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Collection of Business Paper Samples

Cognitive computing in e-commerce.

Abstract Cognitive Computing deals with simulation of human thought processing and analyzing it. Through analysis, Algorithms are generated by system in order to gain self learning capabilities. We can use cognitive computing in various platforms like Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, E-commerce, Image processing. In this paper usage of cognitive computing in E-Commerce is discussed. Introduction To Cognitive Computing Cognitive Computing...

Words: 1741 | Pages: 8

Developing an Effective Marketing Plan for a Bank

Bank Marketing Introduction As a team member of Sycorr, a technology consulting firm focusing on the banking industry, I have been excited to learn more about the business side of the industry we serve. Because we are not a bank, I selected a client of ours, Bell State Bank & Trust, to focus on for this paper. Although Bell State...

Words: 2425 | Pages: 11

Working Capital Management

Background information Working capital refers to the funds that are used to meet short-term responsibilities or the funds used to carry out the day-to-day activities of an organization. The management of these resources is equivalently important as the management of the long term finance funds. The management of the working capital is fundamental in making sure that the operations of...

Words: 2237 | Pages: 10

Food Marketing Strategies

Food is amazing. It is a necessity in order for us to survive and eating it is certainly something we look forward to at any time of day, every day. And it also happens to be one of the most lucrative items for a business to sell in the United States. Many people believe that the key to having a...

Words: 999 | Pages: 5

Dollar Tree, Inc.

Executive summary The Dollar tree Inc company is a leading global operator of discount variety stores which offers a merchandise at a fixed price of a dollar in both United States and Canada. Therefore it can be comprehensively described as a customer-oriented, value-driven store which operates at a one dollar price point. Dollar Tree company was established in Dalton in...

Words: 2413 | Pages: 11

Executive Summary Whirlpool is a famous company across the world for the production, distribution and selling of home appliances. This company started in 1911 as a family business venture and has grown over the years to become a market leader across the globe. It ranks among the best companies across the world as of present. This company was started by...

Words: 2988 | Pages: 13

Planning Theory Tasks

Abstract This paper discusses planning theory and particularly the urban planning. Major cities and even small towns have poor designs as a result of poor planning. The paper looks at the history of planning and its importance especially in urban areas. It also analyzes the factors that affect planning, ranging from political interference to societal principles as well as the...

Words: 4848 | Pages: 21

Prestcom Analysis

Summary From the data collected from different articles and books, I discovered that Apple products are currently dominating the market because the company uses high technology to manufacture its products. Due to the competition Apple is facing ion the market it has implement several strategies to win customers from its competitors. These strategies have helped Apple to remain competitive in...

Words: 3797 | Pages: 16

Doing Business In India

India is a country that is richly diverse and complex and therefore, it might be difficult for an entrepreneur to determine exactly or to make general conclusions that may be appropriate for doing business there. There are many factors to consider such as the economic, political, social, cultural, religious, as well as geographic ones. There are also other things to...

Words: 558 | Pages: 3

Opening a MacDonald’s in India

In the current century of globalization, people around the globe are able to share different kinds of foods from different parts of the world all thanks to the global business in foods and beverages companies and hotels. Now, consumer foods service is the leading driver of global growth in economy and now the fast foods industry is able to reach...

Words: 2449 | Pages: 11

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Small Business Research Papers Samples For Students

71 samples of this type

During studying in college, you will definitely have to pen a bunch of Research Papers on Small Business. Lucky you if linking words together and organizing them into meaningful content comes easy to you; if it's not the case, you can save the day by finding an already written Small Business Research Paper example and using it as a model to follow.

This is when you will certainly find WowEssays' free samples database extremely helpful as it contains numerous skillfully written works on most various Small Business Research Papers topics. Ideally, you should be able to find a piece that meets your requirements and use it as a template to compose your own Research Paper. Alternatively, our expert essay writers can deliver you an original Small Business Research Paper model crafted from scratch according to your individual instructions.

Managing A Small Business Research Paper Samples

Free research paper on contracting through the small business association, free research paper on strategies and dynamics of women in profitable small businesses, problem statement.

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Example Of Research Paper On Evaluating Contracts: A Detailed Analysis

Introduction, example of research paper on reasons for business closures, impact of contraband, bootlegging and peddling on inner city small business success: a millennial’s perspective, good research paper on information assurance in small business, research paper on advantages of a small business over large ones, compare and contrast fixed-price contracts and cost-reimbursement contracts in terms of the benefits and drawbacks of each for your business., free research paper about mcdonaldization, research paper on community development corporation, example of employee benefits plans for small businesses: research paper, employee benefits plans for small businesses, good example of evaluating contracts research paper, obama care and it's negative effects on the us research paper, good research paper about research: religious discrimination: key issues in the workplace in small businesses, free research paper on defined contribution in healthcare.

Of the 14 states with state-based marketplace healthcare plans, eight have defined contributions options at present or being planned in the near future. These states include California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Vermont. Other states have no defined contribution plans and these states include Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, and New York.


Good research paper about how networking can mitigate the issues small-business owners face regarding isolation, innovation and small business.

Small business owners, with their intimate knowledge of their customers, are well positioned to be more innovate. Many entrepreneurs view innovation as a float out frightening concept. Although business owners are under pressure to bring new products in order to make the mane for the companies, they are advised to, at many times innovation will come from within (Ulwick, 2002).

Example Of Research Paper On Innovation And Small Business

Brooklyn construction contracting: research paper sample, contracting opportunities, perfect model research paper on accounting for income taxes for business entities in the united states of america, research paper on impact of internet & ecommerce on small businesses, example of research paper on documentation portfolio, these are the exact words i would use in my report., research paper on entrepreneurship character in the american culture, entrepreneur character, free entrepreneur research paper research paper sample, delivery date, republicans vs. president obamas obama care research paper sample.

President Obama and the Republicans are really engaging in a bitter war against both sides when it comes to the topic of health insurance for Americans. This research paper will discuss the major issues that exist between the Republicans and President Obama with the Affordable Care Act. I will compare the pros and the cons of the new law. I will explore who will benefit from this law in which has been nicknamed as “Obamacare”. Why are the Republicans fighting so hard to stop this law? How much will it cost the government?

Republicans’ stand

Contracting research paper examples, research paper on creating, financing, and marketing a business, pros and cons of the partnership as a form of ownership, bank regulation research paper examples, bank regulation.

How much impact do banks contribute to the continuity of any small business and how much of that process is being facilitated by the government or the city where the small business opens? The growth of the economy depends on the success of small businesses in a country. These businesses also play a major role in facilitating self employment in a country. Therefore it is important to evaluate whether the bank sector and the government is doing enough to facilitate the success of these small businesses.

Dependent variable; success of the small business in the economy.

Example of research paper on understanding finance concepts, understanding financial concepts, relate selected global efforts in information system: example research paper by an expert writer to follow, entrepreneurship resource planning system, financial policy, security issuance, and management: research paper you might want to emulate.

Finance is a vast area of discussion that requires one's dedication and interest to understand it better. Under finance, there are major issues like corporate financial policy which has a lot to be studied. The corporate fiscal policy is defined as an innovative corporate finance course that mainly touches on equity and debt management, for example, the descriptions of types of debt and equity, distribution policy and security issuance, for instance, the design of capital structure and securities that controls information problems. The sub-topics in securities and financial policy can be discussed in details as below.

Debt and equity management.

Project management research paper example, the financial plan is presented as below:.

Financial Plan The following would be the projected income statement for the Company in the first year of operation. The profit for the business in the first year can be expected to be higher than a thousand dollars. The asset planning for the business can also be presented in the following table. The asset has been prepared keeping in mind the conservative policy of asset planning.

Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Free research paper on ups competes globally with information technology - case study, what are the inputs, processing, and outputs of ups’s tracking system, starting my business research paper example, banking and loan arrangements, budgeting analysis and report of massachusetts research papers examples, appendices research papers example, personal computers: where did they come from and where are they going, free research paper on social media advantage for small business.

Social media is an integral part of the marketing process for most businesses. Companies should adopt the trends that are available in the market to ensure that all customers are reached at any time of the marketing process. This paper will focus on how social media can be exploited by small-scale businesses to integrate to their marketing plans. The case study will be for Healthy Eyes Vision Center which is located in Texas.

Eye clinic background

Free best business for the economy research paper example.

The present trend in the world of removing trade barriers and expand global trade give advantage to small and medium trade. Small business plays a crucial role in the country’s economy in creating job opportunity. The opportunity is easily achieved through selling of more products to end-user in the process. This can be achieved through contracted distributors and contractors. Some industries move faster than others depending on the market daily demand. The dynamics of the business especially in the focus of networking aspect is extremely beneficial. Innovation plays a vital role for competitiveness in the market.

Example Of Information Systems: Digitec House Cleaning Services Research Paper

Example of research paper on definition of hereditament, example of answers to questions research paper, example of research paper on important financial ratios.

Q.1 Financial ratios important to a small business and their comparison with ratios critical to a manager of a larger corporation

The following ratios are critical for small businesses:

- Acid test ratio/ Quick ratio: Current assets – stock/Inventory

Current liabilities

Measure liquidity position of a firm - Average collection period: Average debtors – 365 days

Credit sales

Measures efficiency of a firm in collecting debts owed to it - Inventory Turnover: Cost of sales

Average stock

Measures efficiency of a firm in sales - Total debt/Equity: Long term debt + Current Liabilities

Shareholders’ funds

Shows the extent of leverage used by a firm - Net profit margin: Net profit (Earnings after tax) * 100%

Example Of Research Paper On Legal Forms Of Business

When starting a business, one has to make a decision on the legal for of business that would be ideal for his business. This research paper will discuss some legal forms of business presenting scenarios where the legal business form would be the chosen legal entity.

Sole proprietorship

Example of research paper on the factors of success in entrepreneurship, background of the problem, suggested business outline {type) to use as a writing model, business decision on purchase of existing business or building a new one, good research paper on person perceptionyour first name your last name, hrm in france, expertly written research paper on commercial lease provisions to follow, expertly written research paper on erp research assignment to follow, management information system , free research paper about surety bonds, surety bonds, example of research paper on contract administration, selected company:.

Mechanical and Electrical Construction and Service Solutions (MCC Group) has been recommended as the most suitable sub-contractor for procurement purposes. This recommendation has been done based on the history of the company. In the past, the company has been responsible for reliable delivery of quality projects and high service capabilities. The company has experience in the delivery of infrastructure projects. This falls within the provisions of the company, which requires that the successful procurement company contracted to have had experience in the relevant industry.

Pros and cons of contracting with the source chosen:

Corporations and merging of businesses research papers examples, mergers and acquisition, example of research paper on what states have the highest minority owned businesses, good example of research paper on anthony was eagerly looking forward to tell me about various things and beliefs, interview on an elderly about their college days, benefits of hydroponics to the soil, water and land research paper example.

The original goal of this report is to provide essential reasons about why such business might have necessitated in our area and how people can have varieties of fresh produce without any seasonal barriers. Populations of these cities are growing day by day, and most of the lands are going under housing projects, so the farming lands undergo destruction for housings. Hydroponics is the solution. It can benefit us with so many other factors such as, no need for workers, no need for lands, no needs for large investments and (etc.) (Guffey& Loewy, 310).

Free Federal Taxation - Research Paper Sample

Executive summary, economic and political conditions of mongolia research paper samples, firm research research paper example, woman-owned, sample research paper on troubled assets relief program, women and minorities in entrepreneurship research papers example, how to start a business- a few simple steps research paper sample, good example of research paper on starting a business online part 2, the people factor research paper examples.

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38+ Research Paper Samples – PDF

Individuals and businesses usually gather data for the important creation of facts and business strategies. The most widely used tool for research applicable to both academic and business purposes is what we call a research paper. Research White Paper formatting differs from term papers since it presents comprehensive detail on the problem or the topic being addressed.

research paper samples

Essay Outline For Research Paper Template

essay outline for research paper template

  • Google Docs

Research Paper Rubric Template

research paper rubric template

Simple Research Paper Template

research paper template

  • Apple Pages

Business Research Paper Template

business research paper template

Research Paper Format Template

research paper format

Formal Research Paper Template

formal research paper template

APA Research Paper

Apa style research paper.

apa style research paper

APA Format Research Paper

apa format research paper

Research Paper Samples

  • Identifying the research problem of your research
  • Review of literature
  • Formulating hypothesis
  • Selection of research design
  • Data collection process
  • Data analysis
  • Interpretation of data
  • Research publication and research report

MLA Research Paper

Mla citations research paper.

mla cite research paper

MLA Style Research Introduction Paper

mla style research paper

What Is a Research Paper?

  • Analysis of a particular perspective
  • The argument of a point
  • Decision-making

Basic Parts of a Research Paper

  • Research Title – This is a representation of the research’s statement of the problem which is addressed through the information indicated in the research.
  • Introduction of Research – This general explanation of the overall topic covers background information and narrows them down to highlight the focus of the research paper.
  • Brief Summary – This part provides the problem statement templates along with specifications on the content of the research paper presented in summary.
  • Methods of Research – This pertains to the materials and the methods conducted by the researcher to achieve the information he needs for the paper.
  • Research Findings – This section gives the reader the results after the methods have been executed.
  • Concluding Statements – In consideration of the research findings generated, a conclusion is generated regarding various fields it applies.
  • References – Various print and digital sources looked into in the creation of the research paper are alphabetized under this category.

Action Research Paper

Affirmative action research paper.

affirmative action research paper

Sample Action Plan for Research Paper

action plan for research paper

Free Proposal Paper for Action Research

proposal paper for action research

Research Proposal Paper

Research topic english essay proposal paper.

research topic proposal paper

Business Research Paper

International business research paper.

international business research paper

Free Small Business Research Paper

small business research paper

Research Cover Page Paper for Business Intelligence

research paper for business intelligence

Business School Research Paper Outline

business school research paper

Kinds of Research Paper Sample Templates

  • Action Research Paper – Certain actions of a business are a result of the company’s extensive research evident in this sample template.
  • Research Proposal Paper – Proposals to top management include this type of sample template since business decisions need concrete bases like research.
  • Marketing Research Paper – Promotional activities are first studied with the use of this sample template that aids the company in the creation of a marketing plan .
  • Descriptive Research Paper – Research papers under this type of sample template describe the existence of facts from relative studies or raw sources of information.
  • Education Research Paper – This applies to an education major with a focus on topics related to education.
  • Literary Research Paper – This research paper sample template covers literary analysis and the uses of standard format of citations such as the APA and MLA format.
  • Science Research Paper – Projects on any different kinds of science are not plausible without the aid of this sample template.
  • Career Research Paper Sample – This sample template presents how different career developments and exploration are executed with the use of this research paper.
  • Graduate Research Paper Sample – Graduate schools require the submission of this type of sample template from their students, particularly for end-of-semester requirements.

Career Research Paper

Nursing career research paper.

nursing career research paper

Free Career Exploration Research Paper

career exploration research paper

Research Paper Summary on Career Development

research paper on career development

Descriptive Research Paper

Descriptive statistics methodology thesis research paper.

descriptive statistics research paper

Education Research Paper

Research paper on physical education.

research paper on physical education

Free Education Action Research Paper

education action research paper

Education Technology Research Paper

education technology research paper

Guide to Writing a Good Research Paper

  • Make sure to cite your research sources. Your research’s source of information like the journal paper templates of this website must be acknowledged and arranged in the bibliography section of the research paper.
  • Use formal and professional words throughout the paper. Colloquial terms and informal words are prohibited in the research since it disrupts the formality and the subjective presentation of research data.
  • Follow proper formatting for the research. Your research proper must present the right format of paragraphs for each section of the paper as well as the right arrangement of key points that should follow a logical order .
  • Identify the importance and the purpose of the research. Before even starting the making of the research paper, it is vital for the researcher to know and to indicate the significance of conducting the research which is the purpose of the study.
  • Produce detailed information for the research. The research information you base your paper on must be provided in detail on research paper since it serves as concrete support to your research findings and conclusion.

Graduate Research Paper

Graduate research study paper format.

graduate research paper format

Research Paper for Graduate High School

research paper for graduate school

Literary Research Paper

Literary analysis research paper.

literary analysis research paper

MLA Literary Research Paper

mla literary research paper

Marketing Research Paper

Social media marketing research paper.

social media marketing research paper

Research Paper for Digital Marketing

research paper for digital marketing

Free Marketing Plan Research Paper

marketing plan research paper

Student Research Paper

Nursing student research paper.

nursing student research paper

Research Paper for Working Student

research paper for working student

Science Research Paper

Science project research paper.

science project research paper

Free Computer Science Research Paper

computer science research paper

Free Social Science Research Paper

social science research paper

College Research Paper

College level research paper.

college level research paper

Free College Writing Research Paper

college writing research paper

Purposes of a Research Paper

  • To answer questions. A research paper is most commonly used to gain answers to certain scientific questions of the world. Discoveries are the results of extensive research presented in the research paper.
  • To present facts formally. Considering the formal feature of a research paper contrary to the informal presentation of the sample notebook paper templates, sharing facts from research with the use of a research paper is the way to go for a researcher.
  • To make reasonable decisions. Businesses often resort to the creation of research information on a professional research paper since concrete decisions are defined based on the research data on the paper.

More in Paper Templates


Orientation Speech Template By Teacher


Quantitative Research Checklist Template


Interview Essay in APA Documentation Style Template


Job Interview Essay Report with Introduction Template


Professional Student Interview Essay Template


Biography Essay Template


Business Comparative Research Template


Comparative Market Research Template


Comparative Research Outline Template


Comparative Research Study Template

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Introduction As one of the most iconic companies within the United States, General Electric has remained on the forefront of innovation since its inception. Due to its long history as an effective economic competitor in a number of areas, the company has had to constantly reinvent itself in order to...

1. Companies who use the advertising model generate their revenue through the advertisements that are present on their site, as consumers do not typically pay for visiting websites. The consumer clicks on the advertisement, sending them to another site, and the first site gets miniscule compensations for doing so. For...

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Problem 1:A commonly used plastic that we did not talk about in class include a category known as high density polyethylene, designated under the acronym HDPE. In comparison to other common plastic types, HDPE is highly popular because it is sturdy and is a non-leaching translucent kind of plastic. Able...

The product life cycle is the term used to describe the “sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity, and decline” for a new product (The Product Life Cycle, 2010, p.1). The introduction stage occurs when the company works to build awareness of the product and develop a market and...

The modern business environment is increasingly being defined by elements such as relatively short product life-cycles, increased competition and dynamic firm structures as well as rapid technological innovations. These changes have necessitated strategic decision making and changes to firm strategies in a bid to enhance organizational performance where the support...

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Research Paper Examples on Business

Maumelle city’s financial indicators, public human resource management in south africa, post-covid-19 status of the american public recreation sector, the spa and wellness businesses’ history, jetblue airways vs. southwest airlines: comparative analysis, spotify’s issues of operational activities and organizational design, strategic plan: baidu inc. competitive advantage, eddison electronics company: critical components of balanced scorecard, foreign direct investment and bank stability during covid-19, mustang special utility district’s organizational development, corporate social responsibility: the roles in company, the ice-cream product swot (strategic) analysis, cryptocurrency in the global economy, public relations and sales in the silicon valley company, the california health & human services 2022-23 budget, the amazon firm’s human resource management, the trenitalia firm’s total quality management, drilling & production project management, migration and migrant labour in the gig economy, the starbucks company’s analysis and strategies, the ritz-carlton: h.r. planning tools, national debt concept in asian countries, organizational culture and its significance, using supply chain as a competitive advantage, impact of covid-19 on global supply chain, marketing strategy blueprint: spar group, india vs. vietnam: business environment comparison, the consequences of moving to a cashless society, automation and logistics technologies at dhl, nike’s marketing strategy & business performance, pay for performance: an effective compensation system, green logistics: principles and benefits, tesla’s disruption in the automotive sector, organizational culture and its relevance to an organization, strategies for resource allocation and capital accumulation in business, the coca-cola company’s financial analysis, employing leadership skills in the future advanced practice role, brownfields projects in oil and gas industry, real-world application: planning and decision-making, team leadership, dynamics, and effectiveness, non-fungible tokens from a marketing point of view, the johnson & johnson company’s analysis in the us, applying transformational leadership theory, complex adaptive systems and their effects on leaders, roper technologies inc.’s company analysis, cost management in real-world applications, corporate strategy of allocating financial resources, the influence of organizational culture on organizational effectiveness, safety and security in the workplace, impacts of corporate social responsibilities on businesses, rational, natural, and open systems of organizations, real estate industry: the multi-family property, the home depot firm’s strategic management, ethics and values in public administration, consultant in innovation management: business idea, toyota motor corporation: business strategy, sunrun: fighting climate change, ethical issues and leadership in business, toyota motor corporation: total quality management, ups firm’s strategic position and firm-level analysis, the united states economy compared to that of other countries, amazon’s information management system, impact of information technology on international trade, steady paycheck agency for job seekers, strategies of team and group management within the organization, green logistics and its impact on transportation and logistics management, the importance of quality management for the business world, semiconductor industry: the “silicon shield” of taiwan, catering industry in california and los angeles, the microsoft and apple corporations’ analysis, organizational commitment and job satisfaction, tesla in chinese electric vehicles sector, the employee retention and turnover issues, operations supply chain management, strategic analysis: a case study of apple inc., learning digitization and human resource challenges, home depot’s marketing mix, strategic development: business & financial affairs, the cybersecurity analyst profession, selling construction goods: home depot chain of stores, the toyota firm’s organizational structure issues, the importance of employee engagement and retention, organizational behavior: human resource management concepts, workplace gender inequality: career advancement, warehouse management strategies, the airbnb company’s success analysis, motivation initiatives for employees, the general electric company’s information, online shopping patterns in international business, impact of internal audit on financial reporting, international expansion of multinational corporations, the coca-cola company’s cultural training for expatriate employees, leadership development plan: impact on organizational performance, change of an organization with linear management structure, the importance of reverse logistics in supply chain management, creating a personal leadership profile, emirates airlines’ strategic marketing, human resources and diversity in the united states, procter & gamble company’s change management, emirates airline’s sustainability in airport operations, peripheral functions within an organization, microsoft corporation’s organizational behavior, apple inc.’s business communication strategies, the talabat company and covid-19 pandemic, reflection on remote working issues, apple inc.’s business- and corporate-level strategies, equity valuation concept and methodology, negative impact of china’s investment in africa’s economy, the economic recession of 2007 to 2009, globalization and its impact on nation-states, corporate social responsibility association with tax evasion and avoidance, china’s economy and its possible collapse, financial statement of teladoc company, effects of the political risk on bitcoin return and volatility, the effects of globalization on employment and international trade, social media: monitoring by the employer, netflix’s competitive advantage and policy issues, discussion: public administration, assessing the cost of leadership, strategic planning and management.

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Research Paper on Business

As far business is concerned, we always separate tangible and intangible assets. While tangible assets are something that you can put in the company’s bottom line, intangible assets are much more difficult to measure in monetary terms. A lot of attention has been given to the research and analysis on the benefits of the resource-based management and supply chain development, but not a lot of works really considered intangible elements of this management type.

This paper will look at the intangible element of the resource-based management and will focus on the following primary research question: What are the major implications of the communication and information flow in successful implementation of the resource-based supply chain?

The research methods, used in this document, are written survey and interview within the large multinational corporations that represent major economic niches of the country.

Written survey will analyse the effectiveness of the information transmission in three organizations that represent the following business spheres: automotive industry, retail business and telecom industry. The sample of the survey is limited to 102 respondents, equally split between company A, B and C, in order to represent the population of the city businesses that implemented resource-based management system during the last five years. Primary objective of this research method is to receive practical evidence to support main research hypotheses.

Second research method is an interview that is mainly targeting senior management within top 10 organizations in three industries, considered for the survey. Questions that will be asked during the interview are as following:

  • Is current communication effective?
  • What are the major constraints of internal information flow?
  • What are the external limitations of the effective operational management in the organization?

By analyzing and examining both outcomes from the survey and interview, we will be able to support or find the arguments against our hypotheses and answer our primary research questions. The results of the research paper will have both academic and practical value.

Sample of Research Papers

What are the roles of HR manager in implementing and facilitating Employee Assistance Programs? When we talk about the relationships between employees of the certain company and human resource managers, it is clear that the main role of the HR manager is to support employee and ensure efficient work and high motivation level. It is,…

Insurance Services

Imagine that you have to create a website aiming to sell insurance services. You need to mention all the benefits of cooperation with you Buying insurance online can be a hassle. Selecting the right insurance services can be time consuming and confusing. You may encounter insurance “lingo” you might be unfamiliar with, or fear of…

Sample of Business Report

ANZDL in Australia and New Zealand ANZDL in Australia and New Zealand produces rather large quantities of various details, which are used by Ford Motor Co in America. These car details surmount obstacles of 10,000 miles in order to get to their final destination on both north and south border of the USA. Every year…

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    The sample methodology in a research paper provides the information to show that the research is valid. It must tell what was done to answer the research question and how the research was done.

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