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autocad clear projects

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autocad clear projects

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autocad clear projects

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TRIM (Command)

Trims objects to meet the edges of other objects.

autocad clear projects

There are two modes that you can use to trim objects, Quick mode and Standard mode.

Quick Mode. To trim objects, select the objects to be trimmed individually, press and drag to start a freehand selection path, or pick two empty locations to specify a crossing Fence. All objects automatically act as cutting edges. Selected objects that can't be trimmed are deleted instead.

autocad clear projects

The Quick mode options are as follows:

Cutting edges

  • Fence (not listed as an option)

Standard Mode. To trim objects, first select the boundaries and press Enter. Then select the objects to be trimmed. To use all objects as boundaries, press Enter at the first Select Objects prompt.

The Standard mode options are as follows:

  • Select cutting edges . . .

The following prompts are displayed either in Quick mode or Standard mode.

Select cutting edges . . . Specifies one or more objects to be used as a boundary for the trim. TRIM projects the cutting edges and the objects to be trimmed onto the XY plane of the current user coordinate system (UCS). In Quick mode, selecting an object that doesn't cross a boundary deletes the object instead.

autocad clear projects

Object to trim

Specifies the object to trim. If more than one trim result is possible, the location of the first selection point determines the result.

autocad clear projects

Shift-select to extend

Extends the selected objects rather than trimming them. This option provides an easy method to switch between trimming and extending.

Uses the additional selected objects to define the boundary edges to which you want to trim an object.

Selects all objects that cross the selection fence. The selection fence is a series of temporary line segments that you specify with two or more fence points. The selection fence does not form a closed loop.

Selects objects within and crossing a rectangular area defined by two points.

Sets the default trim mode either to Quick, which uses all objects as potential cutting edges or to Standard, which prompts you to select cutting edges.

Specifies the projection method used when trimming objects.

Specifies no projection. The command trims only objects that intersect with the cutting edge in 3D space.

autocad clear projects

Specifies projection onto the XY plane of the current UCS. The command trims objects that do not intersect with the cutting edge in 3D space.

autocad clear projects

Specifies projection along the current view direction. The command trims objects that intersect the boundary in the current view.

autocad clear projects

Determines whether an object is trimmed at another object's extrapolated edge or only to an object that intersects it in 3D space.

autocad clear projects

Extends the cutting edge along its natural path to intersect an object in 3D space.

autocad clear projects

Specifies that the object is trimmed only at a cutting edge that intersects it in 3D space.

autocad clear projects

Deletes selected objects. This option provides a convenient method to erase unneeded objects without leaving the TRIM command.

Reverses the most recent change made by TRIM.

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  • To Trim in 3D Using the Current View Plane
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  • Commands for Resizing Objects

autocad clear projects

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Top AutoCAD Projects to Sharpen Your Skills and Build Your AutoCAD Portfolio

If you are interested in architecture, house design, construction, or 3D modeling, Autodesk software tools such as AutoCAD allow you to create excellent designs and turn your imagination into reality. In AutoCAD, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes in your drafting paper. 

It allows you to create or modify your drawings without wasting time and resources.

Find your bootcamp match

In this guide, we have compiled a list of AutoCAD projects for different skill levels. You can use these projects to enhance your technical skills in drafting and design, and to build your portfolio when you are ready to enter the job market. 

5 Skills That AutoCAD Projects Can Help You Practice

AutoCAD projects are an excellent way to practice your drafting, arithmetic, geometry, and engineering skills . AutoCAD is a great tool to start your career in Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) because it is easy to use and provides a variety of components for technical drawing. Below is a short list of top skills you can develop through AutoCAD projects.

  • CAD Drawing Skills. AutoCAD projects will boost your skills in 2D and 3D drawing. You will work with lines, shapes, spatial figures, drawing blocks, as well as orthographic projection, and dimensioning. AutoCAD will give you a deep understanding of technical drawing concepts such as architectural, mechanical, and structural drawing. 
  • CAD Drafting. Another benefit of CAD drawing projects is the skills you will learn for drafting and design. AutoCAD will sharpen your experience in creating layouts and sketches. A draftsman knows how to layout designs and understands the basics of structural engineering concepts. An in-depth understanding of dimensions is required for CAD drafting.
  • AutoCAD Application. AutoCAD is one of the CAD software applications used in technical drawing. Navigating your drawing through the user interface is easier if you use the navigation bar tools and viewcube. It contains commands and tools to add dimensional details. You’ll learn the User Coordinate System (UCS) which determines the orientation of your 3D drawing.
  • Electrical Drawings. AutoCAD electrical is used to create electrical diagrams and schematics, and understand electronic symbols and analyze circuit connections. Designers use AutoCAD Electrical toolset to create and modify control systems. Autodesk also launched the AutoCAD Electrical forum where users can ask questions and share knowledge.
  • Geometry and Mathematics . Learning AutoCAD is a great way to develop your skills in geometry and mathematics. Accuracy is a critical part of technical drafting. You will perform calculations and computations and work with geometric shapes and lines. AutoCAD drawing will sharpen your critical thinking and mathematical skills.

Best AutoCAD Project Ideas for Beginners 

Below we provide a list of projects for engineering students and beginners. You will enhance your basic knowledge of AutoCAD commands that are also helpful in creating complex projects. Before you start creating more challenging projects, you should try these simple projects to enhance your skills. 

Simple Floor Plan

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: CAD drawing skills, CAD drafting, and knowledge of AutoCAD application

To create a floor plan model, you’ll use basic AutoCAD tools and commands such as drawing tools, blocks, layers, annotation, and dimension. Text is used to add labels to your drawing. You will also set and change the unit of measurements and modify dimension styles. The common tools in making a floor plan can be found in the Modify, Drawing, Annotation, and Layers panel.

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: CAD drawing Skills, knowledge of AutoCAD software, and understanding of geometry

There are lots of 2D object drawings you can practice to improve your process. This includes mechanical tools such as a gear or wrench. Some of the helpful tools in AutoCAD you can use are the Array, Fillet, Champer, and Mirror command. This will also sharpen your skills in geometric lines and curves. 

Simple 3D Mechanical Gear

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: CAD drawing skills,  AutoCAD 3D drawing, and understanding of geometric shapes

A gear is a circular tool used for controlling the speed or direction of a machine. It has teeth that engage with another gear in order to rotate. Drawing a mechanical gear will help you practice basic 3D commands and tools in AutoCAD. You may use the Array command to ensure that the teeth are aligned properly. 

3D Mechanical Wrench

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: CAD drawing skills, knowledge of 2D and 3D drawing in AutoCAD, and understanding of geometric shapes

A wrench is used to tighten or fasten bolts. Fortunately, this 3D design project for beginners is easy to draw using AutoCAD. It is a great project to enhance your basic skills in curves. You will first create a 2D wrench and then use the Presspull command to make it a 3D object. You can also modify the drawing to make it more realistic.

3D Twisted Pair of Wires

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: 3D drawing and working with a twisted object in AutoCAD

Twisted wires can be found in electrical devices and computer networks. This project is ideal for learning the basics of Sweep commands in AutoCAD. You can also add colors for each wire. This project will take about three to five minutes to complete but can help you master basic command functionality. 

Best Intermediate AutoCAD Project Ideas

Intermediate projects include complex 3D objects that let you apply more advanced 3D commands and tools. This list includes additional projects you can try to develop your skills in AutoCAD and technical drafting. These projects will enhance your experience in 3D drawings and 3D models.

3D House Modeling

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: CAD drafting, 3D commands, and knowledge of AutoCAD application

You need to create a floor plan first before you create a 3D house. When you finish the floor plan, hide other components and leave only the walls. Then, you can convert the walls into 3D using the Presspull command. You may also add doors, windows, and other components to your drawing.

Nuts and Bolts

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: 3D drawing using AutoCAD software and knowledge of geometric figures

Nuts and bolts are used together to fasten mechanical or machine parts. This project is a great way to practice several intermediate AutoCAD commands such as Helix, Sweep, Union, and Solid Editing. Technical drawings like this are used for diagrams and blueprints in architectural and structural projects.  

USB Flash Drive

A flash drive is a removable storage device that is used to store and transfer data. To create this object with more detailed parts, you should be able to modify geometric shapes in AutoCAD. You should also be cautious about applying the measurements of each shape and line.

3D Spiral Bulb

Another project for practicing AutoCAD is to create a 3D spiral bulb. You can apply several 3D commands in this project such as the Helix and Sweep command which are used to create a three-dimensional spiral and the Fillet command to create rounded edges. 

Universal Coupling

Sometimes called a universal joint, universal coupling connects two objects allowing them to move freely. For this project, you will create each part of the joint then combine them to form the complete joint.

Advanced AutoCAD Project Ideas

This section gives you a list of complex project ideas that will sharpen your advanced skills in AutoCAD. This includes creating houses or buildings for residential or electrical projects using AutoCAD Electrical, and other advanced 3D drawings. 

Chess Pieces

If you enjoy playing chess, you can create your own chess pieces in AutoCAD. This project consists of creating all the chess pieces and the chessboard. If you make it more realistic, focus on the pieces with difficult shapes to create, such as the knight.

Pumps and Piping Using AutoCAD MEP

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: 3D drawing, knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD MEP, and geometric figures and mathematics

The Autodesk AutoCAD MEP is used in designing control systems for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems. Creating pumps and pipings in AutoCAD will develop your skills in technical drawing as well as in geometry and mathematics since you will be performing calculations and computations to specify accurate measurements of each part.

3D Car in AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: 3D drawing, AutoCAD software, and geometric figures and mathematics

Creating a 3D car is a challenging project to create in AutoCAD. To succeed in this project, you should create detailed parts of the car including wheels, bumpers, and headlights. It requires advanced skills in 3D drawing and knowledge of geometry. This is a great project for professionals in mechanical engineering to show you can create a dynamic engineering model.

Electrical Project

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: CAD drafting, AutoCAD Electrical, and engineering skills

AutoCAD electrical projects include creating components used to design electrical systems. You can also get ideas and suggestions for electrical projects in the AutoCAD Electrical Forum. This project will also require you to study electrical symbols and other electrical topics.

Advanced 3D House Project

  • AutoCAD Skills Practiced: CAD Drafting, 3D commands, and knowledge of AutoCAD application, engineering skills

If you are interested in civil engineering, this project will help build necessary skills in AutoCAD. You can apply your skills in 3D house modeling for residential projects. This project requires you to be adept at structural engineering and creating floor plans and site plans.

AutoCAD Starter Project Templates

Listed below are examples of effective starter templates to help you begin your AutoCAD projects. AutoCAD also lets you create your own template. AutoCAD templates provide formats with specified settings, code, and drawing layouts that will save you time and effort.

  • Open Source AutoCAD Template . Open Source offers a standardized AutoCAD template created to match their open-source designs. This template includes well-organized formats for title blocks, layers, and line weights. 
  • 30X40’s AutoCAD Template. This template for an AutoCAD floor plan includes layer setups, line styles, dimension styles, and shading styles. It also includes a sample floor plan with elevation information. This template is compatible with AutoCAD’s 2013 version and any newer version as well.
  • THS Concepts Architectural CAD Template . If you want to make your project more efficient and increase your workflow, THS Concepts created this CAD template with well-designed layer formats including line styles, text styles, dimension styles, and layer colors.
  • First in Architecture Layer Template. This template from First In Architecture comes with a Plot Style file. It has defined layers consisting of elements with corresponding layer colors. The template and the Plot Style file have the same layer colors. The Plot Style is used for printing your drawing. 
  • Autodesk AutoCAD Templates.  AutoDesk also offers a list of the latest AutoCAD templates you can download. These templates allow you to create drawings with well-organized layer styles, plot styles, ISO or ANSI dimensioning standards, metric units or imperial units, and basic settings for architectural, engineering, and mechanical designs.

Next Steps: Start Organizing Your AutoCAD Portfolio

Blueprints with pens and triangles lying on top.

AutoCAD not only enhances your technical drawing and engineering skills but also offers many job opportunities such as AutoCAD operator and design engineer. This industry is highly competitive. To stand out among other applicants, you can create a digital portfolio that includes all your best projects. Here are some tips you should consider when making your portfolio.

Choose Your Best AutoCAD Projects

Your projects will help employers to evaluate your expertise based on your experiences. Advanced AutoCAD projects demonstrate more technical skills than beginner projects. It would be advantageous to include complex projects in your portfolio. 

Give Emphasis to Your Specialization

You should highlight specific projects related to the position you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying as an electrical engineer, your portfolio should emphasize your projects on AutoCAD Electrical. Your portfolio should be organized and specific.

Include a Hand Sketch of Your Project

Creativity will also help your portfolio stand out. You can add sketches that will allow employers to visualize your projects. You may also include labels and dimensions on these sketches. You should also add a detailed explanation of the technical skills you applied to your projects.

Venus profile photo

"Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!"

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

AutoCAD Projects FAQ

You can learn AutoCAD by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related fields such as Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. There are also short courses and training where you can master AutoCAD and earn certificates. You will find lots of tutorials on the internet that can help you study on your own.

AutoCAD experts can become CAD operators, design engineers, civil engineers , electrical engineering technicians, and mechanical engineers. AutoCAD offers many career opportunities from entry-level to senior-level positions with competitive compensation and benefits. 

You can use video tutorials on the Internet to familiarize yourself with the user interface of AutoCAD and its basic commands. For beginners, start with simple 2D drawings before you work on more advanced projects. You should also study the basics of technical drafting such as measurement conversion and geometric lines and figures.

According to PayScale, an average AutoCAD designer earns an hourly pay of $22.23 . PayScale also reports that an AutoCAD designer with less than a year of experience can earn an hourly pay of $17.78. 

About us: Career Karma is a platform designed to help job seekers find, research, and connect with job training programs to advance their careers. Learn about the CK publication .

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2D AutoCAD Practice drawing and projects

Practice your 2D AutoCAD drawing skill using with the collection of fully dimensioned drawings.

Get access to this and all the other SourceCAD courses as well.

In this course .

autocad clear projects

37 Video Lessons

autocad clear projects

Intermediate  difficulty

autocad clear projects

Projects and practice

autocad clear projects

Q&A instructor support

autocad clear projects

Certificate of completion

autocad clear projects

Video captions in English

autocad clear projects

Quizzes for self assessment

autocad clear projects

Downloadable lesson files

Course contents .

0. Course introduction

1. Course introduction

2. Lesson files

1. Basic practice drawing

Basic drawing 1

Basic drawing 2

Basic drawing 3

Basic drawing 4

Basic drawing 5

Basic drawing 6

Basic drawing 7

Basic drawing 8

Basic drawing 9

Basic drawing 10

2. Intermediate level drawings

Intermediate level drawing 1

Intermediate level drawing 2

Intermediate level drawing 3

Intermediate level drawing 4

Intermediate level drawing 5

Intermediate level drawing 6

Intermediate level drawing 7

Intermediate level drawing 8

Intermediate level drawing 9

Intermediate level drawing 10

3. Advance practice drawings

Advance practice drawing 1

Advance practice drawing 2

Advance practice drawing 3

Advance practice drawing 4

Advance practice drawing 5

Advance practice drawing 6

Advance practice drawing 7

Advance practice drawing 8

4. Drawing projects

1. Spanner top view

2. Spur gear

3. Front view of bottle

4. Engine block front view

5. Wire cutter

6. Circuit diagram

5. Final notes

1. Final notes and next steps

autocad clear projects

100% Questions answered guarantee 

All our courses are supported by instructor led community. You can ask questions and instructors will answer every single question, no exceptions. That's our guarantee.

About this course .

If you know the basics of working with AutoCAD and want to gain hands on experience with the software then this course is for you.

In this course you will learn the step by step method of making several 2D drawings using dimensioned samples provided in the course.

Every drawing is backed by a video description. So, whenever you are stuck on a drawing you can check the best workflow of making the drawing using video lesson.

The videos in this course are made with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, BricsCAD and other 2D CAD applications. So, it doesn't matter which 2D CAD software you are using, you can follow along quite easily.

Who should take this course .

This course is made for beginners and intermediate level AutoCAD users who want to practice their AutoCAD skills on real-life drawings.

Pre-requisites .

AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT 2016 up to the latest version of the Windows operating system is recommended for the course. You can use BricsCAD, ZWCAD or other similar 2D CAD software as well with this course.

Course highlights .

autocad clear projects

Collection of 50+ drawings

This course has a large collection of more than 50 practice exercises that are close to real world drawings.

autocad clear projects

Fully dimensioned parts

You can practice these drawings yourself using the dimensions provided with every 2D drawing of this course.

Course overview post

Jaiprakash Pandey

Course author.

Jaiprakash Pandey is the published author of “Practical AutoCAD book” by Packt publication he is also an Autodesk AutoCAD certified professional and Autodesk expert elite community. He has been delivering CAD training to corporate clients for more than 8 years and his clients include Steel, Power, Automobile industries and also government organizations, fortune 500 companies and the military.

Frequently asked questions .

What will I get with a free account?

With a free SourceCAD account you will get access to all the free courses, books and community. You will also get limited access to all the premium courses.

Do I need a credit card for free signup?

No, you don't need a credit card for a free account. Just create a new account with your name and email and start learning.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want, once cancelled your card won’t be charged anymore and you will still have access to the remaining subscription period. You can cancel your subscription yourself from your SourceCAD account section.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Sure you can, if we fail to meet your expectation we will give you a 100% refund no questions asked, check the refund policy here.

How long will I have access to the courses?

If you subscribe for a monthly subscription then you will have the access to all the courses for one month and if you subscribe for an annual subscription you will have access to all the courses for one year.

Your subscription will automatically renew monthly or annually depending on the subscription you’ve selected and we will send you reminder emails twice before every payment is due. You can also cancel the subscription anytime you want.

If you are a free subscriber you will have limited access to courses forever.

Will I get a certificate after finishing the courses?

Yes after finishing every course 100% you will get a signed and verifiable certificate of completion from SourceCAD. Anyone can verify the authenticity of your certificate using QR code or Certificate number using our certificate verification tool . You can add these certificates to your LinkedIn profile and CV.

Do you offer discounts for schools, colleges or teams?

Yes, we offer discounts for schools, colleges and teams with a batch size of 5 or more, schedule your free demo here .

Where can I get support?

For subject matter questions, you can reach the instructor in the Q&A area. For your account related questions you can reach out to us on our support page here or you can also send us an email at [email protected]. Our typical response time is within 24 hours but we usually answer faster than that.

Can I download the course videos?

No, our videos are stream only and you can watch the videos on our website or mobile device but the download is not allowed. You can however download lesson files and PDF eBooks that are provided with the courses.

Our students are from .

autocad clear projects

Featured reviews .

autocad clear projects

Hesham Tawfeek

Sourcecad student

"Courses I had completed are very comprehensive covering everything that I need to get started using AutoCAD. The course will give you the knowledge you need to be more productive with the software immediately. The lessons are well-guided teaching you AutoCAD using a step by step workflow."

autocad clear projects

Sharon Anne Clark


" I used SourceCAD as a supplementary practice to my AutoCAD college course, but I found it to be a much better way for me to learn. The videos are clear and methodical, and I was able to practice on my own schedule. After four months of intensive practice, I took and passed the AutoCAD Certified Professional exam."

autocad clear projects

Roland Gosselin

SourceCAD helps me to learn CAD in my spare time and in a very simple manner. The way the modules are made I can absorb the information at a steady pace and the instructor gives pieces of information in such detail you are not able to miss anything. The quality of the videos is superb and lets no misunderstanding appear."

autocad clear projects

Heinz Neutzner

“I don’t use AutoCAD in a professional manner, but I’ve been able to draw two complete houses using the software. Without the learning from the courses, I would not have been able to complete these tasks. It’s fun and easy, I particularly like that the lessons are short and can be done quickly.”

Session expired

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

Manufacturer's Guide to More Valuable Capital Projects

Digital technologies help owners create more value and grow at previously unimaginable speeds. To succeed, however, this new tech era needs a skilled workforce and company-wide buy-in.

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Autodesk Launches New Droid Design Contest in Celebration of May the 4th

{:title=>"The Acolyte", :url=>""} {:title=>"Star Wars Day", :url=>""}

Autodesk launches new droid design contest in celebration of may the 4th. Team

Inspired by The Acolyte ’s new droid, Pip, the creative contest offers the chance to win a trip to Lucasfilm headquarters.

There’s a new droid in the galaxy, and Autodesk is celebrating.

The highly-anticipated Star Wars series, The Acolyte , will introduce Pip : a chipper, handheld repair droid customized with a wide array of tool attachments, who’s always eager to help. Pip was developed by creature effects legend Neal Scanlan, who used Autodesk’s Fusion software to bring the lovable droid to life. 

To honor both Pip’s debut in The Acolyte and Star Wars Day , Lucasfilm and Autodesk, a global leader in technology and software for Design and Make industries, are teaming up to launch a limited-time droid-design contest*. Fans can go to to submit their own designs for a chance to win special grand prizes including a trip to and guided tour of the Lucasfilm headquarters at the Presidio in San Francisco, California, or The Walt Disney Studios Lot in Burbank, California. This trip also includes a meet-and-greet session with a Lucasfilm executive on site. Additional prizing includes a virtual meet-and-greet session with a Disney or Lucasfilm executive and special merchandise from The Acolyte.

Autodesk New Droid Design Contest artwork All Star Wars, all the time.

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Happy star wars day.

May 4, 2024

Darkness Rises in The Acolyte Final Trailer and Key Art

The beans strike back as star wars comes to fall guys, in how not to draw r2-d2, c-3po is caught up by jawas and madness, fortnite | star wars now available.

May 3, 2024

Apple Debuts New Commercial Starring Star Wars Fans

Celebrate star wars day with 15 most impressive new toys, collectibles, and more, star wars day 2024 games and experiences deals.

May 1, 2024

TM & © Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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THC lingers in breastmilk with no clear peak point

Closeup of an infant breastfeeding with cannabis plants superimposed in the background.

PULLMAN, Wash. — When breastfeeding mothers in a recent study used cannabis, its psychoactive component THC showed up in the milk they produced. The Washington State University-led research also found that, unlike alcohol, when THC was detected in milk there was no consistent time when its concentration peaked and started to decline.

Importantly, the researchers discovered that the amount of THC they detected in milk was low — they estimated that infants received an average of 0.07 mg of THC per day. For comparison, a common low-dose edible contains 2 mg of THC. The research team stressed that it is unknown whether this amount has any impact on the infant.

“Breastfeeding parents need to be aware that if they use cannabis, their infants are likely consuming cannabinoids via the milk they produce, and we do not know whether this has any effect on the developing infant,” said Courtney Meehan, a WSU biological anthropologist who led the project and is the study’s corresponding author.

Since other research has shown that cannabis is one of the most widely used drugs during breastfeeding, the researchers aimed to uncover how long cannabinoids, like THC, persisted in breastmilk.

For this study, published in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine , the researchers analyzed milk donated by 20 breastfeeding mothers who used cannabis. The participants, who all had infants younger than six months, provided detailed reports on their cannabis use. They collected milk after abstaining from using cannabis for at least 12 hours and then at regular intervals after use. All of this was done in their own homes, at a time of their choosing and with cannabis they purchased themselves.

The researchers then analyzed the milk for cannabinoids. They found that the milk produced by these women always had detectable amounts of THC, even when the mothers had abstained for 12 hours.

“Human milk has compounds called lipids, and cannabinoids are lipophilic, meaning they dissolve in those lipids. This may mean that cannabinoids like THC tend to accumulate in milk — and potentially in infants who drink it,” said Meehan.

The research also revealed that people had different peak THC concentrations in their milk. For participants who used cannabis only one time during the study, cannabinoids peaked approximately 30 minutes to 2.5 hours after use and then started to decline. For participants who used multiple times during the study, the majority showed a continual increase in concentrations across the day.

“There was such a range. If you’re trying to avoid breastfeeding when the concentration of THC peaks, you’re not going to know when THC is at its peak in the milk,” said lead author Elizabeth Holdsworth, who worked on this study while a WSU post-doctoral researcher and is now on the faculty of The Ohio State University.

A related qualitative study by the research team revealed that many breastfeeding moms are using cannabis for therapeutic purposes — to manage anxiety, other mental health issues or chronic pain. The mothers often chose cannabis over using other medications because they felt it was safer.

“Our results suggest that mothers who use cannabis are being thoughtful in their decisions,” said co-author Shelley McGuire, a University of Idaho professor who studies maternal-infant nutrition. “These women were mindful about their choices. This is far from a random lifestyle choice.”

While in most cases, the women were using cannabis as alternative treatment for a variety of conditions, McGuire pointed out that there is no evidence yet whether it is safer or more harmful. In fact, scientists know almost nothing about how many commonly used drugs may impact breastfeeding babies, partly because women, especially those who are breastfeeding, have historically been left out of clinical trials on medicines.

“This is an area that needs substantial, rigorous research for moms to know what’s best,” McGuire said.

Some research has been done regarding alcohol with guidelines for new mothers to wait at least two hours after consuming alcohol before breastfeeding. Nothing similar has been developed for cannabis, which has been growing in popularity.

The collaborative research team is currently working to address some of that knowledge gap with further research on cannabis use in breastfeeding moms, holistic composition of the milk they produce and its effects on infant development.

This study received support from state of Washington Initiative Measures 171 and 502 as well as the WSU Health Equity Research Center.

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