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How to start a business with no money: 22 low-cost business ideas

Real businesses that people have started for under $1,000.

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If you want to create a business to change your lifestyle and finances, you may not have a ton of cash to invest in the venture. That doesn't mean you don't have options. I asked around and was inundated with all sorts of ideas for low-capital business ideas you can start with minimal upfront investment. 

How to choose your next business idea

The business ideas here are just the tip of the iceberg of low-capital opportunities. As you review the examples and come up with your own ideas, here are a few tips to be sure you're keeping your head on your shoulders.

Consider your skills . If you build on what you already know, you won't need to invest in extra training to get started—and you can begin faster with credentials. 

Use your current equipment . You may not have the best tools to start, but working with what you have until revenue flows makes it more accessible.

Fit your timeline . Some businesses (like a landscaping business) can turn a profit relatively quickly, while others (like a blog) will take time to gain momentum. 

Lean on existing tools. Check to see if there are existing marketplaces for what you're building. Think: Etsy for makers, Rover for dog walkers, and Upwork for freelancers. Just be aware that you'll have to pay for the convenience of tapping into an existing customer base. 

Think about your income and lifestyle goals . Do you want a full-time gig or supplemental income ? Are there particular hours or seasons you do or don't want to work? Building a business takes time and effort , so you want to make sure you choose a path that aligns with your plans. 

Make sure you have an audience . A business has to live at the intersection of what it can offer and what customers want. Be sure to validate your business idea to make sure enough people are willing to pay for your products or services to make it worthwhile. 

Remember: because you're starting a business with no money—or very little—you'll need to be much more strategic about the rest of the process.

Local low-cost business ideas

Remote work is a hot topic right now , but there are still plenty of business opportunities in your community. Here are some locally-based low-capital businesses you can set up for around $1,000 (or less!).

1. Landscaping business

If the idea of sitting at a desk all day makes your skin crawl, a landscaping business could satisfy your need to get outdoors. Upfront costs can be as low as $500 , especially if you start with the equipment you already own. Landscaping work is typically seasonal, so you can use automation to help run your landscaping business during the busy months. 

2. Baker or personal chef

Calling all Great British Bake Off fans: have you considered selling your creations? You'll need to check home bakery laws in your state, but if you're already a baker, you likely have some of the equipment you need.

Colin Johnson founded Company Bread from his home in Connecticut. "To get started, all I needed was a $50 license, a $100 food safety course, basic ingredients, and some equipment for larger production quantities. I also invested in a domain name for my website, so the total initial overhead was around $1,000," he shared. "I was able to make up for those costs within a few months."

A screenshot of the Company Bread website

Colin also shared a few words of advice for folks starting a new business from scratch: "You should be able to deliver the same level of service to your 10,000th customer as you did to your first customer. It involves more forward-thinking than I realized, so think about how to scale your business model early. Even if you're not investing a lot of money, you need to be investing a lot of time."

If you love music or just enjoy hyping up a room of teenagers at a Bar Mitzvah, you might consider starting a DJ business. Depending on what equipment you have and what you need to buy, you can start a DJ business for around $1,000. 

Learn more: 5 ways automation can help entertainers streamline work and maintain an online presence

4. Pet sitting and dog walking

For some animal lovers, spending every day with furry friends is a dream job. Typically, the startup costs of setting up a pet sitting or dog walking business are limited to licensing and insurance (though some platforms like Rover will cover those costs for you). If you're looking for something a bit more passive , services like Sniffspot let you rent out your yard to local dog owners. 

Sniffspot website

5. Organizing service

Do you live by the Konmari method and binge organizing shows on Netflix? Turns out you can get paid to do that. You can spend as little as a few hundred dollars to set up a professional organizing service and go on to earn an average of $55 an hour . 

6. Furniture refurbishing

You know those satisfying power washing and cleaning video compilations? You can live that. Picking up damaged couches for free or cheap on places like Facebook Marketplace, cleaning them up, and reselling them is a great business for anyone with a truck and a couple strong people to help. TikTok creators Cameron & Sadie called the gig "the easiest side hustle." Take a look.

@cameronandsadie Easiest Side Hustle! 😊 #furnitureflip #furnituremakeover #sidehustle #sideincome #flips #couchflipping #couch #flippingcouches ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

7. Thrift store flipper

If you want to sell goods without large inventory costs, try buying discounted items and selling them to a niche audience. People who don't live near a thrift store or are looking for really specific types of items will love what you offer. Building an audience around a particular theme makes looking for inventory and building a brand easier. For example, the Vtgspice storefront on Depop sells '90s-era shirts and sweaters.

A VTGSpice storefront selling '90s-era shirts

8. Used book reseller

You can buy books from a thrift store, library sales, or estate sales and sell them to an online audience. If you use Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) , you don't even need to hold onto the books and ship them to sellers. 

9. Personal concierge

A personal concierge is similar to a personal assistant, except you'll help multiple clients. As long as you have reliable transportation and a computer or smartphone to manage online tasks, there isn't much more you need to get started . 

Learn more: Take inspiration from these tips put together by an executive assistant at Zapier .

Online low-cost business ideas

If you want to work without leaving the house, there are plenty of home-based business opportunities with low startup costs.

10. Virtual assistant

Much like a personal concierge handles local tasks, a virtual assistant helps people manage their work and life from the comfort of their own home. The virtual assistant world is flexible , since you can specialize in general admin tasks or niche business areas like social media management.

Caroline Marshall , founder of Upsource , shared that she "set up as a VA in 2020 investing very little money. I now have a multi-award-winning VA agency company that became an Ltd company last month. A VA business is a great one to start with very little costs."

A screenshot of Upsource

11. Build a blog

Creating and monetizing a blog is one of the most popular ways to earn money online. James Taylor , an SEO consultant , recommends looking at your hobbies if you aren't sure where to start. 

"A hobby blog, in particular, is a great way to get started because you're never going to run out of content ideas. You know what people are searching for because it's your hobby, and you've no doubt searched for similar things in the past. You'll also know what products and information people will need to get started."

While there are some startup costs, your main investment to get your blog off the ground will be time. Mushfiq Sarker , founder of The Website Flip , noted that "the skill sets needed to build a website include SEO, content marketing, and some technical knowledge of how to put a website together. The benefit here is that you can get started for $10 to host a website and then use free platforms like WordPress. As for learning the ins and outs of the business, there are hundreds of YouTube channels and blogs covering these topics."

Once you have your blog set up, you have a few ways to earn money. Robert Jones , founder of Property Investments UK , noted that blogs "can be monetized in different ways (many low-cost and no-cost) from partnerships and affiliates, through to display advertising and selling your own products." 

Learn more: Automated workflows to help you promote and publish your work

12. Coaching and consultation

Have something to teach? Rather than starting a blog, you could begin offering coaching or consulting sessions. Costs can go into the thousands if you let them, but you can also start small with a simple website and marketing. Once you've tested the idea and made some money, you can add to your business. 

Paige Arnof-Fenn , founder and CEO of Mavens & Moguls , said "setting up any type of consulting or coaching business on the cheap (under $1,000) is possible because all you need is a website, logo, name, email, business cards, online stationery for proposals and invoices, cell phone, and a good idea to get going." Paige recommends skipping printed materials like brochures and letterheads to save money. 

13. Freelancing

When you don't have the cash to invest in a business, you can lean on your time and skills. Alex Birkett , co-founder of Omniscient Digital , shared that "service businesses tend to be the easiest to bootstrap since you're selling your own time." Alex and his co-founder David Khim began their agency in their free time outside of their jobs. They kept initial costs low by doing the work themselves and putting off hiring help until they had client cash flow. 

The most in-demand freelance skills include web design, social media marketing, and online chat support. But the opportunities to serve clients are endless. Laura Roeder , founder of Paperbell coaching software , offered a tip for freelancers:

"Many new entrepreneurs think they need advertising, a fancy brand, or an expensive site to get going, but a freelance business just needs one thing: clients! You can start by pitching opportunities on sites like Upwork or Fiverr, which costs nothing. Or look for people who need what you have on Facebook Groups, Reddit, or Twitter."

Liz Heflin , founder of MACE Writing , also praised freelancing as a business with low barriers to entry. She shared:

"When I started freelance writing, it was 2006. I had my $200 laptop and an Internet bill that cost me $50 a month. That's it. That was the entirety of my overhead. I worked 100 percent remotely from my apartment, and I found all my initial jobs on the writing gigs section of Craigslist (of all places). Flash forward sixteen years, and I'm now a content marketing consultant and the founder of MACE Writing. My laptop has upgraded over the years, and I pay for things like a website and hosting. However, my overhead is still incredibly low."

14. Stock photographer

If you already spend time photographing the world around you, why not sell some of those images? You can sell stock photos to earn cash on the side. You can start cheaply and quickly if you already have a camera—even the one on your phone.

Will Yang , Head of Growth at Instrumentl , also suggests aerial photography:

"The overhead costs associated with this type of business are relatively low. You won't need to lease office space or purchase expensive equipment. All you need is a drone and a camera to start offering your services to various clients, from real estate agents to wedding planners. The demand for this kind of service is often high, so you can charge premium rates and remain competitive."

15. Travel planner

Some people just want to be told what time to get to the airport, while others love researching every last travel detail. If you're the latter, think about selling travel planning as a service .

16. Affiliate marketing site

Affiliate marketers promote a product and earn a commission on its sale. If you create a website centered on a personal interest, you can use affiliate marketing to monetize the content. 

Freelance writer Elise Dopson did this with a website focused on her dog's breed. It took her about six months of work to get nearly 7,000 monthly visitors to the site and earn £120/month with Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate earnings. She said the most challenging part about getting started is finding the time. "The work itself (including setup) is pretty easy. It's just finding spare time to get the stuff written," she said. 

Super happy with how my affiliate site is coming along. Started last August and now have 6.7k+ monthly visitors from organic search with <25 posts published on the site 💪 — Elise Dopson (@elisedopson) August 17, 2020

17. Translation

Hey, multilingual folks: you have a valuable skill set. Startup costs as an online translator are nearly zero , especially if you start looking for work on a job site that quickly connects you with clients.   

18. Dropshipping

Dropshipping lets you sell online without keeping piles of inventory in your living room. Since you only pay suppliers after making a sale, your startup costs are mostly limited to supporting software. 

19. Home tutoring

Digital resources make it easier than ever for you to help students worldwide and earn extra cash. Jamie Irwin , founder of Straight Up Search , recommends that tutors "take advantage of today's technology by utilizing online teaching platforms like TutorCruncher , Skype, and Zoom."

20. Online community

Online communities give you a place to connect with an audience, share resources, and turn a profit. They're also cheap to start. Jimmy Daly , co-founder of Superpath , used a small investment from a personal advisor to build the business in its first year . While it was the perfect setup for him at the time, you don't have to find capital to get started.

"The upfront costs for Superpath were minimal. A Ghost website, Slack, ConvertKit, Zapier, Stripe, Airtable, Notion, and a few other tools. I ran the business for $500 a month for nearly a year. It was so, so lean. If someone is willing/able to do it without a salary for a while, a community-based business is a great option because it's nearly free to start," Jimmy shared. 

Superpath home page

The hard work paid off since the Superpath Slack has more than 7,000 members (and is one of my favorite Slack groups for marketers ), plus a paid Superpath Pro membership.

21. Micro-SaaS

If you have an idea to help an audience, but don't want to work hands-on as a freelancer or consultant, you might try building an app.

Alex Kracov, CEO and co-founder of Dock , shared that he started his tool as a Webflow product. "We built the initial version in Webflow (for just the cost of a subscription) and were able to prove the idea. As the business matured, we invested more money into the company. Still, we started the initial business for under $50 per month. TLDR - I think software businesses can start with low investment upfront, especially if you take advantage of no-code tools like Webflow, Glide, Zapier, Bubble, etc."

Dock homepage

Learn more: How to create an app using no-code tools and Zapier

22. Job board

The great resignation presents a unique business opportunity: job boards. Tomas Laurinavicius , co-founder of Best Writing , built a job board for writers.

Best Writing home page

"When the pandemic broke out in early 2020, my friend Ed and I built a job board for writers using no-code tools like Webflow, MailerLite, Airtable, and Zapier to glue everything together. The building part was pretty quick and cheap (under $100 for software and four weekends to develop the early prototype). We bet on SEO and started by growing our organic traffic and curating writing jobs from other public job boards. We created a free weekly newsletter and began charging companies to reach our audience."

Olivier Breton , founder of Niceboard , also applauded job boards as an easy-to-enter business: "Job boards make for great side hustles (most of our customers are profitable within just two months) and can easily evolve into full-time businesses (we have customers doing six figures in profit through their job boards) with very little upfront capital." 

Niceboard home page

Automate the busywork of your business

Deciding to start a business, even a low-cost one, is a big decision. You have to be ready to contribute time and patience while building your reputation and revenue. But there are a few things you can do to safeguard your time and money. 

Jenn Prochaska , founder of The Write Difference , offered guidance for refining your business idea before getting started : "Decide what one overarching principle guides everything you'll do (e.g., empowerment, community, security), what problem you solve, and for whom you solve it," she shared. 

Nail down your business plan early to help guide your decision-making later on.  

Invest in insurance. Allison Grinberg-Funes , a UX Content Strategist at Liberty Mutual, suggests entrepreneurs "research the laws in their state to see if they'll need a license or certification. And budget for and buy business insurance." The details matter.

Automate the busywork. If you're running your own business on a budget, let the robots take care of the grunt work for you. Here's how to know when to automate .

Have a little more than $1,000? Here are businesses you can start with $10,000 or less .

Read more: 7 free small business budget templates for future-proofing your finances

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Profitable Small Business Ideas

30 Low Investment Business Ideas With High-Profit Potential

June 25, 2019 ben shabat.

Before the age of advanced technology in which we live today, if you wanted to start your own small business it would require either years of studying or years of experience (or a generous inheritance).

Fortunately, the past couple of decades have ushered-in an array of amazing innovations in digital technology that have provided prospective owners of small and medium-sized businesses with the ability to not only start a business with a small investment, but to also turn high profits on low investment business ideas.

Business ideas with low investment and high profit are a dime a dozen. But lucky for you, we’ve curated a list of 30 top business ideas that won’t break the bank or dig you into debt. Get your notepad ready, because you’re going to want to jot down at least a few of these low investment business ideas!

What is a “low-investment” business?

You might be thinking, “it’s a business that I can start without spending a lot of money, big deal”. And you would be right – but there’s much more to low investment business ideas than simply not needing to put lots of cash down from the get-go. In order to define what a low investment business is for the purposes of this article, it’s best to begin by defining what a low investment business isn’t . First and foremost, a low investment business is not necessarily going to fall under the most profitable small businesses. Beyond that, there are three major details that set low investment business ideas apart from the rest.

1. Be rent-free

There are plenty of business ideas that have the basic requirement of purchasing a physical location out of which to run the business. When considering low investment businesses though, you can oftentimes dodge the need to purchase or even rent a physical property. Even so, your customers will still want to be able to learn about your business, ‘visit’ the storefront, communicate with you, and so on. While you don’t necessarily have to buy a plot of land or a building, for lots of low investment business ideas you’ll still need to purchase a website domain.

2. Avoid equipment expenses

With more and more digital services and tools being developed and released every day, the need to purchase ‘real’ tools, equipment, or machinery is becoming increasingly limited. Let’s say, for instance, you want to start a business selling customizable apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc.

A few years ago, you would have had to purchase loads of different kinds of tools to get the time-consuming job done – one piece at a time. Today, all anybody with an interest in selling custom apparel has to do is sign up with any of the many online print-on-demand services, such as Gooten . It’s really that easy. You provide the idea, they provide the service, and together you can start a business with a small investment without emptying your wallet on expensive equipment.

One of the biggest perks of low-cost business ideas with high profit is the ability to operate completely on your own. Hiring staff has many implications on how a business runs, from operating costs to decision-making processes. With all of the ways that technology has made it easy to start, run, and scale up a small business , there are fewer demands on a business owner than ever before. In essence, that means there are fewer people needed to get the work done, and more money staying in your bank account.

30 Low Investment & High-Profit Business Ideas

If you’re looking for the best business ideas with low investment and high profit, you’ll want to first consider what a ‘low investment’ is in relation to your budget. For that reason, we’ve split the list of 30 low investment business ideas into two groups according to the cost of what it takes to start the business.

Before diving in, it’s important to note that several of these low-cost small business ideas will require taking courses and obtaining a license. Most (if not all) of them will also require that you obtain a business license. Be sure to investigate your state-specific laws and regulations to find out exactly what type of certification you may need. Get ready – now is when you’ll want to get ready to take some notes!

15 businesses you can start with less than $1,000

1. sell homemade / handcrafted products.

Have you got a handy hobby that fills your free time? Maybe you enjoy woodworking, crocheting, leatherworking, or another pastime. Try turning your homemade or handcrafted goods into a business by making them to-order! If you don’t already have such a hobby, you can easily pick one up such as jewelry making or pottery. The initial investment will be minimal, as you will either already have the materials needed or you can obtain them at a very low cost.

Top tip: Selling homemade products is useful as a part-time gig to bring in extra cash on the side.

2. Personal Trainer

If you enjoy exercising and living a ‘fit’ lifestyle, becoming a personal trainer is one of the best low investment business ideas for you. This is an especially profitable low-cost business idea because you can set your rate however you feel, and the amount of equipment you need to purchase is really up to how creative you are with your regimens and routines (there’s a lot that can be done with suspension straps!).

Top tip: You can even consider approaching your local gym to work there as a part-time trainer, which can help build up your private client list.

3. Dog Walker / Pet-Sitter

Chances are, there are lots of people in your neighborhood who have furry friends. Likewise, chances are that those people are not around all of the time to take care of their pets. That’s where you come in! Whether it’s only dog walking, or a combination of general caretaking, training, and grooming, there’s plenty of profit to be made from this low investment business idea.

Top tip: One of the best parts of working as a dog walker is that you can schedule multiple clawed-clients at a time. Unleash your full profit-making potential with this low-cost business idea.

4. Music Teacher

Do you play an instrument? If you answered yes, then this is one of the top ways for you to start a business with a small investment. You probably already have the equipment and the skills necessary to turn your talent into a low investment business. Lessons can be given at your home or at the client’s home, which allows for maximum flexibility and minimal overhead expenses.

Top tip: Connect with schools or local businesses that may be able to offer free space for you to advertise your services.

Music Lessons

5. Cleaning Services

There are plenty of messy and lazy people out there who you can turn into fuel for this low investment business idea. There’s no experience needed, there are plenty of chances to get references and build a regular client list, and you can offer different pricing options. Business ideas with low investment and high profit don’t get much better than this!

Top tip:  Diversify your clients; you can clean homes, offices, daycare centers, etc.

6. Work with a Dropshipper

Instead of buying a ton of inventory, holding onto it until you make a sale, then finding the exact piece, packing it, and shipping it – *deep breath* – dropshipping is a way to reduce the stress of working an online store. You choose what you want to sell, market your business, place orders, and handle customer relations. Other than that, the dropshipper stores all of the products and does the shipping for you.

Top tip: You can start working with a dropshipper with a small investment and then combine it with other business models (more on that below). That combination may take a bit more money to get done, in which case business loans can be the right solution. Become improves the small businesses lending process by improving approval odds and providing SMBs with optimal matches to top loan providers.

7. Sell Print-on-Demand Shirts

This low investment business idea pairs perfectly with dropshipping. If you enjoy creative designing, and other people like your work, you can sell your designs through a print-on-demand business model. Since partnering with a dropshipper means you don’t need to deal with loads of inventory, all you really need is the right software to make your design and the drive to market and sell the merchandise!

Top tip: Find an online service, such as Placeit , which allows you to easily create a t-shirt ‘mockup’ so that you and your customers can preview how the shirt will look before making a purchase.

8. Sell Print-on-Demand Posters

The print-on-demand and dropshipping pair-up can be applied to more than just apparel. People love sprucing up their homes and workplaces, which makes offering a service that provides customizable posters and other printouts a prime business idea with low investment and high profit. With this low-cost business idea, most of your effort will be put into successfully marketing your service. Top tip: While there are plenty of classic prints that people will always ask for (like Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ album cover), creating original pieces will give your business a personalized touch that customers will value and appreciate.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Are you more of a practical person than you are a creative mind? Don’t sweat it, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel in order to start a business with a small investment. Affiliate marketing is essentially the promotion of another company’s products or services, so all you need to do is find something you believe in and sell it!

Top tip: Affiliate marketing is one of the top low investment business ideas since you can closely track your progress and use that data to prove your worth to your clients (the companies).

10. Grow and Monetize a Social Media Following

There are tons of ways that you can monetize a large social media following, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can, of course, become an affiliate marketer for existing companies whose products or services you feel comfortable endorsing. But you can also advertise for other businesses, advertise the sale of your own product or service, and so on. This is one of the best low investment business ideas to have on the side or in combination with other forms of income. Top tip: Take heed of what your followers like. If you find that there are trends among large numbers of your followers, capitalize on them! The trends will eventually shift though, so be sure to stay in touch with what the latest fads are.

11. Virtual Assistant

There are plenty of potential clients out there who need a hand in running their own business. As a virtual assistant, you can take on multiple clients, make your own schedule, and choose your own pay rate. When it comes to flexible low investment business ideas, being a virtual assistant ranks near the top of the list.

Top tip: Make the most of the tools available online, such as , to help streamline your CRM (customer relationship management). You can easily and efficiently schedule assignments, organize projects, and share links, documents, and media with their click-and-drag user interface.

12. Social Media Consultant

Social media (namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – though others as well) has virtually taken over the world in the matter of just more than a decade. How does that translate into a low investment business idea? Other businesses need a social media presence, many of them don’t know how to go about it successfully, and you can be the person to help them.

Top tip: The best part? You don’t need any sort of formal training or certification to qualify. Though some platforms, including Google, do offer courses so that you can be considered a professional by their standard.

unique business ideas with less investment

13. Event Planner

If you’ve got a knack for organizing events, becoming an event planner is one of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit. There’s very little overhead, meaning you don’t need to rent a storefront, you don’t need to buy equipment, and you don’t even need to hire employees. Word-of-mouth advertising also goes a very long way in this industry, so if you have consistently positive reviews from clients, this low investment business can grow quickly.

Top tip: Reach out to local venues, restaurants, and suppliers and develop personal connections so that you can strike better deals for yourself and your customers.

Need a low investment business idea that allows you to pick your own schedule and pay rate? Consider becoming a tutor! You don’t need to be a college professor, you don’t need to purchase any tools, and you’ll own and operate the business individually. Pick a subject that you’re proficient in and get started with little-to-no cost.

Top tip: Tutoring is typically thought of as something for children, but there are adults who also use tutoring services to learn a second language or get themselves prepared to earn a degree, and so on.

15. Content Creator

If you like to learn about new subjects and relay information in an interesting and engaging way, then this is the low investment business idea for you. There are plenty of businesses that are looking for freelancers to create content for their websites in order to generate leads, so finding clients won’t be a big problem (assuming you’re a good writer!). You can even be a content creator as a part-time gig to make some extra cash on the side.

Top tip: Having an attractive writing style is one thing, but in order to be a successful content creator, your work will need to result in high ranks on search engine result pages. That will require you to sharpen up on your SEO strategy.

15 businesses you can start with less than $10,000

1. moving company.

Not the type of person to sit at a desk all day? If lots of heavy lifting doesn’t bother you, you can start a business with a small investment almost immediately. All it really takes is a moving truck (which you can rent on a per hour or per day basis) and a fair bit of sweat to get the wheels turning. If the business picks up, you can hire a team to get jobs done more quickly or to handle several jobs simultaneously.

Top tip: Purchasing or leasing equipment , including trucks, may be worth considering if you plan on getting serious and expanding the moving business.

Apply for Vehicle Financing

2. Daycare Provider

For parents who want to work from home, starting a daycare facility is one low investment business idea that offers the flexibility needed to balance home life with the need to generate income. The main steps to becoming a daycare provider are obtaining the proper license and child-proofing your home. People are willing to pay top-dollar to ensure their children’s well-being, which makes becoming a daycare provider one of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit.

Top tip: Save yourself some cash by reaching out to local pre-schools or kindergartens to see if there are any supplies (chairs, tables, bookshelves) that they are looking to get rid of.

3. Hairdresser

It takes practice, but hairdressing is one of the best low-cost business ideas with high profit. Whether for men or for women, cutting and styling people’s hair can start off small and bloom into a bustling business in no time. There are state licenses and certifications that you’ll need to obtain, but you can run this low investment business out of your own home quite easily in most cases.

Top tip: Diversify your hairdressing business by selling products, and watch the revenue improve in turn.

4. Makeup Artist

People want to look their best, and as a makeup artist, you can help your clients shine as elegantly or extravagantly as they like. Becoming a makeup artist is one of the top low-cost business ideas with high profit since you can charge rates as you prefer, take on whichever clients you feel like, and set your own schedule. You can even offer special deals for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, dance recitals, and so on.

Top tip: Develop your makeup skills so that you can provide a wide variety of services to attract more clients. Consider including manicures and pedicures, facial treatments, and massages.

5. Pet Groomer

Animal lovers will find this low investment business idea very appealing. It’ll take some time before you can generate lots of clients, especially since pets don’t typically get a trim-up or rinse-down as often as their owners do. But if you demonstrate your ability to handle people’s pets the right way, the clients you do get will likely remain loyal.

Top tip: You can offer a traveling pet grooming service to make your business even more convenient for customers. Many pet groomers also combine their services with pet caretaking.

6. Personal Chef

Offering your services as a personal chef is a fantastic low investment business since, more often than not, you don’t need to purchase any equipment at all. All of the work is generally done at the client’s home (or office, if you’re working for a company), where the supplies are typically provided. There’s no paying rent, utilities, or staff. Although, most of the time the responsibility of picking up the actual ingredients will be left to you.

Top tip: Cater your services to special dietary needs so that you don’t limit your client list. Create special menus for people that eat vegan or vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free.

Apply for Line of Credit

7. Nutritionist

So many people work very long hours and don’t have the time to think about choosing nutritious foods or actually going to buy fresh ingredients. To practice legally, you’ll almost certainly need to get licensed by your state. That said, there are plenty of people nowadays who have restricted diets and are desperate for help in that area of their lives. Turn your healthy-living habits into a low investment business by offering people assistance in becoming healthy themselves.

Top tip: Use social media marketing to show off your creative recipes and bring in more clients. You can even create informative videos to flex your nutritional knowledge.

Restaurant loans

8. Massage Therapist

Whether you work out of your home, travel to clients, or aim to open your own storefront, massage therapy is a prime way to start a business with a small investment. Yes, it will require you to take some courses and get registered, but apart from that, the costs are minimal.

Top tip: Provide a unique experience by incorporating audio therapy and aromatherapy into the mix.

9. Senior Care Provider

Older generations require caretakers to keep them company and handle the chores and tasks that the elderly themselves are unable to do on their own. Those responsibilities can range from preparing meals to transportation, cleaning, and so on. This low investment business idea has high returns not only in monetary terms but also on a very human level. Simply put, it feels good to help people, and senior care is a great way to help those in need.

Top tip: Some senior citizen homes hire their own caretakers, but others don’t. At those facilities which don’t offer caretakers, you can advertise your services and perhaps end up with several clients in one senior citizen home.

10. Tour Guide

Living in a location that brings in lots of visitors offers a perfect opportunity to start a business with a small investment. Whether the attractions are natural wonders or man-made crowd-pleasers, it will take less effort to market your business since people are already being drawn your way. What you’ll really need to do is become an expert on whatever the attraction is, and develop your own personalized approach that makes you stand apart from other tour guides working in your area.

Top tip: Establish partnerships with local businesses, such as hotels and restaurants, who will advertise on your behalf while you return the favor. 

11. Photographer

Get your hands on a top-notch camera, learn to use a photo-editing software like Adobe Lightroom , and start snapping away. Turning a photography hobby into a low investment business idea doesn’t mean you absolutely have to offer your services for special events like weddings. You can just as well build your business around taking pictures of animals, plants, or objects that catch the eye.

Top tip: Combine your ‘photog’ skills with the dropshipping business model as a way to avoid the necessity of buying an expensive high-grade photo printer and an inventory of different frames.

Apply for Unsecured Loan


12. Interior Designer

If you get compliments for keeping your home appealing to the eye, consider becoming an interior designer. Decorating and furnishing takes skill, but not a whole lot of money. You can start off by working for friends and colleagues or even team up with local real estate firms to stage the homes they have on the market.

Top tip: You can offer an additional ‘organizer’ service where you help turn people’s cluttered spaces into healthier living areas.

13. Handyman / Handywoman

There is an endless amount of people who need a toilet fixed, a room painted, a floor refinished, and so on. So, whether you decide to offer a broad array of handyman services or to specify in one area, you’ll have plenty of clients out there waiting to pay for your help. And, chances are, if you have handyman skills, you likely have the handyman tools and equipment already. The more difficult part could be generating contractor leads , but fortunately, there are solutions for that obstacle.

Top tip: If you don’t have the equipment needed to turn your handyman skills into a low investment business, consider taking a business loan through Become to cover the costs of acquiring the tools you need.

Apply for Equipment Financing

14. Food Truck

A passion for creative culinary concoctions can be monetized in the form of a food truck. If you’ve had hard luck trying to build a restaurant concept around a special dish that you make, this is a low-cost business idea with high profit that you can use to realize your dreams. The restrictions on operating a food truck can get complicated, so be sure to look up all of the local and state laws that will play into the overall costs of starting this business.

Top tip: Take your food truck to a popular part of the town or city where there’s a rush around lunchtime. That’s the big benefit of operating a food truck: you can bring the food directly to your customers!

15. Landscaper

From simple planting, lawn mowing, and hedge trimming, to extensive and detailed greenery designs, landscaping is a low investment business idea that can quickly grow into a fruitful enterprise. Your clients can be private homeowners, business complexes, the municipality, and so on. And since the grass will always grow back, there’s an endless supply of business to be done.

Top tip: Since plants will grow at pretty much the same rate from one client to the next, try to space apart appointments so that you’ll have a regularly rotating schedule of jobs.

Low-cost businesses with high profit may not put a toll on your wallet, but they’ll certainly test your dedication to turn that dream into reality. You’ll need a vision and a fair bit of determination if you want to start a business with a small investment. With the broad variety of low investment business ideas listed here, though, you don’t need to search any further for inspiration to get started. That said, you shouldn’t be afraid to come up with a unique idea of your own! We hope you find this information useful – please feel free to share with friends, colleagues, and through social media. Good luck!

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Top 87 Best Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profits

Shubham Kumar

An entrepreneur aspires to business ideas with low investments that are capable of churning massive revenue. He or she searches for every possible way to have the business run smoothly and increase revenue, i.e., profitability is the end goal.

The young and dynamic individuals of today want to start their own ventures rather than work for someone else. They look for small-scale opportunities with a huge turnover. ‘Return on Investment’ or ROI has become a predominant factor in setting up any kind of business. It’s a weighing scale that ultimately decides whether to go ahead or not.

A common misconception is that earning huge profits requires serious investment in the form of money, labor, equipment, etc. It's definitely not the case if one is aware of the plethora of business ideas that can be started with minimum investment .

Discussed below are some of the most profitable small investment businesses in India. They are not heavy on your pocket and can yield great returns with time.

1. Wedding Planner 2. Technical Freelancer 3. Gym or Fitness Center 4. Yoga and Meditation Center 5. Mechanical / Electrical Works 6. ECommerce Websites 7. Blogging 8. Online Surveys and Captcha Solving 9. Domain Trading 10. Selling Photos 11. E-book Publishing 12. Podcasts 13. Stock Trading 14. Influencer 15. Mobile Food Service 16. Recruitment Services 17. Event Organizer 18. Social Media Services 19. Interior Designer 20. Grocery Store 21. Coaching Class 22. Mobile Shop 23. Translation Services 24. Mobile / Computer Repairing 25. Driving School 26. Car Parking 27. Public Speaking Lessons 28. Dance Classes 29. Baby Sitter 30. Courier Company 31. Consultancy 32. Digital Marketing Consultancy 33. Dietary Consultancy 34. Packers and Movers 35. Ice Cream Parlour 36. Content Writing and Copy Writing 37. Freelancer 38. Book Store 39. Computer Trainer 40. Online Store 41. Travel Agency 42. Security & Spy Agency 43. Data Entry 44. Resume Writer 45. DJ Services 46. Music Classes 47. Laundry 48. Web Designing 49. Affiliate Marketing 50. Xerox Book Binding 51. Real Estate Agent 52. YouTube Channel 53. Cooking Classes 54. Business Broker 55. Fast Food Restaurant 56. Pharmacy 57. Beauty Parlour / Fashion Boutique 58. Gardening Business 59. Clean and Green Services 60. Jewelry Designing 61. Bouquet and Greeting Card Making 62. Accounting and Tax Preparation 63. Tatto Studio 64. Insurance Agent 65. Pet Caretaker 66. Dropshipping 67. Bakery 68. Hand-made Chocolates 69. Honey Manufacturer 70. Food/Tiffin Service 71. Children's Play/Adventure Area 72. Baby Crèche 73. Custom Gift Store 74. Antique Shop 75. Organic Farming 76. MLM Network Marketing 77. Marriage Bureau/Matchmaking 78. Organic Candle/Soap Making 79. Career Counselling 80. Aquarium Store 81. Photo Studio 82. Professional Reviewer 83. Low-Cost Franchise 84. Mystery Shopper/Customer Survey 85. Stockbroker/Mutual Funds Agent 86. Virtual Assistant Service 87. Tourist Guide

1. Wedding Planner

Investment required: inr 20,000 to inr 50,000.

According to the KPMG report titled " Market Study of Online Matrimony and Marriage Services in India "- the Indian Matrimony business is a highly unorganized industry in India valued at ₹3.68 trillion . Despite having such an unorganized sector, it is 4th largest industry in India.

Steps to start a Wedding Planner Business

Weddings constitute a big industry in India. The "big fat Indian wedding" never goes out. To become a wedding planner, you need to have amazing networking skills, creativity, and spontaneous decision-making ability. Initial projects may not pay you much but with time, you will grow by leaps and bounds.  

2. Technical Freelancer

Investment required: inr 0.

If you have logical thinking, analytical skills, and knowledge of any programming language you can try out technical freelancing . For example, if you know how to create and beautify websites, promote your website development services on platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer .

What kind of investment will you need? Perhaps paying for online courses and certifications to improve your credibility and knowledge. And with a plethora of resources available for free on the internet, you can get started with technical freelancing through zero investment .

3. Gym or Fitness Center

Investment required: inr 5 lakh to inr 10 lakh.

We live in a world where we often forget to take care of our bodies resulting in worse physical conditions. To avoid such conditions we prefer going to gyms or fitness centers. Starting a gym with a minimum number of the necessary equipment in a good place will definitely turn out to be a profitable business idea.

According to, The health and fitness market worldwide is expected to grow at a rate of 7.67% annually between 2023 and 2030. It means in 2030, the market size of health and fitness will be 169.7 billion USD approximately.

4. Yoga and Meditation Center

Investment required: inr 5 lakh to inr 30 lakh.

With that busy schedule, hectic life, and a lot of work stress nobody can live a healthy life. Your Yoga and meditation center will help people to fight all these never-ending problems.

According to future market insights, the Yoga and meditation market is expected to grow to US$ 20,532.44 Million by 2032 .

Apart from that, it is also a very profitable business idea. The investment will just be a good place and some workers (optional). You can also hire a trainer if you don’t have knowledge of Yoga and meditation.

unique business ideas with less investment

5. Mechanical / Electrical Works

Investment required: inr 15 lakh to inr 50 lakh.

The development of present-generation technologies requires many mechanical and electrical goods. Therefore, the establishment of a garage for servicing vehicles or the sale of any electrical goods finds profit in present times. Although, the business involves some amount of investment yet the profit accrued is always higher.

6. ECommerce Websites

Investment required: inr 1 lakh to inr 10 lakh.

Online shopping is the new era trend. It is the easiest way of shopping and getting the best product from thousands of options. All you need is a website and the products you want to sell, it can be anything like jewelry, shoes, or even everyday household items.

unique business ideas with less investment

7. Blogging

Investment required: inr 10,000 to inr 15,000.

Blogging is one of the best business ideas with low investment that can give you a high profit. Your investment is only in the form of the ability in writing a blog , an Internet connection, and a laptop or PC. It’s very simple but it can deliver high profits.

If the blog you create ranks first on Google , then the blogger can be paid by Google. This is really beneficial and easy to start. Moreover, blogging is being done by many people and they are earning filthy money without any investment too.

8. Online Surveys and Captcha Solving

Investment required: na.

An earning mechanism not at all painstaking, completing surveys, and solving captchas can generate revenue while staying at home. The skills required basic English knowledge, knowledge about numbers, and the internet. The earnings may seem small, but when accrued, the time and efforts show the results. It’s important to know that scammers are widespread in this domain.

So, do careful research before signing up for some survey companies to avoid indulging in illegitimate ones. Also, if the company is asking for registration fees then that's your cue to know it's a fraud site. You can also Google "scam" after mentioning the website name and you will get all the information needed.

unique business ideas with less investment

9. Domain Trading

Did you know that selling .com and other web domains is a lucrative field? But expertise and initial investment are required before stepping into the shoes of a domain trader. The job revolves around identifying domains that hold potential, waiting for the right opportunity, and then selling it to interested parties, usually companies and organizations. Here you have to be creative and also have to research a lot.

You need to search for the brands which you think are going to be popular after one or two years, then buy a domain name by the name of the brand. When the brand becomes famous, they have to buy the domain name from you at a price you decide, and that's how you will make money.

You can purchase domain names from GoDaddy , Namecheap, or any other website.

unique business ideas with less investment

10. Selling Photos

Investment required: inr 10,000 to inr 50,000.

Coming across pictures with bookmarks such as Photobucket and ShutterStock holds significance for a reason—high-quality images can be sold online for a great price.

You have to submit photos to such sites and when people purchase the same from these platforms, you will get paid as per the price set. You can start this business without any major investment.

If the camera quality of your smartphone is good then you are all set to go. But you have to make sure that you are uploading high-quality pictures. Otherwise, you will not be able to make money by selling photos online as those pictures will be used on a website and other online platforms.

11. E-book Publishing

E-books and PDFs can generate cash if they have the substance and ingenuity to stand out. Amateur and experienced authors can use online publishing not only to showcase their talent but also to earn money through sales.

If you are an amateur then you can use Kindle direct publishing to start your fiction and can promote it online. Many authors are making a lot of money simply by selling their books online. You can publish your e-books without any investment.

12. Podcasts

Investment required: inr 50,000 to inr 1 lakh.

Audio and video sessions constitute podcasting, though it’s generally audio files that make up the majority. Podcasts are digital files that subscribed users can download or listen to online.

You can start your Podcasts just by using your smartphone and earphones. But before starting your Podcast channel make sure that you have something that can give value to the people.

You can earn money by including advertisements either at the beginning, middle, or end of the session. Audiobooks are another form of Podcast. People like to listen to audiobooks more than read a book. You can create a website where you can sell your audiobooks that way you can earn a huge amount of money both from the website traffic and also by selling the audiobooks.

unique business ideas with less investment

13. Stock Trading

Investment required: inr 1000.

Stock Trading is a great option to earn a huge amount of money. You can start Stock Trading with low investment and make that money work for you. But before you start Stock Trading, gather knowledge about the share market as much as possible. Then only you will be able to make money by trading stocks.

This is a high-risk, high gamble field and requires experience, acumen, and luck. There are millions of success stories as well as disheartening ones. Go for trading only when you can bear the brunt of falling on your face. This also requires some skills to earn a good amount of income.

14. Influencer

If you have a massive number of followers on social media and they are dedicated to your posts, then you can start promoting products from various companies and can get paid for the promotions.

Influencer Economy Market Size (2016-2022)

If you can generate more sales for the company, there are chances that you can turn out as their brand ambassador. People are getting heavily paid for it. Also, if you are a good model cum influencer , you can catch the eye of modeling companies and get a kick start to your career.

15. Mobile Food Service

Either you contact some restaurant or cook yourself. All you need is a delivery boy or more (depending on the demand) and vehicles. Give the service on time and most importantly serve tasty food.

Business ideas with low investment and high profits

16. Recruitment Services

You can start your own firm for providing recruitment services to other companies. Contact companies and find people who need jobs. You will just have to connect them both.

17. Event Organizer

Investment required: inr 50,000 to inr 5 lakhs.

Starting a small company which organizes events could be a good idea but this may need special ability and workers for the same. The most important skills for this business are your personality and event management skills.

Just like wedding planning, it requires a large amount of hard work to acquire the first clients in an event management business and the scale is dependent on the value that is added to the initial set of clients, as word-of-mouth is a huge source of publicity in both businesses. However, event management can grow faster as it caters to a larger audience , whereas wedding planning deals with a niche vertical. From birthday parties to client meetings in corporate companies are all handled by professional event managers.

In fact, many event planners start their businesses working from home. This can be a great model for setting up an event planning business as it keeps overhead costs down in those critical early stages of business and can maximize productivity.

18. Social Media Services

Social media services business includes services like Ghostwriting for businesses, posting on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts & Facebook pages. Overall you need to take care of a brand's social media presence and get them traffic and customers through social media .

19. Interior Designer

There is a significant amount of people belonging to the creamy layer of wealth in our country. And they are willing to spend heavily on expensive mansions, full facilities, and the luxury to express their level. And hence the furniture is one of the most valued products in an interior.

The amount spent on these luxury interiors is high and therefore the level of expectation is also high. The style, design, and quality of the interior elements which make up the value of the product are the factors that every decoration storekeeper should prioritize the focus on.

An Interior design business could be the best deal with low investment but this may need special skills. This kind of business is very suitable for someone familiar with and passionate about interior design. An interior designer has a creative side for art and aesthetics and gets paid for providing the same to their clients. Therefore it must be of good taste and match that of the potential customer.

If you deal with unique, fancy, and stylish furniture and can target the right people then the profit margins in this business are very high. You can also do only design work from home .

20. Grocery Store

Investment required: inr 10 lakhs - inr 20 lakhs.

Grocery is the most needful business for the selling of different goods that humans need daily. This is a profitable and no-loss business, as grocery is the daily basic need for all humans. Just invest a small amount of capital to buy some inventory from a seller and sell it in the market. You can purchase every product sold. You can start from a small grocery shop and gradually expand as per need.

21. Coaching Class

Investment required: inr 10 lakhs - inr 50 lakhs.

The business of education will never stop. Nowadays due to fierce competition, students preparing for competitive exams need some guidance for the preparation so they join coaching centers. These coaching centers are evergreen low investment businesses with higher profits which help in spreading knowledge and train students to become adept in clearing competitive examinations.

However, you just have to make sure you have an in-depth knowledge of the subject and explain the topic well to the students. Not only do you need to teach Maths or science, but if you are a professional in sports you can start acting as a professional sports coach. Looking at its popularity, coaching is one of the best low-investment businesses in India.

22. Mobile Shop

Investment required: inr 1 lakh - inr 5 lakh.

Starting a small mobile shop is a profitable business idea. With an increasing number of mobile phone users, a well-stocked mobile store in a good locality has a high probability of turning profitable.

23. Translation Services

You need specialization in one or two languages you speak fluently or to hire other translators who know multiple languages, for this business.

24. Mobile / Computer Repairing

Technology is an inevitable component in today’s time. It is now a necessity and not a luxury. Learning how to repair devices such as laptops and computers is a one-time investment. Take the necessary diploma/education and get your hands dirty.

Every vendor selling mobiles and PCs has a small space in the corner of his store that is for the repair guy. No, you’re not being asked to go and sit there but you can do the same and start this business at home with a small investment.

25. Driving School

Investment required: inr 10 lakhs - inr 15 lakhs.

To start a driving business , you need some cars and a good team of drivers who can teach driving. Or you can just contact your friends, neighbors, etc. if they want to learn to drive. Some people even bring their own car and ask people to teach them to drive. Thus driving school makes for a great high-profit business. You can start your own driving school business today with low capital and earn high profits.

26. Car Parking

Investment required: inr 50 lakhs - inr 90 lakhs.

Having a huge space for providing safe and secure car parking will be the best deal. Investments required will be in hiring security guards, installing security cameras, and organizing the parking area properly.

27. Public Speaking Lessons

Stage fright is a fear that strikes a chord with every individual. Some are born with the inherent ability to converse with confidence but some of us are devoid of this skill in childhood. If you’ve got the knack of speaking in front of a large audience with clarity and elegance that makes people jealous, then this attribute of yours can help rake in some moolah while improving the lives of others.

28. Dance Classes

Investment required: inr 10 lakhs to 25 lakhs.

If you are very good at dance, then you can think of starting a dance academy which is a very good business idea with a minimum budget. Many parents look for a good dance class for their children. Related to the earlier business, music, and dance classes are immensely popular. There is no dearth of the genre to choose from. All you need is a room in case of dance lessons. Businesses of these kinds gain traction as time passes. So, perseverance is of utmost importance.

29. Baby Sitter

Investment required: inr 30,000.

If you start a business baby keeping in the metro city you will surely see success very soon. Most of the people in the metro cities of India are very busy. So, people will definitely buy your services.

30. Courier Company

Many people today look for better shipping costs and timely delivery. If you think you can run and manage a courier company then this business is for you.

unique business ideas with less investment

31. Consultancy

Investment required: inr 5 lakhs to inr 10 lakhs.

The consultancy firm includes agents who help people in getting things done. A consultancy works to reduce people’s workload and involves zero investment with higher profits. The best example of a consultancy service is TATA in India.

Legal, financial technical the plethora of fields means it’s best to generalize this broad category for this category of business. Experience and success in your niche dictate the profitability you’re going to enjoy.

unique business ideas with less investment

32. Digital Marketing Consultancy

Investment required: inr 5 lakhs to inr 20 lakhs.

With more and more people coming online for the first time who wants to rank number on Google, Digital marketing consultancy is at an all-time high. With a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization or social media, you can easily set up a digital marketing consultancy firm and help the business grow in the minimum time required.

33. Dietary Consultancy

With more and more people trying to fit in and be smart than ever in India, dietary consulting has become a very important service. If you can learn food dietary and nutrition you can make good money with low investment.

unique business ideas with less investment

34. Packers and Movers

Investment required: inr 10 lakhs to inr 50 lakhs.

It is a low investment high-profit business idea with the largest amount of clients coming from central government services and public limited companies. If scaled, you can convert your small business into a big logistics company .

35. Ice Cream Parlour

Investment required: inr 50 lakhs.

Starting an ice cream parlor is another good business idea, to begin with.

36. Content Writing and Copy Writing

Websites ought to have content to obtain much-needed traffic (yeah, there are exceptions). Anyone with a flair for writing great content can generate a secondary source of income by delivering articles, columns, and whatnot for websites .

The magnitude of clients and amount earned per write-up may be less initially but once the flow sets in, the sky is the limit. Sound knowledge of the language and its intricacies is the primary requirement. And this has to be complemented by innovation and inventiveness.

Also, you can apply for content writing jobs from various job application sites and can work for companies. Internshala provides a lot of such jobs of content writing, that too work from home.

With the increasing number of websites, the need for content writers is also increasing day by day. In India, the pay of a content writer is too low but if you think that the quality of your content is best. You can start content writing for international companies and can make a career as a content writer.

unique business ideas with less investment

37. Freelancer

When you have a skill, why let it go to waste? Can you create amazing websites? Teach your native language like a pro? Write catchy and interesting articles. If you have any kind of talent, start freelancing to earn money online without any investment.

Freelancing refers to an individual who is self-employed and working solely based on the fees given. If you are a freelancer, then you don't have to be particularly associated with an individual company and you can work with various companies , allowing yourself to get more exposure.

Websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and LinkedIn are where this talent can earn some being. If you are not interested in such websites, you can create your own website or can create your social media profile to promote your freelancing skills to attract customers.

The biggest obstacle has to be presenting a testament to one’s knowledge because the platforms ask for concrete evidence to demonstrate one’s proficiency in the niche field chosen for freelancing. You have to build a portfolio before you start your freelancing journey. Now the competition is too tough but if you have a strong portfolio you can win the race.

unique business ideas with less investment

38. Book Store

Book lovers always buy multiple books, thus, making the idea of a starting bookstore attractive.

39. Computer Trainer

If you are good at providing computer training this could be a good business idea to educate about computer operation which is a must in today’s world.

40. Online Store

Investment required: inr 10 lakhs to inr 30 lakhs.

Many people prefer to shop in online stores. This is because they do not have to bother to come to the store to buy something. Simply by using their mobile, they can buy the products they want and the product will reach their home immediately.

It can become an opportunity for you to do business in the field of online stores. You do not need to invest by buying products, just by selling other people's products. Thus, you can earn high profits.

unique business ideas with less investment

41. Travel Agency

The travel agency is a link between the traveler or tourist and the principal suppliers such as tour packages, hotels, airlines, etc. The tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in our country. The tourist attraction points bring more and more people exploring these places while taking vacations and traveling.

With the spin of globalization across the world, it is easier to travel around countries now. It is more accessible and requires less time to roam any country – and the same is the case with India. It is a great time to start a travel agency since there is such a huge client base to cater to.

42. Security & Spy Agency

With growing security needs you can start your own security agency another good option is to work as a spy.

43. Data Entry

Many companies today earn money by doing data entry work, so you may start providing services like this.

44. Resume Writer

If you are good at designing a resume and have a deep knowledge of the subject you can become a resume writer.

45. DJ Services

Disk jockey service is a part-time innovative business idea. People look for DJs on multiple occasions. If you are very good at music you can rock this business

46. Music Classes

Investment required: inr 1 lakhs to inr 1.5 lakhs.

Business in the field of music is very profitable business. You can earn a lot of profit from this business. All you need to capitalize on is expertise in music and having a musical instrument such as a piano or guitar .

If you do not have a building to open music classes, you can open this class in your home. You can take advantage of the empty garage to make a music class so that your students can comfortably learn.

47. Laundry

Laundry is one business that can be started with small capital , that is easy to handle and quickly get into the public market. Many people seek these services in their daily lives. The laundry business a business that is suitable for you because you have enough to capitalize on the washing machine and detergent alone.

There is already a lot of laundry business that has been successful. Do you want to follow their success? If yes then start with this low-investment business idea which could return a high profit.

unique business ideas with less investment

48. Web Designing

Web designing is a good business to start with a low investment. Web designing services are needed now. You just have investments in the form of a laptop or PC and Internet networks. A job as a web designer only includes web designing and content. You can do this job easier when you are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience in this arena.

You can also work at home as a freelance web designer. Because the business of web designing is needed by the people, so many people are looking for it and pay dearly to those who provide these services. This business doesn't involve any investment. Although your skills in web development decide your pay scale for projects you undertake.

unique business ideas with less investment

49. Affiliate Marketing

One business that is most preferred by people today is affiliate marketing . No need for high investment, you can sell other people’s products. Promoting a merchant’s product or services through some link provided (aka affiliate link) is the core of this kind of marketing. The interested individual signs a deal with a merchant like Clickbank, CJ, Flipkart , Amazon , etc. through its affiliate program, and receives a link in return.

The candidate promotes the link on social media and other platforms, and whenever a user clicks on the link, he/she is directed to the merchant’s portal. Any purchase done on the portal through this link is considered a sale done by the affiliate marketer (in this case, you), and the merchant tracks all the sales done by the affiliate marketer.

The number of sales and the transaction amount involved determine the commission. You can start affiliate marketing without any investment. But affiliate marketing needs a strong virtual presence to garner the needed attention and awareness. If you have a small audience and if the audience trusts you then you can sell them anything you want.

50. Xerox Book Binding

Investment required: inr 1 lakh to inr 3 lakh.

Many college and school areas in India, don’t have this facility and this could be a potential business in that area.

51. Real Estate Agent

The cost of land keeps increasing every day and people are unable to find one that satisfies their needs. This is where real estate agents can pitch in as helpers to search for the best deals.

Being a real estate agent or broker is extremely beneficial. You can put up tariffs to find a potential buyer or look for real estate required by prospective. It takes just communication tools and proficiency in speaking to please customers and make money.

unique business ideas with less investment

52. YouTube Channel

Everyone knows about YouTube . Many famous personalities got their fame just because of YouTube. All you need to do is start a YouTube channel, create your videos, and publish them. The more often you upload the more viewers you get and the more you earn from online advertisements.

Make-up tutorials, fashion tips, and tricks, educational content, enticing videos, comedy vlogs, inspirational videos, etc. dominate the scene on YouTube. However, for YouTube's popularity, you should have patience and cleverness along with talent. Then, maybe you can be the next name on the list of famous YouTubers.

53. Cooking Classes

Whether you are a housewife or a cooking maniac, you can easily start it in your own kitchen with all your favorite recipes. Investing a lot is not necessary. Just start your cooking class, get the groceries, advertise a bit, and start earning.

54. Business Broker

This is the term where there is no initial investment. Just like Quikr and eBay do get the people who want to sell their used products and connect them to those who want to buy those used products. Get the commission when the deal is exchanged.

55. Fast Food Restaurants

The food service industry in India was projected to grow at over 15% of CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) between 2014 and 2020 according to the India Food Report released in January 2016.

Offering food and beverages by starting up a restaurant is probably the best business idea that is sure to create maximum value and profits, however, it is also very competitive. There are many cases of failed restaurants or fast-food joints.

You need to select the right location, it should be preferred to be situated in a crowd-friendly area where a constant flow of customers is present. You also need to consider what type of customers you want to attract – the niche. And depending upon that you should alter your style of serving food, and offering services, and building up the interior thereafter.

Quality too plays an important role in the restaurant business. In today's busy world where working people, students eat most of the time out looking for quality food. You need to maintain the quality of the food. Online food delivery is also very trending and feasible nowadays.

Grab a place, get a cook (or cook yourself), get a name, cook delicious food, and start earning. This is the only business where you start earning from the very first day and if customers like your food you can easily be a successful business owner.

56. Pharmacy

Investment required: inr 15 lakhs to inr 20 lakhs.

India is known for providing low-cost generic drugs to foreign countries, which has grown and matured more with the rising development of technology and product research. India is now gaining one of the top spots in health tourism, as people from Western countries find the best health services matching international standards at more affordable rates.

Today India is the largest exporter of generic drugs in the world , and it is also the fastest-growing and very competitive. India also has patents for pharmaceutical inventions that are in huge demand. And it can be a very profitable and lucrative business in India. The amount of doctors our country generates is very high and keeps on increasing day by day.

Earlier the doctor’s clinic and pharmacy used to be at distance from them, nowadays they have started attaching both and it is turning out to be very profitable for them.

Although there is a huge investment in the initial stage, the profit after some amount of time is also huge. The medical shop earns huge revenue because most patients visit the doctor in the clinic and purchase the medicines from the shop itself.

57. Beauty Parlour / Fashion Boutique

Investment required: inr 15 lakhs.

People, especially women, are very conscious about their appearances. And the beauty industry caters to them. It includes beauty treatments of all sorts but much of the need is for basic hygiene. Beauty parlors do well if they are situated at the right place where the customer visits are often high and provide the services at an economical value. The fashion industry is thriving and is never out of business.

With new trends in Bollywood and around the globe - the brands of clothing, footwear, and accessories are always getting their inspiration from them and they are demanded by a huge base of customers. They sell at a very fast rate too. Opening up a boutique is therefore very opportunistic and can get you a lot of returns if operated efficiently. They both are therefore very profitable businesses to enter in, especially for aspiring women who want to contribute to the income of their households.

58. Gardening Business

Investment required: inr 2 lakhs.

The gardening business involves growing plants and mainly these days herbs are becoming tremendously popular. From small shops to the largest warehouses, one can find medicinal herbs, herbal teas, baths, and candles. The herbs can be planted and raised and then further sold to wholesale or retail customers.

The major advantage of this business is that you just need mother mature which is really back to basic stuff, good for the body and the soul and it can be started from the comfort of one’s home as a pastime hobby.

It is good to start small, growing the herbs in a large backyard or renting inexpensive land. The profit margins would be small. One would need a solid working knowledge of growing and nurturing herbs to scale the business. For working on large areas of land, one would need to know the farming techniques in detail.

59. Clean and Green Services

Clean and green services add immense value to the people in families where everyone in the house is employed and doesn’t have time for basic housekeeping. Clean the house, water the plants, etc. So this type of business is catching up fast nowadays in metropolitan cities. This business is less capital-intensive and has great margins in terms of profits.

You will have to start by setting up a team and managing them. Training them is a crucial task as you besides just teaching them the techniques, will have to give them moral lessons too. It will help to create a good image for the company. You will also require good communication skills to constantly manage your employees.

60. Jewelry Designing

Investment required: more than inr 50 lakhs.

Many people enjoy wearing authentic, handmade jewelry. The beauty of handmade jewelry lies in the fact that each and every piece is unique and the person who wears it feel a unique sense of pride and grace by wearing it. Jewelry designing involves the following steps:

  • Learn how to design jewelry.
  • Purchase the tool kit required.
  • Experiment with making various designs of jewelry at home.
  • Reach out to different jewelers to show them your designs. Try to find a jeweler who knows you personally so that they don't steal your idea.

61. Bouquet and Greeting Card Making

No matter what the occasion might be, there is nothing that expresses our emotions better than a bouquet of flowers and a greeting card! There are different styles of bouquets to express our feelings. Whatever the feeling or the occasion, flowers play a prominent role.

Making different types of bouquets and designing cards for various occasions is an art. For people with the right talent and passion for this, this business is very simple and less capital-intensive.

It also reaps great profit margins as it caters to a niche market segment. This business can be interlinked with the wedding planning business and both can be done simultaneously to bring out the best ROI.

62. Accounting and Tax Preparation

If you are good with numbers, accounting, and tax preparation. Having sound knowledge regarding accounting, taxation, etc, you can handle financial records and tax-related issues of businesses and earn a good amount of profit with very less investment. You will need a computer and internet facilities and may need to hire a few people as you scale up.

unique business ideas with less investment

63. Tatto Studio

Getting tattoos done practically anywhere on the visible parts of the body is in trend now. Tattoos are not just imprints for some people, they can be a way of expressing emotions and who they are. If you’re passionate about tattoos and want people to get them done, you can set up a tattoo studio with some basic requirements.

A good locality, with tattoo equipment, a hygienic atmosphere, and a lot of creativity. There! You have your own tattoo studio set up. You can easily save the cost of marketing by putting up your designs and customer reviews on social media platforms.

64. Insurance Agent

In the wake of pandemics, having a medical policy or health insurance has become vital. Insurances are short plans for the future and every individual is bound to have one. Pretty much everything can be insured in today’s times. The insurance umbrella accommodates everything from health, vehicle, shop, renters insurance, and much more.

You can pick your segment of insurance and start your business journey by getting licensed as an insurance agent. You can tie yourself up with an insurance company or apply for a sole proprietorship. Typically, for a sole proprietor, commissions for every policy written can be charged between 12-15% and renewal at 5% to 10%

unique business ideas with less investment

65. Pet Caretaker

This one is probably the best idea to start making quick bucks. Love dogs? Or cats? You just landed an opportunity to cash on it. There are so many busy pet owners who are guilty of leaving their pets at home for long hours while they are away for work or on vacation. Pets can suffer from separation anxiety and can get depressed if not taken care of.

If you really love animals, you can opt for taking care of them while their parents are away. You could start small by providing food, taking them on walks, bathing them, etc., and later opening up a hostel where you accommodate pets in larger numbers.

66. Dropshipping

Dropshipping has become a “go-to” option for many individuals who are planning on starting a small business on their own. Dropshipping is a business model where there are three parties, and you, the drop shipper acts as the third party. You have to find a reliable vendor or supplier preferably a local supplier who also manages inventory and has storage facilities.

The commission or profit margin has to be decided amongst yourselves with a mutual understanding. The drop shipper then markets the product on several platforms and brings orders to the supplier. The supplier handles the rest (packing, logistics, and delivery). Dropshipping is possible from giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart too.

There is always a hyper-local bakery in every locality that takes up the responsibility of providing bread and baked items. Bakeries have become a part of essentials since they provide the most basic ingredients for a basic meal . Also, if you have a knack for baking and you can pull a cake out of the oven without burning it, maybe you could do this for a living. Cakes are a must, be it on any occasion.

People will always find reasons to have cakes. Well, bakeries don’t just serve cakes but other items like bread, biscuits, and baked items too. Having a variety of healthy freshly baked loaves of bread is a sight for sore eyes. The bakery set-up needs an initial investment in a good place, ovens, and raw materials.

68. Hand-made Chocolates

Investment required: inr 50, 000.

Anything handmade gives a personal touch to it, be it gifts or something you can never go wrong with, Chocolates. Handmade chocolates need proficiency and craft to make them sellable . Chocolates have innumerable combinations that can be experimented with in various permutations. You can start by applying your creativity with handmade chocolates as gifts, return gifts at birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.

69. Honey Manufacturer

Investment required: inr 50, 000 to inr 5 lakhs.

Honey is a common item in 80% of Indian households. Its medicinal properties have proven to be beneficial for curing acid reflux, colds, and cough, and as a healthy alternative to sugar.

Considering the amount of its usage in food and medicine, honey is one of the most sought-after ingredients in Indian households. Therefore, beekeeping can be a profitable business when planned well. What’s more, the government of India supports beekeeping businesses by providing loans and subsidies.

To start your own beekeeping business, you will have to obtain the following:

  • Firm registration
  • Trade license
  • FSSAI license
  • GST registration
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Certificate

Other than the ones mentioned above, beekeeping will require the following tools

  • Protective Gear (suits, glares, veils)
  • Machinery (honey extractor, uncapping knife, beekeeper suit)

The honey manufacturing business can turn into a fortune if executed well. There is a higher scope for the business as India is one of the main exporters of honey.

70. Food/Tiffin Service

In a fast-paced world, as is ours, people rarely have the time and patience to cook their own meals. Eating out and take-outs are fun until you can’t eat junk food anymore. That’s where tiffin services save your day. Tiffin services are the ones where you are supplied with regular homemade food on a monthly basis .

This business is great to start off with especially if you’re living nearby a corporate area or college or hostel. You can cook basic meals like roti, sabzi, dal, rice and some salad. You can start by supplying tiffins in your neighborhood and slowly market it through social media and word of mouth.

71. Children's Play/Adventure Area

Investment required: inr 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

Play/adventure areas are enjoyed by both kids and adults. Play areas and parks are always full as they are fun and stress-busting. To start off with a kid’s play area you could hire a small place and paint it with your creative imagination. Throw in some slides, swings, see-saws, puzzles, and comic books. You could set up Galli cricket and mini football areas.

This business could go as high as you take it as there is no limit to adventure. You could also rent some of the games and books and keep your customers coming back for more.‌‌

72. Baby Crèche

Investment required: inr 1 lakh to inr 5 lakhs.

A lot of women working in corporate offices are on a crèche hunt for their babies. Some offices have taken the initiative to set up cheches in the office premises itself. But that is not the case with most companies.

New moms always find it hard to juggle work and motherhood. If you are someone who enjoys taking care of babies, you could start a baby crèche with a bunch of other women helping you. All you need is a good airy floor, cradles, diapers, and baby food. ‌‌

73. Custom Gift Store

There are numerous stores featuring custom gifts for several occasions by various small artists. If you have a rental shop ready, you could feature custom-made gifts made by you or someone else in your shop. Custom gifts include handmade cards, embroidered items, pictorial gifts, etc. as you scale up you could hire people and have consumers customize their stuff.

74. Antique Shop

Investment required: inr 3 lakhs to inr 5 lakhs.

All the urban and sub-urban homeowners are always looking for something unique to make their house feel like home. Antiques are priceless as they come from a place in history. This is one of the best low investment business ideas as India can never run out of antiques because it has a super-rich culture and heritage.

You can start off by vising touristy places and collecting antiques and reselling in your circle. As your business picks up you could import or even export stuff to international buyers.‌‌

75. Organic Farming

Investment required: inr 5 lakhs.

Most of the urban crowd is altering their eating habits and choosing an organic diet. Organic foods are pesticide-free, rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, and hence are much preferred. If you have agricultural land that is spared or has enough space around you can start organic farming .

A lot of technical experts provide farming knowledge for free or you could hire an expert to farm your land. Organic foods are seeing exponential growth and bound to have huge demand in the near future.‌‌

76. MLM Network Marketing

Investment required: inr 1 lakh.

Multilevel Marketing has been around in India for quite some time now. It is a business model that works on networking. You pick a company of your choice and invest an initial amount to get started.

You market the product and network with other people and make them join you under your name. The person under you follows the same procedure. This forms a chain and every member is benefitted from the commission earned on the sales made by themselves and the members under them. Examples of MLM marketing are Amway, Oriflamme, Modicare, etc.‌‌

77. Marriage Bureau/Matchmaking

Marriage bureaus are full-time, never running out of customers kind of business. Indian moms will always find one of these. Although apps like Tinder have the youth indulging in casual dating, matrimonial sites like are spread pan India matching people with their soul mates. If you think you have the sixth sense that’s required for a task like this, matchmaking is something you could monetize from.

Now, heads-up, this won’t be a money-making machine from the beginning as families coming to a marriage bureau are very specific with their preferences. There will be groundwork and meeting a lot of people. But once you get the taste of it, this business is truly exponential.‌‌

78. Organic Candle/Soap Making

A decade ago, I thought soaps were only manufactured in factories. Not the case though. Turns out a YouTube video can guide you to make heavenly smelling candles and soaps by investing some cost and pouring in a lot of your creativity.

It takes basic knowledge of soap and candle making and the rest is all colours, fragrances, shapes, and glitter. You could charge a premium amount for these products as they are handmade, mostly, and are organic, and can be diversified into many different products. ‌‌

79. Career Counselling

Now this one might require a legit degree and a lot of expertise. Career counselling is one of the most groundbreaking businesses in the educational sector today. Career counselling helps individuals choose their careers based on their interests, abilities, and acquired or natural skills.

By the end of 2030, India’s population below 25 years of age would be 80 crores. Career guidance requisites would surge by a huge margin and this is the right time to start your business with it.‌‌

unique business ideas with less investment

80. Aquarium Store

Aquarium stores provide you with fish tanks and fish of all kinds. To start off with an aquarium store, you need to invest in buying pairs of fish, fish tanks, oxygen setups, etc. Aquarium stores these days often customize the setting in a fish tank based on the size and requirement of the buyer. You can also offer fish food and tank-related equipment.‌‌

81. Photo Studio

If you’re good at photography, there is a wide range of fields in photography where you could apply your skills. They include pre-wedding shoots, wedding shoots, maternity shoots, commercial shoots for ad campaigns, or portraits. Chose your niche, grab a decent camera and get on with it.‌‌

82. Professional Reviewer

Many companies often look for their products to be tested and require valuable feedback. These companies pick individuals and send a free product for review. You can become a professional reviewer if you can get companies to pick you up. You need an active blog or YouTube channel for posting these reviews as they happen to reach a huge demographic. Make sure you have the required knowledge and expertise to talk about the product. ‌‌

83. Investing in Low-Cost Franchises

Franchises are a strategy of conglomerates to expand their business across cities and states. Companies offer to set up costs and decent margins behind the stock to be sold. Start with researching a product or service that is doing well in the market and has a scope to grow in the future. Invest in the inception of the franchise and work towards marketing the product or service and watch the business grow.

unique business ideas with less investment

84. Mystery Shopper/Customer Survey

A mystery shopper is someone who reviews products or services by discreetly visiting shops, evaluating the staff, testing products, possibly making a purchase, and filling a survey or feedback form. All you need to do is be 18 years old, have access to the internet, good command of the local or English language, and a smartphone. Surveys too are great for a busy or flexible schedule.‌‌

85. Stockbroker/Mutual Funds Agent

Investment required: inr 5 lakhs to inr 15 lakhs.

Mutual funds are subject to market risks. But they’re a great way of investing for the long term, short term, or any specific goals. Salaried and business entrepreneurs are into mutual funds and share markets with the hype around on social media. But most of them lack experience and knowledge.

If you are someone with great knowledge about stocks, you could get certified with a legit course and start your own stockbroking firm.

How this works, is when customers want to invest in a share or mutual fund, they come to you to use your expertise and invest their money in their respective options. You can charge them a commission for handling their accounts, and profits earned in the case of the stock market and premiums in the case of mutual fund plans.‌‌

86. Virtual Assistant Service

Virtual assistance service is a remote job where an individual works on a contract basis with a company providing assistance on everyday tasks . This is a remote job and can be done from a home office or remotely.

It typically involves being skilled in social media management, administration, or someone who can schedule, make appointments, calls, or travel arrangements. It has an array of options that you can explore or upgrade your skillset to get placed with elite companies.

87. Tourist Guide

Investment required: inr 10,000.

If you’re living in a place boarded regularly by tourists, you could use this opportunity to show people around. But first, a guide must be a tourist. He/she should have the urge to travel and explore different places. You need to become the explorer yourself.

Find out tourist spots, shopping places, food options, and the touristy places people would love to explore and visit. If travelling comes naturally to you, this might be your gig. You could blog and vlog your experiences on YouTube and other platforms.  ‌‌‌‌‌‌

This was the complete list of most profitable businesses in India with low investment. We hope the above list will help you to make an informed decision. We will definitely update this list as we get more industry information.

Well, you can always join our Facebook group which is one of the largest startup communities.

Which business is most profitable in India with low investment?

Some of most profitable business ideas in India with low investment are

  • Writing services
  • Gardening services
  • Website designing and development services
  • Driving services
  • Marketing services
  • Tuition or Coacing services
  • Food/Catering services
  • Fitness centers
  • Photo/video services
  • Makeup services

What are the best long term business ideas?

Some of the best long term business ideas or long term business goals/strategies would include:

  • Making a foolproof marketing plan
  • Building network
  • Increasing sales
  • Staying alert of the competitors
  • Enhancing brand recognition
  • Boosting credibility
  • Gathering social media followers
  • Expanding to other cities and exploring new opportunities outside the country's borders
  • Launching new products and services

What are some easiest and most profitable small home-based business ideas?

Here are some tried and tested profitable business ideas that will work:

  • Software development
  • Website designing and development
  • Graphics designing
  • Ecommerce startup
  • Handicrafts
  • chocolate making
  • Gift wrapping

What are some effective home-based business ideas for moms in India?

If you are a mom, and most of the time you remain home, then you are not alone, an overwhelming majority of Indian moms are housewives. However, being a housewife might certainly be boring sometimes for many mothers. So, here are some effective home-based business ideas for moms in India that you can try your hand at:

  • Freelance writing
  • Preparing Hand-made products
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Marketing online
  • Food delivery
  • Event planning

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75 Most Profitable Business Ideas Without Investment

Do you want to start a business but have no money? Then you have landed in the right place. Here in this article for the benefit of people who are looking to earn money by putting in some extra effort, we have compiled a selective list of the most profitable business ideas without investment or very little money.

The advent of the Internet has ensured anyone can start a business from anywhere with minimal or even without any investment. Gone are the days when people used to think about starting and making money from a business is too difficult. You may be a young kid, a housewife, a full-time jobber, or anyone looking forward to starting a venture of your own to earn a full or part-time decent income.

List of 75 Business Ideas Without Investment

1. start a blog.

Please enable JavaScript

You will find thousands of individuals making a full-time income by sharing and providing opinions and information on different topics for free through their blogs.

To be successful in this profession, it is important to choose a subject of your interest. And then, focus on reaching the target market for the subject. Topics can be anything you find interesting and also people have an interest in those subjects.

The topics can be:

  • Review of Products
  • Book review

There are many ways of making money through a blog like an affiliate marketing, advertisement (Google Adsense), reviewing and selling products, etc.

Learn More: How to Start a Blog & Make Money

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular method of promoting the products & services of other companies & websites on the internet. For each sale generated, you will earn a commission. Affiliate marketing is the easiest and most profitable business on the internet because if you don’t have your own product but still you can make money by selling other merchants’ products.

Having your own site is an advantage though you can promote products from social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. This is one of the most popular business ideas without investment.

3. Make Money from YouTube

Youtube has now become one of the most popular businesses that can be started by anyone without practically no investment. Presently thousands of you tubers are making millions by uploading videos on youtube for free. However, to make good money, it is advised to understand the tricks to be a successful YouTuber.

4. Dropshipping Business

If you want to get into a product-selling business online without manufacturing your own, dropshipping is a good option. Additionally, you require minimal investment to start.

You just need to identify a supplier and source products from them. You don’t need to maintain a warehouse as there is no need for stocking inventory in the dropshipping business.

Learn More:  How To Start a Drop Shipping Business

5. Baby Sitting

People who like children and have a lot of leisure time in hand can easily start a babysitting business. Babysitting is simply taking care of other’s children in the absence of their parents. This home-based business is simply about offering your clients peace of mind about their child in terms of qualifications and security. Read More…

6. Business Startup Instruction

Business start-up instruction is one of the most profitable and trending home business ideas with no money. If you have years of experience in entrepreneurship and have an idea about the industry you may consider starting this business. This business demands adequate knowledge and expertise in the specific field with a mind to help others.

7. Career Counselling

Career counseling is all about providing the right advice to the students in their career path and to the jobber also who are looking for better career alternatives. With proper expertise, you can start this home business without investment. Having a career counseling degree is a plus in this business.

8. PTC Sites – Earn Money Right Now

PTC sites provide opportunities where you can earn simply by clicking advertisements. You don’t need anything else. However, the earnings initially are very low. You can make decent money when you bring in referrals to your system. In Referral Marketing, a person earns from his/her referral activities, even if he/she is sleeping.

9. Consulting

If you are an expert in a specific field, you can initiate providing consulting services to the company or to any individual. With a true passion and adequate knowledge, anyone can start this business. Definitely, you must understand your area of expertise in that particular subject. Read More…

10. Content Developer – Popular Among Business Ideas Without Investment

Producing quality info-based content that engages prospects and customers is the biggest content marketing challenge businesses face today. You can work here. You can initiate this business in your individual capacity or content writing capacity.

11. Content Writing

Freelance content or copywriting is one of the most profitable business ideas that need very less start-up capital to initiate. With good writing skills and knowledge of grammar, any individual can start this business.

12. Event Planning

If you enjoy organizing programs, the event planning business is ideal for you. This business opportunity requires minimal investment and is comparatively easy to start, profitable, and also rewarding. The business is everything about keeping your clients happy and you can mean it by another term business entertainment.

13. Creating Music Videos

Nowadays a lot of companies look for music videos for brand-building activities. Artists and singers also look for music videos for promotion. You can try this creative work if you enjoy doing so. Nowadays, you can shoot your music videos from an average smartphone and edit them with free editing software. When finished upload them on YouTube for free.

14. Direct Mail Service Consulting

Generally, community businesses prefer to have direct mail services. Those who are targeting mass like restaurants,  auto service shops electronics or gadgets shops, and general interest retail stores. This is a way of advertising where results can be measured quickly and easily.

In starting this business you will only need to have a computer with internet and phone. You can initiate this venture from your home location.

15. Earn Money Selling Used Books

This is one of the best options for internet business ideas without investment. The concept is earning good money by selling used books. Second-hand books are abundant. You can earn handsome money by selling those books. Read More…

16. E-Book Writing

If you enjoy writing and you know the technique of making e-books then E-book writing is one of the best business ideas for women. You can start selling these E-books from your website, blog, or from Amazon also. Read More…

17. E-Commerce Consulting

Nowadays every small and big business is looking to tap the internet audiences to sell their products or services. Individuals having expertise in online marketing, e-commerce, and e-communications may start this business from a home location.

18. Employee Training

The demand for specialized employee training is enormous and it is increasing. Mostly required employee training courses are in customer service, money handling, working place safety measures, stress management, etc. Normally these training courses are conducted on the employer’s site. One can operate this business from home.

19. E-Teaching

E-teaching or online teaching is one of the most popular and trending educational businesses nowadays. The demand is also increasing. Any aspiring individual who loves the teaching profession can initiate this venture in two ways. Either by registering on an online tutoring marketplace or building his/her own online teaching business. Read More…

20. Event Management

Event management agency business demands superior organizational and planning skills. Graduating from college in events management or a related major is a plus, but it’s not a required necessity.

In the event management consulting business, your major customers are large corporations, educational institutes, married couples, religious organizations, political candidates NGOs, and many others. Read More…

21. Fashion Designing

Any individual having knowledge and experience in fashion design can start this business with almost zero capital investment.

22. Start a Small Newspaper

If you have an interest in writing or reading, starting a small newspaper is a good option. However, to make it successful it is vital to select an in-demand niche and a good marketing plan to generate advertisement revenue.

23. Finance Consulting/ Insurance Agency

Finance consulting includes various different finance-related services. Having proper expertise and knowledge, any individual can start this business as a home-based also. It includes insurance, investment planning, tax consulting, bookkeeping, business consulting, collection agency, expense reduction analysis, and a lot more.

24. First Aid Training

The first-aid training business can be started from home and can be operated part-time. Many industries such as construction, warehouse, transport, and manufacturing generally conduct first-aid training for their employees. Having expertise any individual can initiate this business with proper networking with the clients.

25. Fitness Instructor

Having expertise in aerobics and yoga any individual can initiate a home-based business as a yoga instructor . With very low start-up capital and a planned marketing strategy, you can initiate this business.

26. Flower Arrangement Course

Flower arranging or flower decoration with fresh and dried flowers is one of the popular sectors for decades globally. Having expertise in the field you can start this business from a home location and on a part-time basis.

27. Freelance Bookkeeping

Every small or big company needs business accounting services like bank reconciliation, e-filling, service tax, sales tax, payroll, etc. One can start this home-based business by giving these services freelance to businesses that can’t afford to have a permanent accountant. Read More…

28. Graphic Design Service

Having expertise in graphic designing one can start a graphic design service as an individual business or can initiate as an organization by hiring experts. Technical knowledge with a creative mind and as well as branding expertise is required in initiating this business. Read More…

29. Handyman Services

The handyman service industry is about providing odd-job services to house owners and commercial clients. This business is emerging and highly profitable. Some of the popular handyman service business ideas are air conditioning service, aluminum door & window making and repairing, antique furniture refurbishing, appliance repair service, blind cleaning, basement remodeling, cabinet making, etc. Read More…

30. Healthcare Consulting  

Healthcare consulting business opportunity demands proper knowledge and certification in health care. This is a highly profitable business and you can operate this business from home or from any commercial place also. You will need to have proper strategic planning and need to obtain a federal tax identification number, also known as an “EIN.”

31. Human Resource Consulting

The human resource consulting business is now a growing field. Businesses of every size need HR professionals to help them with tasks like recruitment, training, compliance, administration, and payroll.

While large corporate may choose to outsource to the big HR consulting firms, small and medium-sized businesses are looking for more personalized human resource consulting services to fulfill their needs.

32. Image Consulting

If you love pulling together the perfect outfit, you may want to consider becoming a fashion or image consultant. While it may not be obvious at first, the reasons that people may need an image consultant are quite varied. Read More…

33. Interior Designing

Having knowledge and experience in interior designing a woman entrepreneur can initiate this venture from a home location with low capital investment. Read More…

34. Internet Marketing  

In to-days world, every small and big business needs to have its own website . But only having a website does not ensure getting potential customers. A lot of technical and branding issues are there to creating a website as an effective marketing tool. Here you can work successfully as an internet marketing consultant. This is one of the most profitable advertising business ideas. Read More…

35. IT Security Consulting

IT security consulting is one of the most trending and profitable home-based business ideas. Having skills and knowledge about IT security one can initiate this business with low startup capital.

36. Landscape Expert

A landscape expert is a person who is knowledgeable in the field of landscape architecture.  The practice of landscape architecture includes site analysis, site inventory, land planning, planting design, grading, stormwater management, sustainable design, construction specification, and ensuring that all plans meet the current building codes and local and federal ordinances. Read More…

37. Make Money With Udemy

unique business ideas with less investment

More than 40,000 courses are taught by expert instructors. Every student enrolling in these courses can learn at their own pace, on their own time, and on any device. At the same time, it allows teachers to make money by teaching students asking for knowledge to be learned. A teacher will receive 70% of the course fees.

38. Market Research Services

Initiating every small or big business, market research is mandatory for getting success. Providing market research services is a very profitable way of making money while you have the specific expertise for that.

39. Mobile App Making

The mobile app-making business has huge potential and vast opportunities. Since the launch of iPhones and smartphones, mobile apps have become more lucrative for new businesses.

Now a day the downloading rate of mobile apps is 30 million per day. In this business, one needs to concentrate on taking an app from concept to potentially high-tech reality with the right approach. Read More…

40. Nutrition Coach

Increasing awareness about health among people creates a demand for a nutritionist. As a nutritionist the main service you will be rendering is, helping them as a diet coach to live longer with a healthy body. This business can be initiated as a home-based and part-time also.

41. Office Supplies

Office supply is one of the profitable businesses ones that can start at home. Schools, institutes, and offices are the biggest consumer of office supplies. Effective negotiation skill and inventory management skill is required in starting an office supplies business.

42. Online Grocery Delivery

Online grocery delivery is one of the most trending home business ideas without investment. You don’t need to keep inventory in this business. Ask your local grocery retailers to register with you. Create a website with an online order system. Promote your site locally to receive orders from customers.

43. Online Product Selling

Online product selling a home business is a perfect opportunity for that individual who has knowledge about a specific product. You can start selling from your own website or from the marketplace by registering yourself.

44. Online Scholarship Directory

An online scholarship directory is a very good option to start from home. The scholarship is an ever-demanding subject among students and parents. Apart from advertisement, you can also earn from charging yearly fees from the members to access the site.

45. Online Survey – Popular Among Business Ideas without Investment

If you are hearing about online survey jobs for the first time, then here are some of the frequently answered questions (FAQs) that will give you a better understanding of online surveys & how you can earn money from online surveys. Read More…

46. Outdoor Advertising Consulting

An outdoor advertising consulting business is all about advising your client about advertising the product or services publicized outdoors. Actually, outdoor advertising offers visual marketing with its attractive and original means of communication. Read More…

47. Pet Grooming

Initiating a pet grooming business with allied pet accessories is a profitable and trending home-based business idea without investment. With proper knowledge and skill, any individual can start this business with less startup capital investment.

48. Product Branding @ Packaging  

In product branding @ packaging, you will be giving inputs on presenting the product properly and retail-ready. Any small and big businesses emphasize the importance of investing in the brand because it is the most valuable and powerful aspect of the business.

49. Promotional Product Selling

Promotional product selling is one of the highly profitable advertising business ideas you can initiate with moderate capital investment. The business includes a wide range of product varieties such as key chains, mugs, T-shirts, caps, wall clocks, business card holders, and many others. Read More…

50. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agency is a still profitable business in this digital era. You can start this business with your local properties. Start with every type of property such as new, resale, and rental property that needs clients.

51. Resume Writing

A person having a fair amount of idea about resume writing can start to resume writing home-based business by crafting excellent resumes for job seekers. Also, you need to be good enough at editing, structuring, and proofreading. For starting this business you will just need to have a computer with some basic software. Read More…

52. Sales Training  

The success of every business depends on sales and sales training is an effective tool to have skilled employees in this field. Many companies hire a sales trainer for this purpose. Ninety percent of sales managers suggest that a lack of fresh and relevant training material is what keeps their teams from staying engaged, according to Salesforce.

Eighty percent of sales managers claim they do not have the time to train their staff. Having adequate knowledge and expertise any individual can start this business on a full or part-time basis.                                                   

53. Scrap Booking

Everyone wants to have a creative scrapbook of his/ her own. but everyone doesn’t have enough time or creativity that requires crafting a scrapbook. You can start this business by helping others to have an attractively memorable scrapbook.

54. Security Agency    

Starting a security agency is a profitable business. Many organizations want to keep security personnel on a contract basis. You can start this business with almost zero investment.

55. Self-Defense Training   

In today’s world self-defense training courses becoming increasingly popular. With proper knowledge and expertise, you can craft courses, especially for children, women, or seniors. In this business, you can establish a self-defense training school or you can go for individual training in their places.                      

56. Senior Caring  

Many aged people require assistance to perform their day-to-day household activities like cleaning, washing; laundry, etc. one can start this home-based business locally with a minimum or no investment.

57. SEO Consulting

SEO consultant serves the industry as an internet marketing expert. When people search for specifics in search engines, websites that appear and come on the first few pages, are the sites that usually attract a good amount of traffic.

One can start this knowledge-based business with a low-cost investment. Actually, you require only a computer with an internet connection to start this business. Read More…   

58. Sewing Classes  

If you have expertise in any specialty sewing like crochet, woolens, etc. you can initiate this business. This business can be operated part-time also.                                                        

59. SlideShow Making

  A person having a creative mind and passion to work with photography can start a slideshow-making business by using some specific software. With the creative application, you can easily turn simple photographs into a memorable and presentable slideshow for your client. You can start this home-based business only by having a computer with some specific software and an internet connection.

60. Smartphone Repairing

The increasing popularity of smartphones has increased the potential of the smartphone repair business. With some small tools and equipment and specific skill, any individual can initiate this business as home-based. Read More…

61. Social Media Consulting

Almost every people use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest these days and many companies are ready to pay people to get the service of their social media accounts management. Social Media Consulting is one of the highly profitable internet business ideas for women entrepreneurs.     

62. Ayurveda Tourism

Ayurveda upholds a holistic system of care on the principles of physiological balance and detoxification. National, as well as international acceptance of Ayurvedic healing, has definitely widened the bounds and prospects of Ayurveda tourism.

With its systematic means of detoxification as enshrined in the process of ‘Panchakarma’. This is one of the most trending home business ideas without investment.

63. Sports Coaching

Sports coaching in the field of football cricket, basketball, and tennis, is very popular globally. In starting this business you will need to determine whether you will be focusing on indoor or outdoor games.   Read More…

64. Staffing Agency

Basically, a staffing agency or job placement organization matches employers to employees. Placements can be either short-term or long-term. Staffing agencies are compensated when they find a qualified candidate and the company hires the individual. The agency will be paid a percentage of the hired individual’s salary. Read More.. .

65. Stress Management Courses

Nowadays, stress management courses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Stress in the workplace reduces productivity, increases management pressures, and makes people ill in many ways, evidence of which is still increasing. Having knowledge and expertise is one of the trending education business ideas globally.

66. Translation Service

Translation service is fast becoming a highly potential web-based business offering opportunities for making money online. With the growing reach of net connectivity and globalization, knowing and understanding other languages have become extremely vital in keeping pace with the speed of society. Read More…

67. Tour Guide

Tour guide business opportunity demands adequate knowledge of historical information and local culture about the location where you are starting the business. Basically, the business is all about sharing information about the places with a group of people in an entertaining way. Read More…

68. Tutoring

With specialization in a particular subject, one may start tutoring. This is one of the most popular education business ideas any individual can start with less capital or no capital investment. Read More…

69. Advertising Campaign Developer

You can plan and build creative online campaigns and content for your clients— from successful social media campaigns, apps, mobile contests, video, email distribution, search engine optimization, online media ad buys — or a mix of all of the above.

70. Video Producing  

Nowadays a lot of companies look for music videos for brand-building activities. Artists and singers also look for music videos for promotion. You can try this creative work if you enjoy doing so.

71. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant businesses is providing services like checking and answering emails, organizing to-do lists, and updating calendars and schedules with minimal interaction with your clients. One can start this home-based business with a computer with an internet connection and a phone. This industry is growing globally. Read More…

72. Web Designing

A person who has some basic knowledge of HTML coding and graphics designing can start this business easily. Every small and big business requires a website to promote its products or services. You can start the business of creating and a maintaining website for your clients only by having a computer with an internet connection and a phone. Read More…

73. Wedding Consulting

A wedding consulting business comes naturally to a person who is organized, focused on details, and loves to coordinate events. Basically, your creativity can make others’ wedding days memorable for a lifetime. In addition, you can start this home-based business with low startup capital with the help of online promotion. Read More…

74. Woodworking Courses

Woodworking to produce specialty products has proven popular globally. Having expertise and adequate knowledge about the subject you can create woodworking courses to train aspiring individuals who want to start a career in woodworking.

75. 3D Modelling & Animation

Basically,   3d modeling gives a product an effect of the real world in digital form. 3d modeling and animation services are normally used for Architectural modeling & visualization, product modeling and design, characters & clips, E-learning content, mechanical and engineering visualization, and many others.

However to be successful like any other business, home-based business ideas without investment when executed demand dedication, meticulous planning, and a zeal to succeed. Take a decision and go ahead. Best of Luck.

unique business ideas with less investment

About the Author: led by Rupak Chakrabarty is committed to helping beginners, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in starting, managing, and growing their businesses.

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Unique Business ideas - Whether it’s a unique food, sport, therapy, or rental service, getting in at the forefront with the right Unique Small Business Idea can be incredibly lucrative. This detailed guide breaks down everything you need to create your own small business today!

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A baby chick looking at a different chick with wild purple-striped hair with the caption

Unique Small Business Ideas

We’ve broken down our top unique business ideas into seven categories including, specialty foods, sports and entertainment, pet businesses, and many more. We've ranked their startup costs, required skill level, and earning potential to help you decide which unique small business idea is right for you.


Spoon dipped into a bowl of cookie dough

Professional bakers or baking enthusiasts with a good sense for business may consider selling edible cookie dough. While this business can certainly remain small, the growth potential is huge. You may expand locally, regionally, and even nationally while still keeping costs low since the product can easily be shipped.

The earning potential of this business is great, considering the high markup potential of this specialty product. While costs will increase if you decide to open a brick and mortar shop, with enough business-savvy and sales, profits can grow quite high.

Learn how to start a cookie dough cafe .


unique business ideas with less investment

If you have retail experience and a love for fine, specialty foods, an olive oil store may be a good fit for you. In addition to experience managing a retail operation, you’ll need be able to speak with customers about olive oil with some degree of expertise. While not necessary, cooking and teaching experience can be very helpful as hosting cooking classes and workshops can boost interest and profits.

Opening an olive oil store requires a fairly large investment to ensure your storefront is located in an area with significant foot traffic from high-end customers. The growth potential for this business is somewhat uncertain, but with more and more customers seeking premium, artisan products, the right business plan can lead to profits of 10% to 15% on sales and even more on classes, workshops, and other special events.

Learn how to start an olive oil store .

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Dispensers full of different types of popcorn

If you love popcorn and are creative in the kitchen, a gourmet popcorn business may be a good fit for you. This is another great business idea that gives you the flexibility to stay small or expand. You may sell from home, open a store, or get your products on the shelves of food stores across the country. There are also a considerable number of resources available for those looking to learn the ropes of the gourmet popcorn business before opening.

Startup costs vary considerably, depending on whether you start by operating out of your home, renting a storefront, or even buying a franchise. However, because of the significant price markup, selling gourmet popcorn can potentially be quite profitable, with some national brands worth millions of dollars.

Learn how to start a gourmet popcorn shop .


Wooden spoon covered with sea salt

Anyone who is self-motivated, likes working with their hands, and has access to seawater may consider starting a sea salt business. Owners will need some level of expertise to recognize the best locations, seasons, and times to source the salt. This requires at least basic knowledge of tides, currents, and sea levels.

Once you’ve pinpointed the best source for your sea salt, the startup costs for your business are very low. You can get started with a few buckets and jars, a food processor, and a means of evaporating the sea water you collect. The low costs, virtually unlimited supply of free raw materials, and high markup potential mean a sea salt business can be extremely profitable.

Learn how to start a sea salt business .

Find a Web Domain for Your Unique Business

Securing a web domain and creating a quality website is important for the overall success of your unique business.

Find a Domain Now

Powered by, 5. axe throwing party business.

unique business ideas with less investment

Axe-throwing parties are one of the many unique niche entertainment options popping up across the country. Anyone who enjoys games and entertainment may enjoy running this exciting business. Experience with axe throwing is useful, but not required.

Insuring an axe-throwing business can be expensive due to the inherent risks involved and the novel nature of the business. If you put in the time and money, though, there is a good deal of growth and profit potential. A successful axe-throwing party business has the potential to make six figures, with larger businesses realizing revenue beyond $1 million annually.

Learn how to start an axe throwing business .


unique business ideas with less investment

Creative individuals who love playing games and have a keen attention to detail may be good candidates to start an escape room business. While formal education and experience aren’t required, a background in design or other creative fields can be very helpful.

Escape rooms are a new and growing niche entertainment business that has blossomed over the past decade. While it’s hard to say how far this industry may grow, it continues to be a popular choice for a variety of people from small groups and parties to corporations looking for team building activities. Startup costs are moderate, as you will have to rent a location and design and furnish the room. However, a successful escape room business can bring in considerable profits, well into six figures.

Learn how to start an escape room business .


Woman climbing under barbed wire

Skilled marketers and salespeople who have an interest in outdoor activities and experience in military or police training, summer camps, or corporate training are uniquely qualified to run a challenge course business.

Whether it is an obstacle course, high-ropes course, zip-line, or other adventurous activity, startup costs are significant and include land, insurance, and quality staff members. However, these businesses continue to grow in popularity, attracting individuals, families, parties, and corporate clients. With the right marketing and business plan, even small challenge course businesses can bring in six figures. Larger businesses can make millions of dollars annually.

Learn how to start a challenge course business .


Five people screaming

Creative thinkers and marketers with access to cheap, breakable items could turn a profit by letting customers smash things in a rage room. This is a relatively new idea, but one that can have widespread appeal. From parties looking for a unique experience to people looking to let off some steam after a breakup or job loss, a rage room can provide both entertainment and catharsis for its customers.

Startup costs are moderate, with a space for the rage room, storage, breakable objects, and liability insurance among the biggest expenses. Growth potential and profit will vary depending on your particular business model and price structure, but as popularity grows business owners may have the opportunity to expand into additional locations or even franchises.

Learn how to start a rage room .


Feet suspended in air above a trampoline surface

If you enjoy interacting with people and having fun, you may be well suited to operate an indoor trampoline park. As with all businesses, strong marketing skills will give you an advantage over the competition.

Startup costs for this business are high, as it requires a large, open indoor space and a lot of specialty equipment. However, this is a growing industry. Those in a market with no competition can be especially successful, drawing customers from a wide area and potentially expanding to multiple locations in their region. If you have the money to invest upfront, an indoor trampoline business can see a profit margin of 25% or more, with profits well into six figures.

Learn how to start an indoor trampoline park .


Football in front of bowling pins

Another growing niche game that may be a good business opportunity for an outgoing person who enjoys fun activities is football bowling. Also known as bombowling or fowling, this activity entails throwing a football down a lane to knock down bowling pins. In addition to knowing the rules of the game, general business knowledge is critical for success in this new and fairly unknown business.

Startup costs are substantial, as the game requires a large amount of customized indoor space. Earning potential depends primarily on how many customers you can attract, but with the right marketing and a solid customer base, profits can be significant.

Learn how to start a football bowling business .


Photo of many people posing for a photo with Nerf guns

A Nerf arena is another business idea that’s great for outgoing savvy individuals looking to run a fun, fast-paced business. While the typical target customers are younger people, aged six to fourteen, many Nerf arenas have found they can increase revenue by also appealing to corporate and other adult groups.

Startup costs are fairly high, as a large amount of indoor space is required, along with things like equipment and insurance. Because of the high maintenance costs and lower rates charged to customers, earning potential is not as high as some of the other businesses in this category. However, a successful Nerf arena owner can still bring in a profit of around $50,000 per year.

Learn how to start a Nerf arena .


Pile of various video game console controllers

If you enjoy video games and interacting with children, operating a mobile game truck business can provide a unique opportunity. Strong business management skills and a willingness to work on weekends are also important. While the mobile nature of this business removes the cost of renting a permanent space, the cost of outfitting the truck or trailer is still fairly substantial.

Gaming is a huge and booming industry, meaning growth potential for any related business is generally strong. Once established, low overhead costs mean game trucks can bring in a good amount of money from each event. If you’re able to book steady business, there is great potential to make some excellent profits.

Learn how to start a game truck business .


Woman swinging from hanging gym

An outgoing individual who has an interest in fitness and entertainment may be a good fit to operate a ninja warrior gym. Popularized by the TV show American Ninja Warrior, this business draws in a variety of clients. It is important for an owner to be comfortable interacting with different people and to have some general knowledge about running a business to keep people coming back.

Startup costs are high, with the business requiring a large space, special equipment, and good insurance coverage. However, the growing appeal of ninja warrior gyms means your business has great growth and earning potential.

Learn how to start a ninja warrior gym .


Woman dressed in a mermaid costume diving in a reef

Professional mermaids have grown in popularity in recent years. This quirky business idea may be a good fit for a strong swimmer who enjoys acting and interacting with people.

While high-end costumes can be expensive, startup costs can be kept quite low for this business since it can easily be run by booking clients entirely online. As a highly specialized business, professional mermaids can charge a high hourly rate. With regular bookings, this can be a quite lucrative business, bringing in $1,500 or more per week.

Learn how to start a professional mermaid business .


Interior of a party bus, lit with neon lights with full-length couches on either side.

If you are experienced at coordinating events, enjoy working with people and providing customer service, and can think quickly on your feet, a party bus may be a good business for you. Party buses have become a popular choice for a wide range of customers looking for a fun, unique, event that’s easy to plan.

Startup expenses are substantial, with the cost of buses, salaries, and insurance among some of the biggest. You’ll also have ongoing expenses for gas and maintenance of your buses. However, with the high hourly rates you can charge, it’s possible to bring in a respectable annual profit of $50,000 or more.

Learn how to start a party bus business .


Row of male and female gamers

A Contender eSports franchise is another great business opportunity that taps into the ever-expanding video game market. No formal education is required, but a strong work ethic, marketing skills, and a love of gaming will help increase your odds of success.

Startup costs are high since Contender requires all franchisees to have liquid assets of at least $50,000 and a net worth of $300,000. In this growing industry, the earning potential depends largely on your ability to attract customers. With a solid marketing strategy and consistent customer base, you’ll have the potential to make excellent profits.

Learn how to start a Contender eSports franchise business .


Vintage map of the world

A very niche business, this is a good fit for historians and amateur map collectors who are passionate and knowledgeable about the topic. Many vintage maps business owners start out as hobbyists and then go on to establish galleries that house large collections of vintage maps.

Startup costs depend on whether you want to open a retail storefront or operate online, as well as the amount of inventory you want to carry and what you may or may not already have. As a niche market, growth can be limited. However, as accessibility to vintage maps decreases, the potential to expand your influence within the market increases, along with your earning potential.

Learn how to start a vintage maps business .


A bonsai tree sitting on a table

Selling bonsai trees can be a good option for gardeners and stay-at-home workers looking for both a satisfying hobby and a business venture. While no formal education is required, owners should familiarize themselves with the various types of bonsai trees, best growing conditions, and basic techniques for raising the trees and helping them thrive.

Startup costs for seeds and other materials are relatively low, and you can turn a good profit once the trees are grown, provided you can wait 3–5 years. Bonsai are considered "high-value" trees that increase in popularity each year, especially with urban customers who lack the space to grow full sized trees. While profit margins are high, earning potential is limited by how many trees you’re able to cultivate and sell.

Learn how to start a bonsai tree business .


A variety of dried flowers with a mortal and pestle

An individual who enjoys gardening, understands how different types of flowers react to different drying methods, and is looking for a way to make some part-time income may consider operating a dried flower business. Normally this business is done as a side venture to a person’s full-time job, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

A flower drying business can grow exponentially if you establish yourself in a community as the go-to for decorative plants or sentimental keepsakes. Start up costs are low, especially if you already have a suitable space for growing your own flowers. Even as a side business this venture has the potential to bring in serious profits.

Learn how to start a dried flower business .


A dartboard with three darts in the bullseye

This niche business is ideal for an expert in darts or a master craftsman who can create a product or provide service that sets their business apart from other suppliers. With a number of online vendors of dart equipment, a dart store should focus on quality and expertise. Those who can cultivate a unique style or specialty will shine in this industry.

Startup costs will vary depending on the space you choose and the raw materials used in your products. Growth can be slow since expensive, high-quality products are made to last. However, with the right products and marketing strategy, there is an opportunity to make significant profits since top-of-the-line darts equipment can be priced quite high.

Learn how to start a dart store .


Clay wind chimes hanging in a market

A wind chime business can be a good fit for anyone with an artistic, creative ear. Whether you craft the chimes yourself or purchase them from artists and craftsman, the ability to identify calming and beautiful sounds is vital.

If you choose to run this business out of your home, as many do, startup costs are quite manageable. With low costs and the opportunity for a large markup, those with consistent sales can make a fairly good profit with this business.

Learn how to start a wind chime business .


Collection of vintage tin toys

A vintage toy store is an excellent venture for avid toy collectors and enthusiasts looking to turn their hobby into a lucrative business opportunity. Having experience finding and purchasing rare toys is important, along with the general business knowledge to properly market your toys to the best audience.

Startup costs are moderate, with the biggest expenses being rent for a storefront and inventory. Some business owners may choose to start their business online before expanding into a brick and mortar store, and many maintain an online presence even after opening. If you are good at finding a variety of valuable toys at good prices, the profits can be significant.

Learn how to start a vintage toy store .


An abstract, multi-colored stained glass window

While general artistic abilities and knowledge of how to run a business are important, high levels of specific knowledge and skills are also required to run a successful stained glass business. Stained glass is generally viewed as a long-lasting work of art, and customers expect top quality.

Stained glass is an ancient industry that’s been beautifying homes and buildings for hundreds of years. Startup costs can be kept relatively low since most owners do business out of their home. With the internet available as a valuable tool to reach a wide customers base, the earning potential of this business is good. How far you grow will largely depend on who you market to and how much product you’re able to produce and sell.

Learn how to start a stained glass business .


Row of dolls in various outfits

Most people who get into the custom doll business started out making dolls as a hobby. Knowledge of how to work with different types of materials can be useful to increase the types of dolls you can make. Being flexible and able to respond to the particular demand in your market will help you succeed.

Startup costs are quite low, but custom dolls is a very niche market with limited growth potential. Making each doll takes a good deal of time and effort, and there is a fairly low price ceiling. While you can definitely turn your hobby or craft into a profit, the low numbers mean it is much better suited as a supplemental income steam.

Learn how to start a custom doll business .


A chicken in a chicken diaper

The chicken diaper business suits a pretty specific type of person: someone who is creative, a good sewer, and who has experience owning or raising chickens. This business has grown specifically out of a rise in urban chicken raising, so enthusiasm for this field is important for bringing in customers.

While the industry is on the rise as thousands of people in cities around the country have become interested in raising chickens, it is still a small and fairly limited market. Even with very low startup costs, it can be difficult to make more than a small supplemental income. Still, this can be a very fun side business.

Learn how to start a chicken diaper business .

Start a Home Business in Your State

26. tiny house business.

A tiny home sitting in the middle of a meadow

If you are involved in construction, architecture, or another part of the real estate industry, the tiny house business can be a fun and profitable way to use your experience.

Startup costs vary based on the specifics of the homes you build and the real estate market in your area. Because this business requires fewer materials and less land than traditional home building, costs are generally manageable. With the current popularity of tiny houses, builders can make a sizeable profit on each home.

Learn how to start a tiny house business .


A luxury treehouse built onto two trees

Individuals with a background in construction or engineering who understand tree growth patterns and enjoy being outside can be a great fit for building custom treehouses. Carpentry skills and the ability to communicate effectively with your customers are also important.

Startup costs can vary, depending on the size of your staff, the materials you use, and the type of treehouses you choose to build. The complex nature of each build can place a limit on how far you can expand, but the high markup means successful treehouse businesses can be extremely profitable. Completed treehouses can sell for anywhere from in the thousands of dollars to over a million, depending on your customer base.

Learn how to start a custom treehouse business .


A woman floating on top of water

Individuals with spa service experience and the ability to afford high startup costs may want to consider a sensory deprivation tank business. This is a relatively new industry that appeals to a niche audience, but as it grows in popularity there will be room to expand into new regions and markets. However, strong marketing and customer service skills will be critical to ensuring the business takes off.

You’ll also need to make a considerable investment to get your business started, with costs for a two-tank set up easily surpassing $200,000. However, once you’re up and running, this setup can net more than $100,000 per year for successful business owners.

Learn how to start a sensory deprivation tank business .


Children sitting in lotus position on their school desks

If you have a long history of practicing meditation and enjoy working with and teaching others, a meditation business may be a good fit for you. The more experience you have with different styles and methods of meditation, the more customers you can appeal to.

People are always looking for a way to slow down and relax. The recreational therapy industry, of which meditation is a part, is slated to experience 12 percent growth over the next few years, making this an excellent, growing industry to join. Earning potential varies by region, but the average salary for a recreational therapist in the U.S. is around $47,000.

Learn how to start a professional meditation business .


A hot tub overlooking a seaside cliff

The ideal hot tub garden business owner believes in the relaxing, therapeutic potential of hot tubs and also has strong marketing skills. Basic mechanical skills can also be useful to deal with any potential issues with the tubs, as well as to perform general cleaning and maintenance.

Hot tub gardens are a fairly new concept, allowing customers to enjoy a hot tub in a private space, paying by the hour. Startup costs are in the tens of thousands of dollars or more, so you’ll need to be prepared to make a significant upfront investment. However, a successful hot tub garden business can be quite profitable, possibly bringing in high six-figure income each year.

Learn how to start a hot tub garden .


A bottle of essential oil next to a sprig of lavender

If you are passionate about helping others through homeopathic methods, and you also have a heightened sense of smell and the discipline to handle the day-to-day requirements of running a business, aromatherapy may be a good venture for you. Aromatherapy businesses cater to people looking for more natural remedies for common problems like stress and insomnia.

Homeopathic and other alternative therapies have become more popular in recent years, allowing for a good deal of growth in the industry. Startup costs are generally manageable, especially if you are not renting a storefront, and earning potential is solid. Business owners report earnings of anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per year.

Learn how to start an aromatherapy business .


Woman laying down with another person's hand hovering over her head

A Reiki business isn’t for everyone, but those who have experience with this practice may enjoy starting their own venture to share it with others. Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It’s based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and gives us life.

Startup costs will vary depending on your specific business plan. Many practitioners begin working out of their homes, minimizing costs early on. Your company’s growth potential is directly tied to saturation of the market, the needs of the area you serve, and the number of practitioners you’re able to hire. Innovative entrepreneurs in this field strengthen their business by offering a well-rounded practice that combines multiple types of therapy to meet all their client’s needs. Reiki practitioners report annual profits between $39,000 and $73,000.

Learn how to start a Reiki business .


Four goats standing in a field

If you own goats or have the space to accommodate them, you may consider starting a goat rental business. Sometimes known as goatscaping, this business lends goats to people looking for a natural and environmentally friendly way to cut and even fertilize their property. Business owners will need to be familiar with keeping and caring for goats.

Startup costs vary depending on your situation. You’ll need goats, enough room for them to live, and a trailer to transport them to your customers. You’ll also need to cover all the expenses required for continued maintenance of the goats. If you already own goats, this business can be extremely affordable to get started. For those starting from scratch, costs are moderate to high. Earning potential depends on how many goats you have, but you could expect to earn around $750 per week during grazing season for each four-goat herd.

Learn how to start a goat rental business .

Learn more about starting a business by visting the  U.S. Small Business Administration .


Large group of chickens

Much like a goat renting business, a chicken rental service is an excellent business opportunity for anyone who already owns a chicken farm or has experience raising chickens. Chicken renting allows non-farmers to rent chickens for the purpose of egg laying without the responsibility of owning a farm or taking care of them long term.

If you’re already an established chicken farmer, startup costs are quite low. However, rental prices for two chickens for six months is typically only between $250 and $500, so it can take time and a large number of chickens to start making significant income.

Learn how to start a chicken renting busines .


A luxury tent set up among palm trees

A glamping business can be a good endeavor for an individual who has a background in the hospitality business and an attractive piece of available land. Glamping, or glamorous camping, appeals to people looking for a camping experience without having to rough it in a traditional tent or campsite.

Startup costs can be considerable, as glamping tents can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This business is really ideal for folks who already own a large piece of land like a farm, hunting ground, or coastal property that can be converted for at least part of the year. Earning potential varies depending on the location and the quality of the tents, but with nightly rates ranging from $50 to over $3,000 and fairly low ongoing maintenance costs, this business also has a great potential to bring in large profits.

Learn how to start a glamping business .


A cat and dog snuggling on a hotel bed

Animals lovers with business skills may enjoy operating a pet hotel. While not necessary, experience working in an animal shelter, boarding facility, or vet’s office can be helpful. A pet hotel is essentially a luxury kennel, offering high-end care for pets while their owners are away.

Startup costs are moderate, typically running between $25,000 and $85,000 depending on location and the size of your establishment. The pet grooming and boarding industry is huge, generating over $8 billion in revenue each year, with an average annual growth of 6.6%. With a good location and steady business, owners can see profits around $40,000 in their first year, with the potential for much more over time.

Learn how to start a pet hotel .


Dog bone shaped cookies being cut

Someone passionate about pets and pet nutrition may want to consider starting a pet bakery business. Knowledge about pet nutrition is essential, and veterinary experience can be extremely helpful. Pet bakeries provide specially formulated pet foods using more natural, high-quality ingredients.

Startup costs vary depending on the size and business model, but selling online and using your home kitchen can keep expenses very low. While many start out small, there is a great potential to grow over time, increasing both online sales and the reach your products have across retail stores. Earning potential can be quite high, with nationally recognized brands bringing in millions each year.

Learn how to start a pet bakery .


A kitten sleeping in a teacup on a glass cafe table

Outgoing and personable cat lovers can be a good fit for this increasingly popular business. Cat cafes offer people a place to relax with friends and felines, while they also enjoy a beverage or meal. In addition to serving human customers, many cafes also help the cats they house by making them available for adoption. While not required, experience running or working in a cafe can be very helpful.

Startup costs are fairly substantial, with the expenses of renting and running a cafe plus providing adequate space and care for your cats. This business model is still very new in the United States, but success in Asia and elsewhere shows that cat cafes can become extremely popular and successful.

Learn how to start a cat cafe .

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unique business ideas with less investment

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There are a variety of businesses you can run out of your home, and because of the minimal overhead expenses, most of them can be started fairly cheaply. In this article, we outline our top 40 home business ideas for the modern entrepreneur.

unique business ideas with less investment

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Whether you’re looking to build an online empire or earn a little money on the side, one of the best things about owning an online business is having the ability to work as much or as little as you want -- from whatever location you prefer.

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In this article, we outline our top 40 business ideas with low startup costs to help you find a low-cost business idea that aligns with your interests and goals.

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If you’re looking to scratch the entrepreneurial itch without giving up your day job, you’re probably on the hunt for a side-hustle that aligns with your personal interests and your schedule. These 40 side-hustles satisfy a range of interests and can easily turn into full-time careers.

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Business Ideas

30 Small Business Ideas to Make Money in 2022 (Low Investment Ideas)

With so many business ideas in 2023, it can be hard to figure out which are worth pursuing. 

While jumping on a new trend can sometimes be risky — it can also be highly rewarding. You may notice that many of the ideas on this list have been growing in popularity recently. Others have been popular for a long time, making them more competitive but less risky. However, all the small business ideas below will help make you money.

unique business ideas with less investment

Start selling online now with Shopify

unique business ideas with less investment

30 best business ideas of 2023

If you have been asking yourself what business to start, then this list is for you. According to small business statistics , one of the biggest motivations for opening your own business is being your own boss. Owning a business gives you the freedom to work when, where, or how you want. 

Want to work at a beach or your grandma’s house? Go ahead, no one is going to stop or question you. This is the dream life many people hope to live one day, and thanks to some great business ideas, achieving that lifestyle is well within your reach.

→ Click Here to Launch Your Online Business with Shopify

Let’s take a look at the list of business ideas that’ll make you money in 2023:

1. Dropshipping

Are you looking to sell products online but don’t have the money to buy and store inventory? Consider dropshipping! Dropshipping is an ecommerce business model in which you don’t have to manage any physical products. 

All you have to do is set up an online store and partner with suppliers who are ready to store, package, and ship orders to your customers. There’s no need to spend hours on product research, because you can use dropshipping apps like Automizely to find awesome products to sell .

Check out this dropshipping course from Shopify to learn more about selling online without inventory. If you’re searching for easy online business ideas to pursue, it would be hard to find something that tops dropshipping. It’s one of the simplest businesses to start if you have access to the right tools and resources.

best small business dropshipping

The biggest reason people are often drawn to dropshipping is that you don’t have to hold inventory. However, if holding inventory isn’t an issue (maybe there’s enough room in that spare closet), you can consider sourcing products wholesale. 

2. Print on Demand

If you’re looking for proven business ideas to execute, try print on demand . 

Print on demand (POD) is when you sell your own custom designs on items like phone cases, mugs, and t-shirts, but you don’t actually print the artwork. Instead, you collaborate with suppliers who print your design on the product—they even package and ship the item to your customer, so you don’t have to worry about logistics. Also, you only pay once you have sold the products. No sales equals no costs.

One of the quickest ways to get started is to create a Shopify store and install a POD app like Printify . In terms of marketing, partnering with Instagram influencers to promote your POD items is an effective way to reach audiences. To evaluate whether print on demand is the right option for you, watch our video where we get into a healthy debate with Wholesale Ted (a print-on-demand company ).

3. Translation

Multilingual people are always in demand, so if you can speak two or more languages, consider starting a small business where you can monetize those skills. 

You can look for clients on Upwork and Flexjobs and slowly build your portfolio. As you work successfully with more and more companies, you can hire more translators who specialize in other languages to take things off your plate. It’s also a good idea to market your business on social media websites, as it can help you reach a wider audience.

Got only a few hours to spare each day? Translation is one of the best side business ideas to pursue, as it lets you schedule your clients based on when you are available to work.

4. Website Flipping

Website flipping is among the new business ideas that have gotten everyone from work-at-home parents to recent graduates excited. It involves buying an already running website, improving its design and content, and then selling it for a profit. 

There are quite a few places where you can buy and sell websites to earn a profit. Shopify’s marketplace, Exchange , for example, allows you to buy ecommerce websites that you can further improve via content marketing, SEO, and other tactics. Once your site begins to generate more revenue than when you acquired it, you can list it for sale on the marketplace.

website flipping 101

5. Home-based Catering

If you have a knack for cooking and see it as a creative outlet, you can make a decent income by opening a home-based catering business. 

The initial investment depends on how big you want the setup to be. For example, if you start with smaller events that you can manage on your own, you should be able to start your business for less. 

Most home-based caterers start by creating a website , experimenting with local food markets, or joining platforms that allow cooking experts to squeeze some profits from their culinary skills. 

6. Dog walking

It can be difficult to keep up with a furry friend, particularly high-energy breeds with limited outdoor access. As a professional dog walker, you’ll be helping pet owners in the community keep their dogs happy, healthy, and well exercised.

Dog walking requires no initial investments other than marketing and business liability insurance . This will protect you in case of accidents, bites, or unexpected lawsuits. It’s a good idea to charge prices that reflect your insurance costs, with the average range between $30 to $60 an hour.

You can establish a presence for your dog walking business on a number of platforms, including Wag! , Rover , and . Offer promotions for new clients and build a positive reputation by requesting reviews from those you’ve worked with in the past.

7. Virtual assistance

One of the most successful business ideas is to offer virtual assistant services. Everyone from large enterprises to solopreneurs requires help with the day-to-day management of their business. You can use your excellent organizational skills to take some weight off their shoulders. 

Of course, you’ll get paid for the time and effort you put into answering emails, scheduling meetings, and performing other administrative duties. 

You can land your first few clients by responding to listings on platforms like FreeUp , PeoplePerHour , or Virtual Assistant Jobs . This is a proven business model, as people are always looking for efficient virtual assistants. 

8. Personal shopping

Do you often get praised for your eye for fashion trends? Are you someone who friends and family come to for clothing advice? Personal shopping can be a business that builds on those skills. 

Personal shoppers find clothing items for clients who don’t have time to shop for themselves. Duties involve evaluating your client’s wardrobe, visiting websites, and picking items that will suit them. There are all kinds of products on different online clothing boutiques, so you don’t necessarily have to shop offline to get this business started. 

Plus, you don’t need to hold any special certification or degree to become a personal shopper. If your interests lie in business ideas with low investment, personal shopping might be the ideal route to consider.

9. Car detailing

unique business ideas with less investment

Contrary to popular belief, it's entirely possible to make car detailing a full-time business. The average profit of car detailing is anywhere from $50 to $400 per vehicle, meaning you could make a healthy profit if you find consistent clients.

The key to success in the car detailing business is marketing. You’ll need to spread the word about your services through a website or social media platform, and encourage regular reviews as well. Try to offer discounts for new clients or package deals for those who commit to multiple sessions.

All you need to get started are cleaning supplies and a driveway. You may consider getting certified through the IDA or taking a craftsmanship seminar to enhance your skills.

10. Online tutoring

If you’re an expert in art, math, or another subject, you can start the business of online tutoring. An essential prerequisite is having a bachelor’s degree in the subject you intend to teach. 

You can find online tutoring clients on sites like Skooli and . For the best results, always teach subjects that relate to your area of expertise, because you’ll be able to share your skills and constructive knowledge to enhance your students’ own knowledge. You can deliver lectures and interact with your students over Zoom, making online tutoring one of the easiest online businesses you can start.  

11. Greeting cards

Greeting cards are always in style, so if you have a good eye for design or just love showcasing your artwork on physical items, this is one of the best creative business ideas for you.

Before you can start looking for clients, you’ll need to have a handful of designs ready to go. Tools like Photoshop and Canva make it easy to create custom card designs. Additionally, you’ll need to stock up on supplies required to create greeting cards (ink, paper, etc.). 

Pro tip: If you want to keep costs low, consider buying your supplies wholesale . Once you have the inventory, you can start generating revenue by marketing your business on Facebook, Etsy, and other similar platforms. 

12. Content writing

Almost every company with a web presence needs help creating content for product pages, blogs , etc. 

As such, starting a content writing or copywriting company could be one of the most profitable business ideas for you. Popular websites for finding those first few customers include , Problogger , and BloggingPro . 

You can also join content writing groups on Facebook to get more exposure for your business. To make a good impression on clients, consider offering keyword optimization or custom graphics as part of your services. 

profitable business ideas for 2020

13. Homemade products

If you have a knack for molding soap bars, brewing drinks, or baking specialty products, a homemade crafts business may be a great fit for you. Not only does it serve as a wonderful creative outlet, but it can easily scale up as word of your business gets out.

Some of the most profitable homemade products include agricultural products, beauty solutions like cosmetics and soaps, and accessories such as jewelry. Ingredients and raw materials coupled with your labor should provide a sustainable return on investment.

You can start selling homemade products at your local farmers market , on a platform like Etsy , or with a storefront on iCraft . Try adding a unique twist to your products, such as dessert-themed bath bombs or pop-culture clothing items.

14. WordPress support

A lot of websites out there are hosted on WordPress, and almost every WordPress website owner requires support in some form. So, if you’re familiar with the ins and outs of this platform, you’ll have several opportunities to make money. 

Clients may contact you to fix their CSS, find and address security holes, and more. While you can use platforms like PeoplePerHour and Upwork to get your first clients, we recommend creating a custom website and listing your services there. That way, you’ll be able to avoid high commissions and build high-quality relationships with your clients. 

Hands down, offering WordPress support is one of the best business ideas to try in 2023.

15. Career coaching

With rising unemployment and a saturated job market, there’s no shortage of people needing help finding jobs. If you have a talent for helping your friends and family find suitable employment, you can probably help others too. 

Consider starting a career coaching business where you help others figure out what the best career for them is, how to nail an interview, what traits define a good candidate, and more. You can look for clients in Facebook groups or on platforms like . 

The best thing about this business is that you can make money by conducting four to five hourly sessions a month. Plus, you can coach multiple clients in a single session. If you’re looking for good business ideas that won’t occupy too much of your time, career coaching may be the right option for you. 

16. Email marketing

Are you good at writing emails? Have you cracked the code for crafting subject lines that people can’t help but click? If so, you can step into entrepreneurship and make money by launching an email marketing business. 

You can find companies that need help with their email strategy on platforms like PeoplePerHour and Upwork , as well as via cold outreach. Once you demonstrate that skill of enticing recipients, clients will rush to get your services and even agree to the price you quote them (major brownie points if you can help grow their email list). 

Startup costs include investing in email marketing tools , which will automate many of your tasks.

17. Contract cleaning

Not everyone has the time or skills to clean on a regular basis. Becoming a professional cleaner allows you to assist home and business owners with scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, and more.

Startup costs for household cleaning businesses are extremely low. Cleaning supplies and materials cost less than $100, although you could also purchase specialty equipment like steam vacuums or carpet cleaners. It’s a good idea to set up a website or social media page to get the word out for cheap.

The fees you charge will depend on the needs of your clients. Most cleaners charge by the hour, although some have additional expenses associated with certain tasks (organization, deep cleaning, etc.). Use tools like Angi Leads to display your business and discover what other people are charging. Be sure to register as an LLC and complete all necessary paperwork.

18. Meals to go

There’s no end to the line of people who struggle to find time to cook nutritious and healthy meals. This has led to a rise in meals-to-go businesses, offering all kinds of cuisine options. You can capitalize on this trend by starting your own meals-to-go business in your city, state, or neighborhood. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to invest in designing a large commercial kitchen. A shared rental kitchen is good enough to run a meals-go-to business. These places are usually equipped with essential supplies and can be rented by month, day, or hour. You can find shared-use, licensed commissary kitchens through websites like The Kitchen Door . 

19. Landscaping services

Have a passion for gardening and yard work? Starting a landscaping business may be the perfect way to turn your hobby into a profitable endeavor. Landscaping services include anything from mowing lawns to planting flowers and shrubs and may or may not be seasonable, depending on your climate.

Determine what you can do best in a yard and market your business to a specific audience. Keep a curated portfolio of your best work, including colorful photographs with detailed outcomes for customers. If you offer unique services (fertilizing, pest control, etc.), be sure to highlight that across your social media platforms.

You can find your first landscaping clients by going door-to-door in the neighborhood or hopping on platforms like TaskEasy . Websites like HomeAdvisor connect your landscape business with paying clients in your area. You can also get certified with the National Association of Landscape Professionals to boost your credibility.

20. Website testing

Did you know that brands with a digital footprint hire real people to give feedback on their websites? These opinions allow them to address issues that their developers may have failed to identify. You can hire a bunch of people on a freelance basis and create your own website testing company. 

As you take on projects, your employees will receive a set of questions that they need to answer as they navigate a company’s website. Through video, they’ll communicate their initial thoughts on the current user experience and how the site could be improved. 

You can find work through websites like UserTesting , Ferpection , and TryMyUI . 

21. SEO 

Do you have experience in generating backlinks and improving the search engine visibility of a website? If yes, then there’s an opportunity for you to cash in on your skill set. 

Site owners worldwide require the services of SEO experts, so opening a business in this field could turn out to be one of your best decisions. When looking for clients, focus on a niche audience, learn from the experiences, and build your portfolio—showcase your success stories and you are bound to see an influx of clients if your SEO techniques are on point. 

You can choose to target all sorts of companies or appeal to businesses in a particular niche, such as in the legal, health, or financial sector. With monthly retainers of $501 to $1,000, selling SEO services is one of the best business ideas to make money in 2023.

22. App development

App development is one of the best profitable small business ideas, since so many companies require an app. Not to mention, the cost of starting this venture has drastically gone down due to the growth of tools and affordable developers.

Today, you can use software like OmniGraffle or Sketch to create the wireframes and mockups before you decide to publish the app. Alternatively, you can hire a freelance app developer via AngelList and Upwork . 

There’s also the opportunity to earn passive income by creating apps for the general audience. Of course, that requires you to develop a monetization strategy that generates recurring revenue. Profitable strategies include offering in-app purchases and charging for a premium version of your app.

23. Stock photography

If you have the ability to capture great candid moments or recently did a portrait shoot of a relative, you can become a stock photographer by registering a sole proprietorship under your name. 

Companies like Shutterstock , Adobe Stock , and the like are always open for image submissions. You can start by listing a few of your existing photos on these platforms. Once you’ve submitted your photographs, wait for people to download them. 

Most stock photography websites pay you a royalty for every download on their platform. Another option is to launch your own photography website and sell images directly to people, which is only viable if you have the resources to invest in marketing. 

24. Virtual dance studio

The upsides to a virtual dance studio are pretty obvious: you don’t need to rent a big space, and it’s convenient to record, publish, and share the choreography at your own discretion. It’s even possible to give dance classes from home, making it one of the best home-based business ideas . Plus, there’s no limit to the number of students you can enroll in your class. 

To start a virtual dance studio, you’ll need to invest in video conferencing software, such as Zoom . You’ll also need high-speed internet to ensure there are no lags or buffering during the livestream. Make sure to arrange enough classes per month so that your students learn their routines fast.

If you have a passion for creating your own unique choreography, you may also find opportunities to partner with dance schools to give their students access to your content on a membership basis. 

25. Instagram consulting

If you know the secrets to Instagram engagement , consider becoming an Instagram consultant. Clients will pay you for creating engaging captions, responding to comments, creating attractive bios, and more. 

You can monetize these services by charging a specific rate per hour or by project. This is the perfect business idea for digital nomads , as everything can be managed from a laptop or smartphone. 

To become a sought-after Instagram consultant, master the skill of creating killer Instagram ads that get people to engage and buy from businesses. You can get your first clients by marketing your business on Upwork and other social media platforms.

26. Video production

According to video marketing statistics , 85% of internet users in the US watched an online video on their devices. With more and more videos being watched than ever before, there’s certainly a need for people who can record, edit, cut, and publish videos. Therefore, starting a video production company might turn out to be a lucrative business idea for you.  

The initial investment in this business is a basic lighting set, wireless microphones, one to two cameras (and lenses), and editing software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro . See if you can find second-hand varieties for some of this equipment in order to reduce startup costs. 

You can offer to produce video content for companies’ YouTube channels, manage graduation and wedding videography, and more. While there’s no restriction to the types of projects you can do, specializing in a niche makes it easy to stand out in a busy marketplace. 

27. Software education

Do you have acquaintances who lack proficiency in computer software? If so, you can set up your own software education business and enroll students on a monthly basis. 

Pupils might include entrepreneurs looking to build on their IT skills, or other small business owners looking to master software like Excel and PowerPoint. If you have the expertise, you can lead from the front by teaching most classes. 

As your business grows and more people sign up for your programs, you can hire freelance software experts to teach students based on their area of expertise. Although you can rent out space for classroom lectures, consider hosting virtual classes to keep costs low and expand your business to international markets. 

28. College preparation

Helping high schoolers get accepted into college is a booming business. According to IBISWorld, the market size of the testing and educational support industry was $17.9 billion last year, so there’s a lot of money to be made if you can gain a foothold in the market. 

To start, pick a certain area of college prep you’d like to run your business around. For instance, you can offer ACT tutoring, help students brush up on practice admission essays, etc. Once you’ve narrowed your focus, it’s time to register and introduce the business to students.

29. Niche staffing agency

Nearly every industry has open jobs, and employers are keen to hire the best people for their companies. Your task as a niche staffing agency is to match employees to employers in your sector of choice. 

Figure out what type of roles you’ll be staffing (Junior? Mid-level? C-level?) so that you can identify the right candidates for the position. Additionally, consider the employment terms that your agency will share with potential candidates. 

You can be a temporary, temporary-to-permanent, or long-term staffing agency based on the needs of the market.

30. Digital event planning

One of the best small business ideas is to open up a digital event planning company. In this business, you’ll plan, organize and report on digital events like webinars and online summits for different companies. 

Money can be made by charging an hourly fee for your service, selling sponsorships, etc. If you ever dreamed of planning a wedding or exhibition, but never quite had the time to organize anything, you can still channel your inner facilitator by planning digital events for people and businesses.

There you have it, a list of 30 small business ideas that’ll make you money in 2023. To give yourself the best chance of success, focus on one idea at a time until you find one that aligns with your abilities. 

Thousands of entrepreneurs have implemented these business ideas to make money, so you can be sure that you’re putting your time and effort into something viable and proven. Whether you’re a college student, a work-at-home parent, or anyone else looking to start a business , remember there are plenty of opportunities to earn a sizable income. 

If you’re looking for even more business ideas, don’t forget to check out Shopify’s post on the 23 most profitable business ideas in 2023 . 

30 Business Ideas to Try In 2023

  • Dropshipping 
  • Print on demand
  • Translation 
  • Website flipping
  • Home-based catering 
  • Dog walking
  • Virtual assistance
  • Personal shopping
  • Car detailing
  • Online tutoring
  • Greeting cards
  • Content writing
  • Homemade products
  • WordPress support
  • Career coaching
  • Email marketing
  • Contract cleaning
  • Meals to go
  • Landscaping services
  • Website testing
  • App development
  • Stock photographer
  • Virtual dance studio
  • Instagram consulting
  • Video production
  • Software education
  • College preparation
  • Niche staffing agency
  • Digital event planning

Which of these business ideas are you looking to start in 2023? Share your answer in the comments below!

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200+ small business ideas with low investment.

January 04, 2023

47 min  read


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Small Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profits Men and Women:

An entrepreneur struggles for capital that can enable him to successfully realize his idea. For any entrepreneur, a great business is one that is not capital-intensive. There are many small business ideas that require very less investment. These ideas, if executed well, can ensure that the business flourishes and is profitable.

A business idea with low investment is a very desirable proposition. However, most people are not sure what those ideas would be and how they could fit into their scheme of things.

Hdfc Life Banner 5

Here’s a list of profitable business ideas with very low investments that might appeal to you.

Successful Small Business Ideas Creative Business Ideas Home Based Business Ideas Part-Time Business Ideas Low-Cost Business Ideas Online Business Ideas Profitable Business Ideas Big Investment Business Ideas Retail Business Ideas Manufacturing Business Ideas Renting Business Ideas

Top 10 Most Successful Small Business Ideas:

1. tuition/ coaching classes:.

What was your favorite subject in school? Did you sail through Mathematics like a wizard or did you have a special chemistry with Chemistry? If yes, a room, some chairs, a board, marker and duster are all you would need to start teaching a subject. If you know a foreign language like French, Spanish or German, you could easily impart lessons in such languages and start a small business without any great investment. There is always a demand for foreign language classes from students and professionals hence you need not worry about the pipeline drying up as an entrepreneur. The idea is not only about low investment and high returns, it also has a certain sense of cash inflow and demand predictability. For such businesses, you can start with a very small business loan too and there is no dearth of avenues from where you can get a basic loan to start this type of business.

Read More – Loan for Tuition / Coaching Center

2. Event/ Wedding Planner:

Weddings never go out of fashion. Whether the economy is booming or going through a recession, there is always a market for weddings. To add to it, weddings range from the “big fat Indian weddings” to very private gatherings. To put things in perspective, the Indian wedding market was estimated to be around $50 billion (around ₹33,000 crores) in the year 2017 and it is growing at a rate of 20 percent per year. This presents a huge opportunity for wedding planners who can ensure wedding themes, planners, decorators, and caterers are in place and immaculately plan and organize the entire wedding ceremony. It requires initial capital investment for staff, logistics, and arrangements for which a plethora of small business loan options are available at your disposal. While the initial investment is low, the returns that can be made once the business scales are significant.

3. Cooking Classes:

If the popularity of shows such as MasterChef is any indication, cooking classes may be a great business in India. It requires very low investment but can earn good profits. All you need is to set up a kitchen and equipment, the allied infrastructure, the raw materials, and cooking ingredients. Anyone who believes in the potential of this business would need to make a very low initial investment. They can avail small business loans from a wide range of financial service firms. Once the cooking class is set up, the proprietor can run several batches at the same facility. The Capex investment is thus limited, and small working capital investment would suffice to run the enterprise seamlessly.

4. Driving School/ Cab Service:

If one has good driving skills and can buy a vehicle such as a car, driving lessons can be imparted to people. With the same vehicle, the person can teach 10-15 customers in a month and earn a decent amount with minimum investment. It might not be very difficult to avail of a small business loan and buy a car. A part of the earnings from the driving school can be used towards repayments to service the loan. Depending on the savings, the fleet of cars can be expanded, more driving instructors can be hired, and the business can flourish. A person may also avail of a small business loan to buy a new car. If he has the required driving skills, he can enroll in a ride-hailing service such as an Ola or Uber. Once he does that, he can offer rides through the ride-hailing app and make money to pay off his loans and save for further business expansion.

5. Food Catering Business:

Everyone enjoys good food. A food catering business is never out of demand. All occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc. have food on offer and caterers are in demand to ensure that the food served is delicious. For a food catering service, all you need is a kitchen and a few employees to cook, serve, deliver and manage logistics. Did you always want to own a dream restaurant chain? You can start with a food catering business as it is a comparatively low investment and high return business. You can avail of a loan for the Capex investments and slowly build a great business. Considering our country and the celebrations, rituals, and events we have throughout the year, a catering service will always be in demand. It is one of the best small investment ideas in India. Read More – Catering Business Plan

6. Fitness Centres:

More than 65% of India’s population is less than 35 years old. The youth are a health-conscious lot and many of them are members of a fitness center or gym. They love to hit the gym and burn a few excess calories. The remaining 35% also comprises a lot of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious people. Anyone who has trained in an area of fitness can start a fitness center. The space or infrastructure and equipment can be leased or bought. The space can be used for almost 16 hours a day as people like to walk into the fitness center at various times during the day. The idea of opening a fitness center is a business idea with low investment. Even if the person interested in opening this center cannot afford it, he has multiple avenues at his disposal to avail of a small business loan. It is a very profitable business idea as subscribers of the fitness center find it difficult to keep coming to the fitness center regularly but most of them pay an annual subscription.

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7. Computer Training Center:

We are in an era wherein there is a lot of demand for computer literacy and proficiency. If one has a basic idea of how to operate a computer and how to work with simple tools such as the Microsoft Office suite of products – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the chances of employment of the person are much brighter. Hence, there is a great demand to learn computers, programming and the booming areas in technology such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, IoT, etc. Are you an expert in any such area? If yes, you can start a training center equipped with an internet connection, a few computers and learning aids such as whiteboards, projectors, etc. The business is driven by knowledge and hence the subsequent investment after the initial capex outgo is low. Multiple batches can be run for college students, working professionals, etc. and a handsome profit can be made on a very small initial investment. What’s more, a small business loan for such initiatives is easily available. You can visit for a business loan.

8. Boutique, Salon, Spa, etc.:

There is always a demand for personal hygiene, fashion and grooming-related services. Once you make an initial investment in the store and raw material, if you can focus on selling and brand partnerships, you are highly likely to turn it into a profitable business idea. A small business loan for the same can be easily availed. If you are interested in becoming your own boss with any such venture, the right time is now!

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9. Real Estate Agent or Broker:

How about becoming a rainmaker for your own business? Sounds interesting. With a little research on the real estate market in the area and an understanding of the prospects for both commercial and residential real estate, one could venture into creating a real estate agency. If you have good communication and people skills, you are likely to attract buyers and sellers alike and broking a deal could help you earn a handsome commission. The investment required to start this is very less and as you build your network and start playing a role in more deals, the commission you earn can make the business venture a highly profitable one.

10. Web/ Social Media agency:

In the digital age, most companies want to spend their marketing budgets on advertising through digital channels and through paid social media campaigns. If you have a good knowledge of marketing, communications, branding, web presence management and social media, you could start your own venture to help companies establish a strong digital footprint. All you need is an office, a few computers, some skilled professionals and you are good to start. Are funds to start up a problem? You needn’t worry as there are many options to avail of a small business loan to start a web/ social media agency.

Other Lucrative Business Ideas include:

Creative business ideas:, 1. children play/adventure area:.

Starting a children’s play area is one the very profitable idea for a small business. The investment required for such a business is medium.

2. Tea/Coffee Café:

Working at a Café is a new trend. Having a well-furnished café with a good ambiance and a variety of Teas & Coffee is a profitable business. A rented/owned place with a small investment is required for starting a Café. Read More – Coffee shop Business Plan

3. Custom Gift Store:

A gift store is one of the best creative ideas. A customer is always looking for customization in their gift. Giving them what they need is surely going to benefit your business and increase profits.

4. Antique Business:

Opening a small antique shop with different kinds of antique items and furniture is surely going to pull the crowd. Antique business can become highly profitable if you find the right customers who are interested in antiques.

5. Game Organizer at Event:

A game organizer is in high demand at various parties like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It is a creative business idea where you have to be good at communication and creativity.

6. Hot Air Balloon or Boat Ride Services:

This is one of the most adventurous business ideas. The investment required here is big and skilled manpower is required to assure customer safety. To start such a business, you need a bigger space.

7. DJ Services:

Be it any event, party, or wedding; DJs are always a priority. The pubs are completely dependent on the DJs to pull in the crowd. A person needs a good amount of skills and experience to make the crowd groove.

8. Chatbot services:

One of the upcoming businesses in recent years is developing a Chatbot. Many companies are incorporating chatbot services on their website. Building a custom chatbot as per the requirement will definitely yield high profits.

9. Interior Designer:

If you have a degree in Architecture, you can become an Interior Designer. Real Estate in India is booming day by day. It is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2030. In such a developing market, the need for Interior designers is always going to be high. If you’re skilled and have bright ideas to Turn a House into a Home, this business can do wonders.

10. Dance/Music Classes:

Dance and Music are two creative businesses. Both these businesses require special skills and lots of experience. One of the best things is you can start this business at your Home, with a minimal investment.

11. Ice Cream Business:

One innovative idea for a business is selling ice creams. Create unique flavors according to the seasons to attract your customer. This business requires special skill and patience to try out different combinations of ice cream.

12. Hair Business:

People might think of the Hair business as a weird idea, but the hair industry is one of the most profitable industries. The hair industry contributed $248 million in 2018. India exports hair to the US, Europe, China and the Middle East.

13. Ethnic Food Service:

Nowadays people do not eat to satiate their hunger but for pleasure. If you think you have amazing culinary skills that can make people lick their fingers out, then you should start an Ethnic Food Service at home. You just need to have the right knowledge of ingredients and the idea of the culture and region the recipe comes from.

14. Funeral Services:

Though it may sound weird, such services do exist and are making a good business in India. You need to provide services that might include transportation of the dead body and providing advice about the rituals. The services can also include providing all the materials required for the cremation ritual.

15. Doula Services:

With little training in childbirth and care, you can start your own Doula Service. The investment in this business is very less compared to any other business. The services include a prenatal visit, labor and delivery, and a post-delivery follow-up.

16. Organic Farming:

Organic Farming is being followed in India since ancient times. It aims at cultivating the land by use of organic wastes. With the increasing demand for organic grain in the market, Organic farming has gained a lot of popularity. If you have land you can invest in this small business.

17. Mobile garage service:

Most of the time cars break down in the area where there is no garage service. If you have a vehicle you can convert it into a mobile garage with a small investment.

Home Based Business Ideas:

1. home chocolate business:.

No matter what, chocolates will never go out of demand. May it be any occasion or event chocolates are a must. With little investment in the raw material, you can start a home-based business making chocolates. Home-made chocolates have a huge demand in the market.

2. Recruitment Services:

Recruitment service is one of the most lucrative businesses in today’s time. All you got to do is shortlist, select and appoint suitable candidates for jobs in the comfort of your house and earn a great commission out of it from the company.

3. Tailoring:

Fashion and lifestyle today are one of the most money-making businesses. If you are a housewife or want to earn some extra income, then you can start tailoring services at home. All you need to have is a sewing machine and some fashion sense.

4. Tiffin Services:

Providing food has become a major business in industrial areas. For some working professionals who are unable to cook at home or who stay away from home in other cities, Tiffin Services becomes a convenient option. You can use your kitchen to cook fresh food and start this profitable business.

5. Hobby Class:

If you want to enjoy doing a business start a hobby class. Today, parents want their kids to learn as many things as they can and not waste time hopping around in the sun. you can start a hobby class for dance, music, and craft based on the skill you possess. The best time to earn in this business is during the summer vacations.

6. Yoga Class:

The wellness industry is growing in India. In this fast-paced life, people want to give some time to themselves and attain peace. You can start yoga classes at home and train individuals to live a healthy life with just a little investment.

7. Insurance Agent:

If you possess good communication skills and have great convincing power be an insurance agent. With little investment, you can start this business. There cannot be any other easy way to earn a good commission than selling insurance policies.

8. MLM – Network Marketing:

Multi-level marketing or Network Marketing is a business where you need to sell products and services of an associated company to earn profits. The income also includes a percentage of income from the sales group which is recruited by you. This is completely a referral business and you can operate from home.

9. Marriage Bureau:

One of the most productive businesses for housewives and retired individuals is Marriage Bureau. You just have to meet and greet people and with little investment, you can run this business from home.

10. Medical Sample Collection:

If you have marginal knowledge about the blood group and various medical procedures, you can start this business. It only requires you to collect body fluid samples and provide them to a pathology clinic near you. This is a less competitive business and can be started in a small place.

Part-Time Business Ideas:

1. errand services:.

If you think you have excellent management and planning skills, you can run this business efficiently. All you have to do is look out for errand tasks such as banking, grocery shopping, paying utility bills, delivering things, etc. and earn through the services you provide.

2. Party planner:

If you enjoy planning and organizing, how about being a party planner. This is the most exciting job as it involves creativity. This business is in very much demand in the metro cities due to their party culture.

3. Accounting and Record-Keeping:

If numbers excite you then you can start an Accounting and Record-Keeping business. A finance person with experience in an accounting job can earn through this business by rendering their expert services. You need special training for this business but can start on your own with very little investment.

4. Day Care Services:

These days many parents rely on daycare centers to care for their children while they work. While some parents may just consider a professional daycare center to be the safest option for babysitting, others consider a homely environment for their children the best. So, if you like children and don’t mind spending a few hours of your day caring for them then you can start a Day Care Service center.

5. Sofa Cleaning Services:

People are getting busier each day. They do not find time to clean their furniture at home and office. If you enjoy cleaning, then you can team up with some semi-skilled or unskilled manpower and start a Sofa Cleaning service with the help of the right equipment.

6. Visa Consultant:

Consultants are always in demand. If you have knowledge about various rules and regulations of visas and can guide about the documents required in the process you can establish a Visa Consultancy firm.

7. Personal Chef:

If you love cooking and hold expertise in cooking various cuisines, you can be a Personal Chef and generate income from your services. This business requires you to invest in mainly the cooking apparatus as well as the ingredients.

8. Sports Coach:

If you share the love for sports and hold a degree in sports coaching, you can train children or individuals who want to make a career in sports. You will need to personally train the individual so he can achieve his goal.

Low-Cost Business Ideas:

1. mobile food shop:.

Mobile Food Shop is the top small business idea as people all over the world love to eat tasty and healthy food. This is a business that you can start with minimum investment and gain maximum profits as no one can ever refuse tasty food provided in a hygienic manner.

2. Fast Food Parlour:

Fast food is the first choice for people who are hungry and do not have access to home-cooked food. If you provide tasty and hygienic food at an economical rate you will gain quick profit.

3. Diet Food Shop:

These days people are too conscious about what they eat. You can find fast-food joints everywhere in the rural and urban areas, but we hardly have shops that provide healthy diet food. Therefore, starting a diet food shop is an excellent idea for a small business.

4. Health Drink:

Due to social media, people are well aware of what is good for their health. They have started opting for health drinks over carbonated drinks. Juices like neem, beetroot, and carrot are too much in demand. Thus, starting a Health Drink stall is a good business idea.

5. Ice Dish & Soda Shop:

Ice Dish & Soda Shop is one of the lowest investment businesses with maximum profit. All you need is to invest in the equipment required to make the drink, like ice snowmaker and soda maker.

6. Courier Shop:

If you are quite efficient in delivering a message, package, or letter from one place or person in the required time, this business is for you. You will require semi-skilled workers to manage the business.

7. Laundry Shop:

Every individual loves wearing fresh clothes that smell good. If you are efficient in providing good laundry service this business is for you. You can employ a few unskilled workers to help you manage the task.

8. Candle Making:

Candle Making is an art but you can make this art into a profitable business if you provide bulk orders by using available machinery through marginal investments.

9. Soap Making:

Organic and herbal soaps are in demand in the market. If you have the skills to make soaps using various ingredients, then you can make this hobby a business.

10. Idol Making:

If you are creative and have the skills to make idols, then you can start a business making idols. We are an idol-worshipping country and during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, etc idols are in great demand.

11. Bag Making:

After a ban on plastic, this area of business is flourishing as there is a huge demand for paper bags from malls and shopping units. You can use your creativity to make bags from jute, cotton, etc to sell them online or offline.

12. Pickle-Papad Making:

Pickle-Papad Making is one of the best home-based business ideas that women engage in since earlier times. You start this business part-time or full-time as per your convenience.

13. Fruit Jam Making:

Home-made fruit jams are fondly relished by people as they are free from preservatives. You can make this into a profitable business with less investment provided by various organizations.

14. Career Counselling:

If you understand the work trends and the careers that are in demand you can opt to be a Career Counselling. You can start this business from home. Nowadays parents and teachers lookout for good Career Counsellors so they can guide children in pursuing a career for their future.

15. Religious Items:

India is a country of multiple religions and languages, there are various customs and traditions that people follow. The requirements of religious items for engaging in various customs are different. Religious items such as Diya, Dhup, Murti, and Shankha are always in demand. Therefore, this business is favorable in areas where there is a religious organization nearby.

16. Pest Control:

The pest control business is slowly becoming one of the top businesses in the metro cities. Everyone wants to live a healthy life free from diseases caused by insects and mosquitos. Thus, the Pest Control business is a good option in the metro cities.

17. Paan Centre:

Anyone can open a Paan center as it does not require any skill. It is a low-cost business idea and involves the preparation and sale of paan and other related items. You can also sell small items like biscuits and chocolates along with paan.

18. Landscaping Service:

Through the landscaping business, you can provide clients with lawn services to keep their yards groomed and can also plant flowers, trees and shrubs. To start this business, you need to have the knowledge to plant flowerbeds and gardens to raise the value of a property. As the property rates are going high this business will give you maximum turnover.

19. Aquarium Shop:

The aquarium is a low-cost business where you need to take care of the fish tank and provide Professional Aquarium Leasing and Maintenance for offices or Homes. The aquarium is considered good for Vaastu therefore this is a good business with less investment.

20. House Repair Service:

Every now and then houses need maintenance and repair thus House repair Service is a lucrative business idea. If you have knowledge about construction along with a few skilled workers, you can start this business.

21. Palm Reader or Astrology:

Palm reading is a practice of predicting the future of a person by examining his/her hands. It is a convenient business and a person having the skills of a palm reader can earn a moderate sum through this business.

22. Fumigation Services:

Through Fumigation Services, gaseous pesticides are sprayed or filled in the infected area to get rid of pests. The fumigants or pesticides poison the pests in and around the area. One needs to have a clear idea of the chemicals used in the process to run this business.

23. Spy & Security Services:

No one can be trusted in the present day. Due to this the need for Spy & Security Services arrived. Many people use such services for their homes and offices

24. Car Pooling Services:

Car-pooling is a type of car rental designed to be convenient for people who want to use cars for relatively short periods of time. Car sharing services offer casual drivers the option to rent a car by the hour or day. Due to awareness about pollution and traffic control, this business is booming day by day.

25. Software Training:

If you are an expert in computer languages such as C, C++, JAVA, HTML, etc. you can start a business of software training from a small rental area or from your house.

Online Business Ideas:

1. blogging:.

A weblog which is also called a blog is maintained by a blogger to give out information about a subject. Blogging has gained momentum nowadays as it helps generate traffic and there is demand for bloggers in the market. Therefore, this can turn into an amazing online business in today’s time.

2. Vlogging:

Video blogging or vlogging is an affordable avenue to use to help your small business grow. Video blogging is an innovative way to increase your brand awareness. You can upload your blogs on YouTube and make money out of them easily. All you need is confidence in front of the camera and some editing skills to start with.

3. YouTube Channel:

By 2021, it’s estimated that 82 percent of all internet traffic will be for video. Starting a YouTube channel gives you a powerful medium to produce and distribute video content, which is only going to become more important day by day. Youtubers help individuals and businesses build influence, income, and impact with YouTube and online video.

4. Freelance writer:

Freelance writing is any sort of writing assignment that you do for pay, outside of a staff position. You can meet clients and write content for Web pages, Blog posts, magazine articles, newspaper articles, etc many companies nowadays hire freelance writers for their business.

5. SEO Expert:

An SEO company offers search engine optimization services to businesses to help them improve their visibility online. Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content to make your site more attractive to search engines. If you are somebody who has expertise in this area, then you are good to start an SEO Business.

6. Hosting Paid Webinars:

A webinar is an online event that is hosted by an organization/company and broadcast to a selected group of individuals through their computers via the Internet. A webinar allows a speaker from the hosting organization/company to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages, or other multimedia content with audiences that can be located anywhere.   If you are someone with good domain knowledge, then this is an exceptional business idea for you.

7. App Development:

Application development involves creating a computer program that performs different tasks that a business requires. The application helps businesses automate tedious processes like calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports, to increase efficiency. Many companies require this service so if you have the software skills you can make App development a profitable business.

8. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to make money online. It is the oldest form of digital marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission. You can start this business with very little investment.

9. Products Sell on Facebook:

Facebook has more than 2.3 billion monthly active users as of December 2018. Other than being a popular social networking website Facebook provides the facility to make your own store or group online. If you have a product or service with some marketing knowledge you can sell it online on Facebook and make money out of it.

10. Domain Flipping:

Domain Flipping is the business of buying a domain at a lower cost and selling it at a profitable amount. It is a simple business that can lend you a lot of revenue without much effort.

11. Sell Photos Online:

There are many different websites to sell stock photography to be used further for making graphic designs or other resources. You can create portfolios of your images and earn money. There are many different websites to sell stock photography that can help you expand your business.

12. Stock Market Trading:

Stocks are a type of security that gives the investor a share of ownership in a company. Brokers buy and sell stocks through an exchange, charging a commission to do so. A broker is simply a person who is licensed to trade stocks through the exchange. A broker can be on the trading floor or can make trades by phone or electronically. This can be a profitable online business if you have good communication skills.

13. Data Entry:

Data entry is one of the easiest business ideas where one can earn by adding data using the desired software hosted on a computer and its data entry operators who perform these tasks. The benefit of this business is that you can start a business with no previous experience.

Profitable Business Ideas:

1. restaurant:.

You can start an eatery that serves food and drinks to customers in exchange for money. Meals are generally served and eaten on the premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services which is the need of the hour. This business requires a lot of planning and hard work. With a few skilled workers, you can start this business at a medium investment from any organization.

2. Readymade Namkeen Breakfast Shop:

Namkeens are easy Breakfast that can be had on the go. You can start a Readymade Namkeen Breakfast Shop across the street as people prefer readymade Namkeen and breakfast instead of cooking at home and it is an easy snack.

3. Mobile Sales and Repair:

The mobile phone business is growing exponentially. If your customers who buy phones from you ever need mobile repairing services, there are high chances that they will come to you to get their handsets repaired. Your mobile repairing business can be a highly profitable business venture if it’s run in a professional way. The best thing is that you can start this business with a very small investment and with little experience in the same.

4. Package Drinking Water:

The demand for packaged drinking water is growing exponentially in small towns and cities in India. This is an evergreen business and there is a place for everyone who wants to step into this opportunity. The investment required in this business depends on the size of the business and the clients you hold.

5. Jewellery Production & sale:

If fashion is an area where you thrive, and you have a talent for creating unique jewelry then you can start this business. You can build a name in the local market and ask for referrals from previous customers to excel in this business.

Milk and milk products are always in demand. All you need is a small shop and cold storage facility to run this business. You can serve milk, sweets, and related products and establish a dairy business.

7. Commercial and Industrial Machinery Equipment Rental:

Offering commercial and industrial machinery and equipment for rent to various industries like construction, mining, transportation, and forestry machinery could be a profitable business idea. These firms generally do not own a store-front facility. As this heavy machinery are usually very costly, companies prefer renting them instead of buying it. This business requires moderate investment, but the returns are high compared to other businesses.

8. Travel Agency:

A travel agency is a public service related to travel and tourism. You need to have good communication skills to start this business. You can also operate from home and do not need to rent a place for starting this business. You can provide Air, Road, and Railway travel tickets to start with. This business is in huge demand in metro cities.

9. IT Hardware shop:

Hardware shops provide hardware items building materials, plumbing materials, etc. to huge electrical materials. To start this business, you need to have knowledge of the products. On average good performing, hardware makes a net profit of 10% on its daily sales.

Big Investment Business Ideas:

1. textile unit:.

The textile industry is currently contributing 2% to India’s GDP and 15% to the export earnings of the country. Opening a textile unit firm means supplying different types of fabrics for the fashion and apparel industry. The shop should be in an area where there is demand and the factory should be in an area that is well-connected.

2. Rice Mill:

Rice Mill involves the postproduction of rice. the equipment and machinery will help remove the husk from the rice to make it edible. India is still the largest exporter of Rice in the world therefore this is a profitable business.

3. Beer and Wine-Making:

In the last few years, the wine industry was at high growth, a $30 billion industry for both domestic and international wines. Therefore, starting your own beer and wine company is a diverse opportunity for business startups.

4. Manufacturing Fabrication Plant:

Metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending, welding and assembling processes. It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials. You need skilled manpower and a lot of machinery for this business.

5. Crane and Lifting Service:

Crane and Lifting Service deliver the right lifting equipment and service to match the customer’s needs. You need specialized maintenance services and spare parts for all types and makes of industrial cranes and hoists to start this business.

6. Transportation services:

To start a transportation business, you will need to decide which type of business you intend to create. The type of company you think of establishing should be determined based, among other things, on the need and competition in the area you decide to work in.  You can start a taxi service, bike rental, or bus service as per your investment in the business.

7. Car Parking Services:

If you have a huge vacant area outdoors that you can use for business purposes you can start a Car Parking Services business. It is a recent concept as the number of cars on road is increasing.

8. Petrol Pump & Gas Station:

Gas stations offer various fuels to motorists including petrol, diesel, and LPG and CNG gas. Petrol Pump is considered to be a very beneficial business. If you open petrol pumps at a decent place, you can make a lot of money.

9. Marriage Halls:

There are marriages and events happening every now and then in India. This gives rise to the demand for Marriage Halls. If you own a property that can be converted into a big hall that can accommodate 800-1000 people, you can start this business and rent it to people looking for ceremonies, weddings, parties, etc.

10. Luxurious Car Services:

The sale of Luxurious Cars has been reduced because despite the desire to buy such cars not many can afford them. The demand for Luxurious Car Services has increased in the market. In this business, you need to purchase luxurious cars and lease them. People rent luxury cars for special occasions or to make airport transport easier.

11. Imported Furniture Store:

According to data from The Retail Owners Institute, the gross profit margin for retail furniture stores has risen slightly from 43.8 percent in 2014 to 45 percent in 2018.  For this business, you can import furniture from China, UAE or other countries. You need a huge capital to start this business.

12. Electronic Store:

We are now living in the age of electronics. Electronics are tied into so many different aspects of our life. So, starting an electronic store is a profitable business but you need to have information about the products. The amount required to invest in this business may vary according to the products you provide.

13. Art and Collection Shop:

Professional artists can start their own art businesses. Starting an Art and Collection Shop requires a little business planning, a whole lot of marketing, and most importantly, the ability to create work that resonates with people.

14. Video Conference and Board Room Services:

With businesses operating more globally and at a faster pace than ever, there is an increasing need to bring together remote participants using a variety of video services for conferences, training, or regular information-sharing sessions without the requirement for extensive travel. You can make business by providing digital solutions that enhance convenience, improve productivity, and save companies crucial time and money.

15. Night Club:

If you are a night person and love music and dance, you can make others groove by starting a nightclub. The investment is big as licenses and good quality sound equipment are required to start this kind of business.

16. Poultry and Fisheries:

Poultry and Fisheries have now become popular rural enterprises in different states of the country. Apart from eggs and chicken, poultry also yields manure, which has a high fertilizer value. This becomes an added profit for the business.

17. Building Construction:

A construction company is a capital-intensive business. You may need to rent or buy heavy equipment or purchase material in bulk. A solid business plan can outline your assets and make the case for your new construction company to access funding from investment sources. This is a business with high investments that can provide higher outcomes.

18. Solar Farm:

Solar farms are replacing croplands that don’t generate enough income from traditional farming. Solar farms use solar panels to generate huge amounts of renewable electricity that can be used by individuals for commercial and residential purposes. Building a solar farm is a capital-intensive business but the Returns on Investment (ROI) are worth it in the long run.

19. UPS Business:

UPS business involves buying and selling UPS. You can collaborate with major UPS companies like APC and sell their products to make business.

20. Auto Modification Services:

Custom car shops appeal to automotive enthusiasts who are in love with engineering and designing. This business is needed because of the large demand for vehicle customization. You need to have a creative mind to start this business.

21. Chemical Unit:

The chemical industry landscape has opened new doors of opportunities for chemical buyers and sellers. This business has a huge export potential and requires huge investment.

Gold Ornament Shop: Starting your own Gold Ornament shop business is a great way to tap into the jewelry industry. A small jewelry store can be started for as little as $20,000. The cost may vary depending on your location.

22. Printing Press:

Our society is so much influenced by the printing press. Nowadays, running a printing press is a successful business. We can print books, newspapers, invitation cards, magazines, posters, flyers, pamphlets, envelopes, business cards, and stationery items. Operating a printing business requires a few specialized pieces of equipment, and can be operated as a home-based, storefront, or online business.

23. Peer 2 Peer Lending Business:

P2P lending is a business where one lends money to individuals or small and moderate businesses through online services. To start a Peer 2 Peer Lending business, you need to open an investor account for starting this business. Though profitable, this business involves great risk.

24. Internet Service provider:

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides customers with Internet access. There is a huge demand for the internet thus starting this business makes sense.

25. Computer Class:

If you have knowledge of computers and can teach others the same, then you can start a Computer Class. All you need is a few computers and a space where you can set up your business.

26. Hotel Business:

The hotel business requires huge investments and manpower. To start this business, you need to buy or rent an establishment that provides lodging and, oftentimes, meals and other services for travelers and other paying guests.

27. Oxygen gas bottle:

To start this business, you need to invest in quality equipment, a healthy supply of cylinders of liquid oxygen, compressed oxygen, and flow meters. You need to remember to maintain a safe, hygienic environment for your equipment at all times. You can own cash to cover start-up and operating expenses.

28. Car Battery:

If you are seriously thinking of launching a car battery business, get advice from someone who is already in the business. Every vehicle needs a battery may it be a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. Therefore, the Car Battery business is a very good business idea

29. Cement Business:

India has a huge potential for infrastructural growth. When the future involves the development of 99 smart cities, you can expect positive growth in the cement business. Opening a cement business can get you on the path to a secure financial future but it’s important to plan out the business in detail before you start.

30. Spice or Masala Powder:

Spices from India are going places, with exports on course to top $3 billion in the last few years. Spice Powder Making Business ensures a good return with low investment.

31. Money Lender:

Lenders are businesses or financial institutions that lend money, with the expectation that it will be paid back. The lender is paid interest on the loan as a cost of the loan. The higher the risk of not being paid back, the higher the interest rate. This business involves money therefore, you need to carefully lend money to people who can return the borrowed money with proper documentation.

32. Nursery school:

The demand for good nursery schools is growing in the city. Now is the perfect time to consider opening a nursing school. To start this business, you need trained staff and a huge space to start this business.

33. Modelling Agency:

If you are interested in representing fashion models, to work for the fashion industry then you should start a Modelling Agency. These agencies earn their income via commission, usually from the deal they make with the model and/or the head agency. The top agencies work with big-budget advertising agencies and fashion designers.

34. Pathology Lab:

Indian diagnostic market is growing at nearly 15-20% and is estimated to be currently worth 40,000 Cr. Setting up a pathological lab can be an extremely lucrative business idea.

Retail Business Ideas:

1. grocery store:.

Grocery stores sell food and other household items. Often called supermarkets, grocery stores are go-to sources for a home’s food needs. grocery shopping is an integral part of human life, and any such business that appeals to life sustenance is sure to become profitable if it is handled properly.

2. Organic Food Store:

The organic food store is another niche in the grocery business idea. To succeed in the organic food business, it is essential to have a proper plan on how to get authentic organic produce on a regular basis. Location is another very important thing to consider as you have to set up in an area where the people are health conscious and can afford the high price of organic produce.

3. Hardware Store:

A hardware store typically sells hand and power tools, building materials, plumbing supplies, cleaning products and much more. A hardware store has a lot of components to the business that requires detail-oriented planning. You need to research and find a developing area to start this business for its success.

4. Auto Spare Part Store:

Auto Spare Part Store is a cash-intensive business. With substantial capital investment and strategic planning, you can initiate this type of store. Starting an Auto Parts store is a fulfilling way to make money.

5. Stationary & Book Store:

Stationery items are always in demand whether be it a school or corporate. The best place for running stationery and bookstore is always nearby school or corporate the chances of getting more business and good profit is very high. In this business, investment is not required and no special skills are needed.

6. Cosmetic Store:

As people are nowadays becoming more beauty conscious so the demand for beauty products has increased than before. Ladies are always in search of a cosmetic store. This business too needs a very small investment.

7. Leather & Perfume Shop:

This is another form of small business in which you need to keep products like bags, belts, wallets and perfumes. These kinds of businesses are always evergreen businesses with good products and small investments.

8. Xerox Shop:

Xerox Shop is a good business for making profits. A Xerox Shop is available in every locality. This itself proves the success of running Xerox Shop along with other products like bookbinding, lamination and small stationery items. The investment required too is low. The best location to start up this business set up would be schools, colleges, offices, etc.

9. Beauty Salon:

Beauty salons are now among the emerging business in India. The beauty care segment is most likely carried out by ladies. This business demands some special skills related to skincare. The person carrying out this business should have undergone special training and courses related to skincare and have good knowledge of beauty products. Investment required for this small business start-up is very low or else you can even opt for a franchise for a well-renowned brand.

10. Medical Diagnostic Center:

Medical care is essential in today’s world. Day by day there is a new disease affecting the health of people, so timely health and medical check-up have become very important. With proper medical check-ups and advanced analysis, we can be safe from many prone to diseases. The investment required for running this business is substantial.

11. Photo Studio:

The photo studio is a business that can be started up with very less investment. Business success depends upon the skills and ideas that you have in the photography line.

12. Safety & Security Products Retail Business:

In today’s world safety and security are all that one needs. So, the safety and security products in the market are always in good demand in the retail business. For starting this business, you need to have products like helmets, safety lockers, CCTV cameras, etc.

13. Herbal & Ayurveda Products Retail Business:

Herbal and Ayurveda exist in India for a very long time. Ayurveda is a proven medicine for healing and curing diseases with no side effects. The herbal and Ayurveda medicine manufacturers are now booming in the health segment. Especially after the entry of Patanjali into the industry. This is the right time to start up with herbal and Ayurveda products retail business with moderate investment and get better profits.

14. Scrap Store:

You can also earn a profit from scrap stores. In this business what you need to do is collect scraps like newspaper, plastic, and other discarded material.

15. Gift Card Shop:

You will find at least one gift shop in all locality. Today’s world is much excited about forgiving and accepting gifts. The gift shops also possess a good amount of revenue. The gift shop business consists of business or personal giftings. Gift shop businesses require proper location and a good collection of gift cards. Gift cards are used widely on every occasion.

16. Optician Shop:

You may have even noticed there would be at least one optician shop in all areas. Eyeglasses are mostly used by the majority of people. Due to the constant climatic changes, there are often eyesight issues caused to people of all age groups. To start up with an eyeglasses business you need to have sunglasses, contact lenses and different trendy frames for specks. The rate of the products depends on the quality of the products and business location.

17. Seasonal Business:

Seasonal Business ideas are another form of business in India. This business start-up can be done with a small investment. Your business depends on the seasonal and festive needs of the consumers like crackers, raincoats, woolen clothes, etc.

18. Utensil Shop:

Utensil shopping business is a never-ending retail business idea. Requirements for starting this business is you need a suitable shop and inventory of steel items. The success of this business depends upon the location of the shop and the quality of utensils.

19. Foam Mattress:

Thinking of starting your own foam mattress business? Starting of manufacturing foam business is among small investments. You either can become a trader or a manufacturer.

20. Business Idea of Ice:

A business of ice can be started up with a very low investment. Ice is a commodity frequently used by us day-to-day for cooling.

21. Tattoo Shop:

Today’s generation is crazy about tattoos and ready for paying any amount for a good designer and trendy tattoo collections with them. The tattoo business is among the upcoming business for earning good profit. The only thing you need to know is the skills required for tattoo making or having skilled people for the same.

Manufacturing Business Ideas:

1. honey making:.

The honey Manufacturing business is another form of small business. Honey processing can be performed in two different processes manual and automatic. Starting your honey manufacturing business is easy and convenient for people planning for small-scale business.

2. Manufacturing toys:

The toy Manufacturing business is a top booming industry in the Indian business segment. Starting up a new Toy Manufacturing business is very profitable. Before setting up the business unit we need to have proper research on the prototype and raw materials required for toy manufacturing. There is machinery available in the market by which you can produce an ample number of toys and earn more profits. The toy Manufacturing business can be started up with very low investment and then further expanded.

3. Manufacturing of Plastic bottles:

If you are looking for starting up your own business venture, currently there is a booming rise in the plastic products manufacturing business. Day by day the demand and supply for plastic bottles are increasing. Before starting up with the manufacturing of plastic bottles you need to have proper knowledge and expertise in injection moulding and manufacturing. You also need to complete some legal formalities like getting up your legal documents ready, factory license number, GST number, etc.

4. Fertilizer Manufacturing:

India is the third-largest manufacturer of nitrogenous fertilizers in the globe. The fertilizer manufacturing business can be started with very low investment or high investment. If you are new to this business start with a small investment with compost fertilizer from waste items, and soon you understand the business expand your business.

5. Water Filter and bottling Plant:

Water filter and bottling plant is a commercial enterprise and one of the prime requirements nowadays. The role of the mineral water bottle plant is important for this industry and to society. For setting up a business water filter and bottling plant you need to have ample space and skilled manpower. The investment required for this business is very high.

6. Furniture making:

Furniture is an essential part of our daily life. The furniture business is also to be considered a booming industry. Furniture always has its never-ending demand from schools, colleges, offices, and homes. If you have ample space with you and skilled workers to start furniture making.

7. Production of Leather related items:

Production of leather-related items is always in huge demand in the market. Leather products such as bags, footwear, garments, etc are some leather-related items that have huge demand and are used in day-to-day living. If you get proper manpower you start up your business of production of leather-related items.

8. Electrical Fitting Production:

Electricity has become essential for our day-to-day living. We cannot even imagine a day without electricity. In today’s life, there is a high demand for electrical fitting production in the market. But even though the investment required in this business is not so high as compared to others, with a small investment we can start up an electrical fitting production.

9. Embroiderer:

We will now next cover the details related to the Embroiderer business.  To start up with this business you need to have a creative design idea for embroidery. Creative designer Embroiderer can be done with low-end machines or by sophisticated tools. This is a lucrative business and can earn a good margin.

10. Carpet Making:

The Carpet making business is among the creative business and is among the large business opportunity. Starting up a carpet-making company with a good creative mindset would lead to a highly profitable business. Before starting this business, you need to know the appropriate skill before starting the business.

11. Ceramic Tile Maker:

Ceramic Tile business is another profitable business as Tiles are required in every household. The investment required is high in this business.

12. Kitchen Utensil maker:

There is a huge requirement for Kitchen Utensils in every house. Starting a Kitchen utensil business is a great idea in terms of the profit that it will give.

Renting Business Ideas:

1. atm space rental:.

A commercial space always yields good profits. Renting your space to Bank ATM will yield fix monthly profits.

2. Car/Bus Rental:

The car rental business has grown since Ola & Uber came into existence. Buses are in huge demand for family functions, weddings, etc. Start a Car/Bus rental business with a business loan from

3. Construction Equipment Rental:

The real estate industry in India is booming day by day. Due to the high costs, developers prefer getting construction equipment for rent. Starting this business will result in high profits every time.

4. Fancy Dress Renting Business:

Starting a Fancy-dress business is a low-investment business idea as you need to buy dresses that fit kids as there is a huge requirement from school kids for school events. Start your fancy-dress renting business and earn handsomely.

5. Decorator:

Starting a Decorator business is always a great idea as every event requires decoration material, chairs, stage material, etc. Though the initial investment in this business is high, it will yield a profit at every event as the same stuff will be used.

There are many more such ideas wherein the investment required is low, but the profits can be significantly high. Such lucrative ideas mostly depend on your people and networking skills, knowledge in niche areas, and latent demand for the same in the market. If you are bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, take the plunge today. If financing your venture is a stumbling block, visit .

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  • 13 min read

17 best businesses to start with little money in 2023

Best Business to Start with Little Money

This post was last updated on June 15, 2023.

Starting a successful business doesn’t have to leave a gaping hole in your wallet. With a strong business idea and the right tools, you can start a business without investing too much money upfront or investing into heaps of inventory.

From eCommerce business ideas to service-focused businesses, there are a plethora of opportunities to break into the business world. Here are 17 business ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

button to launch your Wix eCommerce store

17 of the best low-investment business ideas:

Sell products online with dropshipping

Sell print-on-demand merchandise

Become an Amazon seller

Take your brick-and-mortar business online

Create instructional or entertaining videos

Start your own subscription service

Launch an interior design or home decor business

Start a podcast

Publish your own book

Provide remote consultation services

Sell second-hand or vintage goods

Start a candle business

Sell handcrafted goods

Participate in affiliate marketing

Monetize your blog

Sell shoes online

Sell books online

01. Sell products online with dropshipping

In traditional retail models, manufacturing, acquiring, and warehousing inventory can cost a pretty penny—and that’s excluding the cost of packaging and shipping your products.

Fortunately, dropshipping has revolutionized the game. Under this model, you can avoid typical startup costs by trusting a third-party supplier to create, package, and ship items directly to your customers.

Dropshipping offers a fast way to enter the eCommerce business by providing access to thousands (if not millions) of ready-to-ship products. It’s also a low-cost way to test product-market fit and/or experiment with trending products.

Data across 700,000 Wix Stores even shows that businesses that use dropshipping launch an average of 15% faster than other online retailers.

step-by-step process of how dropshipping works

However, to successfully start a dropshipping business , you’ll need to have a clear vision for how to market your online store. Since you’ll be competing against other resellers of the same product(s), you’ll need to differentiate yourself through strong branding, messaging, and marketing.

Get started with Wix’s dropshipping solution today.

02. Sell print-on-demand merchandise

print-on-demand canvas bag and accessories

Print on demand (POD) works similarly to dropshipping; it’s another way to outsource fulfillment to a supplier. POD, however, allows you to create and sell unique products that feature your own designs.

Using POD, you could:

Start a t-shirt business featuring your own branded designs

Add cat photos to novelty socks

Create stickers for dog lovers

Sell merchandise with original artwork that you've created

Alternatively, you could hire and collaborate with freelance artists through sites like Fiverr , 99Designs , or DeviantArt .

Once you're ready to sell, simply connect your online store to a platform like Modalyst , Printful ,or Printify . All of these POD companies integrate with Wix eCommerce, allowing you to easily list POD products for sale on your site and route orders to the right suppliers.

03. Become an Amazon (or other marketplace) seller

Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy already attract millions of shoppers. While it's essential to have your own fully branded store, a multichannel selling strategy allows you to reach a wider audience faster—and at a relatively low cost compared to traditional advertising or retailing.

Based on data trends from over 700,000 Wix Stores worldwide, eCommerce sellers with an additional sales channel can increase sales up to 12%.

With Wix eCommerce, you can automatically import existing product listings to marketplaces like Amazon. You can also manage all of your orders and inventory from one place, minimizing the amount of time needed to manage multiple sales channels.

That said, each channel has its quirks, so you'll want to be selective of where you sell. Take the time to understand buyers' values, motivations, and personalities to anticipate the types of products they're looking to find on each site.

04. Take your brick-and-mortar business online

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you can expand your reach by selling online while avoiding a large increase in your business costs.

Case in point: Angel Gregorio, owner of The Spice Suite , took a leap of faith when she quit her day job to become a “full-time spice girl.” What started as a brick-and-mortar store (an interactive spice bar featuring spice blends from across the world) evolved into an online empire. With the help of Wix's online store templates and back-office tools, she was able to take her business online and sell spice boxes, which served as a core revenue stream during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of a successful shift to a hybrid online model, The Spice Suite made over $2 million in sales, with their online store representing the most successful part of the business.

In the same vein, eCommerce has been a welcome addition to several other businesses in the food and restaurant industry.

Catering company Cleverchefs shifted online by selling and delivering restaurant-standard food boxes to customers’ homes.

Single-malt whiskey retailer Bimber Distillery was able tap into a global market by offering ready-to-buy products, tour bookings, and other perks online.

Whether you’re looking to sell food boxes, clothes, or car parts, eCommerce can be a wise, low-cost investment.

05. Create instructional or entertaining videos

Create cooking videos, workout videos, kid-friendly content—whatever floats your boat. The revenue potential is massive if you're able to engage and nurture a loyal audience.

There are various ways to make money with digital video content. You could charge a monthly channel subscription that gives customers full access to exclusive content. Or, if you work with video hosting platforms like YouTube, you could monetize your content based on the number of viewers.

Another option: sell or rent your videos , allowing viewers to download your video or access it over a 24-48-hour cycle.

Whichever pricing model you pursue, consider offering some of your content for free to give customers an idea of your product and nudge them to make a purchase. Host live streaming or webinars with Zoom, Vimeo, and YouTube that focus on building an engaged community.

06. Start your own subscription service

example of a monthly coffee subscription

eCommerce has seen a boom in the product subscription service industry, with big names like Netflix and Ipsy amassing large followings throughout the years. Within this sector, three types of subscription services have emerged:

Replenishment - Recurring purchases of frequently used items, like toilet paper, coffee beans, toothpaste, or razors

Curation - Boxes of themed items, like apparel, beauty, books, food, and wine

Access subscriptions - Discounts or premium member perks, typically in industries like food, beauty, and apparel

There are various ways that you can start a subscription box business . The most important step is to define a clear niche. It helps to pick a niche that you know well.

For example, do you already sell a product that you can turn into a subscription? Maybe you have a hobby like soap-making, hot sauce recipes, or homemade sanitizers with essential oils? Create a gift box of your products and set up tiered memberships for premium access.

07. Launch an interior design or home decor business

Kaekoo home decor site

An eye for design is a fantastic asset when it comes to home business ideas. Home decor company Kaekoo , for example, hit it big selling handcrafted textiles online.

Part of their success can be attributed to:

Strong branding. Through their website, Kaekoo expresses their devotion to ethically sourced, handcrafted goods. Their products additionally use “ancestral techniques celebrated across generations.”

Purposeful and unique. “Each pillow is sewn with a custom leather tag with the name of the Pillow Lady design you chose,” writes Kaekoo on its site. “Just like your home, each of our pillow designs comes with its own story.”

Gift cards. Gifts cards are available for purchase through Kaekoo’s site, allowing customers to refer their friends to the brand. (Did you know: 69% of customers spend more than the value of their cards when redeeming them online, according to data from across 700,000+ Wix Stores.)

Artisans can similarly tap into this market by selling home decor, whether it involves interior design , woodworking, macrame pieces, painting (see how to start a painting business ), candle-making, indoor plants, or custom mason jars. Go the extra mile by sharing your home art, craft ideas, and decorating tips on your shop to inspire customers as they look through your products.

08. Start a podcast

wix template for a podcast site

Podcast ad revenues are expected to surpass $2 billion in 2023, and to reach closer to $3 billion by 2025. Outside of ads, you can use your podcasting platform to offer courses, publish premium content, or host events.

If this tickles your fancy, start by picking a topic that you personally find interesting. Look for ways to entertain, inform, and inspire using your topical expertise. Team up with friends, invite special guests, and/or work with influencers to add value and increase your exposure.

You can record your podcast using audio hosting sites like SoundCloud or Libsyn. When you finish recording, use the Wix Podcast Player to showcase and stream podcasts from your site.

Once you have enough listeners, you can find sponsorship deals on sites like Ad Results Media , Adopter Media , or True Native Media . Pro tip: to give you revenue an additional boost, think of ways to complement your podcast brand with print-on-demand merchandise like branded tees, socks, and other accessories.

09. Publish your own book

Have you always dreamed of writing your own book? Make this the year you finally get your book published. You can self-publish your own ebook and promote your book through your own online store or a marketplace like Amazon.

For inspiration, take a page from Ashley Antoinette, New York Times best-selling author and founder of . Antoinette uses her website as a platform to promote her immensely popular Butterfly series, as well as her upcoming Book Lovers App. Her homepage features a countdown for the next book drop.

Moreover, Antoinette’s connection with her fans (known as the #asharmy ) is a testament to the accessibility of creating community online. The results speak for themselves: Antoinette has sold over one million books to date.

Unsure of what to write about?

Create a story out of real-life events

Repurpose your old blog posts as an ebook

Narrate an audiobook

Make sure to take advantage of Wix’s website templates that are specially designed for authors and publishers. And, collect royalties by distributing your ebook or paperback through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing .

10. Provide remote consultation services

Just as expanding online allows brick-and-mortar stores to reach larger audiences, shifting to an online model for consultation services enables you to reach a global customer base.

There are multiple avenues you could take. For example, build and design websites for other folks who aren’t as familiar with Wix eCommerce or other site builders. Or, offer virtual tutorials and coaching sessions (see how to start a coaching business ) to share best practices and tips with other business owners.

Do you work in the medical industry? If you’re a general physician, nutritionist, or therapist, you could provide consultations by phone or video. Start by setting up a website where patients can schedule and manage their meetings, then integrate your site with Zoom.

11. Sell second-hand or vintage goods

If you love rummaging and finding deals on vintage clothing or second-hand goods, then creating a business out of doing it for others may be the perfect startup venture.

Begin by selecting a niche for your vintage store. Some examples include:

Clothing or goods from a particular decade

Vintage formalwear

A hip young adult vintage trend

Vintage home decor

It pays to focus on a value or style that you love. For example, Henny Penny Vintage , a spunky vintage shop, is committed to “giving fast fashion the middle finger” and promoting sustainable fashion through its store. Meanwhile, I Can Tell By The Moon Vintage sells more romantic, antique clothing and home decor.

Once you determine your niche, start sourcing, repairing, and reselling a few pieces to start. By keeping your initial inventory small, you can keep your costs low and spend time getting familiar with how to sell vintage clothing online.

12. Start a candle business

The candle industry is expected to reach $9.9 billion in annual revenue by 2028, according to Vantage Market Research . If you’re a craft lover or someone who already makes candles as a hobby, then the candle-making business could be your calling.

Starting a candle business offers several unique advantages:

Low startup costs - You can find basic candle-making kits and supplies at your local craft store or online

Tons of free resources - You can find plenty of free tutorials, recipes, and walk-through videos online

Healthy profit margins - The average candle business can expect to sell their candles at a 25% to 50% markup

Of course, you’ll first want to master the craft of candle-making before putting your items up for sale. Test various aspects of your products, like smell, safety, and burn time. Decide whether you want to brand your candles as high-end, luxury candles or fun, playful scents offered at a more affordable price.

As an example, Coal and Canary focuses on creating “hand-poured luxury wood wick candles for every occasion – and for everyday…each candle is hand poured with the highest attention to detail and lovingly housed in a beautiful re-usable glass vessel.”

Once you’ve mastered your branding and candle recipe, put your creations up for sale on your own branded store.

13. Sell handcrafted goods

If candles aren’t for you, there are a variety of other ways to meld your creativity with your entrepreneurial spirit. You could sell knitted accessories or hand-painted art, to name a few.

Wix merchant, Sena Runa , made a business out of selling beautiful, paper-based artwork online. In addition to selling various framed art pieces, Sena Runa offers YouTube tutorials and downloadable templates for other aspiring artists.

As with any business, begin by choosing a niche and your target market. Then, select a primary platform for selling your products.

For example, many crafters start by selling crafts online through a third-party marketplace such as Etsy, Amazon, or eBay. However, to retain complete control of your brand, costs, and your customer's shopping experience, it’s wisest to build an online shop to serve as your flagship location. You can always expand to marketplaces afterwards (e.g., Wix’s multichannel campaigns allow you to automatically upload your products to Amazon, eBay, and other channels).

Analyze what types of products appeal to your audience, and create a cohesive brand aesthetic.

14. Participate in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is ideal if you don’t have a product or service of your own to sell, or if you simply want to generate passive income.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll be promoting another company’s product or service through your channel of choice. Be it a YouTube channel or social media, you can bring awareness to your brand partner’s products and, in return, earn a commission for every sale that you influence.

Roughly 80% of brands offer an affiliate program, so finding one that complements your interests is certainly doable. To find a product to promote, start by checking your favorite brands and seeing if they offer affiliate programs. Another option is to check affiliate marketing networks like ClickBank, ShareASale, and Affiliate Future, which offer thousands of affiliate opportunities.

Look for a program with a commission structure that you’re comfortable with. And, most importantly, find a product that you actually use and enjoy. Do not risk your credibility by promoting brands or products that you’ve never tried before.

15. Monetize your blog

A blog is not only an outlet for creativity. It can also serve as a powerful money-making vehicle. But before being able to monetize your blog , you first need to understand the fundamentals of building a blog with high-quality content and an engaged audience.

Learn more: How to start a blog

Note: building a great blog takes time and a lot of TLC. Still, once you’ve created a solid foundation, you can explore the many ways to make money from your hard work.

Here are a few ways that bloggers are getting paid for their time:

Offer paid membership plans - Set aside some of your content exclusively for paid subscribers. With Wix, you can easily create a subscription plan and flag select posts for subscriber-only access.

Become a freelance blogger - Reach out to brands with active blogs and inquire about freelance writing opportunities. You can additionally search for freelance writing gigs on job boards or LinkedIn.

Make money from online ads - Display ads on your site using Google AdSense and collect revenue each time a user clicks an ad from your site. AdSense allows you to specify which types of ads are most relevant to your audience to increase their chances of clicking.

16. Sell shoes online

Do you consider yourself a sneakerhead? Or perhaps you simply have a stockpile of shoes collecting dust in your closet?

The shoe business could serve as a good side hustle, given that the average yearly shoe volume is expected to grow by 14% in 2023, according to Statista . Not to mention that you could get started in a variety of ways. Sell good-as-new shoes from your closet and local thrift store, or collect and resell trendy kicks. Advancements in print on demand and dropshipping even allow you to sell custom or branded shoes, without shooting up your startup costs.

List your shoes for sale through an online store that features your full collection of shoes. Supplement this with other sales channels, such as eBay, where 15 pairs of sneakers are sold every minute. There’s also StockX, GOAT, TheRealReal, and many other marketplaces—each with its own unique customer base that you can tap into.

17. Sell books online

Do you love immersing yourself in the world of books? What if you could share that passion with others as an online bookseller?

Similar to selling shoes, you can start selling books online with very little upfront expenses. Sell books off your shelf, including old textbooks, popular classics, or children’s books. Online tools like BookScouter can help you estimate the value of your books.

Alternatively, source used books at second-hand stores, library book sales, estate sales, and flea markets. Or, source new books from book distributors, publishers, and local writers.

To maximize your chances of success, decide what kind of bookseller you want to be. Do you want to:

Specialize in a specific genre (i.e., comic books, graphic novels, biographies, etc.)

Sell used, rare, or vintage books

Focus on books pertaining to a particular topic (i.e., cooking, sewing, crafting, boating, remodeling, etc.)

Curate books for a specific audience (i.e., children, teachers, entrepreneurs)

Create a collection where each book has a history or story of its own (i.e., books owned/written by influential people, banned books, books written by women posing as men)

Book lovers value a personalized experience, so it pays to differentiate your business by themes like the ones listed above. You can further beef up your offering by designing and selling book accessories in your online store. You can additionally offer services like a private curation service, subscription box, or book club.

Start your business today

The best business idea is one that aligns with your audience’s interests as well as your own. Your business venture shouldn’t solely be motivated by the potential to make money (this is a surefire way to experience burnout), but should align with a value, cause, or passion that’s near and dear to your heart.

To make the most out of a small start-up budget, it’s also wise to start with a business model that doesn’t require a lot of overhead in the early stages of development. Dropshipping, print-on-demand, and multichannel retail are all great ways to maximize a tight budget, and to give yourself wiggle room to experiment.

With a little ingenuity, you can grow and nurture your low-investment business idea into a full-fledged success.

Ready to get your business started? Sign up for Wix eCommerce today.

Looking to start a business in a specific state?

How to start a business in Connecticut

How to start a business in Indiana

How to start a business in Wisconsin

How to start a business in Washington

How to start a business in Michigan

How to start a business in Utah

How to start a business in Virginia

How to start a business in Arizona

How to start a business in Texas

How to start a business in Ohio

Best business to start with little money FAQ

What is the cheapest business type to start.

There are many different types of businesses that can be started with little money. Here are a few examples:

Service-based businesses: These businesses provide services to customers, such as a dog walking business , house cleaning, or web design. Service-based businesses typically require little start-up capital, as you don't need to purchase inventory or equipment.

Freelance businesses: These businesses allow you to sell your skills and expertise to clients. Freelance businesses can be started with little money, as you don't need to purchase inventory or equipment. However, you may need to invest in marketing and advertising to find clients.

eCommerce businesses: These businesses sell products online. eCommerce businesses can be started with little money, as you can use a free website builder to set up your store. However, you may need to invest in marketing and advertising to drive traffic to your store.

What can I sell to earn money?

There are many different products and services that you can sell to earn money:

Physical products: You can sell physical products that you create yourself, or you can buy products wholesale and then sell them at a higher price.

Digital products: You can create and sell digital products, such as e-books, courses, or templates. Digital products are a great option for businesses with little money, as you don't need to worry about shipping or inventory.

Services: You can provide services to customers, such as dog walking, house cleaning, or web design. Services are a great option for businesses with little money, as you don't need to invest in inventory or equipment.

What is the most profitable small business?

The most profitable small business is the one that you are most passionate about and that you are best at. If you can find a business that you are passionate about and that you are good at, you will be more likely to succeed.

Here are some other factors that can contribute to the profitability of a small business:

The size of the market: The larger the market for your product or service, the more potential customers you will have.

The level of competition: The less competition you have, the more likely you are to be successful.

Your marketing and sales skills: The better you are at marketing and selling your product or service, the more successful you will be.

No matter what type of business you choose to start, it is important to do your research and create a business plan. This will help you increase your chances of success.

headshot of Allison Lee

Allison Lee Editor, Wix eCommerce

Allison is the editor for the Wix eCommerce blog, with several years of experience reporting on eCommerce news, strategies, and founder stories.

headshot of Brielle Gordon

Brielle Gordon

Marketing Writer, Wix eCommerce

Brielle is a Colorado native with a passion for innovation and helping to mobilize entrepreneurs. Brielle is a marketing writer for Wix eCommerce, which powers over 700k online stores worldwide.

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The 23 Most Profitable Businesses in 2023

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Some people venture into entrepreneurship with a clear vision: They know what industry they want to conquer and the path they’re going to take to get there. However, for many new entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to figure out how to start a business — plus, determine exactly what type of business is the best choice to invest in.

To help you launch your journey, we’ve compiled a list of the most profitable businesses, considering factors such as industry growth and competitiveness, startup costs and barriers to entry, as well as profitability potential.

unique business ideas with less investment

Most profitable small businesses

With a solid business plan, hard work and determination, any strong business idea may become successful and profitable.

Businesses in high-growth industries with lower startup costs , however, may have greater profitability potential. With the rise of technology, for instance, you’ll probably have more success starting a virtual assistant business than opening a grocery store.

Although some of the most profitable businesses are based online, others involve in-person services, and some are a great fit if you're an entrepreneur on the go. Here’s our list of the most profitable small businesses:

1. Food trucks

The food truck movement has been experiencing consistent growth over the past five years — and it’s expected to continue — with the market projected to grow to $6.6 billion by 2028, according to a 2021 report by Grand View Research. You can start a food truck business for less than a third of what it costs to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant; plus, you have geographic versatility, the potential for high revenue returns and the flexibility to create a custom menu that’s all your own.

Keep in mind that bigger, trendier cities like San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C., already have a pretty saturated food truck market (as well as tougher regulations to get started) — so this might be a more successful business in a smaller heartland metropolis.

Food trucks also tend to have their own special set of ordinances, business licenses and safety compliance standards. They also require food business insurance , so you’ll want to contact your local health department to find out what will be required.

2. Car wash services

The rising price and expanded features of new vehicles are causing car owners to keep their cars longer, according to a 2020 study by Consumer Reports. And as drivers keep their cars longer, businesses like car washes that help people maintain the value of their auto investment are expected to keep rising as well.

According to the International Carwash Association, 66% of Americans wash their vehicles somewhere between one to two times per month, with an average of 13 times per year. The car wash market is projected to increase from $14.7 billion in 2021 to $20.7 billion by 2028.

You might make a car wash business even more profitable by turning it into a mobile service. Customers may pay more for a car wash that comes to them, especially if they have a luxury car and prefer a more personalized service. And as a mobile car wash and auto detailing service, you’d avoid the overhead and startup costs of having a physical location.

3. Auto repair

In 2021, the average age of cars and light trucks in the U.S. rose to 12.1 years, increasing from 9.6 years in 2002, according to IHS Markit (now part of S&P Global). People are keeping their cars longer than ever, suggesting there’s significant opportunity in the maintenance and repair business.

Additionally, car owners are more likely to visit a small business for repairs; according to the Auto Care Association, more than 70% of repair business is captured by independent repair facilities compared with dealerships or manufacturer-authorized repair facilities.

If you’re skilled as a mechanic, you might consider an auto repair service as one of the most profitable business ideas. You can offer oil changes, fluid refills, battery swaps, headlight repair and more. And if you’re looking to save on overhead costs, you might make it a mobile service and travel to your customers, performing repairs in their driveway or office parking lot.

unique business ideas with less investment

4. Personal trainers

Employment of fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 39% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But turning your love of fitness into a career doesn’t have to mean working for a big corporate gym — nor do you need the overhead of having your own location to train clients. Throw a few weights, bands and yoga mats into the trunk of your car, and take your fitness show on the road.

You can become a personal trainer by offering one-on-one sessions in your clients’ homes or advertising group classes at a local park or community center. Making fitness more available to your clients might just be the ticket to helping both of you achieve your goals.

» MORE: Best mobile business ideas for on-the-go entrepreneurs

5. Newborn and post-pregnancy services

Although millennials are deferring parenthood for longer than previous generations, many do eventually want to have kids. In fact, according to an analysis of government data by the Pew Research Center, as of 2018, more than half of millennial women have had a child.

Now, both millennials and Generation Z are considering parenthood, and the need for child-oriented businesses is growing, starting with post-pregnancy and newborn-related services. And as a result, a 2018 Research and Markets report expects the maternity care market in North America to reach over $3 billion by 2023.

Demand for doulas and lactation consultants, in particular, has risen among new mothers, and both business options have relatively low overhead requirements beyond education and certification.

See how to get your business started quickly

Find the money to get going: Compare the best small business loan options right now .

Set up a bank account: Details on how to get a free business checking account .

Start accepting credit cards and other payments: Options and how to use point-of-sale systems .

Start tracking your profits:  Pick out and set up simple accounting software .

6. Enrichment activities for children

While Americans continue to have children, shrinking budgets for education mean that both traditional academics and enrichment subjects like music, art and athletics often take a significant hit.

A successful business to start might be one that teaches enrichment activities to children. According to a 2018 U.S. Census Bureau report, kids are just as involved in extracurricular activities today as they were 15 years ago. And some research indicates that nearly half of American parents spend more than $1,000 annually on their children’s activities.

You could launch a gymnastics center or music school, become a swimming instructor or kids’ yoga teacher, or focus on some other child-centered activity. If you have a skill that could be easily taught to young students, you might already have a profitable business in the making.

7. Mobile apps and entertainment for children

If your interests are in development and engineering, you might consider gearing your technology toward the youngest users. Research shows that demand for tablets, apps and mobile entertainment for children is on the rise — especially if those products are education-focused.

According to a Learning First Alliance report on mobile devices and early childhood education produced by research firm Grunwald Associates, more than 60% of parents surveyed believe that mobile devices and apps have benefits for teaching kids skills in reading, math, science and world languages.

Do you have an idea for an educational app for children or parents? If so, now's the time to move forward on your bright idea for the next generation and make this potentially profitable business a reality.

8. Shared accessories and attire

Sites like Rent the Runway and Gwynnie Bee have banked on the idea of the sharing economy — where we want and need to own less stuff, so instead, we share resources.

These companies offer borrowed or rented clothing and accessories at a fraction of their purchase prices, and because the same piece of inventory generates revenue multiple times, the profitability of these ventures can be significant. According to a 2021 study by the reselling platform Mercari, the secondhand-clothing market is projected to more than triple by 2030.

Do you have an eye for fashion and a sense of style not currently offered by other rental services? Maybe you’re ready to be the next big thing.

Even if you’re not prepared to launch a multimillion-dollar fashion startup, you can just as easily profit from shared fashion at the local level. Gather some favorite accessories or clothing picks and host a borrowing party — where customers can rent or purchase items from your closet — for high school students before the next formal dance.

If you’re in a college town, Greek life formals are another great opportunity to profit from shared economy fashion. And because you’re taking shipping costs out of the equation, you have the potential to be even more profitable.

» MORE: Best business credit cards for LLCs

9. Shared home improvement equipment

Are you the go-to person in your neighborhood for every lawn, garden and home repair tool? Why not turn those tools into a profitable business by advertising your available equipment beyond your immediate friend group?

You might even decide to invest in more specialized and higher-cost equipment that would be useful to those around you. And if a customer doesn’t know how to use a specific tool, combine equipment rental with your mobile service for even more cash in the bank.

Home improvement spending has increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic — and U.S. households spent an average of $8,305 on improvement projects in 2020 alone, according to a study from Home Advisor. As more people continue to invest in fixer-upper houses and remodel, this could be a big opportunity.

» MORE: Best small-town business ideas

10. Vacation rentals

If you live in a highly desirable tourist destination, you can make a profit renting space in your home to travelers. Sites like Airbnb or VRBO have made it easier than ever to profit from your unused vacation property — or even your extra bedroom. According to Airbnb, the average U.S. host makes over $13,800 a year.

It's not too difficult to become an Airbnb host , and the demand for these types of rentals has only grown in recent years. In 2021, 356.9 million nights were booked on Airbnb — up from 251.1 million nights in 2020. However, some cities have laws and regulations regarding Airbnb and other rental platforms, so you’ll want to make sure you check the guidelines in your area before getting started.

11. Electronics repair

According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2021, 85% of Americans own a smartphone, and over 75% of U.S. adults own a desktop or laptop computer. And with more employees working from home, there’s an even greater reliance on a variety of electronics.

That means that when something goes wrong, people want help fixing it as soon as possible. This makes electronics repair a potentially lucrative business idea. According to a 2022 report from the Business Research Company, the global electronics repair and maintenance market is expected to grow from about $8 billion in 2021 to $9.6 billion in 2026.

With this service, you could be the solution for every broken iPhone screen, Wi-Fi card and laptop battery. And you might be even more successful if you’re willing to travel to your customer. Apple stores and other electronics retailers have come under fire recently for long customer wait times, which could work in favor of mobile providers.

Although a mobile electronics repair business involves some overhead in the form of purchasing supplies, being mobile saves you from having to pay the costs associated with a physical location.

12. Academics courses

Online entrepreneurs can offer courses through educational platforms or independently on their own websites. The U.S. e-learning market has accelerated growth since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and is predicted to increase by $21.6 billion in 2024, according to a 2020 report by Technavio.

You might start your business by providing courses in traditional academics, offering online instruction in grade-level reading, math, science, history or standardized test preparation. You could even create a review course for parents helping teens with their algebra homework. If you’re creative, the possibilities are truly endless.

And academic courses don’t have to end at the high school or even college level. You can create an online course to share your love of political history, Buddhist theology or rocket science. If you’re interested in a particular subject, chances are someone else is, too.

13. Language courses

Currently, one-fifth of U.S. families speak one other language, apart from English — based on data from the Census Bureau. And with more languages being spoken nationwide, the demand for online language learning courses is growing. The market is projected to increase by $5.7 billion from 2021 to 2026, according to a 2022 report from Technavio.

So whether you take to the online education space with expertise in English, or you harness your mastery of Swahili, there’s likely someone out there who wants to learn a language from you.

And if you speak one of the most in-demand languages, such as Mandarin, Spanish or Arabic, then online-based language courses could be one of your most profitable business ideas.

» MORE: Easy online business ideas you can start now

14. Business or marketing courses

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, participation in career-focused online courses has grown significantly, especially as more employees look to change jobs or work from home. For instance, LinkedIn saw a 53% increase in global hours spent learning from 2020 to 2021.

Companies have expanded or launched new coverage for tuition reimbursement in recent months, meaning workers have money to spend on these types of classes. According to a 2022 Harris Poll performed on behalf of Fortune, 14% of employees reported their companies offer some type of coverage or reimbursement for online training courses; and over the past six months, 10% of employees reported their employers have expanded or launched new coverage for these types of training opportunities.

If you have career skills to share, you can start creating online courses with few initial costs. Popular course topics include bookkeeping, QuickBooks accounting software , WordPress web development, graphic design or even how to write a great cover letter or resume.

15. Personal wellness

Are you a therapist or counselor, a yoga instructor, a life coach or a longtime meditator? If you have a deep passion for personal wellness, you might be able to help others — while also earning a significant income.

For example, in 2017, the U.S. accounted for nearly 50% of the global yoga market, according to a 2019 report by Allied Market Research. The same report predicts the U.S yoga market to grow at a compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, of 11% by 2025. Americans who practice yoga spend, on average, around $90 a month on the activity, according to a 2019 survey from OnePoll and Eventbrite. Additionally, the number of people participating in wellness activities online has grown significantly. Yoga was the most popular ClassPass digital workout of 2020, experiencing a 25% increase in reservations over 2019.

And, like many of the options on our list, as long as you have the knowledge, the costs to start a personal wellness business are low.

Every person has a desire to better themselves, and that’s what online courses are all about. If you have this expertise to share, you could turn your knowledge into a profitable business.

16. Courses in hobbies or interests

While many courses are designed to further an education or career prospects or to promote major life changes, you can just as easily design an online course around any hobby or interest.

Do you have a passion for calligraphy or craft brewing ? Have you mastered a certain video game? You'd be surprised at the number of people willing to pay to learn about topics they're interested in. Some of the bestselling courses on the popular online learning platform Udemy include web development, ethical hacking, cryptocurrency, Photoshop and drawing — and they sell for up to $150 per class.

Not sure how to start designing your own online course? Well, there are even online courses for creating your own online course. You can use one of these courses to propel your own online course business.

17. Bookkeeping and accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping are unavoidable requirements of business ownership. But for many entrepreneurs, money management is the most tedious part of owning a business; that's why some business owners choose to outsource those tasks.

Whether you’re a certified public accountant or just a QuickBooks wizard, you might be the perfect candidate to launch your own bookkeeping business . With a net profit margin of 18.4% (according to a 2017 Sageworks report), bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation and payroll services have long been some of the most profitable businesses for entrepreneurs.

As a bookkeeper, you can process invoices and payroll, compile expense reports and more. If you have a CPA license, you can help business owners file taxes, generate balance sheets and other accounting documents, as well as make professional recommendations about your client’s bottom line.

18. Consulting

If you’ve been in the business world for a long time, folks may be clamoring for your knowledge and expertise within your industry. Why not turn all that know-how into a new career as an independent consultant?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for consulting services is expected to increase, particularly among smaller companies that deal in specialized industries or business functions. Employment of management analysts, which includes consultants across different industries, is projected to grow 14% from 2020 to 2030 — faster than average for all occupations.

As an independent consultant, you can be paid to speak at industry conferences or events, serve on a board of advisors for a fledgling business, or lend your expertise to shape the strategy of an existing business on a contract basis.

Whatever your skill set, starting a consulting business is a great way to make the income of your dreams while working on your own terms.

» MORE: 145 new service business ideas for 2022

19. IT support

Our reliance on technology makes IT support just as profitable a business idea as electronics repair and other tech businesses — especially considering employment of IT professionals is projected to grow 9% from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With an IT business, you can help customers when they have issues with their internet or computer software, as well as install security programs and network updates.

If technology comes easily to you — and you’re a relatively patient person — then the most profitable business for you might be hitting the road, at least in your neighborhood, with mobile IT support. You can offer a service to combat the chat or phone support typically offered by technology manufacturers, which often includes long wait times and leaves customers with unanswered questions.

All you need is time, transportation and your own know-how, so this low-overhead business model could be almost pure profit.

20. Graphic design

As the number of brands vying for consumers’ attention grows, a slick and polished image has become more important than ever for small businesses. Adobe’s research has shown that 73% of companies that are investing in design are doing so to stand out from the competition.

And although, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for graphic designers is expected to grow only 3% from 2020 to 2030, there are opportunities out there, especially for graphic designers who work freelance — which 90% of graphic designers in the industry do, according to a 2021 report by IBIS World.

Do you know your way around Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign? Have you taken a few design classes, and do you have an eye for good branding? Turn your skills into a business as a freelance graphic designer. You’ll have almost no overhead and can help small-business owners create awesome marketing graphics.

21. Social media management

These days, customers expect a business to have a strong social media presence and to be responsive to customer service issues on social media.

Although many small-business owners know they need to engage in social media marketing, few have the necessary time or expertise to manage all of their social media accounts.

If you’re fluent in Twitter, live your life on Facebook and have gotten every job you’ve ever had through LinkedIn, you might consider turning your social media expertise into your own solopreneur business venture — offering support to business owners who need help managing their brands' social media platforms.

As long as you have your own laptop, smartphone and social media accounts, there are few costs to getting started, and job growth in the industry is projected to increase 11% from 2020 to 2030 — faster than average for all other occupations.

22. Marketing copywriter

If you’re particularly adept with words, you can use your talents to write copy for various companies’ marketing efforts.

Based on data from LinkedIn, hiring for digital marketing professionals grew 33% year-over-year from 2019 to 2020, and it grew 49% in the same time frame for content creators (including roles such as blogger, creative writer and editor).

Whether you’re coining a catchy slogan or writing an in-depth description of a company’s offerings, if you’re doing it as an independent contractor, you’ll have very few startup costs. Once you get started and build relationships with clients, you’ll quickly be able to earn a profit for your services.

23. Virtual assistant services

With more employees working from home, and with teams spread out across different locations and time zones, businesses can benefit from an assistant who is just as flexible as they are. There's no longer the need to meet with a client every day in an office — you can work as an assistant from New York when your client lives in Florida.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average remote virtual assistant in the U.S. makes $63,500 a year.

As a virtual assistant , you can choose your clients and create your own schedule, managing emails, scheduling meetings, booking travel and completing other basic tasks to make your customers’ lives and businesses run more smoothly.

Plus, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to start this business.

How to start a profitable business

These ideas for profitable businesses span a variety of industries and involve varying time commitments and startup costs. Before you can earn any profit, however, you’ve got to get your business off the ground.

Here are three steps to help you get started:

1. Do your research

Whether you choose one of the ideas here or come up with something on your own, do your research before committing to any concept. You'll want to perform idea validation, a process that involves market and competitor research, as well as a financial feasibility analysis to help test your business idea and determine whether you want to move forward with your business proposal.

2. Get organized and make it official

Once you’ve chosen a strong business idea, you’re ready to create a thorough business plan . Your business plan will outline your company’s goals — and how you’ll achieve them — as well as provide a roadmap for you (and potential investors) to follow for the next three to five years.

After you’ve written your business plan, you can take the necessary steps to make your small business official. You’ll choose a business structure, apply for an employer identification number, register your “Doing Business As” name (if necessary) and get the business licenses and registrations you need to open your doors.

» MORE: Important legal requirements for starting a small business

3. Find the right financing

It can be difficult for startups to qualify for some traditional business loans, as they often require multiple years of business history for approval. Instead, new business owners might consider startup funding options, such as microloans, grants, crowdfunding, or asking friends or family for an investment.

Business credit cards are also an option for short-term financing, especially for everyday business purchases. With a business credit card , you can earn perks and rewards on your spending, as well as start building a business credit history.

This article originally appeared on JustBusiness, a subsidiary of NerdWallet.

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Top 50 Best Low-Investment Business Ideas in 2023

Top 50 Best Low-Investment Business Ideas in 2023

You all must be thinking about how famous entrepreneurs get a business idea and start their business. Once they start the business, how much profit do they earn, and how they can expand their business. In this article, we will tell you about the various business ideas that you can choose as per your investment and risk-taking capacity.

What is a business idea?

unique business ideas with less investment

Before starting a business and being the owner yourself, you must be working somewhere as an employee or a service provider. A business idea is born when you identify a problem, realize the scope for growth, and try to solve the problem. 

You can look at the success story of Wakefit mattresses. The company identified that in today’s busy life, people are working for over 12-15 hours every day. Thus, they want a comfortable sleep that not only relaxes their body but also their mind. If the motive to solve this problem, they manufactured and offered Wakefit mattresses and attracted a large market as they give you a 100 nights trial period to ensure that you bought a high-quality product.

For selecting your business idea you have to first study your own area of expertise. Area of expertise refers to the business you can do best. Also, you have to study the future demand of the product or the service that you are choosing for your business. 

When you start a business, you create a business environment and more and more people get connected with you. As a businessman, you generate employment and provide products or services to the customers. 

What are the types of business ideas?

There are different types of business ideas. For choosing the correct business plan, you have to identify the types of business ideas available for you. Business ideas are divided on the following basis:

1. Business Risk

Business risks are the various factors that are responsible for more loss than profit. On the basis of business risks, the two types of business ideas are:

a. High-risk business ideas

High-risk business ideas are the new or innovative ideas that are not practiced till now and are new for the market. Also, the businesses with the big capital investment are the high-risk business ideas.

b. Low-risk business idea

Low-risk businesses are started with less capital investment. Such businesses help you to earn reasonable profits with less risk of losses.

2. Nature of business- While finalizing your business idea, you need to decide whether you want to produce, manufacture or sell a product or you want to provide your services to the customers. 

3. Opportunity of Business- Opportunity refers to the demand for the product or the service in the coming future. While selecting the business idea, you need to see if there is a scope of that business in the future.

4. Investment- Money is a very important factor to start a business. Basically, business ideas are divided in two categories, which are, less than 1 lakh rupees and more than 1 lakh rupees.

Now we will help you to understand the top business ideas that you can choose as per your capacity to invest. Also, we will tell you their demand in the future and the profit you earn from it.

Top 20 business ideas of less than 1 lakh rupees

1. photography.


If you are good at photography and have the skills to be a professional photographer, you can buy or rent a professional camera, lenses, tripod, and other accessories. You can start this business in less than 1 lakh rupees. There is a large scope of marriage photography, portfolio shoots, event photography and it is a one-time investment.  

2. Financial Consultancy

unique business ideas with less investment

You can start this business as this does not require much investment. All you need to have the skills to understand is the best investment option, calculate business risks so that you can provide good service to your customers. In this business, if you are able to provide excellent services then only you can earn a good profit.

3. Digital Marketing

unique business ideas with less investment

You can provide digital marketing services to customers and easily earn 10 times your investment. There are a number of digital marketing courses available at an easy fee of 5,000 and above. You can do the course and provide freelancing services or start your own company. There is a very high scope of digital marketing services.

4. Electronic Toys

unique business ideas with less investment

Starting a toy business is a low-investment business. You can use your private space or rent a small place for manufacturing toys. Raw material can be bought from the market at bulk wholesale prices. Toys are always in demand. You can sell directly to the customers or big factories.  

5. Vegetables

vegetable shop

Vegetables are a necessity and are a daily need for everyone. It is a small investment business which you can start in less than 1 lakh rupees. You need to have a good knowledge of storing the vegetables and buying them from the wholesale market. 

6. Stationery Shop

unique business ideas with less investment

It is a low-risk business with less investment. Stationary is required in schools, offices, shops, and everywhere. You can buy from different wholesalers and sell in your store. You need to invest only in the setting up of your store and getting the stationary for selling it.

7. Bakery Shop

unique business ideas with less investment

A bakery shop sells cakes, pastries, rolls, bread, and other edible stuff. For this business, you can sell the food items baked by you, or you can buy them from someone else and sell them in your store. You can easily set your bakery in less than 1 lakh rupees and it is a low-risk business. You can easily earn a good monthly profit.

8. Event Management Agency

unique business ideas with less investment

India is a land of festivals and traditions. Thus, there are events for all the occasions. Event management is a very profitable business but profit is totally dependent on your performance. This is a low-risk business and you need to have full knowledge of all the things you require for every event and your customers' needs.

9. Interior Designer

interior designing

Interior designer is a service-based business where you need to have a creative mind and a lot of experience to meet your customer’s expectations. This low-risk business can help you make a profit if you have a good command of your skills.

10. Clothing

unique business ideas with less investment

Clothing is a necessity for everyone and we want clothes for all occasions. You can set up this business easily as there are many wholesalers available for you. If you are good at marketing and understanding consumers' needs, you will be able to earn a good income from this evergreen business.

Some more examples of small businesses are:

  • Honey Business
  • Goat Rearing
  • Jewelry  Business
  • Exotic vegetables and fruits business
  • Dance Class
  • Share Trading
  • Tour & Travel
  • Papad Business
  • Agarbatti business
  • Achar Business
  • Chatni Business
  • Washing powder Business
  • Tourist Guide
  • Language Translator
  • Solar Business
  • Hydroponic Farming
  • Fish Farming
  • Atta Chakki
  • Lunch Service
  • Delivery Service
  • Dance Classes
  • Paper Plate

Business Ideas for the investment of 1 lakh- 15 lakh rupees

unique business ideas with less investment

The business ideas given below are the small to big investments business that can be set up with around 1 – 15 lakh rupees. All these businesses have low or moderate risk and profit is dependent on your performance. But all these businesses have a huge scope and demand in the present and the future. 

  •       Franchise Business
  •       Dealer / Distributor Business
  •       Agency Business
  •       Beauty parlors
  •       Printing Shops
  •       Cab Service
  •       Restaurant/ Café

It is very easy to start your own business when you are able to calculate the risk and have money to invest. You can deal in making a new product or selling an existing product. You can sell grocery products, electrical appliances, and gadgets, deal in automobiles, or solar products. The market of solar products is flooded with buyers as everyone is aware of the importance of solar products. Solar manufacturing companies like Loom Solar are known for their latest, reliable and efficient products. Dealing with their products will offer you a great market of customers. You can contact them on the official website of Loom Solar.


aham pandey

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sanatan March 19, 2023 at 22:10pm

Good Business Ideas


Mohit February 18, 2023 at 11:14am

Your business ideas are very unique which encourages me to start a new small business… Here is the article which provides 12 unique business ideas with low Investment and high profits in 2023. Source:-


bloggersministry January 26, 2023 at 13:42pm

good info. Another low investment with high-profit business could be

Dilshad Begum

Dilshad Begum January 18, 2023 at 00:53am

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Nursing capstone project ideas

Nursing capstone project ideas January 16, 2023 at 02:50am

Do you have a hard time deciding on Nursing Capstone Project Ideas? Then you have come to the right place. At Nursing Writing Agency, you are guaranteed perfect nursing informatics capstone project ideas.

Write my nursing essay

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AMIT KUMAR November 24, 2022 at 20:10pm

The information provided by you is very important. In fact one can easily make himself successful by getting such better information.


Naveen November 10, 2022 at 19:31pm

I want to start a new business (kirana shop) please help me sir/medam

Shaik Ahmad Pasha

Shaik Ahmad Pasha November 02, 2022 at 23:19pm

Low investment hi profit or no loss business ideas minimum to minimum.

Business Guru In India

Business Guru In India October 31, 2022 at 18:02pm

Fantastic Information in this Blog Thanks For Sharing This


Maqbul October 15, 2022 at 13:19pm

Hi team, I’m looking for 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs business. Please help with me good business idia

Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta August 30, 2022 at 14:02pm

Congratulations! Nice Job.

Himanshu vyas

Himanshu vyas June 05, 2022 at 01:53am

Can you share the information about dealership….

Pramod Kumar Mishra

Pramod Kumar Mishra May 21, 2022 at 11:37am

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FUSION EVENTZ May 04, 2022 at 11:12am

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100 Business Ideas with low investment

100 Business Ideas with Low Investment and Big Profits

Business Ideas – Today we see many young and dynamic people want to quit 9 to 5 job and start their own business, but a majority of them are running out of good Business Idea. In order to help them here are 100 small business ideas with low investment. These business ideas are low-cost & easy to implement.

These business ideas are also suitable for college students, housewives, and women. All these business ideas are independent of any geographical restriction. Be it Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad these business ideas will work everywhere.

business ideas with low investment

Here are 100 small & highly profitable small business ideas with low investment that we recommend.

We have explored small business ideas which can be started with Low Investment. Here are the list of business ideas.

1. Recruitment Services

You can start your own firm of providing recruitment services to other companies. You just need good data of candidates looking for Job. Just refer a candidate to the company and get money out of it. It is very good small business idea.

2. Party Planning

In metro city giving a party is culture. If you are planning to start a business in the metro city, providing planning service for a party is a good business idea.

3. Social Media Services

Today social media play a big role in business. Many companies look for the specialist and social media service providers. You can plan to start your own company which will do ghost-writing for businesses, posting on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts & Facebook pages. Looking at growth in usage of social media it is one of the best business ideas in India to start.

4. Video Conference & Board Room Facilities

Many Small and Medium Enterprise do not have a video conference or boardroom facility. If you have space, capital, and expertise to make boardroom or video conference facility you can plan to make money out of it.

5. Medical Tour Services

Compare with Foreign country medical expense in India is quite less. This is why many foreign nationals come to India for surgeries or medical treatment. You can plan to make service firm to provide services for visiting foreign nationals for medical treatment in India. This could be among one of the good profitable small business ideas.

6. Dietary consultancy services

The majority of people worried today about a food they eat. They often seek external guidance on eating habits and diet chart. If you are expert in this field you can plan to start dietary consultancy service. My advice here would be to hire a good dietician for this business. This is one of the good home based business ideas.

7. Used car dealership

Buying a car today is a dream of many middle-class people but very few can pursue it. This may be due to lack of money. Many of them opt for the used car. You can start a business by taking dealership of used car and working on commission basis. It is an emerging business idea in India.

8. Mobile garage service

Opening mobile garage by keeping mobile manpower/repairers is among good business ideas because usually car breakdown takes place in the area where garage service is not available. You just need good mechanics and motorcycle to start this business.

9. Auto modification service

Today people cannot afford an imported car and they often go for modification of existing car for good design and look. This gives birth to a good business called as auto modification service. This is one of the good business ideas with low investment and high profits.

10. Driving school

Driving School is evergreen business ideas as we see a number of cars are increasing day by day, more and more people wants to learn how to drive a car. In order to start this business, you need a number of cars and a good team of drivers who can teach car driving.

11. Car parking

Car parking service is a recent concept, as you know that parking car in the business area is always a problem if you have huge space you can utilize this space by providing safe and secure car parking place.

Read – 20 Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

12. Translation Services

Today many companies work across the globe and sometimes they face problems related to languages. A translation service would be required to interpret all sorts of documents, but their greatest source of revenue will be legal and medical companies. You can specialize in the one or two languages you speak fluently, or you can hire other translators who know multiple languages.

13. Hobby class

Today every parent look for holistic development of their children & they are ready to pay for it. This gives birth to a very good business idea called as hobby class. You can start hobby class for dance, music, craft based on the skill you possess. This is one of the top business ideas for housewives.

14. Sport Coaching

Many people today peruse sport as career & parents even want their children to participate in extracurricular activity. If you are professional in sports you can start acting as a professional sports coach.

15. Dance Class

If you are very good at the dance you can think of starting dance class which is a very good business option . Many parents look for a good dance class for their children’s.

16. Baby keeping

Today in the metro city we find a lot of working woman & they often find difficult to manage work with kids. If you start a business of baby keeping in the metro city you will surely see success. This is one of the best small business ideas for housewives.

17. Courier Company

Courier service is a very old business. Many people today look for better shipping costs and timely delivery if you can manage it this business is for you.

18. Mobile Food service

Serving healthy and tasty food is very good idea & that is also in the form of mobile service. In this business, you don’t require huge capital but yes you must serve healthy and tasty food. Indians love to eat tasty and healthy food, hence it is but natural that it is one of the Top Small Business Ideas with low investment.

19. Packer and Movers

This business needs special skill to pack an entire household into a few boxes. A house-owner will gladly get himself rid of such a headache and let you do it for a fee. It is a business idea with the maximum number of clients coming from the central government services & public limited companies.

20. Car Pool service

Carpool means sharing a single car for going to the same destination. By this fuel cost will be split and thus it will save money for an individual. While office goers and school children both do this informally, there is a need for this to be done formally as well. You can start a service by identifying potential customers, linking them up and charging a fee for facilitation of such a service. This could be small investment high profit business ideas.

Read- 20 Business Ideas with No Startup Cost

21. Rain water harvesting

Rainwater harvesting means storing rainwater for future usage, In some metro city, it is mandatory to store rainwater. People often look for help to understand about rainwater harvesting. You can start your own rainwater harvesting consultancy business.

22. Green Consultancy

Future is dependent on green technology and more and more business today opt for green. If you have skill and knowledge of energy-saving you can start this business. This is one of the unique business ideas.

23. Fashion Boutique

Fashion boutique is an evergreen business idea. What you need is good commercial location & range of product as per current market taste.

24. Used products buy sale

This is a business ideas for those who have the ability to find beauty in old things. In this business, you buy and sell old used products to earn money.

25. Green Store

As more and more people become aware of how the earth is being damaged by us, they are inclined towards products that are green and do not harm the environment. Access to such products is not always easy if you open green products store, preferably an online one. This can be a great problem solver as well as among top creative business ideas.

26. Pet Care

If you love an animal this business is for you. What you need is rich people owning a pet but unable to take care of it. You can start charging them for taking care of a pet. In the urban area, this could be a very good business model.

27. Interior Decoration

This is old but an evergreen business idea. This business requires special skill and creativity & convincing power. This is among good low investment business ideas.

28. Gardening Service

Providing Gardening service seems to be an odd idea but many companies today opt for good gardening services for up keeping space. This business is booming in concurrence with the business of real estate.

29. Appliance repair service

This is a small business idea where you just need the skill to repair a household appliance. You may keep repairman mobile to provide services at different places. Good marketing skill can make this business successful.

30. Security Agency

Security is need of everyone today. Starting security agency is indeed the good business idea. What you need is good security manpower ex-army or trained.

Must Read – 30 Small Scale Business Ideas

31. Cyber Security and IT security

With increased used of the Internet, associated crime has grown up drastically. Organization and forensic department always look for good cyber and IT security expert. If you are very good at IT security services you can turn this skill into a good business idea.

32. Disaster management

Providing Disaster management services is another idea. A natural disaster like flood, earth quack or terror attack sometimes makes life miserable. Managing risk associated with disaster is a challenge today.

A disaster management firm can put in processes and solutions to minimize risk in terms of both property and lives. This could be good small business ideas.

33. Detective service

Today more and more people are adopting western culture, this gives birth to a requirement of spy or detective. Many individuals and companies take service of detective today. If you are good at making investigation you can start this business.

34. Local Classified

In local classified advertisement business, you need to take advertisement from individual or business owner and publish it into media either online or in newspaper magazine. Local classified business always rocks as advertising and marketing are important functions for every business & people are ready to spend money for that.

35. DJ Services

Disk jockey service is among part-time innovative business ideas. People look for DJ on multiple occasions. If you are very good at music you can rock this business.

36. Match Maker

Marriages are made in heaven but have to be found on earth. Keeping this thought in mind our next business idea is to provide matchmaker service. This business is ideal for the housewife.

37. Estate Agent

Many people look for a good house for living. They either purchase it or take it on rent in both cases they require advisor or real estate agent, thus to start estate agency is another business idea.

38. Fire Fighting Equipment Business

It is now mandatory to keep fire-fighting equipment like a fire extinguisher and fire detection system in buildings. This gives birth to the business idea of starting firefighting equipment store.

39. Travel Agency

Starting travel agency is a very good business idea. People today want to relax and enjoy vacation freely. They don’t want to worry about the ticket, hotel booking, and stuff. They are ready to pay a good amount of money to tour agency for this. This is one of the Top profitable business ideas.

40. Data Center Consultancy

This business idea is related to Information technology. It requires special knowledge and skill for building a data center. If you are expert in this area you can start a data center consultancy business.

Read- 10 Most Successful Business Ideas

41. Career Guidance

Due to multiple career options, parents or students often get confused and they seek professional advice. You can plan to help them by charging some money.

42. Resume Writing

A resume is an important document for getting a job. People often look for a professional resume writer. If you are very good at writing resume you can start this business.

43. Cloud or Hosting Services

Many small companies prefer to take hosting service on the cloud for their initial requirement of servers. If you have capital and knowledge you can start cloud or host services.

44. Health Club

Many people believe in “Health is wealth” as they take very good care of health. For the daily workout, they prefer to go to gym or health club. Starting health club in the cream area will always make you successful.

45. Organic Food Service

Providing organic food service is new but innovative business ideas. More and more people have become health conscious today. Organic foods are the biggest thing in healthy eating right now, even though they come at a premium. Many rich people are ready to purchase organic food at any price.

46. Cooking class

Another idea related to food is a cooking class. If you are a housewife and very good cook you can start your own cooking class.

47. Financial Planning services

In financial planning business, you need to provide advice to the customer about investment & financial planning. It is advisable to become certified financial planner before starting financial planning business.

48. Aquarium Business

It is very good to keep fish tank or aquarium in the home. Aquarium gives pleasant experience and peace. It is even good for Vastu. You can start your own business by opening Aquarium shop.

49. Toy Shop

Children are fond of toys. You can start small toy shop in your area. You can keep customized fancy toys in your shop.

50. Electrical Services

People often look for electrical services for household or business requirements. If you have domain knowledge you can start your own business of providing electrical services. It is small business ideas with low cost.

51. Beauty Treatment and Spa

If you want to do something new you can think of opening beauty treatment and spa. High profile people always look for good beauty treatment or spa services.

52. Freelancer

You can act as a freelancer to work freely on a project of your own wish. You can work on your time and charge based on your skill and project delivery. You need not to make any investment to become freelancer.

53. Education book Store

Students and book lovers are always looking for books. This makes a point to start a bookstore. It is an evergreen business because we never see a recession in education.

54. Catering Services

People often look for good catering service for occasions. If you are good at managing and serving healthy and tasty food you can bang on this business.

55. Game parlor

Children often look for play area or game station. You can open your own game parlor you need few game stations and xbox.

56. Photographer

If you are very good at clicking photos you can think of becoming a photographer. Becoming photographer is the business itself. On every individual or business occasion, people call the photographer.

57. Advertising Agency

In an advertising agency, you take advertisement from an individual or from the company and display it on hoarding at a public place.

58. SEO Consultant

With Increase in internet boom, a need of SEO consultant is increased. Every website owner looks for good SEO consultant to optimize a website for search engine. You need to learn SEO before becoming SEO consultant.

59. Dairy or Milk parlor

Starting dairy is old but yet effective business idea. Before starting dairy you need to make sure that there is no milk parlor or dairy in your area.

60. Sweet parlor

The sweet parlor is another business. People often look for sweet in a festival or on occasions. You can serve their need by opening sweet parlor. This is one of the good small scale business ideas to start.

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61. Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium often requires cleaning and maintenance. People who are running out of the time often seek help from someone for maintenance of the aquarium.

62. Taxi Services

People prefer to avail taxi service by paying premium money. This gives birth to a new business idea called as taxi services.

63. Car Wash

A clean car looks better and communicates pride. People like driving a clean car and ready to pay money for car washing that is the reason you will find a number of Auto Spa growing today.

64. Car Wheel Alignment services

Proper wheel alignment is important for the responsive steering and for getting the longest life out of your tires. Car needs a wheel alignment after every 5000 Km, thus starting wheel alignment business is among good business ideas.

65. Battery Sale and Charging Point

Today almost every vehicle comes with battery and life of a battery is limited. This battery needs charging after few years. So, starting Battery and charging point is good.

66. Antique Furniture Sales

Rich people spend a lot of money on antique articles and furniture. Starting good antique shop is next business idea. This idea requires a good amount of investment.

67. Pest Control

People often look for Pest control in the home and office areas. In order to serve this need, you can start your own pest control business.

68. Advertisement Maker

If your mind is creative you can opt to become advertisement guru. Companies often seek someone who is creative and add value to the advertisement.

69. Animator

Animation and game business is growing at jet speed today. If you have knowledge about making cartoon or animation you can rock the world.

70. Medical Store

Getting medical treatment and medicine are vital need today. If you are an expert in pharmaceutical you can open medical store.

Read – 21 Online Business Ideas with low Investment

71. Home Attendant Service

Attendants and maids are in demand today. People are ready to pay money for getting good attendants. You can opt to start Home Attendant service on chargeable basis. This is one of the small scale business ideas with low investment.

72. HVAC Installation and Service

Every home and offices are equipped with air condition. If you are expert or intended to be expert in this field you can start your own business for HVAC installation and service.

73. Tailoring Service

Starting a small tailoring service is a good idea for a housewife. You can also consider this as a home based business ideas. This idea even does not require much investment.

74. Collection Business

Today lot of people takes a loan and don’t pay EMI on time. In order to collect outstanding money, bank appoints collection agency who collect defaulted money.

75. Electrical and Machine Tool Shop

You can think of starting electrical and machine tool shop. These products usually remain in demand. You need moderate capital to start this business.

76. Steel Dish and Utensils Shop

Steel dish and Utensils are required by every household at starting of home, hence starting of steel shop in small place could be a good idea.

77. Geyser sale and Service

If you want to start a business in the household segment you can start sales and service of Geyser. You can keep both electrical and gas geyser.

78. Water Purifier Sale and Service

Almost every family need water purifier. Thus it is good to start Water purifier sales and service business. It is among good business ideas.

79. Hardware and Ply Shop

With growing demand for furniture in home segment, starting hardware and a ply shop could be a good choice.

80. Used Book Store

If you have a small shop and want to start a business with a small investment you can think of starting small used book store.

Read – 5 Innovative Online Business Ideas

81. Network Marketing

Today many MLM company gives good business opportunity. If you are good at marketing and selling you can start this business with very low-cost.

82. Optical Store

You can start small store for optics and frame. Along with this you can also keep other items like watch etc.It is evergreen business idea.

83. Electronic Store

If you can afford a good amount of investment you can start business of electronic goods like TV,LCD, MP3 Player etc. Make sure to do market survey before starting this business.

If you have space and willing to invest some money, Business process outsourcing could be another opportunity. It is growing business opportunity.

85. Nutritionist

Health conscious people take advice from Nutritionist on daily diet. You can do professional course to become a nutritionist.

86. Fast Food Parlor

Fast food parlor is really good business, especially in business or school area this business brings good revenue. You require expert team and good cook to start fast food parlor.

Baking items are used widely in making food. If you have expertise in making cakes, bread and other baking items you can start own bakery.

88. Homemade food

If you are good at making food you can start a homemade food business. Food should be perishable and tasty. This is also one of the good business ideas for beginners.

89. Flour Mill service

Flour mill service could be another good business. This idea will work in residential area & require good capital investment.

90. Share Market trading services

Open Share marketing trading firm and provide brokerage services to end-user. This is quite a competitive idea as so many firms are already in this business.

Read:- 40 Small Business Ideas with low investment

91. Weight Machine Sale & Services

Weight machine is required at every shops where things are sold via weighing. This means weight machine sale & services could be lucrative business opportunity. You can either do trading of weight machine or think of manufacturing and selling weight machines.

92. Automobile Accessories

Automobile Accessories shop is evergreen business option. The demand of new vehicle is growing. Every vehicle owner purchase accessories for their vehicle. So, starting automobile accessories business could be very good business option.

93. Computer Peripheral

Computer sales and services is next in the list of small business ideas. In this business, you need to buy and sell computer and peripherals. You can earn good profit on the computer parts.

94. Cartridge refill store

Printer cartridge refill store is small and profitable business idea. In this business, you need to refill printer cartridge manually or via refilling machine. It is recommended to open refill store nearby office area.

95. Florist

Florist means flower delivery business. Flowers usually remains in demand for one or another reasons. Marriage, party, religious event and festival are few occasion where requirement of flower is very high. Florist is small investment high profit business option.

96. Tea & Coffee Café

Tea and coffee stall is small business idea. In this business, you need to serve tea and coffee. You need to employ person who is aware of making tea and coffee.

97. Stationary Store

Starting a stationary store is very good business option. You need to keep book, stationary items and other school items. You can plan to start Xerox business along with stationary store.

98. Paint Dealer

Painting is one of the mandatory requirement for real estate. The demand of painting will never end due to new real estate development and maintenance work. If you have suitable place and capital you can become paint dealer by starting your own shop.

99. Cleaning Services

Starting a cleaning services is next in the list. In this business, you need to offer cleaning services to home and business locations. You need to employ number of people to offer cleaning services. It is evergreen business option with good scope.

100. Papad & Pickle Making

Papad and Pickle Making is home based low investment business idea. In order to start this business at larger scale you require lot of manpower. It is volume business. At long run it could be profitable business option.

Note –

The list of 100 Business Ideas mentioned above are selected based on my knowledge and wisdom. If you think above list is incomplete please add additional business ideas in the comment section.

You need to keep in mind that all business ideas mentioned above may not yield a 100% success. A success of this business ideas depends on trends, competition, demography and lot of other factors.

Select a business based on your education, field knowledge, and experience. Do not jump into business as it is in demand. Make a proper business plan and study all legal and commercial aspects before jumping into any unknown venture.

Remember your success in business is determined by various skills possessed by you. Some important skill for businessman are communication, financial knowledge, leadership, innovation and passion for excellence.

Apart from this please understand that it takes time and money to establish a business. You have to be ready to give enough time before expecting profits.

At last, I would like to end the discussion by saying – “Entrepreneurship is Living a Few Years of Your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

Just complete your homework, select the best business idea and Work Hard in Silence Let Your Success Be your Noise.

Best of Luck for your Business Venture!

Which business idea you will adopt from above and why? Do share your favorite business ideas in the comments.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Do share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

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Top 20 Best Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit

unique business ideas with less investment

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

September 9, 2020

13 min read

1. Dropshipping

  • 2. Courier Company
  • 3. Online Bakery
  • 4. Online Fashion Boutique
  • 5. Sell a Service

6. Digital Assets

7. lending library services, 8. create an app, 9. digital marketing, 10. affiliate marketing, 11. online tuition/coaching class, 12. recruitment services, 13. blogging/vlogging, 14. a personal or virtual assistant, 15. errand/concierge service, 16. virtual bookkeeping and accounting.

  • 17. Social Media Agency

18. Printed Products

  • 19. Handcrafted Products

20. Self-Improvement Coaching

The final say.

  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Starting a business is a massive responsibility and can be overwhelming for a lot of people. However, not following the everyday monotonous 9-5 office routine anymore and making all decisions yourself is one of the world’s best feelings. 

But, not everyone is able to turn their dream of running a business into a reality due to lack of funds. Now we have a solution for you!

Here are some practical ideas that we think can get you high profits without burning a hole in your pocket. Watch this video and get started:

Here is a list of low investment business ideas, which also yield good profits. You can now start your own business and turn your passion into a profession. Let’s have a look at some of the small investment businesses in India.

Most Profitable Low-Investment Business Ideas in India

Dropshipping is one of the best small profitable business ideas these days. It is a retail fulfillment method where you can open an online store without storing any inventory. Thus, you don’t invest a penny in inventory and can start a business with limited funds.

Whenever the store makes a sale, the product is purchased from a third party and directly shipped to the customer. Simply put, you make a sale, pass the order to the supplier, and he ships it to the customer on your behalf. Thereby, you don’t have to store or handle the inventory. It saves your time as well as money.

The products can be curated from more than one supplier. However, it is suggested you first order a sample product from the supplier to ensure he is reliable and that the products’ quality fits the online store.

With the dropshipping model, you don’t need to focus on buying or storing inventory. You can concentrate entirely on the marketing of the online store and customer service. Notably, your store’s trustworthiness will depend on the quality you offer and the order fulfillment strategy you adopt. Hence, it is one of the top small investment businesses in India. You must keep a check on both to ensure business success.

It is a low-investment business idea through which you can also test the market and find out the best one before investing in your own products and launching them.

2. Courier Company

Being one of India’s fastest-growing markets, starting a business in the courier industry is yet another low-cost business idea with high profit. A recent shift in the eCommerce industry has inevitably helped the courier service business to grow at an incredible rate.

At the place of starting the business right from scratch, which might cost a lot, you can consider taking a franchise from a well-established courier company . Many reputed courier companies are offering their franchise at a minimal price. Besides, you would also get access to their technology-related infrastructure and training and development.

3. Online Bakery

The online food business is one of the most popular small profitable businesses in India. And bakeries are quite popular as well. If baking is your cup of tea, you can consider starting a bakery and encash by sharing homemade recipes. The best thing about this business idea with low investment is that you can start it from your kitchen itself. And all you need is an oven and ingredients!

Cakes are an integral part of all celebrations. But, you can consider selling other baked items as well, like different types of bread, muffins, cookies, pizza, etc. It is not just a unique business idea, but a profitable one as well!

While companies like Ovenfresh took many years of hard work to reach where they are today, many business owners are able to raise numbers in just a few months by taking their businesses online. Just register the bakery on various online food delivery platforms to increase its reach.

low investment business ideas

4. Online Fashion Boutique

With people becoming more fashion-conscious, the fashion and lifestyle industry in India is on a surge. India’s online fashion trade is expected to grow up to USD 111.40 billion by the end of 2025. Therefore, an online fashion boutique is one such small profitable business idea that you can consider.

You necessarily don’t need to be a fashion designer but a fashion lover. Make money by selling your sense of style online! One of the good low-investment business ideas, an online fashion boutique is very simple to open. It can be started at home. You can curate the items from different vendors into your online store (using the dropshipping model). Or design and produce in-house. Choose a niche and create a brand.

From dresses to accessories and footwear to jewelry, build your brand around single or multiple product niches. Notably, the quality of the products, customer service, and fulfillment strategies will play a significant role here.

5. Sell a Service

With a service-based business, your time is the inventory. It is your most significant investment, as well. What you need to get going with this business idea is to have a skill that is in demand and can be useful for others.

Writing, blogging, web designing, photography, fitness training, and calligraphy are some such skills around which you can start a business. You can register yourself with the various freelance marketplaces to increase the chances of getting discovered by the people who require your skills. Besides, your social media handles can help you the best in marketing and spreading the word around. It is indeed the best business to start.

You can think of selling digital products. They are the best low-investment business idea because you need to create a digital asset just once and then you can replicate it and sell its copies. In a nutshell, the cost of product production is zero. Also, you can use computer and online tools to create a digital product.

Are you a passionate reader who has collected many books but is now struggling with what to do with them all? Don’t worry; there’s a simple solution that does not involve selling your beloved books. Consider starting an online store where you can lend them to other book lovers. By monetising your assets, you can continue to enjoy your collection while also making a profit from it. Starting a membership library with an annual subscription fee is a great way to give book readers the joy of reading without the financial burden of buying books. By sharing your love of books and starting an online lending library, you will also contribute to a culture of sharing and sustainability while earning some extra income. One can also initiate a book exchange option to purchase used books for your members.

Apps are mostly software written to be used on smartphones. There is an increasing market for developers who can create functional and quality apps to meet customer requirements. App developers can work from anywhere, provided they have a good internet connection and a Software Development Kit (SDK). Developing an app can cost from nothing to a huge amount of money, depending on the complexity and usage of the app. It can be a simple game, a to-do list app, or something complex like WhatsApp or Instagram. There are free app development tools available that can help you build a simple app without requiring knowledge of programming languages.

With the internet becoming a source of information and business, there is a great potential to promote the services or products associated with a business. With digital marketing, you can use the internet to promote the brands to potential customers. This is required by almost all companies that intend to take their business online. It is a rapidly evolving field that requires constant upskilling, but it is a low-investment business that can be started quickly. If you have experience in marketing, this is an area you can look into.

Affiliate marketing is a part of digital marketing. It involves promoting businesses’ products on your site or social media account, and in exchange, a percentage cut of the sales or commission is received. Starting affiliate marketing requires very little investment. It takes dedication, as you have to attract many visitors to your website or blog account and ensure they buy the products or services listed on your site. If you do not have a website or blog, you can start affiliate marketing through the affiliate marketing programme offered by Amazon.

If you are interested in teaching, conducting online classes would be a great source of income. The classes can be for science, mathematics, spoken English, essay writing, and many more. The increasing demand for online education has increased the scope of online coaching services. It is a low-cost business idea, with the only investment being a good laptop or personal computer with a strong internet connection and your subject expertise. Various platforms, like Zoom or Skype, make it easy to provide online coaching remotely to students.

There is always a requirement for capable employees in any organisation. The Human Resources (HR) department ensures the recruitment of the right candidates for the organisation. Recruitment services are one of the highest-paying businesses that involve shortlisting candidates, selecting the most suitable candidates, and appointing them for jobs. All this is possible from the comfort of your home while earning a great commission from the organisation. It would be best to tie up with reputable organisations to, in turn, build your reputation as a good recruitment services provider.

Blogging and vlogging (video blogging) can become great money-making solutions. It is an interesting business idea for performance artists to flaunt their talent and gain more followers in the online world. Certain vlog platforms pay you based on the number of views generated through your video, while others earn through advertising revenues generated through Google AdSense. For bloggers and vloggers, the investment is a computer and a website to put their content on. Heavy investment in cameras and editing tools is also not required to shoot vlogs, although good shooting skills through a phone and editing skills will help. 

People with good organisational skills are in high demand. There are many tasks that a personal or virtual assistant can handle without being onsite. It can be basic secretarial work or front-desk functions for different clients done from home. The tasks can be like keeping track of calendars, making flight arrangements, and doing office work.

Although one can order almost all services or products online, it is not easy for old and non-tech-savvy people to do so. Tasks like grocery shopping and doing small errands are time-consuming and tiring for the elderly. Errand/concierge services that are specifically catered to the older generation for an hourly rate or by task would help them to a great extent. It is a revenue-generating and mentally rewarding job. This service can also be made available to working professionals.

Bookkeeping helps businesses keep proper records for taxation and financial management. Virtual bookkeeping provides the flexibility to provide accounting services for a client remotely. It is increasingly in demand as it is an arrangement that benefits both business and bookkeeper in terms of cost and flexibility. It only requires access to the secure network of the organisation and the accounting software to work on. One can also work with multiple clients, thus generating an added source of income.

17. Social Media Agency

In the digital age and cut-throat competition, almost all companies want to market their products digitally. They are willing to spend big budgets on advertising through various digital channels and paid social media posts and campaigns.

Running a social media agency can be a brilliant small business idea if you have a sound knowledge of marketing, branding, communication, social media, and web presence management. You can start your business venture to help other companies establish a robust digital presence.

All that you require is a few computers, skilled professionals, and an office to start with.

Though this is a dropshipping model only, the main focus of printed products is offering customized products. This is your go-to option if you have an eye for graphics and aesthetics. You can either use your own designs or offer your customers an opportunity to create their designs. You can offer products like t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, hats, and much more.

19. Handcrafted Products

The internet and the advent of technology have opened the doors for artisans to broaden their horizons by going from artists to professionals. Unlike retail stores that acquire their products from multiple sources, handcrafted businesses produce products in-house. Their primary focus is on providing a personal touch to the consumers that no other businesses can.

Whether you make candles, soaps, pottery, and even sauces, you are in a position to start a unique business. Here, product development and procurement are in your hands, quite literally.

For instance, candles are no more used just during a power cut. Now, they are more of a home décor item and are widely used as gifts for different occasions as well. Consumers want to buy candles in various fragrances. They like to buy unique and customized products. Similar is the case with other items.

You can either start with a small batch or on a pre-order basis until you generate consistent sales .

Self-improvement courses are very much in demand these days. People have skills and ambitions, but they need guidance and direction on how they can achieve heights in their life. Self-improvement coaching is a service-based model. You can teach your customers how they can prepare themselves to achieve their intended goals. You can also offer niche-specific courses and certifications.

India is the third-largest start-up center in the world with over 69,000 recognized start-ups, with a home to 100 unicorns, as of May 2022. The data shows the willingness of the people in India to start their own businesses. With their willingness to start something of their own, they look for small profitable best business ideas that can fetch them good profits. So, with these low investment and high-profit business ideas , you can also consider starting your start-up. All that requires is a solid idea. And if executed well, you can be the owner of one of the most successful small businesses in India.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

It depends on the business you want to start. But initially, you need the basic equipment, some money, and a whole lot of enthusiasm to start your low investment business. 

When you start an online business, the revenue might not be instant. But, after putting in efforts consistently, you should see some small revenue in a few months’ time. 

When you start a low investment business, you should focus on acquiring tech and equipment first before hiring a team. Initially, the pressure is not a lot, you can even work alone or with a partner if you have one. 

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Most profitable small business ideas

updated September 1, 2023 · 20min read

1. Website and app development

2. financial consulting, 3. online business consulting, 4. information security, 5. digital marketing, 6. social media marketing, 7. writer or author, 8. graphic design, 9. transcription services, 10. translation services or interpretation, 11. tattooing, 12. wedding planning, 13. personal coaching, 14. virtual event planning, 15. restaurant or catering, 16. personal training, 17. beauty salon, 18. dropshipping, 19. online reselling, 20. home organizing, 21. real estate, 22. tutoring and test prep, 23. online classes, 24. auto detailing and repair services, 25. driving school.

Are you ready to be your own boss and set your own schedule? Have you been daydreaming about pursuing a passion or using your experience to strike out on your own?

If you have, you may want to consider opening a small business. There are endless options, but some of the most profitable small business ideas may surprise you.

Below, you'll find some of the best business ideas in tech, consulting, home improvement, health care, hospitality, and other industries.

Methodology:  All salary data was provided by and Payscale, and information about states with the highest-paying salaries is based on data from Zippia. Note that these numbers may vary by state and level of experience.

A man with a headset consults with a client using a green headset.

If you're tech-savvy or an expert on an in-demand subject, share your knowledge by  consulting with other business owners . This is a great option to earn money since you often won't even have to work on any projects—people are just paying for advice and insights.

It should be no surprise that tech is one of the fastest-growing industries.

The outlook for software developers looks promising, with jobs expected to grow 22% by 2029. App development is another niche that continues to grow.

If you don't have a background in programming, consider taking online courses to build your skill set and learn the most popular coding languages. You can become a consultant or a freelance developer for corporate clients.

  • Earning potential:  $60K–$110K+
  • Skills:  HTML, CSS, Javascript, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, C#, jQuery, PHP, Git, API, and Python
  • Education:  Degree or certification in computer science, information technology, computer engineering, or a related field
  • Certifications:  Certified web professional, certified software development professional
  • Licenses:  Business license
  • Legal documents:  Web development agreement, website maintenance agreement
  • Tools to get started:  Code editor, Chrome developer tools, GitHub, computer, internet connection, and collaborative design and development software
  • Highest-paying states:  Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, North Dakota, and Montana

If you're a numbers whiz, have an impressive portfolio of work, and have a proven track record, you could have a promising future as an accountant with your own firm or  financial consultant .

Many business owners prefer to spend their days working on their craft and engaging with clients—not sitting at a desk crunching numbers and creating budgets. This means you stand to make a lot of money by providing bookkeeping and advising services to small and midsize businesses.

  • Earning potential:  $40K–$130K+
  • Skills:  Financial planning, investment management, math, trend analysis
  • Typical education:  Bachelor's degree in finance, business, or accounting
  • Certifications:  Certified management accountant, CFP certification
  • Licenses:  Series 63 license, series 65 license
  • Legal documents:  Consulting agreement
  • Tools to get started:  Financial adviser software, client management software, scheduling software
  • Highest-paying states:  New York, Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont

Work with business owners to help them meet their goals.

Once you've mastered your field, work with other businesses to solve complex problems as a consultant. You could help in various areas, like building their social media presence, managing finances, or optimizing internal resources.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows the job outlook for management analysts will grow by 11% growth by 2029, which means demand for these services is growing much faster than the national average.

Whether your background is in HR, finance, marketing, or operations, you can put your expertise to use by  opening a consulting firm .

  • Earning potential:  $70K–$120K+
  • Skills:  Project management, data analysis, operations management, analytics, budget proposal creation
  • Education:  Bachelor's in business management
  • Certifications:  Project management professional (PMP), certified management accountant (CMA)
  • Tools to get started:  Benchmarking tools, balanced scorecard, project timeline management tools
  • Highest-paying states:  Alaska, Washington, New Jersey, and Oregon

With more people working remotely and the global expansion of e-commerce, the need for cybersecurity solutions has skyrocketed.

Firms that help companies plan and implement security measures for IT systems, devices, and networks will be increasingly in demand. Your small business could play a big role in helping to reduce data breaches and cyberattacks.

The BLS predicts that the need for information security analysts will increase 31% by 2029—much faster than the national average.

  • Earning potential:  $95K–$115K+
  • Skills:  Cloud computing, information architecture, network security, full stack web development, and data mining
  • Education:  Bachelor's in information security, business, computer information systems, or information technology
  • Tools to get started:  Network analyzer and penetration tester tools, encryption tools, antivirus software, firewall tools, network intrusion detection software, and security monitoring tools
  • Highest-paying states:  Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island

Most business owners will pay a premium for assistance promoting their products or service, especially if your insights help generate more revenue.

If you're a pro at all things related to search engine optimization and other web optimization efforts, you may want to start a generalized digital marketing company. That way, you can attract customers who want different services but only want to pay once.

If you ever need to do something that's a bit out of your wheelhouse or get too busy, you can  hire freelancers  in those niches.

  • Earning potential:  $47K–$93K+
  • Skills:  Budgeting, sales, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, Google Analytics, social media marketing, and/or UI/UX design
  • Education:  Bachelor's in finance, journalism, communications, business, or marketing
  • Certifications:  AMA digital marketing certification, Google certifications, HubSpot inbound marketing certification
  • Licenses:  You may need a permit to consult within certain industries
  • Legal documents:  Independent contractor agreement
  • Tools to get started:  Project management software, design program, data collection tool, SEO and PPC tools, cloud sharing tool, and collaboration tools
  • Highest-paying states:  Washington, New Jersey, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and Oregon

Help businesses manage their appearance, reputation, and growth on popular social media platforms. If you're good at relating to people,  identifying content opportunities  to attract viewers, and keeping up ever-changing the latest trends, experiment with social media management.

You can be a generalist, but specialists who excel in Instagram, Tik Tok, and Pinterest are in high demand currently as well.

  • Earning potential:  $50K–$89K+
  • Skills:  Copywriting, graphic design, community engagement, and viral marketing
  • Education:  Bachelor's in communications, business, marketing, or journalism
  • Certifications:  Social media marketing specialization, HubSpot social media certification, social media marketing master certification
  • Tools to get started:  Design tools, computer, social media analytics tools, cloud sharing tools, post scheduling tools, and project management system
  • Highest paying states:  California, Connecticut, Washington, Rhode Island, and Oregon

A light bulb and paint brush represent creative side hustles.

Turn your passions into profits with one of these creative business ideas.

If you spend a lot of time reading or writing, you're known for your impressive vocabulary, and the idea of sharing value with the world through words appeals to you, try your hand at becoming a  professional writer .

There are so many types of writing you can do. You can become a book author, technical writer, magazine contributor, exam writer, proposal writer, screenwriter, lyricist, or try out a number of alternative niches.

  • Earning potential:  $33K–$84K+
  • Skills:  Spelling, grammar, storytelling, digital publishing
  • Education:  Bachelor's in English, creative writing, or journalism
  • Legal documents:  Copyright, right to publish, and compensation contracts
  • Tools to get started:  Computer, Grammarly, word processor, plagiarism detector
  • Highest paying states:  District of Columbia, Delaware, Nevada, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

If you're creative and like to communicate using visuals, graphic design could be the perfect business for you to pursue. Graphic designers are in high demand and you can work from home.

With some practice, drive, and the right tools, it's entirely possible to make a good living whether you're doing brand work, apparel design, 3-D modeling, animation, or illustrations.

  • Earning potential:  $37K–$68K+
  • Skills:  Illustration, image retouching, typography, branding, formatting, web design
  • Education:  Bachelor's in graphic design, fine arts, design, and visual communication, or communications
  • Legal documents:  Design contract, copyright contract, work-for-hire agreement
  • Tools to get started:  Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, Canva, Procreate, high-resolution computer, Sketch
  • Highest paying states:  Washington, Massachusetts, District of Columbia, Rhode Island, and New York

If you can type 70 words per minute or faster and have a penchant for accuracy and proper spelling, you already have the skills needed to excel as a transcriptionist.

Most transcriptionists can make a solid income by offering medical transcription services, and you can boost your earnings even more by earning certifications.

  • Earning potential:  $18K–$81K+
  • Skills:  Typing, proofreading, attention to detail, active listening
  • Education:  High school diploma or Associate's in Word Processing or English
  • Legal documents:  NDA
  • Tools to get started:  Computer, internet connection, headphones, word processing software, and time tracking software
  • Highest paying states:  South Dakota, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Illinois, and Nebraska

If you are fluent in multiple languages, you may have what it takes to become a professional translator. Businesses and hospitals often need to hire translators to communicate with clients and patients when there's a language barrier.

You could find work as a simultaneous interpreter, literary translator, judiciary translator, or localization translator.

Translators who speak Spanish and Mandarin are in the highest demand, but you can also find demand if you speak Arabic, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, or Italian.

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent, demonstrate language skills by passing an exam, and obtain an interpreter certificate after you receive 40 hours of training.

  • Earning potential:  $27K–$100K+
  • Skills:  Speak 2+ languages fluently, writing, knowledge of cultural nuances, active listening
  • Education:  Bachelor's in business, communications, or a foreign language
  • Certifications:  ATA certification, CCHI certification, medical interpreter certification
  • Legal documents:  NDA
  • Tools to get started:  Computer-assisted translation (CAT) program
  • Highest paying states:  District of Columbia, Oregon, Virginia, Montana, and New York

If you're dedicated to art and practice your craft daily, and you can't think of anything more rewarding than someone wearing your art on their body for the rest of their lives, consider becoming a tattoo artist.

You'll need to start out in someone else's shop while you complete your apprenticeship and hone your craft, but after a few years, you can open your own shop.

  • Skills:  Drawing, tattooing, customer service
  • Education:  High school diploma and an apprenticeship
  • Certifications:  CPR and bloodborne pathogens (BBP) certification
  • Legal documents:  Tattoo and body piercing consent form
  • License:  State tattoo license
  • Tools to get started:  Needles, ink, tattoo machine, gloves, hazardous waste container, tubes, tips, stencils, and a sanitary work area
  • Highest paying states:  New York, New Hampshire, Indiana, Wisconsin, and California

Some other creative business ideas you can pursue include:

  • T-shirt printing
  • Jewelry making
  • Embroidery and cross-stitching
  • Candle making

Make life a little sweeter for your customers by helping them plan for some of life's best moments, whether that's a trip, wedding, or some other event.

Help a couple pull off their big day by negotiating with vendors and keeping the wedding planning process on track.

As someone who cares about the little details, finds unique solutions to problems, and has good communication skills, you could help take a lot of stress off an engaged couple's shoulders.

  • Earning potential:  $27K–$68K+
  • Skills:  Contract negotiation, event planning, communication
  • Education:  Bachelor's in business, communication, or hospitality management
  • Certifications:  Certified wedding planner (CFP)
  • Legal documents:  Wedding contract
  • Tools to get started:  Wedding management software, venue finder tools, relationships with vendors, task organization system
  • Highest paying states:  New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New Hampshire

If you're passionate about changing people's lives for the better, consider becoming a coach. Whether you focus on coaching people on life, dating, or some other niche, you can do a lot of good by listening and sharing your experiences.

  • Earning potential:  $29K–$100K+
  • Skills:  Patience, communication, reflection, encouragement, emotional intelligence
  • Education:  High school diploma or bachelor's in business or psychology
  • Certifications:  iPEC,  PCC , health coach, life purpose coach
  • Legal documents:  Liability waiver and consent form
  • Tools to get started:  Website, The Life EKG, and gratitude journals
  • Highest paying states:  Connecticut, Texas, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Oregon

If you're good with people and like to cook for people or make them feel comfortable, there's room for you in the food and hospitality industry.

From charity fundraisers to conferences, virtual events are here to stay. Those seeking assistance with planning include corporations, educational institutions, nonprofits, and associations.

Virtual events go beyond setting up a Zoom invite. They can involve video conferences, live streaming, broadcasting, trade shows, job fairs, and sales meetings. As a virtual event planner, you'll help arrange logistics, set the agenda, build enthusiasm, and drive marketing. You'll bring the event to life, even when it's virtual.

You don't need a specific degree or certification to plan events. You can offer your services through a small business if you're organized, creative, and dedicated to making an event a success.

  • Earning potential:  $33K–$83K+
  • Skills:  Customer service, contract negotiation, event management, proposal writing
  • Education:  Bachelor's in business, communication, marketing
  • Certifications:  Certified planning engineer (CPE), certified special events professional (CSEP)
  • Legal documents:  Client contract, NDA
  • Tools to get started:  Catering service agreement, event planner contract, photo and video release
  • Highest paying states:  New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey

If you want to work in food service, there are several routes you can take, from being a personal chef or caterer to a  food truck owner  or meal kit delivery service person—the possibilities are endless.

You can choose which direction to take based on where you want to be located, who you want to work with, how much time you want to spend face to face with customers, and other criteria.

  • Earning potential:  $50K–$76K+
  • Skills:  Customer service, hospitality, hotel management, organization
  • Education:  Bachelor's in hospitality management, culinary arts, or business
  • Licenses:  Food service license
  • Legal documents:  Privacy policy, mutual NDA, refund policy, sales tax requirements
  • Tools to get started:  Booking software, hotel management software,
  • Highest paying states:  New York, Maryland, California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

If you already have credentials, now is a great time to put them to work for you by starting a fitness coaching business or offering mobile physical therapy sessions. The job outlook for fitness trainers and instructors is growing faster than average, with an expected 15% increase from 2019 to 2029, according to the BLS. Physical therapists can expect job opportunities to grow by 18% within that same timeframe.

A lot of people need an extra push to help them meet their fitness goals, and others just feel helpless when they step into the gym because they don't know how to use the equipment.

As a gym enthusiast and someone who has enough experience to help people meet their fitness goals by monitoring their health and progress, you could end up changing someone's life for the better by offering this service. However, it is important that you read up on best training practices and obtain a proper education in fitness.

  • Earning potential:  $33K–$100K+
  • Skills:  Customer service, fitness program development, dietary planning
  • Education:  Bachelor's in kinesiology, business, psychology, health education, or sports medicine
  • Certifications:  CPR certification, AED certification
  • Licenses:  NASM personal trainer and performance nutrition specialist
  • Legal documents:  Liability waiver, certificate of insurance, personal training contact, consent, and disclaimer
  • Tools to get started:  Scheduling tools, personal training software, progress tracking software, workout planning tools
  • Highest paying states:  Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Maryland

Rent out chairs in your beauty salon to makeup artists, hair stylists, estheticians, eyelash technicians, and manicurists to bring in more revenue while giving others room to practice their craft.

  • Earning potential:  $30K–$78K+
  • Skills:  Cosmetology, customer service, knowledge of hair products
  • Education:  Associate's or bachelor's degree in cosmetology, business, or general studies.
  • Certifications:  Cosmetology certification
  • Licenses:  Beautician's license
  • Legal documents:  Retail seller permit, business operation license, certificate of occupancy
  • Tools to get started:  Chairs, materials for stations, shampoo bowls, administrative equipment
  • Highest paying states:  Washington, Nevada, California, New York, and New Jersey

Open a retail store with interesting wares, try selling high-quality found items, or spend your time helping other business owners ship their products.

Dropshipping is a retail practice that involves shipping products to customers through third-party vendors. This means you never store or handle the products. In turn, dropshipping requires less capital to start than traditional retail methods.

From  2019 to 2025 , the global dropshipping market size is expected to grow by 28.8%. What's causing this massive expansion? With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, more product sales happen through online stores without inventory.

Before starting a dropshipping business, test your product to ensure its quality so that you can confidently promote it.

  • Earning potential:  $12K–$81K+
  • Skills:  Customer service, task management, sales, accounting
  • Education:  High school diploma
  • Legal documents:  Business license
  • Tools to get started:  Dropshipping supplier, eCommerce site, automation tools
  • Highest paying states:  N/A

Did you know that you can make money just by shopping and posting your finds online?

If you love collecting trendy clothing, vintage video items, or rare books, you may want to consider selling some of them for a profit on websites like Poshmark, Mercari, eBay, or Amazon. This can be an excellent side hustle or a legitimate small business.

  • Earning potential:  $56K–$83K+
  • Skills:  Customer service, photography, packaging and shipping, photography, website selling account
  • Legal documents:  Privacy policy, terms, and conditions, cookies policy, return policy
  • Tools to get started:  Computer, internet connection

Some other amazing retail opportunities include:

  • Clothing boutique
  • Coffee shop
  • Subscription box service
  • Trucking and logistics

Many people hire professionals to help with their improvement projects—from new flooring to updating bathrooms. Consider beginning a home improvement business in your area. According to BLS data, construction occupations are expected to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029. This includes carpenters, floor installers, drywall installers, electricians, roofers, and painters.

Do you geek out over home improvement shows? Are your friends always impressed over how orderly your home is? Do you like wowing others with the storage solutions you found on your latest run to Target or Ikea?

If so, have your love for organization make you some money. Minimalism continues to be a trend, and many people are willing to pay someone to help them declutter their lives.

If you have great ideas to help clean out a cramped and cluttered home and you can help the people who live there to keep it tidy once you leave, you could have a promising career as a home organizer.

  • Earning potential:  $31K–$100K+
  • Skills:  Customer service, home organization
  • Legal requirements:  NDA , service contract
  • Tools to get started:  Booking tools, social media, storage solutions, cleaning supplies
  • Highest paying states:  New York, West Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Alaska

If you love helping people find their dream home, spending time staging amazing properties, meeting new people, and going to bat for your clients in a competitive market, you could be an excellent realtor. It also doesn't hurt if you're always organized and can breeze through paperwork.

  • Earning potential:  $68K–$145K+
  • Skills:  Real estate, customer service, networking, staging, negotiating
  • Education:  Bachelor's in business administration, graphic design, digital marketing, or accounting
  • Certifications:  Certified real estate inspector (CRI), certified sales professional (CSP)
  • Licenses:  State real estate license
  • Legal documents:  Mortgage deed, commercial lease agreement, rent-to-own agreement
  • Tools to get started:  Social media, graphic design tools, administrative and productivity tools, mortgage calculator
  • Highest paying states:  Vermont, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, and Michigan

Some other home services business opportunities include:

  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning service
  • Handyman service
  • Garden design
  • House flipping
  • Furniture refurbishment
  • Interior design

Help people care for the people and pets they love when they can't, or consider teaching people new skills online. You can host live classes, webinars, or pre-recorded courses based on your schedule.

Starting a virtual tutoring business requires little equipment, and you may already have the skills to get started.

Whether you're skilled at math or can play the piano, you can teach people new skills from the comfort of your home. Some common online tutoring subjects include preparing for college entrance exams, teaching a foreign language, and offering individualized help to students with special needs.

  • Earning potential:  $23K–$74K+
  • Skills:  Communication, expertise in one or more subjects, academic support
  • Education:  Bachelor's in the subject you teach, typically psychology, business, English, or biology
  • Certifications:  Microsoft certified educator (MCE), K-12 educational certificate
  • Legal documents:  Private tutoring agreement
  • Tools to get started:  Calendar sign-up tool, web conferencing program, communications tools
  • Highest paying states:  Nevada, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine

There are more opportunities for entrepreneurs in the virtual learning space than ever before. Now you can host webinars and classes to teach others about a subject to reach students worldwide.

You can teach art, workout, programming, design, and language classes, or something completely different. When you're ready to get started, you can look into publishing your courses on Teachable, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, or Coursera.

  • Earning potential:  $33K–$67K+
  • Skills:  Teaching, communication
  • Education:  Varies based on industry, but typically this includes a bachelor's degree in a relevant field
  • Certifications:  Varies based on industry, but they are typically skills-based.
  • Licenses:  Varies based on industry.
  • Legal documents:  Online course agreement, copyright
  • Tools to get started:  Internet, video recording, and editing software
  • Highest paying states:  Alaska, New York, Virginia, Maryland, and Vermont

A commercial truck driving down the road.

If you know how to change a tire in 10 minutes, have built your own custom system from scratch, know how to apply paint protection film seamlessly, or you just love fixing up cars, you should try out one of these profitable automotive business ideas.

Help people keep their cars up and running and make modifications, so their cars perform how they want them to. Or, if you're an educator at heart, you can also teach people how to drive.

Fix cars and make them look good as new with paint protection film, interior rejuvenation, and window tinting.

  • Earning potential:  $36K–$72K+
  • Skills:  Washing, buffing, waxing, shampooing, steaming, deodorizing, vacuuming, paint protection film (PPF)
  • Education:  High school diploma or equivalent
  • Certifications:  IDA certification
  • Legal requirements:  You may need a permit to operate
  • Tools to get started:  Vacuum, pressure washer, buffer, microfiber cloths, cleaning products
  • Highest paying states:  Wisconsin, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Ohio

If you're 25 or older, you know traffic laws inside and out, and you're a great teacher, you could try to start a driving school.

Teach the newest generation of drivers the rules of the road so they and everyone else will be safe when they get behind the wheel. This job isn't for the faint of heart, but it is a phenomenal earning opportunity for anyone who is patient, good with people, and a top-notch driver.

  • Earning potential:  $54K–$65K+
  • Skills:  Teaching and driving abilities, calm, patient
  • Certifications:  Commercial driver's license (CDL)
  • Licenses:  You will need a license for each class you plan to teach. Visit your state's Department of Transportation website to see the requirements and apply.
  • Legal requirements:  Parental consent
  • Tools to get started:  Driving school software, car with dual controls, modified vehicle insurance coverage, and any driver insurance coverage
  • Highest paying states:  New York, Alaska, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Vermont

You can also open one of the following car-related companies:

  • Car dealership
  • Used car dealership

by   Siege Media, contributor to LegalZoom


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Best Investment Plans in India and Money Saving Ideas

90+ Small Food Business Ideas with Small Capital

Suresh KP

Updated on : May 23, 2023

There are various food business ideas which can be started anywhere in the world. If you are a food lover, starting a food business might always excite you. We have filtered some of the best business ideas in food products that can generate good profits. These businesses can be started by anyone who has a passion towards starting a business and aiming for good profits. Which are the Best Small Food Business Ideas with Small Capital in India and across the world? Which are the unique food business ideas where you can explore?

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Table of Contents

What is a food business?

The business that is associated with preparation, processing, manufacturing or packaging food in any way is called food business.  It may be a private or public undertaking working for profit or not. The food industry has become very competitive as a lot of people have started doing this business. But, still if you maintain the quality, taste and hygiene, you can make good sums of money from this business field. If you are thinking about how to start a food business, these tips can help you.

As per IBEF, India’s food processing sector is one of the largest in the world and expected to reach US$ 535 billion by 2025-26. This sector is expected to generate 9 Mn jobs by 2024. Indian food industry is growing at a CAGR of 11% and the food processing sector accounts for 32% of the total food industry.

Top and Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Top Food Business Ideas with Small Capital

Here are some of the small food business ideas list with low capital and can fetch you high profits. One has to choose one of these food startup ideas

1) Opening restaurant

food business ideas - restaurant

2) Open a Bakery

If you are good at making cakes and biscuits, you can opt for opening a bakery too. All you need is good recipes, baking tandoor and various moulds. These days, many corporate companies are ordering with bakeries for each and small get together or meetings been arranged by them. If you can be part of such corporate events, you can make decent returns in such food business.

3) Chocolate making

People are fond of good home-made chocolates. If you know the art of making chocolates, you can opt it as your business that can be operated from home too. This is one of the best food business ideas with small capital.

4) Ice-cream parlor

Gone are the days where one used to have ice cream only in summer. Now one would prefer it anytime across the year. You can either make your own ice-creams or take a franchise of some famous company.

5) Mobile food-vans

These days, caravan vans of food are gaining popularity for the reason they have the flexibility to go anywhere. They generally serve fast-food or combo-food that can be eaten on the go or parceled. While the cost to be offered low here, you can make good margins with high volume. It is one of the unique food business ideas.

6) Cooking classes

If you are an expert in cooking and possess some brilliant recipes, you can open your own cooking classes. This is best for those who are looking for home based cooking business ideas.

7)  Catering services

If you are a good planner, and have management skills, you can offer catering services on a small or large scale. People frequently plan parties and you can provide catering to them. Since the food is delivered in a short span and money collection also happens immediately, it could be one of the small food business ideas with small capital.

food business ideas - farsan - salty snacks

Farsan refers to salty snacks. The concept of home-made namkeen and farsan is very famous. People prefer to buy it directly from market instead of making it at home. This makes this business very lucrative and can be one of the top food business ideas from home.

9) Dairy products

Milk and related products are always in demand. You can either take the franchise of some popular company like Mother Dairy, Amul or you can make your own products and sell.

10)  Organic food shop

People are becoming very health conscious these days. You can open a shop that keeps only organic products.

11) Fast food franchise or shop

If you are looking for fast food business ideas, you can easily open a fast-food center or take a franchise of any popular fast-food like sub-way, Mc Donalds. Such fast food business ideas are ever green.

12) Bread-making

Bread is consumed in all parts of the world. If you are looking at small business ideas, you can start manufacturing bread.  A lot of variety has been introduced in breads these days. You can start this business if you are looking for some of the food manufacturing business ideas.

13)  Papad making

If you are looking for small food business ideas, this could be right one for you. Papad making is a brilliant home-based business idea which can be started with minimum capital. You can form tie-ups with big shops and malls to increase the demand.

14) Pickle-making

Pickles are not only demanded at national level, but also at international level. Develop some good and unique pickle recipe and your business can be a super-hit. E.g. Priya Pickles manufacturing happens in Hyderabad (India) and this has become so famous that these are sold in plenty in the US, UK, Singapore, Australian countries etc.,

15) Chinese food Centre

You can open a center that serves especially Chinese food with an authentic taste. Prefer an area near school, college or university because it is mostly liked by teenagers. Even this is one of the nice fast food business ideas. This is one of the good restaurant business ideas to start even with small space.

16) Jam and jelly making

Another food based business is jam and jelly making which can be started with a low investment.

17) Biscuit making

Biscuit making is a very lucrative business with high profit margin. Many people prefer to buy bakery biscuits from the local bakery shop. You can put a fully automated biscuit plant or hand-made biscuits baked in oven.

18) Ice-cream cone making

This business can be initialed as home-based small-scale business in which you prepare wafer cones for filling ice-creams. Their demand is rising every year and you can introduce a lot of variation in it.

19) Sauce making

The sauces are generally used to spread on breads and in fast-food items. There are many types of sauces that are in demand. So, depending upon the capital and demand, you can put a small business of it.

20) Sweet shop

Indian are fans of sweets. They would celebrate with sweets on big festivals like Diwali, Dussehra etc., Sweets are much in demand round the year and highly demanded during the festivities. Even in most of the weddings, various sweets are provided to friends and relatives. This makes this business a very attractive one. Maintain quality, hygiene and taste and you can do wonders in this business. This is one of the good small food business ideas with low investment.

21) Nutritionist

Every one is health conscious and looking for healthy and balanced diet . Nutritionists are the persons who suggest a special diet to the persons as per the needs of their body depending upon the age, health and other factors. Certified nutritionists are in high demand in metro cities. You have to take special training for this.

22) Grocery store

This is the most basic business idea to open a grocery store. You can add special tech-facilities also in it like taking orders on e-mail, what’s-app and home-delivering etc.

23) Coffee shop

Hanging out with friends at a coffee shop is the latest trend and this makes the business ever demanding. You may require moderate capital to start this.

24) Honey processing

Honey processing is the removal of wax and other unwanted material from honey. You can establish a processing unit for it either manual or automatic.  This business is treated as one of the emerging food processing business as many customers are preferring honey as part of their daily food intake.

25) Food delivery service

In it, you need to tie-up with some good restaurants of the city and develop an app on your own. People give orders through the app and you are required to pick and home-deliver the products from those particular foods-joints. You charge commission for it.

26) Fruit and vegetable mart

It is an evergreen business which you can start as a wholesaler or retailer.

27) Spice-powder making

It is one of the most profitable small-scale business apart from our regular spices like red chilly powder, turmeric powder, one can initiate to make different mixes of spices like meat masala, tandoor masala etc.

food business ideas - organic farming

If you possess idle piece of land, you can develop organic farm on it which uses no harmful chemicals and fertilizers to grow the crop. They are great demand for organic food these days.

29) Farming

If you possess the knowledge of cultivation, you can even develop farming as your business. If done at a good scale, it can be a profitable business.

30) Popcorn or wafer making

You can establish a small- scale industry to make wafers and popcorns which require moderate investment. It is one of the good snacks business ideas to start any time.

20 Small Food Business Ideas with Low Capital

31) Meat and seafood processing – in this, the seafood and meat is processed chemically. It requires a moderate capital investment.  This could be one of the good small scale food processing business ideas .

32)  Grain processing unit – the processing units of grains like rice-mills, flour-mills can be established. If you have the knowledge and capital for this business, it is a yet another good food processing business.

33) Grinding unit – If you are looking for food business ideas from home, you can try this. The grinding unit of spices, cereals and grains can be set-up either at small scale or at large-scale. For this business, you need to install few machines.

34) Dal mills – It is actually processing of various cereals. It is a capital-intensive unit which depends heavily on raw material.  This one of the small scale food processing business ideas to start.

35) Blogs about food and recipes – you can write blogs about food, their nutritional value, and good recipes etc. for various food-related websites.

36)  Frozen food mart – you can open a store that keeps frozen foods like meat, chicken, vegetable, eateries etc.

37) Retailing of beverages – you can open a store that deals in beverages of all famous brands. A plethora of variety is available in beverages these days.

38) Processing of tomatoes – you can set-up a unit of preserved tomato paste. This business requires a hefty investment.

39) Ginger garlic paste making – Ginger-garlic paste is the basic ingredient of major food recipes. This business has the immense market opportunity.

40) Baking powder making- It is a chemical mixture of different ingredients and compositions. It is extensively used in the baking process.

41) Coconut oil manufacturing – Coconut oil is not only an important cooking medium, but also used in manufacturing of toilet soap, detergents, hair oil, etc. it involves a huge capital investment. The location of the factory is also important. It has to be established near the area where raw material is easily available.  If you are okay with these aspects you can consider this food manufacturing business idea.

42) Condensed milk production – sweetened milk has a great demand in domestic market as well as international market. The only prime, raw material in this business is full cream milk. It is one of the most profitable businesses.

43)  Energy drink production – With changing lifestyle of the people, energy drinks are much in demand. It is the most trending food processing business, but it requires a strong promotional strategy.

44) Ice block manufacturing – Ice blocks are essential for preservation of fish and many other things.  This business can be established on a small-scale with very minimum capital. This is one of the good food manufacturing business ideas to start with low investment .

45) Iodized salt production – salt is the basic necessity for preparation of every food. You can put a salt processing plant with moderate capital.

46) Soya chunks processing – any individual can commence to put a soya chunks processing unit on small-scale. The main raw materials in it are soya bean and peanuts.

47)  Sugar candy making – sugar candies are hard-boiled sugar confectionery. It can be made in many fresh fruit flavors like mango, orange, strawberry etc.

48) Banana wafers making – banana wafers is an all-time favorite tea snack for most. These can be sold in both local and international market. It is a highly profitable business.

49) Cashew processing – it includes many activities like kernel drying, peeling, grading and packaging. This business can be established on a small-scale or large-scale. The location of the industry has to be near the production area of cashews only. If you are satisfied with these aspects, you can start this food processing business.

50) Canned rasgulla – this business requires moderate capital investment. However, you have to develop a very good formula for making rasgulla and maintain the quality of it.

10 Unique Food Business Ideas to start now

Some of them can work as unique food business ideas for students too.

51) Night food delivery service with delicious food items

52) Home food delivery service

53) Organic food items

54) Milk and dairy products

55) Fresh fruits and vegetable delivery in the mornings

56) Fresh meat delivery within city

57) Home made pickles delivery to hostels and corporate canteens

58) Just Burgers and pizzas shop

59)  Restaurant which offers other countries dishes (e.g. Italian restaurant in Indian cities or Indian restaurants in American cities)

60) Groceries delivery within city limits

15 Fast Food Business Ideas

61) Gourmet Burger Joint: Offer a variety of high-quality, gourmet burgers with unique toppings and sauces.

62) Healthy Wraps and Salads: Focus on providing fresh, nutritious wraps and salads with a variety of tasty and wholesome ingredients.

63) Artisanal Pizza Delivery: Deliver handmade pizzas with unique flavors, using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

64) Asian Street Food: Create a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in popular Asian street food dishes like dumplings, noodles, and bao buns.

65) Build-Your-Own Burrito Bar : Allow customers to customize their own burritos with a variety of proteins, veggies, sauces, and toppings.

66) Waffle House: Offer a range of sweet and savory waffle options, including different batters, fillings, and toppings.

67) Food Truck: Start a mobile fast food business that offers a specific cuisine, such as tacos, gourmet hot dogs, or gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

68) Chicken Wings Joint: Open a restaurant that specializes in delicious chicken wings with various flavors and dipping sauces.

69) Ice Cream and Milkshakes: Create an ice cream shop that serves a wide range of flavors and offers unique milkshake combinations.

70) Fresh Juice and Smoothies: Open a juice and smoothie bar that provides customers with a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to create customized beverages.

71) Fish and Chips Stand: Set up a stand or small restaurant that serves traditional fish and chips with crispy batter and homemade sauces.

10 Innovative Food Business Ideas

You can look at these innovative ideas for food business too.

82) Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Food Businesses

83) Tech-Driven Food Delivery and Meal Services

84) Customizable and Personalized Food Experiences

85) Health-Conscious and Functional Food Products

86) Ethnic and Global Fusion Cuisine

87) Unique Beverage Concepts

88) Socially Conscious Food Ventures

89) Food Tourism and Experiential Dining

90) Alternative Protein and Plant-Based Products

91) Interactive and Immersive Food Experiences

Conclusion:   In conclusion, be it anything, manufacturing or processing of food business, you need to carry out detailed market survey in order to ensure the choice of the right kind of business. Then, dedication and hard-work is the key to success.

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Business Idea: Village or city, start the favourite business of the customer everywhere, demand

How to start honey processed food business (Homemade)very low investment. Also other information like MFD, BEST BEORE , How to mention this thing without lab or chemist

I have read many articles about the food business and tried to get ideas from them. But I read your business idea and I really like the way business is done there. Such as Cloud Kitchen, Fine Dining, Food Truck. Thank you for giving me some ideas about this essential food business for business expansion

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    Contents. updated May 11, 2023 · 20min read. 1. Website and app development. 2. Financial consulting. 3. Online business consulting. 4. Information security. 5. Digital marketing. 6. Social media marketing. 7. Writer or author. 8. Graphic design. 9. Transcription Services. 10. Translation services or interpretation. 11. Tattooing. 12.

  22. 90+ Small Food Business Ideas with Small Capital

    Updated on : May 23, 2023. There are various food business ideas which can be started anywhere in the world. If you are a food lover, starting a food business might always excite you. We have filtered some of the best business ideas in food products that can generate good profits.