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Cinema Research Papers Samples For Students

595 samples of this type

WowEssays.com paper writer service proudly presents to you an open-access directory of Cinema Research Papers designed to help struggling students tackle their writing challenges. In a practical sense, each Cinema Research Paper sample presented here may be a guidebook that walks you through the essential stages of the writing process and showcases how to compose an academic work that hits the mark. Besides, if you need more visionary help, these examples could give you a nudge toward an original Cinema Research Paper topic or encourage a novice approach to a threadbare theme.

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Art & Architecture Research Papers Example

Good research paper about hybrid or conduction coating to prevent corrosion in metals, good research paper about sexuality behind the stories of music videos: hard rock music of the mid-‘90s.

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Motion Capture And The Discrepancy In Pay From The Live Action Actor Vs The Rendering Artist Research Paper Example

Astudent research paper samples, technological advancement in medicine research papers example, good research paper on «allen ginsberg», sample research paper on soldier’s home: comparison between the story and the movie, the causes of negative public perceptions or image against the police research paper sample, free motown research paper sample.

Motown was founded in 1959 by Berry Gordy in Detroit, Michigan. The music that Gordy created and produced changed the sound of the American music. Motown introduced Americans to a new sound of popular music created by black singers and musicians. Gordy overcame many stereotypes and polished his performers to appeal to mainstream America, black and white. With spreading popularity of television it was imperative that music stars be visual appealing as well as have a good sound. The Motown sound and philosophy created in the 1960’s still has an enormous influence on the modern music industry.

Free Research Paper About A Raisin In The Sun – Lorraine Hansberry

Good research paper on so the play's the thing the words or the performers, good example of research paper on why do people discriminate against others.

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Good Example Of Radiographs Research Paper

The world is flat: friedman's perspective research paper example, good example of illustration research essay of a social problem research paper, financial issues in music: royalties research paper samples, sample research paper on elizabeth angeli is now at department of english, purdue university.

For example Elizabeth L. Angeli, Department of Psychology, State University.

Free Research Paper On California

Challenges faced by netflix from emerging streaming technologies research paper samples, example of research paper on nazi propaganda movies, sample research paper on adolf hitlers psychologically problematic, free research paper about economic analysis of identity thief (film), example of research paper on plastic surgery and self-esteem, free research paper on plastic surgery and self-esteem, good research paper on challenges faced by netflix from emerging streaming technologies, free research paper on faux lesbian pornography, free research paper about research/analyze the contemporary globalization of one place, example of the induction program should be designed in three stages research paper, emerging streaming technologies like video on demand research paper example.

Pose a Challenge to Netflix’s DVD Rental Model.

Good As Plastic Surgeons Said In One Study Research Paper Example

Good research paper about michael bennett and the reinvigoration of broadway, free race and racism in america research paper example, good example of research paper on netflix marketing plan.

This marketing plan seeks to encourage growth of sales and returns on capital by encouraging more subscriptions. It also intends to intensify promotional campaigns and support customer relations and experiences. The employees too will have a chance to grow and be satisfied working at Netflix. Through it, Netflix is bound to consolidate itself as a mega streaming content distributor worldwide.

Good Example Of Disneys Acquisition Of Lucas Film Research Paper

Good research paper on food, inc, free walt disney online research paper sample, free environmental issues research paper example, good example of research paper on purpose of study, others research paper sample, 2000s eminem research paper example, good substance abuse portrayal in the media research paper example, good research paper about human beings, free research paper about criminology, research paper on catcher and the rye, sample research paper on engaging learners with the computers, free alien invasion stories represent a fear of war research paper sample, tupac shakur and his advocacies through lyrics and hip-hop music research paper sample, the movie - the wizard of oz research papers example, queer yet not so queer: the wedding banquet and happy together research papers examples, good research paper about classic narrative form/ major figures of the studio, zoombieland research papers examples, documentary analyses research paper example, good example of cahiers du cinema and the french new wave research paper, research project research papers example, good research paper about porn & the porn debate, research paper on civil disobedience, pearl harbor: agent cicero in istanbul, turkey, during world war ii research paper examples, special effects and robert zemeckis research paper example, example of harry houdini research paper, family research papers examples, good peer to peer onslaught - how does the entertainment industry defend its copyright research paper example, good example of comparison research paper.

Financial Crisis in U.S.

Good Research Paper On Harry Potter Series

Good research paper on future challenges film industries face, good comparison research paper example, good research paper about business ethics course.

In the Business Ethics course, we encounter philosophies dealing with the appropriate decisions and actions in the face of business circumstances. It is often that business practices solely prioritize raking in money that is possibly disregarding economic impact. To expound on this issue, we would discuss the infamous 2008 Subprime crisis.

Research Paper On History Paper

Free etc research paper example, the development and breakdown of relationships research paper samples, free research paper about the dangers of online dating, character relationship in manuel puig's kiss of the spider woman research paper examples, free research paper on online access to pornography.

Effect of amount of pornography consumed by men on satisfaction wife has on the relationship and the self esteem, trust, and intimate issues the wife developes

Sample Research Paper On Research

Good example of music management research paper, good research paper about the butler by lee daniels, alfred stieglitz research paper sample, good research paper on lethal injection: the least disturbing method of execution.

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Free Research Paper About Fear Of The Unknown

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Exploring Business: Under Armour Inc Research Paper Examples

Sample research paper on gender and communication in when harry meets sally, nature of identity alteration research paper sample, evaluating more from three ethical standpoints research papers examples, free research paper on what is the show entourage selling how has gone about branding itself, good example of research paper on engaging learners with the computers, portrait of teresa research paper examples, free working for alphom magazine research paper sample, good research paper on netflix, good cynicism and bitterness from world war 1 research paper example, transgressive comedies from the u.s research paper samples, free research paper about othello, free frankenstein by mary shelley: its influence on science and popular culture research paper sample, good a paper presented to research paper example.

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Free Research Paper About Here Are Some Financial Calculations Of Both Companies

Good research paper on the origins, free negotiating international business research paper sample, current issue research paper samples, is steve jobs an effective leader research paper sample.

As Co-Founder, CEO and Chairman of Apple Inc., Jobs met many ups and downs as a good leader. Throughout Apple’s history, such as when they Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne have just started their business in 1976 in the garage of Jobs’ foster parents, years later, they were a success. It only proves that with the right mix of leaders, they can start a company that will later on live with its vision. Apple Company had since then continued to hire many highly talented, creative, and innovative people (e.g., Mike Scott, John Scully).

Free Research Paper About The Religious History

Free the planet of the apes research paper example.

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Good Smiley Research Paper Example

Sample research paper on documentary - hunger in a world of plenty, prevention of sexually transmitted disease research paper sample, the effect of media violence on teenagers research paper examples, sample research paper on american movie industry's exposure on marijuana usage.

Substance abuse such as alcohol usage, tobacco smoking as well as others has been on mass media over the last two decades. Some of the popular mass media platforms where substance abuse is common nowadays may include music industry, TV series and now it has been rampant in the movie industry. American movie industry’s exposure on marijuana usage in on the rise as the USA government stand against the issue is changing every moment. This has facilitated the rise in usage of marijuana in movies such as Pineapple Express and Requiem For A Dream as well as others.

Solar Energy Research Paper Example

Women superheroes research paper samples, the transition from silent to sound movies research paper samples, research paper on an analysis of the film the planet of the apes 1968, free research paper about the faith of theseus in immortals, free research paper on why female superheroes are not common in movies/comic books, good example of russian cinema research paper, free research paper about how tv shows and disney movies affect womens perception of love and life, good example of research paper on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, silent night research papers examples.

Silent Night is a film written by Jayson Rothwell and directed by Steven C. Miller. It is a horror movie, and a remake of the 1980 horror film, deadly night or silent night, and loosely based on the real-life event of Covina massacre (Kolisnyk, et. al, 2007). By focusing on this film, this paper will present the basic components of the film; these include Storytelling, Acting, cinematography, directing, and finally the impact or genre.

An Overview Of Art Historical Movements And Their Effect On The Movies Research Paper Sample

Good example of solving a problem research paper, example of marketing concepts and strategies research paper, example of pro gun rights research paper, anal intercourse research papers examples.


How Reality TV Shapes Our Lives Research Paper Example

Gordon and ingle: a comparative analysis of their critiques on a raisin in the research papers examples, example of research paper on american propaganda in the cold war, research paper on the university of nottingham, free research paper on theory and ideological critique, research paper on the relationship between martin scorsese upbringing and his film, mean streets, the apocalypse in literature: the sense of an ending research paper sample, worlds fastest indian or life dream research paper samples, good fairy tales vs. film in teaching lessons and communicating messages to children research paper example, darren aronofsky's career research paper examples, good research paper on african americans in film since 1939 to today, legalizing drugs in saudi arabia research paper, correlation between child discipline and attitudes of teenagers today research paper example, example of research paper on womens rights, the history of south beach tourism research paper samples, free research paper about the matrix as a messianic movie, godzillas transformation from monster to hero research papers example, example of research paper on how pop culture affects teens, good research paper on freedom of speech research-film rating, sample research paper on the hopper and the dish network, free american civil liberties research paper example, free research paper on creative and cultural entrepreneurship, free research paper about conducting z-test.

<Student’s name>

Sample Outfit For Bolero Vintage Jacket Research Paper

Example of research paper on hollywood versus history, bohemian grove meetings research paper examples, michael chekhov research paper examples, example of research paper on john cassavetes influence, free research paper about television and violence, research paper on gun control in criminal law, research paper on multimedia design and united arab emirates, aclu director role research paper examples, example of research paper on mediation and conflict management theory, computer application software research paper example.

A Smartphone that has innovative applications (Source http://www.att.com)

Eyewitness Testimony Research Paper Sample

Storytelling research paper examples, example of urolithiasis- kidney stones research paper, example of the kinds of betrayal in the film fatal attraction research paper, reading response research paper examples, hominid evolution research paper examples, film motion picture camera vs. red epic digital motion picture camera research paper sample, free research paper on marriage practices in three cultures.

(Name of your Course) (Name of your Tutor) (Date of Submission

Americas Healthcare Research Paper Examples

Functions and evaluations research paper examples, the influence of new media in the american college students entertainment culture research paper, the great depression of 1929-41: causes and consequences research paper example, example of graceland and the appeal of rock in public history research paper, social class in a subjective perspective research paper examples, example of written analyses on keeping up with the kardashians on the concept on formulas research paper, research paper on gender and violence, free research paper on cultural awareness, free research paper on the life, death and legend of bonnie and clyde, myth analysis paper research paper, example of research paper on war without mercy: race and power in the pacific war, research paper on human trafficking, photography in society research paper sample, research paper on japanese animations and american animations, research paper on albrecht durer engravings, treatment facility assessment research paper example, research paper on referencing, evaluating the benefits of ultrasound over mri as an imaging modality for assessing research paper, genetically modified crops research paper sample, example of sophocles oedipus rex analysis of the play research paper, research paper on people of the middle east, religion and media research paper example, the locations of ferris buellers day off research paper, example of what is a monster research paper, free research paper on mackenzie phillips, harry potter and christianity: compare and contrast research paper examples, hong kong’s relationship to china research paper example, lincoln, black people and the abolition of slavery in 1865 research paper, example of victoria's secret vs. fredericks of hollywood research paper.

Founded in 1977 in San Francisco, USA, Victoria’s secret is undoubtedly the largest lingerie retailer in the United States. With pioneering designs and a wide variety, Victoria’s secret, an organization established by Roy Raymond, has emerged as the pace setter in as far as lingerie and women wear is concerned (Valdivia, 2000). The organization had an annual turnover of USD 6.12 billion in the year 2012, with a net profit of one billion dollars. The organization is prominently associated with fashion shows, powerful promotions and catalog marketing. The organization has 1000 outlets across the United States.

Spanish Language In United States Research Paper Examples

Research paper on preventing the use of tobacco among youth and young adults, cultural imperialism research paper examples, research paper on propaganda and banned animation: world war ii-era propaganda, tv show - seinfeld research paper examples.

American culture is vast and diverse and the media brings together several facets of this in different guises. The TV Show which perhaps best encapsulates American culture is ‘Seinfeld’ whilst the film chosen is ‘Bowling for Columbine’ which personifies American fixation with guns. Finally the music styles chosen as representative of American culture is jazz with a civil rights angle.

What Is A Hero Is The True Meaning Of The Word Being Diluted In Today's Media Research Paper Sample

Masculinity and femininity in fight club research paper sample, spanish language in united states research paper sample, example of research paper on this film is not yet rated: the double standard for gay cinema, example of research paper on what can we do to help the world reverse the potential threat of global warming, the various forms of art research paper examples, relationship between arts and economics research paper examples, kodak and fujifilm research paper, research paper on film making in italy, civil rights in film research paper sample, example of walk the line research paper, an analytical on the book of eli: the film research paper sample, the manchurian candidate research paper examples, the effects of media stereotyping research paper sample, research paper on should video games be censored, example of research paper on back to blaxploitation, free research paper on history of film in the united states, example of the kite runner research paper, research paper on a about the titanic myths, pictures with words research paper examples, research paper on concepts from deleuze applied to last year at marienbad, history of business media research paper examples.

Business of Media

The term business of media represents the trading of information for economic purposes. Media has evolved tremendously from the traditional newspaper to the present digital. Several examples of business of media are advertising, broadcast media, printing media, published media, social media and digital media. All these sources are used to generate revenue for the media companies, as well as a tool to convey information to the public (Croteau & Hoynes, 2007). Hence, this study addresses the evolution and impact of media in business.

Research Paper On Environmentalism

Andy warhol\'s marilyn research paper examples, how microsoft has influenced the lives of people research paper, example of research paper on bootlegging in todays world, research paper on racial representation in the media, example of a on the popular show happy days research paper.

The Happy Days is one of the most popular and successful television series in the 70s. It has been aired for at least ten years, up to 1984, and has actually left a legacy so prominent, that U.S. cultural arts groups still use the storyline as their main theme in their tours. The objective of this paper is to discuss the characters, setting, and the different themes of the show, including a reflection of the morals and attitudes depicted in the show.

Free Research Paper On Human Growth And Development

Critical evaluation of research article research paper, bootlegging research paper sample, how did the world war 2 change american's expectations of their nation's role in research paper sample, my personal views on writing research paper examples, canada research paper, the impact of digital media on the entertainment and music industry research paper, example of should sex and violence on television or in the movies be restricted research paper, research paper on build a computer, free research paper on cross-cultural business communication, research paper on an analytical on the film: cotton comes to harlem, example of namecourse research paper, nazi propaganda research paper example, research paper on xbox smartglasses, sex and violence in the media research paper sample, example of law research paper, research paper on the effects of entertainment media on children, research paper on effects of globalization of the culture of puerto rico, tutoring two esl students research paper, research paper on the effects of media violence on children, orientalism and the treatment of arabs in western media research paper example, us gun control policies must be strengthened research paper examples, cultural differences research paper example, example of the special effects in the movies industry research paper, research paper on film essay questions, effects of television our lives. research paper examples, all the president's men movie research paper sample, example of research paper on theatre studies, example of andy warhol's legacy in art research paper, social issues of computing research paper sample, free research paper on downloading music, movies & software, right to own and keep firearms research paper examples, example of marilyn monroe research paper, visual art research paper example, research paper on asian masculinity in movies, gender roles in popular disney movies research paper sample.

This paper will establish the various gender roles in some of the popular Disney movies according to the portrayed male and the female characteristics in these movies.

Free Research Paper On Hills Like White Elephants

Effects of television our lives research paper examples, research paper on cyberpunk film reviews,  mktg315 1 research paper examples.

A marketing plan is a part of a business plan that seeks to improve the business and competitive advantage. A well-written marketing plan has a basis of a solid marketing strategy. A marketing plan without a proper strategic foundation is not useful because a marketing plan contains a list of actions. A company without a marketing plan is somehow not real, it does not have the proper competitive advantage, and often it will give signs of going down if not being sold out to recover some revenue and capital.

Orestes A Play By Euripides Research Paper Example


The play was written by Euripides and it was first performed in 1408 BC in Ancient Athens. The play is about the young boy who with the help of his younger sister kills his mother Clymnestria in order to revenge for the murder of his father who was the king of Mycenae (Carson 2010,5). The play starts with the young boy condemned to death by the people of his father’s kingdom and tormented by guilt of killing his own mother (Aeschylus and Arthur 2004, 5).

The History Of The Green Berets Research Paper Example

The green berets are also referred to as the Special Forces. The U.S Army special force was created in 1952, and it was kept in a somewhat low profile. The Army Special Forces were formed by recruiting former OSS officers and the veterans from the elite Rangers and Airborne army units. The first leader of the Special Forces was captain Aaron bank who was recruited from the OSS.

Nanotechnology Research Paper Examples

Kodak and fujifilm a comparative analysis research paper example, zombies as barriers to communication in zombieland and pontypool research paper examples, example of research paper on blood diamond from political conflict to film, research paper on lou ferrigno, penelope cruz research paper example, example of irving's the legend of sleepy hollow research paper.


Iphone Research Paper Examples

Example of marketing good versus bad advertisements research paper.

The Sundance Film Festival has an online ad at the webpage for The Nation one of the oldest American political magazines. I judged this advertisement be the best. The qualities I liked were the simplicity of design, the practicality of the links and the eye-catching design. Simplicity. The simplicity of the design for the Sundance Film Festival works very well. Although the design is simple the most important information a person needs is in the advertisement. Who? Sundance. What? 2013 Film Festival. Where? Park City, Utah When? January 17 -27, 2013. How? Click on “Get Tickets.”

Free Research Paper On Language And Gender

Example of research paper on different discourse ways between korean men and women.

There are several studies that have been conducted to analyse women’s and men’s speech across various cultural identities. The main goal of the studies has been to find out whether there is a difference in the way men and women speak. Speech behaviour of both genders can be analysed in respect to language usage, phonology, verbal choice and the general interactions between men and women in discourse.

Film Noir And Its Criminal Influence Research Paper Example

Film noir and its criminal influence research paper examples, the ideals of society as shown through the exploitation films of the 1930s research paper example, research paper on film noir and its criminal influence, how and when do cultural items become glocala hybrid of global and local research paper, example of dirty cops research paper.

A law enforcement officer who is corrupt and practicing criminal misconduct is known colloquially as a “dirty cop”. The 2001 movie Training Day featured the actor Denzil Washington cast as a “dirty cop” – a dishonest narcotics detective with a massive ego, who inflates his official income with bribes and kickbacks from drug dealers and others. We all know such people exist in the real world, but how widespread is the problem and what, typically, do they do and why? This paper seeks to answer these questions.

Free Research Paper On Analyzing The Title Sequences In Watchmen Fahrenheit 451

Womens role in 1939 research paper, free research paper on use of the daylight saving to curb costs of production, surveillance and privacy research paper example, free research paper on history journal ii, research paper on apollo 13 1995 directed by ron howard, court research paper examples, nuclear terrorism is not a real threat research paper, example of the bride of frankenstein music by franz waxman is this score one of the greatest research paper, les maitres fous and theories of colonialism research paper example, example of tricyclic anti-depressants clozapine protriptyline and clomipramine research paper, regulation problems research paper sample, raman spectroscopy of diamond research paper examples, chapman a j and conroy w 2002 biographical dictionary of psychology new york ny research paper example.

1. Who is Noam Chomsky? What is he famous for?

Research Paper On Movie Or Television Genre

Films under the “teen romance” genre have continued to attract a large young audience especially in the modern society. Most films under this category have attained the best seller category over the past few years. There have been divided views concerning these films particular on their impact on the younger generation. Most of these films explore romantic aspects that affect teenagers on a daily basis. Teen movies have not been granted much consideration yet they showcase significant issues such as politics, gender, psychology and many others that affect the modern society.

Choi Jinhee And Mitsuyo Wada-Marciano Horror To The Extreme Changing Boundaries Research Paper

Recording horror preserving history world war i and the development of modern film research paper examples, shakespeare studies research paper examples, research paper on first world and third class urbanization, marketing opportunities research paper examples.

Marketing involves coordinating four concepts (commonly called the four Ps) namely: product, price, place and promotion (kaufmann, 2012). Marketing opportunities take into consideration coordination of these four with the aim of meeting customer needs and satisfying them while making business sense out of the pursued opportunities (Aaker & McLoughlin, 2010).

Research Paper On Kim Jong-il

Research paper on ancient hinduism and modern christianity a comparison, free research paper on movies in art, example of research paper on apple computer inc, subliminal advertising research paper example, research paper on the life and legacy of eugene ionesco, business and society writing research paper examples.

Contemporary knowledge and technology has transformed the world in almost all aspects, including the business area. It is exciting how one can just shop on-line and have the purchases delivered without much effort. A lot of information is also available online. Business entities using these services have to develop a proper mode of communicating with the audience, especially those concerned with children’s interests (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). Besides communicating the message, they have to consider the societal regulations as to what concerns children as discussed below.

IPTV Is A Relatively New Technology That Is Only Now Being Provided To Consumers Research Paper Examples

Research paper on the effects of media on americans, public relations in the entertainment industry research paper, stereotyping in america research paper, research paper on photography in modern criminal investigation, research paper on apple incorporation, research paper on elements of design, death of a salesman arthur miller research paper, research paper on youth culture through stand by me, george washington research paper, the impact of racial ethnics on american culture research paper, 3d television research paper, keeping up with the joneses consumerism and conspicuous consumption research paper, african americans in the media research paper.

19 May 2011

Research Paper On The Popularity Of 3D Movies Television And Computers

Research paper on how did the cold war affect us culture in the 1980s, research paper on street racing as a subculture, research paper on sexual identities, research paper on influence of media on youths thoughts and behavior, research paper on the evolution of war films, lungs breathing problem usually associated with short breath research paper, what is culture research paper.

The purpose of this essay is to address the nature of Culture and I have chosen to discuss it with relation to its effect on people, society and with direct effect on our aspirations. I will briefly outline the concepts of ‘high culture’ and ‘popular culture’ whilst discussing their definitions in conjunction with various publications and ideas.

Research Paper on Biological Pathogen and Characteristics of Malaria

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Searching for relevant details on your subject may prove unbearable, especially if you face a tricky assignment with quite complicated instructions and a multifaceted structure. The typer considers even the tiniest peculiarities of the project and studies the topic sticking to the task description. AI tool work implies online surfing various websites and preparing authentic content on their basis. The bot omits data that seems incorrect or incomplete selecting exclusively the appropriate material.

Free Paper Writing Service: No Spending for Top-Notch Quality

An auto paper generator is at no cost to clients and Internet users, even without registration. You can face a tool charging a monthly subscription fee or another type of charge, however, this auto paper writer is active even for the most multifaceted tasks without your payments. It may seem absurd, how such a pro AI tool can supply such a decent quality level for free. Nevertheless, writing technology is not only looming but being implemented in routine tasks all the time.

While hiring a certified paper writer costs at least $10 for one page of a mundane descriptive essay, a highly productive paper maker tool can address a few trickiest issues in a row for a single user. Some limitations of paper volume can occur even if you have no subscription, however, the basic package is enough to cover your academic paper requirements.

Free Paper Generator: Narrow Topics or Lack of Relevant Info Are No Longer a Challenge

Surfing the Internet is a true art, especially when you are assigned to a project with a very specific topic or structure. Most top-trusted databases are payable for ordinary users and require a corporate email or charge a subscription fee. There are many periodicals, magazines, books, and articles with a vast bulk of valuable material that is pretty difficult to access.

Searching for relevant data on the web may be equal to looking for a needle in a haystack. Although having billions of links and pages with numerous data and abundant information, the Internet lacks structuring facilities, which are so crucial to unique paper writing. The online tool generating the material in real-time never faces such a challenge.

Dedicated programmers have taken care of this issue and developed algorithms that easily analyse even the hugest scopes of information. Having written codes for effective mechanisms of data selecting and structuring, this writing tool manages to perform papers of the highest sophistication levels within time-sensitive deadlines.

Write My Paper for Free: A Mere Request Will Suffice

An essay typer logic of work lies within considering the assignment instructions indicated in a few-step form. However, it slightly differs from an ordinary order form on the paper writer service. What should your request comprise to make the work of a typer effective to the full extent of its facilities?

  • The precise wording of the topic.

The tool instantly captures the keywords in your topic and proceeds with the subject research based on these keywords words. If you indicate a too wide topic, the tool can supply you with very general ideas without any intricacies to the topic. However, if you formulate the issue extensively but with proper wording and explanation, a typer will attempt to search for as suitable and specific information as possible.

  • Formatting style.

A paper writer from a regular essay service formats the piece for an extra charge and does it manually, wasting from a few minutes to a few hours. An online typer employs the in-built commands automatically to format the paper in the appropriate style, be it Chicago, APA, or MLA. Such an auto paper writer acts as a citation, references, and title page generator based on the author’s data indicated in the request.

  • Writing style.

Some ESL learners may be concerned about how the tool opts for the appropriate writing style while handling the assignment. The bot picks up the wording based on the specs of the topic and the intricacies of the project type. If a bot considers the paper subject to be of the PhD level, it uses more complex word and grammar constructions. However, if a matter sounds like “Whom I want to be in the nearest future” etc, simple wordings are a priority.

Instant Paper Typer Saving Time While the Toughest Moments

An academic or work paper writing project can as snow on the head fall on you during the toughest life moments. The tool ensures instant solutions even in such unexpected circumstances. The only requirement is a stable Internet connection and some time to explain the intricacies of your assignment.

The generator starts handling a paper immediately after the request reaches it. The request process takes a few seconds for an updated typer, and then the authentic paper writing process begins. This tool is mostly employed by learners or employees entrusted with tricky or time-consuming projects. The professor or boss cannot wait until the person undertakes an in-depth study of the matter, analyses all the findings, prepares an outline, and makes up original fascinating ideas for an A+ paper.

A paper writer bot is a magic wand that can save your nerves and brain from the huge stress and anxiety caused by burning deadlines and incomprehensible requirements. If you are short of appropriate and eye-catching ideas, a paper generator always is abundant in working solutions. Furthermore, the paper tool generates exclusively unique content that can be evaluated at a decent level.

Paper Writer Bot: How to Introduce Your Assignment?

Task introduction is a separate immense phase of applying for a free paper writer. Communicating your needs to the AI tool may seem overwhelming at first glance. However, if you consider the specifics of the activities of the essay maker, the overall picture can go back to normal.

  • A paper generator forms the main message of your issue based on the wording of your topic.
  • A paper typer provides an essay volume always corresponding to the project type based on the average indicator of similar pieces on the web.
  • A paper writer requires precise task instructions including the discipline, formatting style, and academic level. If you miss at least one, the tool can type less appropriate and relevant material.
  • An essay maker considers even the narrow essay type for higher professionalism when the AI algorithms type an authentic piece for you.

When you approach assistance from an ordinary writer, you miss a viable option to employ a tool able to tackle the same problems within a few moments. A free paper writing service is not a myth but a reality amidst the revolution of an AI essay maker and paper typer. Each such tool is a window into productive education and work while an AI generator can type authentic A+ text for you at no cost.

Why Rely on a Proven Paper Typer?

Entrusting your project to the paper generator for free is a viable option even when you do not lack time or relevant information on the project matter. A free text generator is an assistant to the most sophisticated tasks requiring complex approaches and innovative solutions.

An essay typer works as a bot for processing requests for writing assistance. Another crucial function of a typer is a powerful analytical tool to gather a vast bulk of data and transform it into a well-honed file consistent with your instructions. When you type your request in the search engine, you can put your worries about your confidentiality aside and fully rely on the essay maker.

Operating as a bot does not enable this tool to gather or share clients’ sensitive data. A typer is a rapid and trustworthy way to handle projects of any sophistication. Type your request, and acquire a top-notch piece within a moment at no cost!

Frequently asked questions

Have questions, but don't know how to get started? Start with typing keywords in the search box or use handy navigation on the left to get all the answers.

Is it safe to entrust your academic assignment to a paper bot?

Turning to the AI paper writer must be the most trustworthy means of acquiring writing assistance with your tricky project. The main intricacies of the online typer work are no requirement for your immediate registration or account verification. You can employ this tool without sharing sensitive details of your email address or other data. A paper bot operates without external user data requirements, subsequently, such a typer never shares private info about their clients.

How does an auto paper typer manage to handle complex assignments?

There are no sophisticated or unbearable assignments for a free paper generator. Whatever the scope of research, a paper writing typer can handle a study of any narrow subject at a decent level and generate an A+ text. Based on the well-established automated algorithms the auto paper typer operates promptly without any delays in completed solution delivery.

Why should I prefer an AI paper writer to an ordinary paper writer working on the Internet?

Professionals supplying remote paper writing services to clients from throughout the globe are a viable option. However, when you are on a tight budget or schedule while deadlines are burning and task description is overwhelming, this online tool is a rare find able to assist within the shortest time. It operates effectively leaving no room for doubt about the paper quality it supplies.

Does a bot supplying free paper help charge any fees?

The central peculiarity of the AI paper writing tool is free-of-charge operations. Its assistance is at no cost to all Internet users whatever subscription type or Internet provider. There is no factor on which the typer is dependent in terms of its performance. Our free paper help tool works without any disruptions in creating papers but 24/7 generating 100% authentic articles worthy of A+ grades.

How to apply to the trustworthy AI paper generator?

It may prove challenging even to imagine such a reasonable balance of quality and accessibility. Every learner or employee assigned to a writing project can afford to approach such pro and instant unique writing. The only criterion for total accuracy of an AI paper generator is indicating as many assignment instructions as possible. The more the typer is aware of the specs of your project, the larger scope of research it will handle and the higher the quality level it will deliver.


150 Amazing Film Research Paper Topics for Students

Table of Contents

If you are a film student, then often you will have to work on film research papers. But for writing a research paper, you must have a good topic. Right now, do you want to prepare a film research paper? Are you looking for the top film research topics? No worries! We know how hard it is to come up with the right topic for a dissertation. So, to help you out, here, we have prepared a list of the best film research paper topics for you to consider. Continue reading this blog post and get exclusive film dissertation topic ideas.

Film Research Paper Topics

How to Find a Good Topic for a Film Research Paper?

In film studies, there are plenty of film research paper topics available. Out of those topics, you will have to identify a good topic for your assignment. The topic selection becomes easier if your professor gives a set of ideas or themes for you to choose from. Sometimes, your professor will ask you to create your own idea for research. At that time, choosing one right topic from endless topics would become hard.

Are you confused about how to identify the right film research topic? Don’t worry! Here is what you will have to do to find out a good film dissertation topic of your choice.

  • Create a list of your favorite filmmakers, films, or genres. Then, based on your interest or category, narrow down your search.
  • It is not necessary to go with topics related to your favorite filmmaker or film. You can also think about a certain film history period and research the film techniques, themes, etc. used in that period.
  • Deep research is necessary to identify the right topic. By exploring credible sources such as literature, books, media platforms, and published research papers, you can collect more research or dissertation ideas.
  • From the list of ideas gathered, you can choose a topic that matches your area of interest and has a wide research scope.
  • If the topic is too broad, make sure to narrow it down. Because the narrow topic will help you cover all the major points before the deadline and keep your readers engaged.

Also, before finalizing the topic, check whether your selected topic stands in line with your professor’s research paper writing guidelines.

List of Excellent Film Research Paper Topics

Film studies is a broad field of study where you can conduct research on any areas such as film technology, film history, film genre, music, sound design, etc. Here, we have listed some best film research paper topic ideas in various categories. Go through the whole list and pick an ideal film topic for writing your academic paper.

Film Research Paper Topics

Film History Research Paper Topics

  • Movies about the history of religions.
  • The importance of representation in movies.
  • African-Americans in cinematography.
  • Science-fiction movies- History
  • The globalization of popular culture: Hollywood vs. Bollywood.
  • Discuss the contribution of Fellini to cinematography.
  • How technology has transformed the art of filmmaking?
  • Discuss the contribution of women in the film industry.
  • Hitchcock’s sacred power.
  • The progress of animation in movie production.
  • The effect of the film industry on different generations.
  • Analyze the life before CGI.
  • War Justification in American Cinema
  • Charlie Chaplin and the Silent Movie Era.
  • Changes in Hollywood and its dominance of cinematography.
  • Evolution of Hollywood movies  
  • Discuss the cinematographic excellence of Roger Deakins  
  • History of British Cinema  
  • The Lion In Winter – A movie that nailed historical accuracy  
  • Discuss the contribution of Steven Spielberg  
  • Song of the Road – The first Indian movie at the Academic Award  
  • Analyze the impact of LGBTQ+ Representation in Contemporary Cinema.
  • War Justification in the worlds’ Moving Pictures
  • Changes in Hollywood and Its Dominance of the Cinematography

Horror Film Research Paper Topics

  • Special effects in horror films.
  • Explain the Folklore elements in the screenplay.
  • Discuss the popular fear elements used in horror films.
  • Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense.
  • Psychological and behavioral responses to horror films.
  • The fusion of comedy and horror.
  • Racial discrimination in horror films.
  • The use of religion in horror movies
  • The youngsters’ perception of horror films.
  • The idea of suspense in horror films.
  • George Romero: The greatest director of horror movies of all time  
  • Compare the works of Sam Raimi and John Carpenter  
  • Michael Myers: The most famous killer in horror movies  
  • Chucky: One of the most scariest movies have ever made  
  • Discuss the use of Psychopathy and Delusions in horror films with examples  
  • A side effect of watching horror movies  
  • The reflection of society’s fears in horror movies
  • The specific use of genre theory in the horror game
  • The human fondness for horror movies
  • Monster creatures from horror movies
  • Stephen King and his legacy in the genre of horror

Horror Film Research Paper Topics

Film Music Research Paper Topics

  • The use of music in modern movies.
  • The power of recorded nature sounds.
  • The art of sound design in movies.
  • The progress of music in films.
  • The effects of music on movie perceptions.
  • Bollywood-made musicals.
  • The art of storytelling with sound
  • Picture versus sound.
  • Broadway musicals are made into movies.
  • The development and cultural influence of musicals in the 20th century.
  • Christina Aguilera’s career in musicals.
  • Classical Opera versus Modern Music on Screen
  • Analyze the soundtrack and music in films.
  • Cradle of future pop stars.
  • The mental effects created by music in movies.
  • Theoretical aspects of studying film music.
  • Music in cinema as a director of the semantic series.

Monster Film Research Topics

  • Mythology in monster movies.
  • The aspects of human monstrosity in films.
  • The history of monster movies.
  • The science behind Hollywood’s movie monsters.
  • Explore fear in monster movies.
  • Vampires through history: The evolution of the undead cinema.
  • Examine the portrayal of aging in Cinema.
  • The Monster vs. Frankenstein: Who Is More Human?
  • The psychological appeal of movie monsters.
  • Discuss the monster movie culture in the 21st century.
  • Compare Prophecy (1979) and It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955)  
  • Discuss the first monster film  
  • Impact of monster movies on children  
  • A side effect of watching monster movies  
  • Use of VFX and Special Effects in monster films  

Outstanding Film Research Paper Topics

  • TV shows: A new film franchise.
  • Masculinity and violence in films.
  • Movies through the eyes of their directors.
  • What are the effects of censorship on films?
  • The role of colors in movies.
  • Comics and Superheroes in films.
  • The role of animals in movies.
  • Investigate the Use of AI in Film Production, Visual Effects, and Storytelling.
  • Animation: Giving life to sketches.
  • The cultural effects of war movies.
  • The power of documentary movies to change the world.
  • Walt Disney and the psychosocial implications of his characters.
  • The ethical issues involved in documentary filmmaking.
  • The effects of Hollywood stereotypes.
  • The art of creating stories using video editing.

Unique Film Research Paper Topics

  • The role of film directors in giving life to stories.
  • The important qualities of a successful movie director.
  • The role of film critics and reviews on box office performances.
  • Transitions and visual effects in movie editing.
  • The social and cultural effects of movies .
  • Contribution of Arthur Conan Doyle to detective movies  
  • Good versus Evil: A classing theme of the movie  
  • Discuss the cinematic innovations that have changed the movie industry  
  • Discuss the most important inventions the movie industry experienced within the past two decades  
  • The directorial debut of Tom Hanks  
  • How depression years are depicted in American movies?
  • Discuss the technological evolution of the global film industry from 1975 to 2022
  • The Works of Christopher Edward Nolan and Sam Raimi: A comparative analysis
  • Evolution of Indian cinema from 1950 to 2022
  • Discuss the contribution of Edgar Allan Poe to detective movies
  • Compare and contrast European and Asian horror movies
  • Discuss the comparative mythology and dark side in screenwriting
  • Critical analysis of the silent era of the movie industry
  • How African-Americans get represented in American movies
  • Analyze the evolution of the zombie in contemporary cinema

Interesting Film Dissertation Topics

  • The importance of a character in a film.
  • The influence of the digital revolution on the film industry?
  • Drama as a cultural phenomenon.
  • Diverse film elements are needed for creative writing.
  • The evolution of urban filmmaking.
  • Difference between commercial cinema and non-commercial cinema.
  • The usage of irony in films.
  • Discuss the popular cinema genres in the world.
  • Analyze the localization efforts of Hollywood films.
  • The relationship between literature and film.
  • Explore the role of men and women in blockbuster movies.
  • Assess the importance of global film awards in improving the quality of filmmaking.
  • Analyze the roles given to black actors and white actors in Hollywood movies.
  • Study the key differences between theater performances and film shooting.
  • Analyze the principles of filmmaking with respect to casting and editing.
  • Discuss the impact of online streaming services on the quality of traditional cinema content.
  • Study the impact of film in a rural area.
  • Explain the role of a short film in making a feature film.
  • Research the cultures of theater and film in the big city of a country.
  • Explain the economics of cinema.

Read more: Demonstration Speech Topics and Ideas That Will Impress the Audience

Brilliant Film Research Topics

  • The art of cinematography.
  • Indie Movies: An attitude or a genre?
  • Good versus Evil concept in movies.
  • The cinema of shortcuts.
  • Multiple actors play a single role.
  • The influence of social media on movie results.
  • What makes a great film director?
  • Humanity versus technology in modern films.
  • The role of fashion design in the film industry.
  • Video streaming platforms and the future of cinema.
  • Success factors of the American film industry.
  • The influence of movie genres on different audiences.
  • Film Noir: A style expanding through genres.
  • Comics in the film industry.
  • The persuasive effectiveness of shortcuts.
  • Freudian Practice in Cinematography.
  • The effects of streaming platforms on cinematography.
  • The idea of drama in movies.
  • The psychological aspects of filmmaking.
  • The art of storytelling in modern movies.

Impressive Film Research Questions

  • Different Types of Narrative Structures in Screenplays and Books
  • Violence and Masculinity in Hollywood Blockbusters.
  • Looking for Truth in Film: Observational vs. Direct Cinema.
  • Reconstructing atmospheres using ambient sounds: Recorded Nature Sounds.
  • Comedy and horror combined in a chaotic genre mashup.
  • History of the Vampire: The Cinematic Evolution of the Dead
  • Using the content of documentaries, kids may develop their interethnic tolerance.
  • The Cultural and Educational Project of the Cinema Museum and Its Importance in Historical Education.
  • The history of development and current status of the post-apocalyptic storyline in American movies.
  • The characteristics of contemporary cinema in relation to the development of historical politics.

Awesome Ideas for Film Research Paper

  • Digital Storytelling: Narrative Elements from Hollywood.
  • Analyze the Personality Traits of the Best Film Directors.
  • Musicals: from stage to screen.
  • Analyze the animation in the Movies Frozen and Zootopia.
  • Share your viewpoints about the use of mythology in horror movies.
  • Analyze the hidden elements in Disney movies and their effects on children.
  • Write about the history of the Japanese animation industry and new technology.
  • Historical and Mythical Time in the Marvel and DC Series.
  • Analyze the new developments in the area of illustrations.
  • Explore the phenomenon of visiting film locations and the economic impact on local communities.

The Bottom Line

Film studies basically approach movies from historical, theoretical, and critical perspectives. To write a brilliant film research paper, from the list of 150+ topics recommended above, choose the best topic that matches your interest. In case, you are not sure what film research topic to select or how to write an informative film research paper, then contact us for help.

We have a team of experienced writers who are masters in film studies to assist you in writing film research papers on the best topics. Based on your specifications, our experts will prepare a plagiarism-free research paper and deliver it to you on time at a low cost. As a part of our film research paper help service , we also offer unlimited revisions and 24/7 customer support.

Without any hesitation, just take our film studies assignment writing help by submitting the order form.

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Impact of Films: Changes in Young People’s Attitudes after Watching a Movie

Nowadays films occupy a significant portion of the media products consumed by people. In Russia, cinema is being considered as a means of individual and social transformation, which makes a contribution to the formation of the Russian audience’s outlook, including their attitudes towards topical social issues. At the same time, the question of the effectiveness of films’ impact remains an open question in psychological science. According to the empirical orientation of our approach to the study of mass media influence, our goal was to obtain new data on the positive impact of films based on specific experimental research. The task was to identify changes in the attitudes of young people, as the most active viewers, towards topical social issues after watching a specifically selected film. Using a psychosemantic technique that included 25 scales designed to identify attitudes towards elderly people, respondents evaluated their various characteristics before and after watching the film. Using a number of characteristics related to the motivational, emotional and cognitive spheres, significant changes were revealed. At the same time, significant differences were found in assessments of the elderly between undergraduate students and postgraduate students. After watching the film, postgraduate students’ attitudes towards elderly people changed in a positive way, while undergraduate students’ negative assessments only worsened. The revealed opposite trends can be explained by individual differences of respondents, which include age, educational status as an indicator of individual psychological characteristics, the experience of interaction with elderly people and, as a result, attitudes towards elderly people at the time before watching the movie. The finding that previous attitudes mediate the impact of the film complements the ideas of the contribution of individual differences to media effects. Most of the changes detected immediately after watching the movie did not remain over time. A single movie viewing did not have a lasting effect on viewers’ attitudes, and it suggests the further task of identifying mechanisms of the sustainability of changes.

1. Introduction

With the development of information technology, a person’s immersion in the field of mass media is steadily increasing. A significant portion of consumed media products is occupied by cinema. According to sociological surveys, going to the cinema is the most popular way of spending leisure time in Russia today ( http://www.fond-kino.ru/news/kto-ty-rossijskij-kinozritel/ ); the audiences of cinemas are growing, the core of which are 18-24 years olds, as well as the frequency of visits—every tenth Russian goes to the cinema several times a month ( https://wciom.ru/index.php?id=236&uid=1785 ; https://wciom.ru/fileadmin/file/reports_conferences/2018/2018-04-03_kino.pdf ; http://www.fond-kino.ru/news/portret-kinoauditorii-rezultaty-monitoringa-za-i-kvartal-2019-goda/ ), the opportunities and frequency of Internet viewings is expanding, while interest in TV shows is also increasing. The importance of the role that cinema plays in Russia is also confirmed by the close attention currently being paid to the development of the cinema industry: the priority topics of state financing are defined (e.g., “Law and order: the heroes of modern society in the fight against crime terror, extremism and corruption”, “On the continuity of military generations, on the successors of military traditions”, "Images, patterns of behavior and creative motivation of our contemporary—a man of labor, in the military or a scientist"), while state programs are being launched to open new cinema theatres in small towns. Сinema becomes a “tool for broadcasting state ideology to the masses” (according to S. Zizek [ 1 ]), and is also being considered as a “means of individual and social transformation” (according to T. Kashani [ 2 ]) [ 3 ]. As a result, films are expected to form beliefs, influence opinions and change attitudes, including towards topical social issues.

However, the question of the efficiency of films remains open in psychology. In general, this is a key issue for mass communication research: how much emotion, cognition and behavior are changed under the influence of mass media [ 4 , 5 ]. There are various concepts about this: from “theories of a minimal effect” to “theories of a strong effect” [ 6 ]. Thus, for example, cultivation theory considers that mass communication contributes to the assimilation of commonly accepted values, norms and forms of behavior [ 7 ]; and a meta-analysis of studies leads to the conclusion that there is a relationship between the broadcast mass media image of reality and people’s attitudes towards it [ 8 , 9 ]. Despite criticisms, cultivation theory is currently being developed [ 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 ]. On the other hand, supporters of the opposite viewpoint point out the weak effects of mass communication, caused, for example, by the fact that people are becoming more and more subject of their mass media activity as a result of a wider variety of sources of information now and expanding their choices [ 14 , 15 ].

It seems difficult to identify a single mechanism of mass media impact on the human psyche and behavior and to obtain an unambiguous answer to the question about its efficiency [ 6 ]. This is due to the interconnection of various factors that mediate the influence of mass media (personal experience, realistic content, depth of identification with heroes, personality traits, etc.) [ 16 , 17 , 18 ], as well as those factors that constantly impact persons besides those in the media. Therefore, our thoughts and ideas about this issue are largely based on empirical research data, and are not limited to one theory [ 19 ].

When referring to research of cinema, we can find data on the diverse effects of film exposure. It should be noted that the effectiveness of the impact is determined by what it is directed at: it is more difficult to change human behavior than to influence opinions or attitudes [ 4 , 6 ]. In this regard, there is still a debatable problem on the influence of the media on the aggressive behavior of people [ 20 ]. This research focuses on the potential of pro-social, "humanistic" impact of films and their effectiveness in solving topical social issues. The studies reveal the influence of films on people’s beliefs and opinions, stereotypes and attitudes. Movies can have a significant impact on gender and ethnic stereotypes [ 21 , 22 ], change attitudes towards certain groups of people and cause newly formed opinions on various issues. For example, HIV films contributed to sympathy to people living with HIV [ 4 ], TV series with transgender characters contributed to positive attitudes towards transgender persons [ 23 ]; the portrayal of mental disorders in movies had an effect on people’s knowledge about and attitudes toward the mentally ill [ 24 , 25 ]. Also, viewing an empathy-arousing film about immigrants induced more positive attitudes toward them [ 26 ], and watching a movie offering a positive depiction of gay men reduced homophobia [ 27 ]. Other films influenced people’s attitude towards smoking and their intentions to quit [ 28 , 29 ], while a series with a positive donation message helped viewers to make decisions about their own donation [ 30 ]. It has been shown that emotional involvement in viewing, evaluated using surveys drawing on theories of social learning and social representations, increases the effectiveness of influence [ 30 ]; immersion in narrative, that correlates with the need for cognition, and is characterized by a shift of focus from the real world to the depicted one, explains the power of impact within the framework of transportation theory [ 31 , 32 ].

Cinema can change people’s opinions on specific issues without affecting more stable constructs: for example, the film “JFK” dedicated to the Kennedy assassination influenced judgments about the causes of this crime, but generally did not change the political beliefs of the audience [ 33 ]; at the same time, the movies “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty” changed viewers’ opinions about the U.S. government that reflected in an improvement in sentiments about this government and its institutions [ 34 ]. Movies create images of other countries and stimulate interest in them. For example, European films shaped young viewers’ ideas about other European countries—such results were obtained in a study of the role of films and series in the daily life of young Germans through interviews and focus groups [ 35 ]. Another study showed that whether the movies were violent, scary or happy, the more the viewers were immersed in the stories, the more favorable impressions they had of the places featured in them [ 36 ].

Various positive effects of films on children and adolescents were revealed. Dramatic films taught teenagers about social interaction with the opposite sex and adults [ 37 ], had a positive impact on their self-concept [ 38 ], and, as shown by experiments, increased ethnic tolerance [ 39 ]; humanistically oriented movies improved skills of children in communicating with peers, increased their desire to help and understand others [ 40 , 41 ].

One of the prime examples of positive impact is Cli-fi movies, which clearly show what we can expect in the near future, and offers ways to think about what can be done to avoid the darkest predictions. Thus, after watching the film “The Day After Tomorrow” (2004), viewers recognized their responsibility for the Earth’s ecology and the need to change consumer attitudes towards nature [ 42 ]. In general, the screening of films on climate issues increases the number of online requests and media discussions on these issues [ 43 ].

It should be noted that when analyzing the impact of films, conclusions about their effectiveness are the result of different methodological approaches, which have varying advantages and limitations. Content analysis reveals the images, attitudes, stereotypes broadcast by films (e.g., stereotypical portrayals of India [ 44 ], or images of scientists and current scientific ideas [ 45 ]) on large data sets; however, questions remain about effectiveness, strength and sustainability of the impact on the audience. The influence of films can be investigated through a survey of viewers; based on this, conclusions are drawn about the links between a person’s attitudes and his/her viewer experience, such as in the study of gender attitudes and their correlations with teen movie-viewing habits [ 21 ]. In experimental studies, exposure effects are detected using pre- and post-film questionnaires; however, the time interval between testing and a film screening, such as a few weeks before viewing the film or a several days after [ 26 , 27 , 29 ], can lead to distortion of the results that are caused by the influence on the viewers’ attitudes of other factors besides the film; moreover, usually it is not investigated whether new attitudes are retained over time. Often the effects of films are analyzed in experimental conditions where participants watch only short cut scenes from existing films [ 24 ], which limits the extrapolation of the results.

According to the empirical orientation of our approach, the goal was to obtain new data on the positive impact of films based on a specific experimental study. The task was to identify changes in young people’s attitudes towards topical social issues after watching a specifically selected film. Participants had to watch the full version of an existing fiction film. They were tested just before and immediately after watching the movie in order to avoid the influence of other variables on viewers’ attitudes. Repeated testing (two weeks after the first viewing) was intended to reveal the sustainability of the changes caused by the film.

In the process of developing the design of the work, it was specified what attitudes would be studied. The choice was determined, first of all, by the social relevance of the topic, but outside the focus of the media in order to reduce the impact of other media sources, and on the other hand, by the availability of a suitable film. Important topics as ethnic stereotypes, attitudes toward people with disabilities, etc. were considered. However, the choice of the topics had to be restricted for various reasons. For example, identifying attitudes toward certain professions (e.g., engineer), whose prestige has significantly declined in Russia in recent decades, was difficult due to the lack of relevant films popularizing them. At the same time, despite the availability of humanistically oriented films dedicated to people with disabilities, the identification of changes in attitudes to them was complicated by the need to take into account additional factors caused by increased attention to the topic and active discussion in various media, which could distort the influence of a film.

Given the limitations and opportunities for the implementation of research tasks, the subject of this study the attitudes towards elderly people. At present, attention to the topic concerning elderly people is growing in Russia, but there is still a prevalence of negative stereotypes [ 46 ]. A characteristic manifestation of age discrimination against the elderly—ageism—is a biased attitude towards them, especially among young people, as well as a low assessment of their intellectual abilities, activity and "usefulness" for society.

Studies show that the mass media have a significant impact on negative attitudes towards the elderly [ 47 ]: children have already demonstrated the same stereotypes of the elderly that were depicted in the media [ 48 ], while young people at large viewed the elderly in general as ineffective, dependent, lonely, poor, angry and disabled, which corresponded to the negative representations of elderly people in the most popular teen movies that cultivated their stereotypes [ 49 ]. Research of TV films from the 1980s–1990s revealed the stereotypes of elderly people as being social outsiders [ 50 ], but at the same time a display of positive prejudice contributed to an increase in tolerance towards them within society.

Improving the attitudes of young people towards elderly people is an important social and educational task, the solution of which involves the use of diverse opportunities. Various social projects can be implemented for this purpose, for example, "friendly visitor" types of programs in which young people visit the elderly [ 51 , 52 ], but also mass media, including films, which have a high potential for impact [ 53 , 54 ]. It was found that watching documentary films had a positive effect on both knowledge about aging and attitudes towards the elderly [ 55 ]; these films significantly improved empathy towards elderly people among university students [ 56 ].

We suggested that fiction movies, popular especially among young people, could contribute to changing existing biased attitudes towards elderly people. Based on this, the hypothesis states that there is a connection between watching a positive film about the elderly and changes in young people’s attitudes towards them in a positive way.

2.1. Participants

A total of 70 individuals participated in this study. Group one contained 40 students of The State Academic University for Humanities (25% male and 75% female). The average age was 19 (M = 19, standard deviation SD = 2.4). Group two consisted of 30 postgraduate students from Russian Academy of Sciences (47% male and 53 % female). The average age was 24 (M = 24, standard deviation SD = 1.6).

All subjects gave their informed consent for inclusion before they participated in the study. The study was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and was approved by the local ethics committee (Review Board).

2.2. Materials

2.2.1. film.

The film—“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” (2011), the main characters of which were elderly people, was chosen to be shown to the respondents ( https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1412386/ ). Prior to this, a qualitative analysis of empirical material revealed the impact of this film on the attitudes towards elderly people among Russian viewers of different ages. Their reviews on the film, taken from Internet resources devoted to cinema, indicated cognitive effects, expressed in positive changes of ideas about the elderly; the film was perceived quite optimistically and gave hope [ 19 ]. It was supposed that the movie that humorously shows various situations happening to the elderly heroes would also affect the opinion of young people about elderly people, as it allowed to look at them from new viewpoints, to see that age is not an obstacle to having a full life, and even, conversely, open up new prospects.

2.2.2. Measures

To achieve the goal of the study, a psychosemantic approach is used, which is the most appropriate for studying a person’s attitudes towards various objects of reality by reconstructing individual meanings [ 57 ]. This approach allows us to determine the differences in evaluations of the same object (caused by mass media as well), made by different groups of respondents at different times. For example, changes in the stereotypes of viewers were revealed in relation to representatives of another nation (Russians about the Japanese) during viewing of a TV show [ 57 ]. In this work, the psychosemantic technique was used, developed specifically to identify attitudes towards the elderly (based on the Kelly’s Repertoire lattice method) [ 46 ]. The technique included 25 7-point scales, according to which respondents rated elderly people. For comparative analysis, the modern youth were evaluated by participants with the same scales.

The respondents also noted the frequency of watching movies ("every day"/"several times a week"/"several times a month"/"several times a year and less"), and evaluated the level of enjoying the film shown ("did not like"/"rather did not like than liked"/"rather liked than disliked"/"liked").

2.3. Procedure

The study was conducted in three stages: the respondents filled out the psychosemantic test before watching the film, then immediately after viewing and again in 2 weeks. During stage 3, only group one participated in the study.

The respondents did not see the film before participating in the study.

2.4. Statistical Methods

In accordance with the data characteristics, non-parametric comparative methods were used. To determine the differences in the assessments before and after watching the movie, the Wilcoxon signed-rank test was used. To determine the differences in the assessments between different groups of respondents, the Mann-Whitney U test was used. The IBM SPSS Statistics 20 statistical software package was used for data processing.

3. Results and Discussion

As a result of the preliminary data analysis of the group one (students), significant differences were obtained in the assessments given by them to the elderly before and immediately after watching the movie (Wilcoxon signed-rank test, p < 0.05). However, the analysis of the combined sample (students and postgraduate students) did not reveal such significant differences. Therefore, it was decided to compare the assessments of these two groups of respondents. It appeared that the evaluation of elderly people differed among students and postgraduate students before the film was shown (18 of 25 scales, Mann—Whitney test, p < 0.05). This result could be explained by the individual differences of the participants (students and postgraduates), which led to the necessity to correct the hypothesis and form additional research tasks, including the comparison of groups. Further analysis was carried out separately for each group of respondents, but not for the united group.

Significant differences shown by respondents of the group one before and immediately after watching the film (students) were found in 12 out of the 25 scales ( Table 1 ).

Changes in assessments of the elderly people after watching the film (students).

Wilcoxon signed-rank test. Only the significant differences are represented: b—based on negative ranks, c—based on positive ranks. * inversive scales: a higher rating means a more negative attitude

The group of students revealed changes associated with ideas about activities. The respondents saw the elderly as having less initiative, and being purposeless and weak. Moreover, they defined elderly people’s way of life as more passive, having no desire for knowledge or for living a full life. The results immediately after watching the film demonstrated that the audience perceived the elderly as being those who strived less to learn new things and perceived them to be less positive and more limited in their interests. Also, the changes of assessments related to the emotional sphere were discovered. The elderly were characterized as even more unrestrained and conflict-prone with a tendency towards depression and showing no emotions.

Comparative analysis of assessments of elderly people before and after watching the film, given by respondents of the group two (postgraduate students), showed significant differences on 14 of the 25 scales ( Table 2 ). Postgraduate students evaluated the elderly, unlike students, more positively after watching the film. Changes on 9 common scales (purposeless - purposeful, cheerful - prone to depression, passive - initiative, conflict - peaceful, traditional - modern, etc.) for students and postgraduate students turned out to be of different directions. After watching the film, the elderly seemed to be more purposeful, active and successful, responsible and with a good sense of humor. There were changes in assessments of the emotional sphere (more cheerful, peaceful) and cognitive (more intelligent) in references to novelty and life in general (the strive to learn new things, the desire for a full life).

Changes in assessments of elderly people after watching the film (postgraduates).

Wilcoxon signed-rank test. The significant differences are only represented: b—based on positive ranks, c—based on negative ranks. * inversive scales: higher rating means more negative attitude.

Thus, the data revealed changes in attitude towards the elderly people after watching the film. According to a number of their characteristics related to motivational aspects—regulatory, emotional and cognitive spheres—significant changes were revealed, but the tendency of these changes was unexpected. After group one (students) watched the film, a tendency of worsening assessments was found. It was also determined that before the film, students described the elderly more negatively as being less intelligent and interesting, more conflict prone, angry and aggressive than young people (Wilcoxon signed-rank test, p < 0.01). This generally negative attitude can be explained by a special view of quite young people on the "old age". But why, despite the attempt of the filmmakers to make the image of the elderly positive enough, did the film fail to change students’ attitude? Instead, it made the image of elderly persons even less attractive. Meanwhile, there was an opposite trend in group two (postgraduate students). Their assessments of elderly people after watching the film changed for the better. The postgraduate students, unlike undergraduate students, had already demonstrated a more "adequate" view on the elderly before watching the film. Despite a number of negative assessments, the elderly were seen by them as smart and striving for a full life, sociable and interesting.

Comparison of the two groups of respondents confirmed significant differences between students and postgraduate students in the evaluation of the elderly after watching the film ( Table 3 ). The assessments given by undergraduate students and postgraduates differed significantly on 21 out of 25 scales.

Comparison of groups of undergraduate students and postgraduates by assessments after watching the film.

Mann-Whitney U test. The significant differences are only represented.

The opposite tendencies found in assessments after watching the film could be explained by differences in individual characteristics of respondents, which were not initially considered in our study as factors mediating the impact of the film: age of respondents (more subtle differentiation), educational status, as an indicator of individual psychological characteristics and experiences of interactions with elderly people. The suggestion of differences between students and postgraduates by personality is consistent with the results of other studies [ 58 ], and is indirectly confirmed by the fact that only about 1 out of 40 students become postgraduate students (data for Russia). In our study, differences between students and postgraduate students already manifested in differences in their attitudes towards the elderly before watching the film.

Then the film, which showed some negative aspects of life for elderly people (loneliness, needlessness, diseases, fears, physical limitations “comic” behavior), despite the optimistic ending, could strengthen the negative attitudes of very young people (students) towards the elderly, whose images might not yet be fully formed. On the other hand, postgraduate students might have a more complex view on elderly people, because of age and more diverse interactions with the elderly, for example, in scientific work. In this case, their perceptions of the film could be focused on its positive ideas, strengthening their previously formed positive image of an elderly person. In addition, postgraduate students, who have chosen the scientific career path, most likely have a high level of analytical skills that contributed to more complex perceptions of the world and a deep assessment of the phenomena that could affect their attitudes towards the older generation and the interpretation of their images in the movies. At the same time, the characteristics of the film itself, as well as the cultural differences between its creators and viewers, might cause additional negative impacts on students’ perceptions. Comedy, as a genre, could have an opposite effect. Younger people perceived the desire of older characters to give their lives new meanings in their own way and they saw a futility in these attempts. Respondents with more experience could be more tolerant to the specifics of the genre, and their perception of the film was more complicated and implemented in a broader context.

Thus, comparison of the results of the analysis for both groups of respondents suggests that the different changes in viewers’ attitudes towards objects of reality that occur after watching a movie can be explained by differences in the attitudes before watching the film. This effect can also be explained by the degree of identification with the characters [ 31 , 59 , 60 ], which is influenced by the previous attitudes of the viewers. For example, a study of the impact of films on attitudes towards migrants showed that greater identification with the characters induced more positive attitudes toward immigration, but only when previous prejudice was low or moderate [ 26 ]. In this regard, the various effects of the film on students and postgraduate students could be caused by the different degrees of their identification with the characters of the film, despite the fact that a large difference in age with the characters could complicate this process for all participants in the study. The conclusion that previous attitudes mediate the impact of the film complements the ideas of the contribution of individual differences to media effects [ 61 ]. In addition, this conclusion has practical value: in order to achieve the desired impact of films, it is necessary to identify the viewers’ individual attitudes before a screening.

At the third stage of the study, it was examined whether changes remained over time. Two weeks after watching the movie, respondents (group one) re-took the test.

Significant differences were found only on 4 scales (strives to a full life - lost the meaning of life, craving for spirituality - limited interests, quickly tired – high in stamina, traditional - modern) ( Table 4 ). The continuing changes in the characteristics related to the inferiority and limitations of elderly people’s lives may indicate the most striking and memorable moments in the film that had the greatest impact on viewers. The assessments of the other characteristics did not differ significantly from those that were identified before watching the film. That leads to the conclusion that a single movie viewing, in general, did not have a lasting effect on the viewers’ attitudes toward the elderly. Most of the changes discovered immediately after watching the movie did not remain over time. Studying the mechanisms of the formation of sustainable changes is a task for future research. One of the directions of such research could be to investigate the influence of additional cognitive processing (e.g., discussion after watching the movie) on the viewers’ attitudes towards objects and the sustainability of changes over time.

Changes in assessments of the elderly people 2 weeks after watching the film (students).

Wilcoxon signed-rank test. Only the significant differences are represented: b—based on negative ranks, c—based on positive ranks. * inversive scales: a higher rating means a more negative attitude.

The correlation between the gender of the respondents and changes in attitudes after watching the film was determined by comparing the assessments separately for males and females in each group. As a result, in group one, women were found to have significant differences in ratings on 13 scales, and men in three, two of which were common (no desire to learn anything - the desire to learn new skills, traditional - modern, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, p < 0.05). The data showed greater changes in the attitudes among women than among men after watching the film. At the same time, a comparison of the male and female participants in the group two did not reveal such results. The analysis found an equal number of significant differences in assessments (on 10 scales) before and after watching the film (Wilcoxon signed-rank test, p < 0.05). Thus, it can be assumed that gender had a lower impact on changes in attitudes after watching a film than other individual characteristics of respondents.

The data on the frequency of watching movies was obtained: 56% of respondents watch movies several times a week and more often, 44%—several times a month and less often. However, there were no differences between these viewers in the assessments before and after watching the film (Mann-Whitney U test, p < 0.05). The degree of general interest in cinema did not affect the change of viewers’ attitudes after watching the film.

It was not possible to determine the connection between liking the film and the changes in attitudes, since the differentiation of respondents by this factor was not found. Only six young people noted they did not like the film, while the others gave it a positive evaluation.

The study has limitations caused due to an assumption of no significant differences between students and postgraduates in the effectiveness of the film’s impact on them. The revealed differences between undergraduate students and postgraduate students led to the initial sample of young people being divided into two samples with smaller sizes already used during the research. In addition, for the same reason, some variables that could more accurately demonstrate the differences between students and postgraduate students and explain the effects of the film were not considered. The respondents’ attitudes before watching the film were taken into account, as well as additional factors on the impact effectiveness, such as the degree of general interest in cinema and liking of the viewed film, which could presumably increase its impacts. But a deeper study, for example, of the processes of identifying viewers with the film characters, probably linked to the viewers’ attitudes before watching, could reinforce these findings.

4. Conclusions

As a result of the study, changes in the viewers’ attitudes after watching the film were identified. Young people changed their assessments of regulatory, cognitive and emotional characteristics of the elderly people after watching a film about the elderly. At the same time, significant differences were found between students and postgraduate students in their assessments of the elderly. After watching the film, students’ negative attitudes towards elderly people got worse, while postgraduate students’ assessments, on the contrary, changed for the better. The revealed opposite trends can be explained by individual differences between the respondents, which include age, educational status as an indicator of individual psychological characteristics, experience of interaction with elderly people and, as a result, attitudes towards elderly people at the time before watching the film. Most of the changes in the viewers’ attitudes detected immediately after watching the movie did not remain over time.

In general, the study confirms the potential for a positive impact, as in the case of improving the postgraduates’ attitudes, but at the same time demonstrates the need to take into account the individual differences of viewers to achieve desired results. In particular, differences in attitudes before watching a movie are probably causes of differences in the effectiveness of the film’s impact. The initially negative attitude towards elderly people among students could contribute to the negative influence of the film on them. The obtained results form the basis of further research and pose the important questions: clarifying the contribution of individual differences to the effectiveness of the impact, forecasting the positive influence of movies on different groups of people and determining the mechanisms of the sustainability of changes.


We would like to thank the engagement and involvement of the research participants.

The research was carried out within a state assignment of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, project №0159-2019-0005.

Conflicts of Interest

There is no conflict of interest.

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How to Write a Research Paper About Your Favorite Film

Posted by Kevin Trawin on Jul 21, 2023 in Film | 0 comments

research paper about movie

Writing about your favorite film can be almost as exciting as watching it. You just need to choose the right movie to analyze in your paper. Some of the films on your top-10 list may not have the right features to dedicate a whole project to them. The success of your paper depends on the depth and special qualities of the movie you choose. This article will help you make the right choice.

Writing assignments require a lot of time. Even when you are excited about writing a paper about your favorite movie, you can get overwhelmed because of the short deadline of the assignment. That is why some students prefer using a reliable research paper writing service like Essayshark.com to save time. You can easily hire an assistant and cope with this task faster. The experts there will help you choose a suitable film for discussion. And if you are willing to do it on your own, here are some tips on choosing a movie for your project.

How to Choose a Film to Write a Research Paper

Relevance to your topic

Before selecting a film, you can think about the topic you’d like to discuss in the research paper. It can be about social issues, historical events, psychological aspects, or other subjects. Then, choose a film with relevant content.

Depth and complexity

Look for films that offer depth and complexity in their storytelling. Films with intricate plots, multidimensional characters, and thought-provoking themes can give you many points to reflect on and analyze.

Critical acclaim

Even though the reviews of film critics do not always match the general public’s impression, you can consider films that have received awards. Usually, you will find multiple layers of interpretation in such movies. Therefore, your paper will be interesting to read.

Cultural significance

Explore films that have cultural significance or have influenced cinema in some way. As a rule, you will find many debatable topics that such films arise. It will allow you to explore the chosen topic from different perspectives and address counterarguments. Doing so always adds value to your research study.

Availability of resources

No matter if it is the best film ever and you’ve watched it dozens of times, do not choose it for writing a research paper unless you are sure there is enough information on the topic. There should be several credible academic resources available to make your paper convincing. Ensure you can access reviews, articles, and analyses supporting your research and strengthening your arguments.

Director’s profile

Investigate films of renowned directors known for their unique styles and contributions to the film industry. Analyzing a director’s filmography can add more depth to your research. You can then refer to their other works while writing your paper to find some important similarities and differences.

Contemporary vs. classic

Decide whether you want to explore a contemporary film or a classic. Both options have various advantages. Contemporary films may provide insights into current societal issues, while classics offer historical perspectives and established critical analyses. Again, your choice will depend on the topic you want to explore.

Genre and style

Consider the film’s genre and stylistic elements. Different genres present unique storytelling techniques. Choose something that attracts your attention the most. If you are not into horror movies, don’t write about one of them. It is better to choose a genre that inspires you.

Personal interest

Choose a film that genuinely interests you. Writing a research paper requires dedication and time. So, why spend it exploring a topic you are not interested in? Selecting a film you’re passionate about will make the process more enjoyable.

Choosing a film that stands out in some way is a good idea. Whether it’s due to its experimental approach, cultural representation, or controversial themes, unique films often offer exciting research opportunities.

More Tips to Consider

Now that you know the right approach to choosing a film for your analysis, there are several additional points to remember when writing a research paper. Start as early as possible to have enough editing and revision time. Do not skip the stage of outlining. It will help you stay on the topic and organize your thoughts logically. No matter what film genre you choose, enjoy the writing process and inspire others.

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Filmmaking research is practice research that focuses on production practices, modes, and genres used in cinema, television, and online platforms. Besides, there are different genres, such as fiction, documentary, and hybrid forms. Filmmaking research goes beyond traditional film production practices.

The idea is to adopted unique techniques of professionalism and vital practices. The film industry is a billion-dollar industry, and a lot is at stake. It should not trouble you to choose a title topic to discuss as a film research student. We have several theme proposal examples that you will find interesting to use in your assignments.

Intersting Film Research Paper Topics

The film industry is a vast industry that entails quite a lot of information. The content used are from different culture, narrating a peoples’ norm and traditions. The stories recount an idea, and ultimately, the goal is to derive lessons for the audience to think about. It requires extensive research to get an interesting narration to tell.

There are also new and technological concepts incorporated in the production of films from the previous era. The tremendous diversity in the content is impressive as it enables the industry to satisfy a broader audience. Below are popular topics that will help you through your research and make it easy to score high grades.

  • Cinematography: African-American role in the movie industry.
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  • Hitchcock: The power scare.
  • Implications of Music on Human consciousness.
  • Film production based on the history of Religion.
  • The role of music in the 20th century.
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  • Synchronization of pictures and sound.
  • Politicizing Horror movies.
  • Racial discrimination in Horror movies.
  • Horror movies: The blasphemy on Religion.
  • The quiet films.
  • History of special effects before todays’ video graphics.
  • Movies: The art of uncertainty.
  • The implication of the movie industry across generations.
  • The world of special effects before technological advancement in computer graphics.
  • The significance of recorded nature resonance.
  • The importance of colour in the depiction of a perfect atmosphere.
  • The premeditated scare before the actual scare.
  • Film production: Training of Animals.
  • Film extensions: The role played by TV shows.
  • Artistic skills in video editing.
  • Walt Disney: The evil characters.
  • Traits of a remarkable film director.
  • Research paper topics based on Film assessment.
  • Giving examples indicates scenarios, where follow up movie production, is more productive than the original creation.
  • McCarthyism: The inspiration McCarthy had on Hollywood during his lifetime.
  • The Great Depression: Its implication on Hollywood film production.
  • The techniques film production has used to bridge the cultural difference in society.
  • Why the screenplay and original book differ in narration.
  • Is it possible for several actors to play the same character?
  • The influence of Opera today in film production.
  • Core character communication traits swagger.
  • The challenges faced by women directors in Hollywood.
  • The legacy of Abbot and Costello: The amusement in the Hollywood movie industry.
  • The dilemma of incorporating Homosexuality in the movie industry.
  • The implication of Masculinity in Hollywood movie production.
  • The platform for movie rating and criticism.
  • Role of Documentary movie production.
  • Feminism: The significance of women’s contribution in the Movie industry.
  • Hollywood blacklisted actors and Actress.
  • Market disrupters such as Netflix in the streaming platforms.
  • Importance of War movie production.
  • The rise of investigative crime film production in Hollywood.
  • The Holocaust: The Injustice.
  • The change in movie production in Hollywood.

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    The sample methodology in a research paper provides the information to show that the research is valid. It must tell what was done to answer the research question and how the research was done.

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