Example sentences do homework

Wizards have to do homework and pass exams.
Then, with light fading, he would rush home to try to do homework from the morning school sessions.
They then rehearse and film their dance for the next episode before returning home to do homework .
They won't do homework for anything less than a skiing holiday.
I don't force them to do homework — it's their choice if they do it or not.

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Definition of 'homework' homework

Cobuild collocations do homework, browse alphabetically do homework.

  • do homework
  • do honor to
  • do honour to
  • do housework
  • All ENGLISH words that begin with 'D'

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  • do one's homework

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  • do one's homework

Be well prepared, as in Steve had done his homework before the meeting and could answer all of the client's questions . This usage transfers a school assignment to a broader context. [c. 1930]

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    DO YOUR HOMEWORK definition: 1. to study a subject or situation carefully so that you know a lot about it and can deal with it…. Learn more.

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