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50 Cricut Vinyl Projects: What CAN You Make With Vinyl?

Cricut Vinyl Projects: What CAN You Make With Vinyl?

Ever been stuck for ideas for Cricut vinyl projects? You’ve got the SVGs, you’ve got the materials… but what CAN you make with vinyl?

Here is a biiiiig long list of 50 Cricut vinyl projects to add to your crafty to-do list. 🥰

Welcome to Day 10 of the Christmas Craft Countdown , where I’m revealing a new Christmas craft project every day for 20 days.

Today things are working a little bit differently, as instead of sharing a premade project with you, I’m sharing 10 vinyl SVGs for you to use to create your own Christmas craft projects! Scroll down the page to find the download box.

This project is part of 2021's Christmas Craft Countdown.

View all 20 craft projects!

50 Cricut vinyl project ideas

Here are 50 different materials or objects which could be personalized with Cricut vinyl.

Cricut vinyl tshirt

Some of the items in the list are links to my previous projects where you can find out more about working with that particular material or craft item.

  • Baby suits (onesies / babygrows)
  • Bleach shirts
  • Canvas shoes (e.g. Converses)
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Christmas ornaments / baubles
  • Christmas stockings
  • Cloth napkins
  • Clothing labels
  • Cookie jars or dog treat jars
  • Cork boards / noticeboards
  • Cricut machines!
  • Display cases
  • Faux leather
  • Fabric bunting
  • Greetings cards
  • Halloween light-up jars
  • Hammers / tool handles
  • Hats / baseball caps
  • Home organization labels
  • Hoodies / jumpers
  • Keyrings / keychains
  • Make up bags
  • Memory frames
  • Nail art stickers
  • Night lights
  • Notebooks & planners
  • Pens & pencils
  • Pillow cases or cushion covers
  • Planters & plant pots
  • Reverse canvases
  • School bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Spice jar labels
  • Subway signs
  • Water bottles

Christmas bauble with vinyl

How to use SVGs with Cricut vinyl

Here are three different vinyl projects that all use the same Christmas SVG. They use a mixture of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and adhesive vinyl to create the finished items.

I think sometimes we get bombarded with so many lovely SVGs that it can be a little bit daunting to think about ways to use them, so here are three ideas of what you could make.

As you may know, vinyl crafts are not my favorite, so please give me a little bit of grace whilst I’m trying to show you how to make the projects as me and vinyl are not friends!!

10 Christmas SVGs for Cricut vinyl projects

So now you’ve got some ideas for what to personalize… but you need some designs to use!

Here are 10 Christmas SVGs which comes in multiple colours for your layered vinyl projects.

Use the box below to download the cutting files for this project. Please note that this is not a free file.

It is part of the Christmas Craft Countdown which is a collection of 20 exclusive Christmas themed craft projects.

This design is part of the 2021 Christmas Craft Countdown.

premium vinyl projects

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Before you upload the SVGs to Design Space, you need to unzip the download folder that they come in.

  • How to unzip a folder on Windows computer
  • How to unzip a folder on a Mac
  • How to unzip a folder on an iPad/iPhone
  • How to unzip a folder on an Android device

HTV on cardstock

Happy crafting, Sarah x


Cricut Removable Vinyl DIY - Why Choose Removable?

Head on over to Craft-e-Corner Cricut Community Facebook Group for more inspiration and education!

Do you know the difference between permanent and removable vinyl and when to use each type for your Cricut crafts? If you are new to Cricut die-cutting machines like I am, you might just be wondering about that. I had the wrong idea about removable vinyl, and I wanted to share what I learned in case any of you do, too.

So far, I have only used permanent vinyl with my Cricut projects and have not tried removable vinyl yet. I somehow thought that removable vinyl was only meant to be temporary and would naturally start to peel off after a while. That may happen over time, but it depends on how much you handle it. I had seen project posts using permanent and removable vinyl interchangeably, and I wanted to know why anyone would use removable vinyl for a project that was meant to be permanent.

I discovered the main reasons that crafters use removable vinyl, some of which surprised me. It is often used when making a stencil to apply paint or other medium to a project, in which case you would remove the vinyl afterwards. Removable vinyl is less likely to pull off any of the paint than permanent vinyl. See below for several projects that use removable vinyl as stencils.  


premium vinyl projects

This is such a cute tray. It looks like it would be difficult to make, but the directions are quite easy. In a short amount of time, you could have a tray unlike anyone else's. You can use as many layers of paint as you want, depending on the look you're going for.  


premium vinyl projects

Here, a simple piece of wood becomes a 3D sign to decorate your home for Christmas. Hopefully, you have a handy guy around to cut the circle out of the wood. Or, maybe you are no stranger to woodcutting and can do it yourself. How hard can it be? You can choose any type of ornament you'd like to hang inside the hole.  


premium vinyl projects

What a great idea for those little boys (or even girls) who love to play with Legos. Now they can keep all the pieces contained while they construct their current set. Not only will it help them not to lose pieces, it may also keep you from stepping on them.


premium vinyl projects

Make a cute welcome sign for your house using vinyl as a stencil over painted wood. Just decide on your words and your paint color, and you will have a new sign in no time. This post contains written directions as well as a YouTube video, so you can watch the project being made, if you wish.

Although all of these projects use vinyl as a stencil on wood, you can use vinyl stencils on many other materials as well.

Another reason to use removable vinyl is for projects that you may want to redo at some point. Perhaps you want to make labels for categories that my change over time, or you may want to reuse containers and change the names on them, say for Easter baskets or something similar. Or maybe you're like me and enjoy variety, so you want to change things out just because you can. Below are some projects that fit these conditions.


premium vinyl projects

Create your own Easter baskets on a budget. Pick up some inexpensive buckets, grab some removable vinyl, fire up your Cricut machine and get making! Then, if you want to go with a different color scheme or use the baskets for something else, you can simply remove the vinyl labels and put new ones on. The nice thing about removable vinyl is that it does not leave a residue when it is removed.


premium vinyl projects

Need a cute idea for a storage container - for yourself or for a gift? How about using a simple glass jar and applying a vinyl decal to personalize it? If you use removable vinyl, you can repurpose the jar at a later date and make a new decal for it then. This project was made with a Cricut Joy and was done very quickly. This would be perfect for those times when you just want to make something, but you don't have a current project in process. Or does that only happen to me?


premium vinyl projects

Have you heard about the way people are reaching out and connecting during the COVID-19 pandemic by putting hearts on their windows to share the love with others? I didn't know about this until I came across this project post. It's such a great idea and couldn't be easier. Did you know that you can use removable vinyl as a window decal? Just cut out some hearts and stick them on your window. They can be removed later without leaving a residue.


premium vinyl projects

Here is another wood sign made using a different method. No matter what kind of event you are decorating for, having a wooden sign like this would be so handy. Using removable vinyl for the letters would allow you to change it up for multiple occasions. It would be great to have a few different signs in different shapes and colors prepared ahead of time and then just switch out the words and/or images, depending on the event you are currently celebrating.  


premium vinyl projects

Feel the need to get organized? That doesn't only happen at back-to-school time, although that is a fantastic time to make this project. Take any tote with dividers and add labels to it with Cricut vinyl, using removable vinyl so you can re-label in the future, if necessary. I love how this one uses holographic vinyl. I am definitely a fan of all things shiny!


premium vinyl projects

So many cute phone cases are available now, but what could be better than designing your own? I love the idea of having a case that no one else has with my very own design on it. You could even have your name on your phone case. You wouldn't be stuck using the same one forever, either, if you use removable vinyl. When you're ready for a change, just make a different one and swap them out. How fun! 

Sometimes people use removable vinyl because they are doing a project and they only have removable vinyl on hand, or at least in the color they want. Maybe it's a project they don't anticipate handling a lot. Removable vinyl can even be chosen because it has a matte finish instead of a glossy finish like permanent vinyl. That was the reason that surprised me, only because it had not occurred to me (I didn't know removable vinyl has a matte finish because I had not used it). The following projects fit under this category.


premium vinyl projects

Here is another project you can do with a Cricut Joy. The advantage to this is that you don't even have to use a mat if you're using Smart Vinyl. For this gift wrapping project, all you need to do is type the names you need in the Text box in Design Space, choose a font and cut them out with the Joy. Then stick them on whatever you are using for wrapping paper. I bet it would be cute to use newspaper and stick on a bright colored name. You don't have to use a Joy, though. You could do this with any Cricut machine.


premium vinyl projects

I love this idea! The eggs are so cute with the words on them, and I can't even tell they aren't real from the picture. This project even includes a free SVG you can use. I thought about putting the vinyl on real hard-cooked eggs and looked that up to see if it could be done. It sounds like it might work if the eggs are not too cold. Either way, you could put names on the eggs or images instead of words. Use your imagination!  


premium vinyl projects


premium vinyl projects

How about decorating a ceiling fan or other item in your home that needs a facelift? This is a fantastic idea! Choose any design or image you like to cut out of vinyl with your Cricut and apply to your décor. Give a room a whole new look without spending a ton of time or money. Then just wait for the compliments you are sure to receive.

While researching removable vinyl, I checked out the price of removable versus permanent vinyl and did not see much of a difference. Comparable packages appear to cost the same, so there would be no advantage to using one or the other in that way.  Do you have a reason for using removable vinyl that I have not mentioned? I am sure there are probably others.

How to Cut Multiple Colors of Vinyl at One Time with a Cricut

How to Put Vinyl on A Curved Surface – Take 2

How to Apply Vinyl on Curved Surfaces: The Hinge Method


premium vinyl projects

Leslie enjoys reading, cooking, sewing, camping and playing board and card games. Crafting with her Cricut is a new passion, and she has fun making gifts for her grown children and grandchildren. Spending time with them trumps everything else. Her job duties here at Craft-e-Corner include handling lost package claims, processing customer returns, creating social media content and bundling products when needed.

Very great!

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Too Much Love

Removable Vinyl Projects You Can Make With Your Cricut

Sharing is caring!

In the world of crafting, there are 3 main types of vinyl:  heat transfer (for fabric), permanent (for signs, stainless steel, car decals, etc.) and removable. Up until now, I have done a number of heat transfer and permanent vinyl projects. Now it is time to try some removable vinyl projects.

premium vinyl projects

To be honest, at first, I couldn’t really think of a lot of projects. The main things I’ve seen done with removable vinyl are wall decals. Now, if you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I did some wall decals in my classroom, but I used permanent vinyl (I’m in a portable, so it’s okay). I don’t have any wall decals on my walls at home – that’s not really a part of our decor.

In fact, I don’t even have a lot of removable vinyl. I have quite a bit of permanent vinyl – in all different colours, but hardly any removable vinyl.  While there are a few brands of permanent vinyl out there, the common type of removable vinyl is Oracle 631.  

premium vinyl projects

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The procedure is the same as permanent vinyl – use the Cricut to cut, weed, apply transfer tape and apply. The only difference is that I can peel these ones off if ever I feel like changing my mind. And that is primarily what removable vinyl is about – being able to remove it when you no longer need it or care for it anymore.


All about adhesive vinyl.

Looking for ideas or inspiration? Here are a few removable vinyl projects that I have done.

Cupboard Decal

One of the most popular removable vinyl projects is wall decals. I said I wasn’t really into wall decals, but I did make a cupboard decal. I have seen a number of “kitchen cheat sheets” that people have put on glass cutting boards – the trouble is, I don’t use glass cutting boards, nor do I wish to have a cutting board for “display” all the time (my kitchen simply isn’t big enough for that).

Another thing about those “kitchen cheat sheets” was that they tend to be in imperial measurements, and I need both imperial and metric. I also noticed that many don’t include butter measurements, which I always use – mainly because when I bake with butter, I weigh it.

That said, I needed to develop my own cheat sheet and put it in a place I could easily access and see when needed. That’s when I came up with the idea of putting it on the inside of a cupboard door. I made it as big as possible so that it can easily be read when needed.

Since this decal has all the measurements, weeding and applying were not that easy. I had to be very careful when weeding – yet I still lost a couple of letters but just cut those ones out and added them. Also, I used colons in the original and those little dots just got lost so I ended up cutting out some hyphens to use instead.

Applying it to the inside of the cupboard was a bit tricky too – little bits tend to stick to the transfer tape and so you really have to go slowly and help coax off some of the letters and numbers. I will say that removable vinyl is somewhat forgiving. Some of the little pieces tend to shift and using my weeding tool, I was able to put them back into the proper place. After I had finally gotten it all on the cupboard door, I burnished it again using some parchment paper – just to make sure it was all applied. I tend to do this as a finishing touch with permanent vinyl as well. It seems to help.

removable vinyl projects

Once on the cupboard door, I actually found a mistake. Good thing it was removable vinyl! I could peel off the error, recut and then reapply.

Laptop Decals

In our school district, we are given laptops that have been leased – meaning we get them for a few years and then they go back, but then we get a newer model.  So since the laptop isn’t technically mine and I do have to give it back (but not for a couple of years), I thought this would be one of those great removable vinyl projects – I could personalize my laptop. We all have the same Mac Books and even though they are barcoded and assigned individually, they all do look alike.

I have seen a number of laptop decals but fell in love with this Snoopy one because I love how it incorporates the glowing apple symbol on the back.

A google search helped me find the artwork. All I had to do was to size it properly and apply it.  It must be impossible to find a decal that fits perfectly – especially since it needs to fit around the apple symbol properly so I ended up cutting the decal apart into sections to make it fit. In order to make sure it looked right, I just used some painter’s tape to do the layout.

removable vinyl projects

I love how it turned out.  I personally think I’ve got the best laptop. Plus, I always know which one is mine.

removable vinyl projects

I couldn’t stop there, I put another little decal on the inside as well.

removable vinyl projects

When my co-workers saw my laptop, I suddenly got a number of requests to make other decals. Here are some that I made. I particularly like the ones that incorporate the apple.

removable vinyl projects

Kitchen Aid Mixer Decal

This was actually one of the first removable vinyl projects I had seen, so I’ve been wanting to make this for quite some time. I wanted to use removable vinyl because I didn’t want to commit to permanent vinyl.  Once I found the clipart online, I uploaded it twice – once for the black parts and once for the blue parts (I eliminated the other colour each time). Then I layered the black on top of the blue and applied it. I love how this one turned out as well. You’ll notice that I used the same Cookie Monster on someone’s laptop above.

removable vinyl projects

So removable vinyl projects have now opened up a realm of possibilities for me. I now look around and know that I can decorate or personalize something, without worrying about being fully committed. I can’t wait to share more ideas with you.

Other Projects Using Removable Vinyl

Be sure to check out these other great projects.

large wall decal

How To Apply a Large Wall Decal

reverse stencil

Fun and Easy Reverse Stencil Art Project

cricut for the classroom

How to Use Your Cricut for the Classroom | Decoration Ideas

Want to remember these removable vinyl projects? Be sure to save this to your favourite Pinterest board.

premium vinyl projects

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Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Just got my Cricut for Christmas & I still have a lot to learn!

Oh you`ll have so much fun! Please consider subscribing for future ideas.

I love, love, love your ideas! Thanks

You’re so welcome! I have a few more project ideas – I’ll keep posting them.

Cute ideas, especially love the Cookie Monster on the mixer! I would love to try that one myself as I am a KitchenAid fan (have 2 of them) and love to bake. ♥️

Oh it’s not too hard to do! Like I wrote – upload it twice – once for each colour. It’s so adorable.

I’m new to the Cricut world. How do I up load and use on my Cricut Air

Hi! I don’t have a post on how to upload (yet!). But you’ll see on the tool bar on the left an side, there is an option to upload. You’ll first have to have the image. In DS you can edit – like remove background or crop. Then you’ll have it.

Hi! I would love to do the Cookie Monster for my sister’s mixer as part of her birthday gift. I have spent hours searching for clip art – can you share where you found it or where I could possibly search? Thanks so much!!

Hi! I did a google search for “Cookie Monster Peeking”. I’ve also seen it for sale on Etsy if you find that easier.

Hi! Thanks for the quick response. Found it on Etsy, have it downloaded… to figure out the layering (it’s my first one) Thansk again 😊😊

I would layer it first with your transfer tape – before applying to the mixer. Start with the top/upmost layer on the transfer tape, then add the next and end with the bottommost layer. Once it looks good and complete on your transfer tape, apply it to the mixer. You’ll have to burnish it well to make sure you get all the layers off of your transfer tape.

Hi! Thanks so much for your help. Have it cut and put together, now to do the install. Fingers crossed😉 I wasn’t able to change the font……thought that was an option. Thanks again😊😊

I hope it turned out well!

Great ideas. Thanks for spelling out the difference among the vinyls.

You’re welcome! Happy crafting!

Hello, do you know if you can use permanent vinyl on top of the first layer of removable? I’m trying to find all of the colors needed for a project and I’m not seeing certain available in removable. I wondered if it would matter if it were permanent as long as the bottom layer is removable? I hope that makes sense. Thanks.

Hello! I’ve never tried it, but in theory, it should work. You would not be able to remove the permanent as it would probably tear and wreck both itself as well as the base layer. However, it should be removable, as long as the bottom layer is. That said, some permanent vinyl can be “picked off”, despite it being permanent – it just depends on the surface that it is on. Hope this helps.

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Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects You Can Do Yourself

  • March 23, 2022
  • Posted by Hazel Herber

Table of Contents

What is removable vinyl, how can you update your home appliances, what are other removable vinyl projects you can do, seasonal decorations, wedding decorations, gadgets decal, picture frame decoration, permanent vinyl projects, what would you use removable tekwrap vinyl for, can teckwrap removable vinyl be used on fabric.

  • Removable Vinyl Projects Are Exciting!

removable vinyl projects

Wall Decal Image by   Pascal.manatee  from Wikimedia Commons

Are you looking for more inspiration to spice up your furniture, appliances, and electronics at home? You may have been looking through the Pinterest TV app for days now looking for inspiration. Why not try removable vinyl? You can create various decals to your heart’s desire with removable vinyl.

You don’t have to worry when using removable vinyl. It is safe to use in decorating a rental apartment or dorm room. It doesn’t leave any residue when removed and it doesn’t damage the surface.

You may not even have that much removable vinyl at home. You might be focusing only on  heat transfer vinyl  and permanent vinyl. If you think removable vinyl is for wall decals only, then you are wrong.

removable vinyl projects

Image by   StickerGiant Custom Stickers & Labels  from Flickr

removable vinyl

Craft Vinyl in   Shades of Pastel

Image from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Removable vinyl is a type of adhesive vinyl that is great for temporary application. Removable vinyl can be used for wall decorations, mirrors, indoor signage, picture frames, and stencils. Removable vinyl is a sticker vinyl that can also be applied to wood, plastic, and paper.

The procedure in using removable vinyl is the same for  permanent vinyl  projects. You start with making a design, cut, weed, apply transfer tape, and apply it onto the surface. A painter’s tape can be handy while doing layout on the surface.

The difference between these two is that removable vinyl is easier to remove when you no longer need it or when you want to replace it with new ones. Removable vinyl can easily be removed for up to two years.

You may have several appliances in your home that you would like to decorate. With a Cricut cutting machine, you can make amazing designs to decorate your appliances.

Cricut Design Space has preset designs or images that you may be interested to use for your project. Updating your home appliance is easy with removable vinyl.

With removable vinyl, you can update your home appliances to make them look different, if not new. Also, removable vinyl is great when you are a seasonal home decorator. If you like decorating your home for every season or occasion, then you should stock up on removable vinyl.

Seasonal decorating is a fun hobby for many moms and crafters that bring out their creativity. Social gatherings are more fun and exciting when the place is adorned with decorations.

Halloween is a seasonal event that gets everyone excited to dress up and go to parties. You can hype up your party by decorating the cups that the guests will use. With removable vinyl, you can absolutely achieve your party goals.

removable vinyl projects

Halloween Craft Idea   from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

removable vinyl projects

Halloween   Vase Decal  Idea from TeckWrap Craft Instagram page

Another amazing holiday worth celebrating is Christmas. Christmas is one of the many instances that you can let your creative juices flow. Are you in charge of the office decorations?

You can use removable vinyl to label the Christmas balls with all the employees’ names and hang them on the Christmas tree.

removable vinyl projects

Personalized   Christmas Balls  from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Weddings are very personal to the couple that every wedding detail should reflect their personality and style. You can use removable vinyl for wedding signage in the venue.

You may also label the drinking cups of the bridesmaids and groomsmen with their names. This will be a perfect “thank you” present for all their help with the wedding.

removable vinyl projects

Wedding Decal Ideas by   @shiplapandpaint  from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Most often than not, everyone is busy on their smartphones. A person’s phone has become an extension of themselves. With that, their choice of phone brand, color, and phone casing reflects their personality and style.

Using removable vinyl, you can personalize your phone with your name or an image that best describes you. You may also change the design of your phone case whenever it pleases you.

Aside from smartphones, laptops are also great materials to personalize. Laptops offer enough space for bigger and more intricate decals. Removable vinyl helps add flavor to your monochromatic laptop.  

removable vinyl projects

Mobile Phone Decal Image from   Rawpixel

removable vinyl projects

Laptop Decal Image by   Dennis Dervisevic  from Flickr

Removable vinyl is great to use for picture frames. You can add life to your pictures with written texts. It can also be a creative gift to give out to family and friends.

Unlike removable vinyl, permanent vinyl stays put where it is applied to. Permanent vinyl is not easily removable making it the best vinyl choice for dishes, cups, outdoor signs, or any material that will be exposed to varying weather conditions and will be frequently washed.

Removable vinyl is a type of adhesive vinyl that can be peeled off without any residue adhesive leaving behind. Removable vinyl will not damage walls or glasses when used.

You can use removable vinyl in revamping your home appliances or electronics. You can also use removable vinyl in decorating your walls, mirrors, and indoor labels.

With removable vinyl, you have unlimited options on what to decorate for you can easily remove it and not worry about creating damage or leaving vinyl residue. Removable vinyl is perfect for someone who is a seasonal decorator.

You may use removable vinyl on fabrics temporarily. Removable vinyl on fabrics will peel off when washed for removable vinyl is best applied on smooth and hard surfaces. You may use removable vinyl on t-shirts that you may use for a one-day event such as a family reunion or family photoshoot.

Removable  Vinyl Projects Are Exciting!

premium vinyl projects

Personalized Easter Egg Set

Image by   @angels_creations  from TeckWrap Craft Instagram Page

Mistakes can easily be forgiven because removable vinyl can be peeled off, recut, and reapplied easily. Removable vinyl has opened so many possibilities for crafters. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, you can easily personalize anything without worrying about making mistakes or causing material damage.

Feeling inspired? Check out TeckWrap Craft’s  removable vinyl collection . You can choose from a variety of colors with glossy to a matte finish. Don’t forget to share with  @teckwrapcraft  your removable vinyl projects!

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33 Easy Cricut Vinyl Projects & Crafts for Beginners

Cricut vinyl is an adhesive plastic that comes in thousands of colors. These include solid prints, stripes, and even iridescent metallics. The vinyl is easy to cut and shape, but webbing can be irritating. If your projects are complex or commercial, buy a Cricut cutting machine.

If not, a good pair of scissors or utility blades will do. You might also need a heat press for fabric projects , though an iron box will do in a pinch. Vinyl can be permanent or temporary, so be sure to get the right kind. But first, let’s look at some top Cricut vinyl project ideas.

1. Drink the Dream

Drink the Dream

Inspirational quotes are a staple among Cricut vinyl project ideas. And if you find the right one, you can raise an everyday object into a motivating totem. In this case, the goal is to stay focused as you chase your dreams. So whether you’ve filled it with coffee for your morning commute, something stronger for a late-night brainstorming session, hydrate your hustle!

2. Digital Cricut Projects

While we often use Cricut as a generic word for vinyl (in the same way we use Kleenex for tissues or Weber for BBQ grills), it’s actually a commercial brand. They make Cricut vinyl and Cricut transfer tape, but they also make hardware and software for Cricut vinyl project ideas. In this video, see how to use the Cricut Snap Mat and Design Space on your iPad.

3. Cricut Book Box

Cricut Book Box

Cricut makes three models of cutting machines and three models of heat presses. The Cricut Maker is the priciest and most versatile one, with a wide range of bundled tools and the ability to cut leather and wood. For this Cricut vinyl project idea, get a wooden crate, fill it with kid-safe books, and stick the vinyl lettering on the side. You can download the free SVG.

Click for Details

4. Cricut Wall Art

Cricut Wall Art

Traditionally, we would hang family photos on our walls . But modern décor leans more towards abstract art installations. If you’re attached to portraits of your spouse and kids, you can still use them as silhouettes. To start you off, this article has free files full of Cricut vinyl project ideas. You can download these images and send them straight to your cutting machine.

5. Mindful Mnemonics

Mindful Mnemonics

They say anxiety is worrying about the future while depression is regretting the past. That’s why experts recommend staying in the present as a therapeutic resolution. You can do this through exercise, meditation, and mindfulness. But even if you’re not into woo-woo thinking, this Cricut vinyl project will bring you smiling back to the present every time you glance at it.

6. Beautifully Burnt Wood

Beautifully Burnt Wood

If you live in California (or Australia) that phrase may have triggered you – sorry! It’s a brilliant Cricut vinyl project idea though. And you can even make it using the smaller Cricut Joy machine. Use vinyl to make a stencil then use a heat gun (as opposed to a temperature gun , which is sometimes mislabelled as a heat gun!) to complete your Cricut wood design.

7. Cricut Place Settings

Cricut Place Settings

Lots of situations need name tags. It might be reserved seating, a wedding reception, kids’ birthday party favors, a boardroom meeting, a public convention, or even a group therapy session. Instead of generic lanyards, try this Cricut vinyl project idea for that personal touch. It makes your guests and delegates feel seen. But triple-check how they spell their names!

8. Kiss the Chef!

Kiss the Chef!

Whether you’re dressing down for a romantic cook-in or prepping barbeque for the family, a personalized apron will keep you clean and smiling. If you’d like a generic message like ‘Grill Master’, you can download free SVG files. But you can just as easily customize a message for your beloved household cook. It’s a quick Cricut vinyl project idea for iron-on vinyl on fabric.

9. Tags for Kids

Tags for Kids

Children need to feel seen and heard so they can grow up happy and healthy. And you can do this through little things like celebrating their individuality. A cute personalized name board is the perfect way to do that. The name tag can go on their bedroom door. In a shared space, it can go on their locker or their favorite toy box. It can even mark their chair at school.

10. Heightened Hydration

Which everyday items do you (or your kids) constantly misplace? Is it a water bottle, a scarf, a hankie, or an umbrella? Personal attachment might make you a little more careful. Buy a generic batch from Dollar Tree or a wholesale store. Then use a Cricut machine to cut and print names onto the items. They’ll instantly look too expensive to forget on the bus!

11. Polka Dot Vase

Polka Dot Vase

Here’s another way to take a cheap object and elevate its sense of self. You can start with any old milk bottle or buy some glass vases from the dollar store – they often come in cute shapes and colors. Then cut out some cute stars, circles, or stripes using glittery vinyl. Stick these on the outside of the vase to make a starry, polka dot, striped, or blocked flower holder.

12. Cricut Doormat

Cricut Doormat

Many houses have a ‘welcome mat’ at the front door. But if you have a Cricut machine, you don’t have to stick with boring messages. Try something cheeky and personalized. You download an SVG for the message on this mat. The Cricut website also has lots of free and low-cost files you download. Alternatively, cut and print your own vinyl wording – it’s easy!

13. Pumpkins and Unicorns

Pumpkins and Unicorns

Stereotypes often have some truth in them. Like the tomboy. Or the girly girl. Or the gymnastic dancing child. But you can see past the images and templates that kids, teens, and loved ones follow, and if you can get something in their individual niche, they’ll adore you for it. A soft child that loves Halloween will treasure this precious pumpkin unicorn – try it!

14. Baby Shark!

Baby Shark!

Some kids love back-to-school shopping. It’s an excuse to get new clothes and things! Others hate it because, you know, school. You can make the process a little less stressful by sneaking their favorite toys, cartoons, or celebrities onto their school items. Make an iron-on vinyl stencil of their favorite singer or superhero (… or a shark) for their pencil case or book bag.

15. His and Hers

His and Hers

Yes, this sample shows color-coded gardening gloves for the Mr. and the Mrs. But you can use this Cricut vinyl project idea on anything. Maybe you’re tired of the kids yelling ‘I don’t see your name on it!’ Or maybe your sister or spouse keeps stealing your towels. Use your Cricut Joy to make vinyl iron-on cursive tags and stick them onto those ‘shared’ items.

16. Wood on Vinyl

Wood on Vinyl

The Cricut Joy is the brand’s smallest and cheapest cutting machine. It’s portable but limited in its functionality. Just as an example, it can’t cut through wood (only the Cricut Maker can do that). But you can still be sneaky about it. Cut your words and patterns onto iron-on vinyl and heat-press it onto your wooden item. Outdoor-grade vinyl may be safer for wood though.

17. EasyPress Monograms

EasyPress Monograms

Monograms used to be a status symbol. Especially on cufflinks or designer shirts. But you can put that personal touch on practical, everyday items too, and they make amazing gifts. For this Cricut vinyl project idea, you’ll pick the person’s nickname or initials, cut them with a Cricut machine, and use a mini 3.5×2 heat press to iron them onto leather cord organizers.

18. Spicy Jars and Bottles

Spicy Jars and Bottles

What’s your handwriting like? For many of us, smartphones and laptops destroyed our cursive skills. Luckily, your Cricut vinyl project ideas are not restricted to commercial fonts. You can download free SVG files with pre-written words and alphabets. For these spice jars, you can get files with the entire spice spelled out! And you can make candy or candle labels too.

19. Mad About Labels

Mad About Labels

You may have seen the label wars episode of Dexter’s Lab. And while it was a good gag, it’s also a smart way to keep kids (and seniors) occupied for hours. Give them access to your crafting studio and lots of vinyl rolls. Then watch as the grandparents and grandkids giddily occupy themselves labeling everything from the washing machine to the neighbor’s dog …

20. Counting Down to…

Counting Down to…

Countdown calendars are a clever marketing tool. They create a sense of urgency that pushes sales, pun intended. But they can also be motivational. You might be prepping for a product launch. Or your kids may be bouncing off the walls as they wait for high school graduation. Or summer. Or an important birthday. So make this Cricut vinyl project and save the date!

21. Darling Earrings and Key Chains

Darling Earrings and Key Chains

If you have a Cricut machine that cuts leather (the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air can both do this), you can make all sorts of leather and pleather items. For this project, you can craft teardrop earrings and key chains. Use the EasyPress to iron vinyl designs onto your trinkets. You can buy SVG shape files, but any geometric shape will do the trick in a pinch.

22. Cricut Clock

Cricut Clock

Clocks and watches used to be largely functional items. But these days, most of us use our phones to tell time. So your watch – if you wear one – reflects your status and personality. And your wall clock is more about character and décor. For this Cricut vinyl project idea, download the clock SVG for the clock face and numbers. You can 3D print the clock hands.

23. Brush Stroke Key Chains

The thing with DIY crafts is detail. You can take basic ideas like a splash of paint and a popular name, then put these concepts together and make amazingly simple Cricut vinyl project ideas. For these key chains, you can buy the components separately and customize your key fobs. You could buy a craft bundle with all the SVG files or you could do it by hand.

24. Cricut for Car Lovers

Cricut for Car Lovers

Your Cricut vinyl projects aren’t restricted to names, labels, and mushy messaging. You may want an abstract vinyl design. Or visual. For the (not so) little boy that loves cars, don’t just slap his name on his favorite bottle or mug. Get creative. You could make an iron-on symbol of the car logo. Or a mascot. Or an instantly recognizable silhouette with a heartbeat.

25. Muggy Magic

Muggy Magic

Spice up your tea service with customized mugs. And if you routinely stencil mugs, tumblers, bottles, or candles, it might be worth buying a Cricut Mug Press. It’s not essential, since you can press vinyl onto the glass or ceramic item by hand. But for bulk projects, the mug press will make things quicker and neater. Just be sure to use the right kind of vinyl for your gig.

26. Spruced Up Shelving Makeover

Spruced Up Shelving Makeover

If you enjoy working with wood, you can build a bookshelf from scratch. You could use fresh materials or reclaimed wood from a junkyard. You might get an old shelf from a flea market or yard sale. If you live in New York, they literally dump free furniture on the street. Or get something from IKEA. Either way, personalize your shelf with heat-pressed vinyl patterns.

27. I Sweat Glitter

I Sweat Glitter

This is the perfect gift for your crafting buddy or your girly tween. And yes, guys can be girly too – #NoJudging! The SVG file is free, so you can send it to your Cricut machine and make it with glittery vinyl. The file works on t-shirts , sweatshirts, mugs, or bottles, but you’ll have to resize it depending on where it’ll sit. And you need a stronger cutting mat for glitter vinyl.

28. Cheeky Bathrooms

Cheeky Bathrooms

Your (guest) bathroom says a lot about you. Some people used to keep magazines and newspapers in pretty stacks. Others had a wide array of jars and bottles full of products, and before smartphones, a lot of toilet time was lost to product labels. But you can put up playful door signs too. This framed vinyl ‘Yelp Review’ will have your guests giggling as they flush.

29. With Love, the Dishes

Marriage, relationships, platonic cohabiting, even dorm room living … these arrangements are filled with everyday arguments about chores and clutter. Take your passive-aggressive bickering to the next level by gifting this plaque to your housemate. But only if they have a sense of humor – or you may find yourself dumped, divorced, and short on the rent cheque!

30. Baby Growth Shirts

Baby Growth Shirts

Forget growth charts – it’s time for growth shirts! Or at least tights and onesies! It’s a fun way to track your baby’s progress. It works for toddlers – you can monitor their height and limb length. It can be a useful tool for picky eaters too – they’ll be eager to eat healthy so they can get ‘big enough for a new shirt’. And they’re a clever way to announce an incoming baby.

31. Customise your Cricut

Customise your Cricut

If you’ve seen any vinyl videos, you’ve probably noticed those cute letters and shapes on the Cricut Machine. You may have dashed to the shop or website to see if they’d customize yours with your brand name or logo. But vinyl cutters come in specific colors and sizes, so here’s how you can add your company name or any cute icon to your Cricut maker. It’s so simple.

32. Personalise your Purse

Personalise your Purse

You don’t need a Gucci bag or LV wallet to feel elegant. You can still grab a cheap clutch or journal from your local store and make it look luxurious. You’ll need the right vinyl stencil – nothing showy or tacky. You also want something unique – you can download free shapes and designs from the Cricut website, but modify the template with your personal flavor.

33. Thank the Teacher

Thank the Teacher

Parents and teaches often clash for kids’ loyalty and affection. Especially for younger children. But especially after lockdown, many parents are seeing how much their little ones need their teachers. So the next time your baby wants to make a mug for their teacher, help them with this Cricut vinyl project. Your child will love you for it, and the teacher will too!

What’s your favorite Cricut vinyl project? Show us some photos in the comments section!

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  • Amtico vs. Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring: Which Is Better?
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  • How to Remove Vinyl Soffit? (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

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Jennifer Maker

Ultimate Guide to Vinyl

Ultimate Guide to Vinyl with answers to all of your questions! #cricut #vinyl

Share the love!

Learn about the different types of vinyl, how and when to use each type of vinyl and where to buy vinyl! Let’s get rid of the confusion so you can start creating amazing things! 

When you start out with your new Cricut and get ready to create your projects, you can get overwhelmed with all the choices for vinyl. In fact, one of the questions I get asked frequently is “What type of vinyl do I use for my project?” For all of my project tutorials, I link to the materials I use. But what if you’re trying to create something without a tutorial? Well, let me help you out! I’ll answer that question and many more.

Quick Links to Information in this Post

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)!  Read my  full disclosure policy .

Q: What type of vinyl do I need for my project?

A: First, let me explain the two main types of vinyl. There is Adhesive Vinyl and Iron-On Vinyl (also known as Heat-Transfer Vinyl or HTV) .

Adhesive vinyl is just like a sticker. The vinyl has one side that is pretty – it might be glossy or matte, it might have a pattern, glitter, holographic design, etc. This is the side that you want people to see. The other side of adhesive vinyl is sticky. The sticky side has a paper backing or liner on it. To apply adhesive vinyl to your surface, you would peel off the backing and stick it down onto the project surface. The pressure you apply will cause the adhesive to stick. My DIY Customized Starbucks Cups is a project that uses adhesive vinyl.

Iron-on vinyl (or heat-transfer vinyl or HTV) has a liner or carrier sheet covering the pretty side of the vinyl that will eventually be seen. The liner/carrier sheet is usually clear. The other side of iron-on vinyl has adhesive; however, the adhesive is not sticky to the touch. The adhesive is activated by applying heat to it. Learn more about Which Side of Iron-on Vinyl Goes Down .

So the quick answer to which vinyl do I need for my project is that it depends on what material you will be putting the vinyl on.

Q: What is adhesive vinyl used for?

A: Adhesive vinyl can be used on these surfaces:

  • Plastic (See my DIY Santa Personalized Cu p)
  • Walls (See my Large Wall Decal project)
  • Glass (See my Decorated Glass project)
  • Metal (See my Decorated Instant Pot project)
  • Ceramic (See my Knockout Design Decorated Tile project)
  • Canvas (See my Paper Flower Dress Canvas project)
  • Wood (See my Easy Vertical Welcome Sign project)

Adhesive vinyl is great for smooth, hard surfaces.

DIY Subway Art Sign - Typography Art Sign Tutorial for Cricut Design Space #sign #cricut #diy #sign

Q: What is Iron-On Vinyl used for?

A: Iron-on Vinyl (HTV) can be used on these surfaces:

  • Fabric (See my Beginner Friendly T-shirt )
  • Canvas (See my Reverse Canvas project
  • Faux Leather (See my DIY Tote Bag project )

Iron-on vinyl is great if the surface can tolerate the use of heat.

DIY Milestone Blanket for Baby | Baby Yoda and Girafee | How to Layer Iron On Vinyl on Cricut

Q: Which adhesive vinyl is the best to use for my project?

A: In the Adhesive Vinyl category, there are different types – permanent vinyl and removable vinyl .

Removable vinyl is a perfect choice if you want a temporary design. Removable vinyl is great for decorating walls like with my Large Wall Decals . This vinyl can be removed without the need to repaint your walls. Cricut removable Premium Vinyl can be removed without leaving a residue for up to 2 years making it best for labels, indoor signs, and window decorations.

Permanent vinyl is good for designs that will be outdoors or items you might wash frequently. Car decals, outdoor wooden signs, and drinkware are often decorated with permanent adhesive vinyl. Cricut Permanent Premium Vinyl is permanent for up to 3 years and is also water-resistant and UV-resistant. I use permanent vinyl for projects like my DIY Vinyl Decal Tumblers , wood Welcome Porch Sign , nail decals , and DIY Vinyl on Mugs. I also use premium vinyl as a stencil when I do etched glass projects .

Other types of adhesive vinyl include:

  • Chalkboard Vinyl (I use this in my Free Label Templates project )
  • Smart Vinyl (See this in my DIY Pantry Labels project )
  • Dry Erase Vinyl
  • Glitter Vinyl
  • Holographic Vinyl
  • Premium Glossy Outdoor Vinyl (I use this in my Decorated Glass Block Light project )
  • Premium Vinyl Shimmer – Permanent
  • Printable Vinyl
  • Stencil Vinyl (I use this for my Painted Concrete Stepping Stone project )
  • Adhesive Foil (I use this in my DIY Subway Art project )

Q: How do I know what type of vinyl I have?

The first step is to look at the paper backing sheet. Some products will have the product name printed on the backing.

If the name isn’t printed, you can peel the backing sheet and the vinyl apart, which one is sticky? If the vinyl is sticky then it is adhesive vinyl. If the carrier sheet is sticky or even just slightly tacky and the vinyl isn’t, then this is iron-on vinyl.

Q: How do I use adhesive vinyl?

Step 1. cut the adhesive vinyl.

When you cut adhesive vinyl on your Cricut, you will place it with the vinyl side up and the paper sheet or liner down on the mat. You do not want to cut all the way through your backing.

Step 2. Weed the Adhesive Vinyl

After cutting your vinyl, you then need to weed or remove all of the pieces that you don’t want. Here are some t ips to help make the weeding process easier.

Step 3. Apply Transfer Tape

You’ll want to use Standard Grip transfer tape for most projects and StrongGrip Transfer Tape only for Glitter Vinyl.

Step 4. Apply Your Design to Your Project Surface

Use a Cricut Scraper or brayer to help ensure that the vinyl is adhered well.

Step 5. Remove Transfer Tape

Enjoy your new project!

Q: How do I cut Iron-On Vinyl?

A: Place the iron-on vinyl with the carrier sheet/liner side down on your mat and the adhesive or backside of the vinyl facing up. Also, make sure you mirror your image. If you can’t tell which side is the carrier sheet, look at the way it curves – the carrier sheet is always on the outside as it is rolled on a tube, so it will be on the outside of the curve.

Q: How do I know which side of the Iron-On Vinyl goes down on the mat?

A: I have a whole tutorial with lots of photos that answers this question in depth. So take a look at my post about Which Side of Iron-On Vinyl Goes Down to learn more.

Q: What heat source can I use for iron-on vinyl?

A: You can use a heat press, Cricut EasyPress , or household iron.

Q: What size should I make my iron-on vinyl design? 

A: There are charts online to help you size your design; however, most of those charts list the maximum size that you can make a design. In most cases, you don’t want your design to be the maximum size. Typically, I size my designs on women’s shirts at around 8 to 9 inches, 10 inches at the most.

I prefer to take a shirt that has a design that is sized the way I like it and then I measure that design.

Q: Which machine can I use to cut vinyl?

A: You can cut vinyl on all three of the current Cricut machines ( Cricut Maker , Cricut Explore , and Cricut Joy ).

Q: What setting do I use for cutting my vinyl?

A: You will use the preset or custom material setting that is appropriate for the type of vinyl you are cutting.

Q: Which mat do I use to cut my vinyl?

A: I usually use my Cricut StandardGrip Mat  for cutting vinyl. A new Cricut LightGrip Mat will also work as long as it’s sticky. I have a great blog post where I discuss Cricut Cutting Mats – which mat to use and how to keep them sticky!

Q: Which iron-on vinyl should I use if I’m layering my project?

A: I recommend using Cricut Everyday Iron-On or Siser EasyWeed HTV for layering. I have a tutorial to help you layer iron-on vinyl shirts.

How to Layer Iron-On Vinyl Shirts the Easy Way - Full Tutorial with Beginner-Friendly Free Design | #cricut #shirt #vinyl

Q: Can I layer adhesive vinyl?

A: Yes, in fact, I layer vinyl with my Large Wall Decal project and my DIY Glitter Ornaments.

How to Make Large Wall Decal as a Larger-Than-Mat Project on Your Cricut! #cricutmade #walldecal #vinyl #svgcutfile

Q: Where can I get skin tone iron-on vinyl?

A: I used Cricut Everyday Iron-On Neutrals Sampler with a medium brown and dark brown. I also used Siser EasyWeed HTV in Cream or Tan.

Q: Can I layer with Glitter Iron-On Vinyl?

A: Yes, you can layer with Glitter Iron-On Vinyl; however, it has to be your top layer. You cannot layer anything on top of Glitter Iron-On Vinyl.

Q: Should you prewash shirts before applying an iron-on vinyl design?

A: It’s up to you. If you’re selling or giving it as a gift you probably won’t want to wash it. However, some people prefer to prewash to get rid of any sizing and to shrink the shirt. If you aren’t sure, go ahead and wash it. I really like the Bella Canvas tutorial

Q: If I use a household iron, what settings should I use?

A: For a household iron, use the highest temperature setting which is usually the cotton/linen setting without steam. You can find settings and times for using Cricut Iron-On vinyl at .

Q: Which side of adhesive vinyl goes down?

A: You will cut adhesive vinyl with the pretty adhesive side up and the paper backing/liner side down on your cutting mat. You will cut through the vinyl and leave the backing intact.

Q: Can I use adhesive vinyl on shirts?

A: You can; however, the adhesive vinyl will come off with wear and when you wash it. Because the fabric is not a hard smooth surface the vinyl will not adhere properly.

Q: Do you mirror adhesive vinyl?

A: Usually you would not need to mirror the design. However, if your design is going to be placed on the underside of a clear surface, then you would want to mirror it before cutting. An example of this design is my Customized Serving Tray with Vinyl or our Paper Flower Shadow Box with the vinyl on the inside of the box.

Q: How do I apply Iron-On Vinyl (HTV)?

Step 1. cut your iron-on vinyl.

Use a clean green StandardGrip mat to cut your iron-on vinyl. It’s very important you put your iron-on vinyl SHINY SIDE DOWN on your cutting mat . And remember, all iron-on designs must be mirrored before cutting!

Step 2. Weed the Iron-On Vinyl

Weeding is the process of removing all of the pieces of vinyl that you do not want to transfer. 

Weeding tiny bits from a piece of red vinyl for an iron on vinyl t-shirt

Step 3. Apply the Iron-On Vinyl

Follow the steps for your specific material and project. This will include pre-heat, heat, and post-heat steps. You will use an iron, Cricut EasyPress, or a heat press to apply your design to your project. You can find settings and times for using Cricut Iron-On vinyl at .

Pressing down on a layered iron on vinyl design on a black tote bag with a Cricut EasyPress 2

Q: Where Can I Purchase Vinyl

A: I purchase most of my vinyl from Amazon or Cricut . I also buy vinyl from my local big box craft store; however, I usually can’t find all the colors and styles in person.

Here are some other online stores.  I have not shopped at these stores and only list them as a resource. Including a store below is not an endorsement.

Note, free shipping notes are as of the date of this post. Please check the store’s website for more information.

  • (Free shipping on orders over $75.)
  • (Free Shipping over $35.)
  • Blue Water Vinyl & Gifts
  • (Free shipping on orders over $25.)
  • (Free shipping on supply orders over $59.)
  • (Free shipping on orders over $50)
  • (Free Shipping on orders over $65.)
  • (Free standard shipping on orders over $25.)
  • (Free shipping)
  • Heat Transfer Haus
  • (Free shipping on orders over $165)
  • (Free shipping on orders over $99)
  • (Free shipping for orders over $50)
  • (Free shipping orders over $100)
  • (Free shipping orders over $100)
  • (Free Shipping on orders over $125)
  • The Vinyl Spectrum
  • US Vinyl Supply (Free shipping on orders over $75)
  • (Free shipping over $50.)

If you have any other questions about vinyl, please let me know. You can email me at [email protected] , and I’ll be happy to answer.

Want to remember this? Save this Ultimate Guide to Vinyl to your favorite Pinterest Board!

Ultimate Guide to Vinyl with answers to all of your questions! #cricut #vinyl

Jennifer Marx is a designer, an enthusiastic crafter, a lifelong teacher, and a proud overcomer of a variety of life's challenges. In her spare time she loves to play D&D and video games, garden, sew 16th c. costumes, and go to Disney. She lives a full, happy life in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan with her partner Greg, her teen daughter Alexa, and their two dogs, Hunter and Chloe.

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This was awesome

Thank you! I hope you found it helpful, Nicole!

I downloaded your book and it says I have reached by download limit…I have not copied the book…I keep it open in my safari to access when I need it…is there a way this can excess it…I was not aware there was a limitation to the download…

Hi Sandra, I’ve asked one of my Communications Heroes to reach out to you in regards to this. We can reset that for you. If you don’t receive that email, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be able to take care of that for you!

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Angie Holden The Country Chic Cottage

Learn about your Cricut machine, sublimation printer, or any other craft you can imagine! Angie Holden shares her crafting tips so you can craft like a pro!

Filed Under: Cricut Cricut Explore Cricut Joy Cricut Maker

Easy Cricut Vinyl Projects Using Scrap Pieces

By: Angie Holden   |   June 5, 2023   |   Comment

using scraps with a cricut

If you keep your vinyl scraps, you’re going to love today’s Cricut vinyl projects. I have easy Cricut projects that will use up all your HTV and vinyl scraps. So, grab all of those small pieces you may have leftover from other projects and get started below!

Did you know that you can use SnapMat to locate your cuts on scraps easily? You can find my full post on SnapMat here .

Vertical image of tumblers customized with vinyl scraps.

Table of Contents

Cricut Vinyl Projects

Today we’re going to use up our HTV and vinyl scraps to make some really cute projects. We’ll use vinyl scraps to customize tumblers for all your favorite crafts and then we’ll grab our HTV scraps to make a striped HTV image.

I’m including the free files for you to make all these projects below. Sign up with your email address, you’ll get the files to make all four of the tumblers as well as four different shirts! You can watch me make all of these projects, just click play on the video below:

The easiest way to use your vinyl scraps is with the SnapMat feature in Design Space. This feature is only available to iOS users on an iPad or iPhone. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to do it without the SnapMat feature below as well. We’re going to use both options to cut multiple colors of scrap vinyl all on one mat.

Supplies Needed:

  • Cricut machine
  • Vinyl (I am using scraps in this post but you can use the full-sized sheets for the projects as well.)
  • HTV (I am using scraps in this post but you can use the full-sized sheets for the projects as well.)
  • Tumblers (The tumbler you choose to use doesn’t really matter. I have found the smoother the surface the better the vinyl adheres. I also really recommend using a permanent adhesive vinyl for making tumblers.)
  • Transfer Tape
  • Weeding Tools
  • Paper Trimmer

Supplies needed for creating a scrap vinyl tumbler.

Free SVG Files

Ready to get the free files to make all of the tumblers as well as the shirt that is shown below? Just click here to sign up for the newsletter and get the files directly to your inbox. Add in your information and the files will be sent to your email. If you already get the newsletter, add in your information again as you will not be signed up for anything further. Please note that these files are for personal use only. You can email me to ask about commercial use.

If you’ve never downloaded an SVG before I suggest learning a little more about that. You can find out more about finding an SVG on your computer here and how to use an SVG with your Cricut here .

How to Make a Scrap Vinyl Tumbler

Once you have loaded your images into Cricut Design Space you can select which images you want to use on your project. Delete any that you do not want. You will also want to delete the tumbler wrap image that is included just for demonstration purposes.

How to Place Vinyl Scraps onto Cricut Mat

Before I start sizing the different images I like to lay out my scraps onto the mat . There is no rhyme or reason to this process, just get as many pieces onto the mat without overlapping them as possible. While you’re laying out your pieces make sure to keep any color scheme in mind.

Laying out different colors of scrap vinyl onto a lightgrip Cricut mat.

Size and Cut Your Designs

The size of your images is totally up to you and the size of your tumbler. Since we are cutting our images out of a variety of different vinyl scraps, we won’t be wrapping this image all at once. Because we’ll be placing the images onto the tumbler individually we can make each image whatever size we want it to be. Make images of various sizes and duplicate them until you have enough to fill a tumbler. Then click “make it”.

From the mat screen in Design Space, we can move the images around so they align with the scrap pieces. I use the grid on the mat screen because it matches up with the grid on the mat itself. It’s best to do this on the mat screen rather than the canvas screen so you don’t have to worry about things moving when you hit “make it”.

Once you have everything laid out exactly how you want it you’ll load your mat into the machine and cut it exactly as you would any other project. You can see my vinyl basics post here .

CUT SETTINGS: If you’re using different types of vinyl, I would select the thickest material setting and use that. I am using all Cricut Premium Vinyl Permanent so I’m using that setting. That would likely work with a lot of vinyl types.

Vinyl in various scrap sizes on Cricut mat cut out with Cricut machine.

With everything cut, you can weed like normal. I like to leave my pieces on the mat when weeding especially when they are this small.

Cut and weeded scrap vinyl in various colors.

Using Cricut SnapMat

If you have an iOS device like an iPad or iPhone, you can use SnapMat to make the entire process of laying out your images onto your scraps a bit easier. Add and size your images just how you want them then click “make it”. From there, you’ll select that you’re using a mat and in the lower left, you’ll see a camera icon. If you click on that the camera opens up and you line the camera up to take a photo of your mat with the vinyl scraps on it.

SnapMat feature on iPad showing how to photograph the mat.

I usually place the mat on the floor or have to stand on a chair to get high enough above it to get it lined up correctly. Once it is lined up and it takes a picture, click use and you’re ready to move your images around.

Cricut mat with vinyl scraps in the SnapMat screen.

In the photo below you can see all the images I have on my canvas. From the SnapMat screen, I can move the images around to line them up with whatever color of scrap vinyl I want to use.

Using SnapMat to cut scrap vinyl.

Now I’ll click continue and proceed as with any Cricut vinyl projects.

How to Apply Vinyl to Tumblers

Now that I have everything weeded and ready to go let’s grab the transfer tape . I am using a scrap piece of StandardGrip Transfer Tape and I’ll use the same piece for all of the vinyl pieces.

Cut and weeded vinyl pieces ready to apply to tumbler.

Make sure your tumbler is totally clean. You can use a lint roller or rubbing alcohol with a lint-free cloth. Make sure your tumbler is completely dry before applying any vinyl.

Using Transfer Tape

Use your scraping tool to apply the transfer tape to your vinyl scraps. For this piece, I used the transfer tape to pick up the white Craft Squad letters and then applied the white to the blue letters for this layered look. Now I can apply this image to the tumbler all at once. See more layering tips and tricks here !

Weeded vinyl on transfer tape.

Now we’re ready to apply the vinyl design to the tumbler. Press it down well and use your scraper to go over the top. Then slowly peel back the transfer tape.

Tumbler with vinyl design applied with transfer tape.

Follow the same steps and apply your vinyl designs all-around your tumbler. I just randomly went around the tumbler adding pieces that I felt looked good and matched my overall design.

Completed tumbler with scrap vinyl images all the way around it.

Here is the completed cup after I put all the designs all the way around the outside. Remember you can mix and match these designs to create your own custom tumbler wrap all with scraps and your Cricut machine. I don’t add a sealer to my tumblers but you do want to make sure you wait 72 hours before using them.

Here’s a look at the rest of the tumblers that I made. So the first one is artist life with a variety of art supplies on it. The second is the craft squad that you saw me make above. The third is sew creative with sewing machines, thread, and needles. And the last one is maker of things , I put a Cricut machine on it, weeding tools , and various rolls of vinyl around the outside. Remember you get the free files for all four of these designs by signing up for the newsletter above.

Finished tumblers with all the different free SVG designs.

How to Make a Scrap HTV Shirt

Now that we’ve used scrap vinyl to make a tumbler, let’s use some HTV scraps to make a shirt! I often end up with these long scrap pieces at the end of my HTV projects. You can easily make Cricut vinyl projects like this one with pieces even thinner than the ones I have here. I love this type of project. You can use this same process for any design.

HTV scraps to make a striped shirt.

I am going to use the larger sheet of white HTV as my background piece and then layer the strips on top. For today’s project, I am going to use the same Craft Squad image I used above. I’ll use the LightGrip mat and I’m using my paper trimmer to make sure I have nice straight lines to line my scrap pieces up on the mat.

Size your design whatever size you want for your shirt. My image is just under 6″ tall so my HTV scrap pieces are lined up to fit the image.

Using paper trimmer to create straight edges on scrap HTV.

Applying Scrap HTV to Cutting Mat

Applying scrap HTV to a cutting mat is the same as applying any HTV to the cutting mat. Follow the instructions for your specific material. I am using Cricut Iron-on so I am applying my material shiny side down on the mat.

You can see I’ve laid my material down the way I want my image to look when cut. Light pink down to dark pink. I’ve lined up my pieces right next to each other without overlapping them. This is why trimming with the paper trimmer is an important step. With nice straight edges, they sit right next to each other.

HTV scraps laid out in a gradient of pinks.

NOTE: In case you’re wondering why my light pink at the top looks white, the back of that piece of HTV is white.

How to Cut HTV Scraps with Cricut Machine

Cutting scrap HTV with your Cricut machine is the same as cutting other HTV with your Cricut machine. Because you’re using scrap pieces use a brayer or scraper to make sure the HTV is pressed down really well onto the mat so the blade doesn’t catch the edges.

Cutting HTV scraps with Cricut machine.

On the mat screen in Design Space, follow the prompts. I am selecting Cricut Everyday Iron-on as the material and Design Space is reminding me to mirror my image . Now I can load my mat and press the flashing C to start cutting.

Once the cut is complete, unload the mat and weed just like normal. I like to use my TrueControl Knife to cut away the excess and save those for another project. I cut out my white background piece following the same process.

HTV scraps cut with Cricut machine.

How to Apply HTV Scraps to a Shirt

Applying HTV scraps to a shirt is a similar process to adding regular HTV to a shirt . To start, I put my EasyPress Mat inside my shirt so I can press on top of that. Cricut Everyday Iron-on says to preheat your fabric before applying Iron-on. This only needs to be done for a few seconds to remove any moisture and wrinkles.

Placing Everyday Iron-on onto shirt using a ruler guide.

I am using a t-shirt ruler to place my design. You can definitely eyeball the location and get it right. When doing that it’s best to get above the whole project so you can see the whole project to make sure it’s centered right where you want it.

For the bottom layer, I am going to press for about half the time that is recommended for the HTV. Your time and temp will depend on the HTV you use. Follow the rules for your particular HTV. Since I’m pressing for just half the time I’m making sure to use a decent amount of pressure. When the time is up, remove the EasyPress and allow the HTV to cool, and then peel back the carrier sheet.

Layering HTV scraps on top of HTV base design.

Now it’s time to layer the HTV scraps on top of the bottom HTV layer. Something to note, HTV adheres to HTV easier than it does to the fabric. Because of the way the scraps were cut we can press all of the scrap layers at once. Take the time to lay them out so they line up to each other making sure to leave no spaces between the pieces.

All HTV scraps placed on bottom HTV layer.

This process should be really easy. Once you have the first piece in place, the other pieces will line up easily. Once you’re happy with the placement, press for the full time and then again from the back (for this brand and type of HTV.)

Using EasyPress to press HTV scraps to shirt.

Now that we have the whole thing pressed we can remove the carrier sheet. Be sure to allow the HTV to cool completely before doing this step if your HTV is a cold peel.

Removing carrier sheet from scrap HTV.

How to Fix HTV Mistakes

Now that we have the image all the way pressed perhaps you realized the mistake I made. Did you catch it? I forgot to remove the inside of the Q and I also forgot a small piece at the top of the S. This is great because now I can tell you how to fix it.

To fix these pieces, I am going to add a piece of parchment paper over the top and then apply heat for about 10 seconds. Remove the heat and then quickly using a pair of tweezers pick up the piece of HTV you forgot to remove.

Isn’t it great that you can now fix HTV mistakes quickly and easily too?

Finished scrap vinyl projects - tumblers and shirt!

Final Thoughts on Cricut Vinyl Projects Using Scraps

I absolutely love finding different ways to use my vinyl scraps. These projects all turned out great and they’re perfect for using up those vinyl scraps. I recommend making crafts using your scraps regularly to help keep your scrap pile in control. If you’re a scrap keeper like I am, the pile can get large quickly.

tumblers made with vinyl scraps

I hope these projects have given you the inspiration to craft using your scraps. It’s easier than you may have thought! Save those scraps and make something amazing. If you have any questions about using making Cricut vinyl projects from scraps, leave them in the comments section below.

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premium vinyl projects

Cricut for Beginners: Guide to Cricut Vinyl Projects

If you’re just starting out with your Cricut machine, first of all, congrats! You are getting started on a super fun journey. We know most of all that those first few projects with your machine can be intimidating and there’s so much to learn. Don’t worry though, with a little practice working with your Cricut machine will feel like second nature. And our tips, tricks, and hacks for working with vinyl will make it so much easier.

And, once you’ve learned all about how to make some amazing vinyl projects with your machine, you’ll be so excited to know that the list of materials you can cut with your Cricut is nearly endless!

Let’s get started!

Cricut Vinyl Projects

Today, we wanted to give a little Cricut for beginners’ tutorial on Cricut vinyl projects. Vinyl is definitely one of the most popular materials to die cut and there are also tons of amazing projects to make with Cricut vinyl. So it’s a good idea to understand what types of vinyl you’ll be using and the tips and tricks to ensure that your hard work doesn’t end up in a craft fail. 

Cricut Vinyl Projects Explained

Types of cricut vinyl.

Of course, the type of vinyl you’ll use will depend on the project you’re working on, but understanding the various types and how they differ from each other will help you choose the perfect one each time.

Basic Vinyl

Your basic vinyl will be the permanent adhesive-backed kind. This will be your most used type of vinyl and it comes in all kinds of sheens, colors, and patterns. This vinyl can be used on wood, glass, metal, tile, and pretty much any other surface you dream up. You’ll want to keep this type stocked for making home decor, tumblers, and many more projects. 

HTV/Heat Transfer Vinyl

You may have seen the term HTV and wondered — what’s that? HTV stands for Heat Transfer Vinyl and works by pressing the vinyl to fabric using a Cricut Easy Press or iron. You’ll want to use this type to make custom t-shirts, kitchen towels, bags, pillowcases, and other fabric projects. HTV also comes in a variety of colors, sheens, glitter, and more. It even comes in a mesh that is really fun to use for sports-related projects. 

Cricut Vinyl for Beginners - Makers Gonna Learn

Premium Removable Vinyl

Premium removable vinyl is the perfect option for wall and door decals or for seasonal projects that you might want to change out regularly. As the name suggests, this type is easy to remove from surfaces and leaves no residue making it perfect for wall decor Cricut vinyl projects. You do not want to use permanent adhesive-backed vinyl on walls because it can damage the wall and be difficult to remove. 

Those three are the most common types you’ll be using day-to-day, but there are also special types of vinyl that usually aren’t mentioned in Cricut for beginners’ guides. Options for specialty vinyl include window cling, dry erase, and chalkboard. Just imagine all the die-cut projects you can make! Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to Cricut vinyl and start your next project with even more confidence.

Cutting and Applying Cricut Vinyl

Of course, the most important lessons you’ll learn as a Cricut beginner is how to actually use all that vinyl. We wanted to share some basic tips we’ve learned through many, many failed projects.

Sizing your Project

The first is to make sure to have a measuring tape handy. You’ll need to measure the surface you’re working on to make sure that you don’t cut a project too big or too small. Trust us — you do not want to guess or eyeball here. 

Selecting your Material

Once you’ve sized your project, you’ll select your material. With vinyl, we’ve found that it’s better to increase the default pressure ONLY if you’re working with a fine point blade that is a little bit dull. A brand new blade works perfectly with the default pressure. Vinyl will always be set to default, but increasing the pressure with a used blade makes it much easier to weed the vinyl after it’s been cut. Now you’re ready to start up the machine and cut that project. 

Vinyl Word Art

Weeding your Vinyl

Once your vinyl has been cut, we like to use a scraper tool to burnish the whole image before weeding it. If you’re just getting started with  Cricut vinyl projects, this is an important step because it will make removing the cut piece cleanly a lot easier.

Now you’re ready to grab your Cricut weeding tool or pin pen and weed out any parts of the image you don’t need. This part can take some time but it’s important to go slow and carefully. You don’t want to accidentally weed out pieces that you need.

Apply Vinyl to Your Surface

Next, you’ll want to grab your transfer paper and apply it to the project. We like to use the scraper tool to burnish here too just to make sure everything is sticking really well. When you go to peel the backing off and transfer there will be less of a chance that parts of the image will stick to the backing. 

You’ll also want to make sure you clean your surface with rubbing alcohol before going to apply the vinyl if working with a non-porous slick surface like glass or ceramic. We found that this little step helps the Cricut vinyl stick beautifully.

Now you’re ready to apply! Once you have your image placed how you want, burnish with your scraper tool or your fingers to really adhere the decal. Then peel back on the transfer paper being careful to watch out for any vinyl bits that didn’t stick. 

If you’re a visual learner, we have a video that walks Cricut beginners through this whole process! 

More Articles on Cricut for Beginners

Now we know you’re just getting started, so once you’re ready, make sure to check out these other helpful articles with tips for making your Cricut vinyl projects turn out picture-perfect every time. 

Cricut Vinyl Weeding Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know How to Seal Vinyl Decals Vinyl Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know How to Use Cricut Printable Vinyl Creative Ways to Store Vinyl Projects to Use Vinyl Scraps

Cricut Vinyl Projects1

Tanner, Courtney, and the rest of the Makers Gonna Learn Team are all here because we love die-cutting and especially love sharing fun projects and tutorials with fellow makers. We are all great friends and are always having a blast when we are together- you will see this on camera, especially during live streams! We are here to inspire and support you in your crafting journey!

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How to Use Adhesive Vinyl with a Cricut

Updated on March 22, 2023   |  By Cori George   |   15 Comments

This post and the photos within it may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Here are step by step instructions on how to use adhesive vinyl to make a water bottle decal! Learn tips and tricks for cutting and weeding your adhesive vinyl sheets, as well as adhering it using transfer tape.

A Cricut machine and a water bottle with the saying \

Over the years I’ve written lots of projects that use Cricut adhesive vinyl, but today I’m finally writing the ultimate guide to using adhesive vinyl! There are many affordable and free options to design Cricut crafts, which are my favorite kind of cutting machines for these types of projects. 

This post will go through step by step how to use Cricut vinyl Cricut, from cutting it with your Cricut to weeding it to using transfer tape to apply it.

This applies to the Cricut Maker , Cricut Explore , and Cricut Joy machines.

Use my code HLMSSAVE22 at to save 10% on supplies and materials and to get free shipping on orders over $50! Excludes machines, digital files, and Cricut Access .

As always, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Table of Contents

What is Adhesive Vinyl?

Adhesive vinyl is a thin adhesive- (or sticky-) backed material that you can cut with your Cricut or other electronic cutting machine and then apply to a myriad of surfaces. You can even cut simple shapes by hand if you don’t have a cutting machine.

Pretty shot of different rolls of adhesive vinyl

Adhesive vinyl comes in many types as you’ll see below, including matte, glossy, permanent, removable, and a whole range of specialty vinyls. It comes in sheets or rolls, depending on the size of the vinyl.

Note : recently I ordered some white adhesive vinyl without paying attention to the width—it was 15″ wide. The Cricut can cut a maximum width of 12″…so I had to cut my vinyl down by hand to make it fit on the mat. A bit of a pain in the rear—make sure you’re buying 12″ vinyl when you’re shopping!

How is Adhesive Vinyl Different than Iron On Vinyl (HTV)?

It may be hard to tell which type of vinyl you have with a bunch of options on your craft table. As mentioned above, adhesive vinyl has a sticky back. Iron on vinyl (often called heat transfer vinyl or HTV) has a heat-activated back. Adhesive vinyl applies more like a sticker whereas you’ll need a heat source (like an EasyPress, iron, or heat press) for iron on vinyl.

Adhesive vinyl is best for smooth surfaces, like glass , plastic , metal, notebook covers, painted wood (raw wood is harder), and even paper.

Iron on vinyl is primarily used on fabric, so you can use it to make t-shirts, onesies, and more, as well as on raw wood and other hard surfaces that are more porous. You can check out my post How to Use Cricut Iron On Vinyl for more information!

How Can I Tell Adhesive Vinyl and Iron On Vinyl Apart?

I get this question a lot! If you have a drawer full of vinyl and it’s not labeled, you may find it frustrating to figure out exactly what you have in front of you.

Generally, adhesive vinyl has the colorful vinyl on one side and is backed by a paper carrier sheet that is most often white. Sometimes that sheet has a grid on it to make it easy to cut straight. You should be able to get your fingernail between the two layers and peel the adhesive vinyl off the carrier sheet like a sticker.

Explanation of back and front of adhesive vinyl

Iron on vinyl, on the other hand, has a shiny clear plastic carrier sheet on one side and the colorful matte back of the iron on vinyl on the other. You should not be able to peel back the iron on vinyl from the plastic sheet easily.

Explanation of back and front of iron on vinyl

What Supplies Do I Need for Adhesive Vinyl Projects

While every project differs you will most often need the following supplies for most adhesive vinyl projects:

  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Blue LightGri p or green StandardGrip mat
  • Weeding hook
  • Transfer tape
  • Base or blank material (generally something smooth and non-porous)

Supplies needed to make a water bottle with adhesive vinhyl.

Types of Adhesive Vinyl

When you are trying to decide which vinyl to use for a project, take into account the type of project you are doing. If you’re making a tumbler, you’ll want it to hold up to washing—choose permanent vinyl. If you’re doing a decal on a wall that will need to come down at some point, removal vinyl is a better choice.

Permanent / Outdoor Vinyl

Permanent vinyl is great when you want a lasting stick, like car decals, mugs and tumblers that will be washed, and outdoor projects. In most cases, permanent vinyl will need a solvent to remove the adhesive and it may leave a residue. Permanent vinyl may be called:

  • Cricut Permanent Vinyl
  • Premium Vinyl
  • Oracal 651 : glossy and matte (the most popular)
  • Oracal 641 : matte (rated for outdoor use, but not as water resistant as other permanent vinyl
  • Oracal 751 : glossy (rated for even longer outdoor use)

Removable / Indoor Vinyl

Removable vinyl is ideal for applications where you may want to remove the vinyl in the future. Think removable decals, wall art, temporary signs and decorations, etc. Most removable vinyl adhesive can be removed by just peeling it up.

  • Cricut Removable Viny l
  • Cricut Vinyl (older and being discontinued, does not specify permanent or removable)
  • Oracal 631 : matte

** Fun Fact: If you’re using Cricut brand vinyl and unsure whether it’s permanent or removable, here’s a little hack… If it has a green grid on the back, it’s permanent; grey grid, it’s removable!

Specialty Adhesive Vinyl

There are other kinds of adhesive vinyl as well! Many of these aren’t rated for long-term outdoor use, but you can always read the label to find out the suggested uses. Here are a few types of specialty adhesive vinyl:

  • Holographic
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Fluorescent / Neon
  • Window Cling

Smart Vinyl

For the Cricut Explore 3, Cricut Maker 3, and Cricut Joy, there is also Smart Vinyl. This is vinyl that does not use a mat! You can read all about it in my post Cricut Smart Vinyl .

Where to Buy Vinyl

There are so many places to buy adhesive vinyl. Shop around—many of these stores have sales on vinyl!

Buy Adhesive Vinyl Online

  • Expressions Vinyl
  • Swing Design
  • Happy Crafters
  • Craft Stash
  • Adhesive Vinyl on Amazon

Buy Adhesive Vinyl in Store

How to cut adhesive vinyl.

Let’s make a project! Start by opening Cricut Design Space. For this file, I’m using a funny cut file from Etsy seller Fresh Cuts Studio to make a water bottle.

To begin, create a new project in Cricut Design Space. Then click Upload in the Design Panel on the left.

Upload in Design Space

You’ll be taken to the upload screen where you can navigate to the file you want to upload. If you need more help with SVG files, see my post How to Upload an SVG to Cricut Design Space . If you want to find more free and cheap cut files for Cricut machines, check out my post The Best Cheap and Free SVG Files for Cricut Crafters .

Upload Image Screen

Insert your file onto your canvas.

File Inserted into Design Space

You’ll notice that there are a two sides to this water bottle. I am only using the left half of this cut file—the right half was designed for a clear water bottle so you can see how much you have had to drink during the day. So let’s hide the right half of this cut file. Start by ungrouping the image.

Ungroup in Design Space

This allows you to manipulate the pieces of the image individually. Select each piece on the right and hide them in the Layers Panel by clicking the “eye” icon.

Layer hidden with the

Once you have hidden all of the pieces you don’t want to cut, you may want to change the color of your image. I decided an all-white decal would look best on this water bottle, so I selected my cut file and clicked the color dropdown in the Edit Toolbar at the top to select white.

Color Drop Down

Now, to make sure it cuts as one single piece, select your project and click Attach. All of your pieces will be nested under an Attach heading in the Layers Panel. Read more about Using Attach in Design Space .

Attach in Design Space

Finally, you may need to re-size your image to fit on your water bottle. I changed my height to 6″ tall.

Change the size as needed

Now you’re ready to cut your image! Click Make It in the upper right to be taken to the Prepare Screen. You do NOT need to mirror your vinyl—you can cut it as is.

Prepare Screen with image

After clicking continue, you’ll be taken to the Make Screen. From here, select your material—if you have a Cricut Explore, you’ll set the material with the dial; if you have a Cricut Maker, you’ll set the material in that screen.

Turn the dial to Vinyl

Place your material with the paper backing down and the colored vinyl up on your mat and insert into your machine. Make sure you have the Fine Point blade installed.

View of Cricut from above with mat inserted

Click the blinking “C” on your machine and your Cricut will cut your vinyl for you! To remove your vinyl from your Cricut mat, bend your mat away from the vinyl instead of peeling the vinyl up off the mat. This helps prevent curling.

Peel the mat back from the vinyl

Finally, I like using a paper trimmer to cut down my vinyl so I can save the scraps and use later!

Use a paper trimmer to cut down your vinyl

How to Weed Adhesive Vinyl

I have an extensive Weeding Adhesive Vinyl post that goes into all my tricks for weeding vinyl. Here are just the basics—make sure to check out that post for more helpful tips!

Weeding is the process of removing anything that’s not part of your design. Start by digging the tip of your weeding tool into a piece of the vinyl that is NOT your design, and gently pull up. Often once I get a good chunk going, I’ll use my fingers to pull up on the vinyl, and my weeding tool to get the more difficult bits, including the insides of letters.

Weed your adhesive vinyl

Continue to remove all of the pieces around the image until all that’s left is the image. Double check your work to make sure you don’t have any extra bits that need weeding—try holding your image up to the light to see if you’ve missed anything!

How to Adhere Vinyl with Transfer Tape

Now it’s time to place our decal on the water bottle! Cut a piece of transfer tape about the same size as your decal. Peel back the sticky transfer tape from the liner sheet.

Peel back the transfer tape from the backing paper

Then place it sticky side down on your decal, and use a scraper to burnish the transfer tape to your decal.

Use a scraper to adhere the transfer tape to the decal

Carefully peel back the transfer tape and the decal should come with it. If it doesn’t stick (this is particularly annoying with glitter vinyl—you may want to try strong transfer tape!), burnish some more and try again. I’ll be honest—sometimes (like this time), it’s SO easy. Other times I want to throw my transfer tape out of the window.

Peel back the backing paper from the decal on the transfer tape

Place your decal on your water bottle and once it’s straight, press to adhere.

Place your decal on the water bottle

Then peel back the transfer tape—your design should stick! I usually peel back that tape at a sharp angle from the decal—it’s better than pulling it straight up.

Peel back the transfer tape leaving your adhesive vinyl decal on the water bottle

Tada! You’ve just made an adhesive vinyl project! Of course there are so many more projects you can make, but this is an easy one to get you over the fear of transfer tape. Here are a couple other tutorials you might want to try:

  • How to Use Adhesive Vinyl on Glass
  • How to Use Adhesive Vinyl on Plastic
  • How to Use Adhesive Vinyl on Painted Wood
  • How to Layer Adhesive Vinyl

I hope you found this tutorial helpful! As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

A Cricut machine along with vinyl and transfer tape and a water bottle with the saying \

Get Vinyl on Amazon

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HVAC contractors says

January 22, 2020

Thank you, great tutorial! I plan on making the same thing because I have 2 bottles and one was already looking similar and one is plain and boring, want to upgrade it. I have a question though, does it hold decently? I’m scared of ruining it in the making and also scared that it’s not really water/usage resistant and will start to lose its nice brand-new look after a few weeks. Can you share, does yours still have this nice and clean look or letters start to disappear, etc.? Thanks!

May 9, 2020

Very informative article!

Quick question:

I am working on a project putting a saying on a piece of canvas. Would you recommend using adhesive vinyl or HTV for canvas?

Colleen Dykhuizen says

September 9, 2020

Hello. We are working on a project for a friend’s wedding. The design is good. Cutting has been a problem. The design was not cutting through. Do I adjust the force? Speed? Passes were increased to 2. The problem now is reverse weeding this intricate design. Help!

Crystal Summers says

September 11, 2020

Hi Colleen, First and foremost, have you checked your cut settings? Is it set to cut the correct material? Also, how old is your blade? I typically find that after cutting cardstock and other thicker materials, my blade wears quicker. Have you tried changing your blade while cutting. As for the reverse weeding… I feel your pain with the intricate designs! I can’t offer much help, except to ensure that your vinyl sticks really well to the transfer paper, and you are using your Cricut weeding tools. Personally, I prefer to weed intricate designs while the vinyl is still attached to the Cricut mat. It provides a bit of stickiness and support when pulling off those tiny pieces. I then transfer my weeded design to the transfer paper. Good luck and let us know how it turns out! Best, Crystal, HLMS Community Manager

May 24, 2021

Certainly, not because wall tiles actually comes with a strong adhesive that is stuck at the back of the stickers, allowing the stickers to be attached with the walls quite easily.

Dayana Hernandez says

September 3, 2021

Hi ! Love this post . Very informative . I just bought a cricut maker and I’m having the hardest trouble getting the vinyl to sit on the mat without bubbles. It’s like the mat is too sticky so when I left the vinyl to correct , it starts creating bubbles and ridges . Any advice Thank you !

Can I ask which mat you are using? Are you using the standard green mat? If you think it’s a bit too sticky, you could try the blue light grip mat! Also, to remove bubbles, you can try to smooth them out with a brayer. Here’s a link (affiliate):

Hope this helps! Crystal, HLMS Community Manager

October 8, 2021

very beautiful and inspiring thanks for share

Dianne Duff says

November 3, 2021

You give a very comprehensive outline for using adhesive vinyl. i have been asked to cut vinyl for use on a large outdoor styrofoam sheet. is there any special preparation to be done to the foam sheet prior to placing on the vinyl words. The pieces of styrofoam are being attached together to create an open book.

I can’t think of anything special. Just be careful when applying the vinyl. Go slow and ensure a good stick before you peel up the transfer paper.

Happy crafting! Crystal, HLMS Community Manager

November 10, 2021

Just wondering, why did you have to change the color to white in the design? Isn’t the color dependant on what color vinyl you’re using?

Cori George says

November 13, 2021

Yes! You are correct. But that particular concept (the color is dependent on the material, not what it shows in DS) is often very difficult for newer Cricut users to understand, so I will almost always change my colors in DS to match my materials. It also helps people visualize their final project :)

May 9, 2022

Hi. I’ll be placing my vinyl adhesive on foamboard. Will the transfer adhesive stick to the paper surface on the board? Do you have another suggestion? Thanks for any help!

May 13, 2022

You may want to try a less sticky transfer tape. I prefer to use clear shelf liner or contact paper. It tends to be less sticky than some of the others like Cricut. You can also press it on your clothing a few times before picking up the vinyl so it’s less sticky.

Hope this helps, Crystal, HLMS Community Manager

July 2, 2022

We are attempting to cut large vinyl iron-on letters for a table cloth. We are having trouble with two things: one, the vinyl is rolled and it doesn’t want to stick to the matt, however, we tried a new one (both green) and it is too sticky and the vinyl wouldn’t come off! The other issue is that the Cricut isn’t cutting all the way through the vinyl. We are using a new blade stated for vinyl and have the Cricut setting set to vinyl. Any suggestions?

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premium vinyl projects

premium vinyl projects

The Best Places to Buy Patterned Vinyl

20 Minute Crafts

This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

  • Pinterest 13.7K

I love finding fun vinyl patterns to use for my projects! I’ve put together a list of where you can buy patterned vinyl to give your craft projects a completely different and unique look. 

Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

Sometimes I just want something different than a sheet of colored vinyl. Glitter is nice, I love flocked vinyl, and a simple color is great for some projects but sometimes I just want more . Because rainbow vinyl just looks better for certain projects.

Patterned vinyl isn’t new but it’s something a lot of the mainstream vinyl stores didn’t have for a very long time. This type of vinyl is a pattern printed on to a piece of printable vinyl (you can do heat transfer or adhesive/permanent vinyl) and you can use it like you would any other type of vinyl! 

It’s my favorite type of vinyl to use when I just want to give a project a pop of color or do something different with it!

Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

If you’ve never used patterned vinyl before you probably need ideas on what you can use it on! Don’t worry, I have a few ideas for you that’ll get those creative ideas rolling. Once you start using it you just won’t be able to stop. 

This vinyl life is addicting guys. I’m warning you now.

Check out these fun projects to use patterned vinyl for!

Patterned vinyl monograms.

Save time, stress, and vinyl with this one simple trick that I use to help you layer vinyl the easy way. Perfect for designs with multiple colors!

Monograms are always a great way to use up your patterned vinyl. They add a little something extra to the letters too! You should also always use thick letters to show off the patterned vinyl. 

For this mandala mug I bought the file from MLM Design Studio on Etsy and the Patterned Vinyl from New Chance Vinyl (called Watercolor 2). I used a solid color for the monogram and it really stands out against all the colors in the mandala! 

Patterned Vinyl Monogram Projects:

  • Patterned Mandala Monogram Decal from Jen’s Vinyl Decals
  • Iron On Monogram Pillows
  • Stainless Steel Wine Glass Tumbler with Name and Patterned Vinyl

Patterned Vinyl Home Decor

premium vinyl projects

Sometimes solid color vinyl just isn’t enough, and in those times I really glad we have tons of options for patterned vinyl. How cute is this layered design from A Girl and a Glue Gun ? The polka dot pattern on the pumpkin is cute by itself but by layering solid colors underneath it it makes the patterned vinyl stand out even more!

Patterned vinyl home decor projects:

  • Kitchen Cut Files (made with patterned vinyl!) from A Girl and a Glue Gun
  • Cookies for Santa Plate from Simply Made Fun
  • Can’t Touch This Cactus Print from Persia Lou

Patterned Vinyl Tote Bags

Who doesn’t need a tote bag? Whether you’re heading to the beach, running after kids, or just want to take one to the library or book store (guilty) they always come in handy. And what better way to decorate them than with fun prints! 

This is another craft where you want to use thick designs so that you can really see the patterns of the vinyl!

Patterned vinyl tote bag projects:

  • Mom Tote Bag from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff
  • Beach Bag from Clarks Condensed  
  • Canvas Zipper Bag from Whipper Berry

Patterned Vinyl T-Shirts

Buy Patterned Vinyl - Want to change up your vinyl game and find some cool new vinyl patterns to try for your projects? I've put together a list of my favorite places to buy patterned vinyl (heat transfer and permanent vinyl!) for your next Silhouette Cameo or Cricut project!

Y’all know how much I love making t-shirts. I have a whole category on the blog about it because I’m obsessed! I’ve used patterned vinyl on a few of the shirts and I always love how they come out! To get the best result always use fat/large letters so that you can really see the pattern!

Patterned vinyl t-shirt projects:

  • DIY Incredibles Shirts from Play Party Plan
  • Cactus T-shirt from See Vanessa Craft
  • Floral BB8 Shirt from Eclectic MomSense

Sometimes patterned vinyl is just the better choice for projects. It gives everything a unique look plus it gives you an opportunity to use a new material and add something different to whatever you’re making. I love shopping for fun and unique patterns!

Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

Tips for cutting patterned vinyl

  • + Never mirror your design when cutting with heat transfer patterned vinyl! (this is true for most patterned vinyl you’ll buy but double check to make sure there’s no carrier sheet before you cut just to make sure!).
  • To cut, put the pattern up on the mat (looking at you).
  • You do not need special cut settings, it’s the same as smooth vinyl (those are the settings you’ll want to use).
  • Heat Transfer Patterned Vinyl does not come with a carrier sheet on top of it (which is why you don’t need to mirror the design before cutting heat transfer vinyl ). What I typically do is cut a design with regular htv and then use the carrier sheet from that project for my patterned vinyl.

Rolls of Heat Transfer and Adhesive Patterned Vinyl to use for projects

Patterned vinyl is something different to use if you’re tired of solid colors, glitter vinyl , or flocked vinyl. Browsing the internet will send you down a rabbit hole of colorful patterns and crazy designs. There’s something for everyone! 

But if you don’t want to spend hours searching and just want someone to tell you where to look for the patterns, I’ve got you covered. Here are my six favorite shops to look at when I’m searching to buy patterned vinyl!

premium vinyl projects

Etsy is my go-to for a lot of things, but I just recently discovered that there are a ton of shops who sell printed vinyl! I should've figured out that I could get great quality printed vinyl on Etsy too. Some of my favorite websites that I buy patterned vinyl from also have shops on Etsy, but I've also discovered a few favorite shops just from browsing around.

And if you love all things mermaid, you should check out the mermaid vinyl I'm obsessed with . Isn't it gorgeous?!

premium vinyl projects

SparkleBerry Ink

I was sent a few sheets of vinyl from Sparkleberry a few years ago and I LOVED them. The patterns were really fun and playful and the colors were really bright and vibrant. If I had to pick a small business to buy from it would be them. Their customer service is fantastic and Mandy (the owner) is very sweet and helpful if you ever have questions.

I also love that she is constantly doing Facebook Lives on her page and showing us all the fun things she's been working on. Her videos are really helpful and informative if you're a newbie!

premium vinyl projects

New Chance Vinyl

I've used and loved this seller for a long time and can't recommend them enough. They have a Facebook group and a website to browse, though I recommend ordering through the website because the group can be a little difficult!

I love so many of their patterns but this  Bling pattern vinyl is by far my favorite  (so pretty!)! And I actually  made this monogram vinyl decal with their vinyl , which is my most popular post to date!

premium vinyl projects

Zindee Studios

I recently bought patterned vinyl from this store and I am so happy with it! I bought a few different patterns but  this mermaid pattern  that I used it for a Little Mermaid shirt was perfect ! The shipping was also super fast and they were really easy to order from! They're on Etsy but you can also order off their website too!

premium vinyl projects

Happy Crafters

Whether you need permanent vinyl, patterned, heat transfer, or foil you can find it all at Happy Crafters! They also have equipment like heat presses and accessories and blank t-shirts too. It's so nice to be able to buy everything you need in one place. Plus there are a few cool (non-pattern) designs I want to work with. So many choices!

premium vinyl projects

Expressions Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl is my FAVORITE online store to shop from. They deliver a bunch of goodies to my house at least twice a month and it's always a happy mail day when it arrives.

They have everything you could ever want or need to get started and they are always running some sort of promotion (which is great for crafters like me who like to shop there a little too much).

Shipping is always fast and their products are high quality. They also started offering patterned vinyl and their designs are so cute and fun!

They also have mystery boxes that you can subscribe to each month (I got one in July) where they send you a ton of fun patterns to try (both htv and adhesive depending on which one you subscribe to). I highly recommend it if you're looking for unique patterns for your projects!


How does the patterned HTV hold up in the wash? I’ve been hesitant about using it because I don’t want to make my project then have the pattern fade after washing.

It holds up well! I always wash mine on the gentle cycle and turn it inside out though, and always hang it to dry too. I’ve found sometimes (with regular HTV not patterned) that it can come off in the dryer so I just tend to be overly cautious and hang all of them to dry now.

Hi! Can you point me to where you purchased (if you purchased) the mermaid SVG? Thanks! -Courtney

Hi Courtney! I actually did not purchase it. If you’re in Disney groups on fb (for the Cricut or Silhouette) you can find them there! Let me know if you need group recommendations, I have a few good ones!

Could you please, pretty please send a link for the mermaid svg file? My granddaughter would absolutely LOVE that shirt!! Thank you, Teresa S

Hi Teresa! Unfortunately I cannot since it’s Disney’s intellectual property but if you want to make it for yourself you can google search a coloring page of Ariel and use that for your inspiration!

If you have any questions let me know. I can walk you through how I made it if the above doesn’t make sense. 🙂

I need all the help I can get. I’ve done a few small things. I cant get anything to cut the full 12 by 12 how,so I take the outlkne out on the sillhouette

Hi Dawn! Can you elaborate a little more on your problem? Do you have the 12×12 mat and page size selected for your machine? And are you using a Portrait or a Cameo? The Portrait only lets you cut up to 10″ wide.

New Chance Vinyl: You have recommended this site for printed vinyl. You should read all the bad reviews on her Facebook page. You may want to rethink recommending this company.

Hi Susan, thank you for your comment! I have been shopping with New Chance Vinyl for a few years now and have never run into any issues. But I will say that I encourage others to do research on stores before they buy from them, especially if they are a first time buyer!

Thank you again for taking the time to comment and let me know your feelings about the company. Have a wonderful day!

Where do I find the galaxy damask print that’s shown throughout your article?? I’m in love with it!

Hi Sarah! This is where I bought the galaxy damask print from. 🙂

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premium vinyl projects

posted by Ahijoy on November 2, 2022

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

Removable vinyl is an excellent source to embellish and personalize items and space, whether you are embarking on revamping your room or simply want to organize a theme party. Ahijoy presents some of the incredible removable vinyl projects for your crafting spree!

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

These days trends come and go in a flash. It’s hard keeping up with new styles but it’s still something people want to participate in. The best solution to this is making your own removable vinyl projects. 

It’s fun, crafty and inexpensive so you can easily come up with new additions in your home or office space, and just as swiftly remove them. Such a mode of decoration allows you to incorporate an influx of new ideas with ease.

Bevel Rainbow Adhesive Vinyl

Bevel Rainbow Adhesive Vinyl

Did you see a decal you like on the internet or a design in a magazine that inspired you? Well, get your craft tools ready and add removable vinyl to your cart. And if you cannot think of any ideas but are itching to get involved in a new arts project, we have got you covered. Continue reading to get your creative gears going!

What Is Removable Vinyl

Removable vinyl is a fabulous, thin film that, as the name suggests, is not permanent. It has the following great features:

  • The adhesive backing of this vinyl can easily be removed without leaving behind any residue.
  • Removable vinyl will last you a couple of months or even a year as it is not nearly as durable as permanent vinyl. Hence it is best for seasonal projects.
  • It cannot withstand extreme weather conditions so is best used indoors.
  • It also doubles as a stencil for other crafts.
  • It can be used on surfaces like glass, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and more.

Removable Vinyl Projects

Let’s look at some projects that are sure to fire your imagination:

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

1. Themed Occasions

For seasonal, themed, or even one-time occasions, removable vinyl is a perfect alternative to pricey decorations. On Christmas, Halloween or Easter, themed plates and glassware provide the perfect touch of amusement and fun to any celebration.

Moreover, you can even apply decorative stickers with pumpkins, mistletoes and Easter eggs on your walls and furniture without doing them any harm. Hang up wood signs to guide your guests as well and play around with color themes to get that lively holiday vibe.

Brushed Glitter Adhesive Vinyl - Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Ahijoy

Brushed Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

You can even make special events like birthdays and weddings even more precious by swapping traditional decor with removable vinyl. Simply pick a theme and color scheme and get to work. From invitations, table and wall décor to cutlery, everything can be upgraded using this vinyl. 

Use sparkly or gold colored removable vinyl for an ethereal and elegant look on your special day.

You can even use it on tables for menus or any other decoration piece. On birthdays, vinyl stickers of balloons and confetti can be added to walls and doors to provide a cheerful atmosphere. 

For all the beloved family members, make matching personalized birthday hats with their initials or a special message for them. You can even paste cute sayings on foil balloons. Furthermore, you can decorate glasses and jugs, and create a unique atmosphere.

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

2. Stickers For Gadgets

For both teenagers and adults, their gadgets like phones, tablets and laptops are extremely important. What is even more important is that they have the latest phones with an awesome cover that can easily be removed when they grow tired of it. Buying a new cover each time is expensive, plus it will not have the personal touch. 

To solve this modern problem there is a modern solution that is removable vinyl .

Bubble Adhesive Vinyl

Bubble Adhesive Vinyl

By using removable vinyl, you can make vinyl stickers of any color, design and size, and put them on your gadgets. You can easily change them for the next trendy phone cover or laptop sticker. Most importantly, if you have made it with vinyl yourself, no one will have the same as yours. It will depict your own distinctive style. It really is a bargain!

3. Kitchen Decorations

Have you ever confused sugar with salt? Don't worry you are not the only one. However, you can easily avoid this mishap by using removable vinyl to label your spice cabinet or any other jars in your kitchen. You can add labels to drawers as well to identify which one is for cutlery and other items. Not only that, you can also add decorative vinyl stickers on your kitchen appliances just to make them appear more homely.

Cooking needs effort. Why do it in a boring space? Liven up your kitchen with wall decals. If you feel your windows or mirrors are lackluster, add a few flowery removable stickers on them as well. If you feel good while whipping up something to eat, the food will taste even better!

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

4. Wall Decals

It’s the season for allowing yourself to be a bit more creative with your home décor, and you may have thought about replacing some of the boring wall colors in your house with something more vibrant. With removable vinyl, you can make any changes to your walls that your heart desires. 

You can use it year-round without worrying about damaging the paint on the walls. You can make your own custom removable vinyl signs, stickers and decals for walls so that they look professional and beautiful but are easy to remove later on down the road.

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

5. Children’s Room Decor

There is no dearth of ideas when decorating your children’s rooms with removable vinyl. When they grow up, you can change the decoration with something more age appropriate. 

You can put up a growth and height chart on the wall with removable vinyl. You can also decorate lampshades for your kid’s room and label their doors. Colorful and vibrant wall decals look extremely cute and loveable in children's bedrooms as well.

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

6. Removable Car Decals

You can make car decals with removable vinyl that you only want to put temporarily on your vehicle. These include memorial decals or wedding car stickers. Sometimes you just want to paste a sticker on the rear windshield of your car that says something sarcastic or funny.

 Removable vinyl is the best to use for these as after a month or so you might want to change or remove it. It is also the best choice for a bumper sticker.

7. Removable Vinyl For Stencils

Removable vinyl is the best for making stencils when you want to apply paint or other medium to a project. You can easily remove it after making the craft without worrying about peeling off paint and a perfect design or lettering will be left behind with smooth edges for everyone to behold and admire.

Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

8. Designs On Wood

If you want to make temporary signage on wood , removable vinyl is the perfect choice. These can be used for themed decorations on weddings and parties. You can even hang a wooden ‘Welcome’ sign at your entrance. Beautiful wooden wall hangings can be made with temporary vinyl as well.

If you want to revamp your wooden furniture but do not want anything permanent, you can add decals to it using temporary vinyl. You can use it to decorate your doors as well.

Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl 6 Rolls Bundle

Cold Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl 6 Rolls Bundle

9. decorating acrylic blanks.

You can embellish the coaster, keychain and bookmark acrylic blanks with irremovable vinyl. These can be given as party favors as well. You can also make Christmas ornaments and other little trinkets for decoration. It all depends on your unleashed imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, removable vinyl does not fall off. However, even though it is waterproof, if it is washed or left in water, it will peel off. This type of vinyl can last you a year if taken care of properly but falling off is unlikely.

No, unless you are planning on using the car decal once only. Removable vinyl is not the ideal choice. This is because this type of vinyl cannot withstand wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. The UV rays will also damage it eventually. Therefore, for car decals it is better to stick with permanent vinyl.

You should use removable vinyl for temporary and indoor projects. For long lasting, outdoor applications, permanent vinyl is the best.

You can seal your removable vinyl project by using Mod Podge or a sealing spray. For example, if you are using removable vinyl for signs in a restaurant, any chipping or peeling can look unprofessional. Therefore, in such cases, sealing may be a necessary investment.

Final Words

Removable vinyl is an excellent way to decorate without any hassle. It's easy to apply, clean and move around. It can be used in many different projects, especially those that do not have to be long lasting. So if you are thinking about getting some removable vinyl films for your home or workplace, consider these ideas.

Crack Mosaic Adhesive Vinyl - Adhesive Craft Vinyl - Ahijoy

Crack Mosaic Adhesive Vinyl

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Was able to get a vinyl that a previous pre-order at another website never sent out. Acoustic Sounds also had it at a better price (thankful I didn't pull the trigger at buying it on eBay for $50+). And their shipping packaging is top notch. They certainly know what they're doing.

premium vinyl projects

James Tompson

4 months ago

Amazing customer service! I had a pre order that kept getting pushed out, no big deal for me I know the stores have no control over the timelines for product. I emailed them to change my address due to moving and the quickly adjusted for me. In addition when they didn’t actually get the exact color vinyl I ordered but a different variation they called me to make sure they could send me a different color. Seriously by far the easiest transactions I’ve had trying to buy vinyls and will 100% continue to buy from them. Would recommend to anyone!

premium vinyl projects

Meaghan Ramstack

two weeks ago

I had a question and emailed Experience vinyl expecting to hear something back the following week. Within a matter of minutes, I was contacted by email, text and a phone call by Jeff. Excellent customer service and looking forward to placing more orders!

premium vinyl projects

Matt Morelli

Sep 10 2022

Excellent customer service. Staff member was very helpful when it came to a pre-order I had bought and after the issue was resolved, we talked for over 10 minutes about vinyl. Would absolutely buy from again, highly recommend A+++

premium vinyl projects

Giancarlo Iannotta

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premium vinyl projects

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    Vinyl Projects Projects and tutorials that use vinyl, both adhesive and iron-on (HTV). Cricut DIY Crafts Vinyl Projects 10 Fabulous (and Easy) DIY Earrings for Beginners Cricut DIY Crafts DIY Home Decor Papercrafts Shadow Boxes Vinyl Projects Intricate Winter Shadow Box with a Custom Scene! Cricut DIY Crafts DIY Home Decor Vinyl Projects

  9. 50 Cricut Vinyl Projects: What CAN You Make With Vinyl?

    50 Cricut vinyl project ideas Here are 50 different materials or objects which could be personalized with Cricut vinyl. Some of the items in the list are links to my previous projects where you can find out more about working with that particular material or craft item. Baby suits (onesies / babygrows) Blankets Bleach shirts Candles

  10. Cricut Removable Vinyl DIY

    May 14, 2021 • Leslie Tierney Head on over to Craft-e-Corner Cricut Community Facebook Group for more inspiration and education! Do you know the difference between permanent and removable vinyl and when to use each type for your Cricut crafts? If you are new to Cricut die-cutting machines like I am, you might just be wondering about that.

  11. Removable Vinyl Projects You Can Make With Your Cricut

    Cupboard Decal. One of the most popular removable vinyl projects is wall decals. I said I wasn't really into wall decals, but I did make a cupboard decal. I have seen a number of "kitchen cheat sheets" that people have put on glass cutting boards - the trouble is, I don't use glass cutting boards, nor do I wish to have a cutting board ...

  12. Vinyl Projects

    Check out our vinyl projects selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

  13. Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects You Can Do Yourself

    Permanent Vinyl Projects FAQs What Is Removable Vinyl? What Would You Use Removable TekWrap Vinyl For? Can TeckWrap Removable Vinyl Be Used on Fabric? Removable Vinyl Projects Are Exciting! Wall Decal Image by Pascal.manatee from Wikimedia Commons Are you looking for more inspiration to spice up your furniture, appliances, and electronics at home?

  14. 33 Easy Cricut Vinyl Projects & Crafts for Beginners

    Cricut Wall Art Traditionally, we would hang family photos on our walls. But modern décor leans more towards abstract art installations. If you're attached to portraits of your spouse and kids, you can still use them as silhouettes. To start you off, this article has free files full of Cricut vinyl project ideas.

  15. Ultimate Guide to Vinyl

    671 98 Learn about the different types of vinyl, how and when to use each type of vinyl and where to buy vinyl! Let's get rid of the confusion so you can start creating amazing things! When you start out with your new Cricut and get ready to create your projects, you can get overwhelmed with all the choices for vinyl.

  16. Easy Cricut Vinyl Projects Using Scrap Pieces

    Press it down well and use your scraper to go over the top. Then slowly peel back the transfer tape. Follow the same steps and apply your vinyl designs all-around your tumbler. I just randomly went around the tumbler adding pieces that I felt looked good and matched my overall design.

  17. Cricut for Beginners: Guide to Cricut Vinyl Projects

    Premium removable vinyl is the perfect option for wall and door decals or for seasonal projects that you might want to change out regularly. As the name suggests, this type is easy to remove from surfaces and leaves no residue making it perfect for wall decor Cricut vinyl projects.

  18. How to Use Adhesive Vinyl with a Cricut

    Adhesive vinyl is a thin adhesive- (or sticky-) backed material that you can cut with your Cricut or other electronic cutting machine and then apply to a myriad of surfaces. You can even cut simple shapes by hand if you don't have a cutting machine.

  19. The Best Places to Buy Patterned Vinyl

    Cactus T-shirt from See Vanessa Craft. Floral BB8 Shirt from Eclectic MomSense. Sometimes patterned vinyl is just the better choice for projects. It gives everything a unique look plus it gives you an opportunity to use a new material and add something different to whatever you're making.

  20. Incredible Removable Vinyl Projects

    Removable vinyl will last you a couple of months or even a year as it is not nearly as durable as permanent vinyl. Hence it is best for seasonal projects. It cannot withstand extreme weather conditions so is best used indoors. It also doubles as a stencil for other crafts. It can be used on surfaces like glass, wood, metal, ceramic, plastic and ...

  21. 30+ Easy Cricut Projects

    30+ Super Easy Cricut Projects for Beginners (2021) - Creative Fabrica. Yearly ALL ACCESS, now just. $3.99/month, billed as $47/year (normal price $348) Discounted price valid forever - Renews at $47/year. Access to millions of Graphics, Fonts, Classes & more. Personal, Commercial and POD use of files included. The Artistry.

  22. Cricut Premium Permanent Vinyl

    Prem-Vinyl-Perm 467 Premium Vinyl™ - Permanent $8.99 $3.97 - $4.49 Color: Select Color $4.49 $4.47 $3.97 Add to Cart Save for later Description Go ahead, take it outside! Every project goes smoothly when you use Permanent Premium Vinyl. This amazing vinyl lies flat on your cutting mat - no tunneling or bubbling.

  23. Experience Vinyl

    The Vinyl Club without the commitment. Collecting vinyl records is all about the experience—the way excitement builds when the record's in your hands, the moment it hits the turntable and music fills the room. Curated by music lovers like Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famer Matt Sorum. Get limited-run, collector's edition pressings of only ...

  24. Craft Vinyls & Transfer Tapes

    My Vinyl Direct VINYL Color Sample Decks **SHIPS FREE** $ $4.99 - $8.99. Quick view Choose Options **final sale** Camo Gloss 651 Vinyl $ $1.49. Quick view Choose Options. Jingle Bell (Gloss 651) $ $4.79 - $9.66. Quick view Choose Options. Autumn Inspired (Gloss 651) ...

  25. Premium Vinylco

    PVC Vertical Slats. PVC Slatwall. (310) 537-9270. [email protected]. [email protected]. Share with us your e-mail and our team will contact you back. Since 1996, Premium Vinyl Company, a family-owned company, distributes PVC Verticals Slats for window blinds. Today, run by the third generation of the family, it's undergoing a ...