1. ‎Transfer of Billing Responsibility

    Wired Customers now have 3 ways to transfer billing responsibility! You can: • Complete the entire process online. • Start online & finish with an agent. • Complete the entire process with an agent. Learn more about how to transfer billing responsibility for your wired services & bills to someone else. *.

  2. How to accept transfer of Billing Responsibility

    Learn how to accept billing responsibility from an existing account owner. Learn more at: AT&T Support:Find support videos fo...

  3. Transfer Billing Responsibility

    It's a fast process that allows you to transfer billing responsibility. How it works. The account holder request to transfer billing responsibility; The person who is taking over the account/ billing responsibility will receive an email to complete the process; The transfer can be started by the person who is requesting account responsibility ...

  4. How to transfer Billing Responsibility

    Learn how to transfer billing responsibility for a wireless number from one AT&T account owner to another. You can start the transfer online, and the future ...

  5. ‎Transfer of Billing Responsibility

    if you do need to call, +1.314.925.6925 is correct. are transferring billing responsibility can be done online with the link provided. It is done email to email using the email that you use for notifications on your AT&T account. The new owner will have to pass a credit check in order to take over the account. 0.

  6. ‎Transfer of Billing Responsibility

    Enter the wireless number you want to transfer, and then click Go. The Transfer Billing Responsibility page appears. Make sure the wireless number is correct, and then click Continue. Enter an email address for the user and select the date on which you want service canceled if the user does not accept billing responsibility.

  7. ‎Transfer of billing responsibility

    If the transfer request is for non-wireless service, the receiving account owner of TV, internet, or home phone services must keep the services at the same service address. The receiving account owner must be at least 18 years old to accept billing responsibility for the service, except in Alabama (19 years old) and Puerto Rico (21 years old ...

  8. Time to Complete Transfer of Billing Responsibility?

    If you're the RAH, make sure to forward the transfer wireless billing responsibility to the OAH so they can begin the process of transferring responsibility of your wireless account to you. It's also possible for you and the OAH to visit your nearest AT&T Store to complete the ToBR process. We hope this info helps! Lar, AT&T Community Specialist.

  9. ‎What is the difference between transferring responsibility to another

    We want to help shed some light on the Transfer of Billing Responsibility process, @JUSTAQ. Thank you for the explanation, @MicCheck.With a Transfer of Billing Responsibility (TOBR), you have the option to transfer to another account or transfer to another person. There's not much of a difference, besides the fact that transferring to another account allows you to move the line(s) to another ...

  10. How to Transfer Billing Responsibility

    Learn how administrators can transfer billing responsibility for wireless numbers from a business line to consumer. Get Started in Premier:

  11. ‎Transfer of Financial Responsibility via Premier

    Transfer a Wireless Number from a Foundation Account. On the Premier home page, under Account Management, click Transfer Billing Responsibility. The Transfer Billing Responsibility page appears. In the Select Wireless Number section, enter the number you want to transfer in the Wireless number field, and then click Continue.

  12. ‎Transfer Account Responsibility

    a) Ensure that the acceptor of the transfer of billing responsibility know which of their email address you used to submit the transfer request. b) If you have primary, or secondary online access to the account, be sure that your account: Is active and doesn't have a past due balance. Isn't an AT&T PREPAIDSM account and must be an individual ...

  13. Transfer of Billing Responsibility from a Business to a Business

    Transfer of Billing Responsibility from a Business to a Business. Our Company has recently been acquired and the new company is taking over the billing responsibility. Everywhere on the web portal mentions the transfer of service agreement however there is no active link for it...then the customer service representatives state you have to ...

  14. ‎Transfer of Billing Responsibility

    ATTBusinessForums. We want to help. Let's meet in a Direct Message on this. Please check your Direct Message Inbox (it's the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the forums). Is it possible to move my personal numbers over to my already active business account? Can I do this on my own or do I need to speak to an ...

  15. how to use Transfer billing responsibility correctly? : r/ATT

    ToBR representative here: there are 2 parts of the process: 1st the owner of the account places an authorization note (either online on MyAT&T or over the phone) that says " (Original account holder) authorizes (Receiving account holder) To assume financial responsibility for the line (number). Then the receiving account holder completes the ...

  16. Transfer of Billing Responsibility : r/ATT

    The service on both ends will be prorated to only the days used. Your account will be charged a $19 transfer of billing responsibility fee. 2. Award. I have a question on how this works with AT&T Wireless. My wife and I are both AT&T wireless customers, but on seperate accounts. She has one line as….