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    $115 optus choice business promo plan (oct 21)

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    $115 optus choice business promo plan (oct 21)

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    $115 optus choice business promo plan (oct 21)

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    $115 optus choice business promo plan (oct 21)

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    $115 optus choice business promo plan (oct 21)

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    $115 optus choice business promo plan (oct 21)


  1. PDF Critical Information Summary $115 Optus Choice Business Promo

    $115 Optus Choice Business Promo Plan ID: 35690224 Eligibility This plan is available to customers with a valid ABN, ARBN or ACN taking new or recontracting services as advertised from time to time. Devices You need a compatible mobile phonedevice to use with this plan. You may bring your own compatible device, or buy a compatible

  2. SIM Only Business Plans

    100GB for $39/month. Save $20 per month on our 100GB Business Choice Plus. plan for 12 months when you sign up a new service. Chat with us to get the offer. Ends 13/05/24.

  3. Business Deals

    100GB for $39/month. Save $20 per month on our 100GB Business Choice Plus. plan for 12 months when you sign up a new service. Learn more. Ends 13/05/24. Unless withdrawn earlier. T&Cs apply. Mobile. Internet.

  4. Optus SIM-only Plans: The Complete Guide

    This Optus SIM-only plan is odd because the extra $20 investment equates to only 40GB more data than the preceding plan, which is worse dollar-to-data value. If you burn through all 240GB of max-speed data, speeds are slowed to 1.5Mbps. All other plan inclusions are the same as the two plans above. Finally, there's the $115 Optus Plus Promo Plan:

  5. PDF Critical information summary

    Critical information summary. This summary does not reflect any discounts, bonus data or promotions which may apply from time to time. $43 Optus Promo Choice Plan. Information about the Service. Description of the service This plan is a Postpaid Mobile service that contain ionthe inclus s listed in the table below. Plan.

  6. PDF Optus Choice Plus Data Plan

    We'll try to give you at least 21 days' prior notice of a change, however, this does not entitle you to terminate your plan. ... 33458455/33458465/33458475 Optus Choice Plus Data Plan - Month-to-month YESPRO5134 (07/23) ... Click to call customer complaints for small business. Click to call the Ombudsman. Yes Optus logo. Click to go to ...

  7. SIM Only Plans for BYO phones

    Call 1300 304 182. Visit an Optus store. Latest SIM only plan offer: Get the 500GB Plus Promo Plan for $69/mth instead of $89 for 12 mths & up to $10/mth Sub Hub credit for 6 mths. See T&Cs. Ends 17.06.24.

  8. Optus Mobile Broadband Plans

    Optus offers 4 Mobile Broadband plans in Australia. You're nearly there. Choose from one of the great plans below. View Awards (7) There are 18 plans from Optus available in Australia and prices range from $20/mth up to $149/mth. You can connect to the Internet with Optus via Mobile Broadband, nbn® Fixed Line and Wireless in Australia.

  9. Optus Mobile Review: How do the plans compare?

    This postpaid plan includes 30GB of monthly data, unlimited local calls and texts and access to Optus' 4G and 5G network coverage and is priced at $49 per month. Paired with the cost of an iPhone 14, you're looking at $38.86 per month in handset fees for a 36 month plan, $58.29 per month for a 24 month plan or $116.58 per month on a 12 month plan.

  10. PDF $115 Phone & Broadband Bundle

    For details go to optus. Other information Changing the access method We may change the access method for your service for the remainder of your minimum term and move you to: • A new plan that is reasonably comparable with your current plan; or • An alternative plan, but only if we take reasonable steps to

  11. Switch to Optus

    Can I add a phone to an Optus Choice Plus plan or Optus Promo plan? Absolutely! You can add a phone to your new SIM plan - you can pay for it outright, pay it off interest free over 12, 24 or 36 months, or bring your own. ... Regional deliveries: Delivery timings should be around 3-5 business days in most regional areas.

  12. PDF Critical information summary $59 Promo Plus

    $59 Promo Plus Plan ID: 800920/20311351 Bundling arrangements You don't need to bundle this plan with any other Optus service. However, you might be able to get additional discounts if you have another Optus Service. Special promotions and bolt-ons This summary doesn't cover any special promotions or extra

  13. DOCX Optus Eco

    sets out the details of the Optus Eco service provided by Optus Mobile Pty Ltd ABN 65 054 365 696 (Opt. us. Eco), including customer eligibility and other requirements. Fees and charges for Optus Eco are in clause 3 of this . appendix. If you use Optus Eco the terms and conditions of this . appendix. apply to . you. and will form part of. our.

  14. Optus iPhone 15 plans: How do they compare?

    $49 Optus Choice Plus Plan. 30GB data Interest Free (24 mths) $ 111.43/mth. Min. cost $1,547.32 ... $89 Optus Plus Promo Plan. 500GB data Interest Free (24 mths) Deal: Get up to $60 off your subscriptions over 6 months, plus enjoy 500GB for $69/mth for the first 12 mths. Ends 4/8/24. ... 10 Plans from $115.62/mth

  15. 6 of the best (and cheapest) new iPhone SE plans

    If your taste for small and affordable phones is at odds with your insatiable appetite for data, then look no further than the discounted Optus Plus Promo plan. Normally $115 per month (not including handset repayments, the Optus Plus Promo plan is discounted to $65 for the first 12 months, bringing the total package down to $84.96 per month ...

  16. Optus Plus SIM Only Plan: 500GB for

    $115 Optus Promo Plan offer: Offer available from 17/09/21 until 17/11/21 unless withdrawn, to new and existing Consumer and Business customers (Excludes Tech Fund & Fleet) signing up to a $115 Optus Plus Promo Plan. ... I got that plan since Oct last year (month-to-month, but the $10 bonus was only for 12 months) This year when that discount ...

  17. DOC Optus

    ÐÏ à¡± á> þÿ ^ ` þÿÿÿ ...

  18. Optus iPhone 13 Series: Phone Plans & Prices

    $55 plan + $56.21 phone. Go to Site. Min. total cost $2,669.04 over 24 month period. Phone on a Plan. ... Normally $115 per month, Optus' Plus Promo plan is now $65 per month for your first 12 months - that's a saving of $600 over a year. ... $65 Large Optus Choice Plus plan — 200GB data, plus unlimited data at capped speed of 1.5Mbps ...

  19. Best Samsung Galaxy S22 plans in Australia

    For comparison, getting a Galaxy S22 through the cheapest plan from Optus, the $45 Optus Choice Plus Plan, will cost you either $79.69/month over 36-months or $97.04/month over 24-months. ... the Optus $115 Plus Promo plan remains the best option. This plan gets you a whopping 500 GB of data to use each month, and for the first twelve months ...

  20. DOC

    Optus Upgrade and Protect allows you to terminate your Eligible Device Payment Plan early, deliver your Eligible Device to us (to hold as bailee for our third party service provider) and upgrade to a new Eligible Device, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this appendix including the requirements in clause 3(a) (which may include the ...

  21. Questions about Optus Plus Promo Plan discount

    Hi I have a question about the Optus Plus Promo Plan. I noticed that it has a $20 discount for 12 months. I am wondering if i can go after 12 months to the lower plan (220GB) and when it is available again move to the 500gb plan and get the $20 discount. This is what the CIS reads "Available to eligible consumer or business (excludes Tech Fund ...

  22. PDF $29 Optus Kids Plan

    an eligible Optus Mobile plan on the billing account, all linked Optus Kids Plan plans may be suspended and then cancelled by us. If your Optus Kids Plan and/or eligible Optus Mobile plan is cancelled (by you or by Optus), then all related device payment plans will be cancelled and you'll have to pay out any remaining