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Photomath Is The Perfect Math Help App For Parents

September 17, 2020 by Scarlet

Even when you find math fun, it can be challenging! There are so many places to make small errors that can result in the wrong answer. If you are looking for support tools to cope with learning from home, you will love Photomath! This free math help app is a parent’s best friend. Stop pulling your hair out and use Photomath to solve and explain math problems.

This post is brought to you by Photomath , a free math learning app that promotes comprehension of fundamental math concepts.

What is Photomath? An app that solves math problems

What is Photomath? It Is Help With Math Problems.

Since its launch in 2004, Photomath has topped App Store & Google Play Store education charts. In fact, this math solver app has over 190 million downloads globally. The Photomath app instantly scans and accurately solves math problems. It even shows math problem solving steps and explains those steps to ensure that you understand the math concepts. Simply put, Photo Math gives you help with math problems. It is an absolute game changer because the free version provides free math help!

Photomath mobile app reads and solves mathematical problems instantly by using the camera of your mobile device. Photomath can check your work for printed and handwritten math problems. This award-winning math solver app makes math easy to understand and master.

Super Cool Feature: You don’t need internet/data or wi-fi to use the free Photomath app once it is downloaded!

best math help app

This Math Help App Solves a Wide Range of Math Problems

Can Photomath help with your child’s math work? Yes, this math education app is for K-12. It can help solve a huge range of mathematical expressions. Supported math content for this learning tool includes fractions, decimals, powers and roots, simple linear equations, quadratic equations, logarithmic functions, and more.

Can Photomath help with college math? Yes, some college math like algebraic expressions and calculus.

Photomath can explain anything from basic arithmetic to more complex calculus problems. You can not only explore graph details such as the root and the domain but you can also use graphs to interpret solutions of equations and system of equations. High-quality teacher-approved detailed instructions for every problem in select textbooks, including word problems and geometry problems.

Photomath is a great resource for that moment when your child comes to you for help but you don’t remember how to do that kind of math. Or you just want to make sure you have the answer right before you steer them in the wrong direction. Working through tricky homework is a great way to gain math confidence.

app for parents to help kids with math

Photo Math App for Parents

Photomath is an amazing tool for parents. It lets them be the math expert their child needs to get help with homework and to learn how to solve problems with step by step explanations. From basic math to advanced calculus, this new app on mobile devices can help study and prepare for upcoming tests.

My son is in Algebra and my daughter is in pre-calculus and sometimes they will come to me and say, “I don’t get it. How do you solve this?” With Photomath, it has been really nice for me to be able to make sure I have the correct answer, before I explain how to solve the problem.

Fun Fact: Photomath was actually created by a father to help his children with their math homework! Damir Sabol is the CEO and founder of Photomath.

With more kids doing virtual school these days , and less chance for them to get to ask teachers questions, Photomath is sure to be a big help. As a parent, we want to be able to help our kids when they ask for assistance. Plus, we like to save face. Photomath is the best math homework app for parents to do this.

best math solver app

This Math Solver App Is Easy To Use

It is so easy to use Photomath. It is as easy as 1.2.3 Scan. Solve. Learn.

How does Photomath work?

First, download the free app .

Photomath uses advanced AI technology so all you have to do is open the Photomath app and point your phone’s camera at the math equation. Once the math problem is lined up within the red guide marks, you just push the red capture button.

After that instant scan, Photomath with show the math problem solution.

If you are just checking your answer and you are right, you are all done.

If you are wanting to learn how to get the correct answer, you can push the red button that says “Show Solving Steps”. It will then show you the complete steps. Still want to know more? You can push the red button that says, “Explain Steps”. It will provide a detailed explanation.

Math can be a self-confidence crushing task when you don’t have the right support. Photomath is the #1 math help app to help learn math and to take the frustration and anxiety out of math. It works on both hand written and printed math problems.

Whether you are a mathlete or math challenged, Photomath can help!

photomath app to solve word problems

Can Photomath solve word problems? Yes, if you upgrade to Photomath Plus.

The Photomath math app is a free download. If you need Photomath to solve word problems, you can get a monthly subscription to the premium version, Photomath Plus (just $9.99/ month or $60/year.)

Photomath Plus solves word problems for select textbooks. There is a textbook icon at the top of the Photomath app where you can search for your textbook by title or ISBN number. If your textbook pops up, you can get expert explanations for even word problems!

The app will automatically offer you the chance to upgrade to Photomath Plus, if the app recognizes that you use a textbook they support. Right now, it is even offering a Photomath Plus Free Trial for 7 days!

Another cool bonus feature of Photomath Plus? Animated tutorials for textbook solutions, just like a teacher would do on a chalkboard! Here is an example .

download photo math app

Download Photomath App

The free Photomath App is available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

Get the most used math learning app in the world now! -> Photomath.app

With the Photomath math help app, you will learn how to approach math problems through detailed, step by step instructions. With that kind of help, everyone can be good at math!

Sounds like a recipe for confident, happy kids and happy parents:) Do you think you will give this educational tool a try? What type of problem will you try it on?

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Reader Interactions

September 17, 2020 at 6:05 pm

I will definitely have to check this out! I have never felt so dumb as when I try and help my fourth grader with his math homework!

Scarlet says

September 24, 2020 at 8:13 pm

LOL! I know what you mean!

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10 Free Math Resources to Help Parents Understand Their Children’s Lessons

Parent helping child with her homework, using math resources on their computer to help them.

Written by Laney Kennedy

Add extra fun to your child's math learning!

  • Parent Resources
  • How to build up your own math confidence

Top 10 online math resources for parents

5 easy tips to support math learning at home, reach out to teachers for math help, try out game-based math resources.

There’s no feeling quite like the instant wave of fear that comes when your kid approaches you with a math homework problem they can’t solve… and you can’t figure it out either. 😅

By the time your child enters school, it may have been years since you solved a traditional math problem. This, combined with evolving curriculum standards, can make it difficult for many parents to keep up with the math lessons their children are learning in school. 

The good news? There are tons of helpful math resources out there to help parents who feel this way. 

Ready to build new math skills together? Use our list of free math resources and tips to brush up on your own math knowledge and help your child with math at home!

How parents can build their math confidence

Just as it is for kids, math anxiety can be a real struggle for parents. But the more positivity you approach the subject with, the more confident you and your child will become . 

Even if math is difficult in adulthood, it’s still entirely possible to gain a better understanding. You can help guide your children to success, from early childhood all the way to high school and college.

Parent helping his child with math, using flashcards as a helpful resource.

You don’t need to be an expert. But a general understanding of math concepts can help you get more involved in your child’s education and see where they need more practice or support. 

Let the resources and tips below guide you through math topics with interactive tools like math games, math activities , online lessons and more!

1. Prodigy Math 

Prodigy Math is an engaging, fantasy video game where players create customized wizard characters, explore new worlds and battle opponents to earn rewards! To win battles, players must answer math questions that match their current grade level — ranging from 1st to 8th grade skills.  

Kids love playing Prodigy, and parents can learn plenty from the game as well! Each math problem features helpful hints to help guide students through concepts. Plus, with an optional paid Membership , you’ll access bonus tools like instructional videos and printable worksheets.

Example of a math question a student might encounter when playing Prodigy Math.

While kids enjoy their curriculum-aligned math practice, you can learn math concepts right along with them. Or, give it a go yourself and create your own character to take part in fun math battles with your child.

P.S. Need some extra math support for your child? Sign up for a free 1:1 online Math Tutoring session from one of Prodigy’s certified Math Tutors. 

2. Khan Academy 

From pre-k all the way to college level, Khan Academy offers tons of personalized learning tools to help students learn math concepts and gain problem-solving skills. 

Catch up on the math subjects you may have forgotten, then help your child through lessons to help them advance in math. 

Find out the math skills needed for each grade level, answer practice questions or watch helpful videos with your own free parent account!

3. K5 Learning

Fractions, subtraction, geometry — you name it. K5 Learning lives up to its name, with math learning resources for every math subject from kindergarten to 5th grade. 

Choose from a range of free printable worksheets to help you and your child brush up on math skills. Then, check out their math flashcards and videos to help solidify understanding and ace future math questions. 

Ever wanted to explore a virtual world you built yourself? 

With Polyup, that’s exactly what you’ll get. This unique platform allows kids to build 3D mods online for other users to discover. The key component for building each mod? You guessed it — math.

This resource is a great way for users of any age to get creative through math ideas. Users can explore creations from bright young minds all around the world, then build their own projects and collaborate to complete challenges. 

5. Bedtime Math

Bedtime stories are a classic part of most family nighttime routines. But math is just as deserving of a daily time slot. That’s why Bedtime Math sends parents a new math problem each day to solve with their kids . 

Ideal for ages 3-9, you choose the question variation that’s most appropriate for your child. It’s the perfect way to get some extra quality time with your kids and instill a love of math in your household. Plus, you’ll get to maintain your own math skills with this daily practice tool. 

Check the website each day, or sign up for emails to get your math problems sent straight to your inbox. 

6. Mathbreakers

Looking for ways to have fun with number sense? Mathbreakers has your back!

This virtual game allows players to explore a 3D virtual world of number creatures and mathematical machines. Build up your child’s understanding of numbers (and get good practice in yourself!) with this fun, game-based math resource. 

Aligned with K-6 common core math standards, this colorful resource offers interactive math help through fun games, videos and printables. 

Sign up for a free family account to instantly access the math practice that works for you and your child. Or, opt for a paid membership to get ad-free content all the time. 

8. LearnZillion

This platform offers helpful instructional content to help K-12 teachers provide quality math lessons to their students. It’s also a great resource for parents to access digital learning programs their kids can learn from. 

LearnZillion is the perfect place to discover how math is taught in the classroom. Explore the curriculum through adaptive digital tools that help engage students with the math content they’re learning.

9. Funbrain

Ready for some math-themed fun? Head to the Funbrain playground and build math confidence through fun games like Math Baseball, Place Value Puzzles and MathCar Racing. 

From pre-k to 8th grade, there are tons of online games to explore on this interactive website, so you can make math a fun experience for the whole family.

10. Aplusmath

From Varsity Tutors , Aplusmath offers free, interactive resources for you and your child to build foundational math skills together, so you can set them up for success in the future. 

Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and geometry with:

  • Printable worksheets
  • Flashcards (explore existing ones or build your own)
  • Homework Helper (a useful tool with step-by-step solutions)

Helping your child get the most out of their math learning often means going beyond homework assignments. 

The best way to achieve this? Find new ways to build on your child’s math progress at home , so they don’t think of math as just a boring school subject. 

Here are some of our top tips to start making this goal a reality.

1. Don’t make math a bad word

“I’m not a numbers person.”

“I never liked math when I was in school.”

“I just don’t understand the math you kids are doing these days.”

If any of these phrases sound familiar, you may want to readjust the way you approach the subject of math at home. Instead of only talking about math as work, think about all the positive ways math can help us in our day-to-day lives. And all the amazing things it has helped us discover !

A textbook with math symbols and shapes floating out of the pages.

2. Find math in your daily life

To find new math learning opportunities for your child, look no further than your everyday at-home routine.

Think about all the math you do each day without even thinking about it. Like when you’re:

  • Cooking or baking
  • Working on a home project
  • Calculating the time until your favorite TV show comes on

The opportunities are endless. Now, all you have to do is get your child involved in these daily calculations. The next time you’re measuring flour for a cookie recipe, call your child over to help you!

3. Set up a family math night

Does your family love a good game night? Next time, try a family math night instead!

Set up a fun problem-solving game, project or trivia night centered around math, and watch as your family enjoys mathematics in a brand new way. It’s the perfect way to balance family bonding time with learning support for your kids. 

Explore these tips and resources to help you host the best family math night ever.

4. Take breaks

If you’re helping your child with math homework, it’s important to prioritize healthy brain breaks to keep their mind sharp and their motivation high. 

At regular intervals, take a quick 5-minute break together to play outside, have a dance party, grab a snack or whatever else your hearts desire! 

Make sure to plan for breaks ahead of time to keep your child from getting overwhelmed. 

5. Find fun math games

During playtime or screen time, choose a fun math game that will help your child build new skills in a relaxed environment, whether independently or as a family.

  • Work on the daily Mathler problem together
  • Solve math puzzles like sudoku or tangrams
  • Host a Prodigy Math tournament for your child and their friends

Supporting your child in a subject like math can be tricky. But remember: you’re never in it alone.

Educators are a valuable resource. So talk to them!  

Your child’s teacher is the best source for insight on their math progress and how to help them overcome difficulties to develop a growth mindset about math.

Parent talking to their child's teacher, asking for math resources to help them.

Set up a regular meeting or email cadence to open up communication about things like:

  • At-home progress
  • Basic math facts and concepts
  • Advice on how to help from home
  • Additional resources and parent guides
  • Classroom progress and curriculum math standards

Learning math can be tons of fun, as long as we let it!

Game-based learning is a fantastic way to keep your child motivated and eager to learn more. 

To boost your child’s math progress and support them at home, try a fun, educational game like Prodigy Math today!

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The 10 Best Math Apps for Kids

These fun math games for kids will reinforce basic arithmetic concepts and spark a love for learning.

When it comes to teaching math, you've probably tried everything from quizzes over breakfast to extra homework help. But modern technology has introduced a clever new skill-building method: digital math games for kids.

The Best Math Apps for Kids

We've picked our favorite math apps for students of all ages, designed to teach arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Some of our faves include:

  • Bedtime Math
  • Elmo Loves 123s
  • Reflex Student
  • Monster Math
  • SplashLearn
  • Marble Math Junior
  • Khan Academy Tree
  • Preschool Math Games
  • Montessorium: Intro to Math

Some of the math apps even meet Common Core State Standards . And the best part is that your child will have so much fun, they'll hardly even know that they're actually learning!

1. Bedtime Math by Bedtime Math Foundation

Geared for families with kids ages 3–9 and available in both English and Spanish, this app provides a daily math problem plus a surprise problem of the day, along with a whole archive of math problems. Plus, research shows that students who did Bedtime Math games just one night a week significantly increased their math achievement compared to peers. Not too bad for an app that doubles as before-bed fun! (Ages 3-9; Free, iOS and Android)

2. Elmo Loves 123s by Sesame Workshop

You can't go wrong with Elmo, and the Elmo Loves 123s app comes packed with plenty of activities for toddlers and preschoolers, from number tracing to counting games and even coloring pages. Plus, there's a built-in parent tracker so you can see what your child has learned along the way. (Ages 0-5; $4.99 for iOS and free to download with in-app purchases for Android )

3. Reflex Student by ExploreLearning

This game-based learning app is geared towards students in grades 2–8 and helps them build their math recall skills while increasing confidence. The Reflex Student app games automatically adjust to challenge them in new ways as they play. (Grades 2-8; Free, iOS )

4. Monster Math 2 by Makkajai

In this math game for kids, a monster named Maxx will help teach your child basic arithmetic, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Playing Monster Math 2 , your kid will learn multiple skills at once while helping Maxx fight enemies, explore, and save his friend Juno. You can even enter "Multiplayer Mode" and compete with others online! (Grades 1-5; Free with in-app purchases, iOS and Android )

5. SplashLearn by StudyPad, Inc.

Calling all visual learners! This math app seeks to make arithmetic fun and engaging with a self-paced, curriculum-aligned program. For example, SplashLearn's kindergarten level features shapes and counting, while the fifth-grade level focuses on multiplication, division, basic algebra, fractions, and decimals. The app also has several stand-out features: virtual rewards, a progress dashboard, and explanations for wrong answers. (Preschool-5th Grade; Free with in-app purchases, iOS and Android )

6. Marble Math Junior by Artgig Studio

With Marble Math Junior, your child will solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers and bonuses as you navigate a marble maze. With three difficulty levels and 16 marble styles, this math app can be personalized to fit your kid's personality and skills. It also lets you customize games to concentrate on the areas in which your child needs the most help. ($3.99 for iOS and $2.99 for Android )

7. Khan Academy Kids by Khan Academy

Designed by experts at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, the Khan Academy Kids app will teach your kid math with adorable animal characters. The app also has programs for reading, writing, language, problem-solving, motor development, and social-emotional development. Adaptive features allow for a personalized experience, ensuring kids will get the most out of the digital game. (Ages 2-8; Free, iOS and Android )

8. Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

Looking for free math games for kindergarteners and first graders? The Moose Math app might be the trick! It takes kids on a "mathematical adventure" based on Common Core State Standards. Kids earn rewards for completing five multi-level activities, which they can put towards building a city of their own. Parents can also monitor progress through a "report card." (Ages 3-7; Free, iOS and Android )

9. Preschool Math Games for Kids by IDZ Digital

With this fun math game, young kids will experience counting, tracing, and reading numbers in an engaging, interactive way. (Ages 2 to 6; Free, Android )

10. Montessorium: Intro to Math by Higher Ground Education

This free app uses Montessori principles to teach the basic foundations of math, including sequencing, spatial relationships, problem-solving, and an intro to odds and even numbers. It's also a parent and teacher favorite, with an average 4.5 rating review on the App store. "The App is extremely designed and stays true to Montessori principles," raves one reviewer. "We use this in our school and the progress children make is remarkable." (Ages 4+; Free, iOS )

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math homework app for parents

A math learning app that helps students and parents master problem solving

With over 220 million downloads and millions of problems solved per month, Photomath is the world’s most-used math learning app on a mission to transform learning and help every student succeed. Harnessing the power of AI, the app instantly scans math problems ranging from arithmetic to calculus and uses step-by-step explanations to help students learn, understand, and retain critical solving methods. The easy to use, intuitive app is suited for students of all ages, as well as parents and teachers, to help make learning math as accessible as possible.

The app offers a wealth of free solutions, along with the option to purchase Photomath Plus, which gives students access to teacher-approved problem explanations for hundreds of math textbooks, exclusive math tips and definitions, dynamic visual aids and word problem support for just $9.99 per month or $59.99 for the year.

math homework app for parents


Photomath is available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Primary URL:


Problem solved:

Math deficiency is pervasive in both education and workforce preparedness - and with the US having ranked 37th in terms of math proficiency according to OECD, it’s a clear and growing large-scale issue.

Photomath serves students, parents and teachers to make learning (and teaching your child) math easier . Photomath’s custom Animated Tutorials can supplement traditional teaching methods for solving math concepts and lead to better retention by students -- for a fraction of the cost of a traditional tutor. What’s more, Photomath helps to build confidence with reticent students, reducing their fear of embarrassment of having to ask questions in a virtual or live classroom setting.

Since the start of the pandemic, Photomath has seen a 185% increase in subscribers. The app has been an essential asset to those learning remotely and in need of extra support.

Grade/age ranges:

Photomath is suitable for ages 5 and up -- through most college-level math. It is typically most relevant for high school students through college who are encountering more advanced math such as algebra.

Core or supplemental?

Photomath is complementary to in-school and virtual teacher instruction and is used by millions of teachers as a tool to enhance the learning experience in the classroom and for homework. Additionally, Photomath’s proprietary Animated Tutorials with voiceover feature, which uses AI audio voiceover paired with video for explanations of problems make math easier to grasp and understand, serves not only the visual learners who can watch the walkthrough, but auditory learners – about 30% of the population – who may learn better when hearing the explanation paired with the visual.       

Photomath has hired real teachers and PhDs to help develop the clearest, most accurate ways to solve a problem and address core curriculums around the country.

math homework app for parents


Photomath can explain math from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry. The app is particularly adept at supporting algebra and pre-calculus.

Lesson time needed:

Time dedicated to using Photomath is unique to each student and their individual needs when it comes to homework and learning. The problem solving is instantaneous, so users can get step-by-step guidance on their problems almost immediately, so the time commitment is truly up to the user.

Pricing model:

The basic Photomath app is free for download and offers solutions and step-by-step explanations to equations. Users can also purchase the upgraded Photomath Plus, which gives access to teacher-approved animated tutorials, exclusive math tips and definitions, custom visual aids and word problem solutions for just $9.99 per month or $59.99 for the year.

Additional services needed:

Photomath is run directly through a mobile app which can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is free to download and can be accessed via WiFi or carrier networks on most smartphones. The app’s unique and easy-to-use interface makes it accessible for all ages to navigate, whether a teacher, student, parent or grandparent!

What makes Photomath unique?

It’s known that 30% of the population are auditory learners. Most educational tools target visually stimulating content. Photomath takes it a step further. This summer, Photomath launched a new feature called Animated Tutorials with Voiceover. The app’s built-in automated tutorials that mimic how a teacher would explain in a classroom now include AI-voiceover. This addition makes it easier to grasp and understand difficult concepts, especially for those who learn better auditorily.

Additionally, as a company, Photomath has three core values, and they are: provide a simple and intuitive user experience, be software-driven, and offer quality content.

For many people, math is a difficult subject that can cause a lot of anxiety. Photomath seeks to alleviate any stressful feelings which is why it prioritizes providing a simple and intuitive user experience. The app was created to make people feel comfortable when they need help understanding a math problem or if they want to check their work. Photomath’s job is to remove obstacles and complexity so that the user experience remains focused on math learning.

Photomath’s second core value is being software-driven. Photomath is an education and technology company. From day one, the company has built its own proprietary AI technology to do things like recognize math problems or scalably produce step-by-step explanations to problems instantaneously. Being software-driven allows the app to do more with less. Without technology, Photomath wouldn’t be able to reach over 220-million users, teach math in 32 different languages at any given time and explain more than millions of problems per month. 

Lastly, the company ensures students get the best learning experience. That means students have to get accurate but easy to understand information. Although each step-by-step explanation is generated algorithmically, Photomath has a dedicated math R&D team whose sole job it is to stay up to date with the latest teaching methodologies across the world. They work with engineers to teach the AI technology how to produce accurate and appropriate step-by-step explanations in the core solver product.

Photomath prides itself on these values and keeps them top-of-mind every single day. Photomath’s growth year over year, being consistently ranked as a top app in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and the positive feedback received from users is a result of the focus on the company’s core values.


Photomath was created out of a frustrating personal experience. Damir Sabol, founder and CEO of Photomath, is a father of three children and with his engineering background, he often helped his kids with their math homework. Figuring out the best way to explain math in a way that they really understand can be quite difficult. Also, the way Damir learned math decades ago isn’t necessarily the same way that it is taught today.

Before Photomath, Damir founded another company that develops technology that uses a mobile phone camera to recognize text. He figured there was a way to combine that text recognition technology with some mathematical algorithms and that’s how the first version of Photomath was developed.

All Photomath technology is proprietary, providing full control and giving us the ability to provide exceptional user experience. The core functionality of Photomath (machine learning inference, formula extraction and core math solver) is built in C++ and is run locally on the device meaning Photomath can solve problems without an internet connection. Photomath has also started implementing cloud processing for some premium features and content which do require an internet connection.

Photomath’s core math solver uses an advanced human-designed rule system (expert system) and even has its own DSL (domain specific language) that is used to program math solving procedures. There is no database behind it but it can solve problems generically, similarly to how a human would solve the problem. Not only can the core solver calculate a result but it can also produce the step-by-step explanations that match the result.

How math problems are recognized in Photomath is based on machine learning algorithms. The machine learning algorithms are based on some object recognition AI technologies. Photomath also has custom modifications for its use case and have optimized those technologies so they can run really fast on a mobile device.

math homework app for parents

Here’s what users are saying:

“I LOVE this app. Every time I show it to students they are just amazed by it (as am I). The fact that it shows alternate ways of solving the equations makes for great learning opportunities that might be missed in a regular class.”

— Adam M., Teacher

“This app is amazing for kids to help them understand math. As a parent, I don’t know too much about algebra and this has helped me with my kid’s homework.”

-- April C., Parent

“I used to hire tutors that were over $100/hour but they often didn’t teach in a way that resonated with my kids. Photomath’s step explanations are ideal for self-paced learning and it’s saving me hundreds of dollars each month!”

-- Katie C., Parent

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math homework app for parents

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Parent Expectations with Photomath and Learning Math Using Apps

Parent Expectations with Photomath and Learning Math Using Apps

Note about the author: Kevin Hoffman is a Teach for America alum who taught math for several years in Los Angeles and Oakland, CA. He is currently Vice Principal at the Envision Academy for Arts & Technology and holds a Masters in Education in Learning & Design from Vanderbilt University.

Small orange lego piece in the middle of large dark blue lego base piece.

In conversations with parents and families, I would regularly be asked about additional resources and math tools for students that they could use at home to support their math journey. I believe that Photomath can be a strong resource not only for students doing homework at home, but also to help families connect to content in class. After discussing norms and expectations regarding Photomath with students, I would strongly recommend communicating those expectations to families. In doing so, I would offer the following considerations:

Share the norms and expectations discussed in class, and share your rationale. I feel it is important to share the conversation from class (described in this post ) around Photomath with families to ensure everyone is on the same page. This can be shared through a classwide messaging system if your school uses one, or during back-to-school night or individual parent conferences. When introducing families to this resource, ensure there are equitable alternatives in the event a family would prefer not to use Photomath (i.e. copies of worked solutions available on the school website or printed ones sent home).

Encourage the use of Photomath as a conversation-starter for students and their families. In particular, if families know the Math Practices or content standards being addressed in school, they can use some generic prompts to follow up with students about assignments. Question frames like these may be useful:

What was the focus for math homework today?

Did you [the student] use any tools (like Photomath) to help you? How did it help?

  • (If students used Photomath to check work) Was your solution path similar to the one from Photomath?
  • (If students used Photomath as an example when they were stuck) What did you notice from Photomath’s solution? Are there any questions you still have? Is there anything you are going to follow up with Ms./Mrs./Mr./Mx. ____ tomorrow?
  • Can you explain the Photomath solution to me in your own words?

Were there any connections you saw or patterns you noticed in using Photomath and what you did in class? [this is a connection to a Math Practice — “Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.”]

Offer Photomath as one in a robust set of resources to support the mathematical process, and be available for follow-up and questions! Photomath is most useful as a learning tool that can support student mathematical thinking processes; this is a departure from a dominant and flawed culture around mathematics (based on my experience and relayed to me from students) as an exercise purely in quantitative correctness. It is crucial that we share this focus on the process with families and become available for families who wish to unpack Photomath’s role in our classrooms.

Did you know that the Photomath app was created by a father of three who struggled to explain math to his teenage son? Damir Sabol, the founder, created Photomath to help parents explain math to their children in simple terms. The step-by-step explanations are based on global research, special technology, and expert verification, ensuring that children can receive the help they need to succeed in math.

Check out the Parents section of the Photomath website for more info on how to use the app as a teaching tool at home.

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The 6 Best Homework Apps to Help Students (and Parents)

These apps won't do all the work for them

math homework app for parents

  • New York Institute of Technology
  • The Ultimate Guide to Parental Controls

Getting homework done can be difficult. While the information might make sense in the classroom , some students don't retain that knowledge. When your child needs extra help, there are apps to help with homework. These solutions help both students and parents succeed.

The apps in this article are free to download, and some may include in-app purchases .

Easy to use with over 30 languages to learn.

ESL courses to strengthen English skills.

The interface can be clunky at times.

It has a limited vocabulary.

This popular language-learning app sits at the top of both the iOS and Android app stores as an excellent solution to strengthen foreign language skills. Whether your child wants to learn outside of their curriculum or wishes to practice what they learned in class, Duolingo is an excellent addition to any digital device.

With over thirty languages to choose, your child can practice German, Italian, Spanish, French, or dozens of other languages. If your student is currently enrolled in ESL courses, they can strengthen their English skills from the bottom-up.

Unlike other language learning solutions that focus on memorizing vocabulary, Duolingo uses a combination of reading, writing, and speaking exercises to create a more natural learning experience.

Download For :

It's great for helping math students who fall behind.

The built-in calculator allows for smart, on-the-fly calculations and 2D graph plotting.

It's somewhat limited depth. Wrong answers don't provide much room for learning why an answer is incorrect.

Mathematics can be one of the most challenging courses for students, with complicated steps that are quickly forgotten after a long school day. Especially challenging is that many parents struggle to help their children with subject matter that they haven't been acquainted with for years. Photomath is an excellent solution for struggling mathematicians.

Children can scan complex or simple math problems, learning how to solve them with step-by-step instructions. A built-in calculator improves the experience, allowing for smart, on-the-fly calculations and 2D graph plotting abilities. Linear equations, logarithms, trigonometry, functions, and basic algebraic expressions are only a few of Photomath's vast capabilities.

Great music learning app with tools for learning and practicing guitar, bass, piano, and more.

Voice-overs and instructional design lack the human touch that helps when learning an instrument.

One school subject that is sadly overlooked is music. Music is an area of study that has been proven to increase a child's language and reasoning skills, fine-tune their motor skills, and decrease stress levels. So, if your child is trying to learn a musical instrument and struggling, consider investing in Yousician. This app allows students to practice guitar, bass, piano, or ukulele.

Students can practice their instruments along with the charts and diagrams that display on the screen. They'll receive real-time feedback when they miss a note or fall out of tune. Included step-by-step video tutorials are available to show your child how to be proficient in a specific skill set. Practicing an instrument has never seemed so natural. With different genres of music available, your child can quickly sort out their favorites.

Khan Academy

A range of subjects, from kindergarten mathematics to advanced placement physics.

More than 150,000 interactive exercises.

There's not much room for creativity, collaboration, or alternative teaching styles.

Ready to increase your knowledge in math, science, computing, history, economics, and more? Whether as an educational tool for your child, or an extra app for a parent to enjoy in their free time, everyone can use Khan Academy to unlock a world of education. Children can practice anything from kindergarten mathematics to advanced placement physics. Quickly access a collection of portable courses on-the-go or on your computer.

The Khan Academy app offers over 150,000 interactive exercises to strengthen old or new skills. Additionally, you can download content for offline study so that you have access to it no matter where you are. Parents wishing to learn something new can jump into advanced high school courses or enjoy courses on entrepreneurship and career-building. Khan Academy offers solutions for all ages and skill ranges.

Quizlet Flashcards

A digital flashcard mobile platform that's suitable for all ages.

The focus on memorization is ideal for studying.

The ad-supported platform may be distracting.

User-generated content means some content may be inaccurate.

Do you remember studying for exams and creating piles of flashcards to memorize facts and details? While flashcards can be an excellent method for analyzing new material, they use a large amount of paper that is eventually thrown in the trash. Learn new topics while also saving trees with the Quizlet Flashcards application. Study from existing flashcard sets or create your own.

Quizlet digital flashcards allow students of all ages to practice and excel at various topics using their smartphones. In addition to basic flashcards, Quizlet offers multiple modes to encourage different methods of memorization. If your child attends the same class as another student using Quizlet, the two can share flashcards. Those who use the app to study foreign languages can hear keywords spoken to them in over 18 languages.


Allows parents and guardians to keep tabs on their child's education.

Access classroom handouts, attendance records, school bulletins, and more.

The complicated interface makes for a rather steep learning curve.

Here's an app that both children and parents can enjoy: PowerSchool Mobile. Many school districts use the PowerSchool system to manage grades and reports. If your child's school is a participant, you can use the mobile app to keep a close eye on your child's educational progress. Depending on how a teacher chooses to use the tool in their classroom, you may also have access to handouts, attendance records, school bulletins, and more.

While not every school offers support for the PowerSchool Mobile application, it is worth checking with your child's teacher to see if the option is available. Sorry kids, but it isn't possible to hide report cards with the PowerSchool app. Parents can manage what push and email notifications they receive from the child's school. You'll become more involved and aware of your child's school performance with this simple mobile app.

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Meet Reflex

The most effective math fact fluency solution.

Explorelearning reflex helps all students succeed..

Adaptive and individualized, Reflex is the most effective system for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for grades 2+. Full of games that students love, Reflex takes students at every level and helps them quickly gain  math fact fluency and confidence. And educators and parents love the powerful reporting that allows them to monitor progress and celebrate success.

Reflex & Frax: Better Together

Learn how Reflex and Frax work together to build a strong foundation in math for all students.


Training and support for teachers using Reflex.

Our live instructor-led online webinars help you make the most of all the tools and features in Reflex.

Reflex is research-based and produces real results.

Across multiple grade levels, standardized tests, and assessments—students who use Reflex are scoring higher and growing faster than their peers.

Reflex is a solution that works for all students.

Reflex provides the tools to successfully support students at grade level, at risk, and with special needs.

What People Say About Reflex

Reflex provides my students with the opportunity to grow and make gains with their math facts. They see the progress they have made and it’s been a confidence booster for them. I have seen this reflect in all academic areas and I am pleased with the progress they are making.

Students love Reflex! They ask to do it every day. You can really tell they have learned their multiplication facts while working on equivalent fractions. Thank you for the great program!

At the beginning of the year one of my second graders was solving six addition problems in two minutes. That student is now solving 30 addition problems in two minutes. He is also able to solve 30 subtraction problems in two minutes. His fluency started to shoot up after starting Reflex.

A parent told me their child asks to get onto Reflex in their free time, instead of watching TV or playing video games. I think that speaks volumes about this resource!

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Reflex is by far the best program out there. All but one of my students scored within the targeted norm range on our district calculations assessment. This was an increase from 50% on the fall assessment.

Frax and Reflex Power Math Achievement Gains

New research conducted by ExploreLearning found that elementary students using both  Frax and Reflex made significantly larger academic gains in math compared to non-users.

Get more Reflex Insights.

5 Ways Gamification Benefits Teachers and Students

Fact Family in Math: What Is It and Why Does it Matter?

Unveiling the Impact: Reflex Revolutionizes Math Achievement

Ready. Set. Reflex! Start your journey into Reflex with a free 45-day trial.

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5 Resources for Parents Who Are Stumped by Math Homework

A math teacher's go-to list of websites to help you — and your child — decipher tricky math concepts..

With a new school year underway, there are many exciting events ahead for you and your child. And then, there are some events you might not be looking forward to — like deciphering your child's math homework! As new concepts and strategies are being taught, it may feel like you have no idea how to help your child. While I love math and teaching it, math homework can still be a tricky part of my own family’s nightly routine.

These five websites below are my go-to for resources, worksheets, and games. 

1.  Learn Zillion :   This video-based website teaches math concepts in short, student-centered lessons. You can search a concept and watch different videos that will teach you and your child how to understand math ideas and strategies. The videos are very child friendly! Recommended for 2 nd grade and up.

2.  K-5 Math Teaching Resources :   I love this website! It's full of games and activities for each math standard that allow you and your child to better understand different topics being taught in the classroom. There are different categories to choose from: number sense, geometry, and measurement and data. Click on the activity or game that will help practice different mathematical concepts. Recommended for Kindergarten through 5 th grade.

3.  Khan Academy :   Khan Academy focuses on interactive videos and practice exercises that support your child’s learning at her own pace. The activities are simple enough for your child to do on her own but also challenging enough to push her to learn more. Recommended for Kindergarten and up.

4.  NCTM Illuminations : This site is an incredible resource for teachers, parents, and students. There are lessons, interactive games, and brainteasers that are all helpful with homework and extra practice at home. Recommended for PreK and up.

5.  K 5 Learning : K 5 Learning is a wonderful parent-support for math help at home. It offers online support and numerous printable worksheets to support you and your child’s learning at home. There are even parent progress reports if you chose to assess your child’s progress. Recommended for Kindergarten through 5 th grade.

Keep these resources on hand when math homework starts to get tricky. They can be a great support to both you and your child!

MORE: Math Printables & Worksheets for All Ages

More Math Resources

Sign up and get 10% off books.

logo JustDoMyHomework.com

  • Top 9 Smart Apps to Do Math Homework with Ease

Top 9 Smart Apps to Do Math Homework with Ease


Myscript calculator, hiper scientific calculator, scientific calculator, graphing calculator, geometry solver ‪².

If you talk to your parents about how they did math homework when they were students, they may tell about some guidebooks that helped them. It was an absolute disaster for some learners. They had to do all the calculations manually and suffered from having no sleep because of solving math problems.  You're lucky to have smartphones with specifically designed programs access that make your life much easier. We've prepared an overview of the top programs helpful for any student to do their homework with ease. Below you can see the list of best math apps available in AppStore, Google Play, or online. Those apps will help students find a solution to their problems or questions. Check them out or head to our order form and leave ' do my homework ' request to get professional help. 

Photomath is one of the most popular programs available for iOS and Android users. Augmented reality helps learners do their homework by simply solving the task after catching it with the cameras. This program is suitable for solving some basic math tasks and algebraic equations. It shows the results of calculations on the screen with the steps that lead to it. You can view the logs and see how some tasks were solved in the past to help do your homework in the future the same way. This is a nice tip on how to get homewrok done fast . There's one drawback – this application cannot recognize handwriting. There is no option of doing homework with it if you need to solve quadratic equations, functional equations, or other complex tasks. However, it can perfectly deal with any printed text.

This Math answers app for iOS and Android devices is also suitable for solving equations. There is a free version with basic functionality. Or it offers in-app purchases to access all the features. This app for students grants a possibility to solve a wider variety of tasks if we compare it with Photomath. There's a drawback here – this math app doesn't recognize equations if one tries catching it with the camera. You will have to enter this data manually to do your homework.

MyScript Calculator  can recognize handwriting, so it allows drawing equations on the screen to get the task solved. It offers solutions for your homework with some basic tasks, square and cube roots, trigonometry, percentages, and logarithms. Even if you type in something like "3+?=10", this app will provide the correct answer. It's compatible with iOS and Android devices. Be ready to let the app recognize your handwriting a few times to solve one task. It rarely recognizes what's written the wrong way.

PCalc  is a homework app with the most attractive interface. Here we have a nice-looking widget for notifications. To make the app solve the task, swipe from top to bottom of your screen, and the process will start. This app is available only for iOS devices. 

How to do Algebra more efficiently? Download Solve4x ! It is a math equation solver that will help high school and college students, but not university students. This application helps solve relatively simple equations. There are two options available. You can either take a picture of your equation or type it manually. Also note, this application does not solve equations with brackets. 

And this app is available for homework help only on Android devices.  Hiper Scientific Calculator helps with solving tasks that are related to logarithms, trigonometry, etc. You can view the history of operations to see how some specific functions in the past were solved. It's comfortable to do homework because of highlighted syntax.  This application will also help with your homework on engineering and scientific calculations – they are available as separate modes. Even though this app is free, you will not see any ads inside.

No, we didn't make a mistake – Scientific Calculator  is another app for those looking for homework help websites . But this version of the program is compatible only with Windows. It has a nice-looking old-school interface. This math app will help you solve trigonometric and logarithmic functions, etc. It grants access to the previously solved tasks, so you may use those ways for your homework in future.  

This app has a high rating of almost five stars. You can do homework using such features as equation solving, unit and currency exchangers, and graphing calculations. This app is available only for Android phones. 

One may have different types of math tasks to complete as homework tasks. And they can be either printed or handwritten. Most of the apps may fail to try recognizing what is written on a piece of paper. It may not be easy to enter all the data manually. Therefore, we have created a list of the best math apps that you can trust. Using an app to do your homework is awesome. Still, sometimes one may not be able to access it due to various reasons. Suppose you are overloaded with assignments, pressed for time, or have no idea how to complete a particular job. In that case, you might need professional academic help. Let us know whether you need any math help, and we'll gladly assist right away. 

It's not a secret that modern students have a pile of various assignments, and it's quite hard to organize those stuff even in the paper notebook.Modern technologies don't sleep! If you are looking for a reliable homework app to manage your studying, read this article right away.We have gathered 10 ...

Using free homework help websites is not embarassing. According to recent surveys, around 64% of people involved in the academic field do online tutoring and provide academic assistance, and 30% plan to join them. While some people insist that online college homework help site is the root of all evi...

Cheating on homework is much easier and popular than cheating on in-class assignments. The teacher cannot control the actions of his/her students outside the class. It provides students with the certain benefits. In the age of modern technologies, it is simple to learn how to cheat on homework of an...

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  • Toon Balloonz
  • Math Missile
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Compare Fractions - Same Numerator or Denominator

Area of Complex Figures

Volume of Cubes and Rectangular Prisms

Compare Fractions

MathGames Video Tutorials

  • Instant setup using Google Classrooms, Remind or Office 355
  • Create printable worksheets for offline practice
  • Create detailed assignments, lesson plans and exit tickets
  • Scratch pads to help students solve problems
  • Detailed Reporting for Teachers and School Admins
  • Skills Aligned to the Common Core Standards
  • Tablet, Chromebooks, iPads and mobile phone ready -no downloads needed
  • Trusted and used by over 5 million students in homes and classrooms

Math Games offers online games and printable worksheets to make learning math fun. Kids from pre-K to 8th grade can practice math skills recommended by the Common Core State Standards in exciting game formats. Never associated learning algebra with rescuing animals or destroying zombies? Time to think again!

Kids learn better when they're having fun . They also learn better when they get to practice new skills repeatedly . Math Games lets them do both - in school or at home .

Teachers and parents can create custom assignments that assess or review particular math skills. Activities are tailored so pupils work at appropriate grade levels . Worksheets can be downloaded and printed for classroom use , or activities can be completed and automatically graded online .

Best of all? It's completely free! Click on any of our games above to get started.

Get updates on what we do by following us on Twitter at @mathgames . Send us your comments, queries or suggestions here .

Homework Helper: AI Math Solve 4+

Education & science app, yasin yuzgulec, designed for iphone.

  • #125 in Education
  • 4.7 • 14 Ratings
  • Offers In-App Purchases

iPhone Screenshots


A great tool to help students learn new things, prepare for tests, and master subjects like math, chemistry, and physics. Unlike traditional tutoring services, our app doesn't just hand out answers - it guides students through each problem with detailed step-by-step explanations and solutions, empowering them to understand and solve similar problems on their own. Here's how our app helps you learn: Comprehensive help with homework. Whether you're solving algebraic equations or balancing chemical reactions, our app will give you the support you need to solve even the most challenging problems. Our application will help you cope with even the most complex tasks! Easy organization: With the ability to save completed tasks and questions in the app's file directory, students can easily return to their work to review, share it with classmates, or print it for reference. Cooperative Learning: Need more help? AI Homework Helper facilitates group learning by allowing users to work on math problems with friends, classmates and others, creating a collaborative learning environment. For those looking for unlimited access to our premium features, we offer a subscription service: Your iTunes account will be charged upon confirmation of purchase. Subscriptions are automatically billed according to the selected plan. Manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal in Settings to maintain control of your membership. Subscriptions with a free trial period will transition to a paid subscription upon renewal. At AI Homework Helper we believe in empowering students to become confident and independent learners. Try our app today and discover the difference it can make in your academic journey. Privacy Policy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_5xd-bfOv8_3y3huQ64q0-NcKNFlpJT6aLiqrel15VI/edit Terms of Use: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ceeWBb2GMjoYEs9gEVAnEIYgN1T0G7F-DCNWoiSrvYU/edit

Ratings and Reviews

App privacy.

The developer, YASIN YUZGULEC , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


  • Homework Helper: AI Math Solve $6.99
  • App Support
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AI Homework Helper Math Solver

Homework AI: Math Tutor Help

Whiz: Homework, Math AI Helper

Grace - Spiritual Companion

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Meg Flanagan Education Solutions, LLC - Serving Northern Virginia

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October 5, 2016 By admin

10 Best FREE Websites to Help Parents with Math Homework

Holy crap .

That math homework is H-A-R-D! The last time that you tried to do that kind of math, you were the same age as your kid.

And equally lost.

But your child need help, and you have no clue. Now what?

Check out these FREE websites for math help, grades K-12!

Khan academy.

This is the BEST website , in my opinion. Not only can you learn about your child’s math homework, you can watch a video on it. Your child can also join their FREE learning program. It helps kids (and parents) to learn new math skills, or practice things they already know.

Ms. Munafo’s YouTube Channel

This teacher’s YouTube channel is simple, clean and basic. Ms. Munafo explains all things fourth grade math using easy to understand language and visuals. She gives clear explanations, and shows several examples. Even if your child is past fourth grade, getting some insight on the easier things might help everyone learn more!

Check out this video on fractions:

Homeschool Math

This website offers FREE lessons from PreK-Middle/High School across many core concepts. There are visuals with clear written explanations, free worksheets, and ideas for games or activities. If you need something to print, this might be the place.


This is another great all-in-one website: concepts broken down, online games, free worksheets. Seriously awesome! I use worksheets from here in my classroom regularly.

This won’t help YOU explain math, but it will help your child get a good foundation in the basic skills (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing). Yes, it is a drill website, but I love it! The “drills” are set up like video games: fun and engaging. Kids are racing only against themselves or the clock. And students can’t move on until they have mastered the current concept. Plus, it’s FREE!

Free Math Help

This is more for the middle and high school crowd, and it’s great. The explanations are written out, so you could print out pages to serve as reminders. There are also visuals to help students understand what a certain kind of problem might look like.

Doctor Genius

This site covers students in grade K-6, and hits on the big concepts. It’s not so much explanations for parents as it is online practice for kids. Once you choose a topic, you can select a difficulty level (noted by the dots to the left of each option).


For kids (and parents) in grade 7-12, this is where it’s at. The front page has all the topics listed based on concept. When you click on a topic, like Factoring, it gives you a quick overview. And then walks you through the concept, step-by-step. With examples. LOVE this!

Sheppard Software

Also not a website to LEARN, but to practice. This is a great way to gamify tough concepts and make math a little bit more fun.

Cliff’s Notes

You might remember these for SAT prep or helping you through AP English, but now it’s so much more! These are definitely aimed at people with a good grasp of language. So, maybe not for your elementary aged child to read, but for you to read before helping your kiddo. The guides start right around when the math really gets tough: fourth/fifth grade.

Did I miss something? If your fav math site or YouTube channel is not listed, leave it in the comments!

As a bonus, all the sites listed above are FREE. Yes, FREE! And you can use them at home or (hooray!) in the classroom.

Check MilKids out on Twitter , Pinterest , Instagram , and  Facebook ! Subscribe to my email list  for email updates and free printables!

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I.C.C. Prosecutor Requests Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders

The move sets up a possible showdown between the international court and israel with its biggest ally, the united states..

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Patrick Kingsley, the Times’s bureau chief in Jerusalem, explains why this may set up a possible showdown between the court and Israel with its biggest ally, the United States.

On today’s episode

math homework app for parents

Patrick Kingsley , the Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times.

Karim Khan, in a head-and-shoulders photo, stands outside a palatial building.

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Why did a prosecutor go public with the arrest warrant requests ?

The warrant request appeared to shore up domestic support for Mr. Netanyahu.

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Patrick Kingsley is The Times’s Jerusalem bureau chief, leading coverage of Israel, Gaza and the West Bank. More about Patrick Kingsley



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  25. I.C.C. Prosecutor Requests Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders

    The move sets up a possible showdown between the international court and Israel with its biggest ally, the United States. This week, Karim Khan, the top prosecutor of the International Criminal ...