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  • Spelling - Spelling rules are taught on Monday during English lessons for testing on the following Friday.
  • Times Tables - Children should continue to learn and develop speed in times tables by using tasks set on 'Times tables Rockstar.  They will complete a 'Times Table Challenge' three times a week in school.
  • Reading Journal - The children should complete good quality work - we are looking for quality and not quantity Year 6!.
  • Please learn the 'Prayer to the Holy Spirit' and 'Hail Holy Queen' prayers from your prayer books. 
  • Nando's homework.
  • Read 'Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry' from the website pages - follow the link on the main page.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Spellings for half term one

  • Year 6 Term 1A Week 1 spellings.pdf
  • Year 6 Term 1A Week 2 spellings.pdf
  • Year 6 Term 1 Week 3 spellings.pdf
  • Year 6 Term 1 Week 4 spellings.pdf
  • Year 6 Term 1 Week 5 spellings.pdf
  • Year 6 term 1 week 6
  • weekly spellings week 7.pdf
  • Year 6 Term spellings week 8.pdf

Homework for Half Term 1

  • nandos-takeaway-homework autumn 1.pdf
  • geography-homework-project-year-6-autumn-1 (3).docx


I would just like to add some clarification about the 'Nando's' takeaway homework.

By the end of the half term, I expect the children to have completed 6 tasks from the sheet.

This must include one from the 'extra hot' row and one from the 'hot' row. If the children wish to do the geography homework from the extra spicy row then that is on the website.

Then two each from the 'mild' and 'extra mild' row. 

The homework can be handed in weekly or at the end of the half term. 

Topic Homework for Half Term 2

  • Takeaway-Homework-Natural-Hazards.pdf
  • tweet-worksheet-.pdf

Spellings for Half Term 2

  • year 6 spelling half term 2.pdf

Homework for Half Term 3

  • 10410 maths homework - Monday 9th January until Friday 20th January
  • weekly task for English - Monday 23rd January until Friday 17th February
  • CRIME AND PUNISHMENT HOMEWORK - please complete 4 activities

Crime and punishment homework expectation

Please complete 4 tasks from the grid and hand in at the end of half term. If you have any problems with your homework then please talk to me instead of bothering your parents!

Spellings for Half Term 3

  • Year 6 Week 1 Term 2A Presentation.ppt
  • Year 6 Term 2A Week 2.ppt
  • Year 6 Term 2A Week 3.ppt
  • Year 6 Term 2A Week 4.ppt
  • Year 6 Term 2a Week 5 PowerPoint.ppt
  • Year 6 Term 2a Week 6 PowerPoint.ppt

Homework for Half Term 4

  • t2-m-2659-sats-survival-year-6-parents-maths-reasoning-practice-and-revision-activity-booklet_ver_4 (1).zip
  • ancient greeks homework.pdf

For your homework this half term, we are focusing on maths and English skills. Please complete 3 activities a week from your sheets in your homework books and 1 maths assessment quiz which can be found in the zip folder above. 

You may complete some of the Ancient Greek homework if you wish.

Half term 4 Spellings

  • tp2-e-354-planit-spelling-year-6-term-2b-w1-words-with-endings-which-sound-like-shuhl-after-a-vowel-letter-spelling-pack_ver_1.zip
  • tp2-e-360-planit-spelling-year-6-term-2b-w2-words-with-endings-which-sound-like-shuhl.zip
  • tp2-e-366-planit-spelling-year-6-term-2b-w3-words-with-a-soft-c-spelt-ce-spelling-pack_ver_1.zip
  • tp2-e-369-planit-spelling-year-6-term-2b-w4-word-families-based-on-common-words-spelling-pack_ver_4.zip
  • tp2-e-375-planit-spelling-year-6-term-2b-w5-word-families-based-on-common-words-spelling-pack_ver_3.zip
  • tp2-e-376-planit-spelling-year-6-term-2b-w6-statutory-spelling-challenge-words-spelling-pack_ver_1.zip
  • CBBC Newsround Watch these videos to keep up to date with the latest news.
  • BBC Bitsize SATs Revision Practise for your SATs with these activities in English, Maths and Science.

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homework for year 6

Year 6 Homework

The expectation is that Year 6 children will spend approximately 30 minutes per night on homework. Homework will be set every Friday via the website (please see below), to be handed in the following Wednesday as directed either through SeeSaw or physically brought into school; please encourage your child to organise their time effectively. Homework activities will reflect current topics and learning in the year group - please look in the Homework book and diary to check their progress. Weekly homework may include: daily reading; spelling, punctuation or grammar; Maths activities; activities related to our current topic.

Our aim in Year 6 is to teach the children to develop a range of personal strategies for learning spellings, and for checking and proofreading spellings in their own writing. Spelling activities will be set on a regular basis as an extension of the work completed in school, and will involve exploring a particular spelling rule or pattern, rather than learning a list of words each week. The children will complete spelling tests in school to assess their understanding.

In Year 6, we endeavour to help children become more independent in the use of their homework diaries, and to take responsibility for ensuring they are filled in. Diaries will be collected in and signed on a Friday.

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Hundreds of FREE online maths resources!

Daily activities, ready-to-go lesson slides, SATs revision packs, video CPD and more!

Hundreds of FREE online maths resources!

Free Year 6 Maths Worksheets And SATs Revision Worksheets: Download, Print Or View Online

Sophie bessemer.

Here you’ll find all our free Year 6 maths worksheets and Year 6 SATs revision workshee t s that you can download and use straight away.

Inevitably, many of these have been designed originally to be Year 6 SATs revision worksheets for pupils preparing for their end of primary school KS2 SATs but whether they are sitting their SATs or not, they still need to know the content, and you still want them ready for Year 7 maths next year at secondary school.

If you’re a parent looking for more advice, try our  home learning hub full of home learning packs , tips and teaching ideas for Year 6 Maths at Home and maths homework and more about the KS2 SATs which take place in May every year for Year 6.

If you’re a teacher or school leader who is interested in improving maths attainment in your school or classroom, then this whole website is for you. Third Space Learning is dedicated to improving outcomes in maths with our online tutoring programme of maths interventions , together with maths resources and CPD.

A note on the Year 6 maths worksheets provided

All the Third Space Learning Year 6, KS2 maths worksheets and SATs revision worksheets are printable; most are in pdf format, some are designed as slides, but if you don’t want to print for whatever reason all the worksheets can be viewed online too. 

We always include answers in our maths resource packs but for any teachers wanting to delve further into any of these topics take a look at our KS2 Maths teaching guides which cover everything from long division to pie charts. And if you’re after something a bit more lighthearted in the run up to SATs, our collection of maths games , in particular the KS2 maths games are always popular.

How we’ve selected the Year 6 maths worksheets

We are providing here a selection of the pdf Year 6 maths worksheets and, Year 6 maths tests that we believe can be used with minimal support by 10 or 11 year olds as part of their home learning.

The focus here is on retrieval practice . This means working on skills and knowledge a Year 6 should already have been taught (even if they can’t remember it yet!) and supporting them with strategies to approach SATs questions rather than teaching them new content.

Inevitably there’s a focus at this stage on ensuring pupils core number work is really sound, and on the topics that lend themselves well to Year 6 maths worksheets. There’s nothing here for example on identifying shapes or properties of shapes such as parallelograms or quadrilaterals because you can find these easily online already.

Primary National Curriculum guidance and links to other support is given where relevant alongside the maths worksheets.

Free Year 6 Maths Worksheets and Tests

A collection of free Year 6 maths activities and worksheets from the Third Space Maths Hub. You need to register to download (but it's free). Use Google Chrome.

Year 6 Place Value Worksheets

Year 6 addition and subtraction worksheets, year 6 multiplication and division worksheets, year 6 four operations worksheets, year 6 fractions worksheets, year 6 percentages worksheets, year 6 decimals worksheets, year 6 algebra worksheets, year 6 fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills practice, year 6 sats tests and revision resources, year 6 maths worksheets on place value: all kinds of word problems.

These Year 6 number and place value worksheets give lots of practice on two-step and three-step word problems to strengthen children’s understanding of place value and ordering numbers.

Download the free Year 6 Number and Place Value worksheets

Year 6 SATs Revision Worksheets on place value: SATs Revision Packs

If you find a Year 6 child is struggling with the place value word problems, then you might want to try some more refresher place value questions and activities with them.

If giving as homework encourage parents to read our explainer What is Place Value and then work through these SATs Revision packs on place value, which cover basic number facts all the way to decimal numbers, designed to for use in the final year of primary school.

Topics covered include: Ordering and Comparing Numbers to 10 Million, Ordering and Comparing Numbers to 3 Decimal Places, Rounding Whole Numbers and Decimals.

Download the free SATs Revision Packs on Place Value

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on addition and subtraction: Gap Plugging Pack

These lessons are what we use during our online maths interventions. The year 6 addition and subtraction worksheets include lots of addition and subtraction questions for children to follow along with. As they are intended to be used by a tutor teaching and supporting a child through their Year 6 addition and subtraction understanding, parents may need to be prepared to step in occasionally. 

Download the free Year 6 Addition & Subtraction worksheets or check out or full collection of addition and subtraction worksheets for even more!

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on multiplication and division: Gap Plugging Pack

More examples of Year 6 maths slides from our online maths tuition, this time on multiplication and division.

year 6 maths worksheets multiplication and division

Download the free Year 6 Multiplication & Division worksheets

Year 6 SATs Revision Worksheets: Times Tables Tests

It’s essential that children become proficient and quick at their times tables and schools really need parents support in this. By Year 6 children should know all their multiplication facts up to the 12 times table and beyond (i.e 10 times bigger and smaller than 12 too) and be able to identify common multiples, and common factors.

Here are some quick Year 6 maths tests that they can mark themselves to identify any gaps in their multiplication tables and track their progress.

Download the free Year 6 Times Tables Tests

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on long multiplication

These upper KS2 worksheets provide over 45 long multiplication questions that progress from multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit numbers to 4-digit by 2-digit word problems of the sort Year 6 pupils are likely to encounter in SATs.

Download the free Year 6 Long Multiplication worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on division

By Year 6 children should have moved their understanding of division on to the formal long division method and they will be ready tackle these long division worksheets.

The questions start with short division so a child can progress from 1-digit number division to 2-digit and 3-digit division using division facts and multiples. 

Download the free Year 6 Long Division worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheet on the four operations: All Kinds of Word Problems

Mastering BODMAS and the order of operations is key in Year 6 as they start working with indices, square numbers and brackets as well as the standard four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This set of KS2 maths worksheets gives 40 word problems of increasing levels of difficulty; if a child struggles with the year 6 four operations questions, then suggest they look at the Year 3, 4 or 5 maths problems instead.

Download the free Year 6 Four Operations worksheet

Year 6 Maths Worksheet on the four operations: Code Crackers

While most pupils will be confident when tackling the four operations, it always helps to have a worksheet that provides some maths revision. This entertaining maths activity not only recaps the four operations through number problems but also when the answers are correctly found, they create the punchline to a joke. 

Download Year 6 Maths Worksheet on the four operations: Code Crackers

Year 6 Maths Worksheet on the four operations: Worked Examples

In Year 6, children will recap previous learning in the four operations but they will also learn long division and focus on BODMAS. There will always be children who will have gathered and maintained misconceptions throughout their schooling or recently found themselves making common mistakes. This worked example worksheet is a perfect way to discuss common errors children make. 

Download Year 6 Maths Worksheet on the four operations: Worked Examples

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on adding and subtracting fractions: Gap Plugging Pack

Year 6 adding and subtracting fractions questions from our online maths lessons

Download the free Year 6 Adding and Subtracting Fractions worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on multiplying and dividing fractions : Gap Plugging Pack

Year 6 multiplying and dividing fractions questions from our online maths lessons .

Download the free Year 6 Multiplying and Dividing Fractions worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheet on fractions: All Kinds of Word Problems

This free year 6 fractions worksheet is a collection of word problems that enable 11 year olds to see a variety of different ways that fraction problems can be constructed, including adding and subtracting fractions, working out equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions

Download the free Year 6 Fractions worksheet

year 6 maths worksheets fractions

Year 6 Maths Worksheet on fractions: Code Crackers

When children are in Year 6, there are a lot of different elements to fractions that they need to remember. This worksheet provides a fun recap of everything they will have been taught throughout the Year 6 fractions block while they find the answer to a silly joke. The fractions questions include adding fractions with different denominators, multiplying proper fractions by integers and multiplying two proper fractions. 

Download Year 6 Maths Worksheet on fractions: Code Crackers

Year 6 Maths Worksheet on fractions: Worked Examples

This worksheet involves a set of fractions questions that have been solved but not all have been correctly solved. The pupils will need to ‘become the teacher’ to mark the work presented to them and edit any incorrect answers they find. The focus of this resource is mainly on identifying and explaining errors to develop reasoning skills. 

Download Year 6 Maths Worksheet on fractions: Worked Examples

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on percentages: Code Crackers

Revision for 10 and 11 year olds on a perennially tricky SATs topic – Year 6 percentages – all in a fun format that allows Year 6 children the satisfaction of cracking a topical code at the end.

Download the free Year 6 percentages worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on percentages: Worked Examples

This worksheet encourages children to convert between percentages, fractions and decimals as well as finding equivalents to a given percentage and using percentages in context (in money). There is an added challenge of the questions being solved, ready for the children to check the answers for errors. 

Download Year 6 Maths Worksheets on percentages: Worked Examples

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on decimals: Code Crackers

Recap Year 6 decimals knowledge in order to crack the code .

Download the free Year 6 decimals worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on decimals: Worked Examples

This worked example worksheet focuses on common eros made within this topic, for example multiplying a decimal number by 100 and multiplying an integer by a decimal number. 

Download Year 6 Maths Worksheets on decimals: Worked Examples

Third Space Learning's slide for multiplying decimals by 100 for Year 6s

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on algebra: Code Crackers

Recap Year 6 algebra knowledge in order to crack the code.

Download the free Year 6 algebra worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on algebra: Worked Examples 

Algebra is a new topic for Year 6, although children will have experienced it under different names (for example, missing number problems). This worksheet focuses on the common errors that are made then using function machines, finding possible values and using formula. 

Download Year 6 Maths Worksheets on algebra: Worked Examples 

Year 6 Maths Worksheets on algebra and measures: Independent Recap

These quick worksheets are our newest resource, aimed at being tasks children can work through with minimal support from parents or teachers. This pack contains four worksheets focused on forming and solving two step equations, and converting metric measurements – a double helping of key SATs topics.

Download the Year 6 Algebra and Measures Independent Recap Worksheets Pack

Year 6 Maths Worksheets for improving mental maths, arithmetic and fluency: Fluent in Five

We recommend every primary school child starts their day with Fluent in Five. It’s 5-10 minutes of daily arithmetic questions; in Year 6 children have to answer up to 7 quick mental arithmetic questions a day using either a written or mental method. It’s a fantastic way to develop children’s numeracy and build up their speed in preparation for the KS2 SATs Arithmetic paper.

Download the free Year 6 Arithmetic Worksheets

Year 6 Maths Worksheets for problem solving and reasoning: Rapid Reasoning

Children often struggle with maths reasoning at KS2 , e specially in lower Key Stage 2. This set of more than 120 maths reasoning questions includes modelled answers and step by step guidance to support pupils through solving them. Each Year 6 reasoning worksheet has approximately 4 questions on it.

Download the free Year 6 Reasoning Worksheets

Year 6 SATs Tests and Year 6 Maths Papers

Of course one of the skills the SATs papers test is identifying exactly what the question is asking for, and which maths operation to undertake. The following practice Year 6 maths sats papers or Year 6 SATs tests provide a range of question types and topics, requiring children to switch between multiplication and division to 2D shapes and 3D shapes from one question to the next. They all include answer sheets so children can self mark as required.

Download 6 free KS2 SATs Papers

Download your free Year 6 maths test

Year 6 SATs Revision Worksheets: Worked Examples

This pack contains a series of SATs style arithmetic and reasoning questions that have already been solved, although the answers may not be correct. Each year 6 sats revision worksheet encourages pupils to find and explain errors, not just focus on finding the correct answer. Again the topics are all mixed up, so the first step is in finding what is being tested.

Download free Year 6 Maths Worked Examples

Year 6 SATs Reasoning Questions

Central to the new maths mastery approach to teaching maths at primary school is the idea that all children of all abilities should be able to solve multi step word problems in maths and reason well. This is why two of the three KS2 SATs papers are SATs reasoning papers.

While these aren’t on a SATs revision worksheet, there are plenty of examples here to help 10 and 11 year olds to practise these kind of questions.

35 Free Year 6 Maths Reasoning Questions

If you have pupils who need a boost for SATs next year, talk to one of our schools team about the results you can expect from our one to one SATs revision lessons . We’ve also collected the best SATs revision resources if you’re planning your own SATs intervention, including a breakdown of the topics and order that we believe is most effective in giving pupils a firm grasp of maths and enabling them to achieve 100 in SATs .

Also in this series…

  • Year 2 Maths Curriculum Toolkit for 6 & 7 Year Olds
  • Year 2 Maths Worksheets
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  • Year 4 Maths Worksheets
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  • Year 5 Maths Worksheets

Online 1-to-1 maths lessons trusted by schools and teachers Every week Third Space Learning’s maths specialist tutors support thousands of primary school children with weekly online 1-to-1 lessons and maths interventions . Since 2013 we’ve helped over 150,000 children become more confident, able mathematicians. Learn more or request a personalised quote to speak to us about your needs and how we can help.

Primary school tuition targeted to the needs of each child and closely following the National Curriculum.

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FREE Fluent in Five Weeks 1 to 6 (Years 1 to 6)

Easy to implement daily arithmetic questions to build number fluency and confidence in 5 minutes a day.

Downloaded by 38,840+ teachers.

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Year Six English Homework

Year Six English Homework

Subject: English

Age range: 7-11

Resource type: Worksheet/Activity

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Last updated

22 February 2018

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homework for year 6

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The ideas inside of these tasks are great, but the sheets are quite basic. I do like the success criteria and the option for children to create their own topic, though! Thank you for making these free to use.


Yes, the sheets are basic so that you can edit it to meet the needs of your class.


We are trying to create a bank of resources for use as online learning during this covid 19 crisis. These resources are good and clear and will be very useful. Thank you.


Amazing work :)

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The GL revision is here! - and we are now uploading the answers for you to check your work against

Gl revision resources, revision answers, year 6 homework 2021/22, accelerated reader and myon links, times table games and challenges.

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homework for year 6

Thomas Reade Primary School

homework for year 6

Year 6 homework

Each week, we have homework to do which is usually a maths & literacy activity and spellings to learn. We read at least 3 times a week at home (most of us read every day) and we try to read to an adult as well. We also practise our times tables and division facts which are essential in Year 6. If we don’t know our facts, we will find maths really hard.

Helpful/Useful Websites

These are some of the websites we have found useful when in Class 6:

Mathletics  – Maths (internet)

www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games  – Maths (internet)

Coolmath4kids.com  – Maths (internet)

Coolmath-games.com  – Maths (internet)

Squeebles  – Times Tables (APP)

www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games  – English (internet)

spellzone.com  – Spellings (internet)

BBC Bitesize KS2  – Maths, English & Science (internet) 

Home Learning -for use in event of school closure

Maths home learning | Home learning | White Rose Maths

To develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection - Oak Academy - year 6 - Reading for pleasure


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