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The Army Universal Task List — FM 7-15

Date Published: 31 August 2003

Date Added to MFM: 23 August 2009

Categories: General Operational Doctrine , US Army

FM 7-15 describes the structure and content of the Army Universal Task List (AUTL). It provides a standard, doctrinal foundation and catalogue of the Army’s tactical collective tasks. Units and staffs perform these tactical collective tasks at corps level and below. For each task, the AUTL provides a definition, a numeric reference hierarchy, and the measures of performance for evaluating the task. As a catalogue, it captures doctrine as it existed on the date of its publication.

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    Find and download proponent approved tasks and T&EOs for your unit or platoon on, the official Army Training Network.

  2. Joint Chiefs of Staff > Doctrine > Joint Training > UJTL

    A universal joint task (UJT) is an action or activity assigned to a unit or organization to perform a specific function and/or provide a capability or resource. UJTs are based on extant joint capabilities, and they have a foundation in approved joint doctrine. Specifically, UJTs describe "what" joint organizations must do using common and joint ...

  3. PDF Doctrine Update 1-16

    The Army Universal Task List, provides a comprehensive listing of Army tasks, missions, and operations. The Army Universal Task List (AUTL) is intended for proponent training developers to use to develop more comprehensive training and evaluation outline (T&EO) evaluation criteria for collective tasks and proponent combat developers to

  4. The Army Universal Task List

    FM 7-15 describes the Army's tactical collective tasks and their measures of performance. It is a doctrinal catalogue of the tasks performed by units and staffs at corps level and below.

  5. PDF The Army Universal Task List

    The Army Universal Task List 1. Change 8 to FM 7-15, 27 February 2009, updates the tasks with financial management and other collective tasks, and the recent publication of updated field manuals, including FM 1-06, FM 3-0, and FM 5-0. 2. Completely replaces ART 4.2, Provide Personnel Support. 3. A Latin currency symbol (¤) marks new material. 4.

  6. Clarifying Mission-Essential and Supporting Collective Tasks

    Learn how to distinguish between mission-essential tasks (METs) and supporting collective tasks (SCTs) in Army training. Find out how to use the appropriate MET training and evaluation outline (T&EO) to determine MET proficiency ratings.

  7. CATS Commander's Essentials

    Learn how to use CATS, a proponent-approved training strategy that identifies a unit's Mission Essential Task List (METL) and recommends collective tasks to train. Find out how to access CATS via DTMS, ATN, and FMSWeb, and how to get CATS training and assistance.

  8. PDF The Army Universal Task List

    This manual provides the Army universal task list for the movement and maneuver warfighting function. It covers the tactics, techniques, and procedures for conducting various types of operations, such as direct fires, countermobility, and maneuver support.

  9. PDF Department of the Army *TRADOC Pamphlet 672-9 Headquarters, U.S. Army

    C-1. Weapons lane tasks . See weapons lane tasks GO/NO-GO criteria in tables C-1 through C-18. Weapons tasks are referred to in this pamphlet by the acronym of W1 (Weapons task 1), W2 (Weapons task 2), etc. or by the acronym of ESB1 (Expert Soldier Badge 1), etc. C-2. W1 Part I: M4 carbine/M16 rifle . See W1 Part I GO/NO-GO criteria in table C ...

  10. PDF Joint Mission Essential Task List (JMETL) Development Handbook

    This handbook is designed to help combatant commanders, subordinate joint force commanders, and functional or Service component commanders implement the Joint Mission Essential Task List (JMETL) process described in CJCSI 3500.01, Joint Training Policy for the Armed Forces of the United States. Definition of Joint Training.

  11. Task Analyst

    Task Analyst Mission. The mission of the Task Analysts, Officer and Senior NCO, is to lead and manage analysis of the critical performance needs and requirements of the Army Chaplain Corps as they provide the foundation for education and training. This analysis is expressed through improved existing and newly developed individual and collective ...

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    Force Management Functional Area. 1. Introduction. a. Purpose. Force Management is a critical operating function for the Army.It encompasses the many processes that generate future requirements and ensure the Army is efficiently and effectively organized, manned, equipped, trained, and sustained. Force Management provides trained and ready ...