks, like playing games and watching movies. There's no Google Play Store (though there's a workaround ), and not every Android app is readily available. Still, for $140, it's hard to beat the 2023 Fire HD 10, which is our favorite Fire Tablet . The update over the 2021 model is largely just a processor bump, making it slightly faster. It has enough power for most tasks, even some light work if you pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard (there's a keyboard bundle !). There's a USB-C port, so you can charge it with the same cable as your laptop or phone, and it has hands-free Alexa support, meaning it can double as an Echo Show .

Note that Amazon steeply discounts its Fire tablets on Prime Day , Black Friday, and for shopping holidays like back-to-school season, so try to avoid paying full price. That's why it might be worth looking at the Fire Max 11 , which is a faster, better quality tablet, but has far too high of an MSRP. When it dips to $150 or less, it's worth it.

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2022 Apple iPad Air devices

Best Upgrade

If you want to do some work on your tablet, get Apple's iPad Air ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends) . Thanks to the M1 processor, it's the most powerful tablet for the money. You can play demanding games, edit batches of RAW photos, render 3D designs, and so much more. Apple's recent strides in iPadOS make it easier to multitask than ever too. This slate delivers slim bezels around the 10.9-inch screen and USB-C for charging, and it supports the second-generation Apple Pencil ( Amazon ), which magnetically attaches to the top and recharges wirelessly. That also makes this one of the best tablets for sketching, as the laminated display offers a more natural drawing experience. There's no Face ID, but Touch ID is integrated into the power button.

★ The ultimate iPad: The 12.9-inch 2022 iPad Pro ( 7/10, WIRED Recommends ) is much more expensive at $1,049 , but it's more feature-rich. The large screen makes it even better for drawing. It has Mini-LED backlighting technology , which outputs a brighter display with better contrast, and improved performance with the M2 chip. You also get a 120-Hz screen refresh rate , two extra speakers, 5G, Face ID, and a lidar sensor, among other perks.

Google Pixel Tablet

Best Tablet and Smart Display Combo

Google's Pixel Tablet ( 7/10, WIRED Recommends ) is part tablet, part smart display. This 11-inch slate is like a big Pixel phone , with a sharp LCD screen, good speakers, and slick software. It's powerful too, thanks to the Tensor G2 software inside. However, it comes with a hub, so when you're done using it as a tablet, you can magnetically dock it to automatically start recharging. This hub doubles as a speaker, and since the Pixel Tablet is the first to support Chromecast, you can cast music or shows to it from your phone or laptop and get beefier sound out of the system. When you're not using it, you can have the display show a clock or friends and family from your Google Photos library like a digital picture frame .

The best part is multi-user support. The Pixel Tablet supports up to eight profiles, so every member of the family can switch to their own personalized profile, and it's securely locked via fingerprint. On another note, I highly recommend getting the official Pixel Tablet Case ($79) , as it adds a much-needed kickstand and it doesn't interrupt the hub attachment point. I also tested a Speck case that has a decent kickstand and is a little cheaper .

Image may contain Book Human Person Text and Sitting

Best Digital Notebook

I've been using the ReMarkable 2 for more than a year as a digital notebook, and it's hard to imagine life without it. Writing with the stylus feels closer to paper and pen than any other digital notebook I've tried (we've tested others here ). You can choose between the Marker and the Marker Plus. The latter has an eraser at the other end, but I don't think it's worth the higher cost. The company has done a (sorry not sorry for the pun!) remarkable job of keeping the software updated while adding more organizational features. You can add tags and make folders or notebooks, and the slate does a decent job of converting handwriting to text. You can send files to your email in a few different formats too. You don't need to subscribe to Connect ($3 per month) , but it gives you unlimited cloud storage and the ability to access and make notes on desktop and mobile.

What really upped the game with the ReMarkable 2 for me was the new Type Folio Keyboard Cover ($199) . This handy accessory magnetically sticks to the tablet and adds a tiny keyboard! It connects via pogo pins, so you never have to recharge it. The keyboard takes some getting used to, as the layout is cramped, but I love using it to write when I absolutely need to get away from all the distractions from Slack, email, and other messaging apps. Best of all is the ReMarkable's long-lasting battery—I plug it in once a week if not less.

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet on red backdrop

Best Tablet Under $100

The 2022 Fire HD 8 ( 6/10, WIRED Review ) doesn't add much over the 2020 model outside of a slightly faster processor and thinner design. For the money, you get decent performance, a USB-C charging port, stereo sound, and hands-free access to Alexa—all of this in a travel-friendly 8-inch size. The screen isn't as nice as the Fire HD 10, and it can be a little tough to see images and text clearly if you're outside, but this is the best tablet you can get for around $100. There's officially no Google Play Store, but there's a workaround that nets you access to more apps.

Paying the extra $20 for the Fire HD 8 Plus is wise, as you get extra RAM (which helps when you're scrolling the web or juggling multiple apps) and wireless charging, so you can recharge it on almost any charging pad. You can also use an official wireless charging dock , which props up the tablet and turns it into an Echo Show while it's juicing up. Either way, consider picking up Amazon's magnetic cover to hold the tablet steady when you're bingeing TV shows.

★ An alternative: Amazon also refreshed the Fire HD 7 ($60) in 2022 to offer better performance and USB-C connectivity. You only get 16 gigs of storage (though there's a MicroSD card slot), and the screen is still tiny (7 inches), but if that's what you want, it's a fine option.

Lenovo P11 Pro 2nd Generation tablet

A Cheaper Android Tablet

Lenovo's Tab P11 Pro (2nd Gen) is all you need if you want a lag-free Android tablet. The MediaTek 1300T processor inside did an excellent job juggling various apps and games, even when spending a few workdays in Lenovo's Productivity Mode, which kicks in when you connect a Bluetooth keyboard. The interface switches to a laptop-like environment with resizable app windows. It's not quite as nice to use as the OnePlus Pad for work though. I tested the version with six gigabytes of RAM—the 4-GB model is cheaper but will likely feel more sluggish. I strongly recommend using Lenovo's Keyboard and kickstand if you plan to get some work done as it connects via pogo pins and doesn't require any power or Bluetooth fiddling (though it's frequently out of stock). You can doodle if you get Lenovo's Precision Pen 3 , and I found it fairly responsive.

The 11-inch OLED (!) display is a nice size to carry around, and the screen is sharp and colorful, joined by a quad-speaker system that sounds robust. There's a microSD card slot to expand the 128 GB of built-in storage if you need it, but there's no headphone jack, so you'll have to listen in with Bluetooth earbuds (or use a dongle ). Other downsides? There's no biometric authentication, the cameras aren't much to write home about, and while I got nearly seven hours on a single charge, this tablet devours battery life in standby mode so turn it off if you're not using it. Lenovo is also promising three years of security updates and two OS updates for this slate, which means since it's running Android 12, it won't get anything past Android 14. That's better than what the company has promised before, but still not as good as the competition, and it doesn't help that Lenovo is really slow to roll these updates out.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 2022 model on green backdrop

Best Kids Tablet

When you're giving a tablet to a kid, you want something durable and cheap so that it's unlikely to break and, if does, a replacement won't be too costly. Amazon offers kid-friendly versions of all its Fire tablets, and the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition sits in the sweet spot of having a kid-friendly size and a wallet-friendly price. It's the exact same as the Fire HD 8 above, but the extra money you spend adds a bulky case to protect the tablet and a two-year worry-free damage plan. That means if your kid breaks it, you can return it and Amazon will send you a replacement for free. You also get a year of Amazon's Kids+ service , which provides access to kid-friendly books , movies, games, and apps, all with parental controls. It's $8 per month after the first year ($5 for Prime members).

There's also the larger Fire HD 10 Kids Edition, which comes in two variants: one for kids aged 3 to 7 , and a Kids Pro Edition for kids aged 6 to 12. Both are pricier and might be too big for younger children to comfortably use. Check out our Best Kids Tablets guide for more ideas.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series tablets

Luxe Android Tablets

Samsung's Tab S9 series ( 7/10, WIRED Recommends ) consists of three tablets: the Tab S9 ($800) , Tab S9+ ($1,000) , and Tab S9 Ultra ($1,200) . They're all insanely expensive, but you get some of the best hardware in Android, from superbright 120-Hz screens and IP68 water resistance to an included S Pen stylus and flagship performance. Samsung offers some of the longest support outside of Apple, with a promise of four Android OS upgrades and five years of security updates.

These slates are capable at work and play, thanks to multitasking improvements and an improved DeX desktop mode. But I think the Tab S9 is the weakest of the lot in terms of value. You can get a very close experience with tablets like the OnePlus Pad and Pixel Tablet for far less (or even Samsung's Galaxy Tab S9 FE ). Instead, if you really like the look of these Samsung tablets, stick with the Tab S9+ and Tab S9 Ultra. There aren't a lot of large-screen Android slates, and these do the job exceptionally well. Just remember that Samsung's Book Cover keyboard attachment is yet another expensive purchase.

2023 Wacom One 13 tablet

A Great Drawing Tablet

Want a tablet strictly for drawing? Get the Wacom One 13 Touch ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ). WIRED's resident artist and product reviewer Jaina Grey has been using an iPad to draw for years, and yet the Wacom's silky smooth touchscreen drew her in. It's easy to set up—just plug the USB-C cable into your PC—and start sketching with your preferred drawing app ; the stylus doesn't need recharging. The downside is that it needs to be tethered to another device, so you can't just bring it wherever you want, as you would an iPad.

ipad minis lined up

Best Portable Tablet

Want something a little bigger than your phone, but still pocketable and easy to travel with? The 8.3-inch iPad Mini ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) should be up your alley. You get a compact tablet with a refreshed iPad Pro-like design. It has the A15 Bionic processor, the same that powers the iPhone 13 range , and Touch ID embedded inside the power button. It also features Center Stage in the camera, like the aforementioned iPads, and USB-C for charging. It's unbelievably small and cute, and you can attach the second-gen Apple Pencil to it for on-the-go sketching.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 models

Best Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

Who says tablets need to run operating systems originally designed for smartphones? Microsoft's Surface line employs Windows, making it a suitable choice for heavy, desktop-grade workflows. The Surface Pro 9 doesn't add much over its predecessor—it has a faster processor—but it remains powerful, with a large 13-inch screen and a 120-Hz refresh rate . The best part is the built-in kickstand, which lets you plop it down on almost any surface. It's not as polished as an iPad in tablet mode, but Windows 11 has larger touch targets that make it easier to use. Our main gripe? Battery life is not as great as Microsoft promises. 

The Surface Go 3 suffers from similar battery woes, but it's a cheaper option. It's not as powerful, so it's better suited for simpler tasks like writing emails, browsing the web, and watching Netflix.

We recommend the Surface Pro 9 with the Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256-GB SSD for most people.

GrandPad tablet

Best for Seniors

If you have a family member who has a hard time with technology and you want to maintain easy contact with them, the GrandPad ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) is your best bet. It's a yearly subscription, so it's expensive, but you're getting LTE connectivity out of the box, so the device is always connected to the internet—no need to set up Wi-Fi. The slate itself has outdated specs (it's an Acer 8-inch tablet), but there's a large, optimized interface, speakers tuned to help those hard of hearing, ad-free music streaming and radio stations, unlimited photo and video storage, and games like Solitaire. If the device is ever damaged or lost, the company will send a replacement.

The GrandPad excels at one-to-one video calls, and it's portable, meaning they can take it with them and still receive your calls. It sits on a wireless charging cradle too, so your loved one won't have to fuss with cables.

Google Pixel Fold with WIRED homepage displayed on the screen

Get a Folding Phone Instead

OK, hear me out. If all you're really after is a slightly larger screen to catch up on shows and movies at bedtime, then instead of getting another device you need to deal with, why not upgrade your phone to a folding smartphone? The whole idea behind these kinds of folding devices is to offer a larger screen than ever before in a smaller package. The Pixel Fold ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends ) opens up to be a 7.6-inch slate—not a massive difference from the 8.3-inch iPad Mini! Not all apps take advantage of the larger screen size, but this is something that's improving over time. Best of all, you can easily hop into a split-screen mode to run two apps simultaneously side by side. Read our Best Folding Phones guide for more options.

Nokia T20 Tablet

Honorable Mentions

We test tons of tablets every year. Here are a few others we like, just not as much as our picks above.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus for $600 : The Galaxy Tab S9 FE is the “ Fan Edition ” version of the flagship Tab S9 series, which essentially means it makes some sacrifices for a more palatable price. It comes in a Plus and standard variant —I tested the former—and both include a stylus. It performed much better than the older Tab S7 FE tablet I tested, with not many stutters. The 12.4-inch LCD screen is vast and a rarity to find at this price in the world of Android tablets, but it's a bit tricky to comfortably hold, especially when you're browsing apps in bed. I still prefer the OnePlus Pad and Pixel Tablet over it, especially at this price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series for $500+ : Whether it's the Tab S8 , Tab S8+ , or Tab S8 Ultra , it's always smart to buy 2022's flagship tablets when they go on sale. (Make sure you don't pay MSRP!) They're not that different from the new Tab S9 series, except the smallest slate is stuck with an LCD panel here instead of AMOLED, and there is no IP68 water resistance rating. You still get a stylus that magnetically sticks to the back of the tablet, Samsung's DeX mode to get some work done, and long software support.

Nokia T20 Android Tablet for $145 : I nearly gave the Nokia T20 our top Android tablet spot above. It's pretty great. What brought it down was … my time with the Lenovo P11, which performed better and had a nicer screen—all for not much more money. Still, the T20 will run most apps and games, it has a decent 10.3-inch screen that's not too big and not too small, and there's a headphone jack. The speakers and screen are just OK. HMD Global, which makes Nokia hardware, promises two OS upgrades and three years of security updates (it was only recently updated to Android 13, so the rollouts are slow).

Nokia T10 Android Tablet for $130 : I think the Nokia T20 is the better option, but the T10 is a smaller 8-inch slate if you want something more pocketable. The screen resolution is lackluster, and the performance isn't super snappy, but it's decent enough for reading or catching up on a show before bed. The company promises two OS upgrades and three years of security updates.

TCL Tab Pro 5G Android Tablet for $400 : Unless you really want 5G connectivity and are prepared to sign up for a monthly data-only plan with Verizon, I think Lenovo's P11 Pro (2nd Gen) is the better buy. This TCL has a solid 2K LCD screen, but it's not as contrasty and colorful as our top Android pick. Its speakers are nice, as is performance—it ran all the usual apps just fine. However, the 10-inch screen size isn't large enough to make some apps split into two columns when in a vertical orientation (not the case on the P11 Pro). At least you get a fingerprint scanner.

Amazon Fire Max 11 tablet

Avoid These Tablets

TCL Nxtpaper 11 Tablet for $290 : This TCL tablet has dipped on sale as low as $161, so try to avoid paying more than $200 for it. It has a matte paper-like 11-inch screen, which is easy on the eyes, much like an E Ink screen on an ebook reader. It's totally fine to use for browsing your favorite apps and even watching movies and shows, though performance is pretty choppy across the board. But it will only get two security updates, with zero promises to get Android 14. That's pretty pathetic.

Lenovo Tab Extreme for $950 : This is a really expensive, premium-feeling tablet. It's fantastic … until you start using it. My unit was riddled with bugs (apps kept force-closing) not to mention that Lenovo's Android interface made some weird design decisions that affected my workflow. Unlike every other new Android tablet, you can't open a second Chrome tab in split-screen mode to have two Chrome tabs side by side. When I took it to an in-person meeting to type up notes, my palm kept touching the trackpad on the keyboard case and moved my cursor around. It was frustrating. It's also weirdly difficult to buy right now. It's just not worth the hassle.

Amazon Fire 11 Max for $230 : If you are OK with a tablet that shoves Amazon content in your face, and nothing else, then the Fire 11 Max is a fine buy. However, Amazon has a Productivity Bundle that adds a keyboard case for $330, and this is where the Max starts losing value. You can do so much more with many of the tablets above. It's only worth it if you can find it at a steep discount, like during Black Friday.

Satechi aluminum iPad stand

Great Tablet Accessories

Tablets often don't come with kickstands or enough ports, so it's a good idea to snag a few accessories to enhance your experience. These are some of our favorite tablet accessories, many of which you can also find in our Best iPad Accessories guide .

Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand for $45 : This is my favorite tablet stand, so much so that I've taken it with me on trips. It packs down relatively well, and it is very stable—there's no wobbling around here. You can also adjust the angle quite a bit. It can handle huge sizes too—it worked perfectly with my 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Twelve South Compass Pro Stand for $50 : This is made for iPads, but I've had no trouble using it for plenty of other tablets. It's more travel-friendly than the Satechi above and fairly stable, but when I lift the tablet off, the back leg tends to change positions. You can angle it pretty low for sketching or keep it upright for watching movies. Unlike the Satechi, it's not a great option for keeping the tablet upright on a mattress.

Twelve South StayGo Mini USB-C Hub for $60 : This works with iPads and other tablets just fine. You can either plug it in and keep it flush with the edge of a slate or use the included cord to keep it extended. You get a USB-C port you can use for pass-through charging, a USB-A, an HDMI, and a headphone jack.

Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Holder for $26 : I've used this on my bed frame to hold up various tablets for more than a year. The gooseneck requires a bit of finagling to get to the right position, and if you're constantly tapping the tablet, it will jiggle around. But it's a great hands-free way to watch movies. You can affix the clamp to any surface, like a desk or kitchen counter.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo Mount/Stand for $80 : You can use this as a stand or as an arm mount, and Twelve South makes it really easy to switch between the two. That means you can easily affix your tablet to your bedside arm mount, and then put it on the stand in your home office in the morning. Both are sturdy, and the arm mount is decently adjustable. Best of all, it doesn't wiggle around as much as the Lamicall above when you tap the screen.

Keychron K3 Pro Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard for $100 : If you want to use a third-party Bluetooth keyboard with your tablet, a cheap one ( like this Logitech ) will do the job perfectly. But if you're a mechanical keyboard snob like me, this Keychron is an upgrade that's pretty easy to tote around. You can connect it to multiple devices and switch between them quickly; the keys light up in different, configurable colors; and best of all, it delivers the clickety-clackety experience you want with a mechanical keyboard. It needs to be recharged every three to four days, but you can also use it plugged in.

Anker Nano 3 30-Watt Charging Adapter for $20 : Most tablets charge at around 18 watts, so this 30-watt charger from Anker is more than capable. The plugs fold up, and it's pretty compact. If your tablet does support faster charging, then I recommend Satechi's 108-watt three-port USB-C charger ($75) . This will let you charge your phone, tablet, and laptop all off the same plug.

Einova Ultra Fast Power Bank for $47 : This power bank is slim enough to store next to a tablet in your bag, and it has enough capacity (20,000 mAh) to recharge an 11-inch tablet twice. You can fast-charge with the USB-C port and use the two USB-A ports to recharge other devices.

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The Best Smart Speakers With Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri

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Dear Abby: In-law prepares wonderful meals and sets beautiful tables but dishes up too many complaints

  • Published: Feb. 22, 2024, 4:00 a.m.

Advice columnist Dear Abby answers a question about a relative who complains about hosting

Dear Abby, written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, answers a question about a relative who complains about hosting. Canva

  • Abigail Van Buren

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have been married three years, and we generally trade off spending holidays with each of our families. Because neither set of our parents is willing to travel to us, we go to them.

My mother-in-law takes great pride in hosting and sets a beautiful table. She’ll spend an entire day in the kitchen, forgoing visiting with guests and wearing herself out to present an amazing dinner. If this brought her pleasure, there wouldn’t be a problem. But, Abby, she complains bitterly about how tired she is, how much her feet hurt, how much work it is to have people in her home and how she resents it.

The thing is, she won’t let us help. I’ve offered each time to help her cook, bring dishes made ahead of time or take a turn so she can sit down. Each time I have been sternly rebuffed, as if I’ve asked something embarrassing. When I tried leading the cleanup crew, her response was a hard no. I even suggested I come a day early and help with prep work, also no. I’m pretty sure she tells her friends she has lazy kids. Suggestions? -- BAFFLED IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR BAFFLED: Your mother-in-law appears to love to suffer. She is a martyr, so PLEASE stop attempting to deprive her of her pleasure. Try as you will (and have), you can’t change her. Of course, you and her son could offer to take her and Dad OUT for a lovely dinner. If you haven’t already experienced enough rejection from the woman, you could give it a try. But don’t be surprised if she refuses the offer or takes this personally. What she may say to her friends about you should not affect you.

Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at www.DearAbby.com or P.O. Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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How Fani Willis Fights Back Against Legal And Political Attacks In Pursuit Of Justice

F ulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis continues to stand firm amidst the whirlwind of legal and political challenges regarding her role in the racketeering case against former President Donald Trump. Attempts to disqualify her based on her relationship with special counsel Nathan Wade were met with a strong rebuff in court, where the legal norms of Georgia take precedence over sensationalist narratives.

Under Georgia law, a prosecutor can only be disqualified for a conflict of interest that prejudices the defendant or for “forensic misconduct.” Former DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James does not question Wade’s qualifications but does have concerns with Willis’ decision to bring him onto the case – if the allegations of an improper relationship hold up.“If I had a personal relationship, I probably would have not done it,” James said in an interview with CNN, “not because there’s anything inappropriate about it, only because people will take it, twist it, and make it look like there’s something inappropriate going on.”An actual conflict of interest must be involved.” In this context, Willis’s romantic relationship with Wade is not seen as prejudicial to the defense. The legal question boiled down to whether any financial conflict arose from Wade’s work with the District Attorney’s office. The conclusion: Willis and Wade’s dealings, including shared travel expenses, did not give rise to a conflict of interest warranting her disqualification.

In an assertive courtroom display, Willis tackled the accusations head-on, emphasizing her financial independence. “A man is not a plan, a man is a companion,” she declared, reinforcing her autonomy by stating she repaid Wade for shared travel costs. This testimony went unchallenged, weakening the case for her disqualification.

However, it’s not just legal battles Willis faces; political maneuvers have also targeted her. The House Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), subpoenaed Willis, demanding documents from her office related to federal grant usage, which they allege was mismanaged. Willis’s office has rejected these claims, stating that the funds were used appropriately for community programs, and has criticized the inquiries as an unconstitutional interference with state criminal proceedings.

Despite the former president’s indictment on multiple felony counts, including racketeering and conspiracy, and his characterization of the case as a “witch hunt,” legal experts and observers see no substantial ground for Willis’s disqualification. Fani Willis’s tenacity in the courtroom and her evident support within the community, particularly among Black women, have amplified her position as a staunch defender of justice against political and personal attacks.

Relevant articles:

– Fani Willis turns the tables on her attackers

– House GOP Subpoenas Fulton County DA Fani Willis Amid Trump Criminal Case Forbes Fri, 02 Feb 2024 08:00:00 GMT

– Lead prosecutor in Georgia election subversion case under scrutiny over alleged affair with DA  CNN, Fri, 12 Jan 2024 08:00:00 GMT

– Why Georgia grand jurors’ names are made public and what else to know as Trump investigation comes to a head – WABE  WABE 90.1 FM, Mon, 24 Jul 2023 07:00:00 GMT

Fulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis continues to stand firm amidst the whirlwind of legal and political challenges regarding her role in the racketeering case against former President Donald Trump. Attempts to disqualify her based on her relationship with special counsel Nathan Wade were met with a strong rebuff in court, where the legal […]

York’s historic City Market, demolished 60 years ago, rises again in artist’s work

Historians say the long-gone York City Market is perhaps the most magnificent building ever constructed in York County.

“Photographs record the grandeur of the exterior, with its vast patterned Peach Bottom slate roof and 95 foot tower inspired by the Florentine Palazzo Vecchio,” historian June Burk Lloyd wrote in 2010. “Beautiful soaring interior Gothic arches were reportedly constructed by Baltimore ship builders.”

But magnificence does not equate to permanence.

Competition from the suburbs and erosion of city population and retailing caused a decline in number of customers and stand holders at City Market, and the possibility of a sale emerged as early as 1953.

A proposal to build a Gulf service station came before the city Zoning Hearing Board a decade later. The board, noting that the building was dilapidated, issued an exception for the gas station and that spelled the end this money-losing architectural prize.

The building and its tower came down, the service station went up and most of the half-block lot occupied by the once-thriving market at South Duke and East Princess is vacant today. The automobile that fueled the market’s competition in nearby townships and scraped up agricultural land for suburban residences also contributed to the market’s demise. The gas station serviced those vehicles, taking over part of its footprint.

Market rises, virtually

About 60 years later, City Market has returned — in a virtual and colorful fashion.

Blake Gifford is an architect who uses the tools of an artist as he is seated behind his computer and at his drafting table. And his art benefits from his architectural mind.

He rendered a 3D version of the City Market and posted it online, giving York County and the world a view of this grand place that came from the heart, hands and mind of another architect, York’s John Dempwolf, in the late 1870s.

Gifford’s City Market work comes on the heels of his series of intricately detailed drawings of landmark York buildings and a third project that illustrated some of York’s “phantom places” or “building ghosts.” These latter drawings show demolished structures in current settings, illustrating how a neighborhood would look and feel different and better if the building was standing today.

How does Gifford do this work with such precision? He starts with digging into historical drawings and photographs and adds Google Streetview images and his own site surveys and sketches.

He explains his creation process after that:

“From there, for hand-drawings, I’ll begin ‘constructing’ the picture on my drafting table with a straightedge, applying light pencil lines that I’ll later erase. Softer, darker pencils are used to further define the building form and add details. Over these penciled reference lines, I can then layer over ink and colored pencil as needed to provide color, texture, and shadow. For 3D models (like City Market), the production process is surprisingly alike, albeit with dozens of individual tools on a computer instead of just pencil-in-hand.”

All this work resides on his website, yorkarchillustrated.com, and on his Facebook pages and Instagram.

He will transfer his art from the virtual world into framed art pieces at Gallery @ 227, on First Friday York, March 1. His exhibit will be on display at 227 W. Market St. from March through April. The reception will be open from 5 to 8 p.m.

More: York County creatives provide a vital arts element to community life

What motivates the artist?

Growing up in Houston in the 1990s, Gifford noticed sprawl was overtaking historic Texan structures.

“For a kid who loved to explore the remaining patches of old prairies or peer through the windows of a derelict farm shack that still sat around in the brush,” he said, “that meant constantly anticipating loss, and grief over that loss.”

After moving north to study architecture at Penn State, he’s worked in York for eight years.

“Living now in York, where the built environment that surrounds us is steeped in history,” he said, “my work is simply meant to be a series of ‘love letters’ to the place.”

Gifford’s work shows the depth of his exploration of York’s architecture, and he sees the city as a “living, breathing museum” that has dodged numerous historical “bullets.”

His view of York emerging from an intense study of its buildings is insightful:

“Its story is one of dramatic highs and lows, bouncing between periods of incredible historical significance to irrelevance, high desirability and booming population growth to abandonment and stigmatization. York has seemed to wither and bloom in cycles, and in so many cases, these dramatic cycles have actually benefitted the long-term quality and character of its architecture. While these collections of old buildings and sites do need regular funding, maintenance, and upkeep, the sheer quantity of existing built historic material in York is beyond any one city I’ve ever come across. York’s architectural collection spans multiple eras, exemplifies dozens of individual design styles and construction techniques, and contains thousands of unique stories within the walls. It is singular, even in a region filled to the brim with fascinating history.”

More: Creatives & recreationists: Galleries & outdoors replacing factory work

Losing a landmark

Not everyone was convinced that the market should have come down — or at least believed another market was needed to join Central and Farmers markets in the city. By 1963, Eastern Market had moved to Springettsbury Township, the New Eastern Market today. And the Carlisle Avenue Market was converted into a sewing factory before becoming DreamWrights Center for Community Arts.

Lloyd’s research shows that about three-quarters of its stand holders formed the New City Market, purchasing the former Food Fair at 606 S. George St. Interestingly, the new market was a former Nash auto dealership. Further, the cost for the acquisition of the building - Junior Achievement’s BizTown today - was between $35,000 and $55,000 and remodeling cost about $8,000.

If that investment had been made in City Market, it might be standing today. A revealing cost comparison showed that $20,000 could have fixed the City Market, and the estimated cost to tear it down was $17,000.

The New City Market operated until 1969, its end no doubt accelerated by the York race riots, their memory deterring some county residents from coming downtown to this day.

Another reluctant player in the building’s demolition was the market itself.

The market’s tower originally rose about 95 feet, but a lightning strike in 1913 took away about 15 feet. Its remaining 80 feet remained a significant York landmark — and proved to be as stubborn as its former stand holders.

In the market’s late-1963 demolition, a plan was hatched for a clam bucket at the end of an 87-foot crane to gradually knock pieces inside the tower. But the bucket caught a wooden beam and tilted the entire top section, dropping it into Duke Street with a crash, somehow missing the workers below. After the dust had cleared, the damage was assessed. The flying tower took out power lines, broke a utility pole, bent some parking meters and disrupted traffic signals.

It was one last protest against a bad idea. Other bad ideas played out in those days. The neighboring Dempwolf-designed York Collegiate Institute, Children’s Home of York, York Academy and Helb’s Keystone Brewery, among many others, came down usually for parking or other uses to serve the automotive culture.

But now Blake Gifford has come up with a good idea — the best idea possible — in the form of digital re-creations. This artwork gives a sense of what is lost — eroding quality of life and sense of place — when landmarks come down.

Preservation of historic structures drives Gifford in his digital re-creations.

“I want to not only inspire others to love York,” he said, “but to protect it.”

Sources: June Burke Lloyd’s Universal York blog at the YDR’s Yorkblog.com, YDR files

Jim McClure is a retired editor of the York Daily Record and has authored or co-authored nine books on York County history. Reach him at [email protected]

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Desks & computer desks

Sort and filter, 586 products in result.

LAGKAPTEN / ALEX Desk, white, 55 1/8x23 5/8 "

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MICKE Corner workstation, 39 3/8x55 7/8 "

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Desks for work, desks for play

Looking for a desk for your gaming zone? Or an office-approved one that you can use sitting and standing so you feel and work better? Whatever you need, you can find it in the IKEA range.

A light gray MATCHSPEL gaming chair stands at a UTESPELARE gaming desk beside a golden-brown IDÅSEN drawer unit on castors.

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A lit room with a workspace centered around a white TROTTEN desk and a beige HATTEFJÄLL office chair with armrests.

This could be the start of something big

To think of all the journeys, traveled or imagined, that people have embarked on sitting at a desk! Find one that works for you, and take it from there.

A BJÖRKBERGET swivel chair and a LOMMARP desk with a vase of flowers and notebooks on top against a wall of framed art.

Desks for every day, work or play 

Everyone’s work, hobbies and studies are different. Find desks that reflect this diversity and are designed for different needs and preferences. With the IKEA desk collection you’ll find gaming desks optimized for a gamer set-up, ergonomic office desks , space-saving corner desks and everything in between.

Many desks are height-adjustable, meaning you can switch between standing and sitting throughout the day with the push of a button, turn of a hand crank or by adjusting the table legs. Other desks have collapsible tabletops, allowing you to add more surface space if your project gets messy with papers and stationery. Small kids desks are designed to inspire creativity and help with homework, while storage desks with drawers make organizing a breeze.

From rustic solid wood desks for the home to glossy white standing desks to glare-reducing matte black gaming desks , there’s a desk for every style, purpose and project. Easily create an affordable and modular office space wherever you work with table and desk systems , choose laptop tables to take your work anywhere or find everything you need in ergonomic support with desk and chair sets . Productivity, gaming or tackling your latest art project has never felt more comfortable.

Selecting the right height in desks is easy

The standard height for a computer desk is between 28-30 inches, with some desks falling below and above this range to accommodate all heights. Of course, that gets easier with IKEA desks with adjustable height that can be paired with adjustable height desk chairs .

It’s easy to determine which height is most comfortable for you. When sitting down, the desk should reach up to your elbows. You should be able to comfortably rest your arms on the surface at a roughly 90-degree angle. There should be roughly 14-16 inches from the top of your knees to the bottom of the desk. And from the bottom of the desk to the floor, there should be roughly 24 inches. Finding the right positioning and ergonomic support in your workspace gets even easier with height adjustable desks.

work on tables

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  6. Tips For Using Your Dining Table As An Office

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    Worx Pegasus 2-in-1 Folding Work Table & Sawhorse, Easy Setup Portable Workbench, 31" W x 25" D x 32" H Lightweight Worktable with Heavy-Duty Load Capacity, WX051 - Includes 2 Clamps & 4 Clamp Dogs 12,638 1K+ bought in past month $13888 List: $149.99 FREE delivery Mon, Feb 26 More Buying Choices $99.00 (14 used & new offers)

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    Stainless Steel Table for Prep & Work 24" X 48" inches with Adjustable Shelf, Commercial Workstations, Utility Table in Kitchen Garage Laundry Room Outdoor BBQ Options: 4 sizes 209 $14999 Join Prime to buy this item at $134.99 FREE delivery Mon, Feb 19 More Buying Choices $121.72 (2 used & new offers)

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    Recommended Sort by Top Material: Wood Clear All Need help deciding? We have advice! Read Our Tips Finlay 45.75'' W Wood Top Workbench by 17 Stories $108.99 ( 70) Free shipping Product Type Workbench Top Material Wood Overall Height - Top to Bottom 33.5'' H +1 Size Solid Wood Top Height-Adjustable Workbench by WFX Utility™ From $217.99 ( 16)

  9. The 9 Best Workbenches of 2024

    The table also includes four clamp dogs to assist with positioning materials or holding objects in place on the table. There's a small shelf beneath the table to hold your extra tools and supplies, as well. The Pegasus weighs a mere 25 pounds and measures 32 inches high, 25 inches wide and 31 inches deep. When folded, it's only 5 inches deep.

  10. 62 in. W x 24 in. D Adjustable Height Solid Wood Top Workbench Table in

    Elevate your work experience with the Husky 52 in. Adjustable-Height Work Table with 2-Drawers. This multi-functional work station features a manual crank that can raise and lower the work surface. The 1.2 in. T, solid wood top is rugged and beautiful and there is plenty of space on the 52 in. W x 24 in. D work surface.

  11. Home Office Desks

    Laptop tables; Desk & chair sets; Desk dividers; Show all categories (+1) Your home desk is an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. And it has to put up with a lot. Maybe you're working long hours on the computer with stressful deadlines. ... Larger desks also often have storage for all your work stuff, so you don't have to look at that ...

  12. Large Work Table With Storage

    The Disston 30140A OmniTable 4 in 1 Workbench is a portable, adjustable work table, scaffold, dolly, and floor creeper for professional contractors and home users. With its large work surface of 500-pound load capacity, the multipurpose OmniTable portable work table and garage workbench can accommodate large projects with ease.

  13. Table & Desk Systems for Home Office & Workspace

    LEDARE LED bulb E17 reflector R14 400 lm, 2700 K. $5.99/pack. Last chance to buy. (153) Showing 24 of 112 results.

  14. Tables & desks

    Furniture Tables & desks Tables & desks Desks & computer desks Dining tables Accent tables Nightstands Console, sofa & entryway tables Café tables Bar tables Makeup vanities & dressing tables Show all categories (+5) Gather around the table and hear the family news, play a game, help with homework or set your stuff down.

  15. Best business tablets of 2024

    Generally, the iPad Pro 12.9-inch is the best business tablet if you're talking about features and performance, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 9 5G and Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus are also great ...

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    Apple iPad Air (2022, 5th Gen) If you want to do some work on your tablet, get Apple's iPad Air ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends). Thanks to the M1 processor, it's the most powerful tablet for the money ...

  17. Amazon.com: Rolling Work Tables For Garage

    Amazon.com: Rolling Work Tables For Garage 1-48 of over 4,000 results for "rolling work tables for garage" Results Check each product page for other buying options. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color.

  18. Work Table

    The Disston 30140A OmniTable 4 in 1 Workbench is a portable, adjustable work table, scaffold, dolly, and floor creeper for professional contractors and home users. With its large work surface of 500-pound load capacity, the multipurpose OmniTable portable work table and garage workbench can accommodate large projects with ease.

  19. Dear Abby: In-law prepares wonderful meals and sets beautiful tables

    My mother-in-law takes great pride in hosting and sets a beautiful table. She'll spend an entire day in the kitchen, forgoing visiting with guests and wearing herself out to present an amazing ...

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    2023 versus 2024 tax brackets. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has designated seven federal tax brackets that apply to both the 2023 tax year (the taxes you file in April 2024) and the 2024 tax ...

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    It's important to note that water purification tablets don't work instantly. They typically take at least 30 minutes to be effective (read the instructions on your tablets before using them ...

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  23. How Fani Willis Fights Back Against Legal And Political Attacks ...

    The legal question boiled down to whether any financial conflict arose from Wade's work with the District Attorney's office. The conclusion: Willis and Wade's dealings, including shared ...

  24. York Pa.'s historic City Market rises again in artist's work

    Gifford's City Market work comes on the heels of his series of intricately detailed drawings of landmark York buildings and a third project that illustrated some of York's "phantom places ...

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