Writing a Business Plan

While it may be tempting to put off, creating a business plan is an essential part of starting your own business. Plans and proposals should be put in a clear format making it easy for potential investors to understand. Because every company has a different goal and product or service to offer, there are business plan templates readily available to help you get on the right track. Many of these templates can be adapted for any company. In general, a business plan writing guide will recommend that the following sections be incorporated into your plan.

The executive summary is the first section that business plans open with, but is often the last section to actually be written as it’s the most difficult to write. The executive summary is a summary of the overall plan that highlights the key points and gives the reader an idea of what lies ahead in the document. It should include areas such as the business opportunity, target market, marketing and sales strategy, competition, the summary of the financial plan, staff members and a summary of how the plan will be implemented. This section needs to be extremely clear, concise and engaging as you don’t want the reader to push your hard work aside.

Company Description

The company description follows the executive summary and should cover all the details about the company itself. For example, if you are writing a business plan for an internet café, you would want to include the name of the company, where the café would be located, who the main team members involved are and why, how large the company is, who the target market for the internet cafe is, what type of business structure the café is, such as LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation, what the internet café business mission and vision statements are, and what the business’s short-term objectives are.

Services and Products

This is the exciting part of the plan where you get to explain what new and improved services or products you are offering. On top of describing the product or service itself, include in the plan what is currently in the market in this area, what problems there are in this area and how your product is the solution. For example, in a business plan for a food truck, perhaps there are numerous other food trucks in the area, but they are all fast –food style and unhealthy so, you want to introduce fast food that serves only organic and fresh ingredients every day. This is where you can also list your price points and future products or services you anticipate.

Market Analysis

The market analysis section will take time to write and research as a lot of effort and research need to go into it. Here is where you have the opportunity to describe what trends are showing up, what the growth rate in this sector looks like, what the current size of this industry is and who your target audience is. A cleaning business plan, for example, may include how this sector has been growing by 10% every year due to an increase in large businesses being built in the city.

Organization and Management

Marketing and sales are the part of the business plan where you explain how you will attract and retain clients. How are you reaching your target customers and what incentives do you offer that will keep them coming back? For a dry cleaner business plan, perhaps if they refer customers, they will get 10% off their next visit. In addition, you may want to explain what needs to be done in order for the business to be profitable. This is a great way of showing that you are conscious about what clear steps need to be taken to make a business successful.

Financial Projections & Appendix

The financial business plan section can be a tricky one to write as it is based on projections. Usually what is included is the short-term projection, which is a year broken down by month and should include start-up permits, equipment, and licenses that are required. This is followed by a three-year projection broken down by year and many often write a five-year projection, but this does not need to be included in the business plan.

The appendix is the last section and contains all the supporting documents and/or required material. This often includes resumes of those involved in the company, letters of reference, product pictures and credit histories. Keep in mind that your business plan is always in development and should be adjusted regularly as your business grows and changes.

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This  Snail farming business plan in Nigeria Pdf  is regularly updated and can also be used to obtain loans and grants etc.

Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria Pdf

Snail Farming in Nigeria is one of the most neglected and yet one of the most profitable animal rearing businesses anywhere in the country. It provides one of the finest opportunities to make good money in a very short time. But why are many Nigerian people not yet fully engaged in snail farming?

The reason is ignorance !!!

Just like in many other aspects of farming in the country, Nigerians are yet to discover the great money-making potential in snail rearing business and that is why we suffer in hunger and poverty.

Sample Business Plan On Snail Farming In Nigeria Pdf –

The good news: If you are interested in getting into snail farming in Nigeria or Africa, After reading this article, you will be on your way to starting your own snail business in easy and simple steps and once you have a business plan you are fully equipped to get into the industry.

Table Of Content

  • INTRODUCTION/Executive Summary


Objectives of the business.



  • Financial Forecast and Analysis


Brief history of snail.

The African giant snail (Achatina achatina) has coiled shells in their adult stage. They are hermaphrodites and so, they do not require a partner to copulate. They are oviparous and can lay eggs between 10 and 30days after mating. Eggs laying takes place during the rainy season or when provided with the required food, which are mostly juicy vegetables, constant water, a favourable weather condition of an average of 250C to 300C, and humidity of 80%. The species lays about 200 to 400 eggs in one batch 2 to 3 times a year. It takes about 11 days for its egg to be hatched in the humus-rich soil.

All species of snail get matured for harvesting by the 5th to 7th months and are actually ready for consumption or marketing. Snails could live as long as 7 to 10 years in their natural habitat.

Executive Summary

Miracle FARM is a Snail Farming and Agricultural Training outfit involved in breeding and selling table-size live snails of different breeds including Archachatina Archachatina, Achatina marginata, etc. selling to Nigeria and the international market.

We ensure we always use the best quality inputs and proper hygienic conditions for our stock at all times. With the right combination of input, we get our snails to reach weight in a quick time. Again, all of our production inputs are organic.

  • To improve the standard of living of people through the provision of highly prolific Achatina achatina snail that does not contain fat and cholesterol.
  • To promote and encourage bilateral relations between Nigeria and other countries by way of trade.

Mission Of The Business:

  • To make african meat accessible across the globe
  • A desire to pressure and conserve the very highly prolific species of Achatina achatina snail for future reference, research purposes, recreational activities, and medicinal uses.

–    Constant growth in sales in 12 months. –    To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 60% of our customer base is repeat business. – product at reasonable prices with exemplary services.

Goal Of The Business

  • To be a one Stop-Farm in South East for Snail meat and its derivatives in Nigeria.
  • Our Vision for the  Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria  To provide exceptional Snail meat and its derivatives in Nigeria at an affordable cost.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION (  Business Plan For Snail Farming In Nigeria )

Snail farming Business Idea:  The business idea was the setting up of a 200 capacity snail farm business in Owerri City, Imo State. The snail of the farm was located at Koro Farm Garden (KFG) in Ohaji Community while the business office was on 34 ikenegbu streets, Owerri Municipal Local Government Area of Imo State.

Conceptualizations Of Idea:

  • It is a practicable and viable venture yet unexplored in Nigeria.
  • This technology has been approved for most lucrative farming venture presently, as it requires far less capital investment, which much profit is being generated in a considerable short period.
  • Virtually every part of snail is of vital use in food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and fishing industries.


The SWOT analysis reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of snail farming business in Nigeria.

The following constituted the strengths of the business: Adequate beginning up capital

Adequate start-up capital

  • Low risks of production
  • Accessibility to excellent types of snails
  • Appeal for snails
  • Good market potential
  • Best location (area with fresh vegetation)
  • Best weather condition
  • Few competitors
  • Availability of Land space

Weaknesses: The following are my weaknesses:

  • Delays with Registration (e.g., with corporate affairs commission, C.A.C)
  • Local competitors (e.g., rural dwellers)
  • Getting licenses and permits

Opportunities: The opportunities include:

  • If a grower begins a snail farm with say 50 snails, it can produce averagely up to 250,000 adult snails worth over #500,000 in a year.
  • The risk of losing snails on the farm is very low compared to other livestock farming.
  • Huge market demand for snails in Nigeria
  • Lastly, snails hardly fall sick, they are hermaphrodite; you don’t have to buy food, you don’t spend much to create an abode for them, they reproduce rapidly and are very important foreign exchange income earner of our days.

The basic threats to the business are mainly unsystematic risks including the following:

  • Human interferences including vibration and pointless commotion from cars and industries around the enviroment
  • Brutal lighting torch, lamps and sounds.
  • Pens wetting particularly during the dry season.

The other threats that could affect the business are political and could occur when there is a change of power which may lead to a change of policies.

Location:  The 200 capacity snail farm business otherwise named “Miracle Snail Farm Nigeria Limited” is located at: Koro Farm Garden, Owerri City, Imo State. The above address represented the site of snail rearing while the address below represented the marketing office: 34 ikenegbu streets, Owerri Municipal Local Government Area of Imo State.

For the remaining part of this business plan, including the detailed financial analysis, call any of our business plan consultants on 08122230861 or send me an email at  chibuezemicah e @gmail. com .

Step On  How To Start A Snail Farming Business In Nigeria.

Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria

Snails-farming  is an environment-friendly venture, because, unlike poultry or pigs, the snail does not have a bad smell. Snails can also be reared in the backyard and snails manure improves the organic content of the soil.

1.. SELECTING SUITABLE SNAIL SPECIE FOR BREEDING:   The edible and most common snail species in West Africa are:

Achatinaachatina or Giant African snail, Tiger snail Archachatinamarginata or Big black snail, GiantAfrican Achatina Fulica or Garden snail, Foolishsnail

2. Write a Snail farming business plan in Nigeria pdf:

For you to be able to structure your business properly and run it efficiently you need to be able to create a business plan for your snail farming business in Nigeria.

 3. SOIL:  The best soil for snail production is the sandy-loamy soil which is devoid of laterite or mud, which might lead to a waterlogged snail environment. The soil used should also be rich in some minerals, most especially calcium, which is a major component of the snail shells.


Snails  are good at escaping from enclosures. A priority in setting up a productive sail farming venture, therefore, is to construct escape-proof housing. There are several types of snail housing (snaileries) to choose from, depending on the size of the venture. The first step, however, is to select an appropriate site. The main factors to consider in site selection are the following:

(Micro)climate Wind speed and direction Soil characteristics Safety(protecting the snails from diseases, predators and poachers)


Snails most feed on green leaves and fruits though they can choose from a variety of different foods. It is also best to feed them with concentrate feeds specially formulated to meet their nutrient requirements.


A commercial value snail will grow to full maturity in less than a year. It can even be harvested for marketing after 8 months if adequate feeding is applied. A matured snail will sell for close to N500 depending on the size and the cost of breeding a snail from hatching to maturity will not be more than N150, giving a profit margin of close to N350/snail which if multiplied by the large number of snails harvested, will yield a very wide profit margin for the farmer.

One million snails after a year or two sold at the rate of N50 each (highly reduced price) will give about N50 million! Isn’t that a good investment?

How Lucrative Is Snail Farming In Nigeria?

If you are wondering how lucrative snail farming is in Nigeria, then you should know that an acre of land under snail cultivation can generate a potential  profit  of N5 million+, 

Why you should start a snail farm in Nigeria

  • SNAILS ARE HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS: Snails have become a very much cherished delicacy among a lot of people across the world. This is due to its high nutritional value. The meat is rich in calcium, phosphorous, selenium and other essential minerals plus vitamins.
  • LOW CAPITAL REQUIREMENT:  The capital required to start off a snail farming business is quite low, especially when compared to other agricultural businesses. 
  • AVAILABILTY OF MARKETS:  With the population of Nigeria estimated to the tune of about 180 million people. The market for snails is every much large and will not be so difficult for a farmers to dispose of his produce

This shows you why and How Lucrative snail farming is.

Ready To Start Your Snail Farming Business In Nigeria Or Africa?

Maybe you dream of opening your own  Snail Farming  Business In Nigeria , but you’re still working out the details on how to make that dream a reality.

Well we are the leading Business consulting firm in Nigeria and can help you make the process much easier contact us with 08122230861

Get your Snail Farming Business Plan in Nigeria PDF Sample Now 

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snail rearing business plan in nigeria


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  • Dayo Adetiloye Business Hub

Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria This sample Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc.

Business Description of Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria Business: Snail Farming Industry:  Agriculture (Animal Farming; Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria)

PATILADWONDER FARM is a Snail Farming and Agricultural Training outfit involved in breeding and selling of table size live snails of different breeds including Archachatina marginata , Achatina achatina , etc. targeting Nigeria and international market.

We ensure we always use the best quality inputs and proper hygienic conditions for our stock at all times. With the right combination of input we get our snails to reach maximum weight in the quick time. Again, all of our production inputs are organical.

The benefits of our products and services are –    Healthy large table size snails (weighing between 400g and 800g). –    Foundation breeding stock of best quality of different species. –    Excellent Customer Care Services. –    Online ordering for both our products and training services. –    Home delivery services

My business meets a need and demand for: –    The provision of fresh and healthy white meat (snails specifically) –    The demand for a much cheaper source of healthy animal protein for our teeming population. –    The demand for increased production and consumption of white meat as opposed to red meat in our diets.

I am in this business because I have great interest in snails. I had developed this from my childhood. I have also discovered an unsatisfied market in my area.  I have great passion for self-reliance and creating job opportunities.

Our Objective Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria –    Constant growth in sales in 12 months. –    To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 60% of our customer base is repeat business. –    To provide quality product at reasonable prices with exemplary services.

Our Goal for the Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria

– To be a one Stop-Farm in South West for Snail meat and its derivatives in Nigeria. – To have trained over 500 trainees in 12 month . – Our Vision for the Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria To provide exceptional Snail meat and its derivatives in Nigeria at affordable cost. – Our Mission for the Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria To exceed the customers’ expectations by providing quality products and services in a loving and caring way. Management Team of the Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria Adejumobi Ademola OYEBADE- Has over 5 years’ experience in snail Farming business. He is a graduate of Animal Sciences from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He will be in-charge of day to day activities of the business.

Mr Dayo Adetiloye – is an Alumnus of Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) of the Lagos Business School (LBS), Pan Atlantic University (PAU). He Has Master in business administration (MBA) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and he is a project management professional (PMP). He is also a graduate of Agriculture with specialization in Soil Science. He will be in charge of business development and a strategic partner in the business.

We brought to the business: –    Capacity to produce on a large scale –    Our experience in the industry bring competence and credibility –    My staff brings  operational, marketing and promotional skills to the business

Materials for Snail Farming Business plan in Nigeria Edible Live Snails, snail Farming pen or hutch, wire mesh, plastic sheets, grass rack, good quality concentrates, constant supply of fresh grasses, a fairly humid microclimate , first aid box, livestock inventory record, etc.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS FOR SNAIL FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA People patronise us because of the following reasons:

–    The weight and quality of our snail. They are certified to be GnRH free. –    Our rabbits are healthy and do not come down easily with disease –    Our Excellent Customer Care Services –    Our pocket friendly prices –    Online ordering for both training and production –    Home delivery services

Our two major competitive advantages are: 1.    Sale of healthy and organically raised snails of the best quality breed. 2.    Sale of Well packaged snail meat, prompt home delivery, etc.

To buy the remaining part of this business plan, including the detailed financial analysis, call any of our business plan consultants on 08105636015, 08076359735, and 08113205312. You can send a WhatsApp message or email us at [email protected] or [email protected] .

We help institutions and organizations write concepts, implement Business plans, and train on business Plan writing in Nigeria.

We can help you write a detailed, bankable and comprehensive business plan for your business idea.

Call any of our business plan consultants on 08105636015, 08076359735 and 08113205312

Or send a WhatsApp message or email us either at [email protected] or [email protected] .

Click to buy this business plan now & download it immediately from our online store.

snail rearing business plan in nigeria

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snail farming in nigeria

How To Make Money Starting A Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

Snail farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative agricultural business ideas for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Snail farming is a practical and viable business venture that is yet to be fully explored in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Snail farming may not be the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of profitable businesses to start in Nigeria . This post will open your eyes to the amount of hidden-wealth that can be realized by starting a snail farming business in Nigeria.

Why Snail Farming?

The market opportunity for snail farming in Nigeria and in Africa is huge but grossly underrated. Snails are a huge part of the diet in many parts of Africa, although they are not always affordable and available all year round. If you rear snail in commercial quantity, hotels, and fast food restaurants will be your regular customers.

In Nigeria, the prices of raw, matured snails go for N250 to N600 depending on the size. However, the annual demand for snail in Nigeria is about 7.5million kg annually. The international trade in snails is flourishing in Europe and North America. The United State America imports more than $4million worth of snails annually from all over the world, including Nigeria.

For many years now, snails handpicked from the farm or bush has been the only way to get snails to the market and dinner table. Currently, the demand for snail is higher than the supplies, an indication that the market potential of snail is inexhaustible, locally and internationally. Starting both small and large scale snail farming businesses in the only way to fill up the spaces between the demand for snail and its supply in Africa.

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5 Steps To Starting A Snail Farm In Nigeria

If it has worked elsewhere, it will work in Nigeria.  Below are the five basic steps you need to follow to start a profitable snail farming business in Nigeria.

Step 1 – Decide which species of snail to farm.

When creating a snail farm, you’ll have to use a single species of snail. Research has shown that snail species such as Achatina achatina are the best for warm climate regions like Africa.

Step 2 – Set-up your farmland for housing.

Your snail housing must have enough space for your snails to graze freely. Overcrowding your snailery impedes the development of snails and therefore should be avoided. A well-spaced snail housing reduces the risk of disease outbreak caused by overcrowding.

Snails are good at escaping from where they are kept, so you should endeavour to construct escape proof housing. You can use a pen house that will be spacious and accessible with a soil depth of 10 inches and trees around it.

Step 3 – Purchase your snails

If you want to start a snail farm, you’ll need to get snails. After setting-up proper housing and farmland for the snails, it’s time to buy some fresh quality snails from the market or any farm. It’s always best to be able to examine the snails before you buy them so that you know they are healthy.

When you first start your snail farm, you’ll want to get healthy, fully grown snails that will lay eggs and help populate your farm. Look at the shell of the snail. If there is a lip, that means they are a fully grown snail.

Also Read: How To Start A Profitable Business In Nigeria.

Step 4 – Feeding and rearing of the snails

Snails are vegetarians and can be fed with wide varieties of foods such as cabbage, cucumber, mango, banana, eggplant, pear, tomato and paw-paw, cassava, okra leaves or lettuce. However, you can as well feed snails with pineapple, banana or paw paw.

Mating and laying eggs are a vital part of snail farming. Typically, mating occurs during spring and summer. As hermaphrodites, snails can fertilize each other as soon as they are mature enough. In order for the egg laying to go over smoothly, you should use high-quality soil with the right temperature and humidity.

Step 5 – Harvesting and selling of the snails

It is not economically wise to harvest your snails before it’s maturity, it has to be mature before harvesting. Do not harvest all the matured snails at once to sell in the market. It is important to keep few for breeding and to serve as base stock for your snail farm.

Snail has good market demand and price. You can easily sell the snails in the local market. Snail meat consuming rate is growing very fast around the globe. So, exporting in the international market can make you more money.

Cost of Starting A Snail Farming Business

The mandatory expenses you need to account for if you’re wondering how to set up a snail farm include: housing, buying fresh snails, feeding, handling and processing the snails, marketing, and transportation.

You can start the business with N60,000 or N100,000 depending on how large you want your snail farm to be. Asides the amount of your investment, it is possible to produce 1,000,000 snails now worth more than N5 million twice a year.

Also Read: How to Write a Business Proposal for Clients in Nigeria.

This is made possible because of the availability of very highly prolific Achatina achatina species of snails, which lay 200 – 400 in one batch two-three times a year. If you produce 100,000 snails that sell for N250 each, which is N250 X 100,000, you will be making N2,500,000. You will be making N25,000,000 per annum or more than that if you produce 1,000,000 snails.

For beginners, creating a snail farming business plan is a crucial step that needs to be accomplished before starting. This will give you a deep understanding of everything that needs to be done.

In terms of cost and time, snail farming is a low-risk business. Unlike many other livestock businesses, snail farming requires very little startup and operating costs. You can even set up your snail farm at the backyard of your house to save cost on the purchase of farmland.

The best time to start up a snail farming is the rainy season especially from July to October because that is the time snails normally start to breed. You should also note that prices of snails multiply during scarcity between March and December, which is the dry season.

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Business Plan

Snail Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

by BusinessPlan 1 Comment

Do you have interest in starting a snail farming business in Nigeria?  Do you need a sample template for a snail farming business plan in Nigeria? Did you answer YES to the above questions? Then you should carefully read this article.

Read: Feasibility Study on Snail Farming in Nigeria

To quickly get your snail farming business plan in Nigeria, pay N10,000 to:

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Name:  Chibuzor Tochi Onyemenam

Account Number: 0044056891

After payment, send your full name, email address and topic (i.e. poultry farming business plan sample pdf) to 07033378184. Your business plan will be sent to your email within 20 minutes.

Before we get into the details of how to start a snail farm in Nigeria, let me show you the table of contents to the Snail Farming Business Plan in Nigeria

snail farming business plan in nigeria

1)      Executive summary the snail farm business: The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales, etc

2)      Company Overview of the snail farm : This section includes the mission statement, history and current status, markets and products, objectives, keys to success of the snail business

3)      Product or Service description: Here we have described the product (snails)

4)      Industry and Market Analysis: Introduction, industry analysis, market analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, SWOT Analysis

5)      Marketing Strategy: Target market strategy, product/service strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy, advertising and promotion strategy, sales strategy, marketing and sales forecasts

6)      Operations: Operations strategy, scope of operations, operating expenses

7)      Development: Development strategy, development timeline, development expenses

8)      Management: Company organization, management team, administrative expenses

9)   Summary of Financials: Financial assumptions, financial forecasts, projected cash flow, income statement, balance sheet, profit and loss, profit margin, chart etc, financial risks

10)   Appendices: Support for Product/Service Description (e.g., diagrams, pictures, etc.)

Financial Statements: Income Statement, balance sheets,   cash flow statements , ratio analysis [3 years]


Heliculture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the study and rearing of snails (either for personal or commercial purposes). Snails are from the family of animals known scientifically as Molluscs (shell-bearing), other animals in this family include, mussels, squids, cuttlefish and slugs.

Humans have consumed snail meat from prehistoric times and so there is no proper documentation of when or where man started to consume snail meat as a food supplement. Predominantly in Africa, snails were handpicked in the bush usually in the night time but as human population increased and forests were turned into cities, the demand of snails fast outgrew the supply. This has created a need for commercial rearing of snails. Snail farming is one of the most underrated and overlooked forms of agriculture, especially in Nigeria. This is because some folks believe you can just walk into any bush and pick up snails so it cannot yield much income; permit me to say that they are woefully wrong. Understanding snail farming and taking proper steps will make the farmer so much income because there is a ready market of snail consumers.

One of the major advantages of snail farming is that it does not require much capital, meaning it is just perfect for the present economy of the nation.


The snails consumed in Africa are known as the Giant African Land Snails (GALS) and they are further divided into the following groups:

  • Achatina fulica
  • Archachatina marginata
  • Achatina achatina (the specie most consumed in Nigeria)

Achatina achatina is the most widely spread snail in West Africa, it is found in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc. It is the most favorable snail as it grows to a very large size, sometimes up to 30cm, though it requires more humidity and it takes a longer time to reach sexual maturity than the other two species.

Also Read: Poultry Farming Business Plan in Nigeria


Just like any business, there are steps that must be taken and factors that must be considered for the success of the business. Snail farming is not different, I will state below and try to explain as much as possible each requirement. Please note however that this is just a guide and you will require an in-depth feasibility study and proper business plan, just like any business venture, to succeed. Moreso, you will need to visit an experienced farmer to understand practical methods on how to raise your snails, as there are some practical issues that write ups will most likely never cover.

Join me on a journey of the basic requirements in starting your snail farm on a small/medium scale:

CAPITAL : Unlike most agribusinesses, snail farming is not capital intensive, as a matter of fact, it is one of the cheapest agribusinesses to venture into. Do I see a smile on your face? Yes, you are thinking what I am thinking, it is just perfect for a young graduate looking for a way to make income. The money needed is basically proportional to how large you desire the farm to be. So if you do not have so much to start, you can use the little capital you have to set up and gradually grow the business with patience and diligence to your dream business.

SITING THE FARM : A major advantage of snail farming is that they are environment friendly, they hardly pollute the environment with their waste plus they do not produce any noise. This means they can be raised in a residential area, the backyard of the farmer, or any other place the farmer finds conducive for him. Even though the farm can be sited anywhere, some guidelines still need to be followed in siting the farm, some of them include:

  • Suitable climate : Climatic factors such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction all affect optimal growth in snails. Snails thrive in areas with moderate temperature and high humidity; with very high temperatures they go into aestivation and the hibernate when the temperature is too low. Low humidity and high wind speed make the snails dry up fast, leading to dormancy. The farm is best situated in an area protected from high winds and dryness, with stable/not frequently fluctuating temperatures.
  • Pest/predator free : The farm should also be in a place free from predators and pests that can be of harm to the snails. There are several animals on this list such as rats, field mice, frogs, snakes, crows, lizards, millipedes, centipedes, etc.
  • Soil requirements : The soil is the major habitat of the snail, in fact, the soil is to snail what water is to fish. This is because one of the major constituents of the snails’ shell, calcium, is gotten from the soil. The snail also satisfies its water need from the soil, as well as lays eggs in the soil. The soil needed for raising snails should be moist, loose, with high organic, calcium and magnesium content

All these must be considered as they are paramount to the survival of the snail and the thriving of the farm. The farmer should also make economic decisions such as distance from market, transportation, etc. in making a decision on what location best suites his snail farm.

HOUSING SYSTEMS : Just as in any other branch of livestock farming, there are several housing systems that the farmer can choose from to house his snails, depending on what kind of farming the farmer wants to indulge in and how much capital the farmer has. Broadly, there are three kinds of housing systems:

  • Extensive system : This involves outdoor pens with free range grazing.
  • Semi intensive system : In this form, the eggs are laid and left to hatch in a controlled environment for 6-8 weeks, after which the snails are released into the open field/free range.
  • Intensive system : This kind involve closed systems or controlled environments. Several examples of this include car tires, hutch boxes, trench pens, greenhouses, plastic tunnel houses, etc. In this housing system, the farmer basically provides the feeding needs of the snails.

In setting up a housing system for the snails, some guidelines must be followed to avoid unnecessary eventualities on the farm, some of them are stated below:

  • The place should be spacious to accommodate their growth needs. One of the major problems snails suffer from is overcrowding which could lead to high risk of diseases and hindrance to optimal growth.
  • The place must be escape-proof as snails are master escapists. Within a seemingly short time, if proper measures are not taken, the snails could escape their pens and spread all over.
  • The place should be easily accessible, flexible to work with, easy to place feeds and water and also easy to clean.
  • The place should be predator-proof. As stated earlier, several predators attack snails and could cause damage to the farm. It is expedient that the farmer takes measures to protect the farm against such to avoid unnecessary losses.

It highly recommended for small/medium scale farmers to use old tires, drums or tanks to house their snails. It is also important to note that the floor of the pen should be loose, natural soil and not cement.

FEEDING YOUR SNAILS : Of note is that snails are vegetarians, meaning they feed basically on plants. The great advantage about their feeding is that they are hardly selective, the will eat anything plant-based such as lettuce leaves, cassava leaves, cassava tubers, pawpaw leaves, okra leaves, kola leaves, cucumber, banana, cocoyam, potatoes, etc. Household feed wastes are also recommended such as leftover rice, beans, yams, etc. But note that whatever is served as feed to the snails must not contain salt . Young snails however prefer tender leaves, and they usually consume twice the amount of feed the mature snails consume. On the other hand, mature snails prefer fallen leaves and rotten fruit.

To save cost, instead of buying fresh fruits, you can visit the market places and collect rejected food items from vendors or waste dumps. In doing this however, do not collect rotting food materials as they are breeding ground for bacteria harmful to the snails. In the case that the soil is not rich in calcium and magnesium contents, supplements should be used as these minerals among others are required by the snail for optimal growth and performance.

SELECTING BREED STOCK : Snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they possess both male and female reproductive organs. So you really do not have to worry about which sex to buy. They all lay eggs after mating on their own. The best time to get breeding stock is the beginning of the wet season, this is because snails start to breed at this time. It is best to pick snails that sexually mature, about 100-130grams in weight with strong shells as breeding stock.

Breeding stock should be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Fecundity e. the expected number of eggs the snail can lay. This is gotten from data of previous seasons.
  • Hatchability which refers to percentage of eggs likely to hatch from the total number of eggs laid.
  • Establishment rate which is the percentage number of snails likely to survive after hatching.

With the above data, the farmer is assured of bountiful harvest from his snail farm.

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT REQUIRED : There are several tools required for use on a snail farm. The first set of tools are the customary gardening tools such as hoes, cutlasses, rakes, brooms, etc. However, other tools are required on the farm some of which are listed below:

  • Measuring tapes
  • Weighing scale for weighing snails
  • Watering can for keeping the soil moist.
  • Hand trowels for loosening the soil.
  • Notebook for keeping records.

FARM MANAGEMENT : To keep the farm thriving, several measures must be taken on a daily basis:

  • Timely feeding : The snails should be feed after sunset as this is the time they are most active. The food should not contain rotten materials or mold as well as not be stale. All leftovers should be removed the next morning to avoid breeding of bacteria.
  • House maintenance : The pens must be cleaned frequently; the wire meshes must also be checked for breakage. All breakages should be duly repaired to avoid pest and predator attacks or escaping of the snails.
  • Soil maintenance : The soil in the pen must be kept moist and loose at all times. It should be changed within a three-month interval and fresh poultry dropping should never be added to it. Humus can be added to the soil from time to time to enrich it with nutrients needed by the snails for optimal growth.
  • Records : Proper records should be kept on a daily basis as these records will be referred to during the breeding period.


As our population becomes more and more aware and interested in healthy living, snail meat has become one of the choicest foods in this part of the world. The reason being that snail meat is very high in protein content and low in fat and cholesterol content when compared to other sources of animal protein like beef and pork. Snails also contain most of the essential amino acids needed by the human body and their by-products are also very useful in the curing of several diseases. Snail meat is high in magnesium, choline, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids.


Every part of the snails’ body including its shell has economic importance.

  • The shell can be used as ornaments, beads or decorations. It can also be used in traditional medicine.
  • The snail slime, a mucous-like liquid secreted from the snail can be used in treating burns, cosmetics and tradomedical care.


The following are the advantages of snail farming:

  • They are environment friendly. Asides the fact that they do not cause pollution, they also help fertilize with their waste materials as well as help to loosen the soil.
  • They are not capital or labor intensive.
  • The meat is a source of protein.
  • The by-products can be used for several purposes.


The following are the disadvantages of snail farming:

  • They are very choosy climate wise.
  • They have a very slow growth rate.
  • They are susceptible to pest and predator action.
  • They can become pests if not properly managed.


As stated earlier, snail meat is gradually becoming a household name in this part of the world majorly because of its nutritional value and its palatability. Several delicacies can be prepared from snail meat thus making it widely acceptable. Another economic advantage to the farmer is that the snails have an off season, if he takes advantage of this, he gets to make more profit in the dry season.

Several businesses patronize the snail farmer, some of them include market women, restaurants, bars, hotels, families, etc. The farmer can take advantage of this to gain substantial profit even though the growth rate of the snail is quite slow, about 10 months to a year.

Ultimately, the snail business requires patience and diligence, but with time, especially once the first set of snails reach maturity, the farmer begins to enjoy great dividends.

To Get Your Snail Farming Business Plan In Nigeria, Pay N10,000 To:

Bank Name: First Bank Plc

Account Number: 3066880122

After payment, send the following details to 07033378184

  • Amount Paid
  • The Business plan you paid for (snail farming business plan)
  • Your Email Address

We will send your complete snail farming business plan in Nigeria /feasibility study to your email within 15 minutes after payment.

For Inquiries call – 07033378184

Snail Farming Business Plan in Nigeria   © www.businessplan.com.ng

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Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

June 28, 2022 Aqua4nations Snail Rearing 1

Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Just before you launch your snail farming business, here’s a free and complete sample of a snail farming business plan for bank loans and grants with an additional feasibility report template.

Hold on, it’s important to be sure that you know the reason why you must venture into snail farming business.

For those who are still not sure whether to go into snail farming agribusiness, please keep reading.

Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Table of Contents

Why Venture Into Snail Farming Business?

Above doubts, snail farming is a thriving and profitable agribusiness venture which any entrepreneur or farmer with the vision to earn millions of cash from livestock breeding should consider going into.

Most interestingly, snail farming requires a lesser financial capitals than some other agribusiness investments, and anyone who is so eager about the business can generate huge income from the business.

On the other side, Snail farming has become a lucrative business, as snail meat has been severally recognized to be the most safe and nutritious delicacy.

Following the recent increase in coronary implications with few other health implications, for surety, snail farmers are constantly earning huge money as a lot of people are running away from beef or red meat.

The most suitable period to venture into snail farming is during rainy season . Advisably, you can start with about 50 to 60 snails to have a better knowledge of snail breeding operations.

Above all, ensure that you always go for only but the big and fully matured snails.

While talking about starting you own snail farming business, it is vital to state your snail farming business plans; which could be long term goals or even short term goals.

Few other considerations to be included in your plan are;

  • Choice of location
  • Available sales projection
  • Your staff strength at launch [and]
  • So many other resources that ought not to be neglected in a bid to create a world-class snail farm business.

There are so many template plans for snail farming business online that you may choose to work with, however, we have made available the best Snail Farming Business Plan (which can even award you several bank loans or/and grants when used).

A Sample Of Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Industry Overview — Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Snail farming is seen as a good business that falls under the agriculture and meat production industry which a farmer or entrepreneur can successfully start with ease.

More so, this type of agribusiness investment is not capital intensive and management tasking, particularly when compared to other meat rearing business such as poultry farming and catfish farming.

Snail feeds are common and always available, as you could even manufacture it yourself as snails mainly feed on waste.

Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans or Grants

This means that you can begin small from your backyard, and then grow from there.

As gathered from verifiable food nutritional database, snails are said to have a very high nutritional value, as they have unarguably become a very popular delicacy.

In addition, snail meat is quite enriched with selenium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin C and even vitamin E.

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  • Important Notes About Snail Teeth And Snail Bite
  • A Glimpse Into Sustainable Snail Farming Business
  • 12 Reasons Why You Should Go Into Snail Farming Business
  • Cost Evaluation For Snail Farming Business
  • 6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Snail Farming Business

Again, snail meat is very common among weight watchers due to its extremely low calories and fat. Snail meat is of great importance to victims of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and persons in their injury recovery state.

Farmers or intending farmers who are eager to leverage on the livestock industry in order to generate satisfying income should consider starting their own snail farming business.

In a nutshell, Snail farming business is simply about breeding of snails in mass for the purpose of making gains.

One peculiar thing about snail farming business is that you would be able to perform your market research and feasibility studies, which would help minimize the struggles to sell your snails, as there are thousands of people out there that consume snails particularly in Africa and in African communities within the united states of America.

In summary, Snail farming business is perhaps a profit-oriented and thriving livestock breeding agribusiness that a farmer or entrepreneur who is eager in farming should consider diving into.

Executive Summary – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd is a fully registered and licensed livestock farming organization that will be situated in Nigeria.

We have carried out a precise market research, and feasibility studies and have also secured five (5) hectares of land to commence our livestock breeding business.

Our visions is to have our livestock breeding agribusiness become a standard one, and to achieve this, it will be involved in commercial breeding of snails, and few other livestock.

Start Your Snail Farming Now It's Raining

Furthermore, we decided to launch our snail farming business in Nigeria, as we are quite sure of generating a better market for our snails courtesy of the robust populations of African communities across the world.

We also have nurtured plans to begin our snail processing plant and also commence exporting our products to various regions of the world where there are active African communities.

For this reason, and aside from the fact that we have greatly made available the required farming land for breeding snails in commercial level, we further secured all the basic permits that will aid us in successfully operating this kind of business model within Nigeria.

We dived into the business of snail farming because we desire to leverage on wide opportunities readily available in the livestock farming industry, so as to contribute our quota in developing the Nigerian economy, in terms of national food [meat] production, and again to export agricultural produce from Nigeria to various countries in a bid to earn profits.

Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd is very equipped and adequately positioned to be one of the top snail farming business in Nigeria, and that’s the reason we have been capable of sourcing for the best hands and implements to man the business.

More so, we have put in place rigid processes and strategies that will enable us hire only but the best practices when it comes to livestock breeding or/and snail farming processes and meat processing/packaging as expected by the controlling bodies in the Nigeria.

Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd is known to be a family registered livestock farming organization that is owned and managed by Kelvin Jacket, and his immediate family members.

The company would be fully and single handedly financed by its owner –Kelvin Jacket together with his immediate family members for a period of time.

Kelvin Jacket is an African with robust relationship across the African communities within Nigeria, and with intercontinental hotels that serve snail meat as part of their cuisine.

Our Products and Services – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Kelvin Jacket & Family Farms Ltd is a licensed livestock farming enterprise which is committed to snail farming, snail meat processing and packaging for the Nigerian market and the world marketplace.

Additionally, we guarantee that we will operate a standard food processing plant as one of our complimentary business offerings.

Undeniably, we are into the snail farming line of business in a bid to earn profits, and we are going to act on all that is granted by the law in Nigeria to achieve our business goals and objectives.

Our Mission and Vision Statement – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Unarguably, our core vision is to become one of the top snail farming organization not just in the country, but throughout Nigeria.

On the other hand, our mission is to market our produce [live snails], and processed snail meat in large quantities be it locally, nationally or/and globally.

Challenges Of Snail Farming For Every Snail Farmer

We also desire to establish a snail farming business that would become the pacesetter for snail farming business in Canada and the United States of America.

Our Business Structure – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd is known to be a livestock cum snail farming firm with the vision to start small in Nigeria, though very hopeful to grow big so as to compete favorably with top livestock farms in the industry within and outside the country.

More so, we are quite very much aware of the vitality in building a solid business foundation that can effectively support the picture of the kind of world class business which we desire to own.

For this cause, we are very committed to only employ the best hands in and around Iowa.

At Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd, we will as deemed possible ensure that we employ people that are hardworking, customer centric, dedicated, and above all qualified, and are willing to work to enable us build a prosperous business that will benefit all the stakeholders –comprising the owners, workforce, and customers.

For the records, profit-sharing arrangement would be made available to all of our senior management staff, and it would depend on their performance for a specific period of time [five years or even more] as would be agreed by the management of the farm.

In line with that said above, Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd have settled to hire only competent and qualified hands to assume the following positions:

  • Chief Operating Officer [Owner of company]
  • Snail Farm Manager
  • Administrator/Accountant
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Field Employees
  • Front Desk Officer

Market Analysis – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grant

Market trends.

In Nigeria, it’s common to see people who love eating snail meat, though some citizens of the country see it as a strange thing when they come across people eating snail meat.

For that reason, people who are into the snail farming business always ensure that their core target is within Nigerian or African communities or any possible spot where selling of their snails would be highly profitable.

More so, they make sure that they target intercontinental hotels that supply or serve snail meat as one of their cuisine.

Finally, snail farmers make sure that they leverage on the health importance of snail in marketing snails.

Interestingly, snails are very common among weight watchers as they are very low in calories and fat. In addition, Snail meat is quite beneficial to people suffering from several diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and people trying to recover from an injury.

Our Target Market – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

As you may know, the target market of those who are the final consumers of snails, together with those who benefit so much from the business value chain of snail farming is all encompassing, thus far reaching.

Gladly, we will see to it that we position our business to captivate consumers of snails within and without Nigeria, and that’s why we will be exporting few of our snails (be it in live form or processed form) to other countries of the world.

The following are the people and companies that we will market our snails to:

  • Nigerian cum African Communities across the world
  • Those watching their Weight
  • Patients recovering from cancer, cardiovascular disease, including those trying to recover from injuries
  • Intercontinental hotels and restaurants that prepare and serve snail meats

More so, It is crucial to state that snail farming is not a popular business in Nigeria, therefore the degree of competition is not as stiff as it is seen amongst other livestock farming businesses in the country.

Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd is completely aware that snail farming is not a common line of business within Nigeria, and that is why we decided to perform a thorough research in order to determine how to take advantage of the virgin market in the country and other countries of the world.

Furthermore, we have completed our homework as we have been able to highlight a number of factors that will help give us leverage in the marketplace. Some of such factors include but are not limited to:

Effective and reliable snail farming processes that is capable of aiding us in the marketing of our snail and processed snail meat at several competitive prices Adequate network and great relationship management.

To wrap up, all our workers would be adequately taken care of, as their welfare package would be among the best within our category –startups snail farming brands in Nigeria in the industry. It will further help them to be more ready and willing to grow the business with us, and help deliver our set visions by achieving all of our business goals and objectives.

Our Pricing Strategy – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

In a bid to get the correct pricing for your snails or livestock, you ought to ensure that you pick a good location for your snail farm, select a good breed that will always ensure steady and multiple breeding [prolific breeds], reduce the cost of operating your snail farm to the best possible minimum.

Again, you must try as much as you can to draw buyers to your snail farm other than transporting your snails to the market in a bid to get buyers; by so doing, you would successfully cut the cost of moving your goods to the market, and other logistics.

Free range snails

In addition, we are more aware that one of the simplest channel of penetrating the market and getting many customers for all our snails is to market them at competitive prices, therefore we are bound to do all it takes to make sure that the prices of our snails, processed and packaged snail meat are going to be what our competitors – snail farmers look forward to beat.

However, it is important to note that the nature of the snail farming business which we practice makes it possible for farmers to bid their prices for the snails, processed and packaged snail meats based on their discretion even without recognizing the benchmark in the industry, as it is one of the methods of preventing going into loss. So, the easier you get your snails all sold out when they are mature, the better for your business.

Payment Options

The payment policy adopted by Kelvin Jacket and Co Farms Ltd is all inclusive as we are very much aware that several customers prefer various payment options as it fits them, but at the same time, we will make sure that we observe the financial rules and regulation of Nigeria .

The following are the payment options that Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd will make available to her clients;

  • Payment with cash
  • Payment via bank transfer
  • Payment via bank draft
  • Payment via check
  • Payment via online bank transfer

With the following information above, we preferred banking platforms that enable our client make payment for farm produces purchase with no stress on their part. Our bank account numbers will be made readily available on our website and promotional materials to clients who may choose to deposit cash or perform online transfer for our live snails, processed and packaged snail meat.

Sustainability and Expansion Strategy – Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

The future of a business greatly depends in the amount of loyal customers that they have the capability and competence of the workers, their investment strategy, and the agribusiness structure. In a situation where all of these factors are found missing in a business organization, then the business closure is near.

One of our core goals of launching Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd is to establish an agribusiness that would survive off its own cash flow with no need for injecting finance from external sources as soon as the business has officially begun operation.

We are aware that one of the methods of getting approval and winning customers over is to market our farm produce [ live snails , processed and packaged snail meat] a little bit cheaper than what is actually obtainable in the marketplace, and we are quite ready to survive on lower profit margin for a period of time.

6 Digital Marketing Ideas To Grow Snail Farming Business

Kelvin Jacket & Co Farms Ltd will ensure that the right structures, foundation and processes are put in place to guarantee that our staff welfare are adequately provided.

Snail Farming Business Plan For Bank Loans And Grants

Our company’s corporate culture is programmed to drive our business to greater heights, therefore training and retraining of our workforce is at the top burner of our agribusiness strategy.

  • Snail Farming
  • snail farming business
  • Snail farming business plan

ain’t there a book about snail diseases, parasites on snails?

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snail rearing business plan in nigeria

snail rearing business plan in nigeria

Snail Farming in Nigeria: How to Get Started

According to multiple research data, one in fifty Nigerians are snail farmers in Nigeria. Although, a larger percentage of snail farming in Nigeria is done through the traditional practice of handpicking snails from bushes or the forest during the rainy season. This leads to scarcity during the dry season, during this period the weather isn’t friendly for snails and causes them to go back into hiding. 

During this season, the supply of snail to the market is solely dependent on the smaller percentage of snail farmers who have farms where they rear snails. Due to the limited number of snail farmers in Nigeria, there is a huge gap between demand and supply which intending snail farmers like yourself can close and make profit.

There are a ton of things you should consider before setting up your snail farm and most importantly, make sure you are ready to expend your time and energy in the long run, because farming takes up a lot of those. You should also, understand that, like every other types of farming such as maize farming and poultry farming , which we’ve previously shared a step by step guide about, snail farming requires consistency. 

How to Get Started With Snail Farming in Nigeria

Setting up a snail farm does not require a huge capital to set up and the running cost is moderate.

To get started with snail farming , take the considerations below into account.

The reality in any business or enterprise is that, without proper planning ( crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s), a person could face a myriad of problems. 

Of course, challenges will surface regardless of how experienced you are in the field, but those challenges won’t be overwhelming if you have anticipated them beforehand.

• Know what snail farming is

• Economics of snail rearing

• Understand snail breeds

• Take feeding into account

• Consider housing and shelter

• Know the soil type

• Prevent pests and diseases

• Plan for reproduction

• Harvest your snails

• Building the snail farm

What is snail farming?

Snail farming is called Heliculture. Heliculture describes the process of raising snails for consumption.

Each snail has female and male reproductive organs to procreate fertile eggs. Hence, it is safe to say that snails are Hermaphrodites. 

As for the nutritional benefits, snails are a vital source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, and protein. Also, snails are low in cholesterol, sodium, and fats.

Considered a sustainable agribusiness in Nigeria, snail farming is highly economical. For a small start-up, you just need a little investment to receive proceeds from your snail farm. However, to get higher returns from the business, you should be ready to step up your investment to a larger scale.

Economics of snail rearing

Because snail is an export commodity, its value is especially high in countries outside Nigeria. The climate in Nigeria is particularly favorable for snail breeding. 

Snail feeds are cost-effective, and you can rear your snails as a part-time job. As a result, you can easily make a lot of money from snail farming. During the dry season, snail prices increase, which means more money for you.

Here’s a realistic sample to help you:

For instance, if you want to set up a commercial snail business of about 200 snails, you will need N140,000. N40,000 out of the money will go to the snail pen, and N100,000 will be used for the seed snails. One mature snail can give you proceeds of N250 to N800 in the market based on the size and season.

Understanding Snail breeds

Snails come in various species, colors, sizes, and shapes. In Nigeria, we have the African land giant snail (Achatina achatina), which is the most popular because of its economic size, there is the Burgundy snail (Helix pomatia), the garden snail (Cornu aspersum), the white garden snail (Theba pisana), and the milk snail (Otala lacteal).


Make food and water available for your snails in the morning and night every day. You can feed your snails with plantain, pumpkin, potato, lettuce, pawpaw, cabbage, banana, cucumber, etc.

Snails commonly feed on meal leftovers and green leaves without salt. Calcium is also vital for the growth of their shells. So ensure you add limestone, and egg shells to their feeds.

Other ideal staples for snail feeds include; corn, pap, beans, and rice, all without salt. Calcium is crucial in feeding snails because it boosts snails’ growth rate and produces thicker shells.


Snails need comfort to thrive. The size of the snails’ house will determine how comfortable the snails will be. Also, the style and size of the snail house are dependent on the size of your snail farm. 

If you plan to venture into commercial farming, get a permanent site for your snail farm. Besides nets, people rear snails in boxes made of wood and wire gauze, depending on the stage of the snails’ development and habits. 

When you find what works for your snails, sort them by age. Separate them into mature, young, and newly hatched, and make sure the younger nails have a comfortable shelter that protects them from predators. Also, keep the temperature around the snails regulated with cloth and leaves to prevent dehydration.

The soil is the snails’ primary habitat, and is essential for their survival because of the chemical components present in it. You want to go for sandy-loamy soil because of the high level of organic matter it contains. This type of soil is also a suitable place for snails to lay their eggs and drink water because of its balance.

Pests and diseases

Common predators of snails include; turkeys, geese, chickens, ants, snakes, lizards, and termites. Snails are not associated with many diseases, but it is common to find issues of bacteria and fungi due to overcrowded pens.

Toads, frogs, birds, weasels, skunks, moles, mice, and rats are carriers of fungi, nematodes, and fungi, which can spread by contact. Make sure you pay attention to pest activity and remove your snails from the pens when necessary.


When snails are sexually mature – between 8 to 12 months after hatching, they lay eggs that hatch between 4 and 6 weeks.

There is no specific breeding period for snails, but you can expect anything from 5 to 6 clutches of eggs yearly. In each clutch, there’s an average of 200 eggs, only if you place them under suitable conditions.

The young snails can stay in the soil for 5 days after hatching. Upon hatching, put them in a separate pen from the mature snails to grow with adequate space and protection.

This stage may be cumbersome, but the market value and fertile nature of the snails will compensate you for the long maturity period.

Snails take an average of two years to reach full maturity. If you want to know whether or not the snail is mature, inspect the brim of the shell. Snails with a hard and thick shell are mature. Make sure you harvest snails only when they are mature.

Now, this is when things get tricky. 

When harvesting your snails for market sale, keep some for future breeding. The snails you set aside for breeding will be the base stock. You can harvest snails with the help of baskets, boxes, bowls, and containers.

Building the Snail Farm

Now that you have understood the considerations before venturing into snail farming, it is time to build your snail farm. It is after constructing the snail pen that you can get your snails. 

Before you start building the snail farm, examine the snails to know that they are healthy, mature, and capable of producing many eggs before purchasing them. 

Also, ensure you get enough snails for the size of your farm. Large-sized snails will take one square meter each, while smaller snails can take six snails per square meter.

Here’s what you’ll need to build the snail farm:

  • Water – If it doesn’t rain, spray down the leaves and ground of your snail farm with a spray bottle, but don’t flood the farm.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens – Plant all things green on your snail farm for the snails to feed on.
  • Shovel – Dig a trench to station your wooden fence.
  • Sandy-loamy soil – choose sandy-loamy soil as it contains all the nutrients your snails need. Also, pick the weeds on the farm because they can affect the growth of the veggies you plant.
  • Staple gun – Pin the fencing material(wire mesh or net) around the wooden posts.
  • Wooden posts – Place the foot of your wooden posts inside the trench you dug.
  • Fencing material – Wrap some net or wire mesh around your wooden posts and staple them so your snails don’t escape.

5 thoughts on “Snail Farming in Nigeria: How to Get Started”

snail rearing business plan in nigeria

This is so wonderful to learn about snails farming. How do you recognize male and female snails?

snail rearing business plan in nigeria

Thank you for your thoughtful question.

There are no male or female snails because they are hermaphrodites i.e. they have both the male and female reproductive system.

snail rearing business plan in nigeria

Thank you for this important lesson on snail farming. Its expository and very helpful.

snail rearing business plan in nigeria

Thanks for this amazing article. Please how can I Build the pen, I mean the place I should put them I need to see how it spouse to look. Thank you

snail rearing business plan in nigeria

I am interested on the farming. Please where and how do I get snails to kick start the farming.

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